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The W - Pro Wrestling - Raw Thoughts 10-21-2002
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It's False

Since: 20.6.02
From: I am the Tag Team Champions!

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#1 Posted on
Oh man, what to say about Raw. This is one of those shows that I should find really offensive, but I think it just came off STRANGE and WEIRD. Let's take a look.

-The Six-man: Good stuff here and I almost had a feeling that Trish would be the one pinning Jericho, what with that whole Triple H politics and all. Good match and the promos were good stuff.

-Dudleyz 2.0/UnAmericans 2.0: Nice tag match here that'll get BUBBA~! back into the tag title mix. Of course, I'm pretty pissed that Bubba's knocked out of the main event scene completely, but that's Triple H politics. Why fight it?

-Tough Enough Feud: I like where they're going with Al Snow and Chris Harvard. And you know this will lead to good matches that'll at least elevate Harvard to IC...oh wait, that's gone. Damn you, Triple H!

-NecropHHHilia!: Strange. Weird. And the very definition of Wrestlecrap.

-The Main Event: Borrrrrrrrrring! And OF COURSE, RVD will probably get all the blame.

-The Opening Promo: Man, the NecropHHHiliac's all over the place here. Boring stuff that we've all heard before. Hurricane runs in, but he's just a Cruiserweight and Triple H doesn't sell for Cruiserweights.

-Big Show Squash: I remember saying in another thread that The Island Boyz are being punished and this is further proof. But who did Rico piss off?! Didn't this guy just pin RIC F'N FLAIR a few weeks ago? What the hell happened?!

-Big Show Gets Traded: Somebody up there seriously said "There's too much good wrestling on Smackdown! Let's throw Big Show there so we can even things up with some CRAP!" And I'm predicting it'll be 3 weeks before the first Big Show/Mysterio match.

-Jerry Lawler: Man, I pity JR. Every time he tried to call a match, Lawler kept going back to the damn videotape. He just wouldn't shut up about it! Is this what guys like Comic Book Guy Gerwitz find entertaining?

Ugh! Thoughts on tonight's show?

(edited by It's False on 21.10.02 2130)

"See Nash, you can wear any Halloween costume you want to, but you know and I know that you're only half the man that I am - and I have half the brain that you do."

Ah, I miss Sid. So much endless material.
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Fuzzy Logic
Summer sausage

Since: 31.3.02
From: Happy Valley - Goose Bay, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada

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#2 Posted on
From necrophelia to sodomy (with the possibility of necro-sodomy), raw was a rollercoaster ride of hillarity. Well, not really.

The following things were bad:

The last line of the night. (Well I'm gonna SCREW YOU! But, am I gonna wait till you're dead first?")
The Triple Kane: Necropheliac extraordinaire~!

The following was good:

Big Show's line at the end of his interview.
Most of the matches (at least that I paid attention to).
Chris Jericho, Christian and Trish interacting.

The rest I couldn't remember.

Jack Valenti fears NASH, EATER OF non-CHILDREN~!

Since: 2.1.02
From: Rolling Meadows, Illinois

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#3 Posted on
I loved how JR was turning into Tom Hanks in 'A Leagoe of Their Own' throughout the show.

"There's no semen in wrestling!"

I just want to know what Lawler was really laughing about because Ross seemed pretty pissed at that point.

Heck is for people that don't believe in Gosh.

Since: 27.7.02

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#4 Posted on
I think he was (gasp!) making fun of the wrestling nerds who take this stuff too damn seriously.

"And in front of the entire world, I want to show my little boy that sometimes - just sometimes, you have to FIGHT to be a man." - Michael S. Hickenbottom, the man who does not take part in angles that conflict with his religion, swearing violent revenge on HHH in full view of his two-year-old son. 11:06 PM, EST. 08/05/02. This angle, which has gone from being a "clean" wrestling match to an all-out unsanctioned street fight for bloody revenge is apparently sponsored by the book of Joshua.
El Duderino

Since: 15.10.02
From: Looo-vuhl

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#5 Posted on

    Originally posted by Tragic1
    "There's no semen in wrestling!"


(just couldn't resist...)

not into the whole brevity thing, man
Tribal Prophet

Since: 9.1.02
From: Winnipeg, MB, Canada

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#6 Posted on

    Originally posted by Faust
    I think he was (gasp!) making fun of the wrestling nerds who take this stuff too damn seriously.

Just curious, is that going to come up in every post? Because you could always just add it as a signature and save the time of cutting and pasting.

