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The W - Pro Wrestling - SmackDown! #574 8-20-10
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I was graciously given Friday night off, so I'm actually able to get this up on time this week.

TONIGHT! The Undertaker is back, but not better than ever, as he fell at the hands of his younger brother. We follow up on that and the rest of the Summerslam fallout, including continuation on the Dolph Ziggler/Kofi Kingston feud. Plus, Alberto Del Rio makes his debut. Who will the E feed to him first? SmackDown is NOW!

The Champ is NOT here, as we go straight to the...

Opening Credits - Let It Roll! We are taped from Bakersfield, CA!

We start with stills from Summerslam, showing Rey Mysterio falling short and Undertaker making his dramatic return, ending with Kane laying him out. Tonight, we find out why Kane whacked his brother. Really? Do we NEED a special segment for this, Captain Obvious?

Rey Mysterio comes to the ring. He's got a mic. Promo time! "Buenas noches, Bakersfield! I want to take this time right now to thank the WWE Universe. Muchas gracias! Gracias por creer en mi. Thank you for helping me get through one of the most grueling matches in my life at Summerslam. And although things didn't turn out the way I expected, at least I didn't end up in a casket. Kane accused a lot of innocent people, including me, for being responsible for attacking his brother The Undertaker, but at the end, I think we all know he was looking for a way to mask his own guilt. Finally, my name has been cleared. We all know who did it. It was Kane who attacked the Undertaker. You and after..."

Interruption comes from...Alberto Del Rio? Seriously? "Good evening, ladies and gentlemens! My name is Alberto Del Rio, but you already know that. Tonight, tonight is my big debut, my gran debut por fin en el SmackDown, here at SmackDown! Rey...Rey Mysterio! Oh my God, what an honor! Rey Mysterio, the Mexican idol. The great luchadore! After all my family has been admiring in Mexico, finally we're here! Two national icons! Rey Mysterio and Alberto Del Rio! But you know I'm a national hero, I'm a millionaire, I'm a man admired in my country. And you know, Rey, you know my bloodline comes from kings, from Fernando and Isabella, but you know that. And you also know that your blood...your blood is from the street, the horrible street of Tijuana."

Rey: "Cuidado con lo que dices."

Alberto: "Heyheyhey, Rey. You know, you're like these people. You're just like the little worm at the bottom of my tequila. You are little, pequenito..."

Rey: "Hey, don't touch me!"

Alberto: "Come on, Rey, come on. You're a joke of a man. You're a joke of a man, while me...look at me, just look at me. I'm handsome, I'm rich, I'm powerful! I'm a man who wears the finest..." (No, he didn't say 'Corinthian leather' here, but I couldn't make out that last word.)

Rey: "Alberto, I have to say that...that your suit is quite nice. And the cufflinks that you're wearing, they're very nice as well. As a matter of fact, my primo Juanito has a pair of those. I was with him when he bought them at the swapmeet. Alberto, you have a lot of guts coming out here, talking about you and your royal family. As far as I'm concerned, Alberto, tu no eres nadie aqui! You're nobody! I've seen your type a million times. You think because you have houses here and there and because you come out in fine, tailored suits that I have to respect you? That THEY have to respect you? Respect is earned around here. And as far as I'm concerned, you haven't gained any of our respect."

Alberto: "I don't need to earn anything from you and anything from them, you little peasant!"

Rey: "Who are you calling a peasant?"

Alberto: "You! You peasant! You're gonna respect me and if you don't, amigito, I'll MAKE you!"

Rey: "Yo no soy tu amigito. I'm NOT your amigito! You want my respect? You want their respect? Come and get it, Alberto! On your big debut, you and me, one-on-one TONIGHT!"

Alberto: "You know, Rey Mysterio, I will do it. Because I can't wait to squeeze you, to destroy you like the little cockroach you are."

Alberto bends down and gives a pompous wink, but Alberto's wink is no match for Rey's slap in the face. The slap sends Alberto down in the 619 position. 619 hits! Halfway up the ramp, Rey winks back at Alberto as his music hits. Del Rio recovers and laughs to himself. So they're really debuting Del Rio against Rey? That's...unexpected, to say the least. (Or if you're cynical about racial-type stuff, TOTALLY expected.)

