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The W - Pro Wrestling - RAW Supershow #989 4/30/12
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TONIGHT: After saying he’s taking some time off last night, John Cena is scheduled to be on Raw. Will he update his health and how long will he be gone? What will the fall-out be from Brock Lesnar’s loss? Where do Chris Jericho and CM Punk go after their title match? Will Kharma return and destroy Layla and/or The Bellas? And what will Triple H have to say upon his return?

- WWE Open.

- We saw stills of Cena vs. Lesnar last night, with Michael Cole’s commentary from last night. They aired Cena’s post-match promo too.

- Raw Open.

- Justin Roberts welcomed fans to “Monday Night Raw, Starring Brock Lesnar.” He then introduced Johnny Ace. Ace was all smiley and wavey. Cole and Jerry Lawler were shown on-camera and said things didn’t exactly go according to Ace’s plan last night. Ace claimed that he revolutionized WWE in one night, doing it for the fans and for People Power. He said the fans should thank him for bringing Brock Lesnar back to WWE. He really laid on the compliments thick to Lesnar. Ace said Lesnar proved that John Cena was a mere mortal, and that Cena will never be the same again. Ace used the “legitimacy” line again, then introduced Brock Lesnar.

Lesnar came out but didn’t seem overly thrilled. And no fireworks? Did he forget to include those in last week’s demands? Lesnar said last night, the world witnessed first-hand Lesnar bringing the pain. He said it was exactly what he told the world he was going to do. Ace agreed and said that’s why Lesnar is the face of WWE. Before he could finish his thought, Triple H’s music hit and The Game walked out. Ace, as usual, was oblivious and seemed happy to see Hunter. Ace shook his hand when Hunter walked into the ring. Trips put his hand out for Lesnar, who hesitantly shook it. Ace surmised that Triple H was out there to congratulate the new face of WWE. Hunter said he’s out there to do what Ace is supposed to do, but he doesn’t have the guts to do it. Triple H said Brock’s days of holding up WWE are through. Wasn’t it, like, one day? Hunter said if Lesnar wants to use the plane or limo, it’ll be on his own dime.

He also clarified the name of the show: Monday Night Raw. Period. He gave the usual line that “nobody is bigger than WWE.” Hunter said Ace didn’t have the authority to approve all of Lesnar’s demands without Hunter approving it…and he won’t. Ace said Hunter trusted him to deal with all talent contracts. Ace said they shouldn’t go back on their word. But Hunter tore up the contract in the ring. Hunter again said Ace didn’t have the authority to approve the contract, and Ace knows it. He talked about Brock Lesnar building himself as a global brand, which is why he did what he did last week. He said Brock won’t be getting anything he demanded last week. Hunter said he wants Brock in WWE, so does the WWE Universe. Well, not those in Dayton, apparently. Trips said the fans want to see Lesnar in a rematch with Cena, they want to see him face CM Punk, Randy Orton, and Sheamus. And if Lesnar wants to give it to the fans, it’ll be under the terms of the original contract. Nothing like arguing over a contract to start Raw following a hot PPV.

Hunter said if Lesnar wants to takes his ball and go home, not adhere to the original contract after losing to Cena last night, then he can do so. Ace interjected, saying it wasn’t fair to a talent like Brock to do this. Hunter said this is between him and Lesnar. “Forget him,” Triple H said of Ace. Hunter again pressed Lesnar asking him if he wanted to do this. Ace again interrupted, as at this point Hunter had taken position in front of Ace, face-to-face with Lesnar. Hunter told Ace to shut up, and Ace paced in anger. Lesnar pointed at Ace and Ace tapped Hunter on the shoulder, saying he was being disrespectful. He said he was going to take it up with the Board of Directors. As Triple H turned around, Lesnar attacked him from behind. Ace left the ring and stood at ringside as Lesnar assaulted Hunter. Hunter came back with rights, but Lesnar took Hunter down with a Kimura. Cole said Lesnar may have broken Hunter’s arm. Sheamus, Big Show, Kofi Kingston and R-Truth ran out as Lesnar left the ring, damage done. Lesnar took apart the ring steps as security surrounded him at ringside. Hunter claimed to the ringside doctor that his arm was broken. Hunter was helped to his feet as Lesnar headed up the ramp. He actually left through the side of the stage rather than through the entrance curtain. As expected, Lesnar gets (some of) his heat back in segment one. No problem with that. Don’t know how I feel about a possible Lesnar vs. Hunter feud though. Not at the top of my list of feuds I’d like to see for Brock.

