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The W - Pro Wrestling - Ring of Honor on HDNet #10 23.5.09
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Garbage Wrestling of Honor™

by Christopher Robin Zimmerman
Recapper of Honor™

CABLE GUIDE SEZ: Necro Butcher and Delirious battle Jimmy Jacobs and Brodie Lee. (HDTV) TV-14,CC,Stereo. HD

"You're watching a special presentation of Ring of Honor wrestling on HDNet!"

Open - THIS is RING OF HONOR WRESTLING #10, coming to you from The Arena in Philadelphia, PA and airing 5/23/09 (taped 4/10) on HDNet!

Wasting little time, we immediately head to the ring for our opening...non-wrestling promo time? Heading to the ring are THE AMERICAN WOLVES & SHANE HAGADORN, out to meet a table already standing in the centre. Speaking first of them. "Boy, this brings back memories. (laughs) You know, last time we were out here, we put your golden boys Steen & Generico right here through a table. Now while that definitely made a statement, there's still some unfinished business. You see, make no mistake about it, Steen, Generico, you're goin' through a table again, but next time when you do, the Wolves are gonna be crowned NEW Ring of Honor world tag team champions. In fact--" Richards cuts himself off as KEVIN STEEN & EL GENERICO are rushing to the ring - Richards & Edwards are out, but Hagadorn is still there - Steen grabs him. "Hey how ya doin'. Y'know I always thought Wolves ran in packs - but it looks like your Wolves only run in pair because they just left you behind." "Please, please --" "Please what? No? It's all right. Don't worry. Y'see we're not like those wolves - I'm sorry, but Steen & Generico aren't the type to put some poor bastard that literally didn't do anything to us through a table, just 'c- even though he is wearing a horrible sweater vest." Generico whispers something to Steen. "Oh, wait, wait, wait - for once, you're right. Hey - you did help them to kick my knee in, so you know what?" Gutshot....and a powerbomb through the table. Shouldnt' Hoge be louder than he is during, say, when somebody punches during a match? Oh well. Play their music! Steen adds a stomp on Hagadorn's knee for good measure.

The Ring of Honor World title match is 2 WEEKS AWAY - here's your now familiar graphic! Jerry Lynn vs. Bryan Danielson vs. Tyler Black vs. Austin Aries - and it should be the last match I recap for this company!

Your hosts are MIKE HOGEWOOD, DAVE PRAZAK & THE GREEN SCREEN. Breaking news is announced - Cary Silkin and Ric Flair (who may or may not still be with this company) have met and decided that NEXT week, there'll be a tables match for the tag straps when Steen & Generico take on the American Wolves! Wow, all this talk about future matches - I wonder if we'll ever get to any tonight!

Not yet, fans! It's time to hear from JERRY LYNN and get to know this veteran wrestler better with his thoughts on the upcoming title defense! "It's really the same as any other match, except maybe I'll do a little more homework because I've got three opponents. ... Every match that I have to go out there, I try to be in the best physical condition possible. And I always try and dig out old videotape of whoever I'm wrestling against to find what their weaknesses are, what their strengths are, try and not let them get to their strengths. Bryan Danielson - he is one of the best wrestlers on the face of this planet, and you never know what direction he's coming from. Tyler Black: we're no strangers, I've wrestled him quite a bit in the Midwest, he's got a huge, huge arsenal of offensive manouevres, and I'm lucky that I'm familiar with him. Austin Aries - another great talent, but a little shady, and luckily I've been in the ring with legends like Ric Flair and I've learned from one of the dirtiest players in the games so I know a little bit of the dirty plays and if someone wants to go that route I'm not above that. ... The night I won this title is the biggest night of my career. For twenty years, I've been working hard and sacrificing, and now I know I really got my work cut out for me, it's not gonna get any easier, it's gonna get harder, I'm not getting any younger and you've got all these young guys climbing up the ladder and they're hungry, and I've gotta stay hungry, stay focused and motivated - along with the Championship comes a lot of pressure and that doesn't make it any easier but to keep this title, it'll mean everything to me."