As far as your point goes. Just because someone thinks something is pure crap doesn't mean that they took it too seriously. I think it was crap because it was so horrible written I can't believe they all got together and said "YES! Make THIS this topic of the show" and I thought that Big Show imitating other wrestlers a couple years ago was GREAT! When I first saw it was Triple H I thought "Hey, they're trying to do an old D-X type thing, this could get funny" but after about 70 minutes went by of him doing absolutely nothing, it just got stupid and I went back to hating myself for every starting to watch wrestling 14 years ago.

As for the "wrestling nerds" part, don't forget that you're posting on a wrestling internet board too. If you're going to start name-calling like that, you better make sure the pocket protecter fits.

Tribal Prophet
Net Hack Slasher

Since: 6.1.02
From: Outer reaches of your mind

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#7 Posted on
It really is scary (odd might be a better word) with the lack of feedback to the overall show but the tons of feedback for the horrible mannequin rape. I'm not saying my fellow posters are in the right or wrong. Just saying everything was unfortunately overshadowed by HHHumping a doll.

I just need to say first off the front row was one of the ugliest row of people I've ever seen. Scary Scary Scary I'd rather sleep with dead people =)

- HHH talks, Hurricane was fun coming down grabbing the tape but got caught. Nothing can get me into this

-Nowinski v. Jeff Hardy - Nowinksi looked much better then his return match last week. Jeff is roll of the dice and this week he seemed like he was "with us". Nice ending with Al grabbing the chair from Nowinski but then helping him by pulling him away. I'M VERY interested in how this is going.

-Spike/Bubba v. Storm/Regal - Storm came out in his Ken Shamrock halloween costum. They aren't un-amercians anymore but still diss America? HUH? Not a cool line about Americans not wanting to leave their homes especially when we have a crazy snipper running around... well let's get to the match. LOL when Bubba ran the ropes and got hit in the head with a forearm of Regal and yelled in pain. Regal had the look of "oh sh*t did i hurt him for real". It was okay at best.

-Test v. D'lo- Test debuting his new tights, I guess WWE made a deal. You could make out with your girlfriend of you wear little tights. Deal. I like Stacy, I think she's pretty charismatic. I wouldn't mind her as a valet role.

-Trish, BookDust v. Vicki, Y2J, Christian-Here comes the goodness. Nice start by the girls. Quickly getting Christian in there and Trish slips away and tags. The guys did a great job. Nice interplay with all involved like the triple team on a Goldust outside the ring. Ending was super, Goldust giving a kiss and throwing Vicki into Y2J. Y2J stuck on top and Trish hit the handstand headscissors. Then Y2J no sold (boo) and leveled a vicious looking clothesline. Which Trish reassures me again why I think she's the best female seller/bump taker in the Fed and one of the best overall, Looked like she folded in half. Plus ending with Old School LIONTAMER, not the lame Walls but the LIONTAMER. Which bends Trish's body in a real painful way. Match of the night. But no Trisharonnie =( Nice way to give the girls a much needed rub and reassure everyone that Y2J's a jerk

-I HHHump dead people- Well okay I admit it was kinda funny seeing obvious Triple H dressed up as Kane doing a horrible Kane impression but TSN cut it off the second he touched the breast so I was saved from the awfulness and NO I didn't mind them cutting out after I read the reports. Just thinking he'd have sex with the mannequin but if she wants a relationship she needs a boob job.

-Dreamer v. Snow - I liked this, I get a kick out of singapore cane matches. Again very interesting interaction between Snow/ Nowinski/ Dreamer. I'm really looking forward to this storyline.

-Bigshow v. Rico/ 3minute screwups- Well the 3 minute boys push lasted about well 3 mintues. Big Show treated them like jobbers. Which I don't mind at all. THe only one I felt bad for is Rico have to have these 2 phat anchors on his ass.

-HBK interview- Err whatever I've had just about enough of listening to people talking about Triple H thank you very much.

-RVD/Kane v. Flair/HHH- Wow what can I say the JR/ KIng interaction was a lot more interesting then what was going on in the ring. Boy does JR sound like he's sick of it all (don't know if it's an act) it sounded legit. Lawler was really seeing how far he can push JR (and us) over the edge. I thought forsure JR would throw out the F-bomb to Lawler. I think they both know this is the dumbest thing they have to put over. OH yeah there was a match, RVD took beatings for the entire match. Really can't even remember much of the match I just couldn't believe what I'm hearing and what this feud is about. Couldn't get into it at all... In the back did Kane say he's going to have sex with Triple H. Well being a drunkdriving, rapist, necrophiliac, murderer being homosexual is pretty ho-hum.

