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The W - Pro Wrestling - RAW Thoughts (Page 3)
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I've been looking around the net for reviews of the show and the consensus is that it was brutal (Bruce "The New Voice of Comedy" Mitchell called it the worst raw ever.). While the show certainly wasn't off the charts, these are exactly the shows that they have to run to get any momentum back and to create new stars. I read in a report that they have to do trades to get some stars on RAW, but that will just undermine the guys that are already there. Brock, Booker, Eddy, Benoit, RVD and Goldust (I can't believe I just typed that last name) are guys that, if pushed, can carry a 2 hour show. The last half hour, with the tag match and RVD/Brock was probably the best half hour I've seen from that show in a while. Yeah, the ratings are going to be stinky because of no Austin or Rock, but this is what has to happen if they are going to make new stars. People already are cheering for RVD. People desperately want to cheer for Booker, but they need a reason too. They have to get him over in the ring as a threat to someone, and while I understand wanting to keep the nWo strong, losing to the Fat Show and 123-Kid ain't helping him. If they make an effort to get the 6 people I listed above over as superstars, I'll sit through mediocre efforts like last night for a while, because at least it is something new and it looks like their are going in SOME direction.

(BTW, give Booker and GD the tag titles and let them feud with Benoit and Guerrero. It will elevate the titles, produce really good matches, and it would be fun to see those two make fun of Benoit.)

By the way, Storm's gimmick includes 1.) telling the audience to shut up, and 2.) occasionally making everyone stand for the Canadian national anthem. You know they don't know what to do with a wrestler when he's making fans stand for a national anthem. It's like waving a white flag and saying, "This guy has no personality -- we give up."

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Nate The Snake

Since: 9.1.02
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Chiming in with my own thoughts...

I didn't think this show was horrible by any means. Not uber-great, but very solid.

Booker and Golddust are practically at the level of "get these guys a sitcom". They're already ten times funnier than that Emeril one.

Is anyone else more than a little disappointed that Rey Rey appears to be headed for RAW instead of Smackdown? He's got people to wrestle, sure... but given the choice between Rey/X-Pac Rey/Hardy and Rey/Spike or Rey/Hurricane Rey/Tajiri and Rey/Kidman? I dunno.

The video package was awesome, though. Gives a real sense of "something BIG this way comes". I'm sort of shocked, given the treatment of the other CW talent.

There's something going on with the whole Raven thing. I'm not sure what, but I get that itchy sorta "hmm" sensation. As long as it doesn't involve Matt Hardy wearing an eyepatch...

The NWO/Comic Gold tag match was neat, but I have to say, having Nash/HBK happy with the finish is sort of stupid. They wanted *dominance*, something impressive. They won it on a flukish chokeslam out of nowhere. Hardly dominant.

I dig the hell out of Brock. He really makes slinging his opponents around look effortless, but I do wish he'd incorporate more moves into his arsenal. Throw a Thunder Fire powerbomb, a gut-wrench suplex, that wheelbarrow thing Big Show was doing for a while, some power stuff like that. And add me to the pool of people that think he should go in a more sadistic "Brock SMASH" mode. Rack up a bunch of DQs for just pounding the SHIT out of people. After all, he'd still be "undefeated", since they're playing up the "never been pinned" shtick.

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#43 Posted on | Instant Rating: 4.42
One very good thing that came from this show: sins of long-term planning on the WWF's part. Raven gets kicked off RAW with the promise of others to come. A WWF Title match already booked for next week. Vince hinting at a Nash/Booker match down the road (though that one actually probably means very little right now). Just baby steps, but baby steps in the right direction at least.

