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21.4.18 0620
The W - Pro Wrestling - SmackDown! #578 9-17-10
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It's False

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TONIGHT! It’s the big go-home show for Night of Champions. It may be a mere formality, but Kane still hasn’t answered whether the title match will be No Holds Barred. Will he accept? Will Kofi Kingston and Dolph Ziggler fight yet again in some fashion? And will the build continue towards an inevitable Christian/Alberto Del Rio clash? SmackDown is NOW!

WWE – The Champ Is Here!

Opening credits – Let it roll! We go straight to a graphic indicating that tonight, Kane will have an answer regarding Undertaker’s challenge. Plus, Christian will face off against CM Punk.

We go to the ring for an episode of the Peep Show. Christian’s already out, soaking up the cheers. He’s about to kick things off by introducing his guest, but he’s quickly cut off by Ricardo Rodriguez, who gets up from his ring announcer’s seat at ringside. Rodriguez tells Christian en español that only HE may introduce tonight’s guest: Alberto Del Rio. Alberto Del Rio drives out to ringside in a black and gray Bentley, wearing a black suit with a white towel, soaking up Christian’s old pyro. ADR strikes a pose in the middle of the ring before the interview begins proper.

Christian: “Alberto, welcome to the Peep Show. You know something, you’ve made quite the impression in your short time on SmackDown. I mean, you’ve got the…uh…your own ring announcer over here. You drive the great cars, you have got the tailor-made suit, I mean, look at that, man…that’s a great suit, looks good. Huh, great suit? But you know, it’s got me thinking, maybe I’m looking at two different guys, because you see there’s this guy that’s in front of me right now, but then there’s also the guy that we were all exposed to before you showed up. The guy that we were exposed to in countless upon countless BORING brutal hours of your introduction videos! So I’m wondering, which guy is it? Is it the guy that’s great? Or is it the guy that’s like a cheap fajita — all sizzle, no steak? Which one is it?

ADR: “The only thing you need to know about me is what I did to Rey Mysterio. Heyheyheyhey, that was just phenomenal, man. And that tells you everything, EVERYTHING you need to know about me.

Christian: “That tells me everything I need to know, huh? Look, Alberto, it’s like this, I’ve been around the WWE for a long time, the entire WWE Universe knows Christian’s credentials, alright? I’ve seen them all. I’ve seen “The Next Big Thing”, I’ve seen a pack of guys run around like male cheerleaders, I’ve seen a guy eat worms who actually believed that he was the Boogeyman. What I’m saying is, I’ve seen it all, I’ve heard it all, and I’ve outlasted them all. So what I want to know is, and stop dancing around the question here, are you like those guys? Are you a flash in the pan? Or are you as advertised, Dos Equis? Are you the most interesting man in the world?

ADR: “Christian, Christian, Christian, Christian. You think you’re really funny, huh? Of course, you have done everything. You’re Christian! The great Christian! But me, I’m the man that’s going to change WWE forever. I’m going to bring pride to my Mexican people and at the end of the road, you…you’re gonna end up cleaning my houses, washing my dishes.”

Christian: “Well thanks for the offer, I appreciate that, and you know what? I heard you use the word ‘pride’. And I think it’s pretty obvious to everyone that you’re proud of what you did to Rey Mysterio, a good friend of mine. But you know something? I have pride too, my friend, and right now, my pride is telling me this. I need to know if you really are the goods. So I’m challenging you, right here, right now, to your face. To a match, to a fight, to whatever you want it to be, at Night of Champions. What do you say?

ADR: “Christian…I don’t think so. Because if I face you, if I face you, Night of the Champions, you gonna end up like these people. You gonna end up like a peasant. And I don’t want that, you know? I kinda like you, in a weird way, but I kinda like you. Anyway, I think it’s time for me to go. This interview…this interview is over. And about that match? Let me think about it, baby.”

