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24.3.19 0341
The W - Pro Wrestling - Raw Thoughts: In progress, et al...
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Since: 17.11.02

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#1 Posted on | Instant Rating: 2.74
Steiner never even got in the ring... THAT'S fucking hilarious!!!

Randy Orton's at 99%, will he EVER be up to 100%? Does it matter?


Cerebus: Barbarian, Prime Minister, Pope, Perfect House Guest.

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Since: 19.1.02
From: Minnesota

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#2 Posted on
That was quite possibly the best segment ever.

I love you Rock!

RAW Satire 2/17
Buffy 7.15 gets a 8 The Kennedy tweener turn happened out of nowhere, but whatever. Mostly good stuff though.
Boudin rouge

Since: 5.10.02

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#3 Posted on
Hurricane:"I know one superhero I could beat up."
Hurricane:"....THE SCORPION KING!"

"Hello. My Name is ShinStrife...and I'm a Jericholic."
"Hi ShinStrife!"
"Are you a Jericholic? Come to JA,Jericholic Anonymous."

Polska kielbasa

Since: 10.2.03

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#4 Posted on

    Originally posted by Cerebus
    Steiner never even got in the ring... THAT'S fucking hilarious!!!

    Randy Orton's at 99%, will he EVER be up to 100%? Does it matter?


It would be funny if he never does reach 100%. After a match he could drop down to 96% only to be up to 99% in time for his next match. 100% should be reserved for after winning a title.
Filipino Elvis

Since: 27.6.02
From: Little Falls, NY...Now in its 7th year with a stop light!

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#5 Posted on
Some random memories of a decent episode of Raw:

- The Rock was freakin' ON tonight. That opening segment got the kind of genuine heel loathing you don't see too often any more.

- Is there some connection between this 'Wrath Of Bischoff' theme and the promos for 'Wrath Of Khan?' I'm trying to come up with a joke about the good of the Game outweighing the good of the many, but it needs polish.

- Orton looked pretty good in his return. Loved the froggy leap to set up the conclusion.

- Stacy's pleading during that post-match beatdown was disturbing. Like that time Randy Savage was dragging one of his women around at the end of that Nitro.

- I'd forgotten how much I enjoy Morley's ring work.

- Storm moved pretty good in his match. And the overbearing anticipation for RVD to turn on Kane was WICKED.

- And that Rock/Hurricane segment may have been one of the funniest things I've ever seen. The song from nowhere. "You're the Hamburgular!" "You couldn't beat Aquaman! Yeah, the guy who talked to the fish!" "Brendan Fraser beat the Scorpion King!" "That was just a special effect!" At that point, I was laughing so hard I missed the ending. That totally ruled.

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Since: 22.8.02
From: Between thought and Reality, TZ

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#6 Posted on


Boy, raw tenth anniversary? Bullshit. Kinda makes it not worth it, don't it.

Since: 1.8.02
From: Louisville KY

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#7 Posted on
The best part for me was the whole "Whee! The Rock said Toronto! That's our home town! Yahoo!" bit. Had me in stitches.

Mmmm... Ashley Judd. The perfect woman. 1) Absolutely gorgeous. 2) Loves UK basketball. 3) Was on Star Trek. What more can you ask for?
Potato korv

Since: 29.4.02
From: Jax, FL

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#8 Posted on
Great RAW from top to bottom. I was very happy to see Booker go over at the end, and hopefully this leads to him actually winning that big gold belt. I was slightly dissapointed that the Hurricane didn't get to chokeslam the Rock, but hey, it was still entertaining the hell out of me. Big thumbs up!

Andy Richter does indeed control the universe.
Spaceman Spiff

Since: 2.1.02
From: Philly Suburbs

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#9 Posted on
And the best part?

* HHH!

Matthew: You would've loved it, David. A week in a foreign country, strange people, strange customs...
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Since: 8.1.03

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#10 Posted on

The Rock still has it, that opening promo was great... I was cracking up, and I just loved it. The Rock is just to mothersuckin hilarious. Great job in his new heel role. I had NO CLUE that he was going to be on RAW.