KENNY KING (Las Vegas, NV - 235 pounds) vs. KENNY OMEGA (Winnipeg, MB - 221 pounds) vs. JAY BRISCOE (Sandy Fork, DE - 216 pounds - with Mark Briscoe)

Prazak sneaks in a plug for the next ROH tapings May 29th and 30th (which is to say, for shows airing 6/13 through 7/18), saying Ric Flair WILL be there, as well as the HDNet debut of KENTA. I can't WAIT for him to take thirteen minutes to squash Leslie Butterscotch. Let's see if we can get three handshakes before we start this match. Omega shakes both hands - well, King slaps his hand away. Briscoe offers to King - and HE gets a shove - Brisco shoves back. Some more shoving until Omega inserts himself - "whoa whoa whoa's no fun unless there's SPORTSMANSHIP, are you kidding me?" Typical Canadian. So Brisco slaps him in the face. Sinclair decides this might be a good time to ring the bell. King is in hysterics, right up to the point where Briscoe decides that arms around shoulders isn't preferable to also slapping KING one. Omega back to Jay - gutshot by Briscoe, thrown through the ropes. King into the ropes, reversed, shoulderblock by Briscoe. The graphic confirms what Prazak just said about the next set of HDNet tapings. They STILL have that typo where it says "May 29 & May 30th" and I'm ready to take bets on whether or not this graphic will still be displayed on NEXT week's show...after the tapings have already happened. Back to the action - Briscoe off the ropes, rolls over King's body, pushes him into the ropes, leg lariat connects. Omega back in - Briscoe ducks a kick, knife-edge chop (woooo!), into the ropes, Omega reverses, leapfrog by Omega, dueling hiptoss attempts but nobody goes over, Omega ducks a clothesline, off the ropes, ducks AGAIN, keeps going and SAILS over the top rope, landing (but almost clearing) King out on the floor! Crowd loves the high spots. Meanwhile, Omega has been posing too long - Briscoe from the apron with a big running baseball slide dropkick to his head. Forearm in the back. Over to King - knife-edge chop. Sinclair up to 5. King into the barricade. Briscoe with a shot in the back. Omega over - he gives King a shot. Briscoe decides they CAN work together after Omega is in and out to break the count. Double into the barricade for King. Whipped into the apron, but he vaults from the floor to the apron and springs off into a somersault, taking out BOTH men on the floor! This leads Hogewood to...say absolutely nothing. Maybe he was cleaning his glasses or something. King's up first - running boot for Omega. Omega thrown in, King follows. King with a snap suplex, holding on and rolling backwards into a mount and punchy punch. 1, 2, no. Boot. Standing on the neck, on the second rope. That's for 4. Snapmares Omega over - and now putting a knee in the back and yanking back on the arms. Prazak just confused Kenny with Kenny - no WONDER they give everybody in the WWE a different first name - and it looks like Briscoe is FINALLY back in, breaking things up with a boot to King's head. King rolls to the apron and out of our current picture. The "Watching Ring of Honor at a friend's house?" crawl starts as Briscoe turns his attention to Omega - in the back, Omega punches, Briscoe punches harder. Knife-edge chop (woooo!). Scooooop....and a slam. DOUBLE STOMP!! Big handful of hair, right hand of dishonor™ sends him into the ropes but Omega holds on - Briscoe runs at Omega and eats a boot - Omega off the ropes, leapfrogs over Briscoe and bulldogs him on the way down. WHAT ATHLETICISM! Omega 1, 2, no. King is back in - King puts Omega through the ropes. I guess it can never be more than one on one in these matches. Forearm to the back of Briscoe. Whip into the opposite corner, pose, runs...into an elbow by Briscoe. King runs in - caught again - and swept into the buckle. 