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The W - Pro Wrestling - Ring of Honor on HDNet #11 30.5.09
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Get The Tables

by Christopher Robin Zimmerman
Recapper of Honor™

Anybody still watching this show?

Anybody still reading this slop?

Yeah, me neither.

Before I forget, DEAN's workrate report can be found right here. Two weeks from this show and he'll be the LAST MAN STANDING.

CABLE GUIDE SEZ: American Wolves take on Kevin Steen and El Generico. (HDTV) TV-14,CC,Stereo. HD Hmm, I think they left out something important there...the part where D-Von (WHAT) GETS THE TABLES

"You're watching a special presentation of Ring of Honor wrestling on HDNet!"

Open - THIS is RING OF HONOR WRESTLING #11, coming to you from The Arena in Philadelphia, PA and airing 5/30/09 (taped 4/10) on HDNet!

Your hosts are MIKE HOGEWOOD, DAVE PRAZAK and THE BIG GREEN SCREEN - the tag team titles are on the line tonight in a tables match! It's all legal and it's all honorable!™ But before that, let's have THIS

SMACKTALK: "Brother, brother, brother! Tonight is the night! Addicted to Luuuuuuuuv Rhett Titus under the lights and I'm ready to fight! As for you, Roderick Strong, they may call you the Messiah of the backbreaker...(removes vest and does a 180 to show off his...back)...well you ain't ever broke a back like this, brother! (kiss)" I am DEEPLY disappointed he did not tell us about the must of which the thrust is

SMACKTALK: "So Rhett Titus, I heard what you've been saying...that you're addicted to love. But to me it seems like you're addicted to punishment. walk around telling everybody 'the thrust is a must.' Really? 'cause tonight - tonight I'm gonna teach you a new catchphrase, and that's in the end, only the strong survive. (throat slash)" Wow, most flatlined babyface interview ever.

"ADDICTED TO LOVE" RHETT TITUS (The Temple of Lust on Long Beach Island, NJ - 203 pounds) vs. RODERICK STRONG (Tampa, FL - 215 pounds)


