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The W - Pro Wrestling - Ring of Honor on HDNet #8 9.5.09
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When They Said Danielson Was a Draw, This Wasn't What They Meant

by Christopher Robin Zimmerman
Recapper of Honor™

CABLE GUIDE SEZ: Tyler Black and Bryan Danielson square off. (HDTV) TV-14, CC, Stereo. HD

Well...that seems simple enough.

"You're watching a special presentation of Ring of Honor wrestling on HDNet!"

Open - THIS is RING OF HONOR WRESTLING #8, coming to you from The Arena in Philadelphia, PA and airing 5/9/09 (taped 4/9) on HDNet! No "ROH" chant in the background - in fact, it's starting to get mighty quiet....quick, let's transition to

Our hosts are MIKE HOGEWOOD & DAVE PRAZAK - this week the green screen captures not the many monitors of a "control center," but the darkened ring inside The Arena. If you're gonna chromakey it, might as well use this backdrop instead of the old one. Our main event is hyped - to maintain the element of surprise (assuming you already glossed over the CABLE GUIDE SEZ paragraph) I'll save it for the first time we are indulged with a graphic. Hoge says that there's a man in the ring, so let's go there...

It's former champion NIGEL McGUINNESS and my transcript fingers are GO, right after I acknowledge the losers chanting "Still Our Champ!" "You know...those chants are nice, they're all well and good, but they're not gonna put that belt back around my waist. The only person who can do that is stood right here in the ring now. You know, bein' a Ring of Honor world champion is a lot like shagging a porn star - you're really proud, everybody's kind of jealous, but you never know quite how long you're gonna be able to last. Y'see, one week after I got the belt, I tore my left bicep. And two months later, my first match back, I got a concussion and 25 stitches in my face. And the very next night, when I couldn't perform because of my injuries, the fans turned on me. (pause for boos) And one particular fan looked me right in the eye and laughed, and said 'F you, Nigel, when are you gonna lose the belt?' (removes sunglasses) So I want you to look ME in the eye when I tell you, at that instant I made myself a promise. When am I gonna lose the belt? As long as there's one wanker in the crowd who doubts me - NEVER! And for the next fourteen months of my life, I battled injuries and EVERY top contender they put in front o' me! To help me the Ring of Honor world title what it is TODAY! And if you don't believe me, slap me in the face and call me a liar if it ain't the truth!" "Thank You Nigel" chant. "Until Houston, Texas - Geritol Lynn had another shot - both of my arms pretty much destroyed, dangling from my body - STILL I could not quit! Until I looked out into the crowd, and I realised that that one moment, there wasn't one person who couldn't doubt me anymore." At this point, I would be remiss if I didn't mention that they cut to the ONE guy trying to start chants - he looked just about exactly like you'd expect him to look, too. SHUT UP, DUDE. YOU GOT ON TV, SO JUST SHUT UP ALREADY. "And with that, came a wave of relief. And Jerry Lynn, he hooked that cradle piledriver, and he beat me clean in the middle of the ring. Now, whatever you may feel about Jerry Lynn, that makes HIM THE MAN in Ring of Honor. And like Ric Flair says, to be the man, wooo, you've gotta beat the man. You see, Ric Flair was synonymous with world champion - not because he never lost the belt, but because when he did, he brushed himself off, he stood up and he was STILL THE MAN in this ring. And so that is what I am gonna do, I'm gonna heal up, I've taken some time, I'm gonna come back, and I'm gonna take my spot in pro wrestling history! You doubted me before, do not make that mistake again - I am Nigel McGuinness, and I am in it to win it, and it's gonna be real."