Del Rio taps Christian on the chin. So in response, Christian gives him a much harder tap, a slap to be exact, right to his face. That pisses off Alberto, who throws off his coat and towel to the ground, but collects himself and ducks out of the ring. He stops at the top of the ramp and looks back, apparently having his answer.

ADR: “You know, Christian? I’m done with you! You want my answer? You want my answer? My answer…my answer is no.”

Del Rio shrugs innocently and winks at Christian as his music hits. Christian looks on, unimpressed. I thought they’d actually be crazy enough to book that match two days before the PPV for a second there. Good thing they didn’t, because this buildup has been good stuff and it’s the most interesting Christian has been in months.

Next, the Hart Dynasty faces Drew McIntyre and “Dashing” Cody Rhodes. Holy crap! Someone actually remembered that the tag team champions can go between both shows! Someone deserves a cookie!

Ad break – WWE Shop ad.

We look outside the arena. We are taped from Detroit, MI!

Grisham notes that the Hart Dynasty has held the tag titles for over 5 months. He fails to mention, however, that this is their first time on SmackDown as the champions (probably because it would make them look pretty bad). Grisham gives a brief history on the “Dashing” gimmick for newer viewers. McIntyre gets an abbreviated entrance while Grisham tells us that the Hart Dynasty will be defending at the PPV, but their opponents have not been revealed. Please adjust your PPV predictions accordingly!

We start with the two bigger men, David Hart Smith and Drew McIntyre. We get the big man lock-up, with Smith powering McIntyre into the corner. We get another lock-up, this time with McIntyre muscling Smith into the corner. Referee separates them both, but McIntyre gets a boot to the gut and hammers away. Smith gets whipped into the ropes, but slides underneath Drew and gets a wheelbarrow roll-up attempt, before McIntyre powers out of it (!) and attempts a backslide. Smith tries to counter that with a clothesline, but Drew ducks and bounces off the ropes. He runs into a powerslam for 2. Smith tries to pick up Drew, but gets a sit-out jawbreaker, allowing Drew to tag in Cody Rhodes. Rhodes immediately walks into a belly-to-belly suplex. Smith tags in Tyson Kidd and we get a double-team Irish whip into a double shoulderblock. Kidd covers for 2. Rhodes ducks under a clothesline attempts and gets a single-leg takedown. He gets shoved away, but is able to hit a forearm. Cody tries to dump him over the top, but Kidd hangs on and he skins the cat underneath Cody’s baseball slide attempt. Kidd gets held back by the ref, allowing Natalya to slap Cody in the face! NOT THE FACE!!! Cody loses his cool as we go to our next break.

We come back with McIntyre hitting the headlock on Smith. Smith manages to make a blind tag and shove Drew into the ropes, where Kidd takes him down with a drop toehold and elbow. Snapmare and kick to the back follow. Kidd tries to follow-up, but Drew hits a bodyslam with authority! Big stomp follows. Grisham reminds us that the Harts won the belts from ShowMiz (yeah, it was THAT long ago), as McIntyre hits the armbar. Kidd tries to counter this by jumping onto the top rope. Cody tries to cut him off, but Kidd LEAPS over his clothesline attempt and backflips into an armdrag and kicks Cody off the apron with a spinkick afterwards. That was a REALLY cool sequence! Drew charges in, but gets rolled up for two. Drew charges in again, but Kidd gets a backflip kick, landing him on the apron. He tries to fend off Rhodes, allowing McIntyre to knock him off the apron. Drew tags Cody, who goes to work on Kidd on the outside. He rolls Tyson back in and stomps away. Bodyslam and kneedrop follow for two. McIntyre gets tagged back in and he works over Kidd’s arm. We hit the armbar again, but Kidd quickly gets an armdrag. Tag is made to Rhodes, who knocks Smith off the apron before Kidd can tag out. Cody stomps away and hits the chinlock. Kidd fights out of it and gets shoved into a corner. Tyson hits a back elbow and backflips out of a back suplex attempt, but gets hit with the Beautiful Disaster for 2. McIntyre tagged back in and he muscles Kidd around. He sets up the Future Shock, but Kidd fights it off and gets a swinging neckbreaker. McIntyre angrily makes the tag, but Kidd makes the hot tag to DH Smith. Smith hits shoulderblocks and clotheslines. He whips Cody into the ropes for a back body drop, but Cody slides underneath and hits the Goldust uppercut. Cody comes off the ropes, but gets hit with a knee. Smith tries to set up the Sharpshooter, but stops to waffle McIntyre, who tries to save. Smith opts for the Hart Attack, instead, but Drew catches Kidd coming off the ropes and pulls him out before chucking him back-first into the English announce table. Smith tries to scoop up Rhodes for the Davey Boy Powerslam, but Cody counters into Cross Rhodes and that’ll polish off the champs at about 12 minutes, 30 seconds shown.

