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25.6.18 1258
The W - Pro Wrestling - Raw thoughts
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#1 Posted on
Man, what a shitty finish to an otherwise great match. I cringe everytime that HBK takes a bump on his back, and wouldn't you agree that a guy with problems like he has shouldn't be taking MORE sick bumps then he did without the injuries?

The Vitamin C bits were pretty hilarious, maybe a bit too long though.

Edit: Forgot to mention the sickness of Test's new finisher tonight.

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Boudin rouge

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#2 Posted on
Shin Strife says...
Yes,I was also pissed that they went off when HHH was about to say something.

Yes,the Jericho bits were good but very long,and i think the Victoria/Trish match tragged on a bit too long.

My favorite bit was the slap.

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Shem the Penman

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#3 Posted on
I didn't mind the comedy, since it actually had a point -- jump-starting the Dudleys/Jericho & Christian feud. Okay, the "ass cream" bit was over the top, but WWE wouldn't be WWE if they didn't go over the top.

Is it just me, or is what they're doing with Val, erm, Sean exactly what ECW used to do with Bill Alfonso? I thought the "chief of staff" thing was retarded at first -- what do we need another layer of administration for? -- but the second time he came out and restarted Dudz/J&C, I started to see the potential there. If he keeps fiddling with match finishes, the crowds will be ready to lynch him on the spot before long.

Very good show tonight, from a well-booked tag match at the start to one of the longer, and better, women's matches they've had, to a HBK/RVD match that lived up to all the hype it got until that horrendous, sucky, unforgivable finish.

There was so much other good stuff on this show that the Kane/Batista/Flair match got lost in the shuffle. I wish they'd given it a bit more time to develop -- maybe take some time from that pointless Goldust/Rico match (When Pseudo-Gay Men Collide!).

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#4 Posted on
Well, with all the talk about RVD being careless in the ring and a danger to his opponents, Shawn Michaels sure did show a lot of confidence in RVD to not injure him. Also, Shawn really needs some new attire to wear for his ring entrance. That stuff he used to wear just doesn't cut it anymore.

It's a shame Booker T had to leave the arena to go to the hospital. Because of all his years in WCW, he is a big time favorite here in South Carolina. In Greenville and Columbia, whether in WCW or the WWE, Booker always gets one of the biggest reactions.

The women were given more time and I thought they did a pretty good job with that time.

I've got 3 questions:

1. Since just last week, didn't JR move the date of Shawn's last match on Raw from October of '97 to December of '97?

2. Ass Cream?

3. JR said Kane has gone through wrestlers like "Ex-Lax through a widow woman." What the hell?

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Mr Heel II
Lap cheong

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#5 Posted on
I didn't really have a problem with the end of the main event because I couldn't possibly imagine the show ending any other way. They're not going to bury either of those guys, and let's face it, HHH aint going anywhere...

LONG matches tonight. The tag match gets two segments, the women's match went on forever, and the main got some time too. Regarding the women's match, it's nice they're being consistent and building a storyline gradually around a Richards/Victoria vs Kiebler/Test scenario, but why bury Trish in the process?

So let me get this straight...The Chief of Staff comes out and restarts the tag match...twice...but is NOWHERE to be found when Kane gets screwed by Flair and a sleepy ref?!?

I got a kick out of the Jericho/Christian stuff, and the Dudley's in the ring with the ass cream. Over the top? Nah...Cheap pop.

A good show overall. More and more, RAW looks like it's taking a "What would Smackdown do?" approach to producing a show.

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#6 Posted on | Instant Rating: 5.22
I had to watch RAW tonight to be able to engage my brothers in conversation on Thanksgiving. A generally good show - no Vickness to be found. However:

* Val/Sean pulls the dreaded Double Dusty during the tag match, but doesn't seem to mind the illegal belt shot that ends it?

* Victoria's new character seems to be a cross between a lesbian butch and a dominatrix, with a page taken out of the Chyna fashion book. I'll pass.

* I guess the slap was to get RVD to show some anger. We'll find out later - I hope.

* So it's four midcarders for Big Show in the RAW-Smackdown! trade. I'll see what happens, but RAW hasn't done well in package trades (remember, they "drafted" the nWo when the split began.)

* Leave it to HHH to screw up a perfectly good title match with his presence. Nice to see the production crew cut him off before he could grab the mike, though.


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#7 Posted on
The Vitamin C bits were pretty hilarious, maybe a bit too long though.

Christian had the 2 best lines of the night: "Yeah! My name starts with C too!" & "His freaks and his peaks and his geeks and his Iron Shieks..."

Why must the production team confuse me? Have they given back Jericho`s classic theme (it was heard again this week)? Is that crap Saliva song gone? Answer me, Kevin Dunn!

I`m enjoying Victoria & Stevie together.

I know that Test`s new finisher had a name when he first started using it..maybe it was said once or twice on Heat..but what was it?

Solid and entertaining RVD/HBK match. And I cringe too everytime Shawn takes one of those sick back bumps. But he has to stop wearing those silly armor outfits.

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Shem the Penman

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#8 Posted on
Test's new finisher has been called the Test Drive in the past, but it seems like everyone's forgotten that name.

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#9 Posted on
I didn't mind the booking at the end of the title matches. They were both pretty well done. It was a great match, and Shawn is taking some really stupid bumps, but I can't say that I haven't enjoyed his comeback.


I was pretty unimpressed by the Jericho/Christian skits. I think they could have done two segments of those and they would've been fine. As it is, it drug on way too long.

