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25.5.18 0359
The W - Pro Wrestling - Raw Thoughts?
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The King of Keith
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#1 Posted on
Good show put on by the crew tonight. Crowd didn't really come alive until the women's match suprisingly. I noticed quite a few ooh's and ahh's for Jazz's punches and Trish's kicks. When Jazz and Trish are on, they rock and tonight, they were on.

Hurricane in the main event? Fine by me. Booker/HHH next week? Good stuff. Sweet tag title match? Yes. Cute Goldust/Goldberg promo? Check.

Lastly, I just want to say how awesome Goldberg looked tonight thanks to Christian. Christian sold that spear like mad. Goldberg sounds pretty over to me... I wonder how this will hold up.

Your thoughts?

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Since: 15.10.02
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#2 Posted on
Honestly, I'm normally an apologist, but I thought the show sucked. I think I just noticed Test's incredibly shitty selling more thank usual tonight, or maybe Steiner's stupid rant pushed me over the edge. (Which I think was embarassing by the way - I agree with the idea but his wording was just to pop the crowd, and had no base in reality)

Rock's blantantly taped interview sucked incredble amounts of ass - it would work better if they admitted it was pretaped, played off how Rock is too important. Even Golddust/Goldberg blew, and normally G-Dizzy is awesome. There were a few bright spots, but not many.

The incredibly dead crowd didn't make things any better either, they need to come up to MN more and we'll show em how it's done. :)

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Your Official Sunday, April 13, 2003 Randomly Selected Wiener Of The Day Champion says....

Show was great but a few things stood out to me..

Y2J gets put in a match that has nothing to do with his match at Backlash, why? I'll let that slide since it pushed the Marc Mero and Sable....I mean Test and Stacy storyline.

I guess people like Goldberg, I don't, and I was upset when Christian called out GOldy cause I knew he was going to be feed to Goldberg. I really wish Christian had beaten the hell out of him. Oh well, I guess the WWE doesn't revolve around me.

Maybe its me, but it seemed like Nash was whining at the start of RAW. And the whole Nash/HHH/HBK angle at the start seemed to be like 2 guys (HHH,HBK) fighting over a woman (Nash).

I wonder if next week they will bring up the fact that HHH and HBK have feuded in the past? When Nash was talking about them fighting each other last week all I could think of was back when HBK was WWF/E's Commish and he tried to make HHH and DX's lives horrible. Really the December episode of RAW stood out more cause HBK thought he got back with DX after Vince fired him and DX set him up to be beat up out in the parking lot by the Corporation.

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#4 Posted on | Instant Rating: 2.59
Really the December episode of RAW stood out more cause HBK thought he got back with DX after Vince fired him and DX set him up to be beat up out in the parking lot by the Corporation.

Same night, Mick Foley won the belt. In my opinion, the greatest Raw ever shown just for the amount of good matches and storylines going on. I will agree Shawn/HHH have been more on/off friends in the last few meetings then the original DX members we have seen. If you do remember, when Shawn cameback he did help HHH beat Rock at Judgement Day by giving Hunter the DQ when time at elasped by a good three minutes when Taker chokeslammed him. The next month, HBK introduced Foley as the new commish even though Shawn did say it hurt him as friend to do it, but he was under orders by Linda.

I guess "The Hug" at last year's King of the Ring is where Nash sees this friendship minus the six months of HHH/HBK trying to kill each other. It really makes no sense that once Nash comes in HHH/HBK will play nice. If it does set up the clique being heels then I'm all for it, because Nash all summer will suck. He is great on the mic, but he has a limited moveset and thats being kind. He has more of a good supporting character rather than a main eventer. Of course, since Steph has the book and HHH is friends with both of them we can see Booker job on Monday only to have Nash win it at Bad Blood even though RVD, Kane and Booker T are right there.

A Fan- Kinda sucks when you can see their summer plans from here.

Since: 19.1.02
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#5 Posted on
Good show overall, I thought GoldbergDust was hillarious.

One thing I noted while watching though:

Judgement Day Match?

Chris Nowinski/The Frenchies v. Scott Steiner/APA

Hmm...Seems to be where they're leading, no?

