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I was at my parent's place working on their PC while RAW was on. My dad recognized Hogan and my mom recognized Rocky. So my mom busted out with, "Do they ever WRESTLE on this show?" I was like, "This is history!" She came back with, "Hogan is supposed to beat the Rock? Didn't I raise you better than that?"

After the beat down and Semi-attack. I couldn't defend it at all. I was loving it, moms was hating it, Chicago was eating it up. I felt like tonight was like the Monday night wars again. Something so extreme and outrageous that you just had to love it. No Vince was AWESOME!!!!

January 4th 1999 - The day WCW injected itself with 10 gallons of Liquid Anthrax...AKA...The day Hogan "Defeated" Nash to win the WCW title in front of 40,000.

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When they were jawing in the ring, I kept expecting Rocky to say something like, "Hey, at least my movie made money..."

Bill Savage went over to the (Stu Hart) house and one of the Hart kids was running around with his hair wet. Savage asked why his hair was wet. Stu said, "The little bastard broke a vase this morning, so I stuck his head in the toilet. Want me to show you again?"
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Just got back from Raw, and a couple of thoughts from what I've seen on the thread:

-The crowd heat during the Rock segment was molten lava hot. And the reason it came off the way it did regarding the crowd being on Hogan's side is that while there was a decent contingent of Rock fans, so many people were just yelling for both, switching from one to the other. The crowd just kept getting hotter, and cheering for everything that went on. The Rock will be the face though, even before the attempted murder, as the crowd almost exploded when he hit the rock bottom. And hey, we're notorious for switching allegiance mid-match, just go back and look at Hart-Austin from WM13.

-Mr. Perfect got some mad crowd heat from mocking Urlacher. And then to have Hogan follow up with the Jordan reference was just low, and really helped turn the crowd some against him.

-RVD did give us a thumb point after the match, which the crowd was happy about. Also, even though no spin-a-roonie, Booker did talk to his hand all the way up the ramp.

-In the main event a woman was flashing the crowd repeatedly before getting tossed, which got everyone in the crowd looking away.

-After the cameras stopped Jericho challenged HHH to come back, eventually eating a pedigree after which HHH posed for a few min with both belts.

-Biggest face pops:
1- Rocky's heat was off the charts. The Rock Bottom had the place shaking.
2- I hate HHH, but I was one of about 6 people yelling against him.
3- Hogan when he first came out, and at various points in that segment.
4- Austin got mammoth heat, and What's were ringing out all night.
5- The chick who flashed the crowd/RVD (tie)

Heel Heat:
1- Everyone hates Kurt Angle. The You suck's were loud all night.
2- Hogan at other points in his interview.
3- NWO in the first segment.
4- Perfect after mocking Urlacher.
5- Security who threw the flasher chick out/Steph (tie)

There, I feel better now.

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OK, trying to summarize all my RAW thoughts into one message:

Well, for the second night in a row, no opening vignette. As a matter of fact, the usual RAW theme never took place. Instead, we went right into Stone Cold Steve Austin's theme. I think that was great for adding a tone of seriousness right off the bat.

Austin coming out with a chair and calling out the nWo was great. And as a WCW fan, I can say that the nWo's psychology was perfectly fitting with their history. The porno music hit, the nWo actually came out, they looked like they were gonna hit the ring... and then they walked away. They used very similar tactics to get into the minds of certain WCW Superstars.

When Austin declared himself “on strike” and sat down in the middle of the ring, I immediately declared that Austin was doing his “Macho Man” Randy Savage impersonation.

Savage once did exactly the same thing. On an episode of Nitro, he sat down in the middle of the ring and demanded to speak to someone with “stroke.” He went a step further than Austin did, though. WCW tried to run Nitro despite Savage's attempt to spoil it. They actually tried to start two matches, but Savage beat up everyone who came down the aisle.

Eventually, Sting came out, handed Savage a baseball bat, and the two walked out together. They'd end up hanging out for awhile before Savage himself eventually joined the nWo. This took place in late 1996-early 1997.

