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24.1.19 0118
The W - Pro Wrestling - Ruthless Aggression Review.
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Twist of Fate

Since: 2.5.03
From: Adelaide, South Aus.

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after waiting in our seats while they ran through a promo deal for X-box and the upcomming "Raw 2" we finally got down to some business.

this was my first taste of the WWE live, as they don't often venture down under. hopefully they get into it a little more, and come back next year, if not, sooner :).

the show started off in the greatest of way...
Stacey's legs.....

she came down to the ring, and got the crowd on their feet, and just as she was getting set to give us a little strip tease, Co-GM Eric Bischoff made his appearance. He came down and got in Staceys face, demanding that she give him a private screening. BOOM! hellfire and brimstone time. out of the blue, Kane made his way to the ring, and for no apparent reason other than the fact thta he was there, he proceeded to chokeslam the Co-GM. he then got up close to Stacey, but before he could do any real damage, Test came down and took over. Kane left the ring, and went backstage to re-emerge later on in the evening. Test was about to get phsical with Miss. Kiebler when Freakzillas music hit, and Test leapt out of the ring.
the bell then sounded and we were unserway with our first match.
Scott Stiener vs Test.
after the usual rough play, and rope-running, it got a little heavier with some belly-to-belly's and a Pump Handle Slam. Test thought he had the match won when he hit his Bog Boot, but Stiener found the strength to kick out. Stiener quickly hit Test with a reverse neckbraker, and the match was done.

next up, we had the Runt of the litter, Spike Duddley taking on Stevie Richards. what more can you say about this match other than Spike chased Stevie out of the ring in the first 5 seconds. after some rough and tumble, Spike went up top and dropped all of his 150 pounds on the chest of Richards, then hitting the Duddley Dogg, it was all over.

during Spike celebrations, Trish made her way to the ring, while at the same time, a limping Richards was helped away. Victoria folloew her out, and they got into it right off the bat. hitting the Spiders Web (is that was it's called? the spinning sidewalk slam thing she does?) but it just wasn't enough to keep Trish down. though with the ref's back turned, and a DDT from Stevie Richards, Victoria managed a win. "boooo!!"

"the following match is schedueled for ONE Fall, and is for the WWE tag team championship!"
out come the Duddley Boyz, followed by La Resistance.
getting right into it once again, Bubba and D-Von took the fight straight to the French Champions. setting Rene up in one corner and chopping him down to the Bubba led chant of "AUSSIE AUSSIE AUSSIE, OI OI OI!" all of the standard Duddley moves followed, including the WASSUP! but while the ref's back was turned (big surprize) Sylvan nailed D-Von with the French flag, and scored the pin fall. but they didn't escape that easily, as Spike made his presence felt. after Sylvan got a table out, but before he could use it, the Duddleys were set to go. and a huge Powerbomb from the middle rope left Sylvan in a nice messy pile. The Duddleys then selected a little girl from the audiance, pulled her into the ring and got photos taken, and were even gracious ebough to give her a piece of the table. (and who says the Duddleys aren't nice guys?)

Hurricane made his way to the ring to take on the one man everyone loves to hate, Rodney Mack. this match was sorta dull, a lot of sleeper holds applied in the early goings. but after a slow start, Hurricane hit his neckbrakers and a shining wizard to pick up the victory of the teddy-less Mack. (meaning Teddy Long didn't come down to Aus.)

next up, we had an Intercontinental Title match.
Christian vs Booker T.
this was the hard hitting match you'd expect, with all of the signature moves, and a lot of booing Christian. after an Aussie Spin-a-Roony, Booker set Christian up for the Scissors kick, and ended the match. this was one of the better matches, and the crowd really got behind Booker T. good show.

(and thank god i might add, because at this point i'd run out of film and had to go score some more dispoable cameras.)

"Helllllooo Ladies!"
Val Venis headed down to the ring to take on good old Goldust. a quick hand shake and they got into it. Goldust quickly seemed to gain the upper hand, and this is when things turned nasty. after leapfrogging over Goldust Val fell to the floor grasping his knee. assuming it was a mistake on Vals part, Goldust tried to cover it by pulling him up and putting him into an armlock, but Val's leg quickly gave out from under him. Earl Hebnar got between the 2 men as Val pulled himself to the corner of the ring, and sat there in pain. Goldy did the classy thing and came over to see if he could help. some more officials came down, and a medical officer too. they were all set to help the Big Valbowski out of the ring, and Goldust was holding the ropes open for them. at this point, everyone is clapping for the efforts and bad luck of Val, and the sportsmenship of Goldy. when Val pushed the Ref aside and kicked Goldust in the head and out of the ring, the crowd was less than pleased. the match continued, and Earl wasn't prepared to take any more shit, and i can quote him as saying that, i was in the third row. Goldust got the win in the end with a forward suplex land val on his gut. with Goldy out of the ring, Val appealed the decision to Earl, who promptly told Val where to stick it. good on ya Ealry, we love ya mate.

now came a battle of hatered.
Kane vs RVD.
this match was in the air most of the time, and if my camera were more sophisticated, and not cheap(EXPENSIVE!!) crappy ones, i'd have had some sweet shots. RVD won this match via a disqualification. Kane had previously pulled Charels Robinson infront of an RVD spinning heel kick, and while RVD was busy trying to revive him, Kane was stalking RVD from behind, hand cocked high in the air. with a chokelsam to Rob, the match looked over, but with the ref sleeping, it wasn't that easy. a violent shove always seems to do the trick, as Kane covered RVD, who kicked out on 2. Kane was furious at the slow count of the barely concious Ref, so he Chokeslammed the ref. then they sent out a ref to disqualify Kane, and he got a Chokeslam for his trouble too.

the "Main event"

with HHH out of action, the improvised main event became a tag match. HBK and Nash vs Y2J and Randy Orton.
now, this "main event" was a yawn fest. the wrestlers stood eyeing eachother no less than 3 minutes before anyone made a move, and then once a moce WAS made, it was sleepers and submissions all the way. Nash did the only hard hitting until the obvious ending was fullfilled. HBK nailed his Sweet Chin Music on Y2J, and it was over. i'll et them off based on the fact that the matches were probly rearranged in the last day or two due to HHH's injury. but the match seemed to be a replay of Y2J vs HBK from Wrestlemania.

