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25.6.18 0116
The W - Pro Wrestling - Raw Thoughts (Page 2)
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I didn't think the show was that bad. I was flipping back and forth from NBA, so I only got to see about half of the show. I actually enjoyed what I saw. Atleast Booker T, RVD, and Kane were on TV and won good matches. I am glad I missed most of the brawl. I saw the Jericho part and very end in the street. I thought HHH should have been put over more as a vile person for car jacking that guy. I guess if I had watched it all, I might have not really liked the show, but I enjoyed what I saw.

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Judging by some of these comments, Im going out on a limb here.......... I liked Raw tonight. Sure there wasn't much actual "in-ring" but for some reason, I just didn't mind too much tonight. I was entertained for two hours and thats all I can ask for.

Sorry, but Austin was gold tonight. I can watch two hours of him alone.

I marked out bigtime for the IC belt comeback, it's they're subtle way of saying "ok, ok, we were wrong"

Also marked out bigtime for Austin coming out with Goldberg still in the ring. I've been waiting forever to see a moment like that.

Heard about trips' blade job, but I didn't see it cuz I changed the channel about 45 minutes into that brawl - only to watch the Celts AND Redsox blow the!

Overall, I was happy with the show -- long time since I said that. It was mainly due to Austin. Jericho was / is always gold on the mic.

BTW, WHAT THE HELL IS WITH NICK PATRIC COUNTING THE 3 COUNT ON RICO?!?!?!?! Still can't figure that one out.

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Okay - I finally figured it out. They counted Goldberg's pin on Rico (despite the technicality of there NOT being a match) to "pad" his statistics. Now he's 2-0.

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"BTW, WHAT THE HELL IS WITH NICK PATRIC COUNTING THE 3 COUNT ON RICO?!?!?!?! Still can't figure that one out."

Isn't that what they did in WCW to give Goldturd his 100+ wins? Have him pin dudes that are not in the match? I hate that. It sucks and stupid. So why doesn't RVD during the RVD/Kane vs Test/Steiner match and pin Test and then Stiener for 2 wins? Why cause it doesn't make sense and it shouldn't count.

I have on tape one time (can't remember if its Nitro or Thunder) Goldberg was in a match and the nWo ran out to interfear, of course he fought them off, and he pinned them as they came in while the rest of the nWo,waiting to do their run in to get pinned, just stood and watched on the ring apron. I just kept yelling at the screen "All of you run in and beat him up! Stop standing there!"

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    Originally quoted by: VanillaSky
    Wasn't he wearing this style in Japan, though?

The tights Goldberg wore tonight on RAW are in fact, his All Japan Pro-Wrestling and WRESTLE-1 tights, not PRIDE. You know the tights he wore while wrestling in "exile" overseas in Japan. Funny how the WWE leaves these minor tid-bits out when the wrestlers go to other promotions besides their own or the ones they bought like wCw and ECW.

BY THE WAY: Goldberg did all the moves he picked up in Japan, the choke slam. That's it. It was his main finisher, and the spear-jackhammer combo of death was his Limit Break(or big match" finisher.

ALSO: GOLDBERG SUCKED in Japan as he does here.

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Got to go as short as possible, my connection keeps shutting down.

Start with a bow of heads as Elizabeth is shown.

A few seconds later we go from the sweet sense of Elizabeth to those 2 clowns.

Food tonight: Butter pretzels & White Grape bottle drink from Wal-mart.

Austin/Bischoff 1 -> IC title: good, JR coming back: OK, my mom in the kitchen was hearing the Austin/Bischoff argument "They sound like a couple of 3-year olds." HHH vs. Nash, Some announcement, like we knew about it for a week now.

Lawler/Morley -> we knew Lawler would win. Anyway, when was the last time we saw a legal piledriver in a normal match? After match, Coach gets stunned. Look, Coach, it wasn't necessary, but you are a broadcaster, NOT Ric Flair. Too much selling. It still wasn't necessary to drop you like that.