Angle's use of “off-duty police officers” was a standard ploy at best. My dad pointed out that were they really off-duty police officers, they wouldn't have been wearing security uniforms. Don't know if that's true or not. But I said that if Angle says they're off-duty police officers, then you have to assume they were for the purposes of the angle.

Anyhoo, Austin gets arrested. Nothing we haven't seen. Nice to see the nWo lurking in the background when Austin was hauled off, though. More nWo mind-games.

Of course, J.R. decided to ignore the fact that Austin had let his temper get the best of him and attacked a police officer. Idiot. We need a real heel commentator. Heyman would be an excellent managerial addition to the nWo.

The Hardy Boyz vs. Lance Storm and Christian. Whoa, The Hardyz are on television twice in two days? Something must be wrong. LOL... Very good match, unfortunately the commentating truly sucked. Christian's temper-tantrums continue, which must piss off the ultra-serious Storm to no end.

Stephanie's outfit got me thinking-- she's really hot until she opens her mouth.

Ric Flair made the #1 contender match that quickly, huh? So... Angle beat Triple H at No Way Out, but it changes nothing? Grr... Dusty Finish. I knew Triple H would get back into the main-event once the no Way Out results were finalized.

Anyone doubt now that Ric Flair will face Undertaker at WrestleMania XVIII? Undertaker will find a way to change his mind, he promised-- that's scary, because there's no telling what Undertaker won't do.

I think Mr. Perfect's promo would have come off better if he'd actually followed it up with a win. Instead, he got for the most part squashed by Kane. Aye, he bumped like a madman, but he still lost, so it didn't really help him build much heat. Nothing pisses off the casual fans more than a heel who can get it done cleanly in the ring.

I think Hogan's promo, even before The Rock came out, was very good. When he speaks in a normal tone of voice, he sounds far more serious than when he does his traditional ranting and raving. Just like Hollywood Hogan did upon first joining the nWo, he made the argument that he is the man who made professional wrestling what it is today. Whether you agree or disagree with that sentiment, there's certainly no denying that he has a right to have such a massive ego.

Hogan also again made the point he did when the nWo first formed: that the fans turned on him. “All you fans can stick it, brother,” he said back in 1996. He re-stated his argument that Hulkamania ran wild in the WWF for nine years, but the fans were starting to hate him for being the embodiment of everything they wish they could be.

It's good to see that they're booking this angle with that sort of sense of history.

Anyway, The Rock came out-- and something happened that no one ever thought they would see. The Rock stood toe-to-toe with Hollywood Hogan. The roof just about blew off the place, I'll tell ya... and it was one of my own personal mark-out moments, even though I'm not a huge fan of either man.

“IT DOESN'T MATTER WHAT YOU THINK!” I laughed and jumped out of my chair when Rocky said that. Hogan looked very pissed, too. Man, did you know that back during Hogan's first run in the WWF, wrestlers literally were banned from interrupting him or mentioning his receding hairline? Perhaps Hogan's protected status is gone. If so, the feuds and matches involving him should be much more interesting.

The Rock's rant on Hogan was wonderful. The staredown had that amazing undercurrent of tension between them-- long before the actual physical violence began. And I knew that when Hogan offered the handshake, he'd end up getting Rock Bottomed. Man... JR never watched Nitro, and Hogan's apparently never watched RAW. LOL!!!

The Outsiders' interference surprised me... I thought they'd left. But that's what they wanted me to think, right? The beatdown on Rocky was awesome. I marked out most for the Razor's Edge, quite a bit for the jackknife and God help me, I even marked out for the leg drop.

The “attempted vehicular manslaughter” segment made me mark out huge for the nWo once again. Damn. Did you know this is the first time I've ever been for the nWo black-and-white? I hated nWo-Hollywood in WCW! Now I'm marking out seeing them kick the shit out of people.

In my pool, I'm putting “one week” down as the time Rock will be back. Did you notice that JR marked out like a madman when Austin tried to murder Triple H at Survivor Series 2000? And it looked much worse than this did. Granted, the night afterward, he said that Austin may have gone too far. But he certainly didn't slam him to the extent he slammed the nWo tonight.