[Commercial Break]

- They showed Lesnar attacking Hunter moments ago and him possibly breaking Hunter’s arm. Doctors were working on Hunter as Sheamus stood by. Still weird to see Sheamus and Hunter buddy-buddy after their feud a few years ago.

- Lawler and Cole talked about Hunter’s injury. Lawler said he thought he heard Hunter’s arm snap. Cole said he believes Lesnar got himself fired tonight.

- Eve came out. She enunciates well. She talked about finding a #1 Contender for the WWE Title in a Beat the Clock challenge tonight. The winner will face CM Punk at the next PPV.

(1) The Miz vs. Santino Marella – Beat The Clock Challenge Match
I like Beat the Clock if only because I don’t have to use the stopwatch app on my phone during the matches. Lawler said Lesnar has been escorted out of the building. Running knee-lift by Miz for two. Running boot to the face by Miz for two. Miz tried to wear down Santino, but Marella broke out of a rest hold with a back suplex. He made his comeback with a hip-toss and diving headbutt. Clock was up to 3:45 as he applied the Cobra. Santino telegraphed it a bit, allowing Miz to roll him up. Santino rolled through for two. Boot by Miz followed by a Skull Crushing finale for the win.

Winner: Miz, at 4:18. Hey, Miz won!

[Commercial Break]

(2) Nikki Bella vs. Brie Bella vs. Layla – Triple Threat Match For The Divas Championship
The Bellas, already in the ring, were arguing when they were introduced. Cole said they’ve been arguing all day. Layla dropkicked one Bella into the other, knocking one out of the ring. She rolled up the other to get the win.

Winner: Layla, at :10. I guess that’s a decisive victory.

They replayed…well, the whole match. The Bellas and Layla both made their way to the back quite quickly.

- The announcers again talked about the attack on Triple H perpetrated by Brock Lesnar. Before they could get much in the way of a conversation going, the lights went out and Chris Jericho came out. He’ll look to beat the clock, next.

[Commercial Break]

(3) Chris Jericho vs. The Big Show – Beat The Clock Challenge Match
Stills from Jericho vs. Punk were shown as Jericho’s entrance music continued to play in the background. Jericho’s right elbow/arm was taped. Show hit the ropes, but Jericho dropkicked the legs out from under him. Jericho went to the top rope, but Show slapped him hard in the chest. Jericho helpfully maneuvered himself closer to the corner, but moved out of the way of a Vader bomb. Lionsault, but Jericho sold it as well. Count of two at 1:49. Big Show with a small package for two. Attempted chokeslam didn’t work but Jericho DDT’d him. Knees to the side of the head by Jericho, who then ran into a spear. At 3:18, with a minute to go, Show cocked his hand for the Weapon of Mass Destruction. Knockout blow missed, but Jericho’s Codebreaker was caught. He ended up pulling Show over the top rope and to the floor. Show caught Jericho and stopped him from sneaking into the ring. Show went for a big boot but ended up over into the timekeeper’s bay. Jericho beat the ten-count by the ref, but the buzzer went off first.

Winner: Jericho, via count-out, at 4:17. Nothing inspiring here in this match.

The ref continued to claim that Jericho beat it in and his count hit ten before the buzzer. They went to break with Cole promising to get things sorted out. Someone Tweeted to me that the referee began his ten-count at 37, ending at one. I guess they do call it a “ten-count” and not “ten seconds,” but still.

[Commercial Break]

- The announcers talked about a column John Cena wrote for USA Weekend about the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

- After sorting it out during the break, they got it right: Miz is still the man to beat at 4:18. That makes the previous match a no-contest, for those scoring at home.

(4) “Funkasaurus” Brodus Clay vs. JTG
No Hornswoggle with Clay. Lawler claimed JTG had a big surprise for Clay tonight. The return of Shad Gaspard? Obviously, JTG got no entrance. Clay caught a boot and ran JTG over. Shot to the mid-section, followed by a bodyslam. “My bad!” he shouted. Elbowdrop followed. JTG escaped another slam attempt and took Clay down to one knee. Clay headbutted JTG down, then connecting on a running corner splash. Overhead suplex then a big splash.

