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The W - Pro Wrestling - Ring of Honor on HDNet #5 18.4.09
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Garbagin' it up

by Christopher Robin Zimmerman
Recapper of Honor™

CABLE GUIDE SEZ: Brent Albright fights Claudio Castagnoli.

"You are watching a special presentation of Ring of Honor wrestling on HDNet!"

Opening - THIS is RING OF HONOR WRESTLING #5, coming atcher from The Arena in Philadelphia, PA and airing 4/18/09 (taped 3/1) on HDNet!

PREVIOUSLY: Some people won! If you're dying to know who, it's only a click away!

TONIGHT: Claudio Castagnoli clashes with Brent Albright!

Your hosts are MIKE HOGEWOOD, DAVE PRAZAK and THE GREEN SCREEN. Hog says we've got some exciting matches to come tonight!

Here's one: TONIGHT'S MAIN EVENT: Brent Albright vs. Claudio Castagnoli! Have you heard? Claudio is VERY EUROPEAN! But that's later. For now, let's hear from one of the participants in our opening match:

SMACKTALK: "Necro Butcher, you big dumb used to fight alongside me, but I think you were too stupid to know what we were fighting for. The people cheer you for your violence - well, tonight I'm beating you for your ignorance."

THE 1...2...3!!! ON JIMMY JACOBS: See ROH #1

SMACKTALK: "Jimmy Jacobs, you and Age of the Fall have been interfering in my matches all across the country, but tonight on HDNet, I got something for YOU, baby." (Brandishes staple gun)

THE 1...2...3!!! ON NECRO BUTCHER: See ROH #3

JIMMY JACOBS (representing The Age of the Fall - 172 pounds - Violent and evil) vs. THE NECRO BUTCHER (250 pounds - Nickname: "King of the Death Match")
Time Limit: 15 minutes

Hogewood is AGHAST that Necro Butcher would bring a staple gun to the ring - Prazak is more annoyed than anything. Crowd digs it. Sinclair working hard to get the staple gun unclenched from Butcher's fingers - in the process, he ends up with his back to Jacobs - Pearl Harbor attack is on, and having snared the staple gun, Sinclair rings the bell without our customary handshake of honor™. Jacobs gets in a choke with a headband before the refs is back around. Repeated pounding but Butcher is doing a Hogan-esque "jackhammer" resurgence. Prazak says "CZW" - what? Butcher takes over, into the corner, back body drop out. "Watching Ring of Honor Wrestling at a friend's house? Be sure to read this crawl instead of watching the match!" Jacobs begging off and using the official as a shield. "Fuck 'im up, Necro, fuck 'im up" chant. But now maybe we WILL get a handshake of honor&trade as Jacobs extends that hand (Prazak: "Hand of friendship!" That man is after my own heart.) Butcher doesn't seem to want to go along with it, but polls the crowd. And now he IS taking it - but also popping him with a left at the same time. Left, left, lefts and rights, stomping away, hey this isn't honorable combat! Head to the buckle. Butcher poses in four directions. "HE'S GONNA GRAB HIS BELT!" Yeah, he did, only I don't think that's as big a deal as Hogewood makes it out to be. Anyway, Jacobs is tossed through the ring ropes and just over the graphic spelling out the Upcoming Live Ring of Honor dates, one of which was yesterday, and the other of which is probably happening as they air this show. Not exactly planning ahead, there. Of course, does Canada even GET this show? Maybe it's all a moot point. Let's get back to the action....such as it is. Butcher out - has the bell - bell to the gut! Where is the disqualification? Butcher with the tablecloth, choke, snapmare with the cloth across the floor. Now Butcher has the (half-length) folding table in place. Got him in place for a powerbomb - somehow Jacobs manages to land on his feet, stop short, put a forearm in Butcher's back and now HE'S got HIM up...and DOWN with a death suplex on the floor! This would be a good time to take an ad break - whoops, wrong fed - Jacobs has a folding chair. Placed on the floor in the seated position. Now Jacobs is going into his pants - and takes out a...plastic bag? Sure, why not. Hey kids, don't emulate this at home... unless you're really, really stupid, in which case go Hoge wild. Sinclair showing a lot of latitude here. Have a seat Butcher! Right, right, clawing away at the eyes. Jacobs back in the ring - he's gonna fly - pescado! Landing on Butcher on the chair and the whole pile through to the floor. Take a double feature replay. Everybodys back in - acobs right, right, right. Jacobs sitting up top - second rope elbow CONNECTS. But only gets 1. Jacobs is psyched up - waiting to pounce - attempt at a PEAR but Butcher puts out a fist to meet him instead! Butcher ready to take over - there's a chokeslam - holding on and bringing him up - Tiger driver! But no pin attempt! Butcher going out - and he's reclaimed his staple gun. Back in...Sinclair AGAIN telling him that he may let everything else go in this match, but THIS is CROSSING THE LINE - but The Question Is Moot as BRODIE LEE hits the ring and takes Butcher down from behind. THIS is your first Disqualification of Honor™. Winner, of course, is the man who came out second. (DQ 5:48) Jacobs has the staple gun...but Butcher kicks it out of his hand! Bad camera angle so we don't see exactly how he breaks Lee's hold on him, but next thing you know, he's got the staple gun and Jacobs is turning tail and running. Lee is also on the run. Hogewood is just happy that justice was served and the right decision was made. Me, I'm thinking this segment was kind of a big waste of time. Let's waste some more time!