Backstage, ring reporter KYLE DURDEN has the two men competing in tonight's main event - at the same time! "Well first things first, Kyle, let me say, Bryan, I have the utmost respect for you...and it is my honor to step into the ring with you each and every time, but last time something special happened - we went to a 20 minute time limit draw, and what that tells me, Bryan...that tells me you can't beat me." "Wait a second, wait a second, wait a second. Now I respect you too, Tyler. And I've seen you grow by leaps and bounds in the ring. I mean, you're strong, you're athletic, you have more heart than any young wrestler I've seen in a long time. But to say that you could beat me...that's going a little, a little above board here. When you talk about the Ring of Honor pecking order, and how it's changing, the one thing that's never changed is that Bryan Danielson has always been at the top. And tonight, when I beat you (and I will beat you) that's not gonna change again." "All right, we respectfully disagree. Let's settle the score out there, Bryan." HANDSHAKE OF RESPECTFUL DISAGREEMENT™! I guess I should mention that those were the transcribed voices of Tyler Black and Bryan Danielson - you probably knew that already, but if you didn't, I hope I saved you some time.

JIMMY JACOBS (Grand Rapids, MI - 172 pounds) & MsCHIF (Dante's Inferno - she is the SHIMMER Wrestling Champion) (representing The Age of the Fall - with Let Us Take You Back to Stylin' & Profilin') vs. DELIRIOUS (The Edge of Sanity - 189 pounds) & DAIZEE HAZE (Forest Park, IL)


Back at the Stylin' & Profilin' event, Daizee Haze took one in the kisser from Jacobs while trying to come to the aid of Delirious - this caused him to turn on Jacobs. I think.

SMACKTALK: "(to the melody of "London Bridge") Hazeltallisfallin'down... JimmyJaobs, Iwaslost butnowIdee, asohmyganza andomizajess, withDaizeeHazeHazehazehazehazehaze...." "Jimmy Jacobs, we haven't forgotten the scars you've left on our bodies. But tonight, when we get in the ring with you and MsChif, those scars are gonna start to heal."

Y'know, there's no handshakes in SIGHT, but we DO get to experience what happens WHEN GRAPHICS COLLIDE as the "Watching ROH at a friend's house?" scroll ends up underneath the "Upcoming ROH Events" graphic (Next tapings 5/29 & 5/30 - or as they say "May 29 & 30th" at The Arena). It'll be the men to start things out as the opening bell sounds. Jacobs decides to take to the ropes before any contact - and then he tags out. MsChif is ready, but Delirious decides to respect the rules and tags out. Here we go - Haze with a waistlock, leg trip, to a headlock, MsChif reverses to a hammerlock - Haz out, kips up, arm wringer, reversed with a cartwheel by MsChif - dueling wristlocks - headlock by Haze, takedown, headscissors by MsChif, headstand out by Haze to a headlock. Right to the gut by MsChif, right, powers out, up...and flying headscissors down by Haze! Side headlock takeover as we scout the Double Feature style replay. Back to live action, tag to Jacobs, he wants a free shot on Haze...but Haze dives between the legs and tags in Delirious! Clothesline! Back elbow! Leg trip down and now just pummelling him - I think Remsburg could have gotten to 5 but stopped. Big beal by Delirious. Running at him for the Panic Attack but Jacobs ducks out with a forward roll. Drop toehold by Delirious into a "cobra stretch," says Prazak (cobra clutch while they're both lying down) - Jacobs back to his feet - backing Delirious into his corner while ALSO grabbing Remsburg's shirt and getting HIS back to the action so MsChif can take some free shots a Delirious and break up the hold on Jacobs. Hogewood kinda misses this. Jacobs to the throat to take down Delirious - choke for four. Big shot to the head. Pretty uch leading him around by the mask - head first into the buckle. Tag to MsChif - she ignores the fact that Delirious is supposed to tag, standing on his back while Delirious's head is against the bottom buckle. Tag to Jacobs. Elbow to the back of the head. Right hand of dishonor. Another right. Into the opposite corner, building up the head of steam - and running right into a head to the gut by Delirious - to the top buckle - BIG lariat off the top. That gets a replay. Wants a backdrop suplex but Delirious goes up and over, landing on his feet - ducks a clothesline and gets to his corner - both men tag out! Haze to the top buckle - missile dropkick on Jacobs (!) before MsChif can come in - forearm for MsChif, forearm, sent into the ropes, reversed, Haze with a clothesline takedown, hairpull takedown, gutshot, off the ropes, neckbreaker, SENTON off the ropes, hooks a leg for 1, 2, Jacobs in and grabbing two handfuls of hair to break it up. Delirious running at Jacobs at full speed - and collides! Jacobs rolls out but Delirious is gonna fly - TOPE through the ropes and landing on Jacobs on the floor! Back in the ring, arm wringer by MsChif, countered into the HEART PUNCH - setting up for a front leg trip, but SPIKING MsChif's head DDT style in the process - I don't even think she needs to hook that leg - 1, 2, 3! (5:22) Jacobs with a knee in the gut to Delirious, now seems to realise that the match is over, heads into the ring to try to get a last shot in on Haze, but Delirious is quickly behind him to shield her, so instead Jacobs drags MsChif out of the ring to safety. No, I'm not expecting handshakes at THIS point either. Here's a replay of the tope, the heart punch, the Mind Trip, and the pin.

