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The W - Guest Columns - SmackDown! - 09/25/03
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WWE SmackDown! - 09/25/03
Taped: 09/23/03
Philadelphia, PA

  • Tonight
    • Cruiserweight Title: Rey Mysterio vs Tajiri

    • Tag Team Titles: Los Guerreros vs Matt Hardy (Version One) and Shannon

    • US Title: Eddie Guerrero vs Charlie Haas

    • If Eddie holds on to both belts, he's going to be a busy man.

  • Looks like we're having a belt presentation.
    • Brock's name is on the belt.

    • Vince and Sable are out to kill my will to recap this

    • Vince intros Brock, but gets Kurt Angle instead.

    • Vince modifies his introduction while Sable heads for safer ground.

    • Vince thinks Kurt is out here to complain about Brock's cheat

    • Angle's expression says no, so Vince goes to theory 2: Kurt wants to
      challenge for a rematch.

    • Vince lets Kurt know that's not going to happen tonight or any time

    • He's got to start from the bottom!
      • I wonder if that's Brawler or Kane

    • Vince's third theory is that Kurt wants to personally hand over the

    • Is that a new belt, anyway? I only notice if they have one.

    • Kurt says here's not here to congratulate Brock, unless congratulating
      him includes beating him up.

    • Since he's not getting a title shot, we've got two options - Brock
      comes out and gets beaten up, or Angle goes in the back and beats up

    • So, it must be time for the King of Interruptions John Cena.
      • Atlanta 44, old school.

      • This is what he was talking about last week.

    • John says Kurt has a vagina in his first rhyme.

    • Kurt clotheslines him out of the ring. Back to calling out Brock. He's
      not coming out, so Angle's going after him.

    • Camera in the back eventually catches up to Angle.

    • Angle's checking rooms. Found Brock's locker room. He rushes the room
      - but no one's there.

    • Angle leaves the room, and gets jumped by Cena.

    • Quickly and not especially violently. But it's annoying enough.

  • During the break
    • Cena drove off

    • Angle stole Vince's limo to follow him

    • I guess he got over finding Brock real quick.

  • The ring is cleared up for the belt presentation when we come back.

  • Los Guerreros (441 pounds, c) vs Matt Hardy (version one) & Shannon
    Moore (436 pounds) for the WWE Tag Team Titles, 1st Defense

    • Why doesn't Chimel announce them as from El Paso?

    • Matt Facts: Matt has wrestled with strep throat. (Who won?) Matt hates
      taking medicine.

    • Shelton has had knee surgery after the match last week.

    • Matt and Eddie to start. Lockup, break. "I'm V1 UHH"

    • Eddie is not impressed.

    • Lockup, Eddie with a full nelson, around into a side headlock, shot
      off, over, under, Chavo makes a blind tag and hits a dropkick.

    • Los Guerreros mock V1, but cameras miss it.

    • Matt charges into a Chavo drop to hold.

    • Tag to Eddie, back suplex, Hilo one two no.

    • Eddie with a right, tag to Chavo. Eddie with corner kicks, snap mare
      into a Chavo dropkick to the face one two no.

    • Chavo with European Uppercuts, whip, reversed, Chavo is pulled out by
      Shannon, but Chavo punches him down.

    • He forget about Matt - sliding dropkick takes him out.

    • Shannon runs Chavo back first into the apron while Matt is bating

    • Chavo thrown in, Matt covers one two NO.

    • Tag to Shannon, hold for kicks. Shannon with a back suplex. Not nearly
      as good as Chavo's. One two no.

    • Shannon with rights, turnbuckle smash. Tag to Matt.

    • Kicks in the corner. Rights.

    • Tag to Shannon. Corner whip - wait, no, back in the same direction.

    • Shannon with right hands. Whip, clothesline reversed into floataround
      DDT (kinda)

    • Hot (?) tag to Eddie - Chavo disappears rather than stay on the apron
      again - Eddie with a clothesline for Shannon, clothesline for Shannon,
      dropkick for Matt.