Winner: Clay, at 1:40. Back to squashing JTTS for Clay I guess.

Clay brought some young fans into the ring to dance with him.

- Cole thanked Shinedown for “Adrenaline,” the official theme song to Extreme Rules.

- Cole and Lawler talked about the Cena vs. Lesnar match last night. They showed the opening from Raw again at the top of the second hour.

- Back to the announcers, who discussed what happened at the top of the show. They showed clips of Hunter talking down to Ace, then Lesnar attacking Hunter.

- Johnny Ace will address John Cena’s future in a face-to-face in-ring meeting later on tonight.

- Ace was pacing backstage, while Teddy Long stood there with his giant name-tag. Eve told him his presence is disturbing Ace, so she told him to leave. Eve told Ace to get a grip and gave him a pep talk. Ace said he knows exactly who he wants Cena to face tonight in a match.

- Randy Orton vs. Jack Swagger is next, as both men try to break Miz’s time of 4:18.

[Commercial Break]

(5) Randy Orton vs. Jack Swagger – Beat The Clock Challenge Match
Stills of Kane vs. Orton were shown as Orton’s music played. Then Vickie Guerrero walked out to introduce Jack Swagger. Swagger missed a charge and Orton rolled him up. Swagger kicked out quickly. Orton exploded out of the corner with a clothesline, but again, Swagger got out quickly. Swagger bomb by Swagger for a near-fall. Swagger set up for the Gutwrench powerbomb, but Orton dodged it and hit a back-breaker for two. Swagger took out Orton’s knee, leading to Orton swearing (it was silenced by USA). Joey Styles just Tweeted that the Bella Twins have been fired by WWE – story on Swagger wore Orton down and turned him over for a pin, getting only two. Crowd chanted for Orton. Swagger bomb, but Orton got up and kicked Swagger in the gut. Orton did his comeback routine, but had less than a minute to win. Rope-assisted DDT by Orton. Orton set up for the RKO with :30 left. Swagger picked the ankle and locked in the ankle-lock. Orton rolled through, sending Swagger into the buckle. RKO with :02 to spare.

Winner: Orton, at 4:16. Miz looked on backstage, upset over the proceedings. Match was okay, but again, nothing special.

- Lawler was about to talk about a Tag Titel match, but instead, Johnny Ace will name John Cena’s Over the Limit opponent tonight.

- Next, Epico and Primo defend their tag titles against Kofi Kingston and R-Truth.

[Commercial Break]

(6) Epico & Primo vs. R-Truth & Kofi Kingston – WWE Tag Team Championship Match
Cole announced that the Bellas had been fired and fans should go to to get the details. Primo kicked Little Jimmy, so Truth attacked him. Primo missed a clothesline and ran into an uppercut. Clothesline sent Primo to ringside. Epico checked on him and they went to break :56 into the match.

[Commercial Break]

Back at 3:58 with Truth getting a two-count on Primo. Lawler said the medical staff has told him that Triple H’s arm is indeed broken. The heels continued to make frequent tags to keep Truth in their corner. A comeback by Truth was cut short. The crowd got behind him and allowed him to connect on a heel kick. Epico tagged in, but so did Kofi at 6:11. Kingston, sporting the yellow and blue tonight, hit the Boom Drop. Rosa got on the apron to provide a distraction. Epico couldn’t take advantage however, and Kingston hit Trouble in Paradise for the win.

Winners: Kingston and Truth, at 7:02. Well, if Epico and Primo had to lose, I’m happy Truth and Kofi won. Justin Roberts has really learned from the Fink how to properly announce “NEEEWWWW” champs.

- Randy Orton owns the Beat the Clock Challenge record at 4:16.

- Great Khali and Kane were walking backstage. They face off next. Gosh, in a weird way, I hope they break Orton’s time just so I don’t have to see a four-plus minute match between the two.

[Commercial Break]

- The now former tag champs were arguing amongst themselves and Rosa Mendes. AW walked up to them and they agreed to talk. He said if they allowed him to represent them, they’d still be champions. They continued conversing, but Khali’s music drowned them out and we went back to the ring.