At the same time, I don't consider what he did tonight to be over-selling. I consider what he did at Survivor Series and the following RAW to have been under- selling.

Booker T-Godfather: Strange match. Booker T wins after a side kick? Very strange indeed. Something had to follow the unbelievable nWo segment, and unfortunately those two individuals had that duty. It was done well enough for what it was intended to be, I suppose.

Rob Van Dam and Edge vs. William Regal and Goldust. The WWF screwed up the reactions on this one. Were they really pushing the nWo segment as ultra-ultra-serious, Regal and Goldust would have looked just as concerned as RVD and Edge did. But noooo. Only faces are allowed to show concern for someone who may have just died? That's what made it clear to anyone that the nWo segment wasn't “real”.

And then there was the thing when Michael Cole talked to Kurt Angle about the “travesty”, and Angle agreed... it was a travesty that he had to put his contendership on the line tonight. “I was talking about The Rock.” “Oh, yeah, sorry about The Rock, but...” LOL! Gotta love Kurt. Still, I have to say that if they'd wanted to play it as a reality angle, everyone has to show concern.

Triple H won. No surprise there. What did surprise me was that Chris Jericho made no attempt whatsoever to intefere in the outcome of the match. I was stunned. I'd been thinking that the brief shouting match between Angle and Jericho was a set-up so that Angle could hit HHH with the WCW World Title belt and score the victory. But he only got a two-count, and Y2J wasn't involved? Fascinating. Strange how the biggest swerve of all was not to have a swerve.

I must say, I love the entrance effect for the nWo. It's new, different and absolutely awesome. Particularly in the “D-X effect” where the Titantron video actually overlaps whatever else the program happens to be doing at the time. Like it did with the announcement of the #1 contendership match. Awesome, awesome stuff. Very nicely done indeed.

I wonder how long it'll be before Vince is wearing an nWo T-shirt. I hope it doesn't happen-- that he simply hired the nWo to destroy the WWF, and then stays the hell off my television for the remainder of the time. I'm hoping too much, aren't I?

Chris Jericho vs. Triple H for the WWF/WCW World Heavyweight Title at WrestleMania XVIII. With Rock/Hogan and possibly Austin/Hall as maybe a triple main event? Damn, the WWF has balls the size of grapefruits. But all of these matches have a lot of intrigue to them, definitely enough to make me want to order the PPV for the very first time.

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#85 Posted on

    Originally posted by A Fan

    I hate the NWO. I hate the fact Rock will probably lay down to this dinosaur. I hate the Chicago fans, Hogan was right for once, for even cheering Hogan and the other two useless characters. I hate the idea that even with those facts in mind, this was a great Raw.

    A Fan- I loath me, now.

So you hate us Chicago fans because we cheered Hogan, Hall and Nash? Ha. That's some funny stuff. If only you were there, my friend. If only you were there.

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Damnit, I was totally cool with the whole nWo thing until the damn truck. I hate it when RAW gets all melodramtic.

Jericho kicked ass on commentary.

Angle had the nicest reversal to the Pedigree that I've ever seen.

Booker gets a squash in on the Godfather but no Spinarooni
Nice to see the Hardys back

Undertaker blowing his top ruled. Flair/Taker streetfight should be a fun match. Although it's to bad Taker is heel because I'd really like to see the Undertaker throwing some soupbones the nWo's way.

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Random thoughts:

Sign of the night: TAHW (LOL)
Runner up: Hogan fears aging

Hogan needs a new finisher. After the Razor's Edge and the Jackknife the Leg Drop was very anti-climactic.

The Undertaker looked like he was about to lose it. He was ready to kick that photographer's ass at the slightest provocation.

I agree with whoever said it (can't remember who, sorry) but I think the nWo was scared not because of what they did but because The Rock had pulled a Crash Holly on them and wasn't even in the ambulance.

I'm usually one of the most markish guys here, even openly criticising those who are "too smart for their own good," but even I thought there should have been more wrestling tonight. A grand total of four matches and the only one that meant anything was HHH/Angle.