-other stuff- Jericho/Christian being jerks to Trish was done well would have been better if Trish had a zinger line to throw back instead of just calling them "delusional". Remind Jericho he was Steph's personal dog walker when he was champ... BookDust was okay with Victoria reminding her she really was a "ho" (godfathers that is), well I know they didn't saw it right out but the smarky smark in me remembered... Elimination chamber? look for Ron simmons to be signed to Raw. Can we put a bunch of RAW writers in this match and eliminate them... Big Show off to Smackdown, guess we know who Brock next opponent is "oh joy"

Line of the night
Lawler: "There's only two people that didn't like that video Kane and you"
Ross: "OH I think there will be one or two more people that didn't like it"

(edited by Net Hack Slasher on 22.10.02 0532)

How do I go upon getting a jihad on Triple H?
Cherries > Peaches

Since: 1.8.02
From: Phoenix-ish

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#8 Posted on
Very scary, very odd -- definitely very something.

The Al/Dreamer/Nowinski interaction is certainly interesting me. Al is playing this really well -- I can't tell which way its going, but he's doing a beautiful job of looking intense. Would this be whatchacall "plotline buildup"? :-)

Test actually seemed to be looking better than he has in a while -- both in-ring & physically. (Its not just the new tights -- apparently somebody's gotten him some Stacker2.)

I was happy with the 6-person tag match too. I completely agree that it gave Trish & Victoria some extra push, & also some good experience. Although, Goldie kissing Victoria right in the middle of the match was ... strange.

RVD was not exactly having his best ever match -- he lost me pretty early on with a flurry of punches that didn't look at all convincing. And Flair having to scooch around to get in the correct position in the ring for Rob to hit whichever highspot he'd planned was getting a little old. It was OK overall though.

I'm also interested to see who Stephanie trades for Big Show, & what they come up with for him on Smackdown. Numerically, Smackdown is a little short on heels already, so you'd think it'd be a face. Dunno.
Evil Buddha
Pickled pork

Since: 10.1.02
From: Somerville, MA

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#9 Posted on
Y'know, I've come to hate Lawler's commentary with a passion I used to reserve only for X-pac promos and Bossman matches.
I would have loved Ross to shut up Lawler's constant nattering about "Kane's Necro-fun Tape" with the following statement: "Y'know, Jerry, I figured if anyone would be offended by false allegations of sexual misconduct, it would be you."

Now, I like Christian and Jericho together; I'm glad they realize that since they've neutered their undercard by removing the IC belt, that they might as well build up what could be a kick-ass tag division; I even accept that in the minds of the "creative" team, new tights = exciting new direction. But darn it, if I have to watch HHHTV every Monday, at least give me my full-time singles Booker/Jericho feud.

Random thoughts: Storm/Regal = Bluebloods 2k2? Will 3 Minutes ever actually compete for the tag belts? How long before Test & Stacy break-up backstage now that they're together on-camera? Will Maven eventually join RAW and defend Al against Harvard's disrespect? Do we wait until Monday to find out who the newest member of the RAW roster will be?

"Come to the Dark Side... You Know You Want To!"
The Evil Buddha, spreading Alcoholism, Bad Humor and Chaos since 1971

Since: 2.1.02

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#10 Posted on
Random Raw Thoughts:

I like the Tough Enough feud. I've would liked to see Snow as Nowinski's manager, and cut a promo about how Nashville is filled with Wendells, but this feud is alright.

I liked the Batista promo.

The intergender tag match was alright.

Everything else blew.

Michaels promo was disappointing.

I did laugh at "I love the smell of formeldhide in the morning."

Overall, a couple of bright spots but RAW pretty much blew once again.

(edited by tomvejada on 22.10.02 0508)

"I just got pinned by a friggin twelve-year-old."

Kurt Angle

Since: 22.10.02
From: Oztraya

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#11 Posted on
All things considored Raw was a fair improvement over last weeks effort and i kinda enjoyed all the matches on offer. UnAmericans 1/2 and Team Christastic had good matches and the Jericho/Christian/Trish Promo was the best thing on Raw bar none.

You should write that down.
Texas Kelly
Lap cheong

Since: 3.1.02

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#12 Posted on
I pray that everyone tuned out in droves after the necrophilia videotape segment. I pray to fucking God. Why? Maybe that would send the message to Vince & Stephanie once and for fucking all that we're fucking sick and tired of Teo ruining what was once the greatest wrestling show on television with his bad matches, his worse promos, and his horrible vignettes. Get a fucking clue, McMahon family: Teo is one of the biggest causes of your decline, and it's high time for him to be sent out to pasture.

Oh, and I hope everyone is ready for what should be an absolutely thrilling *rolleyes* Brock Lesnar/Big Show feud coming up on Smackdown as Brock looks to add another name to his proverbial belt of utterly destroyed legends

(edited by Texas Kelly on 22.10.02 0924)

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Lap cheong

Since: 7.2.02
From: New York, NY

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#13 Posted on | Instant Rating: 0.00
I will admit that I was flipping back and forth between football and RAW but the Tough Enough feud made me stop from flipping back. The more I think about this feud the more I am going to really enjoy it.