(7) The Great Khali vs. Kane – Beat The Clock Challenge Match
Orton was shown watching on a monitor backstage when Kane entered the ring. Kane went right after Khali, but Khlai cornered Kane for an elbow or two. Hard chop to the chest by Khali. Kane tried a chokeslam, but Kane broke out. He took Khali off his feet with a kick to the leg, then did some choking. DDT by Kane as the crowd sat in silence. Khali barely kicked out. Rear chin-lock by Kane on Khali. It feels like it’s been at least five minutes. Kane went to the top just over two minutes in. Clothesline knocked Khali off his feet, but Khali kicked out. Low dropkick was next. Another pin attempt, another kick-out. A minute to go and Khali shoved Kane out of the corner. Khali came back with a back elbow, then got his foot up surprisingly high on a big boot. Chop to the head of Kane, but Kane rolled to ringside. Khali went after Kane and the two brawled at ringside. Kane was thrown back in with :16 left. Kane grabbed Khali for a chokeslam and Khali did the same. It was a stalemate when the clock ran out.

Winner: No contest, at 4:16. That was brutal.

Kane chokeslammed Khali after the match. Orton celebrated backstage as Cole said there’s one more match left.

- Tonight, Johnny Ace will meet John Cena face-to-face in the ring.

- Daniel Bryan was walking backstage. He’ll try to best Randy Orton’s time against a mystery opponent, next. Lord Tensai? He could be Cena’s opponent but you’d think by beating Cena a few weeks ago, he’d at least deserve a shot at the title.

[Commercial Break]

(8) Daniel Bryan vs. Jerry “The King” Lawler – Beat The Clock Challenge Match
Is the roster really this thin? Dropkick in the corner by Bryan on Lawler for two. Lawler fought out of the corner with rights, but a headbutt kept Lawler at bay. Knee-drops by Bryan for two. Orton was again shown looking on backstage. Dropkick by Lawler for a near-fall. Dropkick in the corner missed from Bryan. Lawler went to the middle rope, pulled the strap down, landed the fist-drop and got a two-count. Piledriver, but Bryan back-dropped out of it. Kick to the head and into the Yes Lock. Lawler tapped.

Winner: Bryan, at 2:21. Punk vs. Bryan is an unexpected, yet welcome development.

As Bryan celebrated, Punk’s music hit. He applauded on the stage and held his title high.

- Next, John Cena and Johnny Ace have it out in the ring.

[Commercial Break]

- Again, the confrontation with Lesnar and Triple H from the first segment was shown.

- Cole was still on commentary alone. He said Lesnar was escorted out of the building, and you have to assume he’s finished with WWE. Also, the word from WWE’s medical staff is that Triple H has a broken arm.

- John Cena came out. Cena’s left arm was in a sling. Cole said Cena suffered multiple muscle strains in the arm, but no structural damage. Cena said while Hunter had his arm broken tonight, he thought the same thing happened to him last night. He updated his condition, saying he’s got no breaks and no tears. Cena said there’s a difference between being injured and being hurt. If you’re injured, they send you home. If you’re hurt, it means you’re in a little pain, but you can still go. Johnny Ace’s music interrupted and he walked out, definitely not as jovial as when he entered the arena two hours ago.

Cena guessed that Ace wanted to commemorate the release of No Holds Barred on DVD and got him Zeus as his opponent. No reaction to that reference. Ace said when he called Lesnar the new face of WWE, he was really trying to motivate Cena. Cena didn’t seem to agree, but Ace said he did bring out the best Cena possible. Ace said he should be thanking him. Cena sarcastically thanked Ace and made a few jokes. Ace said he could really make Cena’s life difficult. Cena called Ace an “idiot” and derided the job he’s done on Raw thus far. Ace said he’s willing to put the past in the past and look to the future – specifically, three weeks at Over the Limit. Ace introduced Cena’s opponent, but Lord Tensai’s theme music stepped on the last few words of Ace’s proclamation.

