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24.5.18 2035
The W - Pro Wrestling - Slammy Awards Raw Supershow #968 12/12/11
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TONIGHT: It’s a three-hour Slammy Awards Raw. The first Slammy to be awarded tonight will be the “Tell Me I Did NOT Just See That!” award. John Cena faces Mark Henry in the only match we know about at this point. How will Cena get on the TLC card? This is the go-home show for that PPV, so we can expect more hype for those matches as well.

-WWE Open.

-We got the usual Slammy Award opening video montage.

-Lots o’ fireworks inside the arena in…well, the graphic only said “2011 Live” and not the arena or the city (it’s actually Norfolk). Jerry Lawler and Michael Cole discussed the Slammys at ringside.

-Justin Roberts introduced Booker T, who was accompanied by Eve; and Hornswoggle, who walked out with Alicia Fox. They were to present the “Tell me I did NOT just see that” award. Horny had an afro wig on. Hornswoggle talked about Booker beating Cody Rhodes at TLC on Sunday, and ran through Booker’s catchphrases. The nominees for this award are: Jim Ross letting loose with a dance; Santino Marella nearly winning the Rumble; A kid throwing water in R-Truth’s face (and somehow R-Truth is up for that award); and The Miz dressing up as The Rock. The winner: Jim Ross. Cole was less than impressed. He walked out with Fox and Eve to accept the award. Ross said he never thought he’d win an award for getting jiggy with it. Before he could say anymore (the crowd chanted “JR”), Michael Cole interrupted. He got in the ring and called this “absolutely ridiculous.” Booker stepped in to defend Cole, and he called him a loo-ser. “Loser” chant at Cole. Booker said JR can beat Cole right now in a rap-off. He talked JR into heading to the ring to do it.

Hornswoggle held JR’s Slammy in the ring as Booker gave Cole the chance to go first in the rap-off. Cole said he listens to Eminem and doesn’t eat M&M’s like JR. Cole was awful and he pranced around the ring showing some kind of rhythm. He said JR was just schooled by “vintage Cole.” Booker called it the worst rap he ever heard in his life. JR said he didn’t even need music. He had the first verse, but it was clear he was put on the spot and had to come up with this stuff himself. It fell apart after the first verse. Booker polled the crowd and JR still won. As JR was about to leave, Booker pulled him back in. He said the people want to see a JR-roonie. Booker did his spinaroonie first, then got the fans to chant for JR. To his credit, JR went with it, but couldn’t spin well. See, this is what happens when WWE has three hours of Raw to work with. Thank God it’s only two hours most weeks.

-Lawler told fans to go to to vote for Superstar of the Year.

-Mick Foley was walking backstage. He said “hi” to a bunch of people as he walked. He’s giving out the next Slammy.

[Commercial Break]

-A mystery voice-over lady welcomed us back to the Slammy Awards. Justin Roberts introduced Mick Foley and Ted DiBiase to present the next award. Foley said he’s always wanted to throw money coming out to that music. They’re out to present the “Holy Bleep moment of the year.” DiBiase got in the cheap plug before Foley, and DiBiase said he’s always wanted to do THAT. Foley said DiBiase is the richest man in WWE, but DiBiase said Foley is the cheapest. Ted said he’s a minister now, making him the “holy” part of this Slammy award, which makes Mick, well…you get the idea. Nominees: Sin Cara powerbomed through a ladder by Sheamus; Randy Orton RKO’ing Christian on the steel steps; Big Show and Mark Henry’s suplex that broke the ring; Evan Bourne’s Air Bourne off the ladder onto a pile of men at MITB. The winner: Big Show and Mark Henry. Even my girlfriend predicted that! Show came out to accept. Show thanked the Academy and said he’s sure Henry is a little gun-shy after what happened to him at Show’s hands on Smackdown. Show said he’s going to do what he does best, be visually spectacular in the ring (even though that’s not really the name of the award).

They showed him taking out Henry on Smackdown last week during Show’s entrance. When Wade Barrett came out to oppose him, he did some mic work. He said the previous award is premature, given what he’s done and will do to Randy Orton. He told Show he better not walk out of TLC as champion, because the Barrett Barrage will be coming for him next.