Titus finds takers for the hotel room keys in the most gothic and/or tranny woman in the front row and the woman sitting next to her. Hogewood (who can obviously have any woman HE wants) questions his taste in women and makes reference to "Night of the Living Dead." That's the kind of mean-spirited remark that will make somebody cut themselves! (Upon further reflection, the previous sentence was not meant to be a shout out to ... but if I say his name, I'm only asking for another five years of stalkery... ahhhhh let's close paren before we get into some REAL trouble) "Commentators" graphic is taken over by HDNet with a graphic informing us that for the latest programming updates we can go to or (Slogan: "HDNet Movies - even *I* don't get that channel") There's our handshake of honor™ - well, in as much as Titus kicking Strong's hand can be considered following the Code. RING THE BELL ALREADY. Titus reacts to a chant accusing him of not having lost his virginity. Strong laughs as if to say "wow. Those are some funny, creative fans." Lock it up, let's go. Back and forth, cartwheel by Strong and he takes over with a headlock. Headscissors counter by Titus. Prazak exhorts us to note the size of his thighs (because it rhymes). I feel a headstand counter coming on - Strong flips out. Up and over, deep arm drag, a LITTLE hair pull by Strong for good measure. Hogewood is "worried about" Prazak, and I'm getting the impression that Hoge don't cotton to no unnatural homo-phyin' in his booth. This is Mr. "Slap the Porpoise," mind you. Knee by Titus...and he throws him out. BUT Strong lands on the apron, so Titus probably shouldn't be doing his Macarena cum Rick Rude dance with his back to Strong - slingshot shoulderblock in connects! Here's a knife-edge chop (woooo!). Into the ropes, nice dropkick gets Strong 2. Backbreaker across the knee. 1, 2, no. "Watching Ring of Honor Wrestling at a friend's house?" WHY? Chop (woooo!) Titus won't be whipped out of the corner, so Strong chops him again. Titus with a knee on the next Irish whip attempt. They trade places with Strong heading into the corner - boot up but Titus catches, enzuigiri with the other leg but Titus ducks, Titus swings the figure four'd legs of Strong through the ropes, then grabs his head and X-Factor's him down! Mount, punches. THRUST IS A MUST. Knee. Right hand. Hoge is now "moving his chair away" from Prazak because Prazak keeps talking about thrusts and musts and Hoge is a God fearing lover of ONLY WOMEN. Strong chops back! Another chop! Titus fires back with a right. Standing on the neck using the ropes for 4. Scoop...and a slam by Titus - off the ropes with a big kneedrop. 1, is it. Shin on the throat for 4. Strong manages a jawbreaker and comes back - elbow, ...Titus brings his head into the second buckle - charge coming up - avalanche lands - running kneelift - 1, 2, Strong kicks out. These dudes have NO FLOW. Titus to the vise. Crowd comes alive (sorta) and Strong is out - CHOP! Boot up on Titus' charge - springs out of the corner with a crossbody for 2. That gets the Double Feature replay. Meanwhile...Strong wants the uranage but Titus is elbowing out. Titus with a slowly swinging neckbreaker to take over. 1, 2, no. Kick to the gut, kick, out of the corner, pose, running at him but Strong steps away and Titus manages to crotch himself on the top buckle - impressive. Running elbow by Strong, clothseline, into the corner, baaaaack body drop out. He's on fire! Maybe! Chop! (Woooo!) Chop! Eyepoke by Titus. Clothesline is ducked and Strong manages to hit the uranage into a backbreaker across the knee - but only gets 2! Prazak: "Uranage backbreaker!" Hoge: "No, I'm a HOGE backbreaker. What's a Noggy backbreaker?" That's high comedy, folks. (That means if you think it's funny, you're probably high.) Across the back - but Titus is out, to the ropes, rollup out, 1, 2, Strong kicks out. I will GUESS Titus hits a Rocker Dropper - from this angle it looks like Titus powerbombed himself, but we'll let it go for the purposes of man, I'm grumpy tonight. Leg is hooked, 1, 2, no. Prazak doing his best to avoid the fact that Hoge is doing ANYTHING but calling this match at this point. It's like they need FOREVER to decide on the next sequence - finally Titus puts Strong's head between his legs, maybe setting up for the powerbomb, or maybe just to do the Thrust one more time because it's so emasculating to his opponent...right up until his opponent counters into a ... well, he went up and over, didn't land on his feet, sprung to the corner, ducked a clothesline, jumping roundhouse kick while using the ropes to stay mostly upright, gutbuster, off the ropes with a...weird dropkick - legs are hooked - 1, 2, 3! Strong pins him. (6:55) Hogewood: "I hate to say this when Rhett Titus is involved, you might get the wrong idea, but SLAP THE PORPOISE, it's over with." God help you, Mike Hogewood. God help us all. Shockingly, we get a handshake of honor™ at the end of this match! Here's a replay of the final sequence, which doesn't look any less labored than the first time. Strong makes a babyface grin.

TABLES MATCH FOR ROH TAG TITLES - TONIGHT! American Wolves vs. El Generico & Kevin Steen!

Here's a graphic you've seen for a couple weeks - and you're seeing it again: RING OF HONOR WORLD TITLE MATCH - NEXT WEEK! Jerry Lynn vs. Bryan Danielson vs. Tyler Black vs. Austin Aries. You'll recall that last week we had profiles of two of the combatants; it's time to catch up by getting the other two. Here now is...

