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The W - Pro Wrestling - SmackDown #584 10-29-10
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TONIGHT! The Undertaker has gone on vacation again has been buried alive! So with his brother formally dispatched, what does Kane do now? Plus, the fallout from Bragging Rights. SmackDown took the trophy home, but Alberto Del Rio may have grievances to answer for. SmackDown is NOW!

WWE – The Champ is Here!

We get a quick video package with melodramatic music, seemingly highlighting the Undertaker’s demise and his next step into the great beyond.

No opening credits this week, as we go straight to the ramp to be greeted by some Kane pyro! Kane, Paul Bearer, and the Undertaker’s burial plot (Holy crap, how did they move it to the arena like that?) await us atop the ramp. Kane’s got a mic, so I believe it’s promo time!

“The saga is over. I have proven my dominance over The Undertaker for the final time. My brother…is never coming back…because I buried him.” Kane stands up and decides to take stroll to the ring. “Now there is going to be talk over the coming days and months. Talk of plots…conspiracy theories…but I’m gonna set the record straight right now, The Undertaker is gone because of one person and one person only and that person…is me. Now that my brother is truly one with the Dark Side, now that he is condemned to an eternity of agony, I want all of you to thank me.” Kane enters the ring, decked out in black wreaths and purple lighting. “I want all of you to thank me for removing the false hope that he provided to each of your meaningless lives! Now I know that each and every one of you is clinging to a futile shred of hope that The Undertaker will return. That’s never going to happen. The Dead Man…is six feet underground and while he is rotting and decomposing, just like his legacy, *I* am the World Heavyweight Champion, *I* am the pulse of all of you, *I* am the heartbeat of every live insect in this audience DESPERATE for a patriarch, *I* am the Devil’s Favorite Demon! The time for mourning is now. So I demand that all of you here and all of you watching at home STAND UP…bow your heads, that’s right, stand up and bow your heads and observe a moment of silence for the man who you will NEVER see again! My fallen and soon-to-be forever forgotten brother, The Undertaker.”

Interruption comes from Alberto Del Rio, of all people. This week, ADR joins us in a chic old-timey white Excalibur. He comes to the ring, as Kane takes umbrage at this unexpected intrustion. Alberto takes his mic. “Whoawhoawhoa, this is a tragedy. But I’m not talking about The Undertaker. The only tragedy here is that I never had an opportunity for that World Heavyweight Championship. And Kane, come on, look at me, I’m handsome, rich, powerful, I’m Alberto Del Rio, monstro mugroso! Actually, the only funeral we gonna have is the funeral for that World Heavyweight Championship.”


ADR shows BIG BRASS MEXICAN HUEVOS when he slaps the urn out of Paul Bearer’s hand! WHOA! Kane rushes him, but ADR ducks the incoming monster and hits the enziguiri! Del Rio stomps away, but Rey Mysterio rushes down the ramp, obviously still miffed over what happened at Bragging Rights. He takes ADR down into the 619 position, but Alberto slips out before the move can hit. Rey looks around, though, and notices Paul Bearer clutching the urn…in the 619 position. Rey looks out to the crowd for approval and decides to deck Paul Bearer with the 619. That pisses off Kane, who gets up and wipes out Rey with a big boot, sending him out of the ring. Now Edge is out for some reason! He waits for Kane to turn around and hits him with the spear! Edge’s music plays to end the segment.

Ad break

We go backstage, as Alberto Del Rio airs out his grievances to Teddy Long…en Español. Long asks for English. ADR demands a title match tonight. That request is denied. ADR asks to be named #1 contender, but Long points out that Edge and Rey made a case for themselves. Del Rio takes umbrage, as Long makes a Triple Threat match with ADR, Rey, and Edge for a title shot at Survivor Series. Del Rio collects himself, winks, and exits.

Vickie Guerrero comes out in a cougar costume, lest anyone get lost in the subtlety of her schtick. Michael Cole (Why is he still HERE?!) nearly jizzes his pants and tells Striker he’ll fight him for her. We get a recap of Ziggler/Bryan II from Raw, as Vickie’s attempt to help Dolph goes ignored by the ref. This match is taking place because Dolph and Vickie personally demanded it.