[Commercial Break]

(1) Big Show vs. Wade Barrett
Match was joined in progress out of break. Barrett got to his feet and Show just ran him over. There was a table set up outside the ring. The fight predictably went there, as Barrett booted Show, who bent over the table. Barrett to the second rope, but Show got to his feet and stared at Barrett. Barrett had some second thoughts, especially after Show destroyed the table with his bare hands. Barrett was chopped back in the ring. As Show re-entered the ring, Barrett got a chair from ringside. Before he could use it, Show punched it out of Barrett’s hand and clotheslined Barrett over the top rope.

Winner: Show, via disqualification, 1:37 shown. Well, you knew this one wouldn’t end cleanly. Thought they’d give it more time, though.

-Mark Henry takes on John Cena in tonight’s main event.

-Vote now (well, not by the time you read this) on for Superstar of the Year.

[Commercial Break]

-The Road Dogg Jesse James was introduced. He now works backstage as an agent. Looks to be in decent shape. I’ve actually advocated him for a color commentator spot in WWE. Road Dogg said he was trying to keep his verbiage PG. He did some rapping (wearing a DX shirt, by the way). He did some of his old schtick when introducing “Pipe Bomb of the Year.” They showed highlights of a bunch of stuff, including Steve Austin interacting with CM Punk, A lot of R-Truth stuff (including him shouting out the wrong town), Santino Marella almost Cobra’ing “Barack Obama,” Booker T on commentary, CM Punk ragging on Kevin Nash, The Rock and Cena going at it, Howard Finkel returning to announce, Sheamus and Beaker, Zack Ryder show highlights, and other mis-steps (like Laurinaitis and Teddy Long). The winner: CM Punk. Punk brought out a mannequin with a blond wig and just a t-shirt- a t-shirt of the Dynamic Dudes.

Punk thanked some random people but then said he wanted to take the time to plug someone backstage who works hard and deserves the spot he’s in. He said the person is boring, completely boring, and lacking of human characteristics. Punk then sent it to a video package of John Laurinaitis. It was quite funny. It even had clips of his Dynamic Dudes days. It was billed as a “Lifetime Achievement Award” for Laurinaitis. It was set to “The Touch.” Punk said Laurinaitis is watching Point Break backstage wishing he was Patrick Swayze. He imitated Laurinaitis, saying, “you like me, you really like me!”

-Later tonight, CM Punk and Randy Orton face Alberto Del Rio and The Miz.

[Commercial Break]

-For the Divalicious Moment of the Year, Lita was out to introduce this one. Odd timing bringing her back considering her recent run-in with the law. She reminisced about her major Diva moments, including interacting with Pee Wee Herman and winning the Women’s Title in the main event of Raw. Nominees: Natalya’s double sharpshooter; Kelly winning her first Divas Championship; Kharma’s deut in taking out Michelle McCool; Beth Phoenix’s top-rope Glam Slam. All of them are actually worthy, but Kelly won.

Lita congratulated Kelly, but before she could do more than gush, Beth and Natalya came out. Nattie tried to steal the Slammy and called herself Diva of the Year. Kelly took exception and slapped Natalya.

-They did the Cena vs. Henry match on the WWE ’12 game. That match is the main event.

-The OMG Moment of the Year was next, as Santino Marella and The Bella Twins came out to present. Marella pronounced “OMG” as it’s spelled, to add some more comedy to the show. The Bellas corrected him. They called him an idiot so he called them money-grubbing floozies who act like escorts. A Chyna reference perhaps? Nominees: Triple H Tombstones Undertaker; Rock Bottom on Cena at ‘Mania; Superstars walk out on Triple H (that feels so long ago!); Punk takes WWE Title. The winner: Taker kicking out of Hunter’s Tombstone. Triple H came out to accept. Hunter walked out with a sledgehammer and a bottle of water.

Hunter went to the ring instead of going to the podium. He got quite the long entrance. By the way, at 9:04 EST, we’ve had one match that went 1:37 so far. Triple H said the real OMG moment was after the match, when Undertaker couldn’t leave under his own power. He said nine months later, Undertaker is no more. The OMG moment was the streak coming to an end. He turned his attention to Nash, and they showed Nash taking out Hunter with the sledgehammer. Hunter said Sunday, it won’t matter who thinks he’s right and who thinks he’s wrong. He promised might makes right and said he’d get the sledgehammer because he is right, and he’d bring it down on Kevin Nash because he’s right. Hunter said he’s right and Nash will simply be done. Not one of his better promos. Santino happily presented Hunter with the Slammy atop the stage. Hunter played with the sledgehammer in his hands and Marella got the message and walked off.

