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18.6.18 2016
The W - Pro Wrestling - Raw Thoughts SPOILERS (Page 2)
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Boudin rouge

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Ross said his usual allotment of goofy things tonight, but damn, during that Ladder Match, he was on top of his game. His call of the KO chairshot is goin in MY footer when CRZ's recap goes up.

Oh yeah, and the women's segments are getting BETTER and BETTER.

What a Manuever!

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I know I'm undoubtedly alone here, but I actually FORGOT the Big Show/Bossman father dying thing during that segment and thought they were talking about Andre The Giant. It only clicked when I read it in this thread. Duh!

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What is all this talk about Bossman? Are Bossman and Big show brothers?

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What is all this talk about Bossman? Are Bossman and Big show brothers?


Back in 1999, the WWF ran an angle where they announced Show's father has cancer. Bossman mocked Show week in and week out. His father then "passed away".

The tormenting continued - including one memorable sketch that saw the Bossman hook Show's father's casket to the back of his truck and drive it around the graveyard with Show clinging on the back screaming.

They capped it off with Show winning the WWF Title at Survivor Series, and defending it against Bossman at Armageddon. They last spoke of it when Kurt Angle was looking for someone to take out Show in mid-2000.

Bossman: "Did ya know I once hooked his daddy to my truck and drove him all over the graveyard!"

Angle: "Uhhh, okay... Anyway....."

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Enojado Viento
Potato korv

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Don't forget other classic Bossman/Show moments:

-His ebullience at getting Show's mom to admit that yes, he was a big nasty bastard. There are more "HAW HAWs" in that skit than in a stack of Jack T. Chick books.

-The "giant megaphone" car at the funeral

-The watch-busting gimmick, which seemed to take much longer, and featured Bossman missing the watch on the first strike, IIRC. Good rule of thumb for the WWF--guys with hammers tend to choke in the clutch, as we saw with HHH's recent assault on the announce table with Mjolnir.

The Bossman/Show feud is one of my guilty pleasures--it went from terrible, to utter crap, to almost surreally hilarious. If Monty Python booked a WWF angle I think it would look like this, only with cannibalism.

"Confucious, he say, "Name go in book."
Triple Preperation H

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I know I'm the only person in the history of the sport that liked Bossman, but I thought that stuff with Show and his father was great. The poem he wrote for Show was classic. That stuff ranked up there with him feeding Pepper to Al Snow... great stuff.

"Homer calling Jebus...come in Jebus...

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Well at least Jackie did a slightly better job on the acting, but why on earth they have to turn her into the official womens jobber, I have no idea. Trish kicks ass which was cool to see (DAMN she looks good when she walks back up the ramp). Hopefully though they will be doing something better with Jackie before the PPV and use her in some more significant way in the Trish-Molly feud.


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Trish really shouldn't talk of big butts, when her bottom jiggles more than her chest. Padonka-donk baby!

Here's hoping for heel Jeff Hardy!

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'With the deepest regrets, and tears that are soaked
I'm sorry to hear that your dad finally croaked
He lived a full life on his own terms
Soon he'll be buried and eaten by worms
But if I could have a son as stupid as you
I'd have wished for cancer so I would die too
So be brave, and be strong, get your life on track
'Cause the old bastard's DEAD and he ain't never comin' back!'

- Big Bossman

Good times. Hey, remember when Bossman announced that Show was a "nasty bastard, and his momma done said so", and then like two face/heel turns later it was suddenly his new gimmick? Seriously, I'd have no problem with a Bossman reemergence if he was doing horribly hideous stuff like that again.

The subject at hand? Good Raw.

Personally, I liked Booker/Show. I don't need my Big Show matches any longer than that, and the ending was a decisive win for Booker even if it wasn't a standard finish. The stuff afterward was mediocre, but if HHH actually joined the nWo I'd be down with that.

Nice to see Regal in a match I actually enjoy, so thanks Rob. Brock is still cool and the gang, and Heyman is still a personal hero, though he probably shouldn't jump on the apron every match. Flair is amazing for a geriatric.

Good story and finish for Taker/Hardy, they've actually got me interested in Jeff again. But most of that match was incredibly dull, and it wasn't until I heard JR get all melodramatic that I really bothered to turn away from my game of Freedom Force.

Nowinski/Bradshaw is pretty classic, and a good use of both.

Hmm... I think that's it.