Bischoff/Morley/Austin -> OK, now what.

RVD/Kane vs. Steiner/Test -> About time RVD/Kane arrived together. The others, no. RVD/Kane win, no turns.

Mandatory arena shot -> Don't worry if you missed it, you'll see it again on Thursday for Smackdown.

Very funny Austin/Bischoff in office. Austin's picture is 2X the size of Eric's mug. MMMMM....Beer. I had to laugh out loud when Austin took the couch and flipped it over, knocking his own picture.

Hi-lite reel: I put on my radio to hear Antione Randle-El sing the 7th inning stretch at Wrigley Field when Nash started talking, but that got drowned by HHH. Too long of a brawl. Guess HHH got the short straw, so he had to blade tonight. At the end, I had to write down, "Go back inside, it's cold outside."

Jericho/Austin -> OK, we got a match for next week.

Booker T/Storm -> That is the most emotional I have ever seen out of Storm, and that is through the ECW/WCW days. He needs to have Dawn Marie back as manager. OK match.

La Resistance(or whatever they are spelling it)/Dreamer & Spike -> Poor Spike & Tommy, no entry. I still can't tell either one of the Resistance people. Boring match.

Confidential -> Must watch, but I got to get to the end of last week's episode. I'm still stuck on Ventura.

Trish/Jazz -> Long slips. Very funny, Peanuthead. Boring match.

Final segment -> Christian/Goldberg -> Christian in a main
event? Oh, my. Goldberg, to go along with the bad music, you would have to go with really bad tights that almost is too small for you. 3MW comes out, who are not main eventers. Boring match. Beer party was hilarious. You end with 2 bald, goateed men drinking plenty of beer. I hope that beer smell is gone by tomorrow, they have to tape Smackdown.

Boring show tonight. Got to go, and my connection never stopped once.


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I liked RAW tonight for the mostpart. The boring parts (HHH/Nash and onward) were terrible, so I cooked food instead. Overall, JR was pretty good up until the HHH/Nash segment ended. After that he seemed back to his old self and rather quiet.

The problem with Nash/HHH at the PPV is that they are having to spend the entire show each week, leading up to the PPV, FORCEFEEDING US REASONS why this match must take place.

They did this with McMahon/Hogan at WMXIX. That halfway worked, but we can already tell that nobody's buying or caring about this feud.

When they have to justify why these guys are fighting and feuding, there's something hugely wrong. When JR and Lawler have to explain that these guys used to be friends but now they're not, and openly admit that this might not be common knowledge, so that's why they're telling us.... it sorta tells you that this match is wayyyyyyyyy too forced.

If Jericho and HHH had a fight like HHH/Nash tonight, there would be a lot more heat and credibility to it. We already know they've never liked each other. But to start this out of nowhere.... ugh... I liked most of RAW tonight, I'm not going to let this sh*t bring me down.

I hope the buyrate is tiny and that the lowest rated portion of RAW is the HHH/Nash fight.

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Raw was great tonight, even with the lack of actual wrestling.

Austin is fantastic, and I'm glad to see him back. The co-GM angle is good so far. Bringing back the IC title is, as Austin said, a no-brainer, and it's about fucking time. Thank god. Triple H/Nash was interminably boring. I can't wait for the IC belt to show up, so we can have a title with some respectability and I can cease paying even the slightest attention to the World belt. I like Goldberg, surprisingly enough, and I marked out like a little kid when he and Austin started drinking together. Plus, we had the added goodness of no Rodney Mack match, and Teddy Long not only didn't open his mouth, but fell on his ass, so I was thrilled.

I'm actually excited to watch next week. I can't remember the last time I could say that truthfully.