    • Whip for Shannon, backdrop.

    • Kick for Matt, run up the corner and Mexican armdrag/headscissors

    • Eddie with right hands, whip, reversed, Matt sneaks in a kick. Shannon
      off the ropes, swinging neckbreaker one two no.
      • Matt kicked Chavo away from coming in there.

    • Matt yells at Shannon to pick Eddie up - running punch gets Shannon,
      but Matt ducks an Eddie punch and hits the Ricochet.

    • Matt covers, then remembers that Shannon is legal and drags him on

    • Matt tells Shannon to pick him up again, but this time Chavo sweeps
      out the leg as he goes off the ropes.

    • Eddie back elbow out and then throws him in the path of a Chavo top
      rope cross body one two Matt breaks it up.

    • All four going at it now. Chavo with a corner whip, reversed into a
      Mat back suplex and he's out again.

    • Eddie is taking a moment from punching Shannon in the corner talk
      about La Raza - Matt's sneaking up behind him.

    • Eddie's turned around, kick wham Twist of Shoved Off, Chavo pulls down
      the top rope and out goes Shannon.

    • Eddie's watching that and gets nailed with a Shannon leg lariat one
      two NO!

    • Shan-trum.

    • Corner whip, Eddie goes in chest first.

    • Shannon to the second rope, Mooregasm but no one's home.

    • Chavo back in - back suplex for Shannon as Eddie goes up.

    • Frog Splash hits. One two three! (5:25)

    • I guess Chavo took care of Matt on the floor, because we never saw him
      try to break it up.

    • Guerreros get their belts. Chavo goes to the low rider as Eddie gets
      his second belt and poses.

    • Matt back in - forearm to the back. SIDE EFFECT ON THE BELT!

    • Chavo's finally back in and Matt takes off, but Eddie may be in
      trouble for his second title defense now.

  • During the break
    • While Eddie is still down, Haas is in and throwing Chavo out.

    • Forearms, kicks to the back. Haas of Pain.

    • Haas gets run off when we're not watching, but he's happy - and
      leaving thru the crowd.

  • A-Train (wait, there's no introduction?)
    • A-Train is in one of his ringside cleaning moods.


    • Apparently, A-Train would like to feud with - Chris Benoit?

    • He challenges everyone. Including the Philly crowd.

    • And Cole. "How about you Cole, are you Tough Enough." Wrong

    • He knows Tazz thinks he's Tough Enough. I thought we were going to a
      match there.

    • A-Train grabs timekeeper Mark Yeaton, throws him in the ring, and puts
      the Crippler Crossface on him.

    • Benoit has to get his music played before he can make the save.

    • A-Train tastes the Crossface, but powers out of it and throws Benoit
      to the apron.

    • Benoit gets up and walks into an A-Train clothesline.

    • I think A-Train might have found someone meaningful he can beat.

  • Backstage, the Trainer thinks that Eddie can't wrestle
    • Eddie disagrees. Though he's hurting.

  • Backstage, Vince talks about Sable's breasts
    • Well not just that, but this goes on far too long without any point.

    • Oh they're going to have sex again

    • Except a PA interrupts him. Vince yells at him for bad timing.

    • They're going to do the belt ceremony again, later.

    • Sable promises to have sex with Vince before this is over.

  • Josh talks to Charlie Haas
    • The odds are in his favor - but then they always are, because he's an
      • That's a team name there

    • He took them out like they took out Shelton and him last week

    • And like how Eddie and Chavo took their belts, he's going to take
      Eddie's belt.

  • Your announcers are Tazz and Cole, who gab.
    • They recap the Tajiri/Rey feud

    • 3 Weeks Ago: Tajiri misting Rey post-match

    • 2 Weeks Ago: Tajiri pins Rey, belts Rey post-match

    • 1 Week Ago: Tajiri mists Rhyno by accident.

  • Backstage, Tajiri kicks things
    • Oh wow he broke a pallet.

    • That's not really hard.

  • Two talky segments in a row? Wow.