1, 2, Omega breaks it up. Omega, Brisco, Omega, Briscoe, Brisco kicks the gut, through the ropes to the floor again. Back to King - chop (woooo!), into the ropes, King ducks, Pele kick, hooks the leg, 1, 2, Omega breaks it up. Shot by King - AGAIN put through the ropes to the floor. Big forearm for Briscoe. Right, standing on the chest/neck for 4. Mark does some complaining at ringside but we get an especially clearly-mic'd explanation of Sinclair that he has until 5. Briscoe holding the ropes - bad idea as King pulls him out and lets him fall on his head. King taunts Mark and covers Jay for another 2. Brisco fires back with a foreram - King forearm, Brisco, King, now they're punching simultaneously - meanwhile Omega is climbing the corner...high cross body AGAIN practically overshoots the mark but both men dutifully go down as if he landed against their necks or chests instead of the tops of their heads. Omega is FIRED UP! Ducks a double clothesline by rolling under - he's up - DOUBLE RANA!! King is up first - winding up for a kick but Omega freezes him with the stop sign...then lands an enzuigiri that takes him to a roll to the outside. Crowd chanting O-MAY-GUH and Omega is probably taking too long to spin around in that goofy pose - off the ropes - SMACK into a lariat from Briscoe. Crowd swiftly changes allegiances to a MAN UP chant. Crowd is fickle. We take a closeup as Briscoe has been busted open along the bridge of the nose from something. Before Briscoe can take it to Omega, King is springing off the top rope into a blockbuster while Briscoe holds on to DDT Omega on HIS way down. King covers Briscoe - 1, 2, no! Another look at the blood, since we never see any on this show. Three men down - Sinclair starts a count, but King is up before 3. Climbing the ropes...Omega rushes with a sledge that crotches him on top. Climbing up after him for a superplex...nope, Briscoe is up behind HIM. Omega whipped into the opposite corner - Briscoe charges in but Omega is up and over the back, rolling forward and springing BACK to King's corner, where he catches him in a super lung blower (back cracker/stabber)! Briscoe decides to roll up King - 1, 2, Omega breaks it up with a dropkick. Omega up first - fury punches to Briscoe, kick, off the ropes - but caught in a spinebuster by Briscoe. Leg is hooked - 1, 2, Omega kicks out. King is under the ropes, Omega still rolling around, and Briscoe up. But not manning up! Handful of hair, elbow, elbow, elbow, Omega fires back, Briscoe forearm across the back, fireman's carry...and slammed down. Briscoe's going up! Before he gets all the way to the top, King springs over and HE lands an enzuigiri that takes Briscoe down to the floor. Turning his attention to ... doing the Ickey shuffle there, I think. NOW turning his attention to Omega - pulling him up by the hair - torture, Omega down the back, into a sunset flip and flipping himself into a bridge - 1, 2, 3! (9:33) So after all those spots, it's a flash pin and "Omega's first win ever on HDNet." Here's your replay. If you're into Indy jerkin' around, buddy, this match was for YOU!