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Things I Liked About RAW:
-Austin/Bischoff dynamic
-The Return of the IC Championship

Things I Didn't Like:

Quest for Lord Stanley's Cup
Canucks lead Wild 3-1
Mighty Ducks lead Stars 3-2
Senators lead Flyers 3-2
Devils beat Lightning 4-1
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In lieu of two I shall say BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Because that is what the crowd did tonight, and for that I love each and every one of them. I hope booing the HHH-Nash angle becomes just as popular a Canadian import among crowds as the two-count has.

Man, that Helmsley can bleed. Whoof. His hair had so much red in it that it... well, kind of looked like Jericho's, when I think about it.

Why did we need JR back? Why? He was sloppy all night, culminating in the final "match" when Goldberg hit the Clinching Slam on Rico (I know it probably has a different name, but after playing WWF No Mercy for three years I'm incapable of calling it anything else) and Ross called it "a variant of a chokeslam... and that was on a four-hundred pounder!" No, that was Rico, you fucker!

The only enjoyment I got out of JR's return was the second segment of the night, with the cameras on the announcers, where Lawler opened up with "Boy, let me tell you Coach--oop!" and then laughed hysterically for fifteen seconds. That I enjoyed.

Stupid Austin. I hope next week the Coach knocks him out cold with a chair to the forehead. Then does the Coach Dance over his body! That would rule.

Did Lawler pull a piledriver? Hey! Those aren't allowed! Knock that off!

Christian announces himself as the New People's Champion and says the fans will be cheering his name... and then they do! Oh man I love that crowd. It also emphasized how thoroughly the Goldberg chants are piped in -- they appeared out of nowhere before Goldberg even appeared onscreen, and by the time Goldberg was halfway to the arena entrance you could hear the crowd booing the piped chants. Weird moment, that. The whole show was a weird moment. (So, Teddy shouldn't feel too bad.)

Boy, was Jericho ever over. Talked well tonight, too. Too bad he didn't wrestle or anything.
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The first half hour was great the rest of the show was brutal. Did the fans shoot all their load in the first half hour because of the rest of the show they were off. But then again there was a ton of mixed messages giving out to the fans so they couldn't really get behind anyone.

-Austin interview- Great way to start of the show, he really looked like he was loving hearing the fans going nuts, great interaction with the crowd, Bischoff and Austin. JR getting fired and hired multiple times was funny and Lawler actually said something witty and said "wondering how that will look in his resume" LoL. Clever on the crowd part in chanting "Lose it" on Austin losing his temper. Great to see the IC title back

-Lawler vs. Morley- Is there a Wrestle in Canada clause in their contract these guys wrestled when Raw was in Toronto a few months back and now again. Glad they didn't wait for the main event... Poor Coach I heard him say how exited he is to be in a 3 man booth like the old days with Vince, Lawler and Ross. Just to get stunnered. Does anyone see a heel commentating turn for good old Coach maybe hooking up with Teddy! I dont' think so either.

-RVD/Kane vs. Steiner/Test- Decent match, which would make it match of the night for tonights standards

-Hi-Lite Reel- I'm a Jericholic but come on how unprofessional is it to get yourself face pops when you are setting up an interview for the World Title, if Jericho went on his own to do that. That's no good. But maybe it's little payback on the Clique bitches. Enjoy your Heat match and squash lose to Nash next week... I'm loving this digs at Piper it's great! Even though it might be a tad unprofessional Jericho was classic talking about himself and saying he was the leader of the team and saying those limo windows cost alot of money. It was funny when J.R and King forgot there was actually a guest LoL.

It got UNfunny in a hurry. HOW BRUTAL (not in a good way) was that confrontation between HHH and Nash. It really was embarrassing. Nash is walking around like a fucking Frankenstein, throwing this slow telegraphed punches with no intensity or realism what so ever behind them. And it dragged on and on and they got slower and slower and it was turtle pace to start off with whats slower then a turtle? Did it turn snail pace at the end... They are going with a World Title PPV match with this, this is undoubtedly going to be the worst World Title match in history. THIS is suppose to be their intense full force spark to start the feud, and THAT is all they can give. Slow punches and Frankenstein waddle around the arena! Someone slap Vince with a Maritime cod fish Please!