Let Us Take You Back Three Weeks when Claudio Castagnoli achieved glorious victory (with the help of the ropes) over Brent Albright. Turns out they're going to have a rematch next week! Let's hear from

SMACKTALK: "You just saw the footage of CLAUDIO CASTAGNOLI beating Brent Albright. And I've heard the buzz about me supposedly having to cheat to win that match...and that's very American, making up excuses if you don't win. And I have associates who will back that up. So next week, it's going to be exactly the same - I'm gonna beat you, Brent Albright, because I'm Claudio Castagnoli...and I'm Very European."

SMACKTALK: Claudio Castagnoli, you're right - everybody saw the footage of what happened last time. And you walk around this locker room, and you talk about bein' (affects accent) Very European, well let's get one thing straight, Claudio - you ARE Very European, you're a Very European douchebag. And next week, when you and me hook up again, yeah the results are gonna be the same, the results are gonna be the same me kickin' your ass all over this Arena, so you better get ready, you better bring your European scarf and your European outfit, because it's goin' down, and it's a FIGHT."

NEXT WEEK! Brent Albright vs. Claudio Castagnoli!



Intros are interrupted when the Wolves shamefully refrain from the honorable shaking of hands and instead attack Cassidy & Butterscotch - Butterscotch thrown outside, Cassidy into the ropes, double back elbow takes him down. Am I supposed to be able to tell Richards from Edwards? That's Richards? Okay. Whoops, there's a tag. So that's Edwards. OK. Into the ropes, back elbow. Kicks the back. Spits at Butterscotch! Tag to Richards. Knife-edge chop! Stomp. Into the opposite corner - running forearm, back kick, suplex, tag to ... the other one. Hoge has forgotten who Orange Cassidy is. Knife-edge chop (woooo!). Headbutt. Tag to...which one is it? One of them. Kick. Kick. Backdrop driver. Mugging for the camera. Tag to ... that's Edwards, right? He has "E" on his boots. Cassidy manages a rollup but Richards had already tagged in, so he kicks very hard and that's the end of that. Another free shot for Butterscotch out on the apron. Follow RING of HONOR on TWITTER at - ask them about their penchant for strange use of capital letters! Head to Edwards' knee. Tag. I am so bored. Running powerslam. Tag to Richards. Up yours to the crowd - diving headbutt finds the mark. 1, 2, Butterscotch breaks it up!! Richards seems perturbed. So he tags out. Doubleteam coming up on Cassidy - Cassidy manages to leap out, back onto his feet, back to his corner, and TAGS IN BUTTERSCOTCH! HE'S A HOUSE ON FIRE! DUCKING THE DOUBLE CLOTHESLINE! FOREARM FOR ONE MAN! FOREARM FOR THE OTHER MAN! FOREARM! FORERAM! SHOVE! OFF THE ROPES oh no he got pressed by one guy and the other guy kicked him in the heart on his way down. Hogewood tells me that this is "The Alarm Clock SLAP THE PORPOISE" and really, I should have checked out about two minutes ago. Actually, perhaps I already did. Superkick into German suplex, bridged long enough for Edwards to leap over the entire pile and roll up Butterscotch - because Lord knows, we need to protect Cassidy - for the 1, 2, 3. (3:49) Replay of the Alarm Clock and the finishing combo. KYLE DURDEN materialises for a post-match word, but Richards takes the mic out of his hands. "That wasn't a match (you're telling me, pally), that - heh heh - well, let's just say we were settin' the tables for things to come. Fat Boy and Club Anorexia, better known as Steen & Generico, you boys been avoiding reality for FAR too long - when I get you in this ring, reality is comin' crashin' down." "Ladies and gentlemen, we are the American Wolves...and the on." Hit their music! For good measure, they make sure to walk over Cassidy & Butterscotch's corpses out on the floor on their way out.

