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18.6.18 0259
The W - Pro Wrestling - Raw thoughts (Page 3)
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astrobstrd, I actually had the same thought AFTER I posted last night.

Oh, and I wasn't whining, as far as I'm concerned--I was pointing out a fact. Whining, I believe, would be someone complaining that they thought the show was good, but HHH ruined the last minute, so the show SUCKED!!!

However, here's the other thing: While Christian and Jericho entertained me, couldn't they have been better served by doing something with someone else (assuming none of these folks are injured)? Couldn't Tommy Dreamer or D-Lo (thanks for coming out, by the way!), or 3MW, or even somebody completely new have gotten some airtime?

Look, I like HHH, but I didn't like it when he was dominating the entire show--I don't like when anyone is. It's never good, and I'll even say that about Booker T if it happens, and he's one of my favorites. But, it's never good, and it's always holding SOMEONE back from getting his or her face out there. And, I blame the writers.

They should push Batista as the RAW monster and have D-VON DUDLEY beat Brock Lesnar and become the Smackdown monster and have a big payoff fight on PPV.

Those two are the future of pro-wrestling.


This is why I like boards like this--everyone's got their own opinion, and no one belittles it.

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    Originally posted by skorpio17

      I think you can mention Kane's being buried while blaming HHH at the same time. During Kane's last major feud vs. Triple H, he was portrayed as a drunken, necrophilliac, murderer. He looked stupid every segment and never got his revenge on Triple H. He was punked out by Triple H and his character was ruined. Now he is getting buried, because he couldn't get over. Makes sense to me.

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    Didnt mean it couldnt be done, just said the easy thing after last night if youre a conspiracy theorist is to give it the old "look at HHH holding down RVD!!!". Personally I though the Kane/HHH story was just shitty shitty writing, not helped by a poor match at the end. Hopefully the Batista feud is gonna be built up well over a longer period of time, cos right now neither guy can afford to lose any heat

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    Originally posted by dMr

      Originally posted by Spaceman Spiff

        Monster heels destroy people. They don't need interference to win. It seems like they want to build up Batista as a monster, and he certainly has the look for it, so winning by interference is counter-productive to that end.

        Of course, I'm ignoring the fact that HHH is the only heel that ever gets to look strong.

      Um, ignoring the fact that HHH's last clean wins were against Jeff 'Blownspot' Hardy and Spike Dudley, I assume the rise of a ceratin heel by the name of Brock Lesnar didnt pass you by altogether?

    there is a big difference between brock lesnar squashing little guys like funaki and hurricane and scrubs like rikishi and chuck palumbo, and batista squashing kane. kane was just in the main event at survivor series, and he is huge. you can't have batista believably destroy someone like that without killing any vestige of credibility that kane has left. my first point i made was that batista's destruction of kane even WITH interference by flair, still builds up his credibility. how many people can powerbomb kane? i mean i'm sure there have been a few, but it's still a solid feat to build up a "monster."

    the only thing i'm worried about is that they tried building up someone in the past through a feud with kane. albert. and we all know how over HE is.
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Line of the night -

Jericho, to Hurricane: "WHAT'RE YOU LOOKING AT, FUNGUS HEAD!"

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I loved the interaction between Jericho and Christian and the back stage crew. Christian to Hurricane: Why didn't you stop them? Aren't you suppossed to fight crime? was hysterical. Good comedy and nice timing for all. The feud with the Duds will be decent, especially if they do a TLC.

Kane/Batista? Eh. It does nothing for me. I guess the WWE is in full "Bury Kane" mode again. What a shame. Had they put him over HHH, he'd be so big now. But they buried him again. And maybe this time the crowd starts to lsoe a little interest in kane.

HBK? Well, all his skills are diminished, in rign and on the mic, but he is still good. However, we are now looking at a triple threat match with HBK/HHH/RVD at Armageddon. Me thinks RVD will be screwed again when HHH pins him for the title, thus HBK can pass it back to HHH without an actual loss.

As for HHH, I hate him. He is all that is wrong with the WWE now. If they really want to do somethin good, they should do an angle where Vince suspends HHH for what he did to his daughter and have HHH randomly show up at shows and lay out different wrestlers, leading to a Wrestlemania culmination of HHH v Vince. It would suck, but it would keep HHH out of the main event and the title hunt while keeping him in a high profile feud.

