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21.6.18 2245
The W - Pro Wrestling - Rumble Reaction Thread
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Kane Is Ugly

Since: 14.7.03
From: Uglyville

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#1 Posted on | Instant Rating: 3.95
No surprises, but Vince fucking his leg up is the best part of the show. That was awesome.

And, the Snitsky/Heidenrich backstage segment was so gay. I mean, the gayest thing on PPV ever.

I miss the GWF.
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The Goon

Since: 2.1.02
From: Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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#2 Posted on | Instant Rating: 8.08
My highlight was the abuse of Puder, and then hearing Hardcore Holly's music. Everyone in the living room sat up and rubbed their hands in anticipation.

Since: 5.7.03

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#3 Posted on | Instant Rating: 4.89
Can someone explain what happened to Vince? The Torch described it but it was kind of muddled and I didn't quite get their meaning.

BTW, the Holly-Puder thing sounds brilliant.

I never, to the best of my knowledge, cut my toenails.
Lap cheong

Since: 18.6.02
From: North Cacalacky

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#4 Posted on | Instant Rating: 6.71
Hey, it's the Royal Rumble. Traditionally the third most popular PPV of the year right behind WrestleMania and the September In Your House. Because we all know how important the September In Your House is.

Maven (who's still employed) v. Rhyno is the Heat match. Maven won by holding the ropes. They lost the feed for a minute and we were treated to a picture of Steve Austin. Dull but not horrible.

Heat ended with a REALLY fucking cool video package highlighting past Royal Rumbles.

Edge d. Shawn Michaels: Am I the only one who loves Edge's new theme music? Edge won when he reversed a rollup and held the ropes. Great match. You could tell both of these guys were trying to put on a classic. And, while I wouldn't say it was a classic, it was extremely good and their hard work paid off.

Ric Flair & Eddie Guerrero (wearing the greatest suit EVER) both drew numbers. Ric looked really happy and danced while Eddie was dissapointed. Eddie congratulated Ric and hugged him. Later, Ric showed off his number and Eric & Teddy both asked if he was truly happy. Ric looked at his number again and it was revealed that Eddie swapped. Both these guys are incredibly entertaining.

Heidenreich and Snitsky professed their man-love for each other. Oh god, they really are doing Heidenrech & Snitsky v. Undertaker & Kane at WrestleMania. Worst. Mania. Match. EVER~!

Undertaker d. Heidenreich: Please, god, let it be short. Horrible match (shocker, I know). Snitsky interfered to help Heidenreich, but Kane appeared in the casket and thwarted that. Big spot was Undertaker putting Heidenreich half in the casket and then legdropping the lid onto the back of Heidenreich, which was actually pretty cool looking. Undertaker won after a chokeslam and tombstone. Heidenreich obviously has no clue what he's doing in the ring, and Undertaker looked visibly upset at points. That Undertaker & Kane v. Snitsky & Heidenreich match is gonna' make the Undertaker & Kane v. Kronic match look like Bret/Owen from WrestleMania X by comparison.

Teddy made Eddie give Ric back his number (say THAT 10 times fast). It was revealed that Eddie also stole Ric's wallet. Hunter & Batista had a small confrontation.

Christian & Cena had a confrontation. Christian challenged Cena to a rap-off. He asked Tyson to give him a beat, but Tyson refused which was funny. Christian did a bad freestyle, but actually got over because of it (gotta' love Christian!). Cena then did a better one. Really entertaining segment, actually.

John Bradshaw Layfield d. Big Show and Kurt Angle: Better than what I was expecting, but still not good. Two big spots were Angle knocking Show off the steps and through the table and Big Show and JBL crashing through the barricades. After that a stretcher came for JBL. Meanwhile, Show had the match won but Jindrak pulled the ref out and he and Luther Reigns attacked Show. Orlando Jordan threw JBL into the ring and he hit Angle with the lariat for the win. For the first time, I saw what people meant about Angle's arms atrophying. They just looked mis-shapen.

Batista refused to sign Carlito's petition. Carlito threatened to spit the apple in Batista's face, but Batista threatened to shove the petition up Carlito's ass, and Carlito said he was just kidding. VIVA CARLITO~! Dave then went to get his number, and Eric mentioned that Evolution was barred from ringside during the title match. He asked Dave if he wanted to tell Hunter or if he wanted Eric to tell him. Batista said he would and looked happy at the thought of it.

