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The W - Pro Wrestling - RVD to get heat for refusing to go on voluntary tour?
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by Dave Scherer @ 10:50:00 AM on 12/20/2004

Sources close to the situation have told me that there is a lot of heat on Rob Van Dam with WWE management due to the fact that he refused to go on the "voluntary" Middle East Smackdown trip. The tour, which the wrestlers were told was strictly optional, was really anything but. Last week word surfaced that Luther Reigns, after it being announced to the wrestlers that the trip was voluntary, told WWE talent VP John Laurinaitis that he wasn't going to go. He was told by Laurinaitis, in so many words, that even though the tour was optional, Vince McMahon expected everyone asked to go and was either told or it was strongly implied to him that if he didn't go, there would be heat on him for exercising his right to skip the trip from Vinnie Mac. After being told that, Reigns reconsidered and went. From what I was told, Reigns had no problem going on the trip when it was initially scheduled to be to Qatar but reconsidered when he was told they would be going to Iraq, which of course is a war zone.

RVD had no desire to go on the trip from the get go. I don't know what his reasons are but whatever they may be, I most certainly respect them. I don't blame anyone who chooses not to go into a war zone. He told Laurinaitis last week that he wasn't going, and was sent to meet with Vince McMahon to relay that decision to the boss. Many in the company would have wavered at that point and been intimidated into going by the boss, but that just isn't RVD. He told Vince he didn't want to go. They tried one last time, later on, to get him to go, but he held firm and was heard telling people that if this costs him his push, that is just the way it will have to be. He had made up his mind not to go and wasn't going to be intimidated into going. WWE management is said to be less than happy about his decision. It will be interesting to see where it goes from here.

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If this was the case then why not just state that the tour was mandatory?

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Could be the fact that this happened on the tour,

By Keith Elliot Greenberg

OUTSIDE TIKRIT, Iraq Mick Foley was eating breakfast with Big Show, Charlie Haas, Eddie Guerrero and some others at theForward Operating Base (FOB) Paliwoda last week, when he heard a loud explosion.

We were assured by one of the officers that it was outgoing, said Foley, in Iraq with a team of WWE Superstars for a holiday SmackDown! broadcast.A moment later, we heard another explosion.That was incoming.Soldiers went scrambling around for their (bulletproof) jackets and helmets, and we did, too."

I think that is a good enough reason not to go for me. I respect everyone for going on the tour, but honestly its not worth dying over. If Rob gets punished for excerising his option not to is fine by me since it was supposed to be voluntaary to begin with. I don't think its a political statement or anything either, so I think the WWE should respect Rob's decision not to go and leave it be.

I love how Johnny Ace continues to be the Wormtounge of the WWE.

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You'd think, of all the WWE superstars, RVD would have access to mellowing agents that would make the trip less frightful.

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It'd be pretty ridiculous for them to scale back Rob's push (well, I'll use THAT word lightly) due to this considering that it was voluntary. Really, I can't blame the guy as, if I were in the same boat, I'd have probably made the same decision. Hey, I totally support the troops and think that it's GREAT that WWE is doing this for them. But going to a war zone is just far too dangerous, and I feel that if anybody said that they didn't feel comfortable in going then WWE should respect those wishes.

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    Originally posted by "journalist" Dave Scherer
    I don't know what his reasons are but whatever they may be, I most certainly respect them.
After installing the Scherer filter, this comes out "I blindly kiss RVD's ass without question and hope and pray my best source doesn't get canned."

Really now, is "coholder of the WWE tag team championships" THAT big a push, anyway?


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So, for exercising his option to not do a tour in the middle of a war zone (and inconveniencing McMahon in the process) RVD may experience a de-push.

So F'n what?! He's 1/2 of a cruiserweight team holding a worthless tag title. He's probably feeling that as long as they don't mess with his check, all is cool. If they start f'n with the money, there's always Japan...

Of course, this only applies in the information is valid (Mentats can only function with valid info, after all!).

Now the big question...

Is "Heat" being snubbed for the secret Santa, or being molested by JBL at knifepoint in the shower with Laurinitas and McMahon watching with girlish glee?

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#7 Posted on | Instant Rating: 3.36
After reading this and other stories, I have no idea why anyone would want to be a wrestler.