Four Horseman? Yawn. Another way to keep HHH in a high profile angle. Did I mention I hate HHH?

Test? Ugh. He is just awful. The finisher looks good, but the rest of the match is plain bad. I see a inter gender tag match with Richards/Victoria v. Test/Stacy. Could it get any worse? And Testicles? Don't get me started.

Rico and Golddust? While I am a fan of Golddust, it is only when the Bookerman is around. Rico blows. The entire 3 Minute Warning was built up great but has fizzled. Rosey and Jamal could have been monsters. They blew it. Too bad becasue RAW needs anther tag team.

Speaking of which, I hope they push Storm and Regal and give them a shot. Jericho and Christian are short term champs who will eventually split. Storm/Regal are the perfect replacement as the new heel tag team. Of course, in a perfect world, Heyman would put the Impact Players together and give them a LONG run as champs. That would be awesome.

The show, and I, really missed Booker T last night.

Onto Smackdown.

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I thought RAW last night was exactly what RAW needs to be - the good Sports Entertainment show. If they're going to try to differentiate between the shows, each needs it's own identity, and it's crystal clear that Smackdown's gonna be the Wrestling show.

Except for the HHH run-in (which I object mostly to happening so *early* - come on, TNN. Don't be CSI's bitch.), I was completely pleased with how RAW came off last night.

Jericho and Christian gave me some real Edge and Christian vibes last night, and, after a year and a half of tantrums and anti-American crusades, finally made me remember why Christian used to be damn near my favorite wrestler. Every segment was gold, Jerry, gold!

"You come out here. You steal my bag. You throw my clothes away. You take out my... Christian's ass cream!"

"Ye-ah, my name *also* starts with C!"

Victoria's really starting to come into her character. No bad acting jokes this week. She's playing the psycho chick role really well, and *this* is how you work lesbian undercurrents into the storyline. (Without 350 pound Samoans and Jerry Lawler screaming annoying initials or anything.)

I like Val Venis's new role. It's different enough from the thousands of other Commissioner-ish angles they've ran in the past to seem new and sort-of fresh. (I was a tad disappointed that they didn't go with the "Venis as Internet smark" character some people theorized last week. I would've loved to have seen a gimmick based on Scott Keith.)

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    you can't have batista believably destroy someone like that without killing any vestige of credibility that kane has left. my first point i made was that batista's destruction of kane even WITH interference by flair, still builds up his credibility. how many people can powerbomb kane? i mean i'm sure there have been a few, but it's still a solid feat to build up a "monster."

Why not? What is Kane doing right now that is so important? Pick a guy & push him. If that means someone like Kane has to job cleanly or be squashed, so be it. "You can't make an omelette w/out breaking a few eggs." It's not like he's squashing the #1 face on Raw (RVD). It's just Kane.

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    Originally posted by Spaceman Spiff

      you can't have batista believably destroy someone like that without killing any vestige of credibility that kane has left. my first point i made was that batista's destruction of kane even WITH interference by flair, still builds up his credibility. how many people can powerbomb kane? i mean i'm sure there have been a few, but it's still a solid feat to build up a "monster."

    Why not? What is Kane doing right now that is so important? Pick a guy & push him. If that means someone like Kane has to job cleanly or be squashed, so be it. "You can't make an omelette w/out breaking a few eggs." It's not like he's squashing the #1 face on Raw (RVD). It's just Kane.

ahem...I believe you meant to say Booker T is the number one face. The guy who got cheered for whooping on RVD and got fans to boo when RVD whooped on him. ;-)

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Well dMr isn't this the same RVD who after losing to HHH at a PPV was involved "in some meaningless tag match" just two weeks later and out of the main event spot. Seeing the track record of the WWE especially concerning HHH forgive "us" for being suspicious... I'm in agreement with MichaelAngelo I'm just so sick and tired of HHH being part of the main story. I'VE HAD IT. Enough! Push him down to a secondary role for a extended period of time. I'm sick of seeing his face at the end of every TV show.

