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25.6.18 0906
The W - Pro Wrestling - Secondary belts needed...
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Hopefully one of the things that gets changed, either by Bischoff himself or by the incoming Shane-O-Mac, is the reintroduction of secondary belts. And hopefully Smackdown will follow suit as well because there are FAR too many midcarders with near-zero chance of championship gold unless they have a tag partner ready and waiting.

Maybe Bischoff brings back the U.S. Title and Steph counters by bringing back the I-C Title...or Bischoff brings back the I-C and Steph brings back the European belt.

Guys I'd like to see get a shot at carrying such a belt include Al Snow(the guy's been with the company forever and was part of all three Tough Enoughs, but I think he's been the only TE-associated person to NOT get a push out of a deal), Tommy Dreamer(over enough with the fans, a shame they ditched the Hardcore belt when they did), Bill DeMott(as is, he's on a push to nowhere), Steven Richards('bout time he got a serious singles push), Chris Nowinski(give the arrogant punk something else to brag about :))...etc.

Any other suggestions as to who you'd like to see carrying a secondary singles belt if they were to be brought back?

(Edit: Mental note, make sure someone else hasn't already started a thread about this...)


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I can see the point but then we're going to get full PPV's with all title matches and that dilutes all of their meaning.

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I have but 2 things to say:

That's all.

Spaceman Spiff

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    Any other suggestions as to who you'd like to see carrying a secondary singles belt if they were to be brought back?

Shane Helms. Start moving him away from the comedy stuff and into a more serious role. He is *so* wasted as a comedy jobber wrestling in 2 minute matches w/ Trish.

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Speaking of titles, the fact that there is a "World Champion" and a "Raw World Champion"(or whatever they call it) is a joke. Just make the ONE world champ go from show-to-show like at the beginning of the brand extension.

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An IC title would be very good. Maybe on both shows. I'd love to see Hurricane or someone unexpected get a run with it.

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I'm in favor of bringing back 1 secondary belt per show, but I wouldn't bring back the US and IC titles. After the last few years of those belts, there importance diminished significantly. Thus the idea for the two new titles:

RAW: Cable Champion. The show is on cable, defend the title on cable.

SD: Network Champion. The show is on a network (ok, UPN isn't a real network, but it does call itself a network) and it would give Heyman a hard-on over the Network angle that led ECW into the crapper.

By doing this, it differentiates the shows while providing a reason for mid/upper mid card feuds.

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I agree with you guys who say the need one for each show bc as we see it can be hard to come up with justifiable reasons for people to feud. A belt gives a built in reason for a feud. It can help establish a feud, then the belt can be screwed away from someone by the feuding counterpart and the feud continues sans the belt

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I didn't like seeing the secondary belts go, but I don't know that it's all bad. The problem I see is that very few people (or superstars) really seem to care about the World title. I mean, Big Show mentioned he wanted title shots and he got shipped the hell out.

HHH has been fed a whole bunch of guys who don't really care about the title. Only Michaels really seemed to want the title. I think that, rather than give RVD, Booker and Christian and Batista some devalued IC title to fight over, the writers should make them WANT HHH's belt. I mean, Steiner seemed to want the belt at the beginning of the fued but later he just wanted to kick HHH's ass. Jericho is probably the only guy who seems to want the belt. Instead of putting HHH in these fueds that no one cares about, they need to build up challengers who just want the gold and don't give a dman about HHH.

As it stands, the tag titles have taken the place of secondary titles. Smaller guys and up-and-comers can go after these titles without losing their singles identity (see Smackdown 6, Jericho, maybe even Booker). Hurricane needed to stay on Smackdown with the cruisers OR stay with a partner who wants to go after the tag titles (I'd like to see Booker T go on to pursue the World title and have Hurrican team up with Goldust for the tags, but that's just me).

Dreamer does not need or deserve a title of any kind.

On Smackdown, I see no problem like the one on Raw. There are lots of believeable contenders for the WWE strap and the guys on their way up are fighting over tag team gold. Little guys can go for the Cruiserweight title (although, since Noble lost it, no wrestler has really seemed to want that belt either.)

