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The W - Pro Wrestling - RAW Supershow #965 11/21/11
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TONIGHT: Fall-out from Survivor Series, including CM Punk as the new WWE Champion – he has made some big promises, so tonight’s show damn well better be entertaining! Also, The Rock had his way with John Cena last night…how will Cena respond? Will it truly be “no more mister nice guy?” Will we get an update on Mark Henry’s condition? Where do The Miz and R-Truth go after last night’s loss? Will Brodus Clay finally re-debut? Also, Jonah Hill is your guest star.

-WWE Open.

-RAW Open.

-This week’s Raw Supershow emanated from Hershey, Pennsylvania. Michael Cole opened the show and, oh God, he was joined by Booker T.

-Justin Roberts introduced CM Punk, the new WWE Champion. As he came to the ring, Cole noted that Jerry Lawler’s voice was on the fritz, hence the Booker appearance. Yet Lawler was still at the announce table. Punk wanted to tell a story. As long as it’s better than Sheamus’ story. Punk told a story of when he was in school and the class was asked what they wanted to be when they grew up. Punk said he wanted to be a professional wrestler – not sports entertainer, but professional wrestler. He said he worked from the very bottom of an industry he has watched since he could breathe. He talked about what a big deal it was to win the title at Madison Square Garden. He said it was satisfying because he did it on his terms. Punk said he never tried to be anyone else and said the game of hot potato with the title is over. He said there’s a lot of people in high places who don’t like it, but he’s the new face of WWE. Punk sat in the middle of the ring and said he wanted to be an agent of change. First piece of business: Where are his ice cream bars? Another thing he wanted to change was “interim Raw GM” John Laurinaitis. He’d like to change that to “former Raw GM” John Laurinaitis. And of course, Laurinaitis interrupted.

He called Punk a “rabble-rouser.” That may be the first time that phrase has been uttered on Raw. He congratulated Punk for winning the title and asked why Punk doesn’t like him. Punk said he couldn’t hear him over the crowd telling him he sucks. Punk brought up Vince McMahon as a greedy, money-hungry, soulless bastard. But he’ll tell you that to your face. Punk compared Laurinaitis to Bill Lumbergh from Office Space, and said that reference probably went over his head. Punk knocked Laurinaitis for referring to WWE fans as the “WWE Universe,” since that’s just a buzzword that’ll make his bosses happy. Punk said Laurniaitis was a poor excuse for a middle-management (swear word bleeped). Laurinaitis said first of all, he’s upper management. That was funny. He said he can be just as creative and dynamic as Punk, even though he has no tattoos or piercings. He said Alberto Del Rio has a rematch clause in his contract, and he won’t be waiting ‘til the PPV to activate that clause – it’ll happen on Raw next week. At least they’re advertising it a week in advance. Crowd booed and Punk mocked him, saying the match should be tonight. Laurinaitis said a wise man once told him that if you sit in the audience’s shoes, you can never go wrong. So Laurinaitis made a champion vs. champion match with Dolph Ziggler vs. Punk. Fans booed and Punk called that decision “stupid.” Punk said the fans don’t want to see that match. “We want Ryder”chant. Punk said the fans want to see Dolph Ziggler vs. Zack Ryder. Laurinaitis said Ryder is busy against Del Rio tonight, and Ryder, like Punk, wouldn’t be able to beat Ziggler. Punk said he’d beat Ziggler tonight, and he’ll beat Del Rio next week. At this point, he made his way up the ramp to Laurinaitis. “And someday, somebody…is going to beat some sense into you” he said to Laurinaitis’ face. Punk walked to the back and Laurinaitis began texting.

-The announcers talked about a big fan that Zack Ryder had at the Garden last night, so they sent it to exclusive footage of The Rock post-match and post-show. Fans chanted “We want Ryder.” Rock said he loves Ryder too. Really, that’s it?

-Back in the arena, Zack Ryder came out for his match. It’s next.

[Commercial Break]

-Ricardo Rodriguez introduced Alberto Del Rio. Before he could finish, Ryder stole the mic and gave his catchphrase.

(1) Zack Ryder vs. Alberto Del Rio
Del Rio’s car was a 2009 Bentley Flying Spur. Booker said Ryder has “made himself noticed” in WWE. Del Rio was all offense and brought Ryder’s arm down over his knees. Arm-bar then applied at :26. Ryder worked back to his feet at 1:09, but Ryder ran into an elbow. He came back with clotheslines. Cole has now upgraded Ryder’s petition from the most signed in Twitter history to the most signed petition in online history. Ryder with the Broski boot, then set up for the Rough Ryder. Del Rio dodged it and Ryder was shoved into the buckle. Enziguiri, then the cross arm-breaker for the submission win.

Winner: Del Rio, via submission, at 2:25. As much as I like Ryder, that was the right result. And putting him over a babyface like Ryder gets Del Rio over more as a heel.

