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The W - Pro Wrestling - SmackDown! #567 7-2-10
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TONIGHT! It's the first SmackDown in a good while without Drew McIntyre, who got sent home to Scotland last week in a case of art imitating life. Also, the Money in the Bank PPV is coming up and I assume we'll get the build towards the SD MitB match and the championship match between Rey Mysterio and Jack Swagger.

The World is NOT Watching tonight, as we go straight to a recap of last Friday's events with Kane and the Straight Edge Society. We get snippets of the main event that led to Kane chasing CM Punk straight out of the arena.

Opening credits - Let It Roll! We are taped from Wilkes-Barre, PA.

We start off with Jack Swagger coming to the ring, in a seemingly-maudlin trance. Promo Time! "Last week, I told you I was going to make people suffer. I wanted to take all the agony, all the suffering that was inside of me, and make others suffer. I decided it's time for other people to feel the pain that I felt after being cheated out of my World Heavyweight Championship. And if I could do that to the world's largest athlete, I could do that to anyone. Take a look." Cue footage of Swagger's anklelock from last week that subdued Big Show. "Do you see what I'm capable of? THat's what you shuold be talking about. Not the SmackDown Money in the Bank Ladder Match. You know, it's funny, everyone's talking about Money in the Bank. That's kinda where my journey started. I remember winning the last Money in the Bank Ladder Match and becoming the biggest star at Wrestlemania 26. Honestly, that moment right there, it changed my life. Five days after Wrestlemania, I cashed in on that contract and became everyone's World Heavyweight Champion. Remember? Remember? Then two weeks ago, two weeks ago, it all came crashing down. I was cheated out of my world title in a Fatal Four-way match. I was cheated! There were no rules. There was nothing to protect me. The worst part was that my daddy was devastated. Couldn't talk, he could barely eat, and no one cares. And none of you, and none of you care at all." Cue Big Show interruption. The big man comes out with a noticeable limp with a mic of his own.

Show mocks Swagger's whining, offers a waaah-mbulance and some French cries. "Being stuck in an elevator with me when I've got gas is something to be upset about, not you losing the World Heavyweight Championship. But Jackie Boy, you know Jackie, you started something you should have finished. You see, you hurt me. I admit it, you hurt me. You surprised me and you hurt me, but you didn't quite finish the job, did you, Jackie? You see, because I'm still standing and I'm still breathing. So as long as I'm still standing and still breathing, I won't stop. So Jack, I dare you, you know, I don't dare you. I beg you, PLEASE try and put that anklelock on me one more time." Swagger responds that he has nothing to prove to Show and vows that Rey Mysterio will feel that same thing at the PPV. Show says Swagger's delusional and that no one wants to see him with the title. Reality tells Show that he can break Jack's jaw and Show finds that a good idea, so he limps to the ring. But halfway there, Show gets clipped by "Dashing" Cody Rhodes, of all people. Swagger and Rhodes double team Show and work the ankle over. Save is made by Rey Mysterio, which doesn't seem necessary, as Show was starting to fight them off anyway. Show's music plays as the heels retreat and Show and Rey hold down the ring. Sigh...they're really going to give it the old college try with Cody Rhodes, aren't they?

We cut to the announce table, as Todd Grisham and Matt Striker name off some of the participants for the MitB match. We get Kane, Matt Hardy, "Dashing" Cody Rhodes, Christian, Kofi Kingston, and Big Show. It's funny to hear Grisham call Matt Hardy the "master of the Ladder Match" right before he introduces Christian, and by funny, I mean ridiculous. Two more names are yet to be added.

Up next - Kofi Kingston defends the IC title against Dolph Ziggler!

Ad break.

Recap of what just happened a few moments ago. Tonight, Rey Mysterio and Big Show will face the team of Jack Swagger and "Dashing" Cody Rhodes. Hope you haven't been taking a drink every time the announcers call him "Dashing" Cody Rhodes, because you'd be on the floor right now.