Mean Gene: "You know, I don't think it's a question - Goldberg, I don't think it's a question of who's next, I think it's a question of who's left?"
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#44 Posted on
I like the direction that the WWE is going. Or more accurately that it is going in a new direction. The wrestling wasn't that good but the show was O.K.
I really liked the fact that they seemed to really push the new up and comers. Bubba, RVD, and Lesnar were started to push hard. Eddie and Benoit kept their push active.
Things I hated. That Bubba lost to Eddie. I don't expect or want Bubba to win the feud but to lose the second night of their feud is weak. Personally I think that those 2 could put on a couple of good matches. Eddie is a great wrestler and a good bump taker. Bubba is a fair wrestler and one great bump taker. Plus they both can be funny and entertaing. Well, maybe they will fix it.
The Tough Enough chicks are GREEN espicially Jackie. If the WWE really needs them right now have them do a bunch of house shows and work Heat or Velocity.
The NWO vs. BookerDust was watchable. I am not sure where this can go since the NWO sucks wrestling wise right now. And Nash isn't really the answer.
The main event wasn't that great but that is O.K. The long rest hold was boring and killed the flow. Let Lesnar get his wind up before SS when he will have to wrestle Rock for 20 minutes. The DQ was lame but nothing else would make sense.

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The Sham

Since: 20.1.02
From: Hamden, CT

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#45 Posted on

    Originally posted by Nate The Snake
    Is anyone else more than a little disappointed that Rey Rey appears to be headed for RAW instead of Smackdown?

I don't know where you get that idea. The same video package was shown during the PPV. Showing the package during Raw just seems like cross-promotion. Rey will be on Smackdown, I guaran-damn-tee.

"Cram it with walnuts, ugly!"- Mr. Homer Simpson

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Nate The Snake

Since: 9.1.02
From: Wichita, Ks

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#46 Posted on

    Originally posted by The Sham

      Originally posted by Nate The Snake
      Is anyone else more than a little disappointed that Rey Rey appears to be headed for RAW instead of Smackdown?

    I don't know where you get that idea. The same video package was shown during the PPV. Showing the package during Raw just seems like cross-promotion. Rey will be on Smackdown, I guaran-damn-tee.

Yes, but WHY would they cross-promote? They're still trying to play the two shows as separate entities, to the point of not announcing *anything* about the other if they can at all avoid it. No matches, no storylines, nothing, not even when the Undisputed and Women's champions (who would have a *reason* to be talked about on both shows) are involved. Hell, they don't even mention Smackdown PERIOD, unless there's something going on at a PPV. Why would they choose to change that with a video package introducing a single wrestler, especially one that's coming into the cruiserweight division and thus would never show up on Raw unless he won a fluke Undisputed title match?

Kansas-born and deeply ashamed
The last living La Parka Marka: HE raised the briefcase!
Polska kielbasa

Since: 23.2.02
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You know, I agree with nate the snake, I thought the show was pretty good too. Those PW Torch guys seem to really over react some times (Like the multiple jericho disclaimers.. I think they're just giddy at the fact that Y2J admitted to reading the site publically).

The reason I liked Raw was because of the intentions... To begin pushing new stars in earnest.. The EXECUTION may have been lacking a bit, but at the very least they're going in a direction that I am hopeful about.

First off: I think they have to be really careful with the booker push. I love SUCKA and the spineroonie, but it seems to me they're in danger of overexposing it a tad. I think they should now try to expand his act, add some more catchphrases (Like the rock with 'if ya smell', 'finally the rock has come back', the 'pie' thing, etc.) Maybe he could do 'the robot' or something? At least they stopped having booker tell the people they came to see the spineroonie...

The more I think about bubba, the more it seems he might have the potential to be a star. He seems really comfortable in front of the camera, he has a connection with the fans, and he is a very consistent worker. He's very versatile: He's played stuttering idiots, evil jerks, and.... a dude who has an orgasm putting women through tables. Maybe Bubba could be the next foley? Maybe a lesser foley?

RVD main eventing, the guy kicks ass in the ring, but outside the ring... His promos aren't anything special and his 'pissed off' face looks more like 'did you fart?'. But heck, he's better at promos than the Warrior was and Warrior got over huge.