-Booker vs. Storm- I laughed when a saw Storm come out for the cheap pops. But then it confused me. Bookers popular, he'd probably be the face in the match if Storm didn't come out with the flag. So why change it. Why treat Booker like a unover mid-carder face and do the "Let's have the Canadian heel come out in Canada as patriot Canadian so we can have atleast a reaction in the match". It wasn't needed it Booker would do just fine getting the crowd behind HIM. I could tell the fans wanted to cheer Storm cause the of Maple Leaf waving but who want's to boo Booker?. Ah the match was okay again only 2 and a half minutes long.

-La Resistance vs. Spike/Dreamer- Continuing falling into the WCW crapshoot. King totally goes against La Resistance France gimmick and said "These guys are from here, their French Canadian!" THEY ARE?! All their promos said they were from France, now their Canadian. If the announcers can't get this shit straight how the fuck do they expect the fans to take it seriously... Well decent debut for the French/Canadians. Whatever the announcers feel like booking them for the week.

-Jazz vs. Trish- I love the women division and like both these girls but this was totally pointless. Trish gets another title shot a week after losing her title and loses in 2 minutes. If you only have 2 minutes do a tag match don't do a title match. It was totally rushed (like everything after the HHH/Nash disaster) and really made neither look important, made Trish look awful... While they were in there it was okay, well as good a 2 minute match can be. Teddy tripping was funny and good on the girls for calling an audible. PS Is Lawler worse with he puppy talk when JR is beside him then when he wasn't. He seemed to behaving himself and taking it more seriously when Coach was there. Err

-Goldberg vs. Guys- Rico's must have been watching the old Batman action series when the heel actually call their attack like it's a billiards match and attack one by one. Atleast he lied and everyone attacked and Goldberg pins Rico and Christan takes off (I guess no match) crapshoot WCW crapshoot WCW alert! Did JR just say Goldberg is from the planet Goldberg WTF!, is that anywhere near Planet Stasiak. Hopefully... Austin beer bash, I get what they are doing and I'm sure it's okay, it was a funny way to end the show. I did like Austin swimming in a beer puddle and the initial moment of Austin coming down with Goldberg still in the ring

other stuff- Jericho v. Nash, Why does poor Jericho always have to wrestle immobile pieces of crap (Steiner now Nash) before THEY get a PPV World Title shot... Austin was amazing backstage.

Line of the Night: Lawler "How is J.R's resume going to look like after tonight". When JR was fired and hired a dozen times.

Austin was without a doubt the MVP of the night, the only thing that worked. Jericho was good but don't know if it was the right thing to do. The rest of the night was pointless matches, confusing scenarios and unquestionable THE WORST physical confrontation (nash & HHH) I've ever seen. I swear!

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Probably giving the writers too much credit, but was that a hint of old heel Austin to come when he listened to his watch after stunnering Coach? The expression on JR's face certainly indicated he felt it shouldn't have happened.....

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The coyote goes...

    Originally posted by Mr Heel II
    Did I actually hear JR try to sell the “Diesel Sucks” chant by selling HHH as being Canadian?!?

Weird, I always thought he was originally from Canada, name like Paul Leveque (french) and his speech pattern and all.

Oh, and Raw was enjoyable, but a swerve during the King/Morely match or the Austin/Goldberg thing would have been very much welcome. Maybe the non-swerve was the swerve.

Oh, and to all you HHHaters, and to my fellow friends in the "Kevin Nash is Crap" club, yeah, they took up a lot of time. No, they WERE not in the main event, however, and were neatly tucked away in the middle somewhere. I swear, I'm a huge Jericho fan, and so long as I have a shred of hope he'll actually beat Diesel, he might.

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    Originally posted by Lexus

      Originally posted by Mr Heel II
      Did I actually hear JR try to sell the “Diesel Sucks” chant by selling HHH as being Canadian?!?