    Posted by A Fan
    Kinda sucks when you can see their summer plans from here.

Hey, they HAVE plans, and THAT'S what's important.

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#6 Posted on
So ummm when did Ivory turn face? I guess that question can be answered with a 'since when did anyone care'.

Jericho's goatee finally does the job to the razor. It's a shame too, it was the only real competition Triple H had left.

The Rock "interview" was hilarious but not in the way they intended it. Lawler trying to act like it was live was maybe one of the worst performances ever. I love how they obviously editted out the Goldberg footage and tried to make it seem like Rock was taking to the Coach. Truly horrible stuff.

I can't wait for the eventual Steiner/Mack feud. That will be classic. And maybe he'll introduce his newest "freak", Moppy, soon.

After being teased with a Booker T/HHH rematch, I really did not care about tonights main at all.

Just so much blahness.

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Since: 2.12.02

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#7 Posted on
Goldberg seemed mad over. Richmond is a strong WCW holdover, so that's not surprising. And Goldberg's support next week in Atlanta should be tremendous.

It's strange how WWE is building Goldberg. They only gave him about 10 minutes of camera time, which seems to be a curious way to build your main event at a PPV. Now, the WWE has to REALLY cram the feud next week.

Nash sounded lame in his beginning plea for harmony, but I thought he wrapped up things well at the end.

When it was announced that Goldberg's relative was showing up, I sort of hoped that they'd send in a rabbi-- "Oy veh, Billy! Never have I seen such a thing! All those tattoos-- does your mother know about this?"

Teddy Long was always above-average on the mic. I remember him in his days with Doom (Dancing Teddy Long? Sugar Ray Long?). I never understood why he wasn't used more.

I didn't miss J.R. one bit...

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#8 Posted on
Weird show for me...observing it as just a show with no metatextual insights it was pretty good with 2 good tag matches, an okay Test vs. Jericho match, and a good promo from the Cliquees to start things off.

However, if you look beneath the initial layer, it's not pleasing. Booker jobbing to Triple H next week to destroy his heat once and for all and build Hunter up for Nash vs. HHH is bad. The Raw Tag Champs being used as a back story for the Dudleyz/Morley fued is bad. Nash is bad. Shawn being used as a serious contender in the main-event is BAD.

So you're left with a ying-yang effect...good show that looks like it's leading to bad things later on....

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Since: 1.8.02
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#9 Posted on

    Originally posted by Lord of the Manor
    So ummm when did Ivory turn face? I guess that question can be answered with a 'since when did anyone care'.
Heat, 2 weeks ago -- see TheCubsFan's recap here (

I like Ivory, & was actually quite happy when they did that turn. Jazz & Victoria are set up to be strong heels, last we saw of Molly she was a heel (IIRC -- its been a while!), so turning Ivory is a reasonable move to give Trish some help.

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#10 Posted on | Instant Rating: 5.22
One thing that struck me as kinda sad - Flair just snuck into the ring while HHH was performing his usual intro. No lights, no "Also Sprach", no ceremony at all. Then again, Flair does seem to be letting himself go - looking at Flair tonight, you wonder what happened to the wrestler once known for having "the best cardiovascular fitness ever".


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#11 Posted on
Well for as much as Flair wrestles, I don't really expect him to be hitting the gym everyday busting his ass anymore than Teddy Long probably does.

Man, I used to *love* to see Flair on tv for anything, like hilite of the MONTH just for an interview in WCW a few years back, but now he's been reduced to just another manager/valet...

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#12 Posted on
-Zoroaster bless the NHL playoffs, they forced me to tape the show and allowed be to fast forward through the opening segment

-I'm stunned Stacy didn't find 'Ass Cream Deluxe' in Test's gym bag

-I actually got pretty into the Test/Jericho match - good to see it get the time it deserved

-Preston Quinn joins Steve Corino, Malia Hosaka and Ed Ferrera in the 'Fans' attacked by wrestlers crowd. One of those things is not like the other, and I'm not making the distinction that Lawler would

-Lawler can be more annoying if he's not talking about puppies. However, if Long had said something about 'If she was black, you wouldn't have even been charged', I'd have marked out

-Goldust can make anybody entertaining

-A match stretching through a commercial break. Combined with fast forwarding Nash I'm enjoying the show so far

-We need to have Jeff Hardy sell Goldberg's spear, he always sold Edge's with an incredible whiplash

-Ico Pro Boy debating? - As Jay Sherman would say - Hachi Machi! At least he won't touch a main event again with this.