-Jericho/Christian v.Bubba/Dvon-Lilian's rough night started early with Y2J/Christian coming out separate but at the same time huh?. For some reason I remember this match being off on some spots and me thinking "Oh the flight might effect them or the last second change of opponents". Lil says Y2J/CHristian wins but The Bisch(without his dead cow but with Val)comes out and says the match continues. What? Lilians's word is final that's always been the rule of wrestling announcers word is final! I really thought the Dudleyz would win for sure tonight and Lilian announced them the winners in fall 2 but once again no resepct for Lil and the went for it a third time, third time they got it right and y2J/Christian got the pin. Well it was no where as good as Angle/Benoit v. Edge/Rey. I like seeing Val talk because he motions with his hands like crazy .

-Test v. Stevie Richards- I'm just a big Stevie fan so I'm just glad he's on the "A" show even if he is getting destroyed by Test. Well Test's finisher is cool and it looks like he's gaining a cult following but I don't know how many people want to see Test/Stacy face team sucking each others face. I think that sort of thing might annoy people or make them envious.

-NOwinski/Maven- I am really geeked to see these two they are building it perfectly. Nowinski was such a dick last night mentioning Maven went with the sympathy card and then nailing him with a text book. Great job on who booked this and the two guys.

-Vicki v. Trish-They really made this match on par as any men match. Trish's bumping is insane, being thrown hard twice to the outside, her little body hitting the arena floor bumps up a couple of inches after inpact. Trish being thrown into the steps is as hard as any 300 pound guy been thrown(aww @ Lil's concern look watching on in the background). Vickie hit a ropeflip legdrop on Trish's. Great Tech wrestling as well like when Vicki had Trish in a submission for a minute and Trish pushed her weight up and fliped Vicki to a 2 count. Lawler even got into it and called out the chock hold Victoria had on. The only problem I had during the match was Tirsh hitting her handstand headscissors she picks up Vicki and Vicki no sells it and clubs Trish down. Trish really allows Vicki too look great, Vickie's great as well but Trish sells and allows Vicki to look like a force. Trish gives so much to her opponents.

These two girls really are taking WWE women wrestling to another level, Hardcore Survivor Series, 8 minute planned out match yesterday. I loved the match but I think the ending buried Trish too much. Victoria got 80% of the offense but also pinned Trish clean. You had Stevie Richards there he could have just grabbed her ankle or something for a second distracting her and allowing Victoria get her finisher in, atleast Trish would save some face and Victoria would still look like a bad ass for beating up on Trish 3/4 of the match and getting in that cool finisher of hers. If Trish is pushed aside who's next in line for Vicki. Stacy? Jacqueline? well they are going to Texas soon (I think) so there's her one week "A" TV push. I wished they'd turn Molly already. Have Molly make up with Trish (and be odd couple friends) and then slide Molly in a feud with Victoria.

-Dudleyz/Christian/Y2J- I think this is average. I don't think in 6 months or whenever and I think of funniest moments in wrestling, this will be no where in my list (lol) but it was somewhat amusing. Lilian seemed into it, when D-von tossed the bag into the crowd she got up and turned around to see who got the bag (lol)

-Storm/Regal v. Hurricane/Jeff HArdy- Maybe Ross' constant shilling of Storm/Regal has finally worked on me because this is the first time since Storm jumped to Raw that I was actually pretty entertained by the segment. Everyone in this match looked good. Great shinning wizard by Helms, vicious boot to the head by Regal. Nice side step by Storm/ Regal on Hardy flipping attack after the match.

-Batista v. Kane- Boy Lilians's having a tough night she announced Flair, maybe she shouldn't try improvising when someone else comes out that's not on her schedule, doesn't someone tell her what's going to happen? But I am impressed that she remembered hometown/wieght from the top of her head (lol)... I really don't know why but i'm liking Batistia, they are pushing him hard and I think he's done a good job on the most part. Flair would give him a great rub.

-Goldust v. Rico- I like both these guys but this really seemed like just an add on. The announcers were blabbering about anything and the fans didn't seem to be into it at all. The first hip toss Goldust took a long time to get up. The match seemed uninspired.