-Another plug for Superstar of the Year vote.

[Commercial Break]

-Cole plugged tomorrow’s Tribute to the Troops and for pictures of some wrestlers hanging with the Troops.

-Trending Star of the Year was to be presented by David Otunga and Tony Atlas. I hope Atlas laughs at Otunga’s jokes a la Abraham Washington. He did it as soon as Otunga started talking! Otunga was annoyed by Tony’s constant laughter! He finally asked Atlas to stop and Atlas said no. Otunga asked if the big words he used sounded funny to Atlas. Atlas said no – he was laughing at Otunga. The four nominees will fight in a match later in the night, with the winner to be announced afterward. Nominees: Cody Rhodes, Daniel Bryan, Dolph Ziggler, Zack Ryder. I’m sure it’s coincidence that two feuds are intertwined in this match

(2) Zack Ryder vs. Cody Rhodes vs. Daniel Bryan vs. Dolph Ziggler – Fatal Four-Way, First Man To Trend Worldwide Wins Slammy Award
Ryder and Bryan dove onto the other two men at ringside as they went to break at :41.

[Commercial Break- JR Tweeted what his rap was supposed to be: “Michael Cole ur damn fool. King beat u like Gov Mule. I should call Raw ur not in my class. U kissed kings feet now u can kiss my ass!”]

Back just after 4:00 into the match. Ryder with the Broski Boot on Bryan in the corner. Pin got two. Bryan and Ryder both went for a cross-body. Rhodes snuck in and tried pins on Bryan and Ryder, with both getting nothing. Rhodes and Ziggler seemed to have a disagreement in the middle of the ring, but Rhodes directed traffic and he went after Bryan while Ziggler went after Ryder. The team broke down at 6:20 with both men shoving each other. Bryan rolled up Rhodes for only two. Back-and-forth near-falls with Bryan and Rhodes. Ziggler held Ryder for Rhodes to punish. Ziggler and Rhodes then went at it. Alabama Slam by Rhodes for two. At 8:00 they took a break. Ryder and Ziggler are the only ones trending.

[Commercial Break]

Back at about 11:10 of the match, with Ryder and Rhodes in the ring. Ryder with a roll-up on Ziggler for two at 12:05. Bryan reappeared and tried a roll-up for two. Ziggler charged at the faces and all three men went for the clothesline. Cole was talking about who’d win and Lawler said, “yeah but WHO’S TRENDING?” That’s WWE in a nutshell right there. Ziggler went for a superplex on Ryder while Rhodes did the same to Bryan on the other side of the ring. Ziggler and Rhodes hammered away with intensity in the middle of the ring. Rough Ryder on Ziggler, but Rhodes hit Cross Rhodes on Ryder. Bryan grabbed Cody and applied the LeBell Lock. Sleeper on Bryan, but Bryan got out. Ziggler dodged a kick and connected on the Zig Zag for the win.

Winner: Ziggler, at 15:21. Glad they got time (though there were two breaks). Fun match.

Lawler was in the ring to find out who won Trending star of the Year: It was Zack Ryder. As Ryder collected his award, Ziggler gave him the Zig Zag. He smiled and held up the award.

-John Cena vs. Mark Henry is still to come.

[Commercial Break]

-Lawler thanked Diddy-Dirty Money for providing one of the official Slammy themes.

-To present Slammy for Game Changer of the Year: Christian. He came out with a boot, a neckbrace, and crutches. What a trooper. Christian first presented the Courageous Moment of the Year to himself for showing up tonight. He complained that he wasn’t nominated for this, or Superstar of the Year. He blamed all the fans. Nominees: HHH & Mr. McMahon; Edge Retires; Kevin Nash; The Rock & John Cena. The Rock challenges John Cena to the main event at ‘Mania. I thought Edge might win to interact with Christian there, but this is probably the better choice.