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#8 Posted on | Instant Rating: 3.16
I'm glad that other people seem to share the sentiment that I have about this. After reading reports about how unhappy and uncomfortable so many wrestlers were with having to go to Iraq, I felt they should absolutely have the right to refuse. Its incredibly unreasonable to reprimand the guy for refusing spend time in an over-humid warzone. The troops, not to take anything away from them are in a situation that while a choice they made all their own. Its neat if some wrestlers are willing to risk and entertain them, but I see no point of making it an obligation.
I actually respect RVD's ability to stand up to Vince in a situation like this.

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#9 Posted on | Instant Rating: 2.55
    Originally posted by OMEGA
    It'd be pretty ridiculous for them to scale back Rob's push (well, I'll use THAT word lightly) due to this considering that it was voluntary.

When was the last time the WWE did something that wasn't ridiculous?

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Voluntary to a wrestling promoter more likely means you don't get paid for doing something rather than having a choice whether to do something.
As for Luther Reigns: When you are Generic Hoss #7 and the big boss wants you to do something, you do it, or else someone else takes the role of Generic Hoss #7.

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    Originally posted by rockdotcom_2.0
    After reading this and other stories, I have no idea why anyone would want to be a wrestler.

They do it to give all of us something to talk about.

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Look, I'm reasonably sure that Rob & Rey are just shining up the belts for the Bashams so the full-on stable push of JBL's Cabinet can continue. (Let's put it this way: If Orlando "Virgil" Jordan is the one to take the US title from John Cena, instead of Carlito - who's the one who deserves it - it won't surprise me in the least.)

But if that's not the case, I'm going to be really upset if Vince has Rob & Rey job the titles because Rob wouldn't go on the trip. If you want everyone to go, make it mandatory; don't give this half-assed middle ground "it's optional, but it's really not optional". Plus, it's not fair to Rey, who did go on the trip with nary a peep.

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It's possible that the tour was 'voluntary' so as to reduce liability just in case something bad happened while they were over there, even though the probability of something going wrong is miniscule (if it weren't, I seriously doubt they would go). Certainly they would be paid for the trip either way.

I do have an issue with Van Dam refusing to go. Sure, the trip may again have been 'voluntary', but when everybody else is sucking it up and giving a couple of days to a goodwill event, you do it too. Was it literally his right to refuse? Sure. But when a group you belong to is trying to do something good, you do your part. To me, this is like being the one guy at the office who refuses to help out with the food drive.

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#14 Posted on | Instant Rating: 5.78
Except, everyone doing the food drive doesn't almost get hit with a missile.

You're right about one thing, though. It's voluntary because I seriously doubt it is legal to force your "independently contracted workers" to go into a potentially life-threatening situation.

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I dunno. I'm pretty sure I wouldn't do the food drive if there was a 1-2% chance of getting shot at.

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#16 Posted on | Instant Rating: 7.89
I think it's safe to say the tour was as "voluntary" as an NFL summer "voluntary" workout program, which is voluntary in the spirit of "your ass had better be there unless you're prepared to see your playing time (or push, in RVD's case) magically disappear. The coaches HAVE to use the word "voluntary" for that due to the players' union, and I'm sure BVM is in the right area with his reasoning for why the WWE would call it so.

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#17 Posted on | Instant Rating: 3.73

    I love how Johnny Ace continues to be the Wormtounge of the WWE.

That is such a great line!

Honestly, I can't say I blame RVD for all of the reasons others have said before. Plus, big frickin' deal. His big "push" is the tag belt titles with Rey. He's never been pushed for a major title. In fact, the WWE has seriously watered down and squashed Van Dam time and time again. It's kind of hard to want to "voluntarily" want to put your life on the line when you're being professionally cornholed as it is. Hell, i'd be pretty damn pissed, too if JBL was still champ and I'd never even had a shot.

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#18 Posted on | Instant Rating: 4.91
I'll bet they bring this up on TV, to turn the fans against him. Barring that, he gets put in some sort of coward angle.

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Coward angle? Perhaps. They could also use it to turn RVD into a "I'm not going to Iraq, I'm RVD" type angle and push him as a heel. Then again, that would almost be a reward.

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