Backstage, KYLE DURDEN stands with Brent Albright. He's fought Claudio Castagnoli before and their issues have gotten personal! "You're right - it HAS gotten personal. And Claudio Castagnoli, tonight, right here on Ring of Honor, on HDNet, we're gonna show the entire world just how personal this feud has become. We're gonna show the entire world how much we hate each other. You 'n' me, we've fought all over this country. We've had all kinds of controversy. Tonight, maybe that controversy continues, maybe it won't, but let me tell you something's for sure - everybody in the whole world is gonna see EXACTLY how much hate I have for you. No one's taken me to the limit like you, Claudio...and tonight, you got two choices. You're either gonna GET OUT - or you're gonna TAP OUT."

TONIGHT'S MAIN EVENT: This dude vs. that dude!

SMACKTALK: "Horrifying? Absurd? Intense! All words that describe THE NEW HORROR SAMI CALLIHAN, and tonight Eddie Kingston, strike by strike, slam by slam, you're gonna learn what the man from the last house on the left is all about."

THE 1...2...3!!! ON SAMI CALLIHAN: See ROH #1

SMACKTALK: "Ladies and gentlemen, you're looking at God's middle child, the last of a dying breed, straight fighter from New York, partner - EDDIE KINGSTON...y'heard?" Did he say "straight figher" or "street fighter" with a funny accent? Does it matter?

THE 1...2...3!!! ON EDDIE KINGSTON: Hard hitting striker / Vicious head butts / Finishing hold(s): Spinning backfist, backdrop driver

SAMI CALLIHAN (The Last House on the Left - 201 pounds - Intensity off the charts) v. EDDIE KINGSTON (Yonkers, NY - 240 pounts)
Referee: Sinclair
Time Limit: 15 minutes