You know I'm really sick of people dragging up Owen Hart every time the WWF does an injury angle.

I laughed out loud when Perfect missed the gum swat

Over all this was a good Raw, but not a great one.

Edit: Did anyone else notice that the Caucasian Hogan was just as dark if not darker than the half Black/half Samoan Rock? o_O

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#88 Posted on

    Originally posted by Copaup
    We need more undead zombie wrestlers.

What? The NWO isn't enough for you?

Oh come on, it was too easy.

BTW, they might hold The Rock off of TV so that he can have a week to do Saturday Night Live before WM 18.

Later, Rudy

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Do you think we could have more Hogan fans then Rocky fans at Wrestlemania?

Speaking for my Canadian and Torontonian bretherin, Shane, that very well may be so. Toronto crowds are right up there with Chicago and New York when it comes to "appreciating the wrestling product", so you very well may end up with a split audience.

But is that actually a bad thing?

I can't remember seeing a crowd change chants like that - it was AWESOME. And like Rock said, this is a 'fantasy match-up'. So in the eyes of some fans, no matter how bad they try and make Hogan look, he's gonna get cheers. But that's fine - the loyal Rock contingent will be adequate enough to deal with that. And a split crowd makes for a better match, I think - I'd tend to think they'd be more involved.


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I must admit that I am STUNNED... that there are so many people who loved last night's Raw. I struggled to come up with more than one or two redeeming moments, frankly...

In order:

* Austin squats in the ring, then gets dragged off by Angle's "off-duty cops." Some of the worst acting that Angle's ever done, and I _love_ the man. It served its purpose to get Austin out of the building, but it took FOREVER.

* Hardyz/Storm & Christian: The Christian tantrum was funny the first time. This wasn't the first time. Has Matt Hardy been dipping into HHH's 'vitamin' bottle? (Not that he looks bad as a result.)

* Steph and Angle, nowhere near a tree, O-VER-AC-T-I-N-G

* Hey, let's hit the reset button and take away the one thing of substance that DID happen at last night's PPV!

* Okay, Taker's "WAS THAT SO HARD?" bit cracked me up. The concept of Taker/Flair at Mania doesn't.

* Kane/Perfect was a perfectly acceptable two-minute Jakked match. Hennig's never hard to watch, but more Hennig and less Perfect would work for me.

* One hour, two matches, one going two minutes and the other revolving around a temper tantrum. Whee!

* Hogan Presents The Hogan Show Starring Hogan. Beatdown, foreign object, spraypaint, and then the blind leap off the credibility cliff with the ambulance assault. Maybe at Mania, we can have the Rock get in his OWN truck and they can have a Truck Sumo match on the roof of the building!

Sure, it's the kind of "They're so EEEEEEEVIL" moment that the crowd needed to figure out that they're supposed to boo Hogan and Crew. But I _cannot_ be the only one who was thinking "OKAY, we GET IT, Vince..." at three or four points during this segment.

I am _astonished_ that they didn't blow the ambulance up, and even more so that they didn't do it with the bleeding, staggering Rock making a last-second escape by breaking the chains on the doors with his bare hands.

* And now a Godfather match. Are they even trying tonight?

* And more Edge vs. Regal. END THE FEUD. Nice new leglock by Edge, though. (Between that and the one Bubba Ray whipped out the night before, is Malenko working with the boys behind the scenes?)

* Angle's "I can't believe they made this match" mic work helped cancel out the debacle earlier. Great line.

* And Angle jobs clean to hit the Big Red Reset Button to end our evening.

Next, on Smackdown, Rock reappears (with a band-aid on his cheek) and rams the nWo car off a bridge with his own truck, right?

Eeeeeeuuuch. Bad writers. NO DONUT.

And before the chorus of "If you hate the WWF so much, don't watch it and don't bitch about it" begins, it's not that I don't _understand_ why they're doing this. It's not that I don't _understand_ that stupid, overblown Hollywood stunts [no pun intended] put asses in seats and get casual fans talking about the product. I grasp _why_ they're bringing back the Legion of Suck, I know that it'll probably boost ratings for a short while, and I see that many people look at a Hogan-Rock confrontation as being in some way meaningful and important and historic.