The women, I love the women's wrestling. Linda and Jackie were shaky but i guess that's what we should expect.

Chris Harvard's gimmick is so dumbed down it's insulting. When I see that big "H" on his sweater i feel like I'm watching a show geared toward 8 year olds and 8 year olds ONLY. Christ, he's from harvard, WE GET IT.

The Taker/Jeff thing, I thought jeff gave his best promo ever while lying in the ring (ie i understood him clearly and he didn't lose his train of thought) and I like the idea... But it seems kind of silly to burn it out so fast. Jeff lost to taker, jeff should hound taker for a few weeks about getting another shot at the belt. Tell you what though, I'm looking forward to the ladder match. If russo has any power.. He gave the wcw belt to booker... He'd at least CONSIDER giving jeff the wwf title.


Since: 25.6.02
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#48 Posted on
"Booker T can surely make it as this gimmick. However, not every champ has to appear on Regis & sidekick..though I do think that he could show up there, raise the roof and then have an intelligent conversation.
Goldust, as you said isn't meant to be a champion. Just a fun guy who delivers solid stuff."

Booker can't make it with this gimmick. He would have to drop Goldust and drop some of this stuff like "ratty little sucka." He would have to be more focused. Keep the catchphrases, etc., but chance that Booker could make it as a main eventer with his current gimmick. He never proved he could be a draw anywhere, too--history doesn't say anything good about his drawing power.

"If Taker fights Jeff Hardy and gets fans to get into this "new" Jeff Hardy then he is giving people the rub.
If Jeff makes stuff hard for the Taker then this will mean more people will buy into any 'wow, Jeff CAN compete with the big guys' angle."

He loses EVERY SINGLE TIME. He just got SQUASHED. Now he's gonna fight UT in his kind of match and LOSE AGAIN. This pushes no one other than UT as a heel, and guess what? He STILL GETS CHEERED.

"If they have him fight RVD, it won't give a big rub to RVD anymore. Unless he beats him and wins the title.
I like this 'damn these pesky kids, I'm gonna kill them' stuff more than if Taker and RVD go back and forth for a bit."

Yes, the whole purpose of having UT fight RVD would be for him to win and get the rub. Title doesn't even need to be involved, just a clean win. You know, the same thing that they haven't given a new star (clean win to established guy) since.....uh....HHH? And if you like UT's gimmick right now, then....hey, it's your opinion. But read your comment again and tell me how it puts anyone over other than him.

"Or...instead they try to push 3 'new' guys to higher levels (Hardy, Brock, RVD) and you complained about not pushing anyone?"

Yeah, boy, that big push for Brock and RVD went real well, didn't it? Have them both go out there, two guys not established in casual fans' minds, and have them main event. I could have recorded Brock's theme song it was so quiet when he came out. No one really seemed to care when he put RVD through the table. 3.7. The old guys can blame Lesnar and RVD not being over to the bad rating, and they get sent back to the undercard. Great push.

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Johnny Resinwich

Since: 21.6.02
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#49 Posted on
I laughed! I cried! I fudged my undies!

Yeah, that Tazz is sure buried. On my TV, at least two hours a week, likely free from injuries and having a good solid job for many more years than he would have fighting day after day.

Perhaps I should've been more clear. Tazz, as a wrestler, has no viable potential right now. Tazz, as an announcer, is doing just fine. I wouldn't be too upset at all if I was him, for the reasons you named. Still, his wrestling character was jobbed out to just about everyone in the company before somebody decided Tazz would be much better off behind the microphone -- which he is, considering the current roster.

Johnny Resinwich

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    Originally posted by Fantomas
    Maybe he could do 'the robot' or something? At least they stopped having booker tell the people they came to see the spineroonie

Holy Crap! The ROBOT! I would pay green money to see that!
Booker hits the side kick, busts out the Robot, then finishes em off with the axe kick!
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