"Commentators" popup shown before we get our handslap of honor™. Lockup, nothing doing. "Ed-die-king-ston" chant. Here we go again - lockup, side headlock by Kingston, Callihan fights out, but the shoulder block meets with nothing. Another shoulderblock - no budge. Kingston poses to the crowd - Callihan sets up and when Kingston turns back, DOES finally take him down by using a back leg heel trip. Quickly transitions to the Koji clutch - that's his move! - but Kingston is practically at the ropes when we start, so it's no effort to get the hold broken with a foot on the rope. Kingston back up - there's a shove. Slapping his own chest - I think this is some kinda macho thing, right? So Callihan piefaces him. That's DEFINITELY some kinda macho thing. Kingston is appropriately riled up but Callihan stays on him - blocking the punch, knife-dge chop (woooo!), chop, headbutt, into the ropes is reversed into an overhead head-and-arm suplex by Kingston. Callihan sitting in the corner - but waiting for Kingston to come in, as he grabs him coming in and takes his head to the second buckle. Will EITHER of these guys put more than one move together? Callihan with a foot to the face. There's another stomp. Kingston pops up, trading chops, trading slaps, back elbow by Kingston, ANOTHER chop, Callihan begging off, nope, chop by Kingston. Crowd chanting one more time but they don't get it as Callihan rakes the face. Right hand of dishonor. Knee on the face in the corner for 4. Blow to the back of the neck by Callihan. Chop. Kingston with a slap. Slap by Callihan, slap by Kingston, slap by Callihan - Prazak: "Not a whole lotta wrestling holds in this one, Hoge - it's just a fight." Well...that's ONE way to describe it, I suppose. Callihan tries to open up Kingston's mouth the hard way. That's 4. Callihan sets him up - but the suplex attempt is blocked - Callihan stomps on the feet to regain control and throws ANOTHER punch. Kingston hanging on the second rope - big choke on the rope by Callihan. What kinda echo chamber was this recorded in, anyway? Yikes. Awful sound. Sizes him up for another chop - and there's a forearm. Elbow, headbutt, Kingston can't fight back, another headbutt by Callihan. Callihan building up a head of steam - bad idea, runs right into a boot. Callihan with a forearm shiver that takes Callihan down, prompting Hogewood to explode: "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHGAATUM!" Both men are down and sucking - I mean, sucking it up. Kingston chops first (woooo!), Callihan with a fist, chop, Kingston HEADBUTTS and down goes Callihan. Set up for a suplex - or a slam - I am so shocked to see a move I don't know what to call it - 1, 2, no. And somehow Callihan is now BLEEDING from all this. Callihan kicks backwards to surprise Kingston. Wants a...something, but Kingston grabs a rope before Callihan can get him off his feet. Kingston forearming out of the waistlock, elbows, but Callihan with a boot. There's a snap....gutwrench bomb? Camera angles aren't helping me here - Prazak settles for calling it "High Impact" and it's 2. Closeup on the bleeding forehead of Callihan. He's going to finish him? Kicks the back of the leg - off the ropes, but Kingston has recovered and catches Callihan in the backdrop driver - that's HIS move - I know because I read the 1...2...3!!! on him - BIG spinning backfist - that's his OTHER move - and clearly, this is it. 1, 2, 3. Hey, the second guy out won! (6:04) I'm sorry, and I know this is going to just tear you up inside, but this match didn't exactly "do it" for me. Replay of the backdrop driver (actually, pretty nice) and spinning backfist (would have been much cooler if we hadn't had ten thousand traded punch exchanges earlier in this match).

Durden stands ready to hear a few words from Claudio Castagnoli, who I understand is very European. "First of all, what is this? (regards Durden's tie, which is actually very nice) This is trash. Everybody knows high fashion comes from Europe. Look at this scarf, it's very European. THIS is American trash. And speaking of American trash, Brent Albright - yes, it is personal. You represent everything that's wrong with this country. You probably sit at home on Sunday, watching football and drinking beer while I'm having a nice Sunday stroll and listening to classical music. That's the difference between you and me. I am VERY European."

TONIGHT'S MAIN EVENT graphic - what, #3?

UP NEXT! Bobby Dempsey in action! OH BOY! HE'S FAT!

Our ad break for the night includes: spot - while we're there, can I tell you that there's still NO WAY to tell from their front page who their World Champion is?
HDNet Fights spot

Whoa, we're already back! Another segment with Hogewood and Prazak? I must be dreaming! They conduct an interview with (a videotape of) new World Champion JERRY LYNN. Two weeks ago he won the title - how does it feel? "Well, obviously it feels great - you know, I've been fortunate enough to be champion many times over, but now I'm THE ROH Champion. And, you know, for the cynics out there, you know what, I appreciate their passion too because this is why I do this, it's for the passion." Prazak asks what his future plans are and will he be a fighting champion? "--you know, I'm gonna be a Champion's Champion, just like in the past with CM Punk, Samoa Joe, Austin Aries, Bryan Danielson - hell, even Nigel McGuinness. I'm gonna defend this against anybody and everybody." Hoo boy. Seeing Hogewood and Prazak "interact" with this....well, it came off bush league, and that was BEFORE Lynn namedropped the dudes who were such great champions here that they're now in WWE and TNA. This week's show isn't exactly one to win people over.

Hogewood and Prazak are still talking about Jerry Lynn! Prazak says Lynn has a lot to live up to in Nigel McGuinness' previous reign. He thinks that a lot of people will be gunning for him - people like Claudio Castagnoli, and even McGuinness probably wants a shot back at the title. (Of course, McGuinness' bicep is falling off, but they probably didn't know that when they were taping this six weeks earlier)


SMACKTALK: "I'm BOBBY DEMPSEY, and I'm gonna show everyone that I'm not a fat whipping boy anymore when I drive your head right through the mat. ...h- hi, Mom!"