UP NEXT! ROH Ambassador Ric Flair!

Ad break time!
"Get Out!" is NEXT! GET OUT!
"HDNet Fights" spot - HEY! That's Bobby Lashley!! I REMEMBER HIM!
"HDNet Concerts" presents The Zombies! And some other people I don't care about - hey, wait, is that IRON BUTTERFLY! Whoa, there was TODD RUNDGREN! This is like Kim's dream Sunday! spot


Backstage, Kyle Durden has RIC FLAIR. "The honorary ambassador to Ring of Honor, and this is my second week. I'm thrilled, just when I thought my career was going into a twilight, Ring of Honor calls the Nature Boy, they said we wanna make you the ambassador, make you the flagship, here I am my second week and I'm THRILLED - the level of competition is unbelievable, the level of excitement's unbelievable, it reminds me of my heyday of my career, I'm proud to be a part of this...every week it'll get better, ladies and gentlemen, this company has got growth, it's got belief, it has got desire. And it's got Ric Flair as its ambassador, we're goin' forward, we're never looking back." His thoughts on tonight's main event - who's he like in it? "I really don't have a preference there (translation: I don't remember their names), I just know this. If they wanna climb the ladder - they want to be part of the Ring of Honor, they'll go out there each and every night knowing that only one man can come back and move up the ladder. That's the way it is here, the competition is that good, it's that keen, and it's that strong." One last question from Kyle: Can they do a Woooo! together? And then they do. Aw, isn't that special. Flair seemed a lot more like he was just cashin' a check THIS week - maybe they need to keep him out in front of a crowd to do these things?

EARLIER TONIGHT: In a segment apparently not quite good enough to broadcast, but JUST good enough for our commentary team to talk over, A MAN WHO BEARS A STRIKING RESEMBLANCE TO FORMER WWE SUPERSTAR SCOTTY GOLDMAN made a triumphant return to Ring of Honor, only to be met by fellow triumphant returner PRINCE NANA with DIRTY ERNIE OSIRIS (in new duds and flag of Ghana) in tow. Some currency was thrown, and Osiris was shoved into the path of an oncoming fist, and we were all left to wonder just who was this mysterious "Bison Smith" to whom the commentary team kept making reference. Also, "Colt Cabana," har har har.

TOP CONTENDERS MATCH - TONIGHT! Bryan Danielson vs. Tyler Black! Did they really avoid showing me that graphic until just now? Wow!

Also, I think it must be NEXT because it's time now for a recyled
                   ROH Wrestling on HDNet TALE OF THE TAPE
185 lbs. WEIGHT 222 lbs.
1999 PRO DEBUT 2005
2/23/02 "The Era of Honor Begins" ROH DEBUT 9/15/2007 "Man Up"
Aberdeen, WA FROM Davenport, IA
TWO WEEKS AGO: It was a 20 minute draw - and a handshake of honor™! All the gory details in the recap of ROH #6!

