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25.4.18 2321
The W - Pro Wrestling - Smackdown, 3/16
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-WWE open

-Cold open, we are (taped) from Trenton, NJ, and the world champ is the guest on MizTV. Miz suggests Taker, not Batista, is unstoppable, then fakes the big man out with the lights dealie. Batista seems to go along with the joke. He even says he likes MizTV. It’s pretty funny hearing him say “MizTV.” He doesn’t like Miz though, and Batista bombs him.

-Later, Undertaker vs. King Booker tonight!


-We get clips of Kane and Ashley on next week’s episode of “Smallville.”

Kennedy proclaims himself the future of sports entertainment. I’ll buy that one. It’s a match-up of MITB wrestlers. See, I would think the MITB match should be filled with Hardy-types, where this is there only way to get a title shot. Kennedy has had multiple shots, what fun is it if he wins? Hardy works the left arm to start, and holds on through a snap-mare by Kennedy. He goes after the arm again, and Kennedy briefly breaks it with a drop-toe hold, but Hardy regains control. KK fights out and hammers away at Hardy in the corner. Hardy’s face meets two top turnbuckles, but he blocks the third, and hits a clothesline off the ropes with his momentum. Back off the ropes again, and Kennedy gets speared through the ropes as we take a break.


Suplex by Kennedy gets two when we come back. We also get the replay of the spear through the ropes. Kennedy has a front chancery locked on Hardy down on the mat. Hardy with punches to the gut fights out. KK meets a boot in the corner. Screaming leg drop from the middle didn’t hit and it looks like Hardy comes up lame. Kennedy, of course, goes right to the knee after a mis-applied bulldog. It’s the left knee, in case you’re scoring at home. Two-count by KK after bringing Hardy’s knee down on his leg. Hardy blocks an attempt by KK to slam his knee against the steel post, but eventually, Kennedy gets it. Clothesline into a two-count. Hardy gets set up on the top rope and Kennedy works him over in a tree-of-woe position. Kennedy climbs to the middle rope and suplexes him off. Only a two on the pin attempt. Indian Death Lock is applied by Kennedy, a move JBL hasn’t since “since Jerry Brisco were alive.” Hard right hands by Kennedy as he continues to apply pressure to the knee. Hardy fights back but KK covers up. Hardy though roles over and reverses the move. KK gets the ropes, and ref Chris Kay calls for a break. Kennedy back on the offensive. To the top, Ken-ton misses. Clotheslines and Russian leg-sweep from Hardy. He goes to the middle rope and scissor-kicks Kennedy for a near-fall. Side effect is blocked, but after a miss trying to take out his leg, Hardy hits the move for 2 ½. Kennedy sits down on a back-drop attempt but Hardy kicks out at two. Kick to the face gets two. KK gets Matt in a fireman’s carry but Hardy grabs the ropes. He hits the Twist of Fate for three!

WINNER: Hardy by pinfall at 17:44
Good match, surprising finish.


-We get a sweaty post-match interview from Mr. Kennedy.

Allegedly, El Grande is a Honduran Heavyweight Champion. The champ is masked and looks a bit like Shark Boy. MVP gets a bell-to-belly after he announces this is a non-title match. Bodyslam by MVP. He hits his “ballin!” elbowdrop. MVP should’ve brought in Gotch Gracie to fight him. Too tough for MVP probably. Porter puts away the jobber with the “Playmaker.”

WINNER: MVP by pinfall at 1:31.

-MVP then bemoans the lack of communication from Teddy Long about his requested shot at Chris Benoit. He calls Benoit uncharismatic and boring. Porter brings up past US title holders and tells us how he’s better than them. The crowd finally catches on with a short “you suck” chant. He suggests Benoit’s nickname should be “the coward” rather than “the crippler.” Finally, Long comes out and grants MVP his wish- Benoit at WM. WM could’ve been the culmination of a decent feud had the writers thought this feud out a few months in advance. The two go at it in the ring and Benoit locks in the crossface (well, almost). MVP escapes the ring and heads to the back.

-JBL finally speaks about his match with HBK at RAW next week on “WrestleMania Reversal Night.” JBL promises something special for HBK on Monday.


-The WWE rewind is the Melina/Ashley confrontation last week on MizTV. Melina vs. Ashley for the women’s title at WM, announced on

It’s a mixed tag match tonight. Mercury is sans the facemask, as he was on RAW. Kendrick and Mercury lock up to get things started. Hip-toss and dropkick by Kendrick get a near fall. He tags in London who comes down from the top on the arm of Mercury. Kendrick does as well. London back in, he stomps on the arm and another quick tag that results in a double-team face-plant on Mercury. Ashley is now tagged in, which means Melina must enter on her side. But before the ladies can make contact, Melina tags out to Johnny Nitro. Another double-team from the champs is avoided by Mercury, at least at first, until the champs go over the top rope on the heel duo on the floor. Mercury slows things down with Kendrick in the ring. Kendrick really has the Ricky Morton role down pat. Referee Mickie Henson is distracted so Melina takes advantage. London breaks up a pin attempt to keep things going. Big upper-cut by Nitro and Kendrick rolls to the outside. He gets brought back in and Nitro stays on top with a body scissors. Kendrick fights out and we have an awkward moment before Nitro misses a clothesline. After a heel tag, London is knocked off the apron. Ashley gets knocked off soon after, then a tag is finally made to London. He takes out two of the MNM members. The third member breaks up a three-count, then hits a low blow on London while the ref is distracted by Ashley. Snapshot, and it’s over. The women have to be separated post-match.