We don't need new titles yet folks. If the IC title had remined I'd be fine with that, but now that it's gone, I don't think bringing it back will help anyone.

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I think they should make one Raw Champ, one Smackdown! Champ, and one World Champ to go on both show. This would make the Raw and Smackdown! Champs the secondary title. Plus with their respective credibility, the Titles of both shows will be sought after (not like the I.C./U.S. Titles). Steph could bring back the Attitude version of the W.W.E. Title back and have the belt that Angle is holding as the World Champ.

Prince Patrick
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Since: 1.8.02
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Ahhhh... but back in the day, the IC and US titles WERE sought after-
Who wouldn't want someone like Goldust as a US title holder right now? What about Matt Hardy as an IC Champion?
The IC title MADE stars, the WWF title solidified them. Sean Micheals? Stone Cold? The Rock? Hell, even the Ultimate Warrior. Who DOESN'T have fond memories of the IC title feuds in the 80s and early 90s? When those secondary belts are treated with respect, and they book the lower card wrestlers to WANT THOSE TITLES, they can do a lot to elevate the main title for each show.
I say hell yeah, bring those belts back. But if they do, they had better treat them right...

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I only miss the IC title. I think they could bring it back without diluting the importance of the other belts, but any more titles would be too much.

Of course, if they want to bring back the hardcore division, there's a perfectly logical way to do it:

HAKU = WCW Hardcore Champion

Why Goldust rules the world

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    Originally posted by Spaceman Spiff

      Any other suggestions as to who you'd like to see carrying a secondary singles belt if they were to be brought back?

    Shane Helms. Start moving him away from the comedy stuff and into a more serious role. He is *so* wasted as a comedy jobber wrestling in 2 minute matches w/ Trish.

    (edited by Spaceman Spiff on 27.1.03 0600)

Amen! I was first quite distraught when they took the most over cruiser that still wrestled as a cruiser (since Rey was wrestling with the big boys), then took him to Raw where he had all of a 2 week Tag Team Title reign, then proceeded to job. Many many times.
I'd so love to see Hurricane with some title gold. A secondary belt a la US belt would do him some good. I mean, he has the in-ring skill and mic skill.


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With the belts gone, there should have beeen deeper, more involved storylines to replace them, like Bookdust vs nWo. There should also be stipulations to the undercard matches that can make them more intense, and have the undercard matches have more meaning. For example, we can have more hair vs. hair matches. Such a match between 2 women, that means war. Also, we can have other matches for possesion of other items, like Dawn Marie fighting Torrie over the Thong Award. Or a mask vs. mask match between Shane Helms, I mean Hurricane, and The Jet.

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I see the point that the Secondary Belts aren't required on Smackdown, but they surely could help with feuds and more storylines. For instance, take the current storyline.

We KNOW, and even most of the marks know, that Angle is going to be fighting Brock Lesnar for the WWE title at Mania. that leaves 6 weeks and a PPV in the meantime where Benoit, Edge, Rey, Big Show, Undertaker, Eddy, Chavo, and even A-train are not going to be winning the title.

Don't get me wrong, they are doing fine with the storylines so far, and Team Angle vs. Edge, Chris Benoit, and Rey can be sustained for a few more weeks, but just think of the possibilities if the IC title were in the mix at this point. They could put it on Haas or Benjamin and elevate them, giving more meaning to Edge Vs. Benjamin than just a warm up match. Or put it on a face Eddy and have Chavo turn on him out of his own desire for the belt. There are plenty of possibilities.

Again, the point is that without a secondary title Smackdown is doing just fine, but with one, it could be even richer and better.
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I'd like to see Pete Gas brought back and given another run with championship gold.
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are you kidding me? they are not getting HEEL CHALLENGERS FOR A GUY WHO WONT HAVE THE DAMN TITLE UNTIL SUMMERSLAM? give me a break. by then RVD could be a heel (and he would be a damn good one)
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