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26.4.18 0500
The W - Pro Wrestling - RAW Thread - March 4 (Page 2)
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I couldn't believe the sloppy camerawork where you could SEE Austin getting ready to do the bladejob...very annoying. I think the Flair beatdown would have been better if the camera hadn't followed them into the bathroom and we just HEARD it, it would have sounded worse, then they could have had someone sneak in a be like "Oh God get and ambulance" or something, then UT comes out and does his little speech. Creepy smile he had though...guh.

Mr. Perfect is defintaly having a time getting his "sea legs" under him, he seems so slow. You can tell he's trying though.

Was anyone else half-expecting a Kane run-in? Have him rip the door off and tombstone Kurt!

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I agree about the bladejob, it was right there for all to see (I guess this is party Austin's fault for doing it so openly).

The RVD - Storm match was good, except for the finish. Storm had to lay there for about a ten count before RVD hit the 5-star. In other words, he had the pin by laying on him. I could hear Storm thinking "OK, any minute now".

Austin hits Hall with tire iron: good
Flair hits UT with pipe: good
Hall hits Austin with wrench: evil (yes I know there were two other guys)

BTW, they missed a great chance to turn Booker face. He could've been PO'd that they interfered when he had the upper hand over Austin and run in to make the save. It could've led to Booker v. Nash at 'mania, and a few "do they trust each other" tags with Austin v. the NWO.
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Fan Appreciation Night! Ha ha, get it, because it was a really bad show and the heels won a lot and it stunk, so it's not really Fan Appreciation Night at all!

I suppose it can be argued that the show was hindered by having half the roster on the way back from Japan, but I dunno...Steph, the nWo, HHH and Austin were all there, and they usually take up 80% of the show anyway. I think, reading those Japan show reports, I would have rather had them tape a show from there. They sounded better and the crowd being so into seeing a lot of the people for the first time probably would have made for better TV. When WCW went to Australia, they did shows from there and they came off a lot better just because the crowd was ready to go. Couldn't have been worse, ya know?

So there's an Austin-Booker match, which isn't really a match because it's an nWo beatdown. Booker, I guess, uses the teleportation device Angle used to use when HHH would show up and make him disappear, because he's gone. But now he's seen the nWo with his own eyes, so at least we know he knows they exist, unlike the rest of the roster, unless Booker is gonna go all Scully and come up with some crazy explanation so he can keep on being skeptical and not believe in the nWo. Anyway, then stands over Austin menacingly for 15 minutes and he bleeds. Hall tries to save the segment by doing the always funny "I'm walking away now I'm running back to beat you up some more" like Barney on the Mr. Plow cutout.

We come back to an equally long bit of Austin refusing medical attention, which would be better if it came into play later, but it doesn't. Now, to keep the dramatic tension high as Austin leaves the area, we get...


Oh man. Well, maybe Scotty and Albert are there to save Austin, they just showed up late. Nope, they just don't care. OK, Austin's a jerk, I guess I can understand that, maybe. That still doesn't make me want to watch this match. Here comes Test! He's got a mic! Oh no. OK, Test is never allowed to talk again. Save us, Mr. Perfect. Nope, bad match. Scotty jumping on Albert's back so Albert can walk into the corner and bump into someone is probably the worst tag team manuever of all ever. Wait, here comes Rikishi! He's running in to save Austin, it's just that he's late, too! Nope, I guess he doesn't care about Austin, either. Well, he did try to kill him once. For Da Rock. And he'd do it again. Still, you'd think he'd be mad that the nWo killed the Rock. Ah well. Hug and no dancing? Well, *I* appreciate it, but I think the paying fans wouldn't have minded a dance.

What else was going on? Goldust didn't really do anything and had a useless match with Tazz, who is in the building. RVD and Storm had a pretty good match, so that's something, I guess. RVD's look of pure rage after Storm slapped him was hilarious. I'd like to see them have RVD develop a second personality, maybe "Big Bad Rob", that deals with all his anger displacement.

Up's The Undertaker and the Natural Born Thrillers and they're attacking Mr. Wonderful at the Power Plant! Fans, we don't approve of this! Well, this was actually one of the few interesting things on the night. Maybe not good, but UT's kind of into it, so hey. Sliding down to sit next to David in the shower was pretty cool, in a weird, don't-go-there kind of way. I can't think UT borrowing an old angle from Reno being a highlight is a good sign that your Fan Appreciation Night is really swinging for the fence. And since the question eventually will be asked - the cameraman was DDP, of course.

Speaking of DDP, he's back at the arena. But so was UT, who I guess got on his bike and drove from Connecticut to Texas in a few hours. DDP probably took a plane. I'm hoping that Grandma Edna had a huge fortune and a stipulation in her will says that Edge and Christian get it, but only if they're still a tag team.