  • Behind the scenes of the Run Down
    • This looks like it's taken from the Interview Row

  • Rey Mysterio (San Diego, CA, 185 pounds, c) vs Tajiri (Japan, 208
    pounds) for the WWE Cruiserweight Title

    • Tazz is definitely going to see the Run Down since it got two thumbs

    • Too bad Goldust and Booker T are too dead to tell us what they think.


    • Cole: "We use a lot of adjectives here in the WWE"

    • Circle. Lockup, break.

    • Tajiri with a high side kick, which Rey deflects but hurts his hand

    • Rey with a waistlock, Tajiri back elbows out, chop.

    • Whip, Rey slides under, armdrag.

    • Whip, reversed into a kick, armbar.

    • Rey with a forward handspring, Tajiri with a kick. Slam.

    • Yelping kneedrop one two no.

    • Tajiri with a forearm, corner whip, Rey kips up and out, monkey flip
      is blocked and Rey is put on the top rope.

    • Rey blocks a punch with his leg, then kicks Tajiri away
      • There's a loud pinging noise when he does

    • Rey off the second rope with a 'rana.

    • Victory roll one reversed one two no.

    • Rey with a single leg, Majistral is stopped with a single leg trip,
      Tajiri with his own La Majistral one two NO.

    • Tajiri with a kick, whip, Tajiri tosses Rey up and Rey comes down with
      a dropkick.

    • Rey with a right hand, corner whip, charge in but Tajiri moves out of
      the way and waves him into the corner.

    • Tarantula on - one two three four let go.

    • Tajiri unties the top turnbuckle, but Hebner is standing right there,
      so it's going to be put back own immediately.

    • With Hebner distracted, it seems as though Tajiri is loading up the
      mist, but Rey catches him with a couple kicks.

    • Hebner is paying attention now, and you can see green mist leaking
      from Tajiri's mouth. Rey blocked it with those kicks.

    • Tajiri misses a big high side kick, and Rey dropkicks him.

    • Tajiri rolls out, but Rey flattens him with a springboard plancha.

    • Both down on the outside? Break time. (3:10)

    • Both men back in the ring - Rey is knocking Tajiri down with a corner
      forearm when we return.

    • Rey goes for corner punches, but only gets to five before he's knocked
      to the apron.

    • Rey manages a shoulder, then goes up - flying nothing meets kick to
      the ribs, and kick to the ribs wins. One two no.

    • Tajiri takes his time following up, with a little bit taunting.

    • Tajiri with knees and kicks to the midsection.

    • Tajiri suplexes Rey onto the top rope, then pushes him off into the
      ring one two no.
      • He's obviously working that midsection/ribs

    • Tajiri punches Rey's midsection on the mat.

    • Full nelson variation on an abdominal stretch

    • Rey back elbows out, Rey whiffs with a punch and Tajiri dropkicks Rey
      in the gut one two no.

    • Tajiri throws Rey hard in the corner.

    • Rey tries to back elbow a way, but is stopped with another hard kick
      to the midsection one tow no.

    • Tajiri with a bodyscissors on the mat, rolling Rey over into a pin -
      one two no. one two no.

    • Rey tries to fight back, but Tajiri strikes him while on the ground,
      holding in that bodyscissors. Another pushed down - one tow no.

    • Tajiri with a gutbuster one two NO!

    • Tajiri with a snap mare, back into the bodyscissors submission. One
      two no.

    • Mysterio "grasping at the air", which looks a lot like like
      he's drawing from the crowd.

    • Rey back elbows out of the hold, but he's slow up and Tajiri kicks him
      in the rib again.

    • Tajiri with a corner whip, charge into a back elbow, charge into a

    • Rey with a cartwheel out into Victory Roll position - bodyscissors
      bulldog one two NO.

    • Both slow up - Tajiri's misses with a punch, Rey does not miss his.

    • Corner whip, Rey charges, Tajiri steps forward tosses him up, Rey
      lands on the second rope

    • Rey hops to the top rope, moonsault bodyblock - and his right leg
      clubs Tajiri's head on the way down.
      • Looks like he came up a little shorter than Tajiri was expecting

    • One two NO.