We get a textbook example of one of the disadvantages of this being a taped show, as Grisham talks about what a good time it is to be from Ghana. Oops. We cut backstage to Dolph Ziggler walking to the ring, before Vickie Guerrero catches up with him for some encouraging words. She grabs his arm and is a little reluctant to let go, until she realizes that Dolph's eyes are elsewhere. Turns out Dolph's checking out Rosa, who's doing jumping jacks to STILL try and get in with LayCool. Vickie scowls as she escorts Dolph to the ring.

Dolph slides over and takes down Kofi, as we start with a wrestling sequence. Dolph hits a kick in the gut and whips Kofi into the ropes, but Kofi hits a monkey flip. Kofi whips Dolph in and goes for an early Trouble in Paradise, but Dolph rolls out of the ring. That takes us to an aggravating ad break.

We come back with Dolph hitting the chinlock and an armbar. Dolph takes Kofi down by the hair and covers for 1. A Perfect snapmare gets 2. Screaming elbow gets 2. Corner charge misses and Kofi scales the ropes for a frog cross-body that gets a near-fall. Kofi chops away and hits a dropkick. Jumping clothesline. Boom Boom Legdrop hits, but Kofi misses Trouble in Paradise and Dolph hits the Rocker Dropper for a very close 2. Dolph starts to lose his cool again, as he's prone to do in these situations. He lets himself get distracted by Vickie, which is a big mistake, because Kofi's fully recovered and he hits Trouble in Paradise to end Dolph's night at about 7 minutes shown.

WINNER: Kofi Kingston - I love the stories they tell in Dolph matches, as his hot-headed temper always seems to work against him.

Post-match, Vickie looks on disapprovingly as Dolph starts to lose his temper again. Vickie brushes him off and walks away.

Backstage, we go to the Straight Edge Society, with CM Punk in a sling. Punk says he'll handle Kane. Serena says they should admit to whacking UT, but Punk says he'll handle things. Serena says Punk was surgery for 10 hours. Serena says it killed her to see Punk's face before he hit the operating table. Punk says he and Luke will handle things, but Serena says she'll handle things if they don't. Punk vows it all ends tonight.

Ad break.

It's time for the Peep Show with Christian. Tonight, Christian's guest is Matt Hardy and three ladders. Christian opens up the interview proper by talking about Matt's reinstatement and Drew McIntyre getting sent home. Christian says it was nice to see Matt face Drew without getting dropped on his head, which Matt takes as a backhanded compliment. Wow, things are already getting tense. Matt talks about fighting an uphill battle, including coming back from his firing.

Matt: Because as everyone knows Matt Hardy...
Christian: ...will NOT win the SmackDown Money in the Bank Ladder Match!

Christian and Matt both point out that they made the Ladder Match famous, but acknowledge that they've never won a MitB match. Christian confesses that he called Matt out as a guest to tell him that he'll be winning at the PPV. Matt points out that they were both great champions (including great ECW (!) champions), but that neither of them have had a shot at the world title. Both guys climb the ladder and face off. Matt says HE'LL win the match. Christian says that neither guy is Drew McIntyre, because they aren't the Chosen One, and they've had to earn everything they've had. Christian trashes McIntyre some more before saying that he'll finally earn his own opportunity. Matt says he's been frustrated with politics also and that he'll be the one winning the big match. Interview ends tensely, but Christian makes the first mistake and takes a step back, which allows Matt to hit him with a cheap shot. Matt then chucks Christian into a ladder. Matt's music plays to end the segment.

Later tonight - Rey Mysterio and Big Show face Jack Swagger and "Dashing" Cody Rhodes.

Ad break - WWE Magazine's Best of WWE 2010 issue will answer YOUR hard-hitting questions.

Alberto Del Rio vignette. People talk about his attributes, including honesty. "Honesty's a quality all men are born with. But, they lose it quickly. A baby cries because it's hungry. Children show genuine joy and anger, but as the growth process continues, so do the lies. A liar is a despicable person. Just looked upon by the masses with the scorn and contempt. Some of you lie more than the others, but all of you do. You're all liars. There's only one man who does not lie. Who refuses to lie. There's only one hombre honesto, only one honest man: Alberto Del Rio." Well, I'm stoked, how about you?