Cena walked out, hat in hand (literally), and Christian backed away from him and went to the back. Cena said he didn’t want to take credit for this award, so he wanted to introduce the most electrifying man in all of entertainment. He introduced the Rock and the crowd popped, but then died out when they realized he wasn’t coming. Cena talked to someone off camera and pretended to be shocked Rock wasn’t there, since he said he’d never leave, or usually sends footage via satellite. He threw it to that too, but nothing. He said this was worse than JR’s rap. As a face, shouldn’t he be making fun of Cole, the heel? He apologized on behalf of Team Bring It, who didn’t Bring It. Cena said he hopes Rock sees this and it fuels his preparation and dedication. Cena hyped up his WM match and said on April 1st, Cena and Rock change the game forever.

-Cena will be in action later against Mark Henry.

-Next, Orton and Punk vs. Miz and Del Rio.

[Commercial Break]

-There was a ladder, table, and chair at ringside as Ricardo Rodriguez was introduced.

(3) Alberto Del Rio & The Miz vs. Randy Orton & CM Punk
Punk and Miz began the match. After a single-leg take-down, Orton tagged in. High knee-drop for a one-count. Del Rio came in and at 2:16, hit a nice dropkick to the back of a seated Orton. The heels isolated Orton as Cole said he’d read some Tweets from JR later on. Joy. Both men were down at 3:53, and Del Rio and Punk made tags. Punk got the better of the exchange early on. Running knee, then a bulldog. Cover for two. They went to break at 5:00 of the match.

[Commercial Break]

Back at 7:53 with Punk working out of a Miz rear chinlock. “You want some more? Get some more,” Miz told Del Rio as he tagged in the Mexican aristocrat. Swinging neck-breaker by Punk and again, both men were down. Del Rio made the tag this time, but Punk didn’t. Desperation roll-up by Punk for two. Some double-teaming by the heels put Punk in even more peril. Cover by Miz got two at 11:14. Both men’s finishers were countered, then the crowd really got behind Punk to make the tag. Del Rio instead interfered, holding Punk back. Out of nowhere, Wade Barrett pulled Orton off the apron and left through the crowd. Miz missed his corner clothesline, but Miz got out of the GTS and gave Punk the Skull Crushing Finale for the win.

Winners: Miz and Del Rio, at 12:40. Good enough match.

Orton ran after Barrett after the match. Miz and Del Rio used a ladder on Punk. Del Rio tied Punk up in the ladder and applied his submission move while Miz did some mic work, promising that one of them would take the title from Punk on Sunday. They replayed the ladder use.

-Mark Henry, the Miz, John Cena, Alberto Del Rio, Randy Orton, and CM Punk are all up for Superstar of the Year. Cole voted for The Miz.

-A Kane return promo aired. “Kane Resurrected.”

[Commercial Break]

-After the WWE Network commercial, Lawler and Cole talked about it on-camera.

-Vickie Guerrero came out to present A-Lister of the Year, along with Goldust. Goldust said Vickie is already a winner tonight, as she’s the only one who wears more make-up than him. Nominees: Hugh Jackman; The Muppets; Snooki; Cee-Lo Green. The winner: Snooki. She left a pre-recorded message saying she never knew what to expect coming into her WWE experience. She wished Ryder luck at TLC.

-Josh Mathews was backstage with Mark Henry. Henry said Show hasn’t seen anything yet and said the World Title isn’t going anywhere. He said Cena disrespected him last week and said he shouldn’t be worried about Wrestlemania, rather, he should be worried about getting inducted into the Hall of Pain.

[Commercial Break]

-Cole and Lawler talked about the latest issue of WWE Magazine.

-Sheamus came out for his match, then Jinder Mahal. Mahal said Sheamus will play a supporting role tonight in Mahal’s Slammy-winning performance. As Mahal got int eh ring and continued talking, Sheamus gave him the Brogue Kick. His music played immediately, as somehow the tech guy knew the ref wouldn’t wait for Mahal to get to his feet to start the match.

-Voting is still open for WWE Superstar of the Year at Winner will be announced next.