WrestleMania 21 commercial aired. It was a spoof of Forrest Gump, and ended with an excited Eugene hitting the girl on the bench. William Regal then told him to run. Okay then.

Triple H d. Randy Orton: Eh. Pretty dull. Randy went for a DDT and Hunter blocked. Randy then supposedly hit his head and gave himself a concussion. To his credit, he sold it extremely well, but it didn't make for excitement in the ring. Hunter beat him clean with the pedigree.

Teddy announced JBL v. Big Show in a barbed-wire steel cage match at No Way Out

JR & Tazz are commentating the Rumble like last year, which is cool. They only have an hour of satellite feed left, so they'll have to rush this match.

Royal Rumble: Eddie Guerrero is #1. Chris Benoit is #2. Well, this should rule. #3 is Daniel Puder. #4 Hardcore Holly. Puder is eliminated after being beaten on the whole match. What a burial. #5 is Hurricane and Holly is eliminated. #6 was Kenzo Suzuki. Edge came in at #7 and actually got a big pop. #8 was Rey Mysterio. Suzuki was eliminated. #9 is Shelton Benjamin. #10 is Booker T. Eric Bischoff came down to cheer on the RAW guys. Chris Jericho is in at #11. So right now we have Benoit, Guerrero, Edge, Mysterio, Benjamin, and Booker all in the ring. It's like some sort of "King of the Workrate" match. Teddy Long came down to cheer on SmackDown. #12 is Luther Reigns. The RAW & SmackDown guys got on seperate parts of the ring and then went after each other. Crowd loved that. Muhammad Hassan is #13. Is it wrong that I love his theme? Oh, and Daivari rules as his manager. Everyone in the ring surrounded him and eliminated him. Orlando Jordan in #14. Scotty Too Hotty was #15 but got attacked by Hassan and never entered the match. Charlie Haas is #16. Luther & Orlando are both eliminated. Booker T was eliminated by his tag partner, Eddie Guerrero. #17 is Rene Dupree. Haas & Benjamin teamed up against him. Remember when Haas turned heel a month ago? Neither did the crowd. Shelton was eliminated by Edge. #18 is Simon Dean. He warmed up before entering the ring. Eddie was eliminated and the crowd booed that. When Eddie went to the back, the crowd chanted his name. God, he's over. #19 was Shawn Michaels and he immediatley eliminated Dean. Haas was eliminated. #20 is Kurt Angle. He beat on everybody, but was eliminated by Shawn Michaels. #21 is Coach. Tazz was hilarious in burying RAW for letting Coach be in the Rumble. #22 was Mark Jindrak. Angle came back in the match and eliminated Shawn, then beat him with the steps and put him in the anklelock. So, that match is happening at WrestleMania, I guess. #23 is Viscera. #24 is Paul London. Dupree was eliminated. #25 was John Cena and he got a HYOOGE pop~! He eliminated Viscera. #26 was Gene Snitsky. He tried to eliminated London, but Paul landed on the apron. Gene then clotheslined him and London took an insane bump, flipping and damn near landing on his head on the floor. They stretchered him out. #27 was Kane. Jindrak was eliminated. #28 was Batista and he too got a HYOOGE pop~! He eliminated Snitsky. He then demon-bombed Kane. He eliminated Jericho. #29 was Christian. Kane was eliminated. #30 was Ric Flair. Snitsky was possibly injured on his elimination as their were officials tending to him outside. Coach was eliminated. Christian was eliminated. Benoit was eliminated. Flair tried to turn on Batista, but Batista caught him. He stared Flair down, but Edge & Mysterio dropkicked him before he could do anything. Ric Flair was then eliminated.

Final 4: John Cena, Edge, Batista, and Rey Mysterio. Yep, Rey Mysterio is in the Final 4. Whodathunkit? Edge eliminated Rey with a spear. Edge was then eliminated by both Batista & Cena. Batista and John Cena are our final two. The crowd loved this. They both went over at the same time in a nasty bump. They announced each as winner. The crowd seemed more behind Cena. In fact, some in the crowd actually booed Batista while Cena got huge pops. Vince came down to the ring. He tripped and it almost looked like he fucked up his knee. He ordered a restart. Batista then eliminated John Cena. Well, that ending sucked. Especially since the crowd seemed to like Cena more.