All in All, it was a good show, and i had the greatest time, and i can't wait for them to come down again.
i hope you enjoyed my review, and i'll write another one the next time they head down this way.

(edited by Twist of Fate on 1.8.03 0512)

Twist of Fate to Swanton Bomb. never to be seen again with the departure of Jeff Hardy. :(
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Chico Santana
Boudin rouge

Since: 2.7.02
From: Jaaaaamacia Mon, No Problem.

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#2 Posted on
This sucks! Why do they job Steven Richards to Spike DoucheHole? Why not have him job to someone with a push? Having him job to another jobber does nothing, I wouldn't be botherd if Spike had like an ounce or two of charisma.

Christian vs. Booker T again, WTF?

Twist of Fate

Since: 2.5.03
From: Adelaide, South Aus.

Since last post: 5351 days
Last activity: 4633 days
#3 Posted on
i hear ya man.
i'm sick of Booker and Christian. they should have moved on a long while ago

Twist of Fate to Swanton Bomb. never to be seen again with the departure of Jeff Hardy. :(

Since: 22.10.02
From: Oztraya

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#4 Posted on
Review Part Two: Tales from the second Sydney show.

Most of the matches were different configurations of wrestlers, but with similar spots and outcomes so i'll just give you the more relevant/entertaining stuff. Please note i shelved all smarkiness before the show just like for watching Raw.

G-Dust almost shattered Bischoffs dreams to kick off which led to Mack comming out and a quick fire opening match ensues, with Goldust putting Rodney away without too much trouble.

In the next match, Test and Val pulled the leap-frog injury spot with Test this time playing the part, and it was hilarious to see the whole crowd (myself included) start yelling Bullshit to it, then stopping when it became apparent it wasn't a work but a "legit" injury, Then going off our collective trees when Test pulled the cheap kick and playing us all for chumps. Test won a great match with the big boot.

Steiner V Christian: Christian gets major face pop, So does Steiner. Christian fixes that with "I know all of you are my peeps and you love me, but can you shut the hell up i'm trying to concentrate". good match, Steiner wins with a Downward Spiral variation.

RVD & HBK V Flair & Orton: Pretty entertaining match with Flair revising that pantsless man thing from a few months back which is surprisingly funny in person. RVD & HBK win with simultaneous finishers and some support from Kevin Nash

Hurricane V Kane: Kane's entrance is SWEEET, Hurricane is funny, Hurricane is chokeslammed.

Y2J w/Christian V Booker T (IC title match) : Jericho comes out and we all give him a resounding "You are a Wanker" chant. Jericho proceeds with "I told you ass clowns last night and last year that i don't know what a wanker is, but if you're calling me and Christian wankers then it must be something stupendous and amazing, because you aussies can't fool me. Myself and Christian won't fall for that chicanery so i say to you that, YES... Christian and i are PROUD wankers" amd in one of the funniest things i've ever seen they proceed to hug and Christian gropes Y2J which is funny for so many reasons that it was still funny twenty minutes later. Booker comes out to the third biggest pop of the night (explained later) and they have a good match with Booker putting him away with the Book End.
Post match Y2J and Christian argue, proceed to shadow box, then hug again with more groping and Y2j actually hooks his leg round christian which made it even funnier then the original groping.

ME: Dudleys V La Resistance (table, non-title match)
("We want tables" chant, resonates around the Superdome from start to finish of match) Starts off with obligatiry brawling, gets back in the ring, and La Resistance is down.
D'Von under the ring for bag of goodies??? first out is a boomerang, used to crotch Rene, next is a cricket bat(second biggest pop of the night) which scons Sylvan in the head. Third are some balls which Bubba juggles then pegs into Rene's nuts, and last is a football which bubba passes to Sylvan then proceeds to axe him in a footy tackle. Bubba gets the ball back off Sylvan, turns to Rene who tries to tackle him, Bubba puts on the BIG STEP, and dives for the corner to score a great *try* (biggest pop of the night)
Dudleys then put Rene through a table, hold up the aussi flag, lead an AUSSIE, AUSSIE, AUSSIE, Oi,Oi,Oi, chant and we're DONE.

*try* is the Rugby version of a touchdown, for the uninformed.

GREAT SHOW, too much fun too even sum up here, though i did cram in more then a fair share of it.
Next time they're here i'll be first in line.

PS: match of the night was Test V Val, with runner-up to Christian V Steiner.
MVP was a toss up between Chistian, Dudleys and Y2J, but if forced to choose Christian gets the nod for being in two HILARIOUS segments

Three oinkers wearing pants, a plate of hot air, a basket of grandma's breakfast and change a bull to a gill, got it.
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Well Lesnar got a best of DVD from the WWE after being there only like a year. Its the same reason they made a Jeff Hardy DVD = money. Christian is one of their top draws, so they want a TNA DVD featuring him on the shelves as soon as possible.
- The Vile1, Future TNA Releases....WTF?? (2006)
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