-Nicely worked main event as well. I'm almost at the point where I'm considering going to the RAW house shows that come this way in a few weeks

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#13 Posted on
The highlight of the Test-Jericho match was Stacy at ringside. Match was suprisingly good.

I actually thought that the Goldberg-Goldust segment was funny, though the Hurricane-HHH segment was funnier.

The Great Debate sucked.

Main event was alright.

Overall, another so-so RAW.

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Kurt Angle

Since: 1.2.02
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#14 Posted on
Raw, on the Same Old New TNN...and a Fashion Report, too.

Nash, in black tank top and blue jeans, as a brunette, has pyro. Thhhor, in black leather jacket and red shirt, carrying the belt, gives 'em a hug. HBK, in a black "HBK" sleeveless tshirt and black jeans, comes down, too. Call Jerry Springer - HE can settle this.

Coach, in black WW shirt, and King, in blue/gold sequins, comment.

Test, in black undies (does he know that Torrie is in a lesbian angle with Sable?) with Stacie, in a flowery blouse, vs. Jericho, in yellow/purple silhoutte trunks, with HUGE boots/kneepads. Too much Stacie, not enough match (which was slow). Poor match.

Puppies, in blue bodysuit and sparkly black trenchcoat, wearing the belt, and Ivory, in black leather pants and blue top, vs. Jezebel, in black no-back, front-zipper bellbottoms with red streaks in her hair, with Stevie, and Jazz, in black, with Teddy. INterestig commentary, but it had little to do with the match. Okay match.

Goldie/Goldie share a wig (or two).

Bisch-fomercial = channel-flipping fun.

Rob, in black/green "RVD" singlet, belt slung over shoulder, and Kane, in straps 'n spandex, belt over the shoulder, vs. Lance, in red undies, and Chief, in black "Chief" undies. Man, Charles Robinson really hacked-off his hair. Bubba, in "3D" tshirt and Dvon, in a different "3D" tshirt, come on down. Man, RVD really doesn't sell. Still, a good match.

HHH, Flair, and Bisch listen to the wisdom of Hurricane. C'mon, Trips, hold him down. Book a match!

Rocky, "Live" via satelite = more channel-surfing.

Goldust, in wig and long, flowing, golden robe (and black/gold latex thereunder) vs. Christian!, in green singlet/trunks (with new, BAD version of his music). Um, no match? Goldberg, in black "NEXT" tshirt and jeans - spear to jackhammer.

Steiner, in chainmail, and Harvard, in faceguard, Lawler moderating, remind me so much of an Onion article I read once. Steiner says "Sucks to your First Ammendment." and then foams at the mouth. Well, that settles that. Ha ha - Nowinski brings in the Samoans, knowing they're NOWHERE near 220 lbs.

Thhhor, in PURPLE iron-cross undies, wearing the belt, and Whoo!, in blue sequined robe and black undies, vs. Hurricane, in mask and cape, and BookerT, in white hot crotch, flamin' "BookerT" undies. Nice match - but the crowd sounded dead. Post-match beatdown ensues, with Nash again making a walk-in save. Booker remembers his unceremonious dumping from the NWO and complicates matters.

Overall: The Bischoff, Rocky, and Debate segments were channel-flipping-inducing. The matches were decent, for the most part. I was entertained.

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#15 Posted on
My thoughts:

The Goldberg-Goldust skit should NOT have happened, at least not this early. Da Man just isn't good as a comedy player, and even though he effectively no-sold the wig gag, it just wasn't a good idea. Leave Goldberg as a loner for a while. Worked well enough during Austin's initial push...

I'm all for Booker T vs HHH Part Deux next week, but I just know they won't let Book get the nod, even though it is in Atlanta and they could easily have Nash interfere or something...