    • Rey with a kick, off the ropes, bodyscissors reversed into a
      wheelbarrow suplex by Tajiri! One two NO.
      • Tazz said he's done that one, and called it a wheelbarrow back

      • Actually, I bet he called it a wheelbarrow back Tazplex

    • Tajiri hangs Rey in the reverse Tree of Woe, so he's facing the

    • Tajiri backs up, charges, dropkick to the head!

    • Michinoku Driver! TAZZ CALLED IT! One two NO!

    • Replay of the dropkick as both guys are a little slow up.

    • Tajiri runs Rey into the corner. Back up, charge, splash but no one's

    • Rey is staggered and falling to one knee. So is Tajiri.

    • Rey charges, rolling up into 'rana position, but Tajiri shoves him off
      into Hebner.

    • Brian is stunned but standing - Rey turns around to look, and Tajiri
      sets him self.

    • High side kick is ducked by Rey - but not by Hebner. He's dead.

    • Tajiri and Rey give a look of surprise to the downed referee, then
      turn toward each other and kick each other.

    • Tajiri got the best of it - kick, whip, reversed, Tajiri with the
      handspring elbow, but Rey spotted in and dropkicked him.

    • Tajiri lands on the second rope, so Rey gets position - 619!

    • Rey waits on the apron for Tajiri to get up, but he really needs
      Hebner to get up too.

    • Tajiri slow up - maybe knowing what's next.

    • Rey goes for it, Tajiri ducks forward, then hits the reverse thrust
      kick. But he's too tired to cover and there isn't a ref anyway.

    • Referee Mike Sparks is out to check on Brian Hebner. Tajiri covers, so
      Mike counts - one two NO!

    • Tajiri can't believe it! Perhaps he should try the Buzzsaw Kick.

    • Tajiri shaking some sense into himself as Rey gets up.

    • Right, whip, Rey grabs the ropes as Brian starts to stir.

    • Rey tries a kick, but it's kicked an Tajiri kicks him in the

    • Tajiri tries powerbomb, but Rey slips out the back.

    • 'rana, but Sparks is checking on Hebner again - and Tajiri uses the
      Red Mist!

    • Buzzsaw Kick to the back of the head, one two THREE (11:40)

    • Tajiri takes his belt and gets out of the ring to celebrate. He's

    • Replay of the end. No one calls it the Buzzsaw Kick.

    • Rey is strill trying to get the mist out of his eyes.

  • Next Week: Update on Zach Gowen

  • In the Crowd: Fuji TV announce team for SmackDown!

  • Time To Kill: WWE and Hip Hop Action Network join forces to sponsor
    SmackDown! the Vote
    • Please please register to vote

  • Announcers talk about SmackDown! being the #1 rated show on UPN and UPN
    being the #1 rated network for men 18-39
    • Well that first part is true every week, so I guess something's up.

    • "You get to see stars like Shaniqua and the Bashams"

  • Basham Brothers (Columbus, OH, 495 pounds, w/Shaniqua) vs Jamie Noble
    (Hanover, WV, 200 pounds, w/Nidia and a microphone) and ???

    • See, if he can announce the Bashams as from the home town, I dunno why
      he didn't for Eddie and Chavo.

    • Last week, Shaniqua beat up these chicks.

    • We come back in time for the whip shots.

    • Jamie says Billy hurt, but he's got some unfinished business with the

    • He may not be smart, but he's still rich.

    • Check out Nidia's gear.

    • Beyond that, Jamie spent money on another wise investment - Bradshaw

  • Basham Brothers vs Jamie Noble & Bradshaw
    • Brawl is on. I am off.

    • Hey, there's the pescado, it officially is a white crusierweight
      working as a face.

    • Shaniqua gives Jamie a big boot when he's tossed to the outside.

    • Hot tag to Bradshaw at 2:30

    • Last Call at 3:00.