AUSTIN ARIES: "Preparation for this match? You know it starts in the gym, it starts with training and you have to do that every day ... Three other guys in there, so that means I need that much more strategy. ... Well you know the thing is you got four guys in the ring, which means you got four egos. But what you gotta try to do in a match with three other guys is maybe train those egos against each other and look for the opportunity and when the opportunity presents itself, snatch it, take it and win the match. ... I mean for me personally, it would be a great achievement. It would cement the fact that I am exactly what I've been telling everybody what I am and that is
one of the greatest men possibly that ever lived. ... (From clip) So we wanna talk about champions? Well I felt I should be out here, because I've been a champion my whole life. ... We have a lot of substance here, but how about some style with the substance, and that's what I bring, style and substance, hand in hand, Austin Aries - ROH World Champion - it's just, you see how that all just fits together? ... It's gonna be big, man - it's gonna be real big."

SARA DEL REY (Martinez, CA) vs. DAIZEE HAZE (Forest Park, IL) vs. MsCHIF (The Inferno - accompanied by Jimmy Jacobs - she is accompanied by Jimmy Jacobs and she is representing The Age of the Fall)


"Follow RING of HONOR on TWITTER!" You'll be excited to know that as I type this, ROHonHDNet has *2770* followers. CRZ, meanwhile, has *46* followers. Threenwhile, Rick wants to know what the heck Twitter and "followers" are. Three handshakes of honor™, one loud scream from MsChif, and away we go - Haze shrinks back to cover her ears, and Del Rey gets the opening salvo with a boot to MsChif. And a clothesline for Haze. Haze tossed over the top and to the floor. Drop toehold by MsChif, backflip press for 2. Forearm. Forearm. Into the ropes, reversed into a...into an "octopus stretch" by MsChif! Del Rey tries to get out but only manages to spin MsChif 180 and wrapping her up in a mirror image of the same hold. Meanwhile, Haze is back up - off the top rope with a missile dropkick that takes the pile over - incredibly, MsChif holds on and has Del Rey in a pinning predicament - 1, 2, Haze breaks it up! Haze with a forearm for MsChif, whip into the corner, runs at her, monkey, Haze kinda springs backwards and takes MsChif down with a faceplant, landing on her own knees (ouch). But Del Rey has two hands on the throat and slams Haze - right onto MsChif - Remsburg dutifully counts 1, 2, and MsChif has to kick out. Handful of Haze's hair by Del Rey - Haze trying to kick and punch out, but Del Rey headbutts her. MsChif has rolled to the outside. Del Rey has Haze on her shoulder - Haze struggling to fight off and does, Del Rey sent into the ropes where MsChif grabs her ankle from the outside - Del Rey turns around and grabs MsChif's hair - but before anything can happen THERE, Haze is off the ropes with a dropkick to Del Rey's keister that takes HER to the outside! MsChif strikes while the iron is hot with a forearm - Del Rey fires back with a much more powerful forearm and MsChif goes down. Haze is back on the top buckle - crossbody to the floor and I think she was SUPPOSED to get caught by Del Rey, but that kinda doesn't happen and Haze ends up improvising a stomp after picking herself off the floor - stomp, stomp, GREEN MIST from MsChif OH NOOOOOO - Haze put back in - leg over the back of the neck into a DDT - that's the Desecrator, says Prazak - OK, says me - 1, 2, 3, this match be over, says Remsburg. Hmmm, that was quick. (2:39) Q: When in ROH does the second competitor out not win the match? A: When it's a three-way - then, it's the third competitor out. Replay of the mist, the Desecrator, and the pin. KYLE DURDEN is in the ring for a few words - and Jimmy Jacobs has a few: "The future? Let's talk about the present. 'cause in Age of the Fall, we don't have goals, we have accomplishments. Every girl, it's their GOAL to be the SHIMMER champion; with her, it's been done. And Your Soul's Tormenter, MsChif, will be the missile in my army that takes out that harlot, Daizee Haze." MsChif: "(screams)" Ohhhhhhkay.