Backstage, Cody Rhodes is admiring himself in the mirror and combs his eyebrows. He interviews himself in the mirror. This is about as entertaining as you'd expect.

Kane makes his entrance for his match against Luke Gallows, as we go to break.

Ad break. I WAS looking forward to Despicable Me...until they played ads for it over and over and OVER!

I don't recall this match being any fun LAST TIME I recapped it, so I'm not expecting much here. We start with Kane powering Gallows into the corner and hammering away. Kane chokes Gallows on the ropes and hammers away some more. Corner charge knocks Luke down. Armdrag and a corner whip, but corner charge is countered with an elbow. Luke hammers away and knocks Kane down with a clothesline. Luke kicks away, but corner charge is met with a GOOZLE! But the chokeslam doesn't happen, as THE MASKED MAN~! runs in for the DQ at less than 2 minutes in.

WINNER: Kane by DQ - The sneak attack doesn't do much good, as THE MASKED MAN~! eats a chokeslam. Luke Gallows gets one, also. Punk tries to sneak in, but gets goozled! Serena runs down, with mic in hand, and pleads for Punk's safety. She says she can prove Punk's innocence. Punk pleads with Serena to leave and shut up. Serena says she's Punk's alibi. We hear Kane say "I don't believe you!" as he lifts Punk up for a chokeslam. Serena cues the Titantron. We get surveillance footage of what looks like a bar. Serena walks up to it and...uh having a Coke with some Jack (and I don't mean Swagger). The tape fast-forwards and she's looking pretty drunk. She's pounding back shots! She starts curling up next to a guy that's also drinking at the bar. And that party ends rather quickly when the SES find her. Punk (wearing a hat, natch) gets uber-pissed while Gallows and THE MASKED MAN~! (still wearing the mask, of course) clear everyone out. Serena tries to get amorous with Punk, but Punk sees through the EVILS OF ALCOHOL and berates his seemingly-fallen SES member. We snap back to reality, as Kane shoves Punk away and walks out, his search for his brother's attacker having come up empty. Serena tries to console Punk, but Punk berates her and ditches her in the ring. Wow!

Ad break.

We get footage of MVP and Kofi Kingston at Toys 'R Us showing off the new Mattel WWE Action Figures. Not shown was the since-recalled Daniel Bryan action figure with Tie-Choking Action. Chavo comes out with mic in hand. Is CHAVO getting promo time? "Aunt Vickie, I hope you're watching, 'cause I see how this works. Your little gringo boyfriend, he couldn't get the job done. But hello, Vickie? Me! Hello? Your nephew, Chavo! I CAN get it done and I WILL! So after I beat MVP tonight, *I* deserve an Intercontinental Title shot! ¡Si mon! ¡Horale!" Of course, Chavo's become such a joke that even MVP's laughing at him, so I don't like his chances here.

We start with a lock up and Chavo backing MVP to the corner. MVP dodges the cheap shot and hammers away. Whip is countered and Chavo hits a rolling kick for 2. Chavo stomps away, as Grisham points out that MVP's the longest-reigning U.S. Title in SD history with an 11-month reign. Chavo hits the Three Amigos and goes up for a senton, but misses. MVP gets a belly-to-belly throw. Sloppy clothesline and elbow hits. Facebuster sets up the Ballin' Elbow. The Play of the Day puts away Chavo at about 3 minutes.

WINNER: MVP - Something must have been in the water, because both guys looked sloppy here. Maybe they just didn't gel.

Still to come - Rey/Show face off against Rhodes/Swagger

Ad break - Ricky Steamboat DVD promo

This Week in WWE History - Lex Luger bodyslams Yokozuna on the U.S.S. Intrepid. Hey, a Randy Savage sighting. Good lord, they played "I'll Be Your Hero" for Luger. Gag me. They actually talk about the Lex Express and they talk about Luger going all the way to Summerslam. Not mentioned is the fact that Luger didn't win the title, adding to his choker legacy.