WINNERS: Drew McIntyre & “Dashing” Cody Rhodes - That was a really good TV match with a nice finishing sequence. I wouldn’t mind seeing these two teams go again and McIntyre and Rhodes actually make a good team.

Later tonight, Kane answers the Undertaker.

Ad break – Night of Champions promo.

Kofi Kingston comes to the ring. I’m feeling very exhausted from a long night of work, so I’m actually cutting the transcription short for tonight. Kofi channels Classic Chris Jericho in calling Vickie Guerrero “a loud-mouthed, nasty, beast of a woman”. The gist is that Kofi plans to take the IC title back on Sunday. If that’s the blowoff for this feud, I’m all for it. The sad thing is that Kofi shows a lot of charisma here, but he delivers such a generic promo and that’s the kind of thing that’ll really hold him back in the long run. Hopefully, he eventually overcomes that. I will admit, though, that “Boom Squad” has potential.

Interruption comes from Jack Swagger, of all people. Wait, is this a match? It is? And it’s next?

Ad break.

Poor Jack Swagger. Three months ago, he’s World Heavyweight Champion. Today, he’s a total afterthought and poised to sit at home for the second PPV in a row. What the hell happened here?


Ok, I cut things off here last night after I got called into work and tried to pick things up today, but I’m getting called in again, so let’s make the rest of the recap brief:

KOFI KINGSTON d. “THE ALL-AMERICAN AMERICAN” JACK SWAGGER - Kofi wins clean with Trouble in Paradise. Swagger’s stock has REALLY dropped these last few months, the feud with MVP notwithstanding.

Backstage, a nun tries to teach Hornswoggle to speak English. Alleged hilarity ensues.

LAYCOOL d. KELLY KELLY & ROSA MENDES - Layla pins Rosa with the Lay Out.

Backstage, LayCool draw names out of a hat to see who faces Melina. Michelle wins, so she’ll wrestle at the PPV. But there are SHENANIGANS (and not OFFBEAT SHENANIGANS, either) afoot, as Kaval discovers that every name in the hat had Michelle’s name on it. Layla is unimpressed and says Michelle’s on her own this Sunday.

CM PUNK d. CHRISTIAN - Alberto Del Rio comes out on commentary and subsequently ignores Grisham and Striker, going on his own rant, which is just awesome. He distracts Christian by getting on the mic, allowing Punk to win with the GTS. Post-match, Del Rio sits on a chair on top of Christian and re-declines. This bit of fun is interrupted by Big Show’s pyro and Show runs down to lay out CM Punk with the Mayweather Special.

Main event promo sees Kane accepting the No Holds Barred challenge. Undertaker’s music hits and UT comes down the ramp to confront Kane, but the lights go out and Kane uses his SUPERPOWERS~! and teleports behind UT as the lights come back up. Kane delivers an extended beatdown from there, culminating with Kane destroying UT with UT'S OWN MOVESET! Show ends with Kane hitting the trademark Undertaker pose as his pyro goes off.