Overall, a really good Rumble, but nothing spectacular. They did some major time-shaving too. At some points the intervals seemed less than a minute. Show ended at 10:57pm.

The answer to WWE's financial problems...

Never 'Wiener of the Day', and is actually quite bitter about it.

Since: 25.11.02
From: Jersey

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#5 Posted on | Instant Rating: 2.10
I don't mind the ending, but why did they feel the need to do the stop/start thing? Was it supposed to be a tease that they were going to do the Rock/Big Show "whose feet touched first?" angle, and then didn't? Just seemed pointless if they were still going to end it with Batista winning over Cena.

Oh, and I totally marked out for the Shelton Benjamin/Charlie Haas double-team.

Since: 3.1.02
From: Calgary

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#6 Posted on | Instant Rating: 5.80
-Interesting idea to open with Edge/HBK. Surprisingly good bout, strung together with the "Edge can't beat Shawn...unless he cheats" story.
-The backstage segments with Bischoff & Long worked REALLY well.
-The Casket Match was...okayish. When a crap match is made better through tons of run-ins, you know it's a really crap match.
-The Triple Threat was pretty good. I love the booking of Big Show as the, y'know, big lug who can't be beaten but CAN be outsmarted. The interference felt like a cop-out, but the fact that it's building up to something (via the Bischoff/Long conversations ending up booking the Barbed Wire Cage Match at No Way Out) made it better.
-The World Title Match was just...there. I don't get having Orton lose via getting knocked loopy. It doesn't work for me.
-The Rumble. I SO called Benoit & Eddie starting. I liked the "everyone hates Puder" segment. I liked Benoit & Eddie backing each other up, only to turn on each other later. The ending was odd, as the 1994 Finish CAN be lifted without dragging out Vince, but I guess they wanted a definative winner. Now Batista gets HIS shot, Cena can claim victory and go after JBL and all's well.

Overall, a reasonably good show bolstered by a strong Rumble.

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Since: 29.10.02
From: New York

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#7 Posted on | Instant Rating: 1.22
Before someone jumps on this PPV for sucking in some minor way, let me sing it's praises. Everything was, at the worst, entertaining. Even the casket match had the crowd going. I think the key is there were no whore breaks or meaningless tag team match to fill time. Everything that happened had a reason and a buildup. Hey, at least now we can look forward to that dream Angle/Michaels match. And BIG DAVE RULES YOUR MAMMA.

Vince fucking his leg up was the best part though, I agree.
Randy knocking HIMSELF out from an offensive DDT was pretty close though.

Edit: I disagree about the crowd being solidly behind Cena, though. There were definitely not many boos for Dave - I think what was really happening was that when they did the "No *I* won the match" parts, Cena got the majority of the teenie boppers and girls while Batista got a very different, deeper holler from the men in the crowd. That's at least what it sounded like to me. Dave was definitely big time over, at the least.

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The Goon

Since: 2.1.02
From: Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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#8 Posted on | Instant Rating: 8.08
Overall I have to say thumbs up to the show.

Edge-Michaels: Decent match, shorter than I thought it would be.

Heidenreich-Taker: Better than it had any reason to be (expectations were low). We all thought Snitsky was in the casket, and when he showed up, we pretty much all said "Kane's in there". The match went a little long.

Triple Threat: Poor finish, but the destruction of the crowd barrier was a nice touch.

Orton-Hunter: Did anyone else find this a strange match, in terms of overselling the "concussion"? It seemed like all the timing in the match died after that.

Rumble: Great start with Eddie and Benoit. Puder's beating and elimination had us giggling with glee. Coach and Simon Dean were wasted entries. Ric's weak attempt to throw out big Dave was a nice touch, setting the seeds of dissension further. The finale was risky, good thing they didn't show the replay (does anyone know who landed first?). Congrats to Big Dave.

Also...GREAT backstage vignettes. Eddie switching his and Ric's number (AND stealing his wallet) was hilarious! Christian's rap was painfully entertaining.

"Tomko, give me a beat."

"I like you too, Gene. But I don't like caskets." CREEPY.
Potato korv

Since: 11.12.01
From: Valparaiso, IN

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#9 Posted on | Instant Rating: 8.80
The one thing I really want to mention is Orton's pathetic non-selling of his injured knee after he sat in the figure four for like three minutes. I mean are you kidding me? I watched the show with someone who doesn't care as much about that stuff as I do and was actually offended by how awful that was. Orton's just jumping off the top rope and running around and I felt bad that HHH had to be in there with someone so absent-minded. Even Lawler had a very particular tone of voice when he noticed Orton just get up and bounce around: "Oh I guess you have remarkable recouperative powers at 24." Horrible.