Dolph rushes Bryan to start and takes him over for a quick cover. We move to a wrestling sequence and Dolph stomps his way out of it. Jumping elbow gets 2 for Dolph. Dolph starts choking Bryan on the ropes and smacks him in the face. Dolph methodically works Bryan over with elbows. Bryan tries to fight his way up, but Dolph hits him with a gorgeous dropkick for 2. Now we hit the chinlock. Bryan rises up, but Dolph chucks him down. Perfect snapmare follows for 2. Back to the chinlock. Bryan rises up again and now both men exchange blows. Bryan gets the better of the exchange and hits kicks before Dolph whips him into the corner. Bryan scales the turnbuckles and backflips over a corner charge (getting OOH’s from the crowd) and hits a clothesline off the ropes. Bryan scales the ropes and hits a top-rope clothesline. Dolph rolls out to take us to our next ad break.

We come back with Bryan whipping Dolph into the ropes. Dolph tries to get the better of it and come off the ropes himself, but walks into a Bryan kick to the face. Bryan tries to go up again, but Dolph ducks the flying Bryan and hits the Rocker Dropper for 2. Dolph goes for a hangman’s neckbreaker, but Bryan backslides for 2. Dolph quickly goes for the Sleeper, but Bryan snapmares out of it and then hits a running dropkick in the corner. Both men are slow to get up. Bryan’s up first and he goes for a vertical suplex, though Dolph tries to reverse it. Both men want the suplex badly, but Bryan gets it and sends them both to the outside. Both men are slow to get up again. Dolph makes it back in with Bryan right behind him, narrowly beating the 10 count. Both men still slow to get up and start exchanging blows from their knees. Both men on their feet exchanging blows until Bryan gets a kick to the face. Bryan tries to rush in, but gets a boot to the face for his troubles. Dolph tries to move in, but Bryan baits him into the LeBell Lock. Dolph manages to fight out of it and catapult Bryan into the corner, segueing perfectly into the Sleeper Hold. Bryan tries to fight out of it, but he backs Dolph into the corner, wiping out the ref. Dolph hits the Zig Zag and makes the cover, but we have no ref. Vickie counts 3 herself, but the ref’s not having any of that. Dolph pleads his case, but turns around into a Tajiri-style kick to the head. That’ll end Dolph’s night and Bryan is now 3-for-3 against Dolph.

WINNER: Daniel Bryan - I really don’t get where they’re going with this whole thing of Dolph constantly losing by ref incompetence. If it leads to more matches between these two, I can’t complain too much. Bryan and Dolph have much better chemistry than Dolph and Kofi Kingston ever will.

Post-match, Vickie gets in the ref’s face to no avail.

Later tonight, a Triple Threat match to get into the Survivor Series title match.

Ad break – Knucklehead DVD promo. Yeah, that’s WWE Films, alright.

Josh Matthews goes backstage to find Paul Bearer. Paul Bearer isn’t happy about what happened earlier tonight. He promises vengeance for Alberto Del Rio, Rey Mysterio, and Edge. Kane enters the picture, sending Josh running for his life.

Your hosts are Todd Grisham, Matt Striker, and Michael Cole.

Stand Up For WWE segment. Will we see the last of these segments after Tuesday?

We go backstage, Kelly Kelly’s looking into the mirror, but gets shoved aside by “Dashing” Cody Rhodes. Cody needs the mirror far more than Kelly, you know. Big Show walks into the picture and threatens Cody with bodily harm. Cody insists that he can’t accept a one-on-one match, because he’s part of a team, though he’ll accept a match if Show can get a partner. Show says he can get a partner, so that match is on. Cody exits, as Show guesses that Kelly’s dressed as a blueberry muffin. Yup.

Ad break.

We start with a lock-up as Swagger backs Kaval into the corner. Kaval kicks his way out of that spot. Kaval goes for his handspring rope sequence, but his cross body is caught and Swagger slams him down for 2. Time for shoulder thrusts and a corner whip with authority! Running Vaderbomb follows for 2. Swagger hits the bear hug. Kaval headbutts his way out of it, but Swagger clubs him down. Swagger scoops Kaval up, but Kaval puts himself on Swagger’s shoulders to hit a ‘rana. A Swagger corner charge misses and Kaval hits Swagger with a running kick in the corner. Flying kick to the back of the head hits for 2. Kaval hits a quick Low Ki kick and follows with the rolling Liger kick. Swagger gathers himself quickly and goes for a German suplex, but Kaval lands on his feet and hits a quick double-stomp for 2. Kaval goes up top. Swagger tries to catch him, so Kaval jumps off and runs to the other corner. Swagger chases and slides out, allowing him to throw Kaval’s leg into the post. Swagger runs back in and wipes Kaval out from behind and begins to work over the ankle. Anklelock applied and that’ll do it.

