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23.1.19 1544
The W - Pro Wrestling - Sacrifice Predictions
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Karlos the Jackal
Lap cheong

Since: 2.1.02
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PRESHOW MATCH: Amazing Red vs. Kiyoshi
Red, easy.

RUMORED-BUT-NOT-CONFIRMED: Motor City Machine Guns vs. Lethal Consequences, perhaps with an extra partner each
MCMG, no matter what configuration.

THE FINALS OF THE TEAM 3D TOURNAMENT: Beer Money, Inc vs. The British Invasion
They seem to be setting up the Invasion vs. 3D for the last couple of weeks; on the other hand, Beer Money could win here and the Invasion could weasel their way into a 3-way match at Slammiversary. I'll say The British Invasion.

KNOCKOUTS MONSTER'S BALL: Taylor Wilde vs. Daffney
Doing a two-person Monster's Ball -- with these two, Wilde in particular -- seems like a good way to water down the Monster's Ball concept (if it was Mickie Knuckles vs. LuFisto, that'd be something else again). Hopefully it's not just a "hit 'em with a cookie sheet" hardcore match, but it's difficult for me to imagine otherwise. Daffney wins.

Joe isn't capable of pinning Nash clean, but he'll win due to interference from his "driver" (Taz?).

TNA KNOCKOUT WOMEN'S CHAMPIONSHIP: Champion Angelina Love vs. Awesome Kong
This is kind of tough, since it depends on what they're planning to due with the two or three new Knockouts waiting in the wings. It seems obvious that this would be a stretcher match, but TNA's website doesn't say that; maybe it's because Love is winning, and there's no way Kong could be kept down for a 10-count. Yeah, I'll say Love.

X DIVISION CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH: Champion Suicide vs. Daniels
Toss-up, because this isn't going the way I thought it would. I think Suicide has another month, at least, as champ; I don't think he'll lose the belt until he's unmasked, and I don't think we're at that point in the story yet. Suicide retains.

AJ Styles. Booker doesn't seem to have a problem putting guys over. I'll stand corrected if the thus-far-unbooked Scott Steiner interferes.

ULTIMATE SACRIFICE FOR THE TNA WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP: Champion Mick Foley vs. Sting vs. Kurt Angle vs. Jeff Jarrett

If Mick Foley gets pinned, he loses the TNA Heavyweight Title
If Kurt Angle gets pinned, he gives up leadership of The Main Event Mafia
If Sting gets pinned, he has vowed to never wrestle again
If Jeff Jarrett gets pinned, he gives up his power in TNA

As I said in this week's Impact thread, Foley pins Jarrett.


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Peter The Hegemon
Lap cheong

Since: 11.2.03
From: Hackettstown, NJ

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Obviously Red takes the pre-show match; when the only mention of the match on TV was "The Amazing Red" will be in action, that's setting it up about as well as it can be.

I'll say Lethal Consequences wins if they have a match with the Guns (setting up the Guns getting a bigger win next time).

British Invasion. I think it would be smarter to have Beer Money go over while building the Brits a bit more slowly, but I don't think they're going that way.

Daffney. You're right--it makes NO sense to be using the Monster's Ball billing for what clearly isn't at all like the Monster's Ball match, and for something with very little buildup. Well, that's TNA. I suppose they intend this to be part of the Abyss/Dr. Stevie storyline, but wouldn't that have been just as well served by calling it a "hardcore" match? Still, I'll give TNA some points if they make some pretense of Daffney and Wilde being locked in rooms for even a few hours before the match.

Joe over Nash. You're probably right about him "needing" help.

Love retains and feuds with someone else for a while.

Suicide retains.

Booker beats AJ via shenanigans. Hmmm...AJ gave an interview on Impact where he used the phrase "I quit" about a zillion times, and Mick Foley's a heel and more-or-less in charge. I smell a Russo Rehash (tm).

Angle pins Foley when Jarrett turns heel and joins the MEM. It would make more sense for Sting to eat the pin, but AFAIK he's not ready to end his career just yet (and he doesn't have enough time on his contract for it to make sense for him to take a sabbatical).

Since: 5.11.08
From: Ashland, MA

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Preshow: Amazing Red v Kiyoshi: Red all the way.

Motor City Machine Guns and a partner v Lethal Consequences & Eric Young: This is still not on TNA's site, but covered in the 411 Roundtable, so I'm putting it here. MCMG win, and Young takes the pin, continuing his spiral into crazed heeldom.

Beer Money, Inc v British Invasion: They seem to be turning Beer Money into faces, which means the top heel tag spot is open. Invasion will take it here through shenanigans to establish themselves as the top heel team.

X-Division Championship: Suicide v Daniels: I think we're not done with the whole Suicide/Daniels/MCMG saga, so Suicide retains here, but it won't be clean.

Monster's Ball: Daffney v Taylor Wilde: Daffney. Wilde has done nothing of note, and Daffney actually has the angle set up after this.

Samoa Joe v Kevin Nash: Karlos is right, I don't see Nash taking a clean pin, either. However a clean loss with hurt Joe a lot, so I'm hoping TNA don't go that route. Not sure what the deal is with the driver, or with the mini pull-apart with Styles, though. Let's say Joe via shenanigans.

Knockouts Championship: Angie Love v Awesome Kong: Love escapes with her life and her title.

Legends Championship, I Quit: AJ Styles v Booker T : I'm guessing the Morasca/Sharmelle fiasco may play a part in this match, or maybe Steiner as well. AJ Styles will retain regardless.

