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The W - Pro Wrestling - RAW WORKRATE REPORT 7/19/04
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What Worked

PAS: Goddam does Regal fucking rule, he has always had great punches, but the handspeed was incredible he looked like a pasty British Juan Diaz, just strafing Helsmley with combos. Regal is the only guy who has the acting chops to pull off the gimmick he has been given too. When Regal took off his coat I got goosebumps.

TKG: Helmsley should have bladed.

PAS: Regal should have started headbutting him, fuck a blade.

PAS: Man Batisita comes off like a worldbeater in his hometown. He couldn't have been more over if he came out with the Backyard Band seconding him (plus Big G would make him look short). He really had a mid 90's Vader feel in a way the WWE has never really been able to pull off before. He comes off like way more of a badass then Kane who is booked in the same roll. Match with Beniot was a blast, and I would really like to see those two go 60 instead.

TKG: I thought match could of gone longer too. Didn't like Hebner's tough guy schtick that foreshadowed finish. Hebner watched Juarez vs, Raheem and went ooh the crowd really gets into matches were ref imposes his will. Fucker. How many Andre matches has he reffed? I mean at least in Juarez vs. Raheem it was a Texas ref. Hebner ain't from DC. Took a bit to get going as early parts didn't feel as good as Benoit vs. they seemed like they were trying to work both the face dominates and Batista as monster stuff at same time and just didn't click for while. Then both guys took it to the streets and Batista did his tribute to Finlay's fist to ringpost on floor spot and then followed it up with great posting of Benoit. Both of these guys know how to take it to the streets and I would dig a falls count anywhere match between the two. From there on it that match was on fire.

PAS: Kane looked kind of tentative and crappy, but the match was good enough to squeak in the what worked category. Jericho is a fine Tommy Dreamer, but Kane is a really subpar Brian Lee. I did really like the finish though BATISTA BITCHES.

TKG: Why do they insist on running this match again and again. The first part of match was infinitely better than last weeks match-up. Kane loooked awfull but Jericho had his shit together and it came together. They restart and I cringe--man I've seen these two against each other 1,812 times, I need to see it twice in one night? But fuck it was actively good. I liked this alot more than Phil, WWE/F has done alot of fake Dreamer/Lee matches. this was easily the best.

PAS: Orton and Edge clearly have NOAH IWTV as they work a Kobashi v. Akyama dome match. You had your meaningless mat work, your early subsequently ignored bodypart work, forearm exchanges, nasty ring apron and barrier spots, and then some finishers getting kicked out of. This match had more selling then Kobashi v. Akyama though, and a nicely placed ref bump, which the NOAH match could have used.

TKG: NOAH doesn't really need ref bumps they need more schtick. You watch Kobashi vs. Misawa and after mat work but before big apron spot its like they don't know what to do, so they just do meaningless suplexes. they need to learn some comedy spots. The match would be so much better if they knew how to call time out like Arn or do midget comedy spots. Misawa and Kobashi never developed any midget comedy spots to work into their matches. Cause screw Bret, that's what keeps Kobashi and Misawa from being as great as Flair. Oh yeah I liked Edge vs. Randy Orton too, but kept thinking for Canadian vs. Orton this wasn't as good as any of the Cowboy's matches with Ronnie Garvin. Damn someone needs to get me the Kentucky reunion on tape...cause well I think Randy vs. Edge was probably better than the Cowboy vs. Garvin sections from two weks ago. But until I see the tape, can't really be sure.

What Didn't Work

TKG: I don't care how much they pimp it, I remember the last time a long haired Clique member had an iron man match with a Canadian.

TKG: Luger used to talk about things making him "sick to his stomache" alot. He seemed to always work something about his gastro-conditioning into all his mic work. He never really had a catchphrase but he had that leight motif. Helmsley jacks it but Helmsley doesn't have Luger's abs. Instead we have 15 minutes of Helmsley rubbing his belly like me an anticipation of Brazilian barbecue. Helmsley really needs to avoid touching his belly during mic work.