I don't even really remember the opener, but the Jackie and Jazz match was bleh... The Trish run in made it great, and well... if Victoria is going to wear things like that and take a bump, she needs to tape herself or put on a bra or something... not that I'm complaining.

I loved Jericho playing the bitch heel while Christian was just kicking the mung out of Test... Yea, the stuff with Stacy was a little disturbing, but good lord, I don't care if she's flexible... do you need to pull her legs up to her head. I just cracked up when Jeff ran in and was taken right out by Christian... damn... Christian was just on a roll tonight.... whoopin ass, and in the final four for the Battle Royale.

Nowinski and Hardy was short and sweet... poor Jeffery, he's all conflicted again.

I enjoyed the Book/Steiner vs Orton/Bautista... I almost thought that the Rock was coming out with Bautista because of Orton's new Rocky undies. Nice little match, and great old school heel tactics by Evolution. I cracked up at Lawler's response to all of Steiner's heel heat... "I told him not to wear that Red White and Blue Flag on his pants"... The Book was on, and keeping Steiner's offense limited made him look pretty good in the ring, esp with those stiff clotheslines. Nice little Old School Sugar Shane Helms-esque splash from Orton at the end...

I have to admit... I laughed a little during the Goldust segement.

OH MY GOODNESS.... THE ROCKS's backstage segment was just hilarious. I like how he busted out some Island Style licks on the guitar before starting up his song. Geez, just one night back, and the Rock has helped make such a big difference in the show.

The Battle Royal was fun... I liked the Final Four... aside from Kane... I liked the Orton/Steiner/Bautista consecutive eliminations... and just loved the Rock's heel schtick. ITS ABOUT TIME THEY GAVE THE BOOK A SHOT AT MAIN-EVENTING IN THE BIG SHOW (well, not inside of Paul Wight... although that could be possible)... I also loved the Rock playing it off at the end....

Great Raw... and a Great way to start out the month heading towards Wrestlemania.

The 5th Horseman

Since: 23.10.02
From: Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

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#11 Posted on
    Originally posted by Teapot
    The best part for me was the whole "Whee! The Rock said Toronto! That's our home town! Yahoo!" bit. Had me in stitches.

He got me with the "mother cannuckers" bit. The Rock was THE MAN on the mic tonight. From his opening monologue to his skit with Hurricane to his roll in the battle royale. I missed heel Rock.

Overall, the best RAW in a long while, IMHO! A VERY GOOD show and a nice start toward WrestleMania.

And, DAMN, that Trish was looking HOTTTT tonight!!!

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Since: 2.1.02
From: Sector 7 Slums

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#12 Posted on | Instant Rating: 3.08
Rocky put over my two favorite wrestlers tonight. One verbally (Hurricane) and one in the ring (Booker).


Fighting to challenge and challenge to fighting toniiiiiight! Digga doodle digga doodle daaaaaaa!
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Lap cheong

Since: 25.2.02

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Hurricane doesn’t get the microphone enough. But boy did he and Rock do a job tonight. If everything else on the show sucked tonight, it wouldn’t have mattered. That one segment was worth it beginning to end.

One of my favorite Rock heel gimmicks was when he’d do color for his own matches. So it was great when he took the high road during the battle royale. Can’t blame him after he got the “Public Enemy” treatment at the beginning of the battle royale. I’m still shocked they’re going to put Booker in a Wrestlemania program with HHH. And it looks like we’ll even get a back-story to tie into the whole HHHorsemen thing with Goldust.

Remember when the WWF would tease problems between two wrestlers like, say, RVD and Kane, and you’d be guaranteed some follow-up instead of seemingly abandoning the plot within the same program they’re pushing it?

Victoria may be a great psycho, but man…She does NOT have a career in color commentary anytime soon.

Uh, since when did refs reverse decisions because of after-match activities?

Excellent show.

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Since: 7.1.02
From: Birmingham, AL

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#14 Posted on
The Rock should ALWAYS stay heel! I don't care if the fans cheer him, boo him, whatever, he still should always stay in this mindset. He was more entertaining, at least outside the ring, tonight than he was his whole last run combined!!!

