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The W - Pro Wrestling - RAW Thoughts... (Page 3)
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Since: 26.3.03
From: Glendale, CA

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#41 Posted on
One word kept going through my head tonight...continuity.

-Flair goes after Hurricane, to avenge an emabrassing pin.
-Booker brings up the superkick. (Thank God!)
-Steiner gets a match against 3MW to avenge his beatdown last week. Nowinski does commentary to advance their feud. (Which, I'm almost ashamed to mention is one of my favorite feuds right now.)
-Gillberg returns! He should have eaten the spear, though. Can Gill not take bumps anymore?
-The tag and women's storylines were advanced...simultaneously no less!

OK, so the end was a pretty big black mark. At least throw the crowd a bone and ring the freakin' bell! Seeds were planted for a Booker/Jericho feud, but I feel only two words can salvage Booker's reputation...


I know it's turning into a bit of a crap show in its own right, but the last few people to jump have gotten a shot in the arm. Let's see what Book can do with some fresh opponents.

Oh, and first words out of my mouth after Rock's wicked chairshots? "That was for BRET...bitch!"

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Since: 19.1.02
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#42 Posted on
Thank you, SchippeWreck.

Shit, you guys are REALLY hard to please. Yes, the ending sucked, but the main event was a pretty bit of wrestling, by both guys.


-They brought up the nWo angle and Booker T's dislike for Shawn Michaels
-They brought out Gillberg
-They remembered that Test has issues with Steiner
-They talked about the real reasons Nash came back.
-They brought up Spike's association with heel Bubba and D-Von
-They brought up Bubba's history with TRISH for god's sake.
-They had Jazz run in to continue her feud with Trish
-They held onto all the feuds that are developing on the show, even the ones that aren't leading to a PPV match.
-They had Nash doing something meaningful.

THESE are the things that as the IWC we've been bitching that the WWE never does. "They don't have any continuity", "The stories are poorly written". Tonight we got everything we asked for except Booker T winning the World Title.

Not that I expected people to notice any of THESE things when there's plenty to bitch about. Right?

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#43 Posted on
You're right Excalibur. Like I said in my previous post, I enjoyed Raw last night. They built issues up well, and everything had a purpose. I guess I'm too easily pleased, right? ;)

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Since: 15.1.03

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#44 Posted on
Two good matches are nothing to sneeze at (Hurricane-Jericho, Triple H-Booker). My ingrained prejudice against the Clique aside, I had no problem with the show itself, just the short-sighted booking that's problematic of the WWE as a whole. Nash, Michaels, and Triple H are not the people to be building up FURTHER as your main-eventers, simply by looking at injuries and drawing ability alone and forgetting about politics.

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Since: 10.10.02
From: New Hampshire

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#45 Posted on
I liked Raw, even though when I first saw Jericho's tights I thought he was naked. The most interesting stuff to me is the triangle between Chief Morley and the Dudley Boyz.


Since: 2.1.02

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#46 Posted on
I liked them mentioning Booker T and Shawn Michaels' past.

I also liked The Rock Concert II and the return of Gillberg. The Rock pretty much ruled in this segment.

I wonder if we'll ever find out who Rodney Mack was facing.

I didn't like HHH-Booker T, I guess because of THE SLEEPER OF DOOM.

Not only did I hate the ending of the HHH-Booker T match, I also hated what happened to the Y2J-Hurricane match. Match was good, but when Flair attacked Hurricane after the match, and they didn't even show Jericho, that's what I didn't like.

Overall, another so-so RAW.

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Since: 1.2.02
From: Appleton, WI

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#47 Posted on
There's no need to bitch about the good stuff they did. I just think the schmooz "ending" to the main event just left a bad taste in people's mouths. And the last thing on the show is what people remember most.

I stand by my original statement: an okay show.

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Since: 16.1.02
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#48 Posted on
Even setting that ending aside, T vs. H was still a lousy match. Just compare it to what they did at Wrestlemania, which WAS good, to see how much better they could've been. The match was brutally slow -- the two extended sleeper spots didn't help, and Trips didn't show any of the energy he did at Mania. He was purely mailing it in last night. The only good match of the show was Jericho vs. Hurricane, and when the best thing is right at the start, well ...

(And yes, I did say earlier I liked the Dudleyz and Company scene. But that wasn't a match.)

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Since: 15.1.02
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#49 Posted on

I haven't watched more than an hour of RAW in weeks, for obvious reasons. I've been playing the 125th installment of Dynasty Warriors (IV). If anyone has played it, you know how hard it was flip back and forth. Anyway from what I did catch:

The return of Gillberg, to me would have been worth the price of admission. And the way the Rock was selling him out was funny as hell bayba! I also really enjoyed the beatdown with the chair. That reminded me of the NOD Rock. Anyone remember when Rock was in the NOD and gave Farooq a chairshot for not letting him hit Ken Shamrock?

What can you say? Goldberg is still a natural f-up. What the hell was wrong with that car anyway? To use a computer term, it was probably a "user error". Initially, I thought he was gonna back into the damn wall. But he did just as good when he RAN THE WRONG DAMN WAY. That was beautiful bayba! I thought the Rock was gonna save him and have a car-part or something in his hand. He played it off well though.