-HBK v. RVD- I was geeked for this, Shawn's entire getup seems a little surreal in 2002 (lol). RVD does a backflip to the floor and Michaels thinks about catching him and then thinks "umm I better not" and RVD splats on the floor. I guess they sold me well because everytime RVD did a move on HBK's back I thought "uh oh" or "oh no that could really hurt him. Real nice match, liked the fans having an initial battle of there own with HBK & RVD, they seemed into it. Pretty good work by both guys... Of course Triple H run in pissed me off in so many levels which I stated in the beginning of this extra long post but to quote a friend of mine who was watching. She said "AH why is this guy always in the main storyline?" I don't know I just don't know why! Well I could think of one reason, but I'm sure it has nothing to do with it blah

-other stuff- Victoria is really being a real great character... Val Venis knows someone who knows Steiner, can it be one of his "freaks"?... Interesting interplay between RVD and HBK backstage... RNN funny as always... Jericho/ Christian being obnoxious winners is always good for a good laugh drenching Terri and asking her if she wants to be "part of the team" was funny but not as funny as

Quote of the night: Christian "My name also starts with C". After Jericho saying he's going to look for chicks and give out some vitamin C.

Also liked JR's "RVD's always been a bridesmaid but never a groom... Does that make sense?"

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I don't remember who mentioned it initially, and I don't feel like going back to check, but for the record, I too heard JR say "Gerwitz brand ass cream," but then I figured, nah, it must've been something else, they would never say something that "insider," would they? Good to see I'm not as insane as I thought I was.

Speaking of ass cream (I hope that's the only time in my life I ever have to say that phrase), I thought Bubba Ray's delivery on the "What do you even do with ass cream?" line was perfect! I think Bubba Ray's mic work is amongst the most underrated out there.

Let's see, what else:

Victoria's acting took a step in the right direction this week. Still not great considering the character, but better. I dug the "taste of fear" line. Some of you will call me crazy, but I wasn't thinking at all about.....lesbionics in that scene. I was thinking "wow, what a wonderfully evil psycho." And that got me turned on even more. I shouldn't have said that last part, should I?

And Nowinski, once again, was great. I expected him to pull a brick out of the book after he used it to knock out Maven, a la Positively Kanyon, but it didn't happen. Oh well. Their brawl was great anyway. I think I'm going to enjoy this feud. Initially, I was kind of bummed out that they were going this route because I figured that Nowinski was better off without the Tough Enough niche, and now he was being forced back into it, but I'm starting to dig it.

Get well soon, Booker!

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I enjoyed RAW very much. Anyone else notice Christian's pink shower cap? I thought it was funnier than hell, for some reason.

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    Originally posted by Net Hack Slasher
    -Goldust v. Rico- I like both these guys but this really seemed like just an add on. The announcers were blabbering about anything and the fans didn't seem to be into it at all. The first hip toss Goldust took a long time to get up. The match seemed uninspired.

To me, it looked like Goldust was in serious pain during the entire match. He stated awhile back that his back was really hurting him and it sounds like he needs some time off. It's not like he and Jeff Hardy are involved in any storylines that would hurt them if they took a month off. Bring in a couple of the new guys and use a couple of the Heat guys and let them heal up, I say. At least the Christmas break is almost here. Maybe that's what they're waiting for.

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    Originally posted by ekedolphin
    I enjoyed RAW very much. Anyone else notice Christian's pink shower cap? I thought it was funnier than hell, for some reason.

LOL, yeah, the shower cap was pretty funny. God damn is Christian hilarious! "Yeah, my name starts with C too!" That line had me cracking up the whole damn show (no, not just when RVD was on! I mean the actual show! Oh never mind.).
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This was a damn good show! Lots of wrestling!!!! Heck, even the women got 8 minutes. And the other segments were just too funny! I think I like my shows with a little Vitamin C! And gosh darn it, I may even be becoming a Testicle.

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I don't think Trish is getting burried. She has had her time to pull wins out of her butt against big heels. Now it is time for a new monster on the block to dominate, and that is what Victoria needs to do. In fact I think we should see Victoria run ins during matches just to squash Trish and others, like Jazz did. I too would like to see an eventual Jazz-Victoria feud, with Jazz being victorious and a Trish heel turn.