But a stupid, patronizing, suspension-of-disbelief stunt is MEANINGLESS in a wrestling-show context if it's not going to lead to one or more good matches. If there's a way in hell that Rock-Hogan (in the ring) will be watchable, I don't know what it is. All of the goodwill going to this angle will be forgotten when Yapapi Strap Matches start headlining WWF PPVs.

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Say what you will, but that was the greatest Raw in quite a while.

For one, it got a whole buncha people psyched for a Rock/Hogan match, even here, when we all know full well that in terms of actual match quality, it'll suck. I guess Hogan and the Rock have that magic that can make a terrible match mean something.

Number 2, while it nullified a PPV result, am I the only one who remembers when actual TITLE MATCHES happened on Raw??? Seeing a match of this caliber with these kind of stakes on the line for free felt kind of cool. Jericho not running in? Perfect sense. Either one of these men are his enemy.

Thirdly, there were hardly any McMahon moments.

Four, while we didn't get many matches, what I did see was good in ring work, although I will admit that this Raw was definitely a Sports Entertainment installment (as all the memorable ones are.)

And Five, if you don't believe that this Raw was great...

This is the longest Raw thread since Slash went to Wienerville. I guess the impact it had on all the rest of us can be ignored.

CAN SOMEONE TELL ME..if the ASPCA knows about these Government Mules that JR refers to. Apparently, these poor animals are subjected to awful beatings that are akin to being thrown into steel steps or having their heads smashed against wooden announce>
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Screw it, I WANT to see Rock/Hogan at Wrestlemania ... Sure, it won't be a great match, but Hogan-Warrior at Wrestlemania wasn't a great match either but I got into it. There was (can't believe how lame this will sound) an electricity in the air over that match, like something big was happening, and that promo/beatdown last night makes me feel that Immortal/Great One will have that same aura too.

To be honest, I could only find two things negative about last night's RAW (aside from the semi-lack of wrestling, but when the story-building stuff is good I personally can overlook it) :

(1) The ambulance - Overkill IMO; they could've just ended with the hammer in the back of the head and having Rock rushed off in the ambulance sans vehicular homicide ... It just takes away from the "realism" that the WWF was obviously going for.

(2) Giving away the PPV's Austin-HHH match for free - I guess people who paid money to see this match have a right to be pissed off ... But I never really understood these kinds of arguments; I mean, HHH and Angle didn't recreate their match from the PPV move for move; it was a totally different match, so I'm not sure how you can say that they're "giving it away for free".

Of course, in this case a very important and much-ballyhooed stipulation was overturned (effectively making the PPV match's main purpose null and void) so under those circumstances I can see how some people will harp on this.

Other than that, I enjoyed RAW; wished I'd taped it ... Never thought I'd see the Razor's Edge or the LEG DROP OF DOOM in a WWF ring again (nice reactions for them too)!

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    #93 Posted on

    So you hate us Chicago fans because we cheered Hogan, Hall and Nash? Ha. That's some funny stuff.
    If only you were there, my friend. If only you were there.

    No, I hate Chicago fans, because cheering the NWO will now become trendy. Once again, Chicago starts another trend such as the Super Bowl shuffle which needs to be shot in the head before it gets started.

    A Fan- Silly marks.

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    #94 Posted on

      Originally posted by A Fan

      So you hate us Chicago fans because we cheered Hogan, Hall and Nash? Ha. That's some funny stuff.
      If only you were there, my friend. If only you were there.

      No, I hate Chicago fans, because cheering the NWO will now become trendy. Once again, Chicago starts another trend such as the Super Bowl shuffle which needs to be shot in the head before it gets started.

      A Fan- Silly marks.