Coming up next, since Nexus kinda ran in on Sunday, Dolph Ziggler and Kofi Kingston meet in an IC Title rematch.

Ad break.

And now it's time for more Grooming Tips with "Dashing" Cody Rhodes. "Dry, craggly, aging, wrinkly skin. They're all preventable. My name is 'Dashing' Cody Rhodes and I'm here to show you that you too can be dashing! When you use a manly mosturizing lotion packed with the proper botanical ingredients, you can have healthy glowing skin. Simply apply a fresh cucumber melon lotion to your face and rub it in. This right here will give you silky, soft, smooth skin. I'm 'Dashing' Cody Rhodes bringing you one step closer to dashing." Close with goofy smile!

We get stills of the Summerslam match between these two, where Nexus ran in and wiped out both guys. Vickie Guerrero THANKFULLY doesn't come out with a mic. Thank the lord for small favors.

We start with a lock-up that backs Dolph into the corner. Dolph goes for a cheap shot, but Kofi smacks him right out of the ring. Dolph retreats towards Vickie before sliding back in. Striker goes off on a total non-sequitor about message board geeks and his marking out for Daniel Bryan, giving the company line about telling internet geeks to shove it. Your feelings are duly noted, sir. By the way, you still suck. Back to the match. Kofi wraps up Dolph from the back, but gets elbowed in the face and shoved to the mat by the hair. That gets a one-count. Hangman's neckbreaker gets 2. Kofi starts hammering back, but Dolph gets control again. Snapmare and chinlock. Kofi hammers out of it, but the Irish whip is reversed. Kofi hangs on to the ropes and boots Dolph in the face, before Vickie grabs Kofi's ankle, allowing Dolph to charge with an elbow. That takes us to our next break.

We come back with Dolph hitting the chinlock again. Kofi rises up and tries to fight back, before Dolph cuts that off. A second hangman's neckbreaker is countered with a jawbreaker. Kofi pulls himself up, but leaves him wide open to a Dolph corner charge. Dolph puts prssure on the neck before hitting his jumping elbow for 2. Dolph stomps away in the corner, but Kofi gets some kicks of his own in, before Dolph pulls him away. Time to hit the armbar. Kofi tries to fight back, but gets whipped into the corner. Corner charge misses for Dolph and Kofi rolls him up for 2. Kofi chops away and hits a high dropkick. Thesz Press. Kofi moves in for the Boom Drop, but Dolph rolls away and gets a thumb to the eye. Kofi backs into the corner and Dolph charges in, but gets Kofi's high kick counter. Kofi goes up top, but gets shoved off by Vickie. And that'll be it for this match.

WINNER: Kofi Kingston by DQ - Not a particularly good outing for these two, which is pretty disappointing.

Post-match, Dolph tries to keep the punishment going, but Kofi gives a mighty right hand, sending Dolph to the outside. Kofi tries to give chase, but Vickie's in the way. Vickie looks at the scary black guy and shrieks. Kofi looks more annoyed than anything. Vickie suddenly realizes that this isn't the Attitude Era anymore and that Kofi wouldn't possibly hit her, so she eggs him on. Dolph suddenly jumps Kofi from behind and stomps away. He rolls Kofi back into the ring and lays him out with the Zig Zag. Dolph wraps this one up with the Sleeper Hold. He takes an awful long time to get out and decides better of it and comes back in. He stomps Kofi right in the face! NOT THE FACE!!! (Oh wait, wrong guy.)

Later tonight, Alberto Del Rio debuts against Rey Mysterio. The Mexican flag colors are all over the background, just to REALLY hammer home that these guys are MEXICAN!

Ad break - John Cena stars in a "Legendary" piece of garbage.

We come back with highlight of Summerslam week. Check out MVP and a bunch of other guys that weren't on the card!

Backstage, LayCool admire each other's looks. They think Teddy Long will punish them over attacking Melina at Summerslam. After they exit, the plant behind them sneezes. It's Hornswoggle in a cunning disguise. Holy crap, Hornswoggle is still employed!

Your announcers are Todd Grisham and Some Douchebag. We, once again, get still of the title match at Summerslam and Kane laying out UT. Later tonight, Kane gives a generic explanation.