The nWo was all crazy backstage. As someone else said, the coffee guy screaming and the "Ahhh, my face! My face!" was funny. But not so funny when you remember that Rude ended the Patriot's career that way. Bastard. Hall draws a name out and it had to be either Spike or Crash. Hall kind of looked winded, but maybe not. He really needed to do a Razor's Edge on Austin, or at least tease the possibility of it earlier to give the wrestling part of their WM match a little kick. So the nWo kicks the crap out of Spike (so now he has to know they exist) and no one comes to help. Not even his partner, Tazz, who was already in the building and isn't dead. And if the other guys let Austin take a beating because he's a jerk, what about Spike? Scotty, Albert, Rikishi and RVD are all nice, fun-loving guys.

My only answer is that is that it's like that old Marvel Two-In-One where the Champion of the Universe comes to Earth to fight Earth's strongest fighters in a boxing match in Madison Square Garden, and he creates a force field so powerful that not even Cyclops' optic blasts or Wolverine's claws can penetrate it when they try to do the run-in. Heh, Wolverine wore a Gilligan hat as a disguise in that one. So anyway, The Thing had to fight the Champion on his own and went a few rounds and earned his respect and all. So the nWo has a forcefield and it stops people from making the save, that's it. They could have at least had Scotty and RVD run down so Scotty could try to Worm the forcefield and crash into it and RVD could throw chairs at it and then kick the chairs. Oh well. Force Field.

The main event was Stephanie vs. HHH in a deadly steel cage. Steph won, which was probably the right thing because they're hyping her match against HHH at Wrestlemania. Kurt Angle was there, too. No Kane, though. I guess he had something better to do for once. Was Kane in Japan with the rest of the roster or did they just forget him?

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Actually, Kane WAS in Japan with the rest of the roster.

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I thought Raw was fairly long tonight. It felt like they were just moving things along slowly, because half of the roster was in a plane during the show. Yet, knowing they didn't have a majority of their talent made it interesting. After Austin got beatdown, I was wondering what they were going to do for the rest of the show, but they did a good job with the show. The matches they had were quality minus the Goldust/Tazz one. Hell, even Trish/Jazz looked stellar in the ring. Although, it was slow, it was a good slow and the main event would have ruled if Steph didn't show up again and ruin not only the match, but the show itself.

Did anyone else notice the NWO saying something about getting a special person to help them with their surprise party for Rock on Smackdown? I don't know, San Antino, 10 days away from Wrestlemania and someone that screwed over the Rock a few times. I'm sensing an HBK alert. If not for the NWO, I can see him coming out to help HHH dealing with Steph at ringside for WM. I just think its a stupid idea not to have him there. If anything let him give an interview then get beatdown and show up two monthes later like Mick last year. That brings up another point, I think this will be the first Wrestlemania since he got into the WWF where Foley was not involved in some way. Thats just odd.

A Fan- I liked the Rock video, but could have done without the Scorpion King stuff and more with his fueds with HHH, Mick and Austin.

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Honestly, I felt that last nights show was pretty well done.. it moved along at a much slower pace than Raw has recently.. and I thought it was a good pace. The only "20 minute interview" was with the Taker, and most of that was him beating up David, who sold like a madman for him.. I've seen people get the shit beaten out of them, and thats how it looks. The matches were all pretty much on. Tazz/Golddust was the 'weak match' of the night, and it was still probably a *1/2 affair.. the RVD/Storm and the Main Event were both *** matches, with teasing of more, which is good.
I also want to compliment the WWF on actually using Stephanie correctly this time. She had a couple of backstage skits, and interference in the main.. but no 20 minute 'its all me' moments.. it was just a woman being pissed off at HHH and her dry skin. And we all know how much women hate HHH and their dry skin, right? Honestly though, if she were to just do short skits numbering less than 3 and interference I'd never complain about her again.. keep using yourself to build stories, not deconstruct, Stephie-poo! *blink*
Jerry Lawler was also ON last night, and I mean ON with a giant capital letter O. His boobs comments were kept to an appropriate minimum, his jokes were generally funny, and selling spike as Austin was closing in on the best thing ever. "I've never seen the Rattlesnake do that before!"


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I would've liked the Rocky video if it had had more than three frames of The Rock before 2000. We got one of Rocky Maivia, one of Nation Rock, and one of Corporate Rock. I know he wasn't super-duper mega-face at the time, but he did exist.

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I liked the show last night, but one thing bothered me a little. If this show was any indication of things after the split, where are all the guys that are supposed to be getting spots on TV now? I thought part of the point of the split was to get more guys on TV since there is such a huge roster. Last night just seemed like less guys doing more stuff. Well, I guess they couldn't have just brought out a bunch of guys that haven't been on TV as of late, then have them off again on Thursday (plus, the guys on TV last night already have fueds going on with the guys that were on tour). I'm just hoping that the post split Raw has a lot of new faces (and faces we haven't seen in a while). Maybe that's what Smackdown! will be for. I guess we'll have to wait and see.