I was glad that they didn't wrap up the Maven/Nowinski thing already.

Flair and Bautista are starting to turn my around. Before I didn't really care, but now...I don't mind it.

Thank you to the WWE for clarifying the trade, by the way.

It was a good night of wrestling, overall though, I enjoyed the show tremendously.

Since everyone else is doing it (ok, not EVERYONE, but...)

Vikings (3-8) - I didn't see the game, so, uh, no comment.
Badgers (7-6) - Being from Minnesota, qualifying for a bowl, winning at home. Oh, sweet victory.
Buffy 7.8 Earns 6.7 points. Not one of my favorites, but this season is all about PLOT which is good, and it was a nice little episode of plot developement.

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#10 Posted on
Two Words: Loaded Book

Chris Nowinski owns us all.

I'm a Testicle
Ana Ng

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#11 Posted on
It was ok, they do seem to be improving.

My favorite line of the night:

(Christian to Hurricane after discovering their bags were stolen): "Why didn't you stop them?? You're supposed to be a crime fighter!"

Think Happy Kurt Angle Thoughts.

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#12 Posted on
Test's new finisher has been called the Test Drive in the past, but it seems like everyone's forgotten that name.

That was it!

Oh, I also found it odd that the night we saw the name "Val Venis" buried, we got 2 long-haired Canadians running around in towels..looking like Val. I still think he could`ve kept the name and changed the gimmick. He was still Val in his Rikishi-feuding/Trish-managed era and his RTC era.

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The Great Thomas

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#13 Posted on
One minor detail...

During the Goldust match, J.R. said "if you will" twice, only it came out as "eef you weel", ala Dusty Rhodes. Dusty reference in a Goldust match... coincidence, or something else?

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Brian P. Dermody

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#14 Posted on
Hey Two Dusty Finishes = Two Dusty Shoutouts. Seems simple to me.

The Morley character has a hell of a lot of potential, I like Victoria, oprobably more than I should. A fair amountr of matches, nice length on all of them, the C&C Tag Team Factory rocks though I hardly needed to see them naked.

Oh and the HGH finish to the HBK/RVD match was exactly as I expected, but that didn't help.

Modern Humorist

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#15 Posted on
It looks like Maven hasn't missed a meal.
As an overweight fan, I like when wrestlers return well-fed after a hiatus, a la Stone Cold at Backlash 2000, even Bischoff when he debuted in summer.
But gee, Maven really let himself go. At first I thought it might be muscle mass, but all doubts were removed after I saw his abdomen and new spare tire jiggle as he hit the floor.

Since Vince Russo was Mr. Wrestling III, shouldn't his name really have been Mr. Sportz-Entertainment?

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#16 Posted on
Its kinda tough to do a lot of cardio with a broken ankle, though.
Big Bad

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#17 Posted on
JR actually called the Hurricane's Shining Wizard by its proper name tonight. I'm in shock.

This useless thing was my 600th post! Huzzah!

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#18 Posted on
I think JR was intentional.

However, the one thing I really noticed during the show was that there was a hell of a lot of Jericho--and, while I hate to say this, it has to be said, as far as I'm concerned.

When HHH would be on for most of the first hour, everyone would be up in arms about how HHH was owning the first hour and holding everyone down and it was the "HHH Show".

Why isn't anyone saying this about Jericho? It was, esentially, the "Jericho (featuring his good buddy Christian!) Show" for the first hour, and yet I KNEW no one was going to say how it was overkill. So far, everyone's saying that it wa funny, but a bit much.

I agree. There were moments ("Hey, my name starts with 'C' too!"), but it was waaaaaaaay too much for a tag-team feud, I'm sorry.

Other than that, it was a good show--I liked it, especially Sean Morley (but he's going to get real old, real fast--unless he's completely impartial--but, either way, the fans ARE going to be clamoring for his head), and I just liked it. Good tag match, good Test stuff, GREAT main event, and the interference was well-timed. Perfect blowoff after my play rehearsal. But, bear in mind, I'm a HUGE HBK fan--he's my favorite of all time.

Oh, and I missed the Jeff Hardy match because I can't watch him any more. I always find myself saying "And his tag team partner, from a rave in the local church basement, Jeff Hardy!!!!!", and then waiting to see whether or not he'll fall off of something and kill himself every week.

Feel free to comment on the HHH/Jericho stuff, but I'm just stating my opinion.

They should push Batista as the RAW monster and have D-VON DUDLEY beat Brock Lesnar and become the Smackdown monster and have a big payoff fight on PPV.

Those two are the future of pro-wrestling.


This is why I like boards like this--everyone's got their own opinion, and no one belittles it.

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#19 Posted on
Jericho was pretty damn entertaining until the payoff which was dumb. The Jericho show didn't consist of burying everyone else involved and being mind numbingly boring.

If the HHH Show was entertaining like the Austin and/or Rock show used to be, I could live with one man getting a lot of TV time but the HHH Show has been a stinker more times then not.
Tribal Prophet

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#20 Posted on
If Jericho gets this much coverage for the next 4 months straight, THEN come back here and see how many people are complaining. He's got a helluva lot of catching up to do to reach Triple H in terms of over-exposure.

Tribal Prophet
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Yeah, he pretty much had his run with Bret and that was it. (at least on a main event level) Terry Gordy as the Executioner comes to mind. He was brought in for Buried Alive in '96, I think?
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