Backstage (again), we go to the Straight Edge Society, minus CM Punk. Mercury's sporting rib and shoulder tape. The SES complain about Punk walking out on them and point out they wouldn't have done the same, while Serena sticks up for Punk. Serena pumps up Luke for their match against Big Show and Kelly Kelly. Punk walks in tells them that they don't deserve anything. He wants to take an example from Nexus and point out that if Luke and Serena lose their match, they're OUT of the SES. That match is next!

Ad break - Raw promo.

We start with Luke and Big Show. Show boots Gallows and whips him into the ropes. Luke tries to kick out of a back body drop attempt, but gets a big chop in response. Luke quickly makes the tag, which will send the women in. Serena gets a kick and a back elbow. Kelly comes back with elbows and whips into the corner. Serena counters Kelly's crappy handspring elbow with an elbow to the back. Serena delivers some light offense and some mighty trash talk. We hit the chinlock. Kelly counters with a Stunner and backs into the corner. Serena's corner charge misses and Kelly hits a Thesz Press. Kelly gets a headscissors and an X-factor. Luke breaks up the pin attempt, which gets Show chasing after him. The big guys go at it on the outside. In the ring, Kelly goes for the K2, but Serena counters into a fireman's carry gutbuster for the pin.

WINNERS: Serena & Luke Gallows - It's somewhat fitting that Serena uses a variation of Punk's finisher. But man, her wrestling was awful. Not a good first outing for her at all.

Post-match, CM Punk walks onto the ramp and gives begruding applause to his minions.

Later tonight, Alberto Del Rio debuts against Rey Mysterio. Up next, Kane explains why he whacked Undertaker.

Ad break - Follow WWE on Twitter!

We go to the ring, where Kane is already in with music, mic, and red lighting effect. Promo time! Take it away, Captain Obvious! "When the devil removed himself from heaven and Earth, he left behind seven deadly sins. Of these seven, my favorite and now always will be the sin of pride. You see, big brother, it was pride that weakened your power over your decades of destruction. It was your pride that allowed me to put you in a vegetative state. Because of your pride, I knew you would come back before you were ready. And ultimately, because of your pride, I was able to drop you on your head at Summerslam. Do you remember when it all began? Do you your downward spiral, your journey from immortality to that mangled wreck I left in the ring this past you remember how it started, brother? For years, I was nothing more than just...some vague memory in the back of your mind. But when you saw me again for the first time, the look in your eyes told the story, it was the story of an older, self-serving brother who was obsessed with the pride of keeping the spotlight all to himself and keeping me in his shadow forever! Everything that I did in those early years, you were able to overcome, instead of destroying your legend, I made it greater. When you set me on fire, I knew that it was MY influence that pushed the dark side to the limit. It took your little brother to separate you from your last vestiges of humanity. It was your most magnificent moment. And that's when I knew what I had to do. That's when my master plan was set in motion. With every victory, your collection of souls grew, and so too did your weakness. So I watched and I waited and even in victory, it was clear that you were losing your grip. Hahahaha! But the day that you forced me to remove my mask and show the world my true face was the day that YOU unleashed the monster capable of finally ending your reign of darkness. When we met for the second time on the grandest stage of them all, the time was not right. But the plan continued to evolve. You see, I know you better than anyone, brother. I positioned myself at your right hand! So I could gain your confidence. And even then, I watched and I waited. You see, our reunion, it was nothing more than a vehicle for my vengeance. I knew, no matter how many times you were sent crashing down, you'd always get back up. Your pride forced you to get back up. But your pride would be your undoing. You see, while you were disgracing yourself, while you were allowing yourself to be disgraced by those beneath you, I was biding my time and I knew my time had finally come, the moment that you showed Shawn Michaels an INSTANT of mercy. You had choice, you could DESTROY Shawn Michaels or you could become one with your weakness. It was your decision that sealed your fate, because I knew at that moment that the plan that I had hatched over a decade had finally come to fruition. I knew last Sunday when I saw that shadow of your former self rise up out of that coffin, when I felt your weak grip on my throat, I KNEW that it was OVER! All the years of plotting, all the years of planning, all the years of wating, all the years of watching in the shadows were FINALLY at an end! I HAD MY VENGEANCE! Vengeance that had eluded me for so long. Heh heh...and now, brother, the shadows in which I once labored...they're cast upon you. And what was once your holy now my World Heavyweight Championship. Undertaker, we used to be called the Brothers of Destruction! But now, you are nothing more than the brother that I destroyed. For 15 years, I dreamed of the day when the phenom would be no more. For 15 years, I RELISHED the thought of being the dominant brother. For 15 years, I knew that this day would come. I have dedicated my life to making this moment reality. The moment when my brother would be CAST DOWN with great vengeanece and furious anger! And I would replace him as the devil's favorite demon. Hahahahaha! Hahahahaha! Hahahaha!" Take us out, Kane's pyro and music!