[Commercial Break]

-The Superstar of the Year Slammy was to be presented by Rey Mysterio. Somehow, some kid had a Mysterio sign in the crowd. Rey said it felt good to be back and asked the fans if they were ready for the biggest award of the night. He said this is the greatest honor since the WWE Universe gets to decide who wins. Henry should probably win this award. The winner: CM Punk. That’s a fine choice too. Instead of punk, Johnny Ace walked out. He gently pushed Mysterio aside and introduced himself. He plugged the WWE Title match on Sunday and said Punk is in no condition to accept this award. Therefore, on behalf of Mr. Punk, he accepted the award. Crowd chanted for Punk as Ace smiled and held the Slammy over his head.

-Mark Henry was walking backstage. As he was walking, the video got snowy and the mystery video aired. “Control” was the word on the screen as the video faded out.

[Commercial Break]

-Lawler thanked Freesol for “Fascinated,” another Slammy theme.

-Lawler and Cole talked about Mr. McMahon and The Bellas meeting some of the troops and Lawler told a personal story of one of the soldiers who met Mr. McMahon. Turns out her son and husband were given seats at ringside for this show.

(4) Mark Henry vs. John Cena
During Henry’s entrance, they showed what happened last week that brought this match about. They went to break about :30 in.

[Commercial Break]

Back at 3:35 of the match. Henry splashed Cena in the corner. He went for a pin and got a two-count. Cena came back by hopping over Henry and picking him up. The weight was too much and Henry collapsed on top of Cena for a near-fall. Chin-lock by Henry. Cena was able to power out. Five-Knuckle Shuffle found the mark. Attitude Adjustment, but again, Henry collapsed Cena. Pin for two at 6:03. Henry picked Cena up, but Cena slid out the back and peppered Henry with right hands. Shoulder tackle couldn’t budge the big man. Henry caught Cena in a bear-hug. Cena again fought out but jumped into a World’s Strongest Slam. Henry couldn’t capitalize. All of a sudden, fireworks shot off and the arena went dark. Kane’s video played on the TitanTron and his theme played. He stood atop the ramp and walked to the ring. They got light on him and he was wearing a full-body outfit and a mask that looked more like Jason from Friday the 13th. It was a steel one and had hair presumably attached to it. When he got to the ring, Henry bailed, so Kane chokeslammed Cena. The metal mask was taken off…and there was another one underneath. Kane also had a bit of a goatee going there.

Winner: No contest, about 9:00.

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Dang, did they even mention "Brodus Clay's" name tonight? And this is the worst I've seen J.R. booked and for once, Cole has a legit beef, he did win the rap off.

And Kane's back.. now what? Feud him with Mark Henry?

The fatal four way was a great match, and I hope Dolph gets out of mid-card status into a main contender role. For that to happen, Miz would have to slide out of his current role.

I think they did a pretty good job of building TLC but that was it. It was an overall so-so show.
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    Originally posted by geemoney
    -The Road Dogg Jesse James was introduced. He now works backstage as an agent. Looks to be in decent shape. I’ve actually advocated him for a color commentator spot in WWE.

I'd argue more for Dogg as a manager figure. He'd make a great mouthpiece for an FCW that needs time to develop mic skills.

Ok, I was afraid of the Kane thing and now it's happened. As someone that had the pleasure of following Kane's masterful heel run, it's a shame for me to see him back in the mask. Part of what made Kane so appealing were his facial mannerisms. His timing was impeccable and he came across as a SCARY dude. His title run last year tanked for many reasons, but none of them were because of Kane, himself.

Having said that, I guess I'll give them this. It's logical that Kane went back to the mask. The last thing Kane was harping on before his injury angle was that he was becoming too human. His humanity was holding him back. Now that he's back in the mask, one can argue that he has forsaken the last of his humanity. And logical.

What's illogical? Ending the show on two guys that won't be on the PPV! Smell the buyrate!


Oh yeah, and Brodus? Don't bother showing up. Thanks.

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"This is bad comedy."

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All those years Hornswoggle was unable to speak was preventing us from learning he is Horribly Racist! That was AWFUL...that whole first 15 minute segment...they OPENED with that? One of the worst RAW segments ever...

Luckily they won me back quickly with a 1-2-3 punch of Foley, Punk (using "The Touch"!!!!) and Lita (!).

Four matches in 3 hours? At least two of the matches were pretty good and entertaining.

The newest video focuses on a...female? In control? (Steph?? Layla?!?)