I don't really understand what Debaser said but I agree with him.

- Santa Sangre

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#30 Posted on
So Goldust is Big Show's dad and Mankind's mommy?
Damn..that's one weird family..especially if you add Dusty Rhodes and Uncle Paul Bearer in there.

the Shawn Michaels version of the nWo is really annoying me.
His return was good, his superkick on Book was great, but since then he has been a waste of time..
I am going to cheer HHH for not joining them (cos he won't), but more because I dislike Shawn than care about H teaming up/not teaming up with his buddies..

I am always an optimist, and loved seeing the nWo appear and thought it was cool and all but right now they either need to give them a direction or destroy them.

I assume eventually we see Booker vs Nash (let's pray Book can get the win) and/or Shawn vs HHH and I hope it's going to be soon, so they can kill it once and for all after that.

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Net Hack Slasher

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I really didn't like this Raw as much as last week. It wasn't awful, but last week had like an amazing 40 last minutes and decent first hour (liked the McMahon interview, backstage segment Bookdust/nwo)... This week you didn't have an amazing 40 minute stretch, there was good stuff but it seemed spread out and not as much.

-Brock v. Flair - Couldn't really get into it, it didn't work for me. I got bad feelings for the Flair last run. It's been 2 outings 2 matches I didn't really like. Brock beat Flair more cleanly then he beat Bubba-Ray!

-Debaser sayz Nowinski/Bradshaw is pretty classic, and a good use of both. I say Bradshaw getting beat in a minute I *love* using him like that also (lol)... I love Chris Nowinski gimmick, outsmarting opponents and his interviews are awsome, Terri asks him a question he rolls his eyes and says "Well the answer is obvious, but I'll explain so even you and these fans understand". That's classic.

-RVD v. REgal - I'm a RVD mark so anything with him is a highlight. It didn't knock my socks off, but decent 4 minutes.

-Bubba/Spike v. Eddie/Benoit - I think they did a decent job in hyping this is Benoit first match, they showed plenty of double feature on Benoit stuff like the belly to back. It does seem like a bit of a shame that they were scheduled to go against Austin and now are in there with Spike and Bubba and losing!

-Booker v. BigShow - it was all of 3 minutes, and I guess Book is gearing up to bigger challenges in Nash, but seriously is the matches going to be any better win or lose by Booker then it was tonight with Big Lazy...Nash does his I'm yelling cause I'm pissed, and hinted Triple H would join the nWo, how special another man who's a shell of his former self join this group full of shells.

-Jeff Hardy v. Undertaker - First off I'm not crazy about either of these guys but they did an amazing job building up and in the match to make me atleast care. Taker overlooking the match with his mind on "more important"challenges gave a good excuse of Jeff sneaking out with a win. Heck if Jeff cut a real good promo (really good in Team Xtreme case) with Terri... The match was slow at times, it wasn't amazing like RVD/Eddie. They did tell a good story in there and YES I for a few seconds thought they'd be crazy enough to place the belt on Jeff, the chair shots were vicious, Taker gave Jeff a decent amount of offensive flurries. Outside the ring there was a spot that looked like Taker was going to throw Jeff right into Lilian (who looked extra amazing tonight) when he shot him to the times keeper table, she got out in the last second

-women segment - Jackie... takes... forever.. to... say.... her.. lines sounds.. like... she.. is.reading.. them... off..a.c.ue..card ... her.. acting... sucks.

As for the fight it was pretty good, Molly took a nice shot to the ramp with her rump (err sorry), Molly beat Jackie good with the pipe and Jackie took a nice suplex to the floor, which was good.

Let me get this straigh, for 4 weeks they focused on Molly's ass, and for 4 weeks that storyline didn't get over, didn't make people boo molly, didn't make people want to see Trish kick her ass... Last week, they changed directions. They went with Molly not respecting Trish and belittling her accomplishments. A great little 3 minute pre-match inring interview. And for the first time in weeks the crowd was into it, for the FIRST time in Molly's WWE career she was boooed and people were happy to see Tirsh get the pin.

SO this week the writers all sit around the office thinking what shall we do with Molly/Trish this week on Raw? what direction? I KNOW lets go back to what DIDN'T work for 4 weeks. Did the guy who does Molly/Trish angle got sick last week and someone else wrote it cause last week was smart this week is back to "lets have Lawler use his fat joke material" he must have gotten volume 2.

