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23.9.17 0051
The W - Pro Wrestling - Royal Rumble Odds game...
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Super Shane Spear

Since: 2.1.02
From: Sector 7 Slums

Since last post: 2657 days
Last activity: 2657 days
#1 Posted on
Here's the game if you've never played. You have one thousand (1000) dollars to spend. You must spend all of it. The money you make comes from the different odds on different wrestlers. Obviously, the higher the risk, the higher the payoff could be.

Example: You bet $500 on Undertaker to win the Royal Rumble at 7:1 odds, you win $3,500. You bet $200 on Austin to win at 1:1 odds, you win $200.

(Royal Rumble)
Steve Austin 1:1
Triple H 2:1
Kurt Angle 4:1
Rob Van Dam 6:1
Undertaker 7:1
Booker T 9:1
Kane 10:1
Bradshaw 15:1
Test 15:1
Big Show 15:1
Rikishi 20:1
Mr. Perfect 25:1
Jeff Hardy 25:1
Albert 30:1
Billy 30:1
Christian 40:1
Val Venis 40:1
Perry Saturn 50:1
Diamond Dallas Page 50:1
Bossman 50:1
Al Snow 75:1
Matt Hardy 75:1
The Hurricane 100:1
Lance Storm 100:1
Any Other Wrestler 200:1
Chuck 200:1
Godfather 250:1
Scotty 2 Hotty 1,000:1
Faarooq 1,000:1
Goldust 5,000:1
Maven 20,000:1

(WWF Title)
Rock 1:1
Jericho 3:1

(Owner match)
Vince 2:1
Flair 3:1

(Icee match)
Edge 1:1
Regal 4:1

(Woman's match)
Jazz 1:1
Trish 2:1

(Tag Team match)
Dudley Boyz 1:1
Spike and Tazz 10:1

As for my money.

$500 on Rob Van Dam
$250 on Vince
$250 on Jericho

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Head cheese

Since: 16.1.02
From: New Hampshire

Since last post: 5245 days
Last activity: 4387 days
#2 Posted on
I'll play your game you rougue...

$500 on Y2J
$500 on Tazz and Spike

"Me: Oh, I never watched WCW.

Booker: Why not?

Me: Because WCW is 4 FAGZ!

Booker: Goodbye.


(interview ends)

whgat a homosexual booker tea si!"

--Hot Newz

Since: 3.1.02
From: Calgary

Since last post: 1370 days
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#3 Posted on
Ok, I'll bite...

Here's my bets:
$200 on Angle to win in the Rumble,
$200 on HHH to win in the Rumble,
$300 on Jericho to retain the Undisputed Title,
$200 on Flair to win the Owner Match
and my long shot
$100 on Tazz/Spike to retain the Tag Titles

Benoitaholic #258

Since: 6.1.02
From: not Japan

Since last post: 4053 days
Last activity: 4050 days
#4 Posted on
$500 on Jericho to win

$200 Regal

$300 HHH

this is why I am sort of glad the horse track closed.


Since: 6.1.02
From: Brooklyn, NY

Since last post: 4 days
Last activity: 17 hours
#5 Posted on
1,000 on Tazz and Spike to retain.

That 10 grand in the bank baby. Everything else seems more or less believable, but 10:1 against retaining? I don't think I'd give 10:1 odds against anyone in any straight-up PPV match.


"Excuse me, do you have any EuroDisney T-Shirts?"
January 2nd, 2002. Paris, France. My proudest moment.
Head cheese

Since: 2.1.02
From: Chandler, AZ

Since last post: 177 days
Last activity: 1 day
#6 Posted on
OK... here we go:

$500 on Triple H
$300 on Jericho to retain
$100 on Flair
$100 on Any Other Wrestler in the Rumble (Somehow I have this idea in my head that Jericho will find a loophole and get in the Rumble, think I have been working too hard lately..)
Summer sausage

Since: 10.1.02
From: Tennessee

Since last post: 2034 days
Last activity: 1793 days
#7 Posted on
Here goes:

$500 on HHH

$250 on Kurt Angle

$100 on Jericho

$150 on Flair

Go Buckeyes. Michigan sucks.

Since: 5.1.02
From: Oregon

Since last post: 5661 days
Last activity: 5650 days
#8 Posted on
O.K. here are my picks
200 on HHH for Rumble
100 on Angle for Rumble
50 on Perfect for Rumble
50 on any unlisted wrestler for Rumble

200 on Jericho for World
300 on Regal for IC
100 on Vince

Marge all I did was marry her. We didn't make whoopie or even mouth whoopie.
Polska kielbasa

Since: 2.1.02

Since last post: 5689 days
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#9 Posted on
$500 on HHH to win the Rumble
$200 on Any Other Wrestler winning the Rumble
$150 on Flair defeating McMahon
$1.98 on Stratus over Jazz
$148.02 on Jericho (who I think will lose the title between Rumble and Wrestlemania).