And what's with the rumored names for the factions? WWF Raw and WWF Shakedown (probably supposed to be Smackdown)? Those seem kinda lame, but at least it will allow people to eaisly remember what stars appear on what shows.

When they were hyping that an NWO member would perform last night I thought that they would keep it a mystery up until match time, and have X-Pac come out. Personally, I would have dug that.

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WWF, please wake me up when HBK comes back.

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In order:

McMahon's facial expressions were awesome. Not much of the rest of the program was, unfortunately.

If the beatdown and its aftermath had taken any longer, there would have been pledge breaks in the middle.

Curt, the GOOD NEWS is that we're giving you a win on national television via your signature move. The BAD NEWS...

A Scotty-Rikishi reunion and NO FAT MAN BUSTIN' A MOVE? Egads.

Tazz/Goldust was there.

Van Dam's facial expressions weren't, though Storm's "What have I DONE?" look at the end of that skit was... different.

DDP/Christian is Perfectly Acceptable Sports Entertainment in progress.

Jazz/Trish was okay, I guess, even if Trish's version of the STF was rather comical. Sports bra, Trish, look into the concept. And SHUT UP, JERRY.

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Okay, even I'm being won over by the Undertaker. His dark-sense-of-humor heel antics have been cracking me up lately.

RVD/Storm was nice. More than five minutes of it would've been nicer, but you can't have everything.

Spike didn't get crushed as badly as I thought he would.


Stephanie's voice hit octaves tonight that Luna Vachon in Angry Mode never could. THAT is frightening. One point for Angle's "You, er, can barely even notice it, Steph" bit, though.

Decent main event, cage match by numbers, but the pacing and ending just seemed odd to me. They're really not sure WHAT to do with Angle right now, are they?

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The can only misuse Angle for so long. If he does the Olympics and wins, I'm sure he will retire after that.

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Did anyone notice how good the crowd heat was for the matches, EXCEPT for Triple H/Kurt Angle? The crowd really seemed into all the rest of the matches, but you could hear a pin drop during many parts of the main event (and thus, you could actually hear HHH and Kurt calling their spots).

Maybe too much time passed between matches. Or maybe the crowd anticipated the screw-job, and figure it wasn't worth wasting too much energy before that began to unfold. It was just weird to see the crowd into matches with the women's division, and Hip-Hop Hippo, but uninterested in an Angle/HHH main event.
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Boy, it's lucky that the NWO picked a wrestler who wasn't in Japan out of that bingo drum. Wouldn't they ahve looked silly :D

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Everyone keeps saying that half the roster in Japan yada yada. But the nWo was there, Austin was there, Booker was there, HHH and Angle, Tazz, Perfect, Test, Lance, RVD, Undertaker, Goldust. The Rock wasn't there be he shouldn't be. So I don't know what the big deal is. The only person I really missed was Edge. Would've been nice to seen Hurricane and Tajiri but they're never on Raw anyway. So who exactly were they missing that is of any importance? And no Kane doesn't count as "of any importance" in my opinion.

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If anyone has been reading any of my posts, I have been extremely critical about the writing team's seeming lack of any coherence whatsoever. Last night, I have to say I was quite pleased with almost the entire show. I see nothing but positive things if this is how the shows will look at the split. It was a very focused show, and the writing team didn't look overwhelmed by trying to find segments for all the talent on the roster.

Excellent intensity from Scott Hall, building him up to be a credible threat to Austin. And of the three NWO guys, Hall was the biggest jobber. He never quite made it as a headliner as Razor Ramon, and in WCW, he was always the most vulnerable of the NWO guys to get beat (obviously before the group expanded to 300 guys). So I like how they've built him up and really put him on seemingly an equal plane as Hogan--I have no clue whatsoever what they have planned for Nash.

Anyone else love the irony of Hall dishing out the beers to Nash and Hogan? I for one am glad to see Hall doing so well. Just an aside, of all the people who have tried to hit Austin with the Stunner, has anyone done it as well as Hall? Everyone else, from Rock to Jericho and whoever, they look awkward as hell trying to do it, but Hall is really smooth--and his Stunner last night got a HUGE reaction. I loved it.


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There are not in Japan anymore BTW. I think Singie.


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Just out of curiosity.. did you see the WWF while they were in Japan, SeVen?

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    Originally posted by Quezzy
    So who exactly were they missing that is of any importance? And no Kane doesn't count as "of any importance" in my opinion.

Well, he does in mine.

And Flair. Jericho. Edge. Regal. The Hardyz. Dudleyz. Billy and Chuck. AND Rock, although, I suppose he's "injured".

Then again, I'm not complaining, because I thought it was a really good show...

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#40 Posted on

    Originally posted by Quezzy
    So who exactly were they missing that is of any importance? And no Kane doesn't count as "of any importance" in my opinion.

Chris Jericho!

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The actual PPV was added to their schedule about a month ago, so it's just an addition to the website. Anyway, I think this is a big mistake for them, and I think that most people know that.
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