    Weird, I always thought he was originally from Canada ..... and his speech pattern and all.

HEY! I'll have you know that we Canadians say "eh?" at the end of each sentence, not "ahh"

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Haters are entitled to their opinion, but this was the most entertaining Raw in many many months.

-The return of the IC title is WELCOME.
-Austin was having fun, and he's on when he has fun.
-Canadian crowds rule us all. "Lose it", "Diesel Sucks", and "Let's Go Storm" were all good to hear.
-I LIKED the Nash/HHH segment. The brawl was so over the top and rediculous that I was in stitches the whole time. Jericho ruled here, too.
(As an aside, I've been on the HHH hating side for a while, but I marked out for him tonight. I want to see Nash get beaten down. He's worthless.)
-Coach can sure take a stunner!
-A match containing both Steiner AND Test was good!
-La Resistance will be great someday, but they need to swipe the Rougeaus' finisher.
-Hey, I know they weren't too successful, but there were Canadians in EVERY segement (other than the Austin/Bischoff segments...).
-Were those actual fans at the end? Lucky!
-Who would have thought that Goldberg and Austin's first face-to-face confrontation would involve booking a Christian match?!
-Goldberg's tights are too undie-ish. Didn't his Japanese tights have more black in them?

Here's hoping they open up the battle royal to more guys. An 8-9 man battle royal?


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#36 Posted on
I guess i'm in the minority here, but this was the damndest most entertaining 2 hours of Raw i've seen in awhile.

Opening stuff: so it was a 30+ min. what? Remember back in RAW's "hey day" when they had 30 min. PROMOS at the start? I marked for the IC title of course. I still can't get in my mind how they're gonna do a battle royal with just 10 guys. Though with some of the talent they'll have in there (Jericho, Storm, Christian, RVD, etc.) hopefully there'll be some good wrestling between the final 3 or so. Anyway, I have to agree with whoever said Austin was gold. I think another thing that helped was the EXTREMELY hot audience. They make the show so much better. I enjoyed seeing Coach get stunned.

Austin looking like he was gonna side with Morley then telling him he was fired? Sweetness.

Kane/RVD vs. Steiner/Test: Oh my god. Could it be? An actually entertaining and HOT tag match with Test and Steiner?? Seriously, that match was fun. The crowd was digging it. RVD put extra "oomph" on that split-legged moonsault. Fun stuff.

Austin and Bischoff bickering over the office layout that won't be there tomorrow=me still laughing.

Hi-Lite Reel: It was great seeing Jericho so over like that. I was praying Nash would trip over those fixtures in the background and tear his quad. Here comes HHH, oh no. Brawl ensues. "Diesel Sucks" chants....gotta love those Canadians. And what was up with Diesel ripping open HHH's shirt but then he continues to punch him in the face? Either way, majority here say it was boring, maybe it was, but I was laughing my ass off. I don't know why. I don't even toke the magic green but that segment just had me going crazy. I guess it's just to the point where it's so bad it's funny? I think I'll actually back HHH to go over Nash at Judgment Day just because he's the only guy that could be worse. Oh and yes, this was HHH's only segment of the night. He wasn't in every other scene. Again, no qualms from me.

Booker vs Lance: *marks out for the Lance Storm for Prime Minister sign* The "LET'S GO STO-ORM" chants were pretty clever. Lance was just so jubilant. Though he lost, they picked a good opponent for him to lose to since you just can't boo the Booker-man. Hey, both guys acknowledged my signs for them when I was at RAW last year, I'm happy.

La Resistance vs. Spike/Tommy: Filler basically just to further the La Resistance/Test & Steiner thing. I practically banged my head on a desk when Lawler slipped and said La Resistance were from Canada.

Jazz vs. Trish: Still alright. Short and ok. I'm really not sure whether that Theodore Long trip was intentional or not. I'm bummed he didn't get on the mic but it was still alright.