TONIGHT! Our main event is tag team action between Delirious & Necro Butcher and Brodie Lee & Jimmy Jacobs! I don't know if you've noticed - or, indeed, if you're even WATCHING this show - but everybody looks about half as tall when they do graphics with four men instead of two. I'm not sure that's how it's supposed to work. WWE seems to be able to keep everyone normal sized and THEY don't even use the full HD real estate. I'm just sayin'.

IRISH AIRBORNE (Jake & Dave Crist - Dayton, OH - 369 pounds) vs. DARK CITY FIGHT CLUB (Jon Davis & Kory Chavis - 508 pounds)


For the love of all that's holy, didn't I JUST opt out of recapping a DCFC squash? Yes, it was *just* LAST WEEK. Hoge says that with Omega pulling a huge upset, there's surely inspiration and upsets on the minds of the Irish Airborne. As for me, *I* know that lightning doesn't strike twice on the same show - well, unless it's a WWE PPV because those two writing teams don't ever seem to share notes until it's too late. No handshakes. Follow Ring of Honor on Twitter. Slap the porpoise. (sitout powerbomb/neckbreaker combo -> Davis pins Jake 1:41)

Yes, I suppose I DO realise the irony of bitching about there not being any wrestling on this show, and then blowing off recapping the match.

Backstage, reporter KYLE DURDEN has Necro Butcher and Delirious to give us a few words before tonight's main event. You will probably be able to tell who is saying what: "Oh, I remember so many months ago Jimmy Jacobs when you brought me to Ring of Honor when you talked about change and you talked about fightin' for a cause, but it wasn't a bunch of psychobabble to get me to do your dirty work, and for all these months now we've been going toe to toe all over the country, but it seems like it's always two on one, three on one in your advantage, but then Tyler Black dumped you like a bad habit, and now my man Delirious has seen the light of day too. Delirious, what do you think about Jimmy Jacobs?" "TOMAYSINKABOWJIMMYJAOBS NECROBUTCHERDELIRIOUS AOWASOBRAGUROUS ESDOOAZALLDEWAY ANDIELLADADA KLEERkleerkleerkleerKLEER WIDNECROBUTCHERDELIRIOUS AUSTA ANDAASSOHHHH ASTAZHACHOUUUUUU...." "I couldn't agree more."

TONIGHT! Another look at the graphic we just saw

UP NEXT! "Kingston vs. Hero" A suplex will be thrown!

Time for our ad break:
"Get Out!" is NEXT!
HDNet Fights presents "Olympia Dream 9 Featherweight Grand Prix 2nd Round" LIVE! Tuesday at 5am! SHIT that's EARLY oh there's a replay Friday at 10PM
HDNet Concerts spot
An ad for NEXT week's ROH and the big tag team table match - it seems kinda weird to see clips of a future, it doesn't exactly preserve the fantasy that all this isn't a nearly two month old tape. We do get a brief promo from the Wolves: "Steen & Generico, heh heh, these Wolves are closing in." "And this hunt is coming to an end." Also, I MIGHT have not included the clip of Steen being suplexed through a table as those are the kinds of things that tend to give away the outcome of the match a week in advance. Yeah. ALSO: A women's match! GOODY! spot - buy some DVDs, dammit!

Holy smack, here's ANOTHER look at the graphic for our main event, just in case you had forgotten it from the last time you saw it three minutes ago - but it's all they have to bridge us to

Backatage, Durden has the other team in tonight's main event. "I do know a lot about both men; in fact I'll psychoanalyse both of them for you. Delirious is strong-willed but weak-minded; The Necro Butcher is tough as shoe leather and almost as smart. And without a leader, they're lost. It's like running headfirst into a brick wall OVER and OVER and OVER again - big, bad, six foot ten Brodie Lee has taken EVERYTHING the Necro Butcher has, and he's still standing. Delirious keeps FIGHTING - but he's fighting in vain. You see, when you run head first into a brick wall over and over and over and over (indicating that Lee is the brick wall) again...somebody's gonna end up getting hurt tonight."

By the way, in two weeks there's a four-way ROH World title match - just to switch up the graphics you're having to endure - and because we're going to segue to

And now, a few words from BRYAN DANIELSON! "I'd like to think that nobody in professional wrestling trains as hard as I do - when it comes to preparing for a title match, I bust my ass, I mean I've tarined at Extreme Couture sometimes five hours a day, I mean, two, three hours kickboxing sessions, jiu jitsu sessions, you know, when I step into the ring I wanna know that my cardio is to a point where I'll never get tired, and that my submissions are to the point where nobody can escape them, and my kicks are at a point where if I land one, it's gonna blister somebody, that's what my preparation is like. ... The strategy for a four-way match is the same as any other match, you have to pin or submit your opponent but there's an added level of difficulty because at this point you have to neutralise two other guys, and in my case it's especially difficult because I'm a submission wrestler. And so, I have to neutralise the two other guys long enough for me to get a submission on the third guy, and not to say I can't beat people other ways, but that's my forte, so my goal coming in here is...take away Tyler Black's high flying, take away Austin Aries' kicks and brainbusters, and take away Jerry Lynn's cradle piledriver, neutralise the two other men and then beat the third guy. ... To be the champion in Ring of Honor, it's like no other feeling on earth. You step in the ring and you look across from your opponent, and you know that they're game and that every single time that you step in the ring and defend that belt, you know that they're bringing everything they've got. ... When I was Champion, I defended that belt more than anybody in this company's history, and I want to be the first person, the very first person to be the two-time Ring of Honor Champion." You know what would have made this montage? Even ONE clip of Danielson as champion. Yeah, okay, maybe it's not in Hi-Def. Can't you work around that and show us Danielson wearing the belt at least ONCE?