WINNER: Jack Swagger - Well, the plucky Kaval put up another nice fight in a losing effort. But the fans will take to him, because losing streak angles ALWAYS work!

Next, we get a Divas Halloween Costume Contest.

Ad break – promo.

We go back to your hosts Todd Grisham, Matt Striker, and Michael Cole, who give us a recap of the opening segment.

Teddy Long and Hornswoggle (dressed as a cowboy) are in the ring to get the Divas Costume Contest underway. We get…

-The Bella Twins as Batman & Robin
-Alicia Fox as Cleopatra
-Kelly Kelly as Lil Bo Peep
-Rosa Mendes as a Leprechaun
-Melina (who gets a nice pop) as Spiderwoman
-LayCool as Lady Gaga and Beyonce

Michelle’s got a mic for some reason. Michelle insists that LayCool should be named winners. Teddy Long decides to change the rules a bit and decides to go with a 8-person Divas tag match…right now!

The comic references fly fast and furious from Striker and Cole gets into the act also when the 60’s Batman series gets brought into it. Melina takes it to Alicia as we go to our next break. FOR THIS MATCH?

We come back with Kelly getting tagged in, as…we get a HIDEOUS run-the-ropes sequence. Just like that, apathy sets in again. It ends quickly, thankfully, as Kelly finishes with the K2.

WINNER: The Bella Twins, Melina & Kelly Kelly - Short and hideous. Though Melina hits a beautiful Spiderwoman pose after the match. That was kinda hot, actually.

Backstage, Edge and Rey agree to beat the crap out of each other tonight for the #1 contender match.

Ad break – SmackDown: The Best of 2009-2010 Blu-Ray/DVD promo

“Dashing” Cody Rhodes and Drew McIntyre make the entrance. Both men have mics, so it’s promo time!

Drew: It’s time to open your ears, because your future has something important to say. We’ve got a message for the new WWE Tag Team Champions, Heath Slater and Justin Gabriel. We saw how you captured the titles by having one of your Nexus members lay down. And you know what Cody and I think of Nexus? We think Nexus is pathetic. They have our titles and we’re taking them back!

Cody: Oh, and I have a dashing tip for the Nexus. It’s ‘Watch what Drew McIntyre and myself do to The Big Show and whosever he…whoever his partner turns out to be”, because from this point on “The Chosen One” Drew McIntyre and myself, “Dashing” Cody Rhodes will be known…as The Dashing Ones.

Hey, that’s as good a name as any, I suppose.

Well, it’s not like Kofi had anything better to do tonight, so this works. Oh, it’s also to plug Kofi Kingston’s appearance on Ghost Hunters this Sunday.

Kofi starts off with Drew and we start with a lock-up. Drew gets the side headlock until Kofi fights out of it. Drew gets a big shoulderblock and tries to catch himself on the ropes before running into a Kofi leapfrog, but Kofi hits a monkey flip for 2. Show gets tagged in and he hits a big corner chop on Drew. Another big chop, as Show puts his foot on McIntyre’s…ass, for some reason. Scoop slam. Kofi gets tagged back in and he comes in with a springboard legdrop for 2. Drew clubs away and tags out to Cody, who runs into NOT THE FACE!!! That pisses Cody off, who hits the Goldust sliding uppercut and hammers away on Kofi in the corner. Cody talks trash, but gets a headbutt to the FACE!!! Kofi nearly gets a 3 off a roll-up. Cody whips Kofi into his corner and tags out to Drew, who goes to work whipping Kofi’s legs into the steel post. Drew pulls Kofi out and slams his knee onto the announce table. He rolls Kofi back in for a near fall. Tag bag to Cody and The Dashing Ones hit a double wishbone. Cody works over the leg. Front suplex hits and kneedrop follows for 2. Tag back to Drew, who stomps on Kofi’s head. Kofi gets up, but Drew quickly takes him back down and keeps working over the leg. He kicks Drew with his free leg, but can’t tag Show, as Cody gets tagged in and cuts him off. Striker finally asks the million dollar question of whether Cody will show up to the Goldust/Aksana wedding, as speculation can now freely roll. Cody applies the single-leg crab near the opposing corner. Kofi drags himself away, but Cody tags back out and Drew cuts off the tag again. Drew hits a big chop and keeps stomping away on the leg. Kofi hits a sudden dropkick to send Drew to the outside. Tags are made on both sides and Show starts cleaning house. BIG back body drop. Corner charge eats boot, but Show hits a big spinebuster. He looks for the camel clutch, but Drew breaks it up by running into the GOOZLE! Cody breaks it up, so Show decides to give HIM the chokeslam! Good night, Cody.

