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The W - Pro Wrestling - Russo Finally Did It
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Well, tonight's NWA:TNA PPV was definitely a mixed bag, with the very solid debut of D-Lo Brown being overshadowed by the long-awaited appearance of bare breasts on the show (perhaps trying to steal the thunder of the GGW PPV?) after all these many months. So to review:

The Good:
- D-LO!!!! His debut was very strong, the crowd was into him, and he cut a very solid promo that was inside but not so inside as to lose people. The interaction at the top of the card was a promising sign, and I for one would love to see a Jarrett vs. D-Lo match. Suddenly with Jarrett, Raven, Styles, D-Lo, and Killings at the top of the card there's a very interesting group of people striving for the NWA belt.

- Glen Gilberti gave what I felt was the promo of his life, and for one evening gave focus and reason to the TNA angle. He was intense and on-task when lecturing the SEX group and basically becoming the de facto leader in Russo's absence. The segment with Sanders helped to foster dissension while throwing a bone to smarks with the Nash reference. Sadly, his good run wouldn't last....

- The three-way X division title match was a fun spot-fest even if everything didn't hit perfectly. The slow morphing of Kid Kash into a face with an edge is going nicely and without any of the usual Russo swerving. The interaction with Red is adding personality to both of them, which is surely needed. And geez did Trinity take that bump good....god I love that girl

- AMW continues the run of good matches. This match told its story very well, letting AMW get slowly overwhelmed until they just could not handle the 3-on-2 interference any longer. If it weren't for Los Guerreros I might say the 2 best teams in the USA were involved in this match tonight.

- The main event was a match that while not spectacular was certainly not a bad match I thought, and worth a mention in the good column. Raven and A.J. are an odd pairing, but they don't clash so badly as to make the match unwatchable. Though it seems no heavyweight can figure out how to take the Styles Clash bump.

The Bad:
- My ability to keep track of time deserves a mention here, as I totally lost track of time, and thus missed the Lynn/Young vs. Halloween/Damien match, and the opening of D-Lo's promo.

- While it was kind of funny to see someone get screwed while Sandman does the walk through the crowd, the hardcore tag match just was not good. At least it was short, so that's a good thing.

The Ugly:
- The Three Faces of Nepotism show up on my tv again, and the Flair family lineage is insulted as well. Why Erik Watts is given money to ever do anything in public is beyond me. Though Dusty tried to pull the interview to the heights of mediocrity by slapping Brian Lawler (always a good thing) even that and double bionic elbows couldn't overcome the sheer ugly wrongness of this angle. I hope for this to peter out soon.

- He yelled HOOO!!!! I cried NOOO!!!!! Yes, the Hacksaw proved that all debuts are not created equal. I should have known that as we prepare for war that he would drag the 2x4 out of retirement to vex me once more. Even sadder was the fact that the cheap heat of the USA chant got the most heat of anything all night long.

- Boobies. I've seen them many times before, sometimes even without having to pay for the privilege, so I was not all that impressed by their appearance. This sketch kept Glen Gilberti from having the best night of his wrestling life, though the mocking of Athena was amusing. Hopefully now that Russo got to show breasts on TNA it's out of his system and things will get away from such silliness in the future.

Overall I enjoyed the night, despite a couple of awful segments. The good was worth more than the bad/ugly could take away, so I give it a thumbs up. I'm quite interested to see where the Ron Killings angle is going to end up, as he didn't even appear on this week's show, though he was mentioned as if things are in the works.

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It's False

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I'm just SHOCKED that it took Russo this long to realize "Hey, I'm on PPV! Anything goes!" and bring on actual nudity. There's one problem, though. There are KIDS in the audience! Wasn't Jerry Jarrett pushing for less adult-oriented material? I've got to believe he was unaware that this would happen. And what a way to blow a potential TV deal. After showing actual nudity, I don't know if a cable network would touch them with a ten-foot pole. Unless of course, a premium network like HBO wants to get in on wrestling. (Hey, I can dream, can't I?)