Edge/Michaels was decent and at 18 minutes they had time. They may have been trying to put on a classic but it was nowhere near. If I were going to * rate it I'd say **1/2 or so. It was OK but it was lacking something, like flow and better pacing.

Casket match sucked and had some of the worst brawling I've ever seen.

JBL/Angle/Show was a fun match and went really well, better than I was expecting. I thought it'd be kind of alright. Instead it was pretty good.

HHH/Orton was all on Orton and it sucked. Crowd did not care about the match at all. Orton got some "Randy sucks" chants though.

Rumble match was a ton of fun. No huge, big-name favorite and it made for a match where a lot of guys were on similar levels. I mean I figured it was Cena or Batista but you're looking at it and you think, "Well yeah, Eddie could win. Yeah Benoit could win." The WGTT double-teams were awesome. The Raw v. Smackdown bit was really great. Starting with Eddie/Benoit is a nice idea, letting Eddie do 28 minutes and Benoit do about 48 was great. Puder dying was lots of fun. They stuck a ton of the athletes in early to get the place into the match, which was a good idea.

The Hassan segment was borderline uncomfortable as all races and nations unite to attack the Arab-American.

And whomever picked Paul London to have the nastiest elimination, you win.

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Since: 15.6.03
From: Eire

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#10 Posted on | Instant Rating: 0.79
Very good Rumble, all round card was better then last year.

Opener was solid but a little disappointing.

Casket match was entertaining, not a mat classic but entertaing when the casket was involved.

3-way was very solid, nice exchanges, ending made JBL look better then a tainted finish.

World title match was very smartly booked, clean finish with Orton not coming out weak.

Rumble match was just awesome from start to finish, better then last year, but down the line i might have to look back and decide. The booking was awesome, Raw vs. Smackdown squaring off then all of them teaming up on Hassan was brilliant. Michaels and Angle will rule at 'Mania, can't wait for the build. Props for leaving Mysterio in with final 4. In the end the right man won.

Also every backstage segment ruled.

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#11 Posted on | Instant Rating: 5.01
Batista hit first. Cena kind of landed on top of him. I was all for restarting the match, but restarting it and having it go for 30 seconds? Bleh. Cena didn't get to FU ANYBODY. What a travesty. Tomko should've caught Christian and thrown him back in the ring. People who aren't elimnated (Scotty, Shawn) really annoy me. At least Scotty never made it to the ring and was thus never actually involved in the match. Maven and Michaels should form the "Never eliminated" tag team.

Fun show to watch. Couldn't hear most of the audio in the bar I was at, but WE were into the Triple H/Randy Orton match. I really hate it when they book endings where the loser doesn't get in any offense for a couple minutes though. Orton dies. Orton is dead. Orton is dead. Orton stumbles around with the sledge and dies again. Orton is dead. Orton is dead. Pedigree. Triple H wins. Just a little anti-climatic. Of course, this seems to happen with a lot of Triple H wins that I remember watching. You keep waiting for the face to kick out and have a bit of a comeback... and he just doesn't.

Nothing that happened on the show convinced me to watch either Raw or Smackdown. But I might just be back for No Way Out and the Barbwire Cage Match.


Oh, and we were all cheering during the Hassan beat-down. And cheering during the Scotty beat-down. We just enjoyed the violence...

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I look at all the choices I've made these past few years, and it seems like I've been playing "Marty-ball" with my life. Ugh.

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#12 Posted on | Instant Rating: 3.16
Hey this was the first PPV since Mania that I really enjoyed top to bottom. The one thing that killed Big Dave's heat was when he eliminated Flair. I think the pop for his win would have been much bigger had Cena been the one who tossed Flair over. I dunno if I would go as far as Wade Keller on my star ratings on the show but it was really fun the whole time and as my friend pointed out the Rumble is like the WWE's all star game. Also Paul London is insane.

Since: 3.1.02
From: Calgary

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#13 Posted on | Instant Rating: 5.80
Somehow after watching this year's Rumble, I'm thinking that Benoit & Guerrero have moved into the final act of their careers. I mean, they're both in their mid-to-late 30s and have both FINALLY won their World Titles, so now they're working (especially Benoit) to establish young guys.