WINNERS: The Big Show & Kofi Kingston (EDIT Credit: thefraserman) - Decent match. ANGLE ALERT: Cody was begging Drew for help as he was hoisted up for the chokeslam, but Drew simply stood by. Good lord, they just got a team name 15 minutes ago! Are they ALREADY teasing a breakup?

Next, a #1 contender match for Survivor Series. Triple Threat-style!

Ad break – Wrestlemania promo

We go backstage and…yeah, here we go. Drew McIntyre’s walking away, but an angry “Dashing” Cody Rhodes demands to know why Drew didn’t aid him. Drew tries to plead the “Giant” excuse. Tensions flare, as both men agree to dissolve their partnership for the sake of seeking singles success. “The Dashing Ones…are over!” But…THEY JUST CAME UP WITH THAT NAME A FEW MINUTES AGO! I really, REALLY hate the short attention spans at work here.

WWE In Your Corner spot

Tony Chimel introduces once again to our amigo, Ricardo Rodriguez. He introduces Alberto Del Rio, who drives his white Excalibur back out. We get a plug for Fan Appreciation Day this weekend in Hartford, CT. Hmm…the REALLY cynical would point out that it’s being held four days before the election. Luckily, I’m not (THAT much of) a cynic.

Announcers talk about how Alberto Del Rio knocked Rey Mysterio out of the Bragging Rights match with a separated shoulder, but Rey Mysterio’s HEART AND DETERMINATION brought him back into the match. It should be noted that Rey’s not selling ANY of that alleged separated shoulder, by the way.

Match starts with Rey going after ADR while Edge looks on. ADR clobbers Rey with a clothesline, but turns around into an Edge spinning heel kick. Edge stomps away on ADR and slides Rey out. Edge tries to chase, but Rey hits him with a kick to keep him out. ADR takes advantage and goes to work on Rey. He chucks Rey shoulder-first into the steel post and nearly gets rolled up by Edge. Reversal sequence leads to Edge clotheslining ADR over the top, taking both men out. That allows Rey to hit a top-rope cross body on both guys. That takes us to our final ad break of the night.

We come back with Del Rio stomping and choking away on Rey in the corner. He then goes outside and applies the surfboard on the post! YEEE-OWCH! Rey stops himself on a corner whip and hits a drop toe hold. Baseball slide into the corner follows and he quickly takes out Edge before he can come back. ADR gets control against Rey again and he whips Rey into Edge. Edge brings himself back in and sunset flips both guys, nearly pinning ADR! With Rey dispatched to the outside, Edge goes back to work on ADR. He tries to hit a suplex, but ADR blocks and guillotines Edge on the ropes. ADR tries to gather himself, but Rey pulls him down, hitting his face on the apron. Immediately after, Rey hits a tilt-a-whirl headscissors sending Edge’s head into the steel steps. He rolls Edge back in and hits a top rope splash for 2. Rey baseball slides Del Rio to keep him out, but that allows Edge to recover, but he gets put in the 619 position. Rey goes for the 619, but ADR pulls him out. Del Rio runs back in, but runs into a pancake. Edge-O-Matic is countered with a German suplex for 2. ADR charges off the ropes, but runs into a big boot. Edge cuts off Rey from coming back in and he climbs the ropes, but Rey’s able to recover and crotch him. Rey attempts to go for the top-rope ‘rana, but Edge shoves him off right into the waiting arms of Del Rio, who gets the swinging jujigatime! That move is VERY ill-advised in this situation, however, and sure enough, Edge hits a second-rope elbow on ADR for 2. Crowd chants “Spear” as they can sense the end is near. ADR wipes out Edge and Rey with a double clothesline and everyone’s dead at this point. They all slowly get to their knees and take shots at each other. ADR and Rey are the first up, as ADR shoves Rey into one corner and works over Edge in the other. Corner whip is reversed and Del Rio runs into a boot from Rey. Rey charges, but he gets backdropped…right onto Edge. Del Rio hits a swift kick on Rey and goes for a powerbomb, but get dropped into the 619 position. 619 hits, but Edge seamlessly spears Rey off the apron and tries to steal the pin. It only gets 2, as the crowd exhales, thinking that was the finish. ADR picks Edge up into a fireman’s carry, but Edge reverses into the Impaler. He makes the Spear face, but here comes Ricardo Rodriguez. He grabs Edge’s leg, allowing ADR to hit the enziguiri! ADR goes for the pin, but Rey breaks it up with a top-rope guillotine legdrop. He goes for the pin on Edge, but gets 2! Del Rio recovers and goes for a back suplex, but Rey floats over and drops ADR into the 619 position again. He dropkicks Edge to put HIM in the 619 position. Rey goes for the 619 on ADR, but Del Rio’s recovered and he picks up Rey in the electric chair position. Edge recovers too and he SPEARS Del Rio with Rey on top of his shoulders! YIKES! That gets the pin for Edge!