TONIGHT! Another look at the graphic representing our main event

NEXT WEEK! Another look at the graphic representing our main event

And here's TYLER BLACK: "Going into a world title match, there's a lot of pressure, but I've spent a lotta time in the gym during the week, on the treadmill, I really feel that these kind of matches are suited for me personally because I'm so young, I'm so agile, and I'm unpredictable as it at any point in time I feel like I could steal a win from any of these three guys who are a little bit older and a little less - you know, fruitful than I am. ... I'm younger, and I'm hungrier and I have more heart I feel than any of these guys, so I feel like I should be able to get the pin and I should be able to outwrestle Brian, Jerry and Austin for the title ... and it's a dream of mine not just to to hold a world title, but the Ring of Honor world title, and be the man to carry that flag. And it would mean everything to me to stand at the end, Ring of Honor world champion."


UP NEXT! "Runaway Train Erick Stevens!" I bet this clip represents about ten seconds before the end of the match!

"The following message has been paid for by THE EMBASSY and does not reflect the views of HDNet or Ring of Honor." "My friend, Ernie - it's been an unbelievable ride in the last couple of weeks for the Embassy, eh? We're back! And the roller coaster ride is going to continue - with Bison Smith in our corner... and Jimmy Rave, the crown jewel of the Embassy... and none other than my associate...come on in here, my friend. (laughs)" It's a handshake for... "Es gibt so...ich bin zurück bei HDNet, der gross artige Schweize CLAUDIO CASTAGNOLI - Very European - as a matter of fact, this is Very International." "(something in Ghanan? Sorry, I BARELY know German, I DEFINITELY don't know this)...The Embassy. Now shut that camera off, you stinkin'..."

Ad break:
"Get Out" is NEXT!
HDNet Fights spot
Art Mann promises a SUMMER OF FUN ON HDNET spot - buy buy buy

SMACKTALK: "The Erick Stevens Express just keeps on rollin'! And tonight, Sami Callahan finds himself on the tracks - but he's gonna find out that nobody - and I mean NOBODY - stops the train. CHOO! CHOO!"

SMACKTALK: "Hello Ring of Honor fans - it's me, Sami Callahan, the New Horror - H-O-RR-O-R. And tonight, I got a plan - I got a plan - and that plan is gonna allow me to ride the gravy train all the way to the top! And let me tell you what - my train has got WHEELS made of BISCUITS."'s a GRAVY train, so....yeah. I knew it wasn't worth explaining, too.

SAMI CALLAHAN (The Last House on the Left - 201 pounds) vs. ERICK STEVENS (Sarasota, FL - 248 pounds)

Referee: Turner

When even ring announcer BOBBY CRUISE neglects to mention the fifteen minute time limit, it doesn't take much to figure out this is a heapin' helpin' of SQUAAAAASH. Handshake of honor™. You know what, I was wrong - that clip of Stevens was from an earlier show and not from THIS match. Let's pretend this ISN'T a squash for now. Callahan with a ick, headlock, shoved off, shoulderblock by Stevens. Up and over, hiptoss by Callahan blocked, Stevens' works. Scoop...and a slam. Elbowdrop. Elbow. Chop (woooo!). graphic. Suplex coming up - no, Callahan down the back - axe handle seems to annoy Stevens. Callahan being evasive...and finally hitting the drop toehold into the buckle. Headbutt by Callahan. Chop (woooo!), chop back by Callahan. I think he was raking the face. Snapmares Stevens over. This match is so exciting, Hogewood is telling us to stay tuned for the upcoming satellite interview with Nigel McGuinness - hoo boy. Maybe I SHOULD have blown off this match. Another vise...and I think Callahan MAY have kissed him as well. This leads to a GAAAAAAH chokehold from Stevens, extended goozle but Callahan stomps out. Stevens grabs the waistlock but Callahan is elbowing enough to keep Stevens from lifting him. To the ropes, hanging on to shake of Stevens - seated dropkick gets Callahan 2! Callahan with a Koji clutch (!) but Stevens is too close to the ropes. Callahan in with a clothesline, rolls back but Stevens is up and following, bowling HIM into the corner. CHOO CHOO! And there's the axe bomber lariat. And there's the doctorbomb. Hogewood: "BOOM!" 1, 2, 3. (2:50) You know, the FUNNY thing is somehow it went 11 seconds longer than the women's three-way. Make of that what you will as we examine these replays. Nobody stops the train! NOBODY BEATS THE WIZ!