    • Nidia tries to attack Shaniqua for going after Jamie at 3:30, but gets
      a huge clothesline.

    • Jamie goes to help her and gets laid out by a Basham.

    • Bradshaw manages to do okay against both Bashams, hitting the
      Clothesline from Hell on Danny

    • Shaniqua in to break up the cover (DQ 4:16)

    • Bradshaw isn't as much hurt there as then as when Doug distracts him
      and Shaniqua kicks low.

    • Doug lays out Jamie when he comes in, and we're into another Shaniqua/Bashams

  • The Rundown Premiere
    • Seannnnnnn thinks this doesn't suck as much as other movies he's had
      to promote

    • Tazz and Cole hype hype hyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyype

  • Iron Man Match Tale of the Tape

  • Iron Man Match recap (4:40)

  • Big Show is out, but he's not scheduled to be on the show tonight.
    • I dunno if I'm so interested in finding out that I'll stay thru a commercial

  • Charlie Haas (Edmond, OK, 239 pounds) vs Eddie Guerrero (El Paso, Tx,
    229 pounds, c) for the WWE US Championship

    • Someone is thrilled that they got this match one

    • Big Show is here because he's here to correct problems

    • And not stick around on the mic long.

    • It's weird to see Eddie actually WALK to the ring. Lowrider for the
      first match but not for this one.

    • Eddie checks out Haas in the ring (and maybe Show at ringside? tough
      to tell) and slows to the ring.

    • Grabbing his ribs.

    • Eddie nice talks Show as he walks by to the back. That was pointless
      unless he comes back.

    • Oh no he's coming back and Eddie don't know it.

    • Show grabs Eddie and throws him back first into the post
      • Cole: "Rib first into the steel post!"

    • Cole asks why

    • Show: "See ya later, ese!"
      • Good lord, Eddie has long list of enemies.

    • Haas is happy. He comes out to stomp.

    • Haas throws him in and works over the back.

    • Back suplex, one two no.

    • Cole and Tazz have been pushing "the first time someone's
      defended two titles on one SmackDown!"

    • Haas with corner kicks. Corner whip, backdrop.

    • Elbow.

    • Haas charges, Eddie ducks and Haas goes out.

    • Eddie yells to no one in particular.

    • Haas back in, but Eddie punches in bunches.

    • Whip, reversed, Haas throws him up and Eddie dropkicks him - but Eddie
      is too hurt to follow.

    • Haas is up slow too himself.

    • Eddie charges Haas and gets a huge double leg one two no.

    • Side back breaker, pressing over the knee to work the back.

    • He's working the back here, and the announcers are saying the ribs.

    • They do go all the way around, but I dunno why they just aren't saying
      the back.

    • Maybe they're stuck on rib injuries today.

    • Eddie eye gouges his way out

    • Haas lifts Eddie up for a gutwrench suplex, but Haas reverses to a

    • Eddie rolls to the apron and clutches his ribs, but Haas grabs him and
      uses elbows and punches.

    • Charlie runs Eddie rib first into the posts - that'll hurt.

    • Choida is your ref.

    • Eddie is down and not moving, and Haas is being blocked from coming
      out. Which stops the count from being applied.

    • Replay.

    • Chavo is out to check on him, and so is a referee. His ribs are hurt.

    • Haas finally gets out and punches down Chavo.

    • Haas grabs Eddie and throws him in the ring.

    • Chavo wants in, but is being blocked from coming in - but that means
      Choida isn't counting, because he's watching Chavo.

    • Finally he's back in - one two Eddie grabs the ropes.

    • Haas drags Eddie in the middle of the ring, Haas of Pain!

    • Eddie's in a lot of trouble.

    • Crowd trying to rally Eddie, though I've heard them louder.

    • Eddie's trying to move to the ropes, but he's long away - he's managed
      to pop his leg out.

    • Close up of Eddie reveals extra saliva. Thanks for that.

    • Haas stomps. Eddie manages to trip Haas out of the ring.