Yes, that same graphic again - but we are close to a new match! Let's hear from Chris Hero.

SMACKTALK: "They say it's always sunny in Philadelphia, but tonight's forecast calls for a torrential downpour of boots and elbow courtesy of That Young Knockout Kid. Now Eddie Kingston wants to get his hands on Chris Hero? AH AH. Absolutely not, my friend! You are beneath me and undeserving!"

SMACKTALK: "Ladies and gentlemen of Ring of Honor, you're lookin' at Eddie Kingston and tonight, I get my opportunity to take you out, Christopher Hero. And you, my friend, tell me that I am below you - well by the end of tonight, after that bell sounds, you're gonna be on the floor lookin' up at me, and I will be standing in victory. Eddie Kingston, last of a dying breed, holla."

THAT YOUNG KNOCKOUT KID CHRIS HERO (with Sara Del Rey - Metropolis - 240 pounds) vs. EDDIE KINGSTON (Yonkers, NY - 241 pounds)

Referee: Sinclair

Kingston eschews the handshake by storming the ring and chasing Hero outside and round and grabbing his ankles as he gets back in. Kick, forearms, kick, forearm, Hero rolls out again. Kingston out after him - forearm, chop, chop, forearm, choke, rake of the face. Sinclair at 8...9...10...11...knee by Kingston, forearm in the back, Hero FINALLY gets in a shot and tries to put some distance between himself and Kingston - finally throwing up Del Rey as a human shield as he rolls in at 14. Kingston sets Del Rey aside - as Hero dropkicks through the ropes, connecting! Hero pulling up the mat - and rolling up Kingston in it - running SENTON onto the Kingston sandwich! Hero back in the ring to break up the count (I think) back out, Kingston back in, Hero back in. We just might get some action in the ring! Running stomp to the head. Kingston dares him to boot him again - so he does. Leg is hooked, not even 1. Hero stomps on the hand. graphic. Kingston gets in a gutshot, another, Hero with a chop, Kingston right, Hero slap. Stomp to the face!Standing on the face. Prazak notes that Hero is usually accompanied by Hagadorn except he went through a table earlier in the show. Me, I'm missing the unmentioned Larry Sweeney. Hero measures another chop. Kingston chops back! Chop by Hero, chop by Kingston, knee by Kingston, knee, knee, off the ropes, but Hero is off the other set of ropes and connects with a "flash kick" for 1. Hero annoyed it wasn't 2 - you don't see THAT very often. Snaps off an elbowdrop. Kinda piefacing him there. Cover - 2. We take a curious closeup of Del Rey's back tattoo - and then she leans back at EXACTLY the wrong time. Very attractive. Hero stomps on Kingston's head again. Chop. Kingston again asks for another Boot by Hero. Right hand of dishonor™. Forearm. Hero is, I would say, delibrate. Into the ropes, elbowstrike off the ropes. Hero off the ropes as Kingston tries to shake it off - boot up by Kingston and Hero eats it! Kingston with a jumpin' DDT! Both men slow to get up - Kingston with the chop, Hero back up, chops him down again - Kingston with the vaunted backdrop driver! Hero in the corner. Kingston wailing away, rights and lefts, Sinclair breaking it up after 4. Kingston right back on him, Sinclair counting AGAIN, this time GETS to 5 and calls for the bell - really? Yikes. (DQ 5:22) For an encore, Kingston PASTES Sinclair with a right hand of dishonor™. That's just enough time for Hero to escape and get pulled away with a little help from Del Rey. Replay of the DQ, and the punch. Nobody says "fines and suspensions" so perhaps this isn't as serious as the commentators are making this occurrence out to be.