At least pretty much all the "right" winners won the Slammies...

Kane! Bastard! I think that Mask #2 lets him have a pretty good range of facial expressions, it doesn't cover his mouth or eyes. Mask #1 looks like a welder's mask (someone tweeted it looked like the Rocketeer) but I was thinking "There's no way he can wrestle in that!" And now Cena has someone to feud with away from the title, and something to do on Sunday?

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    Originally posted by geemoney

    Lita congratulated Kelly, but before she could do more than gush, Beth and Natalya came out. Nattie tried to steal the Slammy and called herself Diva of the Year. Kelly took exception and slapped Natalya.

No, Beth grabbed the Slammy from Kelly, proclaimed herself "Diva of the Year", and Kelly slapped Beth and took her Slammy back. Once again, Beth got nothing on Kelly Kelly.


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#6 Posted on
Nice little acknowledgement by Punk and Orton to each other before they teamed up together paying tribute to their feud from earlier this year.

3 hours of Raw, and very little Funkhouser. The montage was good, and was probably the most entertaining he's ever been. Less is definitely more here.

I dunno if it's the full suit, but Kane looked quite a bit slimmer than last time he was on TV.

I hit the FF button as soon as Cole took the mic at the beginning and missed the entire Cole/JR segment. This move alone probably increased my appreciation of this week's Raw.


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Last week: Orton bails on match to go after Barrett, Miz gets a spot in the WWE title match at TLC against CM Punk.

This week: Orton bails on partner CM Punk to go after Barrett, Miz and ADR beat Punk senseless.

Someone's not getting ice cream bars for Christmas.

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Ladies and gentlemen, the following public service message is brought to you by your friends from D-Generation X, who would like to remind each and every one of you that if you're not down with that, we've got two words for you...

    Originally posted by Spiraling_Shape
    Mask #1 looks like a welder's mask (someone tweeted it looked like the Rocketeer)

I thought it was a dead ringer for the Iron Man Mark I mask (the one Tony Stark makes to escape his kidnapping) and posted "Kane... is... IRON MAN!" as such.

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While the switch from Cena to RVD should alleviate some complaints, the inevitability of the belt's return to Cena (note where Summerslam is this year) and the poor initial showing by the new ECW are enough to keep the indicator where it is for now. The pieces are in place, though, especially on RAW, for improvements to be made to the IWC's psyche in the near future.

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I'm all for masked Kane. I love masked Kane. I'm also excited to see how well that wig stays in place.


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#10 Posted on
The way he looks here (last photo) makes him look a lot like the Undertaker for some reason.

I hope he keeps the first mask on for ring entrances. I'm a sucker for things like that.

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Doesn't particularly makes sense that Kane wouldn't go after Mark Henry, who put him out of action for months and instead attacked Cena for no reason. I'm interested how they explain that.The Cole-Ross stuff was just horrid. Cole has now been a been a heel commentator for nearly two years now, and is as unbearable as ever. He was going on and on about JR's tweets instead of calling the action in the Orton-Punk Vs Miz-ADR tag match. Lawler was even begging him to pay attention and call the match and Cole still kept going off on Ross. Is Vince that tone deaf that he doesn't realize that Cole really turns off the viewers that much?
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That opening segment was enough for even the most die hard fan to turn away. It was even bad for a Slammies show (which I actually enjoy....I'm a sucker for award shows).

Nice to see Road Dogg!!!!

Anyone else catch the Miz's sweat dripping the spray tan near the last close up shot after the beat down. Looked like the 40+ years of nicotine dripping off of the walls of my grandfathers old house. Gross.

The crowd reaction during the OMG slammy that HHH won..... No reaction from the audience. Then HHH came out and all was good with the crowd. I thought that one was going to CM Punk. In hind site, Punk can't get them all I guess. Looks like the beginning of the Taker/HHH 3 at mania is starting after that promo.

First thought's on Kane was that he looked like something out of Fallout. Glad to have him back and love that new mask.

Overall for a Slammy show, it got back on track after that botched first segment. Line of the night by Cole "Could you imagine what J.R.'s Brain farts smell like?"

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    Originally posted by graves9
    Doesn't particularly makes sense that Kane wouldn't go after Mark Henry, who put him out of action for months and instead attacked Cena for no reason.

