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The W - Pro Wrestling - Smackdown 12-18-03
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From: Appleton, WI

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FOOTAGE! of Rey vs. Brock from last week, with music, and of Holly's save.

It's my life, my time, my rights, my rhyme. It's time for Sssssmackdown!, from Jacksonville, FL...and a Fashion Report, too! (I lied, Emma; it's on time THIS week.)

Cena, in his new "WW" tshirt, denim shorts, black/white "WW" cap and lock 'n chain, is out, rapping. (Um, did he just rap what I think he rapped?) Cena joins commentary, with Tazz, in black suit with white shirt and yellow tie, and Cole, in tan suit and white shirt. Tazz is gifted with a "WW" tshirt. BigShow, in black one-strap singlet, vs. Jordan, in yellow undies with butt-tiger. Chokeslam -> pin. Average match.

In the back, Holly is walking, and encountering security. (Stupid Lex - didn't you get the memo?)

ATrain, in black crested undies, already in the ring.Brock, in demon-headed muscle shirt and black warmups with three vertical white stripes, Morgan, in black warmups, and Heyman, in black suit with blue shirt and black tie, come out. Brock runs-down ATrain; Morgan plays the snitch. We see FOOTAGE! of last week's ATrain vs. Moore match. ATrain appologizes and asks to make ammends. Heyman un-suspends Holly, and books Holly and Moore vs. Morgan and ATrain (if Holly wins, he gets a Title shot; if Holly looses, he's fired).

FOOTAGE! of this weekend's house shows.

A flaming red pickup, driven by Eddie, in grey "Latino" tights with black/yellow flames, and Chavo, in grey tights with yellow splats, vs. WGTT, both in silver singlets with red trim, vs. Rikishi, in red dragon-star manskirt and "Rikishi" belt, and Scotty, in neon green tanktop and black pants, vs. FOOTAGE!, vs. Bashams, both in black leather pants, carrying the Tag Titles, with Shaniqua, in white bikini top and hot pants. Nick Patrick wears the blue shirt of the official. A funny spot when WGTT comes in to stop the Stinkface on the Bashams, but then step aside to allow it. Adbreak interferes!

Cont. Scotty is beaten-on by all the heels in turn. When Chavo tags himself in, things become hectic as we enter end game. Doug Basham hits a frogsplash on Chavo for the pin. A nice match.

In Heyman's ROF, Dawn exposes her fake titties. Heyman rambles about his lottery, the winner of which gets a match with Brock for the Title - tonight.

Lamont, in black tuxedo, introduces TheCat, in sparkly red cape and black jumpsuit with sequined stars, who dances. Sable, in black top and pants, with silver belt, interrupts. Then Vince, in brown sportscoat, yellow shirt (top three buttons undone), and black slacks, interrupts and (eventually) nails TheCat in the crotsh. I should've spent that segment callin' my momma.

Rey, in white/silver mask and "619" pants, a black tshirt around his waist, vs. Noble, in denim shorts, escorting Nidia, in , Daisy Dukes, pink top, huge shades, and cane. Hebner officiates. Back-and-forth to start, but Noble gets intense and takes control. Noble shoulders into the ringpost, letting Rey rally. Noble throws Nidia into the ring and dropkicks her into Brian, but Rey gets the rollup for the pin. Cole waxes indignant about Noble's behaviour. A nice match.

In the lockerroom, Josh interviews Holly, who is intense. Eww - those security guys were watching him while he changed? (I mean, I've been in a locker room before, but not with four guys standing there WATCHING me...that I know of.)

FOOTAGE! via "Here comes the Pain"

Benoit, in red "Wolverine" wolverine-headed tights, vs. Chuck Pulambo, in black "FBI" undies, with Johnny and Nunzio. Mike Sparks sends Johnny and Nunzio to the back right quick. Chuck really works the neck/head. Crossface ->submission. Nice match. Post-match, the FBI does a beatdown.

The trainer tends to Nidia, when Rey arrives and says something in Spanish (I know "friend" and "please", but nothing else). Nidia cowers, clinging to the trainer and sobbing.

Rhyno, in black "Rhyno" singlet (think he ever forgets which is his?) calls-out Bradshaw, who apparently isn't there. Farooq comes out, in black "APA" tights with cards, for a match. Rhyno low-blows for the DQ.

In Heyman's Room of Fun, Dawn bosses-around the Rentacops, whilst Paul continues to rant. Dawn looks...flustered.