Well, that could have gone a lot worse. It still comes down to the whole "I never liked you all along" explanation that we all knew we'd get. But give them credit for REALLY trying to tie in 15 years of convoluted continuity together. But wait...UNDERTAKER forced Kane to take his mask off? I think Kane's looking at the wrong guy on the injured list there.

Later tonight, Alberto Del Rio faces Rey Mysterio in his big debut.

WWE Smack of the Night - Drew McIntyre wipes out Christian's arm from 3 weeks ago.

After McIntyre enters the ring, we get an unexpected visit from "Dashing" Cody Rhodes, making his entrance in a full suit and tie. Not as nice as Alberto Del Rio's suit, but a nice suit, nonetheless. Cody goes on commentary, as Striker starts kissing up to him, which is hilarious considering that Cody gave Striker a first-class beatdown just a few months ago.

We start the match proper with Drew kicking the arm and moving in quickly, but Christian dodges contact and gets a headscissors to send Drew outside. He fakes a suicide dive and jumps on the apron, so Drew simply yanks on the leg to send Christian crashing down face-first on the apron. I'll say this about McIntyre's offense: it's definitely logical. McIntyre goes to work on Christian's arm and sends him over the barricade. Drew moves in, but Christian gets a European uppercut. McIntyre responds by hanging Christian's bad arm across the barricade. Drew continues the punishment, telling Christian he'll break him arm like he did Matt's, and bangs the arm against the steel post. Back in the ring, Drew hits the armbar, as Cody gives Todd Grisham some cotton swabs. Grisham asks for cucumber moisturizing lotion, but Cody frankly tells him it's out of his price range. Meanwhile, Christian elbows out of the armbar. Christian tries to floatover, but Drew simply drops him on his back. That takes us to our next break.

We come back with Drew hitting the armbar again. Drew uses an arm ringer with authority, sending Christian crashing down. Drew stomps away on the arm. He methodically works on the arm, as Cody compares McIntyre to Arn Anderson. Christian fights back and climbs to the second rope and hits a jumping DDT. That gets 2 for Christian. Christian hits a running forearm and back McIntyre into the corner and hammers away. He dropkicks McIntyre as he sits up and follows with a top-rope missile dropkick for 2. Drew backs Christian into the corner, but misses a corner charge as Christian hits Kofi Kingston's corner kick counter. Second-rope elbow misses, though, and McIntyre will hit a single-arm DDT for 2. McIntyre goes for the Future Shock, but Christian slides away and goes for the Killswitch, but Drew shoves him away and scoops him up before driving him shoulder-first into the corner. McIntyre's still got him, but Christian slips away and gets a crucifix pin for the finish!

WINNER: Christian - McIntyre's offense still isn't much to write home about, but it's growing on me slightly. That's twice that Christian's beaten McIntyre on fluke pins and it may be time to take this battle to PPV.

Post-match, Cody Rhodes confronts Christian. Christian's no dummy and knows what's coming and turns around to catch McIntyre trying to sneak up from behind. Unfortunately, Rhodes will do the ambushing instead. Both guys stomp away on Christian until Matt Hardy runs in for the save. Side Effect for Rhodes. Matt hammers away on McIntyre, but Rhodes stomps away on Matt's bad ankle. The heels are on the offense again, culminating with a McIntyre Future Shock on Matt and Cross Rhodes on Christian. The heels stand triumphant.