Line of the Night: Ross was really good tonight but a misunderstanding was my line of the night... When Taker could have gone for the titles early but didn't Ross says "Taker, can bit him in the ass".. Lawler says "Taker's going to bit who in the ass?"

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#32 Posted on
Random RAW Thoughts:

Lesnar-Flair was pretty good. I like how Lesnar kicks out.

Jackie was still awful on the mic.

Darth Goldust was funny. "Big Show, I am your father." Booker T was as well.

Take a wild guess who carried Radicalz2002-Dudleys2002?

Was Jeff Hardy stoned last night or what?

Anyone else think that the NWO will turn on Triple H, then Vince sends them to SmackDown to continue the Vince-TripleH angle.

Main event was good, but I still don't see Taker as a face, since he's facing the Rock at Vengeance.

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Bart Simpson
Scott Summets

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#33 Posted on
I love Chris Nowinski. He reminds me of a 1990ish Mr. Perfect. Raw was great last night, the only bad part was me dozing off a little during the Benoit match (I know how horrible that is off me) and hearing that he lost.
Boudin rouge

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#34 Posted on

    Originally posted by Shem the Penman
    Wonder if Nowinski picked up the black eye and pec bruises at a house show.

Yes, for the eye at least, at the house show in DC (review up soon.) he was teaming with Regal against the Dudleyz Mk2.


"Nothing remains interesting where anything may happen." -H.G. Wells


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#35 Posted on

    Originally posted by Scorpio

      Originally posted by Shem the Penman
      Wonder if Nowinski picked up the black eye and pec bruises at a house show.

    Yes, for the eye at least, at the house show in DC (review up soon.) he was teaming with Regal against the Dudleyz Mk2.

Part of me thinks that that is from some locker room hazing by Bradshaw.
Dr Unlikely

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I think I kinda liked last week's show better. This wasn't really bad, but a lot of the pieces just didn't add up to make a great show while it was on.

Much like last week's RVD vs. Brock match, the parts of this week's Flair vs. Brock match that I got into were the ones with the opponent on offense. Maybe that's just how it's going to be with Brock as the immovable object at this point, but hearing the crowd get into things when Flair built up to the chop block, then pretty much go quiet after he Lesnar won just seems odd, like his matches are taking place in a vacuum. I like that he's getting to talk some more in place of Heyman, but they need to rev up his personality (especially in the ring) to get the crowd on board and soon.

The Molly vs. New Jackie brawl, with the two of them trying to throw each other through windows and ripping off pieces of the set in an attempt to splatter the brains of one another was way over the top for an ass joke. It was like the fight scene in "They Live!", except without the part where they realize they've gone too far over nothing. Or even the magic alien glasses.

Nowinski is good, he's into his snobby character when they let HIM take care of it instead of having JR and King show his Harvard ring and Harvard yearbook and bring out professors from Harvard. It's a shame that they overshadow the good work the guy is doing to hit people over the head like we don't get it. Seeing Nowinski in the ring with the big Harvard "H" on his ass and then Bradshaw saunter out with cowboy boots, a cowboy hat and a cowbell was like one of those political cartoons where the artist has to label everything as "Big Business" and "The Working Man" because he/she doesn't think we'll get it.

On the other hand, I'll admit to being an idiot because I do think the feud should go on so Nowinski can eventually win the Hardcore title from Bradshaw and call it the Harvard-core title.

RVD wandering the halls and just kind of mumbling, not really yelling, "...Brock Lesnar..." was really funny. Jeff's crazy promo was also good wacky fun. Kind of like those Flair interviews where Flair runs an invisible match with himself or when Piper starts rambling about Tootsie's Bar & Grille.

I liked RVD/Regal well enough. Benoit/Eddie vs. Dudleys had some good action, too. I'm not on board the Bubba Ray push, though. I guess they have to push someone, but he kinda took Eddie and Benoit out by himself at the end and there wasn't a whole lot of reaction to the post-match beatdown. The two of them cheating to win, then Bubba and Spike getting the payback post-match thing seems like it would have worked better, since Bubba being a dancin' fat guy at least gets something out of the crowd. Benoit probably gets Bubba at the PPV. Where does Eddie go? Maybe one of the Hardy Boys? I'd be surprised if it was Spike.