TNA World Championship: Mick Foley v Jeff Jarrett v Sting v Kurt Angle: I think this boils down to a few possibilities. Sting isn't winning or retiring, Angle isn't winning, and Jarrett isn't winning. So that means we get either Foley pinning Jarrett or Foley pinning Angle. Of those possibilities, the latter has more mileage with Foley as Mafia boss, but I fear TNA will go with the former, to enact the horrifying scenario Karlos so eloquently laid out in his post on the Impact thread.

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Since: 6.1.02
From: Pittsburgh, PA

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#4 Posted on | Instant Rating: 3.54
I know that everybody complains that AJ and Joe should be World Champion but the bigger injustice is MCMG being used as curtain jerkers every PPV. How did they turn a MGMC unmasking Suicide/MCMG confronting Daniels into Daniels vs. Suicide with MCMG not involved? They should either have the three way tag match or Shelley should be in the X Division match. Better yet, make it Daniels vs. Shelley and then build a feud between the winner and Suicide.

Also why is AJ wrestling Booker again and Joe wrestling Nash again? They haven't even been feuding. Joe and AJ have been feuding and Booker and Nash have been feuding so why is it Booker/AJ and Nash/Joe and not Joe/AJ and Booker Nash? Are they saving AJ/Joe for Slammiversary?

Amazing Red
MCMG - Do we know if Kaz is back under the mask or if somebody else is filling in until he presumably takes over? if kaz is back I think he should team up with MCMG and the real Suicide will be right under their noses.
British Invasion - The whole point of the tournament is for there to be some new blood so they should win.
Suicide - let's keep this angle going a while
Daffney - Pretty lame Monster's Ball unless Daffney pulls
out something good.
Joe - Speaking of shenanigans, what was with Joe carrying EY off two shows ago? EY wasn't any different this week was he?
Angelina - probably my favorite current heel.
AJ - And why is this an I Quit match? Because of their submission prowess?
Sacrifice Match - I can see it now, all four men collide in the middle of the ring and they fall so that all of them are pinning one of the others but are also pinned by another. Foley is pinning Angle, Angle is pinning Jarrett, Sting is pinning Foley and Jarrett is pinning Sting.

So, Foley is now leader of the Mafia, Angle now has Jarrett's shares in the company, Sting is World Champion...and retired.

In all seriousness, I like the idea of the Sacrifice match but it just hasn't been well executed. If there was somebody out of the four that actually wanted to end Sting's career or actually wanted to lead the Mafia then it would be a lot more interesting. Then whoever wants to end Stings career would have to make a decision, end Sting's career or win the title? As it is now, three out of the four want the title and nothing else so they shouldn't even try to pin the others. Foley only wants Jarrett's shares so there is no reason for him to want to pin anybody else. Really Sting and Angle should just sit around and let Jarrett and Foley beat the crap out of each other since neither Jarrett or Foley would want to pin Angle or Sting.

Lance's Response:


Since: 20.6.02

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#5 Posted on | Instant Rating: 3.56
Motor City Machine Guns vs. Lethal Consequences:
Lethal Consequences.

Beer Money, Inc vs. The British Invasion
Beer Money wins it, but gets their asses handed to them afterward by the British Invasion; leading to a 3D rescue.

Taylor Wilde vs. Daffney:
Daffney wins it.

Kevin Nash vs. Samoa Joe:
Joe wins via DQ or something. The entire "Nation of Violence" angle bores me.

Angelina Love vs. Awesome Kong:
Love wins it...if by anything, the strength of her promo on Thursday. That was probably the best part that show, bar none.

Suicide vs. Daniels:
Suicide wins it, and the mystery continues, much to Don West's delight and Mike Tenay's chagrin.

Booker T vs. "The Phenomenal" AJ Styles
AJ retains his title.

Champion Mick Foley vs. Sting vs. Kurt Angle vs. Jeff Jarrett:
Do we really want a "nuttier than squirrel shit" Mick Foley running Impact? If so, then he'll win it. However...My money's on Angle getting pinned by Sting, thus engaging the MEM into more backstage shenanigans.

I'm really not feeling the "Ultimate sacrifice" match.

I love this town!
Texas Kelly
Lap cheong

Since: 3.1.02

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#6 Posted on | Instant Rating: 3.22
Ladies and gentlemen, the following public service message is brought to you by your friends from D-Generation X, who would like to remind each and every one of you that if you're not down with that, we've got two words for you...

- Amazing Red, duh.
- MCMG in whatever combination. New Japan will obviously want them kept strong and I've also heard that this match might be the catalyst for an Eric Young heel turn.
- Taylor Wilde wins Monster's Ball since she's consistently been positioned as the lead face of the division since Gail left.
- The Brits - one of the best parts of Impact right now - win the Invitational.
- Joe kills Nash dead cleanly. They already did the DQ finish with Scott Steiner, and Nash owes Joe a job dating back to the infancy of the MEM angle.
- All the champions retain. Kong has proven everything she can prove in the women's division, and it's time for her to step up and start playing with the men and let Love have a good run with the belt. The X title is a step down for Daniels, and even though the Suicide character is stagnant, it's still the best fit for the division. There's no point whatsoever to move the Legends belt back to Booker, especially if they're serious about establishing it as something worth chasing. And with Slammiversary next month, they need to maintain the status quo as much as possible, and the only result that does that is Foley pinning Jarrett (since all of us know that Jarrett will keep running the show IRL no matter what).

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While the switch from Cena to RVD should alleviate some complaints, the inevitability of the belt's return to Cena (note where Summerslam is this year) and the poor initial showing by the new ECW are enough to keep the indicator where it is for now. The pieces are in place, though, especially on RAW, for improvements to be made to the IWC's psyche in the near future.
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