One thing all the women need to be doing is playing to the crowd more. This is, I think, the one ingredient they have been missing during the whole womens match revival this year. Heels need to take time out after moves to gesture to the crowd, to pose, etc. Faces need to jump up on the ropes during the start and end of matches. As far as I can tell, Lita, Terri, and Stacy are the only ones that do this on a consistent basis. If you had more of the "wrestling" divas doing this, I think the matches would a little more entertaining and would give them what they need to go over the top.


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Kind of a good idea, bad execution Raw for me. Less-than-desirable than bad, maybe? I'd imagine the lack of Booker changed things up a bit, which makes it interesting that they ended up really going for the Dudleys vs. Jericho/Christian feud when the Dudleys weren't going to be in the match at all earlier in the day.

As for their opening match, I appreciated the idea of a long tag match and maybe trying to get a little bit of that SmackDown energy working for them, but the double fakeout ending thing kind of killed the crowd early on. Is Morely a face or heel? He's with Bischoff, so that's a heel thing. But he put a stop to Jericho's pin and gave the Dudleys a chance to win the title, so that's a face thing. But he then took away the Dudley win and then didn't come out to stop an illegal (and more obviously so than the prior two infractions) Jericho/Christian win, so that's a heel thing. But the toppings contain potassium benzoate.

He did look a lot thinner or maybe just more lean, which I hope means he'll be able to have some matches soon. I liked him in the ring. Maybe that's the spot Booker will get now, a feud with Bischoff's new right hand man? Sounds like good matches to me. I still say he looks kinda like Corey Feldman, though.

I wouldn't necessarily agree with others that Victoria's gotten better or any less completely bizarre in her delivery, but they seem to be embracing it and taking her in an absurd direction (that doesn't involve, to this point, violation of the dead or dog poop or anything), so it was actually fun to watch this week. And what was that finishing move she did on Trish? That was new and really painful looking.

I'm not down with the Test thing. Sorry, just can't do it.

Jericho and Christian were terrific backstage. Two funny guys getting to be be funny. I think most everyone has hit the best lines so far ("Aren't you a crime fighter?", "My name starts with C, too!", "...freaks and geeks and Iron Shieks..."), so I'll throw in Jericho talking about getting "all gussied up" and referring to Steiner's interviews as "talking baby talk". If the tag titles are the 1A belts to the Raw title now, I'm all for giving the tag champs more time for the walking and talking stuff, especially if it allows Jericho and Christian to bring The Funny like they used to and did last night.

The Dudley half I wasn't so hot on. Ass cream? Yikes. And why did they steal Jericho and Christian's clothes instead of stealing, say, their tag titles? If they weren't going to steal the belts, I think we could have at least had Jericho and Christian emerge from the showers wearing their towels AND the belts, as if they took them in with them to clean them up. The two of them walking around in towels AND their spiffy new tag titles for the whole show would have been that much funnier. I was kind of hoping that, by the end, they would have raided HBK's locker room and been forced to walk around in Jesus shirts, Jesus pants, Jesus socks and Jesus boots. Love those Boriquas.

Back to the, I think D-Von's plan to just go and beat the crap out of Jericho and Christian would have been much better than Bubba's elaborate ruse to...well, basically make like the sabretooth tiger at the end of the Flintstones and comically lock the two out of their dressing room. As far as elaborate plans go, this isn't quite as bad as Nash's foolproof plan to prove that the Outsiders were in no way responsible for running the Steiners off the road by showing videotaped footage of the Outsiders...well, running the Steiners off the road. But all the same, I support D-Von being the brains of the group from now on. He at least ran a successful religious foundation and has pants that go all the way down.

Speaking of pants, how about that Lance Storm? Lance needs pants. He still needs pants. A pantsless Lance? No. But I do like the Regal/Storm tag team now. They've stopped saddling them with the overdone anti-America retread and let them concentrate on what they do best, being two major league jerks in the ring. The way they cut off Jeff's attempt to save face at the end was nasty and great heel stuff. They just need better face teams. Raw's set-up of Jericho/Christian, Three Minute Warning and Storm/Regal against the Dudleys and the tag teams that Hurricane, Jeff and Goldust happen to be in that week aren't the balance they need. They can fix this, I think.