PAS: I buy a guy that fat having gas. I don't really buy a guy that fat doing 60 minutes of anything but watching TV.

TKG: The Divas stuff is death. I remember when WWF used to use a hard mat. Ten divas bouncing around in the ring and you realized that they were on a ECW fricking trampoline. Changed the mat but not the ring style, what a bunch of dumb asses. Plus people shit on Bischoff's acting all the time and he's been written really poor material but damn he may be the only guy they have who could possibly work with ad-libbing strippers. I hope they were ad-libbing otherwise, shit compared to Diva contestant acting, that Matt-Lita scene was like Cassavetes and Julian Moore doing Tennesse Williams. Also amused at DC audience starting "Goldberg" chants during backstage segments. Old WCW territory audience knows exactly what to do during Nitro girls backstage blast segments.

PAS: I do like Coach telling the Divas to turn around as a shoutout to the D.C. audience, but those were some flat asses for the District. No wonder they had to de-mike the booing crowd. None of those blonds was fat enough for a D.C. crowd to want to fuck.

TKG: Who layed out tonights show? As up to main event it was all about big guy-lil guy matches. Keller is a fool who writes for a WWE apologist magazine but he actually sometimes has a point when he talks about show lay out. You run Grenier/Tajiri, Tomko/Shane Helms, Batista/Benoit, and Jericho/Kane all in a row and each looses some of its impact. God were the first two of those matches unwatchable. I feel sorry for Cornette, I mean you watch those matches and really looks like any minute, Tomko and Grenier are goin to get sent back to him to have to deal with. Poor guy he had to release Trailer Park Trash and Flannigan and been stuck working with Mordecai and Bane for years now. Johnny Cash is dead and Jay Z is retired, what else is Rick Rubin going to do with his time now...give Corny some money. Trailer Park Trash is just sitting around Scotland doing nothing.
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Jericho looks to be headed into a feud with Batista which sort of worries me, because Jericho doesn't always know how to match up against a guy bigger than him. Although he is probably the only logical choice at this time since Triple H is feuding with the top TWO faces on Raw at the same time and Orton has the number two face while Benjamin and HBK are out. I'd rather see Batista vs RVD since Van Dam seems to match up with odd guys rather well. I could see him and a motivated Matt Hardy having an okay feud as well. Even a preHollywood Rock would be a good fit.

This is the time where the WWE really misses a Cactus Jack. You really need someone who can take a pummling from Batista and yet still put him over, keep the feud lively and the mic work fresh. The WWE doesn't really have that guy who busts through shit on a regular basis anymore. Batista vs Jericho, it might work. I just don't expect all the matches to be pretty.

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It was not up to it quality wise, but the crowd reaction was giving the vibe of Luger/Steamboat summer '89. I never thought I'd say this, but give Batista 30 minutes with Benoit and let's see how he holds up. Just hope they don't take the bait and rush a face turn for Batista.

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"I'd rather see Batista vs RVD since Van Dam seems to match up with odd guys rather well" RVD works well with power guys. RVD matched up well with Batista before Batista got any good. Not sure if its odd. Odd was Steiner and D-Von continualy having good singles matches with each other, when no one else could have anything good with either. I understand the RVD thing as it can play to certain of his strengths and keep him from weaknesses

Getting beat up by monster keeps him from stalling...watching Demott shit on RVD this weekend was hillarious as Demott may be better than Ross at this point at shitting on a guy without being obvious about it.Ross calls you double tough, Demott talks about how slow RVD is as though comparing him to Ole. RVD points to self and stalls, Demott,"One thing interesting about RVD is he's never in a hurry".

" I never thought I'd say this, but give Batista 30 minutes with Benoit and let's see how he holds up. Just hope they don't take the bait and rush a face turn for Batista."

I don't see them turning Batista face just because there are no heels he can work against other than Kane. Don't see Helmsley willing to work kind of match that Batista works. But then again Helmsley working wrong type of match (match that doesn't play into other workers strengts) seems to be the norm.

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I believe it has something to do with the trip to Australia that the SmackDown crew takes, but I could be way off.
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