Let Us Take You Back to last week, where The Embassy (Prince Nana & Ernie Osiris) partook of shenanigans to help Claudio Castagnoli, who I understand to be Very European, procure a victory over Brent Albright. Later, Colt Cabana prevented things from getting too far...even further, I guess. Probably would have been nicer if he'd have shown up BEFORE the tainted victory but what can you do.

This leads us backstage again for words from BRENT ALBRIGHT. "You know, that's right - last week me 'n' Claudio Castagnoli, we had a war. We were droppin' BOMBS on each other, and when I FINALLY has Claudio Castagnoli hooked into the Crowbar - BAM! - right upside my head, I got hit with a shoe! And if bein' hit with a shoe wasn't bad enough, I got kicked in the balls! And had my shoulders pinned, 1, 2, 3. And right then, Claudio goes down and grabs a chair and he places it on my head. And he was gettin' ready to stomp my brains in until this man right here, this man came out and helped me out. COLT CABANA, thank you very much, sir, my cranium appreciates it." "You are might welcome, Brent - you're so serious. Isn't he serious? And if I put a little smile on your face, maybe lighten up a little bit, I have no problem. Ernie and Nana happened to ruin my return, thanks a lot, boys. Well now, if I can get your back then, I'm gonna get your back now, and Embassy: I'm gonna have his back in the future. Who throws a shoe? A shoe. Ha."

TABLES MATCH FOR ROH TAG TITLES - NEXT WEEK! American Wolves vs. El Generico & Kevin Steen!

Let Us Take You Back Once Again to Last Week where Generico went through the table.

EARLIER TONIGHT: Hagadorn met a table

TONIGHT! This should be the last time you see the graphic for the main event...because it's RIGHT NOW

JIMMY JACOBS & BRODIE LEE (representing The Age of the Fall - 447 pounds) vs. DELIRIOUS & "THE" NECRO BUTCHER (439 pounds)