WINNER: Edge - That was a hell of a finishing sequence, with some nice false finishes. The final spear looked great!

Post-match, Kane appears on the ramp and sets off his pyro in the ring. Show ends with Kane’s music filling the arena and Kane holding up the title.

Very awesome main event to wrap up a decent week of action. The show’s good points (the main event, the opening promo, Dolph/Bryan) far outweighed the bad (the Divas match, the breakup of The Dashing Ones), which is all you can ask for from this show. Good stuff this week.

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Good recap, but you might want to fix the winners of the Show/Kofi vs The Dashing Ones, as you said WINNERS: The Big Show & “Dashing” Cody Rhodes

Just a heads up, thanks!

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Todd Grisham was absolutely great tonight. He had so many great lines that I'm tempted to go back and watch the show again just to write them all down. I think the line of the night was when Striker said something about how it must be great motivation for Dolph to know that after the match, he gets to take Vickie back to the hotel in her cougar costume. Cole responded with "I'd make her leave the costume on!" to which Grisham zinged back "I'd make her put on another one!"

Speaking of Dolph, I've never been more than mildly interested in him but these matches with Bryan have given me a new found respect for him. The guy can definitely keep up his end of a match.

Kane's opening promo was good but his reaction to del Rio's interruption was great.

I don't see anything at all wrong with the breakup of Cody & Drew. I don't think they're going to be turning either one of them or having them feud. It didn't make much sense for them to be together in the first place, so the fact that they've broken up so quickly is logical.

The Diva's match was awesome! Kelly Kelly, the Bellas & Alicia Fox proved that they don't need no stinkin' rookies to create an NXT-level clusterfuck. Melina may be rivaling Kanyon as far as innovation of offense. Doing the splits into a baseball slide-like kick to the face? The splits into an... overhead... armdrag... I can never remember which one is the Japanese style armdrag and which is the Mexican style but I'm pretty damn sure that was neither. And I'm not actually sure if Melina was innovating new moves or if Alicia was just botching everything.

Kofi Kingston using his dreads as a whip to blind Cody was a nice move, even if he did steal it from me. (I'm assuming the comic book I stole it from is obscure enough that nobody can call me out for stealing it.)

The main event was excellent, with some great near-falls. One was so good that I didn't realize that it *wasn't* the finish until Swagger commented that he almost bit on it himself.

This was a great show. The only bad thing on it was the divas match and that could potentially be the highlight of the night.
Boudin rouge

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#4 Posted on
I have to wonder, if they keep having "not the FACE!" attacks, how long is it until Cody gets a Vega mask?
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#5 Posted on
    Originally posted by InVerse
    Todd Grisham was absolutely great tonight. He had so many great lines that I'm tempted to go back and watch the show again just to write them all down.

Grisham's best line was before this week's self-congratulatory WWE Superstars Stand Up for WWE video package: "In recent weeks, WWE has been the victim of unsolicited attacks..." As opposed to all those times WWE solicited attacks.

Melina wore a perfect Spider-Woman costume. The Bellas did the sexy slut version of Batman and Robin, but Melina went all out to actually look like Spider-Woman.

I could watch Daniel Bryan vs. Dolph Ziggler six days a week and twice on Sundays. I don't think that's too much to ask from them.