Heyman, with the Tumbler, introduces Brock, in black undies with buttskull, wearing the WWE Title, looking peeved at Heyman. Brock draws "Shannon Moore". So Shannon, in black pants with green and white chevrons, and taped ribs, comes out. Shannon focuses on Brock's knee, but Brock gets the Brock Lock for the submission. Post-match, Brock revelas that the tumbler was filled with "Shannon Moore" balls.

Shannon, already in the ring, and Holly, in black/blue "Hardcore Holly" fullcuts, with his security escort, vs. ATrain, in same as before, and Morgan, in red fullcuts with vertical white bars. Lesnar stays at ringside. Nick Patrick is the referee. Alabama Slam -> pin on Morgan. Nice match - the crowd was hot.

Overall: A nice show all around. The only "down" segment for me was the Cat/Sable/Vince thing.

(edited by ScreamingHeadGuy on 18.12.03 2240)

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And the Lord said, "Behold! I give unto thee..."
A night well spent watching Price is Right (no Plinko?), Scrubs and the occasional bit of SmackDown.

SHG, you forgot Nidia's genuine imitation mock mint coat. For shame.

    Originally posted by ringmistress
    You may not believe this, but one year, I pretended I was a mistress (of the S&M variety). I was told I had the right voice for it. Just wanted to let you know that.

I love this place.
Mr Heel II
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She who resides in my Avatar with Bradshaw gave me the Ric Flair DVD for Christmas. I love you Jennifer.

I found the whole show to be...boring. Yeah, there was some good matches. Yeah, the Holly and Lesnar feud is coming along. But...Something's just missing here.

I did like Jamie Noble and the way he's using Nidia. There's some good heel potential there.

Come on Vince. You can do better than that. Some of us remember "Stand Back".

Did Dawn Marie downsize?


Since: 1.2.02
From: Appleton, WI

Since last post: 2084 days
Last activity: 2084 days
#4 Posted on | Instant Rating: 6.06
    Originally posted by gugs
    A night well spent watching Price is Right (no Plinko?), Scrubs and the occasional bit of SmackDown.

    SHG, you forgot Nidia's genuine imitation mock mint coat. For shame.

Oops. You are SO right, gugs. Yet again, I am humbled.

Fashion Reporter Extraordinaire

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    Originally posted by Mr Heel II
    Come on Vince. You can do better than that. Some of us remember "Stand Back".

That's a fact.

(edited by Ringmistress on 19.12.03 0823)

After a quarter of a century on this planet, there's three things I know for sure...
1)I'm smarter than I was a year ago.
2)WWE isn't.
3) I'd make a fine Mrs. HHH II.
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Just for fun and saving anyone else the trouble of looking it up...

[from CRZ's Raw Recap 28.7.01]

But I also know, Vince, that you think that you can sing. That's right, sing, I know it's hard to believe, but I want everybody here to watch this. Straight from the 1987 Slammy Awards...performing 'Stand Back...' heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeere's Vince - Mac - Man!" And here's that footage - you know, I doubt Jake Roberts is REALLY playing that horn. I'll bet Hulk Hogan *is* playing bass, though, but unfortunately we tune out just as his solo starts. "Now that's what I call entertainment!" "Where did you get that footage? Where did you find that footage? It was locked up in a safe - how did you get your hands on that footage?! I'll tell you this - I tell you this, you want your title match've got it. Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa - whoa whoa whoa - oh I'm sorry - oh, I'm sorry, not the one all of you are thinking about - no, tonight you'll take on the Hardcore champion the Big Show, In This Very Ring. Tonight, we're going to find out whether RAW really is Jericho." CHRIS BENOIT makes his entrance here. "Jericho, I can't just - stand - BACK - and let you have all the fun tonight. Vince, while there's no doubt you're a great... ["Ben-oit!"] While there's no doubt you're a great, a very *diverse* entertainer...and since Jericho has a hardcore championship match agaynst the Big Show tonight, well, the only match that would be MORE entertaining, the only match that the people would want to see more would be ME against Stone Cold Steve Austin for the WWF title!" "Since when are the two of you experts at entertainment?" "Experts? No - we're not the experts - YOU'RE the expert, Vince - and what these people don't know is that not only do you think that you're a great singer, well, you also think that you're a great dancer. Let's have a look - let's have a look." Various shots of Vince getting funky as I spy JYD and George Steele in the "band." Ross compares him to Tom Jones with the June Taylor dancers - and I sense a generation gap - nay, CHASM. "Oh you think you're funny, huh? Come out here, embarrass me like that, real funny, I'll tell you what we're gonna do. All right, Jericho, you already got your one on one title match with the Big Show, so I'll tell you what we're gonna do. Benoit, tonight, here In This Very Ring, you get to go one on one with a 275 pound Rhyno. Oh not, but wait - wait a minute, in the interest of fairness, in the interest of fairness however, which one of you is the more impressive in your individual match - and I'll determine that - one of you tonight will in fact, after your individual match, face Stone Cold Steve Austin for the World Wrestling Federation championship. And I'll determine which one of you will be the more impressive of the two. Now tonight, we'll find out just who will have the last laugh." "Well it seems like everybody's already laughing at you for making a total jackass outta yourself..." "Hey Vince, don't get angry, just STAND - BACK!" And "Stand Back" plays again on the EntertainmentTron. Did Jimmy Hart get a cheque from this airing?