Maven, that guy can take a book to the face like all get out. I haven't seen anyone else mention it, but I liked him dropping like a sack of eyebrows when Nowinski nailed him. This wasn't the best of segments, but I like Nowinski's character and Maven's basic in-ring stuff enough for this to be a good minor story. And yes, there would have to be a lot of eyebrows in the sack to make it drop with any real imact. And no, his eyebrows actually didn't seem as Maven-y this week, come to think of it. Where'd they go?

As for the HBK/RVD match, I have to say, I managed to get myself pretty hyped up to see it. It occured to me that, thanks to the split, we missed out on and may never see a Misterio/HBK or Misterio/RVD encounter. And I think maybe having HBK and Hogan meet face-to-face and have some kind of exchange, if not a special attraction match, would have been interesting. So RVD/HBK is one of those weird, new or special match-ups that hasn't happened and seemed really intriguing.

The pre-match stuff kind of went either way. I liked the idea of Michaels zeroing in, both in a friendly-advice and pseudo-antagonistic way, on RVD's surface lack of intensity. Trying to draw it out of him as part of the "Old Man Michaels" side of the character he's doing to show RVD the ropes balanced with trying to take RVD out of his game as a mind game by the Heartbreak Kid. They did get close enough at the end to warrant a "Dude, totally kiss him!" though.

Michaels attire, that was odd. You can really see that he's lost a lot of size, especially in his legs. The old Heartbreak Kid/Boyhood Dream/Curtains In the Brady House When The Guys All Had Perms ring attire seemed a little big on him, but he also didn't have the shin guards and funky jeff cap. And his new ring gear made him look older and smaller, too. This is Shawn Michaels, damn it, they can afford to get him a pair of shin guards, some pants with hearts on them and a crazy hat. He deserves at least that much.

When they started, it wasn't looking so good. Some of those tie-ups and arm tranisition moves looked a little clunky and they just didn't seem to be matching up well. I thought the same thing happened in the first Benoit/RVD match, but this looked like maybe they were both just too tentative, especially in RVD's flip to the floor where Michaels was half there and half not. I have to say, though, at about the half way part of the match, I got into it. When Michaels took over after the Dragon Screw and RVD looked like he hurt his knee, things started to get rolling. The way he went afer the knee, I thought he might even go into the ringpost figure four. RVD avoiding the Sweet Chin Music and going for the Five Star (while working the hurt leg out on the way up) was good, too.

I'd really like to see a rematch of this. One spot that I thought they might do and would like to see would be Michaels trying to sneak the Sweet Chin Music in when RVD does the back flips out of the corner. In this match, toward the end, I think Michaels showed hints of what some of the other top guys haven't always had, that ability to get into the story of the match, the little things. When he took shots to the back or went up and nailed big elbow drop, it was just cool to watch.

Then there's the ending, of course. This match maybe wasn't as good as the Angle/Austin brutal Raw showdown, but it had the same ending with HHH coming down to the ring, stopping the end, sending one guy (Angle then, RVD now) into the Black Hole and beating up the important guy. Seen it before, and no sir, didn't like it then, like it less now, think of me what you will.

Before that, though, they had some interesting developments with RVD, HBK, Christian and Jericho. I hope they take the nice positives of this week and find a way to keep them on the scene, capitalize on the potential of Regal/Storm and don't let Booker get lost when he's able to be back again.

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By the way, this just ocurred to me a few minutes ago:

I was thinking of the Raw Rewind clip they showed this week, the one with Vince in the hospital, the debut of Mr. Socko, and Austin beating Vinnie down. I remember saying to myself as I watched last night: "Man, Vince was never better than he was at this time." Also, why did they show the IV violation of McMahon, but not the shot to the head with the bedpan? That was the "highspot" of that encounter! That had me laughing, right up to the aforementioned IV spot, which just made me (and the friends I was watching the show with at the time) stop and go "well, that took a turn for the weird."
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Possible RAW Spolier****************************** I believe the Torch or Meltz had Austin vs Flair in the early card for JD, but that was last week.
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