THE 1...2...3!!! ON BOBBY DEMPSEY: Intense / Trained by CM Punk at the ROH Wrestling Academy / Finishing Hold(s): Death Valley Driver, cannonball, Vader bomb

BOBBY DEMPSEY (Findern, NJ - 282 pounds - Quick for his size) v. ORANGE CASSIDY (already in the ring - West Orange, NJ - 150? pounds)
Time Limit: 15 minutes

Prazak talks a lot about what Dempsey did to Larry Sweeney during Caged Collision, which was last night, although you'd never know it because nobody has really mentioned it up until now except for those post-show promos every week. ANYWAY. Commentators talk over Cassidy's intro, so I didn't really hear the weight, and go figure, nobody has listed it on the Internet, so I think we can only conclude that Cassidy is in fact a HAM & EGGER OF HONOR™. This is reinforced by the lack of promo AND graphics. Handshake of honor™ and Cassidy comes out swinging - or forearm-ing, anyway. Forearm, forearm, left forarm, kick, kick, kick, yell to crowd, into the ropes, reersed, Dempsey with a ... uhh... knocks him over AND himself in the process (Hogewood: "body block!") but quickly back to his feet to acknowledge the crowd - oh, look, a Death Valley Driver, 1, 2, 3. Never mind. (0:25) Hogewood gets out "Freshly SQUEEEEEEZED Orange Cassidy" and I guess this segment was to ... sell Dempsey T-shirts? Let me check.....hmmm, I went through all six pages of "Ring of Honor T-Shirts & Apparel" and COULD NOT FIND ONE LISTING for that shirt amongst the 106 items. This isn't rocket science, people!

Oh, and don't think he shook his hand after the match, either.

Oh and AND he was the second dude out. So he won.

BUZZ WORDS: Here's a new segment I'm sure I'll have no trouble crapping on because I'm in a mood! While snippets of his match from two weeks ago and... some other match we've yet to see are shown, ERICK STEVENS brings us "powerful," "aggressive," "intense," "unstoppable," and "a runaway train." Choo choo.

SMACKTALK: "HDNet - Ring of Honor - CHEECH & CLOUDY, we may not be the biggest dogs in your yard, but as the old saying goes, it's not the size of the dog in the fight, it's the size of the fight in the dog." "And tonight, win lose or draw, fron the front row to the back row, from the back row to the millions at home...they're gonna know the name of Cheech & Cloudy." "Blow it up, bro." FIST BUMP BOOOOSH

THE 1...2...3!!! ON CHEECH & CLOUDY: See ROH #3

SMACKTALK: "The camers are on - the spotlight is on - and the stars of the show are right here, baby. Ring of Honor, HDNet, you're about to witness the wave of the future - oh I hope you ready, man. It's your boy the International Playboy KENNY KING and the sexiest man alive, RHETT TITUS, tell us what time it is, man." "Brother, brother, brother - the thrust is a must." "I love that, man - it's a wrap for y'all."