Tensai walked out with Sakamoto. He began to disrobe on his way to the ring, apparently looking for a fight. Cena seemed ready to fight despite having one arm. Sakamoto entered the ring too, but it was Johnny Ace who bopped Cena in the back of the head with a mic. “Your opponent, at the Over the Limit…is me!” said Ace. Sakamoto kicked Cena in the injured arm, then Ace tossed him into the corner. Tensai splashed the bad arm, then Ace directed traffic and attacked the arm of Cena. Tensai and Sakamoto pulled Cena over to the corner. Ace stomped the arm against the steel ring steps. Even Cole was outraged at this. Ace grabbed a steel chair and brought it down across Cena’s arm. Ace did the “you can’t see me” arm wave to Cena in the ring as the show ended and Cena writhed in pain. Is this leading to the end of Big Johnny as GM already?

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I wonder if Daniel Bryan Beat-the-Clock win was a plan B? Seems like the Jericho/Big Show ending was botched.
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Ladies and gentlemen, the following public service message is brought to you by your friends from D-Generation X, who would like to remind each and every one of you that if you're not down with that, we've got two words for you...

    Originally posted by geemoney
    Is this leading to the end of Big Johnny as GM already?

Goddess, let it be so. They've finally let the cat out of the bag and shown Johnny to be the empty derivative heel GM I've always said that he is. His story's been running on fumes ever since the whole "I'm gonna screw Punk" thing in January, and there'll be nothing left to tell after the PPV. Said it last month, saying it again; Teddy should have gone over at WM.

I'm pissed that my beautiful Bellas couldn't even get a Kharma beatdown for a send-off. Getting fired over the Internet is only a step above getting fired by fax.

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While the switch from Cena to RVD should alleviate some complaints, the inevitability of the belt's return to Cena (note where Summerslam is this year) and the poor initial showing by the new ECW are enough to keep the indicator where it is for now. The pieces are in place, though, especially on RAW, for improvements to be made to the IWC's psyche in the near future.

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"They might have just achieved the impossible: made Cena into a sympathetic character in my eyes. We'll see how long that lasts! @WWE #RAW"

My thoughts during the opening promo. It lasted until that annoying promo at the end. Big Johnny's incredible attack because HHH is out of the picture was unexpected to say the least.

Daniel Bryan vs CM Punk. For the WWE Title. On pay per view. Keep telling yourself that through the bad times, folks.

They gave the undercard a lot of time on this show.

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    Originally posted by Mayhem
    I wonder if Daniel Bryan Beat-the-Clock win was a plan B? Seems like the Jericho/Big Show ending was botched.
I think it was supposed to be Jericho beating it by a second, Orton beating THAT by a second, and everything else as expected. If Jericho was to win overall, they would have gone ahead and exposed it by calling the audible Justin King was desperately trying to call. That they DIDN'T was a good call - no sense trying to out-kayfabe us with some terribly business-exposing BS calls like that. In the end, it just meant they swapped out a backstage glance at Jericho with an additional backstage glance at Miz.

No, Bryan was the plan all along - and it's a good one, because it clears a path for Del Rio and Sheamus to continue their issues without everybody complaining about Bryan getting left out. Plus, Bryan/Punk wraps up the "workrate" contingent almost immediately - a very savvy move (which, let's be honest, will probably not move the needle one bit more Over the Limit).


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So, we go from last night to Cena moving on to a Bobby Lashley vs Vince/Umaga type feud while Helmsley sticks his nose into the hot angle again and feuds with Brock and the rest of the WWE goes along it's merry way?

Lawler gets a Beat the Clock match?

The Bellas get fired off camera?

This was a confusing Raw.

... and Jericho botched that spot, but Black Ref will take the fall.

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I'm gonna skimp on the naming most of the negative, but this Raw was dull. I kept reading comics during matches.

YES! YES! Daniel Bryan vs. CmPunk Yes! Internet implodes.

That announcing of The Bellas being fired backstage was odd. Good luck girls.

Glad they pulled the belts off of Primo and Epico. Maybe the reason that they haven't been on TV so much despite being tag champions is because they are charisma proof and generic in the ring. Same goes for Rosa and her layer of make-up. They will probably get the belts again at the PPV to build this AW stable so whatev.

Yeah, the show sucked.

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Overheard at the booking meeting for RAW:

"We pissed off the smarks last night. How do we fix that?"

"Let the straight edge and vegans midgets wrestle for the prop belt on the PPV?"


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Define irony: Big Johnny opening the show by talking about revolutionizing the company while delivering the same heel GM schtick we've heard a billion times.