"I am a monster who is crazy and does crazy things!"

I thought Kane looked pretty cool even if his wig seems nicked from a Predator Halloween costume. He's been a dead act for years and people like the mask, so it's a logical move as he (probably/hopefully) winds down his career. Funny that he's had far more maskless years than masked at this point. Turning him because Cena accidentally ended up with no PPV opponent seems like kind of a waste of all the affection people would've had for the mask (and leaves Mark Henry with no Rumble challenger), but oh well.

    Originally posted by It's False
    Oh yeah, and Brodus? Don't bother showing up. Thanks.

He would've gotten lost in the shuffle tonight, but it's gonna suck when Brodus debuts the night after TLC and wins the U.S. title from Ryder. :-/

    Originally posted by Spiraling Sharpe
    The newest video focuses on a...female? In control? (Steph?? Layla?!?)

MICHELLE MCCOOL. I have no idea but those videos are awesomely produced.

    Originally posted by geemoney
    Cole was talking about who’d win and Lawler said, “yeah but WHO’S TRENDING?” That’s WWE in a nutshell right there.

That was a sad, sad moment. Great match though. Doing a KOTR in conjunction with the DVD seems like a no-brainer, and Ziggler should win it.

    Originally posted by The Guiness
    Looks like the beginning of the Taker/HHH 3 at mania is starting after that promo.

Yep, same Slammys route as Shawn/Taker 2. Career vs. career?

    Nice to see Road Dogg!!!!

Both Road Dogg's music and his catchphrase have lost the Ass.

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    Originally posted by It's False
    His title run last year tanked for many reasons, but none of them were because of Kane, himself.
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I think the fact that he was terrible in the ring for the duration of the reign might've had something to do with it.

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I have to see the mask some more before I sign off on it. I don't know what was wrong with the old one. I thought the fatal fourway was great, but the focus on who is trending is so retarded. WWE doesn't understand, people use twitter as something to laugh at or get information. Its not a clear indicator of anything. Its just a really good PR machine for celebrities as well as businesses and even then it can backfire which they are doing a great job of showing you how not to use it.

I guess Ryder is winning on Sunday, I hope. The wife begged me to throw it on mute when Cole was talking. The announcing has become a trainwreck and I blame Vince. No one cares about his feud with JR. Personally, I think what Russo and Ferrera did with JR is coming close to being eclipsed by everything they have done to JR this year. I guess that bullying campaign is just WWE PR Bullshit.

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The Wee Baby Sheamus.

Twitter: @realjoecarfley its a bit more toned down there. A bit.

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    Originally posted by John Orquiola
      Originally posted by geemoney

      Lita congratulated Kelly, but before she could do more than gush, Beth and Natalya came out. Nattie tried to steal the Slammy and called herself Diva of the Year. Kelly took exception and slapped Natalya.

    No, Beth grabbed the Slammy from Kelly, proclaimed herself "Diva of the Year", and Kelly slapped Beth and took her Slammy back. Once again, Beth got nothing on Kelly Kelly.

Thanks for the correction. I guess they're all starting to look the same to me...

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He was very UTesque when he took the welding mask off. but then the Glen Jacobs lip curlsneer/smile came out and all was good in the world again.
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    Originally posted by graves9

    Doesn't particularly makes sense that Kane wouldn't go after Mark Henry, who put him out of action for months and instead attacked Cena for no reason. I'm interested how they explain that.

With this writing team? Haha, good one.

Well, they *are* brothers after all. :)
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Seeing Mark Henry tear shit up brought back the monster within and he's ashamed of how close he was to Big Show this year and what better way to show his darkness than by destroying WWE's biggest boyscout and blah blah blah. Same Kane heel turn speech he alays uses - that's why the character has endured for so long, because he can do out-of-nowhere stuff like this and both the character and Jacobs' performances support it.
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They had the ability to heat up the Nash/Hunter angle by having Nash powerbomb Road Dogg into crutons. Hunter then swears revengeance for his DX buddy. If you're gonna be on TV, nudge an angle, what say?

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For once I agree with OFB on quite a few different levels...if WWE booking can make that happen you know they must be doing something wrong. No matter what reaction he gets, they are going to alienate a large percentage of the fan base.
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