Time Limit: 15 minutes

Titus passes out motel room keys to the only women in the building. Various idiots try to start chants, none of which take well enough for me to figure out what's being said. Titus tries to stoke one with histrionics, but nothing doing. It's time now for AP Math: if we have a tag team match, and each man shakes hands with his opponents but NOT with his partner and obviously NOT with himself, then how many handshakes of honor™ are there? Answer later in the report. "You're a virgin" chant gets some legs - and hurts Titus' ears! Looks like it's King starting with Cloudy - oh, wait, that's Cheech. Sorry. It's not that they look alike, it's that I don't remember which is which! HDNet takes this opportunity to hype "HDNet Fights: The Welterweights, Vol. 1" coming on in...a few hours, I think. Or is it two hours? Stupid time zones. HERE WE GO. King: "Easy money!" Lockup, go behind by King, side headlock, "easy money!", reersed by Cloudy into a hammerlock. King spins out - and right back into the headlock. King powering out, reversing, Cheech rolls forward, cartwheel and back to HIS wristlock. King pokes the eyes and tags out - Titus runs right into an arm drag! Cheech holding on. Forearm by Titue, forearm, calling in King, into the corner, Cloudy in, double kick to Cloudy, into the opposite corner. King & Titus both going for splashes, I assume both miss but we only see one - how do you miss half the action with a HD picture? - and now Cheech & Cloudy are each climbing a corner and getting the crowd excited because it may be time for a Ten Punch Count Along. Sorry, nine, pose, and ten. Double bulldog out - Cheech covers Titus for 2. Tag to Cloudy. Kick. Arm wringer, into the ropes, reversed, Cheech hangs on, Titus charges and Cloudy puts him through the ropes, Titus landing on the apron. Cloudy wants the headbutt but Titus jumps back to the floor on his own while King runs the apron and puts a knee right in the temple. Hogewood SCREEEEEEEAMS. Titus with a double sledge. Head to the buckle. Tag to King. Snap suplex, rolling over into a mount and punches in bunches. 1, 2, no. The squash is on! Tag to Titus. Holding him for an open right hand. Thrust is a must - Cloudy manages a surprise small package which excites NOBODY and also goes unnoticed by the commentary team, good thing he only got 2. Titus right back up with an axehandle - snapmare, chinlock. I just noticed that while Turner is clearly giving a time cue, we haven't actually HEARD one clear out over the audio anymore, which is an improvement. (At this point, I pause the DVR so I can correct all the times I typed "Cheech" instead of "Cloudy" during this last few minutes.) Cloudy trying to elbow out of the hold, but Titus just forearms him down again. Whip into the corner - splash - running knee off the ropes - 1, 2, no. Tag to King - atomic drop by Titue, thrust for good measure while King is running the ropes, big lariat by King!, 1, 2, no. Scoop - and a slam. Replay of the last exchange. Springboard legdrop - misses! Cloudy out on the apron - headbutt through the ropes - sunset flip in - 1, 2, King is out. Cloudy ducks a knee, forward roll, LUKEWARM TAG TO CHEECH! Back elbow for King, dropkick to the knees takes Titus off the apron, another back elbow for King, something we miss because we took a shot of Titus, into the orner, big shoulder in the gut, outside and climbing the corner - King lunges at him but Cheech cartwheels off the corner using both hands on the top rope (!) - then lands a SUPERKICK to the mush. 1, 2, King kicks out. Here comes Cloudy - up on Cheech's shoulders - now Cloudy with King's legs on HIS shoulder - they spin him over for a tandem slam - uh, hmmm. Tag to Cloudy - Cloudy on the top rope - that's The Quebecers' Le Tour!! 1, 2, Titus in to break it up. We take a replay and from the other angle, not only is Cheech landing in a press from The Tower, but Cloudy is ALSO adding a legdrop - I should probably stop assuming they're squash bait if they're allowed to do something closely resembling a finishing manoeuvre - on the other hand, if past shows have been any indication, we're probably about ten seconds away from a sudden finish - tag to Titus - kick in the gut on Cheech, forearm in the back, slap, into the ropes is reversed and Titus lands on the second rope. Cloudy back in as well - they run the ropes for a tandem 619/dropkick to the back of the head - King across the apron and shoving the climbing Cloudy off of the top rope all the way to the floor - Titus has Cheech on his shoulders - King in with a blockbuster from the Doomsday Device position (!) - Titus is...humping him? for the 1, 2, 3. Ah. Well, then. (6:01) Titus and King give Cheech a handshake of honor™ for his trouble. Even Hogewood pauses before saying "Cloudy" as if to confirm that that's actually Cloudy on the floor we're looking at. Replay shows that it's actually a combo blockbuster by King/powerbomb by Titus. And then, the humping. The thrust is a must.

TONIGHT'S MAIN EVENT is the last time you'll have to see this graphic tonight!

But first...the now expected
107 Kilos. WEIGHT 246 lbs.
2000 PRO DEBUT 1998
7/16/05 "Fate of an Angel" ROH DEBUT 10/27/2006 "Suffocation"
United Banks of Switzerland FROM Tulsa, OK

THE 1...2...3!!! ON CLAUDIO CASTAGNOLI: See ROH #2 - one thing I wouldn't have minded seeing, since the first bullet point on his 1...2...3!!! is "Involved in bitter rivalry with Brent Albright stemming from controversial finish in January" - hey, maybe they should have showed us that controversial finish they're talking about - I mean, I know it's only an hour show and all, but still...they found six minutes for that LAST match?