To our hosts, where Hoge promises that next week they'll have a special interview with ROH ambassador Ric Flair (and, presumably, his FINAL interview as long as he's back in WWE) - say, it is just me or does it seem like they're spending a lot of this show telling us what's coming up as opposed to showing us something NOW? Speaking of now, let's segue to

"Via satellite" is the former ROH World Champion NIGEL McGUINNESS. "How's my rehab goin'? That's between me and my doctor. My rehab is going as well as it needs to be going. There's one thing you need to know about this business, and that's to be at the very top, you have to have the edge, and I'm not gonna come here on this show and tell ya just how well my rehab is going and just when I'm coming back, 'cause I don't want you wankers to be ready." Asked for a prediction in the Four Corners Survival match. "Four way match for the title? I've been in a few of those myself. And you've got four fantastic wrestlers in there - let's talk about them. Clamdigger Bryan Danielson. Now you wanna talk about someone whose synonymous with Ring of Honor - that is Danielson. Bryan Danielson is Ring of Honor and he is one of the best wrestlers in the world, and if you wanna put money on someone in that match, that ain't a bad bet. Do I like the fact that he goes to the beach, and digs up harmless animals, takes 'em home and kills 'em? No, I don't. But he's still a fantastic wrestler. Now Tylenol Black-- here's a guy who people have been saying is the future of this business. You take one look at him and you have to agree, but one thing you have to remember about Tylenol is when you do all those fantastic moves, you take some fantastic risks, and Tylenol, to get to that stage where you're the champion, you gotta stay healthy, mate. Remember, I know that as well as anybody. And now Austin Aries - here's a guy who's taken a new change as of late. He's wrestling smarter, he's taking a few LESS risks. That is smart. He's luring people into a false sense of security just like I did when I was the champion. So he might be a good bet, too. And that leaves ol' Geritol Lynn. Now there's a bitter taste in my mouth when I say his name. And with good reason. But one thing you have to remember about Jerry is no matter what else they say, after 18 months of every single person trying to beat me for that belt... he did it. And noone can ever take that away from him. So remember that. But Jerry...remember this also. I won't ever forget it. And I'm coming back." Asked if he has any messages for the fans, McGuinness says, "I've got a few messages for the fans...some of which they probably can't broadcast on television. But I'll put it like this: you've doubted me before. Don't make that mistake again. I'm gonna come back and take my place in pro wrestling history...whether you like me...or you don't."

Can we see that graphic one more time for next week's title match? WE CAN?

Let Us Take You Back to TWO WEEKS AGO where the Wolves put El Generico through a table.

ONE WEEK AGO, Shane Hagadorn met a table as well

TONIGHT! Perhaps the last time to see THIS graphic, because our MAIN RIGHT NOW

EDDIE EDWARDS & DAVEY RICHARDS, THE AMERICAN WOLVES (Challengers - 421 pounds) vs. EL GENERICO & KEVIN STEEN (Champions - 437 pounds)