Later tonight, Alberto Del Rio debuts against Rey Mysterio. I feel like I've typed this a lot.

Ad break - WWE Shop promo.

Backstage, Jack Swagger complains about his really crappy summer and not being booked at Summerslam. Unfortunately, he's venting to Rosa, who's jumping rope with headphones on. Swagger turns around to find a smug MVP. MVP tells Swagger to accept his losses and move on. Swagger tells MVP he's better than him and can prove it. Swagger challenges MVP to a shoot-out. If Swagger wins, he gets to host the VIP Lounge for one night. If MVP wins, he gets to throw a big-ass party with Swagger picking up the tab. Heh...this should be interesting.

The announcers send us to the Raw Rebound. Darren Young is ousted and we're down to NNNNNN.

Backstage, Teddy Long stands with Kane. Long tells Kane that the Undertaker is coming back to SmackDown next Friday. Kane says next week, SmackDown will be Hell on Earth.

Coming up next, Alberto Del Rio makes his debut against Rey Mysterio.

Ad break - Edge still eats and beats it with Slim Jim.

Before the match starts, Tony Chimel introduces us to Alberto Del Rio's personal ring announcer, Ricardo Rodriguez. Alberto then drives up to the ramp area in a Rolls Royce! He comes out of the car sporting gold trunks and a white towel. Alberto gets pyro upon reaching the top of the ramp. Rodriguez then gives Del Rio an overblown introduction in Spanish. This is all MUY EXELENTE, of course! Best ring entrance I've seen in a long time, even if it is pretty much Mexican JBL.

Ok, let's see what this guy can do.

Del Rio starts off with a nice soccer kick to Rey's shin. He backs Rey into the corner and kicks away. Del Rio hammers away in the corner, hits a snapmare, and kicks Rey in the back. Irish whip into the corner. Ugly Irish whip and clothesline misses, before Rey strikes at Del Rio's shins. Alberto shoves Rey into the corner, but corner charge misses. Rey hits a spinning headscissors. Alberto charges Rey and gets low-bridged, sending him to the outside to send us to our last break of the night.

We come back with Rey on offense. He whips Alberto into the corner, but it's reversed. Corner charge eats boot and Rey tries to go up, but gets caught in a crucifix and gets tossed to the apron. Albeto then slams Rey's arm into the post. Del Rio slams Rey's arm into the steps, as Striker notes that Alberto might be a man of two faces (*wink, wink, nudge, nudge*). Alberto puts weight on Rey's arm, as he grins into the crowd. He rolls Rey back into the ring and covers for 2. He hits the armbar as the crowd tries to get Rey back into the match. Rey fights back up and goes off the ropes, but gets a Shining Wizard in the arm for his troubles. Del Rio slams Rey down and goes up top, but top rope senton misses. Rey hammers away, but Del Rio shoves him into the ropes, but Rey takes the momentum and puts it into a kick to the head for 2. Springboard senton and springboard crossbody get 2 for Rey. Del Rio charges, but gets a drop toehold into the 619 position. Rey goes for the move, but Alberto catches Rey's legs in mid-move! He tries to catapult Rey into the corner, but Rey's able to catch himself on the turnbuckle and hit a mule kick. Rey goes up top, but Del Rio cuts off his legs and Rey comes crashing down on his arm. Del Rio smells blood and kicks Rey in the arm. Del Rio gets a double underhook and swings over into a jujigatime! Rey quickly taps out (!) to HUGE heel heat! HOLY CRAP!

WINNER: Alberto Del Rio - Oh my! Can't make a better debut than that!

Post-match, Del Rio hooks the jujigatime in again! Rodriguez declares Alberto Del Rio the winner, as Del Rio releases the hold and goes up the ramp triumphant. Show over!

We get a promo for Undertaker's return next Friday.


Well, you can't say they're not going to give it the old college try with Alberto Del Rio. Long-time W's will remember that big debut wins aren't unprecedented, with the obvious example being Carlito winning the U.S. Title against John Cena in his debut. And we all know what happened to Carlito. So really, the first win is great and all, but now let's see the follow-through. From what I saw, though, Del Rio looks like a million bucks. He's got a hell of a ring presence, great charisma, a decent moveset, and a hell of a gimmick with his own Spanish ring announcer. He could be HUGE if the E doesn't get bored with him.