TYLER BLACK (Davenport, IA - 222 pounds) vs. AMERICAN DRAGON BRYAN DANIELSON (Aberdeen, WA - 185 pounds)

Well, it's more than twenty minutes, I'll give 'em that. Hopefully by saying "television time remaining" we can assume we WILL get a winner tonight? Or at least, it'll be a surprise if we DO get that draw one more time. "You'regonnagetyourfuckin'headkickedin" chant. We cut to a shot of JERRY LYNN hiding out in the HDNet Production Truck watching the taping - I guess that's less distracting for the chanting idiots than if he were to watch it from ringside. C'mon, we got at least twenty minutes to recap here - ring that bell! Feeling out process will probably not last seven minutes - lockup, to and fro we dance - takeover by Black. Everybody back on their feet for another dance. Lockup, stepping around, to a wastlock by Danielson, reversed back by Black - fireman's carry by Danielson, to the armbar. Back to thir feet. Arm wringer by Danielson - holdig the armbar. Black counters with a drop toehold and HE bars the arm. Danielson with a takeover to break it up. Danielson shaking his left arm. Here we go - headlock by Danielson, Black can't get out, powered out by Black, knocked down by Danielson. Waiting for Black to get up. Lockup, side headlock - and takeover by Danielson. Holding the headlock, and now controlling an arm with his leg. Black using his free arm to turn Danielson into a 2 count! But Danielson is right back up - powering out, ducks, Danielson with another shoulderblock. Again, Danielson waits for Black to get back to his feet. Knuckle lock coming up - test of strength in full effect and it's Black crossing the wrists. Danielson to one knee. Black STOMPING IT IN. Danielson firing back - back somersault while holding the knucklelock MAGICALLY reverses the pressure and now it's Dragon in control! Black on both knees as Danielson applies pressure. Danielson breaks it to reapply the headlock. Black powers out, dropkick attempt is actually that backflip we've seen before as Danielson holds the ropes - Danielson rushes, Black up and over, drops down and catapults Danielson as he comes back off the ropes. Now it's BLACK waiting for his opponent to return to his feet. Knuckle lock - no, Danielson shoots and grabs a leg - now has a headlock AND a leg - moving to a toehold - falling back for effect - Black grabs the bottom rope. Lockup, side headlock by Black, wrenching it in - Danielson throws him off, shoulderblock by BLack, up and over, leapfrog by Danielson, Danielson drops down but Black remembers he'd already done that move, stops, steps on Danielson's face, then jumps and STOMPS on him. 1, 2, no. Cover again by Black for 2. Has the knuckle lock - down for 2 but the shoulder is up - kip up by Danielson STILL holding the knuckle lock, back to back, flips BACK over Black, lets go of the knucklelock and shoves him into the ropes and lands the dropkick to the mush! All this is happening in a very tiny box as we have gone split screen to take a very large look at Jerry Lynn (who is now squinting as surely he's also trying to watch the action, which has shrunk to the size of 1/12 of the TV screen he's watching). Back to full screen. Black trying to get to the ropes but Danielson pulling him back to the center. Bad camera angle - I THINK it was a headbutt but I can't see it. Ah, it was, because Prazak calls *this* "ANOTHER headbutt." Trying to cover - no dice. Danielson bends back the wrist - it's not supposed to bend that way! Black doesn't give up. Foot on the bottom rope - Danielson holds it until 4 and then stomps on Black for good measure. Black trying to pull himself up - Danielson stays on him - knee, knee, knee, knee, big front kick, 1, 2, no. Danielson has a leg AND an arm trapped - now just the leg. We focus on Black so I have no idea what Danielson's doing to him - NOW it looks like he's going for the ol' surfboard (didn't he do this last match?) - can't get the arms, so instead he just jumps while his feet as still twisted up with Black's knees, landing on them in the process. Owch. Time now for the POPUP! Danielson kicking the back of the leg. Leg trip, kicks the back of the leg again, now going for the leglock - Black wastes little time grabbing the bottom rope. Danielson waits for 4 one more time before releasing. Danielson from behind, wants the chin, Black trying to punch out of it - gutshot, right, right, Danielson AGAIN kicks the back of the leg, taking Black down. Big side kick, another side kick, knife-edge chop by Black (woooo!), Euro uppercut by Danielson PASTES Black and down he goes. Knuckle lock pinning the shoulders...1, 2, no. Danielson shoves the shoulder down again - 1, 2, no. 1, 2 - 1 - 1, 2 - 1, 2, 1, 2, enough already. STILL with the knucklelock. Prazak making Sting/Flair comparisons, hoo boy. Black back to his feet but they're still holding hands there. Danielson now throwing ELBOWS while keeping the fingers clasped - there's another one, another, elbow, elbow, elbow and finally they've stopped holding hands. Danielson to the waistlock, quickly reversed to a waistlock by BLACK, to the ropes we go, Danielson dropping down and Black goes THROUGH the ropes to the