Before the champions' introduction is finished, all four men meet in the aisle and get t' poundin'. They split up with Generico of the Wolves, and Steen with the other one. We go to that wacky split screen where you can't really see much of anything as Prazak tells us Hagadorn is out of action and won't be at ringside tonight. Steen punching away on...BITING whoever it was. Meanwhile, the other guy chops Generico and I think he's raking the mask. I wish I could remember which of the Wolves is which! I think this is why Edwards has two big "E" patches embroidered on his tights. Okay, it's Steen with Richards as Edwards just went into the timekeeper's table (I don't think THAT table is legal.) Richards in the ring - Generico in the ring - I heard a bell! Time outside the ring jerkin' around was about (1:50). Generico waits for him to get up - and throws a right hand. Steen chops. Steen right. Generico puts him into the ropes, drop toehold, Steen off the ropes with a somersault legdrop. And another Hangover! Steen mounts him and punches away. Now Edwards is back in and pounding on Steen - Generico from behind to take control. Senton by Steen - another senton - Generico on Steen's back - Steen sentons *Generico* onto Edwards. Generico pointing...somewhere. Steen going out and I think we're finally going to see a table from underneath the ring. Crowd is almost more excited to see a table than to see any of these four dudes. Richards rammed into a table Steen is holding up. Edwards "got wood" (Hogewood - Prazak: "What? Did you just say that?" IT'S THE NIGHT OF A THOUSAND DOUBLE ENTENDRES) Richards rolled in, Generico and Steen bring a table in. Is that Edwards? Sorry, that's Edwards. I really don't know why I can't tell them apart. Steen with a right hand. Stomp. Generico and Steen whip Edwards, but he slides to stop short of the table - ducks Steen's clothesline but ends up caught by Generico into a suplex that takes him into the buckles. Richards back in action, pulling Generico outside and whipping him into the barricade - back in - Steen ducks, gutshot, wants the powerbomb into the table but Richards goes up and over, then kicks Steen's "injured" knee. Richards is pointing to his head because he is SMRT - but Generico is back in - they fight over suplex attempts - no dice - Generico off the ropes but Edwards is back in - pressing him up - and Richards kicks him hard on the way DOWN. That's the Alarm Clock. THIS is a superkick by Edwards into a German suplex by Richards that's supposed to take Generico through the table, except it doesn't break where it's supposed to (very close to the apron) so Generico takes it a lot harder than he probably expected. Quick pose by the Wolves. Steen up - but not for long, taking a dropkick to his knee. Double Feature replay of the Alarm Clock and the superkick/suplex combo. Meanwhile, Steen is getting four boots. Edwards has Steen in the Flair-esque knee attack, but instead of dropping his knee across his own knee, he drops him THROUGH the table - pretend that was Steen's knee going through the table instead of his opposite foot stomping through it first for full effect. Coming back to action, Steen is taking various knees and boots to the head. Crowd tries a "Mr. Wrestling" chant but it's not helping Steen at this point. Steen manages to slap Edwards, but Richards goes right back to the knee. Figure four coming up? No, Richards decides to flip off the fans and NOT put the hold on. Well, he sure showed THEM. A new table is in the ring and I haven't seen Generico for a while. Richards snaps back the knee. Table tented in the corner. Steen chops Richards (woooo!) but Edwards attacks from behind. Kicks from both men to Steen. Okay, so Richards is the one who sweats WAY too much. Got it. Steen in a corner - Richards whipped into Steen - hmm, I think Steen was supposed to do something, but he didn't so Richards stuttersteps into a forearm. Then, confirming it, they repeat the spot™, only THIS time Steen gets up an elbow. Elbow for Edwards. Generico back in and up top - cross body lands on BOTH men! Clothesline for you, clothesline for you, clothesline for you, chop by Edwards - but runs into a ...tilt-a-whirl sitout powerbomb? 