Good show, with a nice main event and Kane's explanation not being as bad as advertised. See you all again next week, same delayed time, same delayed channel.

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You know, that snap spinning jujigatame has the potential to be a great out-of-nowhere finisher, the way the RKO is perceived.

The former Dos Caras Jr. showed today that he can wrestle the basic WWE match, and the little sly grins and movements that he has while wrestling allow him to bring his character through even when he's not talking. He does seem comfortable on the mic (unlike Drew McIntyre when he first came in) and I can see a lot of upside. Now let's see if the E can follow up on this impressive debut.

I can see why you would have a bit of a negative reaction to the Kane explanation (i.e. it's the same explanation they used the last 10 times these guys feuded), but I'd give credit to the writing team for trying to tie in over 10 years of material in an effort to maintain continuity. If you read my TNA stuff, you know I'm a sucker for continuity, so I appreciate the effort.

I may catch flak for this, but every time I see Kane deliver a promo, I can't help but think just how much creepier, more intimidating, and more effective he is than Abyss, who plays a similar role over in TNA. It might just be the efforts of the man, the effect of a more rounded, more consistent character, or a combination of both.

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It's False

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    Originally posted by used2bcool
    I may catch flak for this, but every time I see Kane deliver a promo, I can't help but think just how much creepier, more intimidating, and more effective he is than Abyss, who plays a similar role over in TNA. It might just be the efforts of the man, the effect of a more rounded, more consistent character, or a combination of both.

    (edited by used2bcool on 21.8.10 1302)

While Abyss's material might not help, Kane's promo work has improved exponentially this year. It really is amazing what he can do when given a chance and he's a frontrunner for RSPW's Most Improved Wrestler (if it's not him, it's Pope Dinero) after the fantastic work he's done both in (don't forget his performance at WM's MitB match) and out of the ring. It says a lot that Kane's been able to succeed at creeping everyone the hell out, in spite of WWE's annoying post-edits. That added echo at the start of tonight's promo was truly awful.

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JB el Rio? I LOVE him having his own ring announcer. His mannerisms were spot on for the gimmick, and the Code Red is a fine finisher to bring back. I dig it.

Cody Rhodes is developing into an all-around standout, and it's criminal that the WWE stifled him during Team Priceless/Legacy. This could have been on RAW all along.

Swagger challenges MVP to a shoot-out in the middle of baseball season and right before football season starts? what odd timing.

I wouldn't say "Dolph suddenly jumps Kofi from behind." It felt like Vickie was stalling before the ambush, and the delay was mighty awkward. It also turned Kofi into the stupid face because he got distracted by the Dev'lish Wimmen. It was just a few weeks ago she used her administrative position to chastise the ref, and I thought she was going to change the rules tonight to avoid the DQ loss for Dolph. But no. She's just a valet now, a screaming annoying valet. If she has no pull, why would Dolph stay with her? Her backstage power was why they hooked up.

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    Originally posted by It's False
    WINNERS: Serena & Luke Gallows - It's somewhat fitting that Serena uses a variation of Punk's finisher. But man, her wrestling was awful. Not a good first outing for her at all.

I'm attributing that to a.) It was supposed to be her "first match" and b.) wrestling Kelly Kelly.

    Originally posted by Matt Tracker
    JB el Rio? I LOVE him having his own ring announcer. His mannerisms were spot on for the gimmick, and the Code Red is a fine finisher to bring back. I dig it.

    Cody Rhodes is developing into an all-around standout, and it's criminal that the WWE stifled him during Team Priceless/Legacy. This could have been on RAW all along.

Yeah, ADR = JBL...did they even need to have his white scarf match the white towel? But that finisher looked amazing, just whipping Rey around outta nowhere.

Maybe Cody wasn't ready for what he's doing now during the Legacy era...but who would've expected Ted to be the one treading water after the breakup? I attribute it to the power of the Tri-Force.

If Matt's healthy (on Twitter he says he was sent home early on this tour due to injury), a Drew & Cody vs. Christian & Hardy feud could be fun, though it's weird to see Christian and Hardy pegged as the "old guys" in this...