Reason #2358 why the infamous walkout of 2011 was so stupid. Everyone walked out on Triple H last year over hurt feelings and alleged dangerous work conditions, while today you have Brock Lesnar literally creating a dangerous work environment and nary a peep from the roster, the referees, or the backstage workers. At this point, from a kayfabe standpoint, it makes absolutely no sense that Big Johnny would remain in his position while endangering the company's employees while also literally handing the company and hemorrhaging millions in frivolities to Brock.

If they job Brock to Cena last night only to turn around and job Cena to Big Johnny a month later, I riot.

Nice of the real-life Executive VP of Talent Relations to give himself a PPV main event that he never would have earned as an active talent during his prime, by the way.

On the other end of the spectrum, we're getting a PPV match between CM Punk and Daniel Bryan. Sold! Sold! Sold!

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Here's roughly the stream-of-consciousness I had about the #1 contender angle throughout tonight's Raw.

Oh God, another beat-the-clock challenge? I guess booking last month with the idea there's another PPV in three weeks is too hard... guess this means Jericho is done, if they're finding a new contender.. I'd rather see what Punk could come up with against Santino than Miz again.. Finally - when the JeriShow collides!.. Jericho may have a beef, that 10 count must have took 30 seconds, does he still have that rulebook handy?.. Funkasaurus may have a beef, that didn't take 4 minutes.. Orton? I guess he owes Punk a job.. Khali? Kane?? God, no.. Well, since the last match always wins this clock gimmick, and Bryan is tipped, I guess that means whoever Bryan faces is the new contender.. Orton & Shaemus vs Bryan & Kane on SmackDown?- yep, rule them all out.. Must be Tensai coming out.. Lawler??? A 60-year old announcer?

In the end, I'm as happy as anyone to get Punk vs Bryan, and will forgive the goofy way of getting to it.

Otherwise, between putting away the 'drunk' angle with the sobriety test last week, you wonder if they cut the Jericho feud short - is there anything else he can do before his summer tour with Fozzy?

Guess they solved the problem with overusing Brock (based on the report that his contract has limited dates available to WWE). That, or HHH will 'demand a match' next week - never assume with this braintrust. Just noting that the Bellas get fired within 20 minutes of not doing anything offensive to anyone except each other, and Brock is still employed two hours after assaulting the top executive in the corporation. I'm as outraged as Michael Cole on this one.

So do they have the 'Board of Directors' cut Ace off at the knees for his megalomania, or do we actually get Team Johnny (Ace + Tensai + Sakamoto + Otunga + Miz?) vs Injured Cena in what figures to get billed as a one-on-one no DQ match?

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Well, if you want to get Brock back to the killer image he had before Sunday, snapping the arm of the guy who never, ever gets booked in such a position is the way to do it.

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Minus the stupidity of the end of the show, this was fairly well done. Brock got some of his heat back, I'd rather see HHH be stretchered out instead of being carried out, but whatever. I guess sister bickering is not acceptable in this company, but beating up your boss gets you a possible review.

Out of this show, we got a few decent matches, some people that make the tag division worth watching and two of the most over people who also happen to be the best wrestlers headed for a title match. Not too bad.

However, we once again give John Cena another star builder storyline which he doesn't need. We also probably get another Cena in the main event which would be the third straight month and the fourth non-title match of the year. So, yeah, Punk has not mainevented all year while being champ.

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They won't main-event Cena Vs. Ace. No way no how.
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    Originally posted by Amos Cochran
    Well, if you want to get Brock back to the killer image he had before Sunday, snapping the arm of the guy who never, ever gets booked in such a position is the way to do it.

Not if they have a HHH/Brock match, put HHH over and have HHH go back to mild-mannered COO.

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    Originally posted by TheOldMan
    Otherwise, between putting away the 'drunk' angle with the sobriety test last week, you wonder if they cut the Jericho feud short - is there anything else he can do before his summer tour with Fozzy?

We'll probably have a better idea today, Jericho was tweeting yesterday that Fozzy will announce their U.S. tour dates some time today.

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    Originally posted by Spiraling_Shape
      Originally posted by TheOldMan
      Otherwise, between putting away the 'drunk' angle with the sobriety test last week, you wonder if they cut the Jericho feud short - is there anything else he can do before his summer tour with Fozzy?

    We'll probably have a better idea today, Jericho was tweeting yesterday that Fozzy will announce their U.S. tour dates some time today.