1, 2, Richards saves him. Richards calls for the "DR Driver" and gets the butterfly on Generico, but Generico slips out, slaps him, grabs a knuckle lock, heads to the top rope - stays there FOREVER trying to figure out what to do next - and finally opts for a tornado DDT back into the ring. Generico up top AGAIN - SOMERSAULT PLANCHA and he almost totally missed Edwards. Meanwhile, back in the ring, Steen catches a kick from Richards - then catches RICHARDS coming in, countering with a spinebuster that WOULD have gone through the table if the table hadn't already slipped to the bottom turnbuckle, at which point there's very little difference between it being there and being flat against the canvas. So, yes, the table doesn't break. Again. On the plus side, it looks like it DID hurt like hell. But Steen isn't done, climbing up - Generico oposite corner - sentonbomb by Steen, top rope splash by Generico, leg is hooked, 1, 2, Edwards breaks it up! That gets a Double Feature. We're back and Steen has Edwards on the outside - headbutt. Generico is on the apron...but thinks better and heads to the floor - Edwards taken hard into the barricade. Steen has another table. This one is stood up ringside. Edwards' back meets the barricade again as another table is brought out. Hoge: "Dave, these are not cheap - these tables." Table atop table. Edwards trying to get in the ring to escape - the champs grab him. Big kick by Generico. Steen wants to powerbomb him from the apron through the tables - but Richards chop blocks Steen to stop THAT. Generico takes an enzuigiri and that takes HIM out. Wolves on the attack - running clothesline in the corner - another one by Richards - a THIRD with a back brain kick by Edwards at the same time. The WOLVES bring yet another table from under the ring and THIS one goes in, but not set up. While Edwards looks for another one, Richards is up to the top buckle - tries a shooting star press (!) but Steen's long gone. Having set up the table outside the ring, Edwards is ready to assist - but Generico, from the other side, leaps from the floor, THROUGH the corner between the bottom and middle ropes, catches Edwards and spins into a tornado DDT on the floor!! THAT was COOL. Edwards placed on the very table he just set up - Generico climbing to the top buckle one more time. Steen cannonballs Richards inside the ring while Generico hits the BIG SPLASH through the table and THAT one BREAKS IT! Meanwhile, Steen has a Sharpshooter on Richards - will he tap? Steen positions Richards in the centre - he's not getting out - but it's SHITTY RUN-IN TIME as SHANE HAGADORN, yes, IS in the building and DID come out to distract Steen out of breaking the hold. Thanks for coming, Shane - here's a package piledriver to make sure you only do it once tonight. Crescent kick for Richards and the table previously placed in the ring is now set up with Richards atop. Crowd can stop stroking themselves with the "This is Awesome" chant any time as far as I'm concerned as Steen climbs up top one more time. Moonsault coming up? Well, before he can, Richards rolls off the table, springs to the corner, shoves Steen up and off the corner and DOWN through the table tower that they'd set up earlier in the match. Ohhhhhhh the irony. Generico is back in with a Yakuza kick for Richards - Richards set up top - Generico wants a... superplex maybe? Again, the question is moot because Edwards is FINALLY back in and that looks like UN FOUL on Generico! Not that it probably matters in this match but just for good measure, Sinclair is outside checking on Steen anyway. Doomsday Device puts Generico (and Richard's butt) through tht table - Edwards hooks a leg - Sinclair in - 1, 2, 3 - Ladies and gentlemen, we have new tag team champions of the world. (13:27) Prazak tells us that this is Richards' second reign as half of the tag team champs and Edwards' first. Here's your replay - Steen with a somersault through the stack, Generico takes the upper-nut and the Ace Crusher off the shoulders through the table. Hey, the first team out won! Also, I don't think they shook hands afterward! Credits are up and we're (almost) out...

NEXT WEEK! By God, it's a four way for the ROH World Title and if you miss it, you must not be a fan of the pro wrestling!

"You've been watching a special presentation of Ring of Honor Wrestling on HDNet!"

RIC FLAIR will (not) be making appearances 6/12 in Manassas, 6/13 at Hammerstein in NYC, and 6/19 as part of HDNet tapings in Philadelphia. Tix on sale at! Woooo! I mean Noooo!

"Get Out!" is NEXT! GET OUT!

Next time on Ring of may have heard this before, but you haven't seen THESE clips! Again, I'm not a big fan of showing match clips before the match has taken place - call it sports mentality, call it what you will.

I think that's it for this hour. I'm not sure how apropos the placement of this ambiguously gay movie promo is. Let's ask Mike Hogewood.

My birthday is SUNDAY! I'll see you at some indeterminate time after that for next week's big show!

Feedback is welcome via email, the OOForums or over at my own message board, The W.

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