Some stuff was entertaining and some was downright garbage. If they got rid of the few bad segments this could be a very watchable show.

These commercials are superfine because they pay for the production costs of putting CHRIS MOTHERFUCKING BENOIT on my GODDAMN TV SCREEN! I will GO GREYHOUND! I am thinking OUTSIDE THE BUN! Dean Rasmussen 8/1/2002 Smackdown Workrate Report
Scooter Trash

Since: 23.7.02
From: Indiana

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#14 Posted on
This is the first time in quiet a while that I did not watch Raw, and not feel like I had missed out on something. After reading the internet this morning, I'm actually happy I spent the night studying.

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El Pescado

Since: 3.1.02
From: Toms River, NJ

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#15 Posted on
Am I the only one who is worried about the trade of Big Show to Smackdown? I've been enjoying these excellent wrestling matches on that show for the last month and I'm afraid of who they'd trade to Raw. I checked the rosters on to get an idea, but they've still got Batista, Godfather, and DDP on the Smackdown roster.

I'm hoping they wouldn't send someone like Edge or Eddie to Smackdown. I thought of different reasons why they wouldn't trade those guys away; Benoit and Angle being tag champs, Eddie's a traitor in Bischoff's eyes. I hope Smackdown isn't losing another Cruiserweight...

"You won't see that on Everybody Loves Raymond!"
-J.R. after Trish gets pasted with a chair

Since: 3.1.02
From: Philly

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#16 Posted on
My take on RAW (minus the necrophilia):

* Nowinski/Hardy was adequate. Not good, not great, but it advanced the storyline a bit.

* Likewise for Regal-Storm/Dudleyz -- short and adequate.

* The Trish/Chris^2 promo had its funny bits.

* Note to RAW: You can stop with the vignettes and PUT BATISTA ON YOUR SHOW already. We've seen him before. We know what he looks like. Viewers don't need a prerequisite course to grasp the concept.

* D'Lo was nicely animated out there.

* The mixed tag was the best match of the night, with a logical finish.

* Dreamer/Snow was brief, perhaps mercifully so. (I like both guys, but everyone in the building knew how it would end.)

* Big Slow squashes three guys in three minutes! Then he gets to go stink up Smackdown! Woohoo! My cup runneth over.

* Dear Shawn: How can we miss you if you won't go AWAY?

* HHH-Flair/Kane-RVD was tag-team-by-numbers until the obvious ending.

Thus, if you took a ten-minute coffee break in mid-show and turned the sound down for the remainder of the program, it wasn't the worst RAW in history by any means. If I can find a TV that lets me block out high-pitched squealing noises (thus eliminating Lawler from the broadcast), it'll get even better.

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Pickled pork

Since: 16.1.02
From: Calgary Alberta Canada

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#17 Posted on
If we're lucky, Big Show is traded for Rikishi. No great loss to SD, and it gives some more angles for the Samoans. Alternatively, Cena could go. Again, not a huge loss, but Cena could basically do the program they had set up for Orton.

Since: 28.4.02
From: Pittsburgh, PA

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#18 Posted on
I, for one, won't yet complain about Show being traded to Smackdown until I see who's he got traded *for*. Here's hoping it's Rikishi - He's **worse** than Show, so it wouldn't adversely affect the talent pool down there.

Besides, it's all just leading up to that "holy shit~!" moment when Brock hits the F5 on Show at Survivor Series.

EDIT: I just want to say that myself and ripblazer must've posted at the exact same time because I swear this was an original thought when I typed it.

(edited by OlFuzzyBastard on 22.10.02 1048)

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El Pescado

Since: 3.1.02
From: Toms River, NJ

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#19 Posted on
Actually, the only possible good trades I can think of would be getting rid of Rikishi, Mark Henry, or Albert, but why would Bischoff want any of those guys? Perhaps if we're really lucky Stephanie will send all three of those guys up to Raw. ^_^;;

I just have a feeling that Bischoff is gonna be getting someone along the lines of Edge or Rey Mysterio... -_-;;

"You won't see that on Everybody Loves Raymond!"
-J.R. after Trish gets pasted with a chair
Lap cheong

Since: 15.1.02
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#20 Posted on


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First off, I'm a little upset that neither Tazz nor Josh discussed why Billy wanted to face Chuck. I kept waiting for an explanation that never came. In the end, I guess they were not supposed to mention anything.
- Spiraling_Shape, Velocity - 09.06.2003 (2003)
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