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Caught parts, but Cole actually might have channeled his inner Gordon Solie at the end of the Dashing Ones match. When explaining why McIntyre didn't attempt to save Rhodes, he correctly stated that McIntyre had already broken up a pin attempt, and a 2nd break-up would be cause for a disqualification. Haven't heard that correct explanation used in decades.
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That would be a keen excuse except for the hundreds of times a second (or third, or fourth, or fifth) pin attempt has been broken up in WWE tag matches and the ref didn't do anything.

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Can't blame McIntyre and Cole for knowing the rules while the refs don't. Refereeing hasn't been nearly as good since that strike in '99.
Parts Unknown
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I'm kinda freaked out by Cody Rhodes' chicken legs. Are his boots not as tall as other guys' boots or something? He just looks wrong.

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    Originally posted by Parts Unknown
    I'm kinda freaked out by Cody Rhodes' chicken legs. Are his boots not as tall as other guys' boots or something? He just looks wrong.

Since he opts to go without knee pads, it just makes this look all the more glaring.

(edited by It's False on 30.10.10 1313)

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I am not too surprised by the breakup of Rhodes and McIntyre as the WWE couldn't care less about the tag division (which does hinder some WWE wrestlers).

The triple threat match between ADR, Rey and Edge was as good as any triple threat match could possible get and the finish to the match was great. I thought based on the way Kane was talking earlier in the show, that he would interfere and we would have us a fatal 4 way for the heavyweight title at the next PPV (obviously Kane not interfering helped the match).
Matt Tracker

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A great episode that delivered for tonight and the future. The next weeks will offer new angles for Del Rio, Drew, Rey, and Cody.

I liked the pre-match warning to the Nexus from Drew/Cody only to have them break up after. A nice lack of foreshadowing.

The extended Stand Up for the WWE promo allows the performers to show more personality than we normally see. Orton, for instance, has a nice speaking voice, and we don't get to hear it unless he's in creepy viper mode. I think he'd be truly over as a face if the universe saw more of THAT guy. Then again, I suspect he's gonna turn to keep Cena a face in the Nexus angle.

That triple threat sparked in a way that hearkens back to last year's heyday of SmackDown matches, and it was a treat.

But Melina as Spider-Woman was the topper. Nice.

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Vickie looked damned fine in the cougar outfit. My secret shame revealed!

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    Originally posted by Amos Cochran
    Vickie looked damned fine in the cougar outfit. My secret shame revealed!
I'm not going to lie, I definitely was scoping her out before I realized who it was.

It is the policy of the documentary crew to remain true observers and not interfere with its subjects.
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#15 Posted on
So I must have been living under a rock recently.....
Has Edge gone face again, and is it actually getting over with the fans?

I was under the impression that his face turn earlier this year was a train wreck...
Matt Tracker

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#16 Posted on | Instant Rating: 7.01
    Originally posted by AegisD
    So I must have been living under a rock recently.....
    Has Edge gone face again, and is it actually getting over with the fans?

    I was under the impression that his face turn earlier this year was a train wreck...

Much like with Orton, people pop for his finisher. That seems to nudge folks into face territory these days. Also, SmackDown's top two faces are the old dead guy and the tiny luchadore. They don't have a standard prettyboy face in the main event, and Edge might be the closest thing. I think Kofi could get that push, but he won't.

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#17 Posted on | Instant Rating: 8.81
    Originally posted by Matt Tracker
    Also, SmackDown's top two faces are the old dead guy and the tiny luchadore. They don't have a standard prettyboy face in the main event

Old dead guy and tiny luchadore don't work full house show schedules either so they were down to Big Show and Kofi as the Smackdown headliners.

I didn't think Edge's face run was bad. The Swagger MITB thing screwed it up and made Edge's whole 2010 existence pointless. I would've preferred he stayed a face longer just so it would've meant more when he turned back heel.

    Originally posted by It's False
    “The Dashing Ones…are over!” But…THEY JUST CAME UP WITH THAT NAME A FEW MINUTES AGO! I really, REALLY hate the short attention spans at work here.

I think that was an intentional joke. The bigger shame is that they didn't use the name DashIntyre, Broken Mirrors, or McInRhodes.

Why wasn't Nikki Bella on the heel side and Rosa Mendes on the face side? Rosa has become an inspirational story of physical fitness, and Nikki is mean.

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    Originally posted by JustinShapiro
    Nikki is mean.
She DID claim that Bree has a penis.
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Maybe Vince is seeing that nostalgia works for NWA-TNA, and he'll try a little of his own.
- geemoney, What Vince Was Thinking (2003)
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