Nothing else really stood out except for that damn main event. I haven't watched a Triple H match in a while. I got to see what people are talking about cause there were a few messed up parts but, he can still go. For some stupid reason, I felt Booker T was gonna pull this one off. Then with the Shawn Michaels superkick, it was perfect. And it would have made Triple H's reason for giving Nash the Gulotta more believable. All that tells me is that the Kliq will re-unite. Trashy ending to a what I thought was a pretty damn good show.

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Since: 5.3.03

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#50 Posted on
Well, I went into watching last night hoping that Booker T would win the title, but a no-contest worked just as well. Thanks, guys....

To be fair, though, at least the Book-HHH match was watchable. Based on this and their Mania match, both guys seem to put on a better match as the bout gets longer. You don't see a lot of that anymore. And even though I *knew* there was no way Book was gonna get the strap, the match at least held my interest and kept the `what if' factor.

They could still play out the Kliq Reunion at Backlash (see Kliq Reunion Idea post from a couple of days ago) if they acknowledge that Michaels was in on the whole screwjob and that HHH didn't really `turn' on Nash. It was part of the plan all along, etc....

I'm skeptical of whether Goldberg's car trouble was real or not. Otherwise, why would Rock be right behind him if they were both supposed to run away -- and on foot, no less? You'd think that the WWE would have learned their lesson with the Hogan motorcycle blooper from Raw last year, and that this segment was pretaped or something.

I'm all for `slow burn' type angles with people turning, but the whole Test-Stacy thing has gone on too long. People just don't care. I'd rather him just turn heel already. Same thing with this Dudley Boyz storyline. Perhaps D-Von is reverting back to his days as a preacher, what with his sudden holier-than-thou streak.

New idea for the writing crew: Next time Three Minute Warning has a match, give ME a three minute warning so I can change the channel. Thanks.

Though there will be tough competition this year, I throw Lita's performance last night into this hat for `worst-acted skit involving a WWE diva.'

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Since: 19.3.02
From: Ontario, Canada

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#51 Posted on
    Originally posted by asteroidboy
    Rodney Mack got me thinking... when was the last time they had an out-and-out squash match like that on RAW. And I mean, with a no-name jobber.

The last one I can recall is (without delving too deeply into the slashwrestling archives) this one, where a chap named Matt Knowles put over Luna Vachon.

As for a non-gimmick match, I wouldn't know with any certainty. I know Tony Roy appeared on the first Raw with the Titantron setting, though.

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Since: 11.7.02
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#52 Posted on

    Originally posted by gugs
    And the ending showed Triple H, Triple H's Bitch (Flair had his name changed), Nash and Michaels. There you go.

Jericho had his name changed to Triple H's Other Bitch. It is hard to root for Jericho because he is so damn stupid. He helps Triple H keep his title in the elimination chamber, then he eliminates himself in the Rumble, and he saves Triple H last night for no good reason. At least Flair is a washed up geezer who has to carry Triple H's bags to stay in the spotlight, what's Jericho's excuse?

Triple H also did a crappy spinebuster lastnight on Booker T. He should stick to the three moves he knows. The crowd didn't get into that match until the spineroonie.

Lita should've at least beat up Bishoff. More hitting and kicking, less talking and walking.

The Good Side:

RVD and Kane have a PPV match and it should be a good match against the Dudleys. It will be better than the heatless Team Angle vs. Guerreros.

Goldberg segment worked. The security guards parting like the red sea. I thought they should've turned on the Rock being from Atlanta. Rock hit Goldberg with some wicked chairshots, especially the second one to the side of the head.


Since: 24.7.02

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#53 Posted on
A few thoughts:

For the love of God, someone help Ric Flair's hair.
The Rodney Mack match should not be called a 'Superstars' match. It was more in line with Wrestling Challenge.
Something I didn't understand from the Lita/Bischoff confrontation: Now, its wrong for Bischoff to claim that its his right as GM to put Lita in Playboy, but on SD that GM can state that she will make the decision on who is in Playboy, and Torrie Wilson jumps around like she won the lottery?
Once Michaels was named ref for the main event, it was obvious a screw job was coming.
Luckily though, starting next week, Vince will have to find another piece of crap to waste 45 minutes on.

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Since: 5.3.03

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#54 Posted on

    Originally posted by redsoxnation
    Luckily though, starting next week, Vince will have to find another piece of crap to waste 45 minutes on.

Ahem.... Triple H Appreciation Night?

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Since: 27.2.02
From: Minneapolis

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#55 Posted on
I found the show incredibly boring this week, and I'm usually pretty positive.

I think the biggest problem was that they relied pretty heavily on the Rock for the entertainment value, and he had (by me, anyway) a real off night. I didn't really enjoy anything the Rock did last night and that's pretty rare for me.