Gotta love Christian getting himself over with the crowd for that promo.

Christian vs. Goldberg: I've seen one of Goldberg's Japan matches and he had the black shorts with white trim though i've never seen these split tighty-whity looking ones before. It's official, Goldberg is now WWE-ized with different tights and new music. I like the fact though that at least WWE is taking the time out to build-up the "jobbers" going up against Goldberg. In WCW, after Goldberg would squash some practically-nobody, they wouldn't come back the next week for revenge. And they're even building up Goldberg/Christian. I have to give them props for that.

The beer bash: Stone Cold trying to get Goldberg plastered just had me going crazy. One, who could ever imagine the first meeting between these two would end up in setting up a Goldberg/Christian match and Austin getting Goldberg drunk? I really think Austin was really trying to get Goldberg drunk. hah.

Overall, I have to give this show two thumbs up.

Maybe it was because of the hot crowd, maybe it was because I enjoy appreciating the little things, I don't know. I know the WWE product is not gonna change overnight, but I see this as a step in a good direction. There's so much more stuff you can do with Austin around. The interaction between him and the other guys is just greatness.

I mean look, i'm as big a fan of workrate as everybody else, but at RAW's peak, they weren't exactly putting on 5-star matches every week either. What I see on RAW and Smackdown is free for me to see and to turn away from at anytime. Tonight, WWE kept me interested enough to keep watching, I had my eyes wide open the whole show not even coming close to falling asleep or getting tired or asking myself "when the hell is this going to end?". I don't ask for MOTY candidates every week, all I want is seeing people used in an entertaining way and that was done most of tonight and I applaud their effort. Though of course I may still have some qualms about the product, instead of just talking about the negative everytime, maybe I should appreciate the positive aspects as well.

I know i'll eventually get my good matches at the PPV's...if built-up properly.

Also, I ask WWE try to do more shows up north maybe even on a weekly basis because Canadian fans just ROCK.


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RAW was insulting tonight.

The first mistake they made was not giving more props to Liz. She drew insane amounts of money as part of the WWF in the 80's. She deserves more. And not on Confidential. They should do the tribute where people can see it.

The problem here is that people's expectations are changing. With kayfabe broken, the average crowd can see through this duelling GM's thing. Why waste their time? Give them more than the usual recycled stuff. Give them real matches. The I-C title announcement and J.R.'s rehiring could have been done in five minutes without a stupid soap opera angle behind it.

Was there any excuse for booking Lawler in a match with Morley when you could have given him more time with a real worker?

They announce Jericho vs. Hurricane on Heat. Heat? Why not RAW? Why not do everything you can to pad RAW with great matches to get the ratings up? Instead they do a duelling GM's angle, Nash/HHH and nothing with Goldberg.

A big part of the problem, not the most original, is Vince's stupid philosophy of no one being above the law. He's already silenced Flair, jobbed Booker in Houston, and now I guess he's getting his hatred of Canadians out of his system by jobbing them tonight. HHH is untouchable, of course.

The crowd was right to sit on their hands. The company gave them nothing to get excited about. They take a segment with Jericho and turn it into a love-in between Poochie and HHH. Word to the WWE: NOBODY CARES. What is there about this feud that is even remotely interesting or exciting? Is there any tension or suspense? (Here's a spoiler, but if you don't already know, you're too stupid to read: they will trade the belt back and forth, and it will end up in Trip's hands by the time of his wedding).

Then Lance jobs, Trish jobs, (insert brain-dead prejudiced remark about Canadians here), and we are left with more "sportz entertainment" as our ending. Wrestling? What is wrestling? Just get rid of the ring already and stop insulting us with this pre-tense that you care about anything even remotely sports-related.