THE 1...2...3!!! ON BRENT ALBRIGHT: See ROH #1

CLAUDIO CASTAGNOLI (United Banks of Switzerland - 107 kilos - hated by the fans) vs. BRENT ALBRIGHT (Tulsa, OK - 246 pounds)

Referee: Turner
Time Limit: Television time remaining (39 after the hour)

Castagnoli demands that one of the ringside folks get on all fours so he can use him as a step on his way into the ring - funny. We've barely finished showing the graphics for Albright before Castagnoli is out of the ring and coming up from behind in a most dishonorable™ sneak attack! Double sledge puts him donw, axe handle, overhand forearm, again, ALbright fires bac, chop, chop, head to the timekeeper's table, head to the apron, chop, head to the apron, thrown in, Albright, after, RING THE BELL, Castagnoli manages a kick to the gut to take it back over. Hogewood has now mentioned at least sixteen thousand times that Albright is still wearing his "vest" and hasn't managed to take it off. Castagnoli back to the forearm - the European uppercut - Alrbright, elbow, elbow, into the ropes, caught, spinning backbreaker across the knee. THE VEST IS OFF!!!! "Al-bright" chant. Knife-edge chop (woooo!). foot up by Castagnoli, kick, Euro uppercut, Euro uppercut, in the corner and working on the face, biting him for good measure. "WHERE IS THE SPORTSMANSHIP?!" Chop. Albright switches places, chop (woooo!), chop, into the opposite corner but Castagnoli gets the Euro uppercut in - off the ropes, up and over, leapfrog by Albright, monkey flip takes Castagnoli down, clotheslined OVER the top and to the floor. Albright acknowledges the fans - then goes for the pescado but is CAUGHT...and RAMMED into one of the ringside barriers! Fans pound on barriers in response. "Holy shit" chant. Let's take a quick ad break - sorry, wrong show. I have no idea what the count was up to - Castagnoli out, bringing him back in with him. Snapmares him over - neck vise. Prazak FINALLY lets us in on the story about the January thing - apparently Albright had Castagnoli in the crowbar but didn't release the hold when Castagnoli made it into the ropes - I hope I heard that right. Albright powering back up to get out of the hold with the crowd's help - right, right, left and he's out...but runs RIGHT into the clothesline. Prazak also talking about a simultaneous pinfall/tapout decision (always a disappointment any time someone tries to book it - especially when The Undertaker is involved) so maybe this match will FINALLY settle the score once and for all - ahahaha, this ain't PPV, people. Meanwhile, 2 count for Claudio. popup graphic. Stomp by Castagnoli. Stomp on the face. Euro uppercut. Into the opposite corner, hard. It's all Castagnoli at this point. Taunting! Muscling him over with - Prazak says "the Les Artest lift" I think, and I'll have to look that up later. That gets 2. Someone in the crowd very loudly exclaims that Castagnoli is - I shit you not - very European. Prazak has to concur. Albright manages a loud slap but gets a dropkick for his trouble. Castagnoli with a press - and gets 1. Chop by Albright, chop, Castagnoli with a European uppercut. Choking him on the bottom rope. European uppercut from the floor. Almost Euro uppercuts the cameraman on the floor. Too much personality, almost. Forearm across the back - Albright surprises him with a belly-to-belly suplex on the floor! Albright trying to get back in the ring, but Castagnoli grabs his ankle and pulls him into a belly flop on the floor. Owch. Everybody back in - Castagnoli gets 2. TO THE CHINLOCK - HURRY! Castagnoli puts a finger in each eye for good measure. Albright seeking the vertical base - Castagnoli grabbing what hair he can to regain the advantage. Let's try it again - Albright punches out - slap to the face - uranage and maybe it's time for Albright to take over - back elbow, back elbow, THERRRRRRRRE'SNXPLODER as Hogewood says, into the corner, forearm follows, opposite corner, belly-to-belly throw out. Catches the foot - but not the European uppercut - BUT Castagnoli in turn runs into a powerslam for a long 2! Chop by Albright, chop (woooo!), suplex coming up - no, blocked - Castagnoli wants it, THAT'S blocked, but Albright with a Roll of the Dice, but something close, for 2. Hogewood may have forgotten which man is which at this point. Albright grabs the head and starts rabbit punching. That's not a move of honor™! Chop (Woooo!). Into the ropes, Castagnoli ducks the clothesline and springs off with what I'm told is yet another European uppercut. Okee. Both men tired - Castagnoli with the - are you serious? - BIG SWING - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 rotations! Eyyyyyyy! Castagnoli measuring him for another European uppercut - but as he runs in, Albright hooks his arms and drops to a backslide for a near fall! WOW! THAT BIG SWING WAS WORTHLESS FOR CASTAGNOLI! Castagnoli RIGHT back with a pump kick - 1, 2, NO! I don't know, that looked like 3 to me - Castagnoli tries a cover from the other side - and gets another 2. Arguing cadence with Turner, Albright manages to sneak in and lock in the CROWBAR! Now the crossface - Castagnoli rolls and Albright holds on - now back to the crowbar - Castagnoli is reaching his foot baaaaack - and hooking the bottom rope! Albright with a running knee to the head. Castagnoli manages to shoulder him into the corner - shoulder - shoulder - shoulder - head of steam - eats an elbow from Albright. Albright sitting on top - Castagnoli with a wacky jumpin' elbow. More forearms (I'm starting to think Hogewood has been given orders to call everything Castagnoli throws a "European uppercut") Albright fires back, back and forth we go, until Castagnoli pokes the eye. Albright STILL on top and now Castagnoli climbing up after him - superplex coming up - TOP ROPE - no, Albright shoves him off - Castagnoli lands on his feet - Albright with a cross body block - 1, 2, NO! That also looked like three, more like Turner did a quick third count and had to freeze it a little longer than he would have liked. We take a reply of the cross body from a different angle while they recover - this time Turner is pretty well hidden. Albright is FIRED UP! Chop (woooo!), chop, into the corner is reversed, up and over by Albright, wants the half nelson suplex but Castagnoli is fighting it - plenty o' back elbows - takeover by Castgnoli - Albright runs in - Castagnoli tries to pop HIM up for the finishing Euro uppercut but AGAIN Albright is working on the half nelson - Castagnoli turns it into a victory roll - leans WAY back and grabs the bottom rope for good measure - 1, 2, 3! (11:46) BUT... HE CAME OUT FIRST oh but he did cheat so I guess it's okay. Alas...nothing is settled! Here's your replay. 1, 2, 3. Castagnoli takes a bow. "For music information log on to" (I DARE YOU) "Copyright 2009 Ring of Honor Wrestling, Inc." and that's that. EXCEPT FOR:

COMING UP ON RING OF HONOR: Tyler Black takes on Bryan Danielson!

"You've been watching a special presentation of Ring of Honor Wrestling!"

Spot for the Dayton house show at the Montgomery County Fairgrounds 4/24 - Jerry Lynn vs. Roderick Strong for the ROH World Championship (hey Rick, you going?) as well as the 4/25 show in Chicago Ridge, IL where Jerry Lynn will face the returning Colt Cabana - for more information, I dare you to find it at!

Next on HDNet: "Get Out!"

Meet Jerry Lynn! He shapes the suffering! He has...a black eye? He still has a freaky eyebrow! See him on Ring of Honor wrestling on HDNet!

That'll be all we're interested in for this week.

I liked the last match, but not so much the first four matches. Is that a good enough batting average?

Feedback is welcome via email, the OOForums or over at my own message board, The W.

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King's finisher = "Backfist to the future."

I would encourage people to check out some of King's CHIKARA promos to see what he can do on the stick.

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    Originally posted by CRZ
    Of course, does Canada even GET this show?
Yep. As far as I know, we just get the American HDNet, not a special (worse) Canadian version.

I watched the first few weeks of ROH, and man, they just didn't do it for me. Low-budget goofiness with a string of identical matches. I know ROH is capable of better.


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    Originally posted by KJames199
      Originally posted by CRZ
      Of course, does Canada even GET this show?
    Yep. As far as I know, we just get the American HDNet, not a special (worse) Canadian version.

    I watched the first few weeks of ROH, and man, they just didn't do it for me. Low-budget goofiness with a string of identical matches. I know ROH is capable of better.

Yeah, I have it set to PVR every week, and on Sunday afternoon I cue it up and completely ignore it. If it wasn't for these recaps, I would have no clue what happened on a show that I technically watched. And it's not even the taped aspect, as I forget the spoilers as soon as I read them, so I have no idea going in who wins or loses.

I did watch my first Inside MMA this weekend, though, and THAT will likely keep my attention. I heart Bas.

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Since I forgot AGAIN, hopefully you've already found DEAN's Workrate report on your own, but if you HAVEN'T, go ahead and Click Here (!

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