Because they felt that the Rock could carry the show, they only had two matches that both:

1) Had a beginning and end (unlike the Dudz match and the Book-HHH match)
2) Had more than one actual member of the roster involved (Unlike the Mack match)

They sure had a lot of porblems with the assorted hazards of live TV last night, too. In fact, this show reminds me of the show where Hogan stalled Taker's bike on so many levels.

On the other hand, I think it's an off week, not a sign of the apocalypse.


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Dr Unlikely

Since: 2.1.02

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#56 Posted on
When his car stalled out, Goldberg should have just transformed into his monster truck form, like in the old days, to continue the chase.
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Since: 6.1.02
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#57 Posted on
I said it in another thread but have to say it again, how comical/pathetic that almost exactly one year after they did the Jericho disappearing into a black HHHole during a H/Steph/Y2J Raw main event match so they can focus on Steph & H they pulled what they pulled last night and have Booker T trip into that same black hhhole so they can focus on the clique. I think HHH must have one of those rabbit hole things that Bugs Bunny has so everyone can disappear in it.

-Jericho vs. Hurricane- Good match, probably match of the night

-Mack vs. White Guy - Aren't we building a PPV do we have segments to burn?

-Lita/Bischoff interview- Man this dragged on and on and AGAIN don't we have a pay per view to hype? This was a total waste of time... If Lita is on her way to Smackdown oh well Matt it was nice for him to have the spotlight on himself while it lasted, now Lita will be there to hog it up. If Mattitude has his Mooreons will Lita be a Li-tard

-Steiner/Test v. 3Minute Warning- When these guys came out I growled just of the thought of Test being the best worker of the bunch. But I liked it, it was my pleasant surprise of the night. Great looking pumphandle slam by Test on a big fatty. Even the 3 minute fatties looked decent. Steiner well Steiner was Steiner. But I thought it was surprisingly good.

-Rock Concert- I just get a kick out of the Rock everytime out. Definitely not as good as the first one, but still okay. The Rock was funny as hell with Gilberg telling him to stand sill, him dissing Goldberg, even him telling Garcia to touch his arm... Goldberg coming in throwing security around was predictable but I guess acceptable great to see Rock getting the RockBottom in. Classic that Goldbergs car pulled a Hogan on Takers bike and stalled. During bad shows these unintentional comedy sometimes becomes the highlight and very cool of the Rock to do a old switch-a-roo and outsmarted Goldberg. I also thought Goldberg was going to trash Rock's limo when Goldberg first appeared backstage.

-3Dudleyz/Trish- Nice idea, piss poor build. This could have been huge build p. Bubba attacking his half brother and his best friend for almost a year ever since the split just like that is lame. You have a great backstory with all 4 of these people. Use it, build to it and make it meaningful instead of starting and ending it all in one little 3 minute segment between Rock concerts... Did very little to build either of these matches this week but I guess it was a stacked show. Wait a second No it's Not Rodney Mack AND Lita both made appearances.

-Rock concert Encore- Those were some stiff as hell chair shots on Goldberg, but wouldn't it be more effective if he sold them as such?

-Booker vs. HHH- I thought the match was below par. Actually I thought Booker looked fantastic and HHH looked slow and bad compared to The Book... I'm glad HHH brought his Acme black hole with him so Booker could fall into it so he will not be seen when the show ends.

-other stuff- Give Nash a manzier... There was tons of clique whispering to eachother backstage... Don't stare at the Rock's botty.

This show was bad even for pre PPV hype show it was bad. Rock was had an okay entertaining value, the few matches that were on were decent enough (excluding MaCK). So much wasted time and rushed the two Raw title matches in one little segment like it was so unimportant and of course the ending of the show was just sad.

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#58 Posted on
When Goldberg walked by the Rock's limo, I thought for a moment he was thinking of punching in one of the windows.

That would've been interesting, on multiple levels.

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#59 Posted on

    Originally posted by rv581
    When Goldberg walked by the Rock's limo, I thought for a moment he was thinking of punching in one of the windows.

    That would've been interesting, on multiple levels.

And you know what? He did look at the limo for a half-second, and then walked on.... almost as if to say `Should I? Naaaaaah...'

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Since: 12.2.03
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#60 Posted on
I'm so glad to finally see some people being positive about Raw. I honestly thought I was the only internet fan in the world who actually, genuinely enjoyed the show. Rock Concert II had me in stitches, all of it. And if the ratings wouldn't convince those whom were against it that the segment really wasn't that bad I don't know what will. So stick that in your pipes and smoke it!
How many people have used that line beside Austin Powers by the way? --Augh, who cares, off topic.

Despite the show's poor ending there was, as mentioned, a great amount of continuity, it even surprised me. When Booker brought up last year's NWO superkick, I was yelling "there you go internet fans! Happy?" Consistency is a good thing for the WWE, as it seemed they'd recently developed a philosphy to be anti-consistent.
Jericho-Hurricane was fun.
Jazz going after Trish is always fun.
I'm digging Steiner a little so screw me.
And guys, despite the overwhelming Kliq angle, you gotta admit that compared to late WCW, Nash really gets very little one-air time. He's not really hogged much at all, same with Shawn. Trips...well, I'll give ya that.

Either way, here's to hoping for better things here on out.

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