If Martha Stewart's obituary had a typo in it, would it read "Beloved Aunt"?
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-BigShow vs. Jordan- BUT FIRST, John Cena comes out for a holiday rap. one UPN bleep I hear, but alot of Score bleep which has a deeper tone. The middle part was almost impossible to get, sounds like he's bragging porking Mrs. Clause, isn't she like 80!... Oh yeah the match, well Big Show is wrestling at least(wait is that a good thing), but the title is still not on the line, and it's with Orlando Jordan. A 2-minute special (well wouldn't call it special) with a BigShow chokeslam. Best part of the match, Cena saying O.J was dressed to kill. hehe

-Albert/Heyman/Lesner interview- Albert apologizes for losing a match. They give him another opportunity to show is umm worth in the main event... OMG an all or nothing main event!!! Just like Raw!!! exact same words as Raw!!! 2 distinct shows!!!

-Bashams v. Scotty/Rikishi v. WGTT v. Gurerros- I really enjoyed the majority of this match especially when WGTT or Guerreros were in there, even Bashams kept up the pace. Very fast action at the end which saw Chavo hit a superplex on one of the Basham as the other Basham comes flying off with a splash on the other side.

-Miller/Sable/Vince interview- Ernest Miller seems to be a face, but no one cares to even react to what he says in any manner. Oh no more Sable, and she's wearing and looking outdated. Vince McMahon makes his "glorious" return to television, to dance, Dance, DANCE. Then kicks Miller squa' in the nuts. Hey it's as good as any way to write out Miller from the show, hopefully. But I'm sure we are at the starts of a wonderful long feud. err

-Mysterio vs. Noble- Onto the most uncomfortable storyline in the WWE the Noble/Nidia angle. At first I thought this was cute and funny, now it's just unsettling. Cole talked about how Torrie tried to talk to Nidia last week. Okay I know Emma mentioned it on seeing it at the tapings, but did it ever show on TV? I didn't see it and didn't see any reviews on here or elsewhere talking about it, oh well... Some nice stuff in this match like Mysterio hitting a beautiful moonsault on a standing Noble (take notes Lita, elevation is your friend). A real cool spot when Rey went for the 619 but Noble opened up the ropes and Rey flew right threw it, ouch! Noble once again pushed Nidia in the ring and tried to use her as a distraction but Rey hit his west coast pop on Noble for the win. Afterward Noble blames Nidia for the loss saying Rey pushed her around LoL at fan yelling "He's lying"

-Benoit vs. Pulumbo- An ehh match at best. I like the charge to the corner as Benoit rolls behind him and hits a crossface, that was cool... What wasn't cool was the FBI 3 on 1 after match attack and Pulumbo raising and moving his arm with no ill effect. Nice work of selling that submission 10 seconds after it's placed on you Chucky. That's just laziness.

-Faarooq vs. Rhyno- These are sure a couple of dated, uninteresting characters going at it. Low blow by Rhyno to end the match. "This is pathetic" Michael Cole's words not mine, but can't necessary disagree with him either LoL

-Lesner vs. Moore- 90 seconds as Brock defeated the little jobber kid. With the Brocklock that he's only done impressive vs. Benoit. With Rey and now Moore he's flubbing and spilling Moore all over the place... Lesner goes to the Ball-o-rama and plays with Shannon Moore's balls (huh?)