Before the match, Layla distracts Tiffany, which allows Michelle to wipe her out from behind and chuck her into the barricade, effectively eliminating Tiffany from the equation. Layla sprays some aerosol (not to be confused with Rick Martel's "Arrogance"), as Michelle can't bring herself to get into Kelly's range. Michelle rolls in and Kelly stomps away. Michelle gets control soon enough and goes to work with a European uppercut. More slow offense from McCool, as Tiffany just starts to get her bearings. More kicking and choking. Michelle distracts the ref, as Layla sprays Kelly. But Tiffany's fully recovered and takes down Layla. Michelle and Tiffany wrestle for the aerosol can, with Michelle shoving Tiffany away. Kelly takes advantage of the distraction and rolls up Michelle for the pin.

WINNER: Kelly Kelly - Terrible match, but too short to be really offensive.

RAW Rebound - Nexus (sans Wade Barrett) wipes out Legends.

Backstage, Rey Mysterio walks to the ring to address the WWE Universe before the main event.

Ad break - Hollywood tries to trick you into watching a made-for-2D movie in 3D

Another Alberto Del Rio vignette. Alberto's in a tux coming down the stairs. "Inspiration is an admirable quality to possess. But how does one inspire others? Nunca les muestras una pisca de miedo. Never show an ounce of fear. Siempre completa lo que esta imposible. Always accomplish the impossible. My natural gift and apply those gifts to any field or profession that is truly unachievable by others. That makes you un objeto de inspiracion, embodiment of inspiration: Alberto Del Rio." Good stuff.

Tony Chimmel introduces Rey Mysterio to the ring. Rey comes to the ring, soaks in the cheers, and takes the mic. Rey says it feels great to be world champion. He says he's ready for new obstacles, because it's taken his whole career to get to the top and Jack Swagger will not take that away from him. Rey says Swagger and Rhodes are competing against the entire 619. The main event is next!

Ad break.

Matt Striker makes my head explode by comparing the Twilight guys with Sir Oliver Humperdink. Why yes, it IS 2010, why do you ask? We start with Rey Mysterio and Cody Rhodes. Rhodes hammers away, but Rey flips out of an armbar. Leapfrog sequence leads to Rey kicking Cody in the chest, as even Grisham thinks they're going overboard with how many times they've called him "Dashing" tonight. Rey makes the tag to Big Show, as the big guy comes in and wallops Cody in the chest before going to work with chops. Show chucks Cody into Swagger and then military presses Rhodes right into the All-American American. That'll take us to our last commercial break of the night.

We come back with Cody eating boot from a corner charge. Rey goes up top, but gets crotched. Rhodes goes for a blockbuster suplex, but Rey elbows out of it. Top-rope seated senton gets two. Irish whip is reversed, but Cody makes the tag, allowing Swagger to nail Rey with a boot while the champ was going for the 619. Swagger starts overpowering Rey with tosses and bear hugs before tagging back out. Cody Rhodes hits a front suplex and kneedrop for 2. Corner charge misses, but Cody's able to nail a springboard Shining Wizard. Tag's made to Swagger, who nails the running Vaderbomb. We hit the body scissors. Rey fights out of it and tries to hit a second rope moonsault, but Swagger catches him. Swagger gets cocky, though, and Rey's able to hit a tornado DDT. Hot tag's made to Show, who mows down Swagger. Corner charge hits, followed by a shoulderblock. Swagger tries to counter the Chokeslam with the body scissors, but Show simply suplexes him down. The big guy starts favoring his ankle, though, so he tags back out. Rey Drops the Dime, but Rhodes makes the save. Rhodes smells blood and goes after Show, as Rey goes for the 619. But Swagger counters the 619 with the anklelock! Rey's got the ropes, but it doesn't matter, as Swagger's not letting go. Ref calls for the bell.

WINNERS: Rey Mysterio & The Big Show by DQ - Crowd boos that terrible finish. Post-match, Show tries to limp towards Swagger, but Swagger pulls Rey away and stays out of the giant's reach in a neat display. Swagger finally drops Mysterio and stands triumphant with Cody Rhodes on the ramp. Show ends with Swagger triumphant and Rey holding his ankle.