Booker T should have pinned Big Show or gotten a more definitive win. It would have validated the nWo face-punchin' and face-kickin' that Show got a little better, and Booker needs a real win over them soon. HBK talking up HHH a few weeks ago and now saying HHH is in guarantees that HHH will give the "I don't need your help-uh!" speech and move the nWo feud over to him, right? If Michaels really can't wrestle anymore, that means Nash/HHH is the only big match they can do. Where does that leave Booker and Goldust? And Kane is the guy who took out X-Pac, right?

The main event wasn't the best ladder match ever due to the pace and some of the "just stand on a rung waiting to get pulled off" parts that many ladder matches can't seem to avoid. I think maybe the bad rana might have been due to being so close to the ropes, partly. I got into it at the end, though, when Jeff had a few times where they almost made it look like he could win. It was a neat idea and better than the random tag main events, so that's good. It might have come across better had the Eddie/RVD ladder match not been so recent. I was hoping for a cooler chokeslam from the ladder. But I think this one depends on how the angle plays out. I don't know where they're doing with UT with his handshakes and arm-raises, if it's a ruse or if he's turning. It'll be interesting to see how it plays out up to his match with Rock and that should eventually give some context for this match and the Jeff-Taker feud in general.

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#37 Posted on

    Originally posted by Dr Unlikely
    Seeing Nowinski in the ring with the big Harvard "H" on his ass and then Bradshaw saunter out with cowboy boots, a cowboy hat and a cowbell was like one of those political cartoons where the artist has to label everything as "Big Business" and "The Working Man" because he/she doesn't think we'll get it.

When Bradshaw's come out in his cowboy outfit lately, my friends and I have started singing "Macho Man" or "In the Navy" to pay tribute to such high camp.

Maybe those reports of hazing and shower antics weren't actually hazing... they're just Bradshaw LIVING HIS GIMMICK. "Always Pounding Ass," indeed.

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#38 Posted on
If people stopped watching WWE programming in droves, would that be considered ruthless regression? Just wondering.

What worked:

Hardy vs. Undertaker: Having Taker not respond to the Hardy question in the interview with Terri...and having Lita visit before the match gave a great feeling that hardy woudl win. The entire match worked well, too...I was on the edge of my seat during the match. The arms raised bit between Taker and Hardy was great, too.

Molly/Trish: Continuing a good feud that could last all summer long. Will Molly challenge Trish to a "loser wears Granny panties" match? Molly looked ugly in those things, IMHO. Mind you, the rest of the package makes me drool. her beating of Jackie looked vicious.

the nWo: Good story. I'm wondering where this could go. After all, where was Show when X-pac was attacked? Was it really Booker T? Booker's a face, and faces don't do sneak attacks. Or do they? Also, Triple H's mention worked well, and Nash's face as he and Shawn were leaving the ring was priceless. Something's cooking, folks...

Booker T: good match against Show. First time i've seen Show in a good match in a long time. I hope for some great matches in the future from those two.

What didn't work:

Goldust: From crochunter to dust vader" Boring. Dull. Blah. Is this an off week for him? the equivelant of an even numbered Star Trek movie sort of thing?

Brock vs. Flair: Does Flair really deserve this? I'm all for elevating younger talent, but after Flair's speech two or three weeks ago about another great run? I hope so.

that's all I can really think about now. It was good to see Benoit back, but where are his trademark tights? Did he have to borrow a pair from Eddy or Jericho?



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I don't know if anyone brought this up, but man they were way too many commercials. The same commercials too, Halloween, GT3, Gatorade,BlockBuster etc. The ratings Sinkage has brought more commercials.

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#40 Posted on
Yeah the Bossman Show feud was so unbelievably bad that it was funny. Plus it was a main event level suckiness. The BS was the frigging champ at the time. But I did laugh at the extreme bad taste of the Bossman pulling Show's "father's" casket behind his car and the Show holding on to it.
If I were Molly I would be really nervous about wrestling a totally green wrestler like Jackie2 in a HC match. Jackie has only been wrestling for about 3 months and one blown pipe hit could really fuck up Molly's or anyone elses career.
Nothing was bad and the show was good. Not great but nothing to piss me off.

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I dunno, as a running gag these movie reviews could lose steam very quickly ... Still, hearing him say "Not only am I the Scorpion King, but I'm also (looks at hand) the five time WCW champion!" had me rolling on the floor!
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