I WILL say this - nobody's mentioned "The Wrestler" (starring Mickey Rourke!) at all during this episode. So maybe they've gotten that out of their system. No handshakes as everybody spills outside - we end up with a split screen with Turner following Delirious and Jacobs and Butcher and Lee taking it on the other end of the arena. Back and forth no-action gets interesting when Jacobs pulls back the mats...but nothing comes out of it as Delirious brings Jacobs into the ring, and Turner rings the bell. (1:23 outside, pre-match) Jacobs with the double sledge to take control. Delirious' head to the buckle, no effect, Delirious clotheslines him down, clothesline, spinebuster, punches in bunches. We quickly cut to Lee with a chair on the outside but before anything happens there we're back in the ring where Delirious is bealing Jacobs by his ... hair, neck, something? Fireman's carry - slam - senton! Lee is in the ring - slap for Delirious, and throwing him through the ropes to the outside. Now it's Butcher in the ring with Lee - did they say it was lucha libre tag rules for this one? Staredown in the ring. Lee slaps - Butcher slaps. Right by Lee, right by Butcher - now they're doing the simultaneous punches thing we saw earlier from Brisco & King. Butcher off the ropes, boot is caught, spun around by Lee who throws a haymaker. Running right. Right. Off the ropes - dumped outside by Butcher! Lee lands where the mats are not - ouch. Delirious invites Butcher to the outside - might as well, there's nobody left inside but the official. Butcher has Jacobs with a sledge - double noggin knocker (and called as such by Prazak!) Holding up both men - Delirious with a top rope somersault onto the pile!! That gets the Double Feature-style replay. Meanwhile, Butcher has relieved ring announcer BOBBY CRUISE of his chair and set it up in the ring. Turner leaves it there (oh, come on) while we split screen to Delirious chasing Lee around the outside. Butcher has THREE chairs set up now. Stomping to Jacobs on the floor - now pulling him into the ring - wants to suplex him from the apron onto the chair pyramid, but Lee is there in time to put a stop to it. Lee aparently turned the tide with some forearms and a rake of the mask. Delirious is still down by the time we go back to a single shot - Lee and Jacobs setting up Butcher for a HOLY SHIT SUPLEX OUT OF THE RING TO THE FLOOR!! We give THAT a replay. Fortunately (?) Butcher landed where the mat had been folded over itself from exposing the floor over there a bit earlier. Still, wathing the replay, Lee and Jacobs had as rough a landing on that spot as Butcher did. Back to the action where Delirious has Jacobs in the ring. Stomp, wailing away with rights and lefts until Lee is in to save - ANOTHER rake of the face to turn the tide. Jacobs decides it's up to HIM to clear the ring of chairs if the ref isn't gonna do it. Scoop by Lee - Delirious frees himself, chop, chop, chop, off the ropes, eats a shoulderblock by Lee. Off the ropes, misses an elbowdrop as Delirious springs up, pounces on Jacobs and AGAIN unleashes a series of alternating arm strikes. Jacobs manages to roll out - and Delirious turns back just in time to eat a Big Boot from Lee. Lee trying to help Jacobs clear his cobwebs. Lee covers - 1, 2, no. I think we may ACTUALLY get a bona-fide TAG in this match! Lee holding Delirious up for Jacobs' to land the double axe handle from the top rope. Cover, 1. ANOTHER 1 count. Jacobs is displeased by the 1. Necro Butcher hasn't moved from his spot on the floor. Jacobs wrapping his hand in the tassles off the back of Delirious' mask - Delirious ith two shots, but Jacobs with a neckbreaker. STILL has the mask, shoving him with his boot. Tag to Lee. Right hand by Jacobs, into the ropes, Lee with an elbow. Standing on his head for 4. Quick cut to Butcher's corpse. Delirious tries a shot, tries a scoop, but collapses under Lee and he gets another 2. Double underhook - nice butterfly suplex by Lee gets 2. Tag to Jacobs. Delirious held - no, Delirious breaks free and headbutts Jacobs on his way down! But Lee connects with a European uppercut. Jacobs with a headbutt in the corner. Tag to Lee. Delirious sent into the corner, right hand by Lee. Off the ropes - running Big Boot! Whirlybird slam by Lee. Jacobs on the top rope using Lee for a boost - landing with a senton backsplash on Delirious! Necro Butcher IS back up and climbing onto the apron - but Jacobs is over - but Butches shoves him back - breaking up Lee's pinfall count at 2! Butcher back between the ropes, knee to Jacobs, boot to Jacobs' head, shoves away Lee, chop, right, chop, right, chop, right, meanwhile Jacobs has a plastic bag - it's thumbtacks! And Necro Butcher is barefoot! Jacobs takes advantage of a distracted Butcher and hits the PEAR - how he does this without landing in the tacks himself I guess we're not supposed to question. Delirious running at Jacobs and clotheslining him out - and going out after him. We zoom in to see Butcher grabbing a handful of tacks - as Lee approaches to grab him, Butcher throws the tacks into his face - which we'll assume actually does something - manages a bodyslam into the tacks of Lee - Delirious on top - Shadows Over Hell splash - I guess he's legal - 1, 2, 3! (8:47) Man, was that garbagy. Whether or not "garbagy" is GOOD I'll have to leave as an observation for you, the reader. Here's a replay. Hogewood thinks there are lessons for all of us to learn here. I'm thinking he and I are thinking different lessons. We get no closeups of tacks sticking in ANY fleshy appendages...which has to be considered a disappointment, I think. I think Delirious said they were headed to Party Town or something. One more closeup of tacks in the ring (so they CAN do closeups when they WANT to...hmmmmm...) Closing music notice and copyright graphics are UP and we're almost out...


"You've been watching a special presentation of Ring of Honor Wrestling on HDNet!"

Ric Flair appearances!!
May 29th at The Arena
June 12th - Manassas, VA
June 13th - Hammerstein Ballroom, NYC

NEXT ON HDNet: At least one butt will be seen during this episode of "Get Out!"

Good morning, everybody!

Feedback is welcome via email, the OOForums or over at my own message board, The W.

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