But all that aside, nothing can take away from the debut of D-LO BROWN!!! Damn right, you hit your head on the glass ceiling, D-Lo! He was held down by "The Man" and that man's name just happens to be McMahon (bet you thought I'd say Triple H). A D-Lo/Jeff Jarrett match looks to be in our future...which I haven't seen since 1998. Both guys have improved a lot since then, so this could be one to watch.

But then again, the show spiraled down the toilet again. Why is Jim Duggan still wrestling?! I thought this guy retired by now! Does ANYBODY give a shit about him anymore? And why put him over a guy who's going to help carry your program for years to come?

I was pleasantly surprised to learn of the debut of Damian 666 and Halloween. Last I heard, they were working that cesspool of an organization known as XPW. Glad to hear they took a step up. (Yes folks, there IS a level lower than TNA and indies. It's called XPW.)

I'm torn on whether I should order another show again. With the arrival of D-Lo, the developing three-way feud between Raven, Styles, and Jarrett, and the debut of La Parka looking more imminent by the week, it could be worth dropping another $10.

But then again...there's always the chance I'll be given CRAP like last week.

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Yeah, I thought it was a pretty solid show this week -- not having a 20 minute Russo blather section helped a lot, although I think Gilberti mentioned his name about two dozen times.

The tag title match was pretty neat -- I don't find AMW exciting, per se, but they can have a good match with pretty much anytone, so put 'em with Ki and Daniels and it'll be a ton of fun.

I really liked the X match, too, but I'm a total spot mark. Trinity got DESTROYED on the outside, huh? The end of that match seemed weak, since they couldn't get that hopping-onto-Kash's-shoulders spot right, deespite trying twice.

Duggan is AWFUL. That match sucked worse than anything since Cheex, I think.

The Lynn/Young vs. Halloween/Damian match was kinda awkward. Was Halloween masked in WCW? Was he the guy in black and orange? I can't remember.

The Harris Boys doubleteaming and squashing Corino as Sandman wandered, drunk and oblivious, through the audience, was HILARIOUS.

D-Lo looks good. Good entrance. Speaking of which, both he and Styles got entrance videos -- that's new, eh?

I got my money's worth this week.


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First I'll say, I like Jim Duggan. Secondly, Sanders really bores me inside and outside the ring. Hopefully this doesn't mean he is going for the title though.

I SAW BOOBIES OMAIGOD! That really wasn't necessary, it lowered the show's potential to me. If I wanted to see naked chicks I could flip on my computer. The mix of sex and wrestling is really pissing me off, because I know I'm missing a rare WRESTLING match. So with that little skit on TNA I guess I'll never see Sting there either...

I made a bet with my friend that D'lo would pop up on NWA TNA. Being Down with the Brown made me $5 richer, thanks D'lo.

Gah! What's the big deal about Eric Watts? Ever since he appeared in WCW 6 or 7 years ago and later ECW he's been hyped like he is Matt Hardy Ver.2! If he was so big he would of made it in WWE by now.

I'm the only one that thinks this but, I wanted Trinity to get injured when that new guy fell on her. I laughed when she moonsaulted to early, barely hit Red, and almost busted her knee. I wanted Red to sit on her face like last week. Trinity is an annoying little woman, and Kash is stupid looking stoner. Here's to the Yankee Amazing Red.

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#5 Posted on
Where can I find images of tonight's event anyway?

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That's awesome that they brought in D'Lo, but there's one thing that kinda bugs me about the whole thing: isn't the name D'Lo Brown a WWE trademark? I would have to assume so. Anyone know if he ever used the name before coming to the WWE?
Mr. Boffo

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Click Here (, he also apparently used that name in Smoky Mountain Wrestling, and in ECW.

NOTE: The above post makes no sense. We apologize for the inconvenience.
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    Originally posted by It's False
    After showing actual nudity, I don't know if a cable network would touch them with a ten-foot pole.
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Before they kissed and made up, I would have liked to seen Vince vs Bob Costas on CB. Sure VKM would have beaten the man to a pulp. Laurer against Stephanie or HHH would have had more interest, but of course neither would have happened.
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