Since: 2.1.02
From: Edison, New Jersey, America

Since last post: 5517 days
Last activity: 5517 days
#10 Posted on
A thousand dollars? SWEET! Now I can get a new Devils jersey, a Nords jersey, maybe a Trenton Titans jer-::gets slapped::-OW! OK! I'll bet! I'll bet! Yeesh...

$2.00 on Tazz/Spike to retain.
$1.00 on Jazz to beat Trish
$7.00 on Flair to beat Vince to a bloody pulp
$10 on Edge to retain
$80 on Jericho to retain
$900 on HHH to win the Rumble.

What? I can smell a Rumble win by the Game this time around. He is That Damn Good™, apparently.

...Some fear the Pink...
...But many fear....THE MOUNTIE!
(He's handsome, he's brave, and he's strong, you know)

Since: 2.1.02
From: Houston, TX

Since last post: 1611 days
Last activity: 1610 days
#11 Posted on | Instant Rating: 0.00
I also put all $1000 on Tazz and Spike.

PWG - Project Worship Gangrel

Since: 19.1.02

Since last post: 4413 days
Last activity: 4007 days
#12 Posted on
20,000:1 odds on Maven? Don't know if I agree with that... I could think of a much more plausible story that would justify him winning than say, Bossman. But with odds like that, I might as well put a little money on him.

$1 on Maven.
$500 on Jericho.
$499 on Flair.

Since: 7.1.02

Since last post: 5693 days
Last activity: 5668 days
#13 Posted on
Triple H for 250, Jericho for 250 and Flair for 500.
Mr. Cactuar

Since: 14.1.02
From: Cactuar Island

Since last post: 5166 days
Last activity: 5159 days
#14 Posted on
I'm too young to gamble. (17 years old)

But I'd go with the $10000 10:1 odds for Tazz and Spike. Simplicity rocks.

99,999 NEEDLES~!

Since: 2.1.02
From: Jersey City, NJ

Since last post: 5268 days
Last activity: 4555 days
#15 Posted on
$400 on HHH
$300 on Jericho
$100 on Spike/Tazz
$200 on Vinne Mac

One thing I've learned... never bet against a McMahon. This is the man who put himself over Austin in the actual RUMBLE. I'd rather be pleasantly surprised and be out a 100 bucks than be pissed off AND broke. This way you win either way. (Same with Jericho and Spike/Tazz)

"They had nine months, and the best name they could come up with was Christian? That would be like my Mom and Dad calling me 'Jew!'" - Paul Heyman, Raw 03.09.01
Evil Antler God
Potato korv

Since: 10.1.02

Since last post: 4005 days
Last activity: 2131 days
#16 Posted on
Fitty cent on Flair over McMahon, $999.50 on GANGREL~! winning the Rumble

Since: 3.1.02
From: C-Bus, Ohio

Since last post: 5449 days
Last activity: 5449 days
#17 Posted on
$200 on Triple H
$200 on Kurt Angle
$50 on Booker T
$1 on Val Venis

$400 on Chris Jericho

I'll make up my own bet, sue me.

$149 on the fact that the Rumble goes off the air without us having a clear-cut winner.

And I think you're fat. So how do you like me now?


Since: 4.1.02
From: The Hague, Netherlands (Europe)

Since last post: 9 days
Last activity: 7 hours
#18 Posted on

$200 on Trish retaining.
$200 on Angle winning the Rumble
$200 on Jericho retaining
$200 on Vince
$200 on Spike/Tazz

and a $1,000,000 (imaginative) bonus for those that can make sure no original nWo members appear on the screen!

The real reason HBK has never made that much talked about comeback used to bounce out of synch with the other Nitro Girls.

Since: 2.1.02

Since last post: 1138 days
Last activity: 1138 days
#19 Posted on
$250 on Flair
$250 on Jericho
$250 on Regal
$250 on Triple H

"A lot of guys on this team have a lot of bark, but no bite. Guys have to just shut up and play."
-- WR Keyshawn Johnson, following the playoff loss to Philadelphia


Since: 6.1.02
From: Brooklyn, NY

Since last post: 4 days
Last activity: 17 hours
#20 Posted on
I don't think I'd give 10:1 odds against anyone in any straight-up PPV match.

Sorry, let me amend that. I don't think I'd give 10:1 odds against anyone in any straight up PPV match ever since Hulk Hogan retired.

Actually, I can think of one. I would have given Meat 10:1 odds against Kurt Angle in Angle's debut match (was that at the R.R. two years or three years ago?)


"Excuse me, do you have any EuroDisney T-Shirts?"
January 2nd, 2002. Paris, France. My proudest moment.
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I think the Lawler photographing a naked chick piece was shown on Raw a few weeks ago. And, if I understand correctly, they have a rerun if it's a holiday weekend, even if said holiday is on a Sunday.
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