floor! Time to fly? There's a PESCADO but Black rolls in and Danielson finds no water in the pool! Now BLACK is going to fly - off the ropes, over the TOP, somersaulting over the ropes and landing on Danielson! That gets a Double Feature replay. Danielson back in, Black on the apron - springs off but Danielson is rushing in, Black leaps up and over, off the ropes with a flying jalapeño to take down Danielson, whip is reversed, head down by Danielson, into a neckbreaker by Black! Both men in opposite corners, Black firing himself up - runs at Danielson who ducks, then dumps him onto the apron, but Black blocks the swing and lands the kick to the back of the head - springboard clothesline DOES connect, and he gets 2! Replay of what we just saw from another angle. He held onto the top rope, swung himself up and landed an enzuigiri on Danielson in the corner. It looks better than I can describe it, trust me. Back to live action, Danielson is lying on the mat and Black is running the ropes - SHOOTING STAR PRESS on the mat - 1, 2, no! Black picks him up - but Danielson backs him into the corner. Black with forearms in the back, knife-edge chop (woooo!), into the corner, Danielson stairsteps up with no hands, backflips onto his feet and over the rushing Black - catches him on the way back and rolls into the ROLLING HALF CRAB. I am going to go out on a limb and say Black doesn't tap - even as Danielson pulls him to the centre of the ring and away from the ropes! Black inching back to those ropes - and finally grabs the bottom rope. Danielson releases at 2 - hey, that's not 4! Danielson must be getting tired. Danielson to the top buckle - missile dropkick finds the mark! Nip up by Danielson! Off the ropes, off the opposite ropes, running knee strike, 1, 2, no! What else has he got? European uppercut. Black fires back with...a forearm, I think. Euro uppercut by Danielson, foreram, right to the gut, left, right, right, right, right, right. Hey, those punches are most dishonorable! Off the ropes - BIG seated dropkick by Danielson. Going back to the half crab - no, Black reverses into a ...small package kinda for 2! Dueling backslide attempts coming up - looks like Black will make it to his knees and complete it, no Danielson rolls through - sunset flip by Black for 1, reversed, reversed, reversed, reversed, snoooooooooze, this turns into kinda an Oklahoma roll, except nobody knows when to stop so they keep rollllling - all in all, nigh on three laps around the ring like that. Is anybody dizzy? THEY GOTTA WANT IT. Both men up at the same time - Roaring elbow by Danielson, Pele kick by Black, and both men are down! Sinclair is up to 5 as the fans work on their "Let's go [Tyler | Dragon]" chant. Both men are up after 8 and before 9. Holding each other up, forehead to forehead - THEY'RE GONNA KISS oh no they're not Danielson KISSES Black with another elbow - Black responds with a punch that gets ducked - Danielson side kick, kick, THIRD kick is caught and Black has him on his and pancake! He wants the bucklebomb but Danielson says no - another side kick, another catch, but out of this Danielson drops down and applies the TRIANGLE CHOKE! Black is fading but not tapping...Black to his feet? Picking up Danielson by his NECK - but dropping back down, Danielson STILL has the choke applied and they roll through and right back where they were! Danielson SCREAMING at Black to tap...I'm guessing that won't work. Sure enough, Black grabs the bottom rope. Danielson wants to finish him! Black placed on the top buckle - belly-to-back superplex coming up? Black trying to fight out - frees himself and drops to the canvas, grabs Danielson off the top - THE BUCKLEBOMB - and the SUPERKICK. Cover - arm under the ropes - Black pulls the arm in - 1, 2, FOOT on the rope! Prazak notes that we're now 20 minutes in (so all that thinking it was it earlier was OBVIOUSLY bullshit) - as it stands, he's about thirty seconds off but we can let that go. Black dragging Danielson to the center - now climbing to the top, but he's waited too long - Danielson pops up and grabs a leg - Black kicks him back to the centre - Danielson back up AGAIN - now SHOVING Black off the top rope *and into the first row!!* Crowd gets very excited. Danielson from the ring, springs to the top row, SPRINGBOARD SPLASH onto Black in the crowd!! Give that a Double Feature replay while Sinclair makes a rather loud count - already up to 11 - back elbow by Danielson, Danielson up and over the barricade, 15, Black over the barricade, waistlock, shoved back HARD into the barricade, Hoge says "the one man who gets back in the ring is gonna win this thing" and I'm wondering why BOTH men can't get back in the ring - is he telegraphing the finish? No, because we're at 18, 19, Danielson grabs Black's ankle before he can roll in, 20. (DCOR 21:23) Oh for FUCK'S sake. Crowd chants "That Was AweSome" - crowd are frickin' idiots. Back to the production truck camera for a shot of the ROH title - and a shot of the champion, mouthing "wow" and stroking his chin. Yes, fans - this is definitely wrestling for chin strokers. For music information log on to - Copyright 2009 Ring of Honor Wrestling, Inc.