WINNERS: MNM by pinfall at 9:34.
Good match, but another loss for the champs, albeit in a six-person tag.

-Coming up, Undertaker vs. King Booker.


-We get the classy Ernie Ladd tribute video from RAW.

-Maryse makes her first appearance of the night to welcome us back to the show.

-King Booker and Sharmell are in their locker room when Finlay barges in looking for Hornswaggle. Booker picks his brain about being in the ring with Taker (as if he’s never been there before). Finlay suggests running. As Booker follows him out, Sharmell sits back down and does her nails ‘til she hears Hornswaggle and for some reason is afraid of him. He proceeds to down some beer in honor of St. Patrick’s Day.

-The same celeb interviews from RAW re: the Donald/Vince match are shown. We also get the Tale of the Tape and the final segment from RAW recap.


-Daiviri is in the ring with a mic in his hand. He speaks in a foreign tongue, until hell, fire and brimstone (okay, well, fire) brings out Kane.

I’m guessing Daiviri gets as much offense in as El Grande Latte. Kane hammers away Daiviri in the corner. Up for a choke, then Kane throws him down. Kane does some sort of scalp massage on Daiviri in the ropes. Daviri tries to flee, but Kane brings him in by the seat of his pants, and we get a nice blur. Off the ropes and Kane gets a choke on him, but throws him out of the ring instead of finishing him. Kane chokeslams Daiviri on the steel steps, and then takes the hook out from under the ring. He’s got the chain around Daiviri’s throat and drags him down the aisle. No bell yet, I don’t think. And we go to break as they go backstage.

WINNER: No contest at a little over 3:00.


-Backstage, Kane has Daiviri up against the wall, reminding me of those Heidenreich/Michael Cole days. He wants Daiviri to give a message to Khali, then drags him off camera.

-Hall of Fame announcement of Mr. Fuji is shown. I hope we get some Fuji Vice clips at the Induction Ceremony, or at least, some episodes as bonuses in the upcoming WM DVD.

-Batista comes out again, probably for a ringside seat for the Taker/Booker match.


Batista, in case you were wondering, is not intimidated by the Undertaker. Booker though, appears to be. Taker has the advantage to start things off. He’s very aggressive in the early going. The left arm of Booker is being worked on here, and you can probably see where this is headed. He tries to go Old School, but Booker stops that plan. Booker basically runs into Taker in mid-ring to take the dead man down. Booker is reversed off the ropes and runs into a big boot. Taker goes back to the arm and hits the Old School clothesline. DDT from Undertaker gets a two-count. Boots and strikes from Taker in the corner. A thumb to the eye puts an end to that. Booker holds on to the ropes on an Irish whip, but Taker clotheslines him over. Taker brings Booker over to the other side of the ring and rams him head first into the bell table. Headbutt by Taker and he slides the King back in the ring. The two WM opponents stare each other down, much to the delight of the crowd. But Booker takes advantage and throws him off the announce table as we take a break (what would they do if no matches went outside the ring?).


Booker is on the offensive when we return. Sidewalk slam by the King for two. Batista doesn’t have much to say on commentary thus far. Booker works the small of the back of the Undertaker. Booker, though, gets sent to the outside again. Taker gets a nice boot to the head as Booker is draped half-in and half-out of the ring. The King blocks a suplex attempt and hits a superkick. Near-fall follows that. Booker with a front face-lock but again the dead man fights out. A missed clothesline by Taker followed up by a flying forearm from Booker (apparently channeling Shawn Michaels tonight). Undertaker wins a mid-ring slugfest then hits the snake eyes and big boot. He measures Booker for the chokeslam, but it doesn’t work. Booker misses a scissor kick and Undertaker hits a clothesline. Booker wiggles out of a tombstone and hits a heel-kick for two. Mis-communication and Taker sets up for the Last Ride, but Finlay interferes with a shillaleigh to the kidneys.

WINNER: Undertaker by DQ at 15:10.

-Booker and Finlay beat down Undertaker post match, but the dead man comes back. Taker throws Finlay right into Batista, who is at the commentary table. Back in the ring, Booker gets chokeslammed. Undertaker heads to the back as Batista is in the ring, pissed. Good set-up for the WM match, though the Booker/Undertaker match was only okay.

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Is Batista always that bland? I don't catch Smackdown much, so hopefully he's come up with better stuff than "They say that the Undertaker fears nothing, but I in fact fear nothing."