A good go-home show for the PPV, occasionally overshadowed by an ADR/Christian feud that won’t be featured this Sunday. This feud with ADR is doing a great job in reviving Christian, who’s been going nowhere for a while now. As for the main event feud with UT and Kane, there’s no way this gets blown off on Sunday. As much as we’ve seen these two fight over the years, there’s no denying that this feud has at least been pretty interesting, so I don’t see any need to end it at the PPV.

Back next week, possibly abbreviated then also, since I’m being called in next Friday AND Saturday. Things go back to normal for me in two weeks.

"Up and at them!"
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Boudin blanc

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While I enjoyed this show, I have to admit that the highlight of the night for me was Hornswoggle looking up and waving while Teddy was asking God for forgiveness.

Kane stealing the Undertaker's moveset was awesome as well. I wonder if he'll try to go Old School at the PPV?

Ricardo Rodriguez had some good facial reactions to Christian. I may be more interested in Rodriguez than I am in del Rio.

I could get behind Cody & Drew as the tag team champions, as long as they actually hit both shows regularly. (In the Hart Dynasty's defense, while they haven't appeared on Smackdown since the draft, they HAVE appeared on Superstars a few times! I want to say one of those times was against a Smackdown team but I'm probably lying.) The thought also just occurred to me that The Hart Dynasty are currently the only face champions in the WWE, besides Melina.

I'm not sure which I'm more surprised by, the fact that there were dueling Swagger/Kofi chants or the fact that the WWE didn't edit them out? I'd like to see Kofi lose at NoC and sew the seeds of a heel turn.
Lap cheong

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Cody Rhodes should name more of his moveset after 311 songs.

WHY are we getting Bad Comedy skits with Mr. Swoggle STILL? Is he still moving merch for the kidz? And he was off TV for most of the summer...

Loved everything with Christian...good to see him get so much TV time and of course he matches up very well with Punk. I was underwhelmed by Del Rio on commentary though.

"Unless you did something unspeakable with a cactus, 'Shaqtus' is not a real word." - Santino Marella
The Game
Boudin rouge

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What ever happened to The Usos? They seemed like a legit tag team then the WWE decided to drop them for a less exciting tag team (The Hart Dynasty).

I am assuming we have seen the end of LayCool with Michelle putting just her names in the hat for the drawing of who would face Melina for the unification match.

Interesting to see Kane taking Undertaker's moveset or at least his primary signature moves (why do I have this eerie feeling that the WWE will have Undertaker win at NOC when this feud should go on further?).

It will be interesting to see the ADR and Christian feud evolve; the WWE has made ADR pretty relevant and very interesting not just with his gimmick, but by putting him feud with experienced wrestlers who know how to carry a storyline and feud.

Not the greatest Smackdown, but in terms of adding relevance and intrigue to NOC, it did its purpose.

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    Originally posted by The Game
    What ever happened to The Usos? They seemed like a legit tag team then the WWE decided to drop them for a less exciting tag team (The Hart Dynasty).

They were on Superstars this week, they lost to Santino & Kozlov.

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    Originally posted by The Game
    What ever happened to The Usos? They seemed like a legit tag team then the WWE decided to drop them for a less exciting tag team (The Hart Dynasty).

The Usos ain't more exciting than Tyson Kidd.

Some good wrestling this week. Punk/Christian was only the third best match. Loved Kofi saying "Boom Squad, squad it up for me one time" as if he's ever asked the Boom Squad to do that let alone ever called anyone the Boom Squad. Also loved Layla going "WOT! THERE'S NO LAYLAS." The end of LayCool is imminent

I hope Kane does the gogoplata tonight.

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Call me crazy, but I found a flaw in Christian's promo.

He says he's been around when The Spirit Squad were running rampant, and he outlasted them. Wasn't he in TNA at this time?

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I dont believe he said he was around, he said he has SEEN them
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I would think so... as far as I know, all they need to do is submit an episode for consideration. They more than likely wouldn't win, but I don't think you needed me to tell you that.
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