Steiner-Nowinski debate was harmless enough. At least they're doing SOMETHING with Scott Steiner now, other than letting him look awful in the ring.

This JR-Austin-Bischoff thing better pay off soon. Ditto Dudleyz-Unlikely Duo-Morley/Storm -- enough already!

Teddy Long was GOLD on the mic. What's wrong with having him in JR's seat for a while. Loved the bickering between him and Lawler, can't wait to see the next round of that...

If I were Booker T, I would kind of remember that Michaels, Nash, etc. dumped from the nWo, what, a year ago? Of course, we wouldn't want to bring up past history.

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#16 Posted on
I thought Christian made up for a blah show. "My ribs weren't hurt, I was holding them because I was laughing so hard because of how little the spear hurt." Teddy Long was awesome on the mic, especially when he told King he didnt want to hear him say playa. Overall an OK show, but it could've been better.

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#17 Posted on | Instant Rating: 6.21
Unfortunatley I never made it past the opening debacle. As soon as Nash, HHH and Micheals showed up I turned it off.

Nash sucked before he got hurt, and he still sucks now. Boring as all hell.

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#18 Posted on
well, I only say 5 minutes of raw last night, when christian called out Goldberg. Damn that was my favorite 5 mins of raw in 10 years...that spear was out of this world...GOLDBERG IS DA MAN
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#19 Posted on
I found it to be mildly entertaining, but it's scary to think that a roster with the Rock, HHH, Ric Flair, Goldberg, Booker T, Chris Jericho, Scott Steiner, Shawn Michaels, Kevin Nash, Rob Van Dam, Lance Storm, The Dudleys and ostensibly Stone Cold and William Regal can put on a "mildly entertaining" show.

I know that Book is not getting the belt next week, and it's somewhat sad to know that so far in advance.

I know that Scott Steiner is done for awhile even getting to be in the same room with HHH, and that's kind of sad/funny at the same time because I think HHH will BE Steiner in about 5 years or so. A washed up useless steroid freak.

I know that this Dudleys/Morley-Storm/RVD-Kane storyline is SUPPOSED to interest me, but it just doesn't. I like Robby as much as the next guy does, but he can't carry all these guys. Storm seems to be on cruise control most of the time, but Heaven forfend that mid-card tag guys outshine the upper card.

I know that Ric Flair used to be great and I found it sad that when he "Whoo"d during his match, he probably broke someone's rule about not doing it anymore. He looked around while he did it, and kind of trailed off. Hard to shake off the old habits, but that's what he's been reduced to.

I know that Chris Jericho would be a guy that I would be saying should go back to WCW if it was still around. It's truly a shame that he's spending the prime of his career with a so-called "failed" title reign hanging over his head.

Ah well, another week.

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#20 Posted on
About Raw last night... Okay, um... It was okay. I have to be honest, it was very slow. I can't tell you how much I'm so NOT looking forward to the whole Nash triangle. If I had something to say about it, I'd just cut my losses and go with the one who's still not YET 35. Hint, only one of them's not 35 yet. As far as Test goes... Uh, he's a putz. Every backstage vignette with him always ends with Stacy running off. He should just do all women a favor and be gay. He doesn't know what he has with us, and when he's got it, he has no clue what to do with it. Goldustberg was funny. The Rock was okay, but I really don't think I'm in the mood for ANOTHER CONCERT right now. HHH-Booker next week for the title? Great. You're all saying that Booker won't win, or that if he does, it wouldn't be as important as it would've been at Wrestlemania. Well, when he does win, let's make sure we (not me cause I'll be busy) all keep our promise and kiss Booker's ass without complaining about lack of development or moveset, k?

I missed the debate with Nowinski and Steiner, as my brother and sister needed my help with something. Damn good timing on their part, but my heart goes out to Nowinski, he's got personality and charm. So why is he punished so?! Christian like I said is so underrated, he's cute, great pecs, and he can make you laugh. That's about it. It looks like Raw will be better next week, but not by much, since Nash'll be there...


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It looks like the Taker rub is really helping Kanyon. I've finally figured out the Hogan/Vince angle. Its to make us all miss Al Wilson. Benoit/Hardy looks like it will be match of the night.
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