To the optimist: What you saw, and are probably content with in your fantasy world, was Austin giving "the rub" to Goldberg. What I saw was Vince further burying Goldberg's mystique by forcing him to give up his trademark character in favour of a WWE-sanctioned character. Goldberg should be an invincible monster, not another homogenous WWE-style worker. But it would upset the locker room, where everybody is equal, but some are more equal than others.

Here's a clue: the dream match between Goldberg and Rock is over. There's nothing left for him to do. HHH is too smart to job to him. Goldberg-Austin won't happen, not if Steve is smart about not wanting to live the rest of his life as a cripple. Goldberg's not a good talker. He's a bad worker, and he would be even more exposed on Smackdown. His appeal is that he destroys people and rarely talks. Good luck trying to make excuses about his failure. Just recycle the ones you made about Steiner.

And by the way, four-five years ago when Sportz Entertainment was the standard, it was done better than today. Austin was better, Vince was better, everybody was more suited toward it. It's no excuse for giving the WWE a free ride just because they're going back to the "attitude" days. The WWE sucks and deserves to go out of business.

In fact the only reason I watched was because I could flip back and forth between that and hockey. If it wasn't for the NHL playoffs, I wouldn't have been watching TV at all.

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I just want to say I thought Christian's promo was really good tonight. I don't get why Austin stunnered Coach though. I'm hoping for a Coach heel turn for some reason.

>The first mistake they made was not giving more props to >Liz. She drew insane amounts of money as part of the WWF >in the 80's. She deserves more. And not on Confidential. >They should do the tribute where people can see it.

Um, if you can see Raw, you can see Confidential. They're on the same network. But then, you probably meant that you're too lazy to watch Confidential, so the WWE should waste 10 minutes of a show they have planned out already so that you can see it. But that's just my opinion, I could be wrong.

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Raw was excellent tonight.

Austin officially rules the school as commissioner and seeing him with Goldberg was just surreal. I didn't even notice Goldberg's new music this week, and I was a huge mark for the old music.

That said, I HATE Canadian crowds. Cheering a guy just because he's from Canada is stupid, booing a guy because he's not is even stupider. I cannot believe they booed Booker. I don't care who he was wrestling, he's the face and a very good one too. If anything, Storm should have offended them with his blatant cheap heat tactics. If they're so smart, they should have turned on him. Oh, and Sto-orm? Come on.

I can't bring myself to blame them for their reaction to Nash, but the whole thing was really pretty stupid. Jericho used to be so good at turning Canadian fans against him, reguardless of his country of origin, but he didn't even try last night. Nash didn't do himself any favors, but they started booing him before he could even cut his promo. COME ON. I don't care if you like the guy or not, let him get his angle over on TV, don't be obstructive about it.

Lawler/Morely was lots of fun.

    I don't get why Austin stunnered Coach though. I'm hoping for a Coach heel turn for some reason.

Because he's Stone Cold Steve Austin, that's what he does. Besides, nobody likes Coach.

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    Originally posted by y4j1981
    "BTW, WHAT THE HELL IS WITH NICK PATRIC COUNTING THE 3 COUNT ON RICO?!?!?!?! Still can't figure that one out."

    Isn't that what they did in WCW to give Goldturd his 100+ wins? Have him pin dudes that are not in the match? I hate that. It sucks and stupid. So why doesn't RVD during the RVD/Kane vs Test/Steiner match and pin Test and then Stiener for 2 wins? Why cause it doesn't make sense and it shouldn't count.

    I have on tape one time (can't remember if its Nitro or Thunder) Goldberg was in a match and the nWo ran out to interfear, of course he fought them off, and he pinned them as they came in while the rest of the nWo,waiting to do their run in to get pinned, just stood and watched on the ring apron. I just kept yelling at the screen "All of you run in and beat him up! Stop standing there!"

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Rather brilliantly, during the 'second streak', he managed to pin both of Kronik, giving him two wins according to Schiavone, despite the fact he was only facing Adams.

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This also probably came about from the newfound synergy of RAW moving to NBC's USA Network & The Contender being on NBC...
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