Things I learned watching RAW:

- Psycho bitches are more competitive than just normal bitches.

- problem, Jeff problem, HBK...problem.

- Hurricane can whip Scorpion King's ass. Brendan Frasier can beat Scorpion King's ass. Unfortunately, Hurricane can not whip Scorpion King's everyday normal alter ego.

- Electrocution will either kill a man, or give him Tourette's Syndrome.
Potato korv

Since: 29.4.02
From: Jax, FL

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#15 Posted on
"Uh, since when did refs reverse decisions because of after-match activities?"

Well I'm sure it goes back farther than this, but a semi-recent example is during Wrestlemania 14, Rock vs. Shamrock for the Intercontinental title. Shamrock won with the ankle lock but refused to take it off, thus making the ref reverse the decision and pissing Shammy off even more than usual.

Andy Richter does indeed control the universe.
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Since: 12.12.02
From: Winnipeg, Manitoba

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#16 Posted on

How close was Jackie to getting herself killed tonight? That was kind of scary. Was she not supposed to reverse the powerbomb, or was she supposed to do a hurricanrana instead of a sunset flip, or did Jazz just drop her, or what?

Maybe it was just me, but I wasn't entirely convinced that Stacy was really in a lot of pain there. "Ow. Ow. Ow! Please! Ow. Owwww. Andrew? Ow."

I was actually rooting for the Hurricane to toss the Rock. Just hoping and praying, there. I hope somebody converts the Rock-Hurricane segment into .AVI form and spreads it onto the file-sharing programs, because I want to watch that a million times. "I know a superhero the Hurricane can beat... the Scorpion King!" "The Sc--OOH! You--spthh--buh! You did not just-- rrr! You!"

I think they should just have Rock on every show, now. For every hour of WWE programming, there should be at least ten minutes of original Rock content. Ratings would go up at least a point for everything.
Boudin rouge

Since: 1.3.02
From: Denver, Colorado

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#17 Posted on

Rock is my hero! His performance tonight was totally SWEET! Mother Canucker has now entered my vocabulary permamently! (No offense to all of the Canadians up there in Canadia!)

Booker T is going to WrestleMania?! YEEEEEAAAAHHHHH!!!! The collective reaction my brother and I had was basically 4NU8QA39G570WL;OFEOPJRW75N934'A8T4TU5AS4UW6A0U!!!!!!!!!!

(Expressing euphoria)

But here's my question-- if Book wins the World Title, will his best friend Goldust, because of his complications after his electrocution, become a contender for the title and an enemy for Booker T, ala Mick Foley as Dude Love after WM XIV?

And, on top of all that went down tonight on RAW, what the F*CK is gonna happen when Rock and Austin face off next week?!?

ALL HELL'S gonna break loose, brutha'!

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(edited by RKMtwin on 24.2.03 2049)

(edited by RKMtwin on 24.2.03 2050)

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Since: 28.4.02
From: Pittsburgh, PA

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#18 Posted on
The best part of that whole segment was Hurricane's reaction when Rock said Aquaman could kick his ass. Pure gold.

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Since: 4.11.02
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#19 Posted on
Sigh. The Rock is god.

Poor Jazz. Jackie kinda drug her down tonight. All of her boob weight forced Jazz to mess up some moves, b/c her center of gravity was all off. I'm all about the anticipated three way match at WM between Trish/Jazz/Vicki.

Congrats to Booker. You've earned it.

Welcome back, Jazz! We missed you!

Since: 8.6.02
From: Canada

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#20 Posted on
Don't hate me but unless we get some roster alteration soon, I fear Book (as Champ, if he indeed gets the belt) will have no decent opponents. Who would you put w/ Book after 'Mania?

Tonight was not great. Rock was great, at his best. Book was great. Not too much else came off as particularly solid. If you need further evidence that Jericho's a great heel the "HBK" chant in Toronto, something I never thought I'd hear again, has to be evidence.

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