"You've been watching a special presentation of Ring of Honor wrestling on HDNet!"

Ring of Honor fans! Check out these RIC FLAIR APPEARANCES! At the 5/29 taping (but I guess not the 5/30 one), 6/12 in ManASSas, VA, 6/13 in the heart of NYC at the Hammerstein Ballrom - for ticket info, get over to! Woooo!

"Get Out!" is NEXT!

"Godsend" is some creepy movie!

Next Saturday, Ric Flair settles the controversy and decides Jerry Lynn's opponent for some reason! Ohhhh, see? That crappy ending was to LEAVE YOU WANTING MORE and also to TUNE IN NEXT WEEK! Did that work for you? Either way, you ALSO get Albright vs. Castagnoli AND The Dark City Fight Club squashes Alex Payne and his presumed partner we never see on screen in a squash which is sure to take at least six minutes! That's Saturday, 8PM Eastern on HDNet!

We're free for another week - see you next time? In the meantime, DEAN's Workrate Report can be found over at the DVDVR Message Board.

Feedback is welcome via email, the OOForums or over at my own message board, The W.

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I don't know how someone could mix up Orange Cassisy and Leslie Butterscotch. Orange Cassidy has bright ginger hair!

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    Originally posted by odessasteps

    I don't know how someone could mix up Orange Cassisy and Leslie Butterscotch. Orange Cassidy has bright ginger hair!

You misunderstand me. I couldn't tell Edwards and Richards apart until I found the monograms on their outfits.


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    Originally posted by CRZ
      Originally posted by odessasteps

      I don't know how someone could mix up Orange Cassisy and Leslie Butterscotch. Orange Cassidy has bright ginger hair!

    You misunderstand me. I couldn't tell Edwards and Richards apart until I found the monograms on their outfits.

I had the same problem when I saw them live in Montreal at the ROH show.

I think that they are trying to give off a "Wolves hunt in packs" aura, but I just find it confusing.

"Don't Blame CANADA, Blame Yourselves!"
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I thought the Sting/Daniels stuff was horribly boring, which is odd, as I like both guys. The idea of the angle is good, but I don't really need to two of them backstage having conferences about their feelings, okay?
- GodEatGod, iMPACT 6-7-07 (2007)
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