Question: What the hell was the point of Triple H working over Orton's knee if it wasn't going to be part of the finish?

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Mr Heel II
Lap cheong

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#14 Posted on | Instant Rating: 6.21
What in the HELL was Vince thinking, trying to do Edge's slide into the ring?

Great Rumble. The Rumble always has some witty and unexpected shenanigans, and this one did not disappoint. The Puder stuff, the Hassan gang-up, and the takeoff on the West Side Story theme between the RAW and Smackdown superstars was all excellent.

Christian stole the backstage segments. "I just signed a petition to get you fired!" Then telling Tomko to give him a beat and Tomko saying "No"...Awesome.

Paul London's crash landing was frightening and beautiful at the same time. He pulled off what looked like a perfect landing while looking like he was dead at the same time.

A WWE barbed wire match?!?

Good show.
Lap cheong

Since: 18.6.02
From: North Cacalacky

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#15 Posted on | Instant Rating: 6.71
    Originally posted by BWT
    Hey this was the first PPV since Mania that I really enjoyed top to bottom.

One of the great things about this show, as others have said, was that everything meant something. There were a lot of backstage skits, but it all meant and lead up to something, and it really did a good job in tying the whole show together. It's too bad WWE doesn't do that more often, instead relying on backstage skits to be filler and not as build-up to something more important.

The answer to WWE's financial problems...

Never 'Wiener of the Day', and is actually quite bitter about it.

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#16 Posted on | Instant Rating: 5.21
So, who got the 15th Smackdown slot? Was it ever mentioned?

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Since: 3.1.02
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#17 Posted on | Instant Rating: 5.80
    Originally posted by BigDaddyLoco
    So, who got the 15th Smackdown slot? Was it ever mentioned?

    (edited by BigDaddyLoco on 30.1.05 2356)

Nunzio, but Kurt Angle stole it.

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The Vile1
Lap cheong

Since: 4.9.02
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#18 Posted on | Instant Rating: 3.33
Its not a barbed wire match. Its just a cage with barbed wire at the top. Its the same match Ric Flair and Hulk Hogan had for the world title at Uncensored 1999.

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#19 Posted on
    Originally posted by OMEGA
    They did some major time-shaving too. At some points the intervals seemed less than a minute. Show ended at 10:57pm.

I was timing the intervals, and about the shortest they got was 1:15 or so, while there was a HUGE gap after Puder came in (about 2:20) and then about two more minutes after Holly came in.

    Originally posted by The Goon
    (does anyone know who landed first?)

In slow-mo it looked VERY close, you couldn't see Cena's left foot as Batista's right foot hit. Cena's knee was bent over Batista's upper body, so his foot could have been hitting then too.

Oh, and Vince hitting the ring got replayed about ten times. Seeing him try to stand up and then his legs buckling was quite the thing to see in slow motion.

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Polska kielbasa

Since: 2.12.04
From: Detroit, MI

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#20 Posted on | Instant Rating: 2.91
AWESOME PPV. This honestly set a huge bar for Wrestlemania 21 to have to reach, and I don't mean by workrate. I mean in entertainment value. I'm as much of a workrate hog as any other denizen of this board, but there is no way that I can denounce any part of this show in good conscience. The bad (Heidenreich/Snitsky) was hysterical, the so-so (HHH/Orton match) cleared up a nagging WWE error while showcasing that Orton can at least sell concussions damned well, and the rest was great stuff. Personal highlights include:

-JBL proclaiming himself "wrestling god" over and over and over and over.
-Christian commenting to Christie and Torrie, who were working the Rumble number wheel "Wow, that's a hard job. You should be proud of yourselves." You know what, just anything Christian said or did in the backstage stuff, heh.
-Heidenreich opening the casket to make sure no one was in there, before moving it.
-Everyone destroying Hassan and then dumping him. The Emagine theatre went NUTS for that.
-Nearly every wrestler mocking the wrestler they just threw out of the Rumble.
-Batista and Cena throwing each other over the top rope to prove they won, while the refs conferred as to who won.
-Eugene as Forrest Gump and Regal as.....Jenny?
-Vince's Rose/Fosse slide, throwing him onto the WWE knee injury list.

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