    • Since he's out of the ring, Haas walks to the other side of the ring
      and gets the belt.

    • Haas in with the belt, but Choida sees it and he wants the belt.

    • Choia gets the belt and drops it in the corner, much to Haas'

    • Eddie crawling towards the belt, ad covers it up with his body.

    • Haas tries to follow up with stomping and pulling Eddie out, but he's
      warned not to stomp while having an arm on the ropes.

    • Eddie hangs the belt over the top turnbuckle, as Haas pushed down
      Choida in frustration.

    • Haas charges, Eddie moves out of the way, and Haas splashes the belt!
      Head to the belt.

    • Eddie feigns dead, then climbs up while clutching his ribs. Is a Frog
      Splash really good for his ribs?

    • Frog Splash hits, but Eddie falls off the cover in pain from the move.

    • He crawls back over - one two THREE (7:14)

    • He retained both title, even despite all the attacks.

  • Next: Title Presentation

  • Ring is set up, and Vince and Sable are back in it.
    • Brock Lesnar actually shows up this time.

    • Cole and Tazz debate how evil Brock is

    • Vince talks up Brock some more.

    • Brock wants to put on his belt, but the You Tapped Out chant distracts

    • Brock doesn't care, because he's the new champion.

    • Brock thanks Vince for reminding Brock who he is

    • He's The Old Stone Cold

    • Angle was in the palm of his hand last week

    • Brock wants everyone in the back to know that he's unstoppable and
      still not a compelling interview.

    • Hey, who haven't we seen tonight? The Undertaker.

    • That's quite the elbow brace.

    • Undertaker reminds us he didn't interfere last week because he's got
      too much respect for the title.

    • But he don't respect no Brock Lesnar.

    • I thought he did after the HiTC match?

    • He's still not happy about his title shot being interrupted.

    • Time to collect.

    • Brock should hold on to the belt real tight, because his first title
      defense is against Undertaker.

    • Ah, Stephanie's not here but making decisions, I guess.

    • Vince is behind on the story, and asks on who's authority. Everyone
      else knows before the music plays.

    • Stephanie believes black is a slimming color.

    • Stephanie walked allllll the way to the ring to let us know that
      Undertaker gets the No Mercy title shot.

    • Vince thinks no. Because she's going to get one chance to change her

    • If she doesn't, she gets a match at No Mercy.

    • Stephanie McMahon vs Vince McMahon.
      • Well, I guess she's got to explain her time off some how.

    • Stephanie of course is going to take the match.

    • Okay, it'll be an I Quit match.

    • Vince goes to slap Stephanie - or at least put a finger close to her

    • Undertaker grabs Vince's arm, and takes a belt shot from Brock.

    • Brock gets to stomping and talking trash. Stephanie wisely flees the

    • Undertaker grabs Brock in a goozle from the mat - up, and

    • Now it's Vince who's taking off.

    • Undertaker poses with the belt.

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Great job Cubs. Another nice recap!

    Originally posted by The Cubs Fan
    (CRZ should be posting shortly)

He's not going to "steal your thunder" with another Smackdown! recap this week, is he?

Seriously though, I enjoy your recaps, thanks, and keep up the good work.

Edit: To say that CRZ's recaps are awesome as well. I couldn't imagine what it must take to do these recaps every week.

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    Originally posted by thecubsfan
    (CRZ should be posting shortly)
CRZ hasn't even WATCHED the show yet. ;-)

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That's certainly a unique way of recapping, is this the first time you've done bullet points for each spot in the match? Don't think I've ever seen you do that, actually don't think I've seen it done on the net (but I don't search too much LoL)

Nice recap Cubs, I liked it!

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    That's certainly a unique way of recapping, is this the first time you've done bullet points for each spot in the match?

I forget sometimes that not everyone's been reading me as long as I've been reading me, but -

  • WCW Worldwide recaps from a past life
  • Many SmackDown recaps in bullet form, when I get around to 'em
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    Ahh, the bulletpoints. Thought I was back at DDTdigest for awhile. Love it!

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