    God forbid they cheered. Mabey they shouldve thrown things in the ring and chanted "This sh*T sucks" kike the fans did at the Booker-Buff match. That crap isnt cool. (which is why I hate the "you fu**ed chant" but that a different story)

    When guys are off TV for a while, people naturally cheer. Just to show thier appreciation. If I recall correctly the fans the PPV cheered the NWO also. As a matter of fact they were cheered them in WCW, so I dont see how you can blame Chi-town for starting that trend.
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    #95 Posted on
    I agree, the ambulance ramming was overdone, but if the NWO is to get over as POISON, they have to do shocking and over-the-top things, such as attempted vehicular homicide. Personally, I'm not too excited about Hogan-Rock at WM. I mean, how good could the actual match be. Hogan's old, and Rock has his best matches with really good workers who can carry him to a great match.

    On a completely different note, I love Jericho as the champ. He's hilarious. My favorite line last night was when Lawler said he was having a hard time focusing on the main event(meaning the Rock attack), and Jericho said "Well thats because you're sitting next to the Living Lengend."
    What a dick. Awesome.

    Look at the bones!

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    #96 Posted on
    I read somewhere that Rock wanted a month off b\c he was burned out before Wrestlemania. I thought it was a perfect way to set the match and be able to take him off TV for the month. That shows the severity of his injuries and keeps the heat for the WM match b\t he and Hogan.

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    #97 Posted on
    One of my favorite lines of the night was Austin, when getting put into the cop car, yells out, "Watch my damn neck!"

    Why, oh why, didn't I take the blue pill...

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    #98 Posted on

      Originally posted by WTF13
      When they were jawing in the ring, I kept expecting Rocky to say something like, "Hey, at least my movie made money..."

    Oh right, like The Rock had anything to do with the Mummy 2 making so much money.

    Some thoughts on Raw...

    This is the first time in a while i've said this but I thought the Undertaker was great in his promo with Flair. First time i've been able to say that since his badass/no respect gimmicks.

    When Hogan told the fans to kiss his ass I also thought about when he said the fans can "stick it" when he joined the nWo. But maybe that's because I just watched that match Sunday Night. It also reminded me of when Sting also told the fans to "stick it" when they didn't believe that he was on the WCW's side. I'm glad WWF doesn't have to say lame stuff like "stick it"

    People who are pissed about paying for HHH/Angle and then geting it for free DON'T have a right to be pissed. Nobody forced you to pay for it. Just don't buy the ppv next time if you don't like it.

    I really liked that Jericho didn't try and interfere on the main event and help Angle win. Also liked where he stood on the table and stared at HHH at the end. Doesn't make him seem like the cowardly heel we are used to. I hope it stays that way.

    If the Rock really is doing another SNL before Wrestlemania then he has to come back before then, not be out because of it. If he's going to be on SNL then of course the WWF has to advertise it so people will watch, and to hype Wrestlemania, that's what the whole thing is for. So what are they going to say? "The Rock couldn't be here because of his injuries at the hands of the nWo.....but he'll get out of his death bed to be on SNL!! SO you better tune in!!"

    Lastly, while it's good to have heel vs. face so the fans know who to cheer for, I like the idea of the nWo being faces. And having a face vs. face feud. It's great to the fans arguing over who is better. Like in the nWo's first time around when half the people loved the nWo and half loved the WCW. So personally I think the nWo should play to the crowd. And Hall should break out the survey time soon.

    Lance's Response:

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    #99 Posted on | Instant Rating: 3.04
    Oh right, like The Rock had anything to do with the Mummy 2 making so much money

    Yeah, if that was the case than Hogan could fire back that his portrayal of ThunderLips made the "Rocky" franchise one of the highest grossing movies of all time ...

    Bit parts by wrestlers in already-popular movies do not a box-office draw make ... or something.

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    #100 Posted on
    I disagree with the Rock not being a major factor in Mummy 2. I know a number of people who went to see him and not care about the franchise. I think Rock was a huge factor with the money it made.

    A Fan- Rocky III sucked.
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    God, Benoit is on such a roll and Orton looks to be the one who gets to recieve the dividends- a regular DDP '06.
    - DEAN RASMUSSEN, yer SMACKDOWN COMIX fer 1/27/2006! (2006)
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