Yeah, and what's the possibility they coincide with WWE's tour dates?

This crap of "Brock just fired hizzelf!". Just shut up already, Cole. Like HHH fired essentially fired himself 10 years ago when he beat up Vince. We all know better. Also, THAT'S the way the Bella's exit? Fertheluva.........
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    Originally posted by Amos Cochran
    They won't main-event Cena Vs. Ace. No way no how.

Johnny seems to have dropped the People Power angle here; he's taking out his Triple H frustrations on Cena. And that's fine writing. Johnny was embarrassed by his boss (oh, the Teddy irony), and he wants to beat up the popular guy, the guy who ruined his grand Brock plot. It's a twist on the Stone Cold/evil GM angle.

Maybe an Otunga/Tensai/Ace gauntlet match? Cena either earns a chance to pop Johnny by beating his guys or Johnny gets to mop up the mat with what's left of Cena.

"To be the man, you gotta beat demands." -- The Lovely Mrs. Tracker
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    Originally posted by Matt Tracker
    Johnny seems to have dropped the People Power angle here; he's taking out his Triple H frustrations on Cena. And that's fine writing. Johnny was embarrassed by his boss (oh, the Teddy irony), and he wants to beat up the popular guy, the guy who ruined his grand Brock plot. It's a twist on the Stone Cold/evil GM angle.

That's how I viewed it as well, and it's pretty clever writing. I just don't thin we are going to get that layered of an explanation on air.

The PPV recap video did a lot to change my mind about the Lesnar/Cena match. The editing created a version of John Cena that I actually liked, whereas I mostly felt the same as ever about him while watching the match and promo in their entirety on Sunday night. It showed a guy who knows many of us don't like him and is trying to prove himself to us. He has been trying to do that ever since the Rock and Summer of Punk stuff. It's been slow going, but he's been learning more and more how to do it. Lesnar coming back accelerated the process since it forced Cena to go to a level of violence he hasn't gone before. He's done typical hardcore gimmick battles, but never this raw, emotionally charged, quick and brutal brawling style. It's different and he's embracing it and I like the character a lot better now. Good work there.

I also really liked the HHH arm break. Lesnar is a loose cannon, but he's more of a sociopathic lone wolf than just a nutso like so many other loose cannons have been in the past. He will do anything for the money. It will not always the most logical thing by our standards, but will always be the most logical thing to his violent, evil brain.

Lesnar toyed with Cena, lost because of it, and isn't fucking around any longer. I think the next 2 or 3 guys who he fights with are going to get hurt bad. Anyone else due for a vacation? Rey is seemingly going to be gone, it would be nice to get him in for one night and have Lesnar put him away again.

What did the End of an Era tagline for their Wrestlemania match even mean if that wasn't HHH and Undertaker's last match? I don't want HHH to wrestle Brock. I want to view that attack as an attack on an authority figure, not a fellow wrestler (or whatever weird hybrid HHH is trying to be). HHH should have been EMT'ed out of the ring, as is fitting for an authority figure (who should always been seen as being on a lower level of the toughness scale than active wrestlers).

I did very much like that it was just a few midcard babyfaces coming out for the save. It was ridiculous a few weeks ago when the whole locker room, even upper card heels, came out to break up a Lesnar rampage. This was much better.

Jerry Lawler was a weird choice for a Bryan gimme-opponent. I wonder if they will say that John L set that up or something. If it had been someone else easy to beat, it could be seen as luck of the draw, but with Lawler it had to have been done on purpose by someone who wants Bryan to have the title.

This show had enough good stuff to get a thumbs up from me.

(edited by samoflange on 1.5.12 1026)
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    Originally posted by samoflange

    what did the End of an Era tagline for their Wrestlemania match even mean if that wasn't HHH and Undertaker's last match?

It wasn't about Triple H and Undertaker wrestling their last match as individuals, it was about the two of them and the vast length of tenure they represent in WWE wrestling their final match together and sealing that era of time and that legacy. Triple H the 17 year veteran, Undertaker the 22 year veteran, and Shawn Michaels the 25 year veteran and all the history of the 80's WWF, the 90's New Generation, The Attitude Era, into today encompassed by those three giving a match only those guys have the experience and capacity to give at WrestleMania.

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