I wasn't particularly high on Cody Rhodes before, but I didn't particularly hate him either. This new gimmick is so cheesy and he's just not the right guy for it, so I really hope they don't shove it down our throats the way they did tonight. The wrestling was short and none of it was really that good. I wish Kofi/Dolph had more time. Still no word on the final two spots for the MitB match. Anyone else think Drew McIntyre can make it back from Scotland in time?

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MD: You have to win, no matter what.
SC: Why didn't you try that this year?
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I haven't seen SD in a few weeks, and the impression I'm getting here is they're making Cody Rhodes into the next "Masterpiece" Chris Masters/"Narcissist" Lex Luger/"Ravishing" Rick Rude mold?

(I kept thinking of more names as I wrote this, hooray for stale old gimmicks.)

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    Originally posted by It's False
    We snap back to reality, as Kane shoves Punk away and walks out, his search for his brother's attacker having come up empty. Serena tries to console Punk, but Punk berates her and ditches her in the ring.
I would've bet a pound or two on this ending with Punk having to admit to being drunk/hopped up on pain meds/scoring some weed at the time Taker was attacked to prove his innocence.

Their thing is much better than mine.

    WINNER: MVP - Something must have been in the water, because both guys looked sloppy here. Maybe they just didn't gel.
Aye, this was pretty bad. Both guys looked uncertain and off-form. Odd.

    Still no word on the final two spots for the MitB match. Anyone else think Drew McIntyre can make it back from Scotland in time?
Yes, unless he's planning on swimming. We're not that far away


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    Originally posted by AegisD
    I haven't seen SD in a few weeks, and the impression I'm getting here is they're making Cody Rhodes into the next "Masterpiece" Chris Masters/"Narcissist" Lex Luger/"Ravishing" Rick Rude mold?

Yeah, the first thing I thought when I saw "Dashing" Cody Rhodes was that he came off as a really effete Rick Rude. It's not working for him.
Shem the Penman

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Funny, when Rhodes was primping in the mirror, I immediately thought of that guy in the hair trimmer commercials that used to be all over WWE programming.

"The object of persecution is persecution. The object of torture is torture. The object of power is power. Now do you begin to understand me?"

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I finally saw the debut of Dashing Cody Rhodes last week and god I loved it. Dashing Cody Rhodes.
Dashing ... Cody Rhodes.
Dashing -- Cody Rhodes.
Da-shing Cody Rhodes.
DASHING! Cody Rhodes.
Daaaaaashing, Cody Rhodes!
Dashing, Cody Rhodes.
Dashing. Cody. Rhodes.
Daaaaaaaashiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing CODY RHODES!

It always seems forced when WWE decides to give someone a character trait out of the blue and have them act like that's how they live their life nonstop. It took Morrison a while to grow into the new guy after being Johnny Nitro. Ziggler became a well-rounded heel after literally half a year where the only thing he did was introduce himself. Rhodes is already ahead of them because he already seems so confident doing the act despite being defined by one adjective.

Plus he interviewed himself with a comb? Absolutely. Dashing Cody Rhodes and the comb should host NXT. Cody is so much better than Ted at everything except that thing where Ted hits the ropes, ducks something, and stops in place.

It's too bad Punk can't be in MITB since he's been such a definitive Mr. Money in the Bank. It makes the match more midcardy than the Raw side too. If they hold one opening for McIntyre's disappointing return, I guess it's between MVP and Ziggler for the last spot. Or Punk could make Joey Mercury overcome his fear of ladders head on or should I say face on.

I like Big Show in the match even though he seems so out of place because they will work cool stuff around his size. They thought up a bunch of cool stuff for Mark Henry to do when he was in MITB. Everyone's going to be game to take punishment and fall off the ladder, but they're going to have to rely a lot on Christian and Kofi to carry the athleticism and movement expectations.

LEX EXPRESS. Luger for HOF is almost guaranteed I think.