-Holly/Moore vs. Morgan/Albert- Why couldn't this all or nothing match be a swerve no match. Oh well. Pretty smart booking in having Holly chase Lesner outside with heels running in to start the match with Moore. But that's where the interest ends. Hey Morgan hit's the OVW Hoss Special the powerbomb of the sit-down variety!... Morgan takes the pin? I guess the Albert face turn is not happening because wouldn't he take the pin and fail the team. Wait I'm I actually putting thought into this, sorry my Bad!

-OtherStuff- Bwhahahahah Bob Holly talking trash to the security, Gimmie some room or I'll make some room haahhahaahahha.... Dawn is re-writing the laws of gravity in keeping that outfit in place. Haha Dawn says "Take it out boys" to the security, hmmm you gotta know that's not the first time Dawn demanded that!... Rey is such a uber babyface going backstage trying to talk to Nidia.

-Line of the Night: Cena "O.J is dressed to kill". - talking about Orlando Jordan.
-3Stars of the Night: 1)Mysterio. 2)Chavo. 3)Dawn - Kinda tough this week. Rey had a great match. Chavo was the standout in his match. Dawn's "take it out boys" line was funny, intentionally or not.

Well the Tag title match was good, the Rey/Noble match was good. The rest of the show was not very good with boring characters... Bob Holly World title contender, yikes!. The last 4 matches on the show was just so uninteresting. The first hour was bearable if you try to forget the Sable/ Miller exchange

Another under-whelming WWE show this week. Just a short time ago both shows were doing great now both shows seem in need of a long Christmas vacation. Same problem with SD that they usually have for me. Which is a bunch of superstars that's really hard to relate or care about... When is the SD in Iraq being taped? I'm guessing it's not actually on Christmas Day, is it? I wonder if we get any spoilers from the troops. LoL Private Clark sending a spoiler report to 1Pop ups

Christmas is the one time of year when people of all religions come together to worship Jesus Christ. - Bart Simpson
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    Originally posted by ScreamingHeadGuy
    Post-match, Brock revelas that the tumbler was filled with "Shannon Moore" balls

This line really made me laugh. Please tell me that this will be an out-of-context quote of the day one day.

At the beginning of the A-Train/Brock/Morgan/Heyman segment, when Paul announced his intentions of having a handicap match, some guy in the audience SCREAMED "That's unfair!" That was pretty funny.

Eddie put on his best Arn Anderson face selling that kick from Rikishi.

I love the Noble/Nidia stuff. The look on Noble's face after he did it really sold it. Maybe I'm a bit twisted, but I think it is hilarious. It's not entirely out of character for him, either....he and Nidia have always been a bit of a strange couple. Outstanding match between he and Rey, though.

I saw a sign last month that said it best: FREE RHYNO!!

Whether we like it or not, Holly is getting over as a face. Well, at least with last night's crowd he was. He got some great pops and even a name chant. Last night's segments involving him, Moore, Train, Morgan, and Brock were really good. Train looks to be making a slow face turn (ugh), and the story of it has been told rather effectively over the course of his bet against Brock and his loss to Moore. Train's story meshed rather well with Moore's odd push (the tumbler bit was GOLD, I thought), as well as Holly's comeback (I don't like that either, but if it is going to happen, it might as well involve good booking).

Good show. Paul is exponentially more enjoyable that Eric and pushes others instead of himself.

Line of the night: "Don't cry over spilt milk, Cat!" - Michael Cole

Boudin rouge

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From what I viewed last night, the show not only seemed boring, as Mr. Heel II observed, but also, the crowd seemed like Pepsi that sits out in the sun for an afternoon... flat.

And was it just me, or did anyone seem to notice that Farooq was going just a wee bit stiff on Rhyno?

After watching this edition of SmackDown, the first I've been able to see since I finished my semester in school, I realized that indeed, RAW right now is a lot better (aside from Armageddon and this week's RAW).

Bob Holly as WWE Title contender? No and no.

And we're just around the corner from WrestleMania? I'm not saying I'm concerned just yet, but gosh does WWE need to start building up for that event. It's the middle of December, and there's NO buzz for WM yet. Hmmmmm...

If there's any doubt, just go to this link for a confidence boost, brothas and sistas!
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How the hell could you not surmise that coon, in the southern context of JR, is short for the name of the small furbearer found throughout the south? Are you that dense? You're just looking for crap to say. And that's exactly what you are saying:
- Parts Unknown, JR hates blacks (2002)
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