Nice suit, though. How very Flair-esque of him! I can't think of any other recent world champions besides Triple H that would dress the part that well.

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Two notes:

"Hellfire and brimstone"

Spaceman Spiff

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    Is Batista always that bland? I don't catch Smackdown much, so hopefully he's come up with better stuff than "They say that the Undertaker fears nothing, but I in fact fear nothing."

Yeah, he's been like that A LOT since he came back from his injury. I guess it's supposed to come off as "calm, cool, collected", but it just makes him come off as boring & uninteresting, or like he just woke up from a long nap backstage. I swear JBL & Cole were 1 second away from just screaming "HYPE UP YOUR PROGAM WITH UNDERTAKER!" the way they were feeding him questions & getting boring 1-sentence answers in return.


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This isn't the Dave of 2004, for sure. I miss that guy. The GQ badass.

I am also a fan of the champ looking the part, and Batista does pull that off. Compare his look to Cena's. I know they are totally different characters, but Cena just seems like a walking merchandise catalog when he enters the arena.

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    Originally posted by Spaceman Spiff

      Is Batista always that bland? I don't catch Smackdown much, so hopefully he's come up with better stuff than "They say that the Undertaker fears nothing, but I in fact fear nothing."

    Yeah, he's been like that A LOT since he came back from his injury. I guess it's supposed to come off as "calm, cool, collected", but it just makes him come off as boring & uninteresting, or like he just woke up from a long nap backstage. I swear JBL & Cole were 1 second away from just screaming "HYPE UP YOUR PROGAM WITH UNDERTAKER!" the way they were feeding him questions & getting boring 1-sentence answers in return.

Personally, I've been fine with the Batista character, but I see what you mean. I think the main reason Batista seems blander than a year or two ago is possibly because he hasn't had a partner or someone to really play off of. Batista, character-wise, has always been entertaining when interacting with others. The best examples I could give from the last couple years is his slow burn with HHH, which we all know was a pretty good feud, and his storyline with Eddie Guerrero. Together they played off each other VERY well and made for a very entertaining duo to which we unfortunately never got to see the payoff. Then he got put in with Rey Mysterio right before he injured his tricep.

Since he's been back from his injury however, excusing a couple John Cena team-ups, Batista has pretty much been a total loner with no real ally or segments that encourage a lot of interaction. I think Batista has a certain charisma about him, but its not the type where he can carry a character that is on its own, like Cena or Edge. He has great facial reactions like in his segment with Miz, and his interactions with Booker was pretty fun when he was protecting him on one episode of Smackdown, but Batista's character is almost too calm to be engrossing by itself.

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Man, what happened to Deuce and Domino? After a very strong showing last month, they've vanished.

It's almost like Regal and Taylor from two months ago.

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    Originally posted by Oliver
    Man, what happened to Deuce and Domino? After a very strong showing last month, they've vanished.

    It's almost like Regal and Taylor from two months ago.

Or like KC James & Idol Stevens. Or like Jamie Noble after Kash got cut.

London & Kendrick are division killers, even though they lose every non-title match they're in.

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I think what happened, with both Deuce/Domino and James/Stevens, is they got called up and didn't look good in the ring, making them unimportant after their title challenge. If you don't impress them right out of the gate, they're going to forget you pretty quick - there's no second tier tag team spots, you're either champ, challenging, or about to be challenging. And since there's no Velocity, they're not going to get as much in-ring time to change people's minds and get back on the big show.

I'd presume Taylor is still hurt, was always still hurt, and everyone knows it even if he won't cop to it, so they're not going to put him in the ring unless they need to.

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I also thought they took James & Stevens off TV due to Michelle McCool's health troubles.

"Regal & Noble"...I like it!
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    Originally posted by Oliver
    Man, what happened to Deuce and Domino? After a very strong showing last month, they've vanished.
Duce ( & Domino (& chicklette) were the pre-TV opening at the SD/RAW taping in Tucson last week (3/6/07). They got an adequate response for non-TV curtain jerking. But really ... they're "fine", they're inoffensive babies, they're gaining eperience, but I don't see the outstanding "IT" factor ...

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I really liked the shot of Batista calmly sitting back in his guest commentator's chair while Finlay and Booker were briefly beating down the Undertaker. A nice contrast to the Cena-HBK dynamic, and with only two weeks to go before WM it appears that we're getting two face-face matchups to head the card.

I haven't seen anything wrong with Deuce & Domino yet, other than they may have been booked too strong if the plan was for them to just them to be a contender of the month. It's true that they have not had to do much except kick asses so far, so I wouldn't know if they can talk, or entertain while losing. Certainly their finisher seems to be getting over. It might help if they were given some backstory to explain the gimmick - preferable something better than "stepped out of Arnold's, and into a timewarp".

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Benoit was never really in the position to be on top of WCW, but there were several instances in WCW where Hogan "doing business" would have helped the company. There were instances with Sting, Randy Savage, and Ric Flair (among others)
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