(edited by JustinShapiro on 3.7.10 1612)

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    Originally posted by AegisD
    I haven't seen SD in a few weeks, and the impression I'm getting here is they're making Cody Rhodes into the next "Masterpiece" Chris Masters/"Narcissist" Lex Luger/"Ravishing" Rick Rude mold?

I'm just being nit-picky, but I wouldn't throw Rude in with that group. Rude's character was a bit more nuanced than just, "Oh, look how good my body is!" He was really more about being a ladies man.

Rude's characterization of his appeal edged out the characterization of his body. He had a lot of that '80s suave (?) in his personality.

(Yes, it was that important for me to point out :). Rude is my personal favorite of all-time.)

Edit: I agree that Cody Rhodes has broken out a bit. "Dashing," however, I think is kind of...there wasn't a better word available? The way he discussed it last week, I thought he would have assumed "The Natural" moniker.

(edited by Whattaburger on 3.7.10 1340)

This is all serious business.
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    Originally posted by Whattaburger
    The way he discussed it last week, I thought he would have assumed "The Natural" moniker.

The point is to break away from the rest of his family. I don't think adopting his brother's old moniker would accomplish much in that regard.

I'm on the Cody Rhodes bandwagon, thus far. He's cut two longish promos talking solely about himself. While they weren't spectacular, they were solid enough. I'm interested to see if he can step it up another notch when he actually has something to talk about. It's a bit early to write a character off when it hasn't even been put to use in a storyline as of yet. Also, it's not like Cody just randomly decided he as dashing, the divas told him themselves! I'm surprised that didn't lead to someone else terrorizing the divas for not voting for them, though no obvious candidates for such an angle come to mind.

People seem to think that something was off in the MVP vs. Chavo match but it seems to me that it was just a more visible example of MVP as a worker. He has to have the worst timing of anyone in the WWE. There have been several occasions where he seemingly has to stop and think about each spot prior to executing it.

How does that video prove that the SES was innocent of assaulting the Undertaker? How do we know that bar wasn't just down the street from 'Taker's house? Maybe after being drug off camera, Serena went on a drunken rampage and took out 'Taker herself. It was certainly a different angle than I was expecting, though. Punk said a couple of months ago that the eventual plan was for Gallows to break away from the SES and turn face, I'm wondering if this will somehow be the catalyst.

Very good promo from Christian and Matt Hardy. I'm guessing that if neither of them win the match, it will lead to a feud between them which should be excellent.

Major props to Swagger for that last spot where he slowly backed away from Big Show without releasing Rey from the ankle lock. The only problem is where do they go from here? I'm guessing Mysterio retains at Money In The Bank and Swagger continues his feud with the Big Show. I like Swagger in the main event but it wouldn't hurt to give him a couple of big victories before giving him back the title.
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Smackdown didn't have any spectacular matches but the segments and angles they played on the show were pretty interesting.

The Peep Show featuring Matt Hardy was pretty interesting as Christian showed some heelish tendencies. He gave Matt his dues but there were a few parts such as Christian interrupting Matt Hardy by saying ".....he will not win Money in the Bank" instead of him finishing with his usual "he will not die" phrase. Also, Christian used a "bank-handed compliment" by also saying it was good to see Matt Hardy not on his head for once. The segment ending with Hardy slamming Christian into the ladders made it seem these 2 can have a feud very soon.

The angle with Serena, the SES, and the mystery of the Undertaker was also pretty interesting as she showed proof that Punk could have not been there to attack 'Taker. However, with the footage of Serena drinking, I am curious to see if Serena stays in the SES, if she is kicked out or some other type of reprimand by the SES.

As far as matches go, it was alright. Kofi and Ziggler was alright compared to what kind of match these 2 are capable of doing. Chavo is stale and I am not sure what more there is for Chavo besides losing every week on Smackdown or Superstars.

The main event was pretty good as it ended with Swagger and his new founded mean streak while trying send a message via ankle lock (he has turned into another Kurt Angle but it is working rather well for Swagger).

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I'm a big fan of Tyson Kidd but I didn't have a problem with the loss. Even though I don't like Hornswoggle it made sense to send him off with a win in a comedy match.
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