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Add me to the list of ADR fans. He has potential to be awesome in this role. He's got the facial expressions down. He's got a great finisher. He seems to be a pretty good talker. I'm excited!

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    Originally posted by used2bcool
    You know, that snap spinning jujigatame has the potential to be a great out-of-nowhere finisher, the way the RKO is perceived.
A) I just saw it on Youtube, and it looks mighty nifty.

B) He probably should have tried it against Cro Cop.

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I loved how Alberto worked on the arm of REy the entire match. It makes sense, but you don't see it enough.

Kane's promo was solid, and it did make me wonder if htey will somehow try to stretch this to Wrestlemania....

Cody is getting better and better.
And I had no problems with Serena's wrestling.
I liked how she was way more aggressive than you see most women wrestlers be.

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    Originally posted by Spiraling_Shape
      Originally posted by It's False
      WINNERS: Serena & Luke Gallows - It's somewhat fitting that Serena uses a variation of Punk's finisher. But man, her wrestling was awful. Not a good first outing for her at all.

    I'm attributing that to a.) It was supposed to be her "first match" and b.) wrestling Kelly Kelly.

    I'm going to completely agree with you and just guess she was told specifically not to do anything to make K2 "look bad". If Serena had wrestled that match the way she worked against Naomi Night for the FCW Championship, any of her matches against Sara Del Rey or anything from her SIX reigns as OVW Women's Champion, Kelly Kelly would not be walking right now. Apparently Joseph Mercury doesn't even watch wrestling.

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I'd like to hear Cody calls some matches in which he's not involved in a storyline. He had some good lines tonight, particularly when Grisham asked "Where does Christian rank up as far as battling through adversity like he's doing tonight?"
Cody's reply was "Christian ranks about two spots below where he thinks he's at."

And what the hell is wrong with del Rio's left eyebrow? It's malformed and off-balance. I think Dashing Cody Rhodes needs to beat down del Rio and groom his eyebrows for him. Or maybe they could work up to a Mask vs Eyebrows match w/ Mysterio.

I wonder if Kane is involved with writing his own promos recently? He has a Master's degree in English, so I would assume he's at least competent as a writer. (His political blogs are decent enough but that's obviously a completely different sort of writing that what goes into his promos.)

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    If Serena had wrestled that match the way she worked against Naomi Night for the FCW Championship, any of her matches against Sara Del Rey or anything from her SIX reigns as OVW Women's Champion, Kelly Kelly would not be walking right now.

I agree with you - they probably did not want Serena to cripple Kelly Kelly.

I *think* the idea isn't that Kane actually spent 15 years on a plan to give take out Undertaker once, but that Kane is completely insane and a conspiracy nut. Reality based angles always work the best!

Giving Alberto the car to drive out makes him too much JBL (and/or demands a vignette where they meet and become BFFs.)

I got really tried of Dos Caras Jr. in CMLL by the end, because he'd basically been having the same match for the prior 3 years before turning rudo (where his 90% of his act was that smile and running away from smaller people.) In a small part, it wasn't his fault - he was being pushed, but he wasn't being challenged and never lived up to his potential. It's neat to see him back on track, though I hope he isn't planning on missing a top rope senton in every match. - luchablog
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I looooove psycho Kane promos! He really is awesome at it. Give him a situation & turn him loose.

Meanwhile, Swagger was apparently reading off cue cards. Which was pretty sad.

Hornswoggle as the vegetarian version of Cousin Itt amused me.
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Not a bad debut for Alberto Del Rio. Just by his promos, I thought this guy would have immediate short shelf-life. Now after watching him on Smackdown, I think he could be pretty good if the WWE doesn't ignore him (and I would like to mention his submission is pretty cool).

As for the SES, it is a good thing they won because no SES equals no job for Luke Gallows or Joey Mercury and I am thinking rather sooner than later the SES will fade and so will the careers of Gallows and Mercury.

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Not at all positive on this, but I think this was about the time Heenan started having problems that would lead to his cancer diagnosis. Might be a reason he was slurring.
- Eddie Famous, WCW Worldwide: December 22, 1996 (2014)
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