-They showed a still picture of The Rock Rock-Bottoming John Cena last night. We’ll hear from Cena later on this evening.

-Sheamus was smiling walking backstage. He’s a babyface, you know! He’s also out next.

[Commercial Break]

(2) Sheamus vs. Jack Swagger
This match came about after Sheamus was disqualified for beating down Swagger last night in the elimination match. Swagger asked for this match and it was granted by the interim Raw GM. Vickie Guerrero was out with Swagger. Take-down by Swagger, but Sheamus got back to his feet and matches Swagger’s forearms with shots of his own. Swagger took a break and came back in on offense. He slammed Sheamus, but missed a leg-drop. Sheamus with a bodyslam then a knee to the face for two at 1:23. The tide turned in the match again, with Swagger getting the advantage and neutralizing Sheamus. It’s amazing how orange Swagger’s skin looks compared to Sheamus. Powerslam by Sheamus for a near-fall at 3:49. Sheamus went to the top, but missed the shoulder tackle. He rolled through and missed the Brogue Kick, so Swagger picked the ankle and applied the ankle-lock. Sheamus countered and the Brogue Kick found the mark. The pin was academic.

Winner: Sheamus, at 4:32. I thought pairing Swagger with Vickie would raise his profile a little more than it has thus far.

They replayed the finishing sequence.

-It’s champion vs. champion when CM Punk faces Dolph Ziggler tonight.

-Kevin Nash was walking backstage. He’ll be out after the break.

[Commercial Break]

-Kevin Nash came out to the ramp. He said he watched Survivor Series from backstage and thought about what could’ve been. He was getting all jumbled up with his words, saying MSG has been sweet to him, as he beat Bob Backlund in eight seconds for the WWE Title there. He talked about the four guys who put friendship before the business at MSG, and mentioned Scott Hall, Shawn Michaels and Triple H (Sean Waltman Tweeted that he was in rehab when the curtain call took place). Nash said he came back to WWE thinking he had a friend in Hunter, but he found that he had a boss. He said it should’ve been him and Hunter against Rock and Cena. He said it didn’t happen because Hunter is gone, taken out with his own sledgehammer. Nash told Hunter that Survivor Series may be gone, but one thing is clear: The one survivor of that group is him. Much better finish to the promo than the start. But if he’s cleared to wrestle (not sure if he is yet or not), he should at least start wrestling job matches rather than coming out doing interviews each week.

-A still shot of Cena doing the “you can’t see me” to Rock. Cena will be on the show later tonight.

[Commercial Break]

-Booker plugged Flo Rida’s song that was the theme to Survivor Series.

-Cody Rhodes was in the ring. He was back to his normal voice without the mask. He called Randy Orton a “predator,” and said the constraints have been removed now that the mask is off. Now, he’s uninhibited, and unbeatable. In stark contrast…Santino Marella then came out.

(3) Cody Rhodes vs. Santino Marella
Rear waist-lock by Santino, but Rhodes reached the ropes. Punch to the face and Marella hit the mat. He tried a Russian leg-sweep, but Santino held the top rope. Marella set up for the Cobra, but Rhodes dodged it and hit Cross Rhodes for the win.

Winner: Rhodes, at :58. I like what they’re doing with Cody – even though the mask was entertaining, it was time to go.

After the match, Rhodes grabbed his Intercontinental Title and confronted Booker T for the comments Booker has made about him over the last few weeks. Rhodes took a bottle of water and tossed the water in Booker’s face. Rhodes then walked out as Booker was visibly upset. Looks like that long-rumored feud is coming to fruition. They even replayed, in slow-motion, the drenching.

-Josh Mathews was backstage with Dolph Ziggler and Vickie Guerrero. Mathews said Ziggler was the only one in two matches last night and Ziggler corrected him, saying he won two matches. Mathews said Ziggler was the first one out in the tag match, but Vickie said he was part of the winning team. Ziggler then insulted Punk.

[Commercial Break]

-Cole mocked Booker back from break, but Booker said he’s a professional (since when?) and he’s going to stay and do his job.

(4) Dolph Ziggler vs. CM Punk
Vickie seconded Ziggler. An hour in and no sign of Jonah Hill. A couple headlock take-overs by Punk. Chain wrestling and back-and-forth action in the first few minutes. Ziggler registered a two-count at 4:23. Ziggler grounded Punk and got a few other near-falls in the next minute or so. Back suplex by Punk at 5:54 and both men were down. Punk lined up for the running knee in the corner, but Vickie got on the apron to distract. It didn’t really work, as Punk cut off Ziggler’s offensive attempt. Punk tried the running knee, but Ziggler got out of the way and Punk took a bump to ringside. Ziggler did a headstand in the ring to taunt the fans and Punk as the WWE Champion recovered on the outside. They went to break just shy of the 7:00 mark.

[Commercial Break]

Back at 10:11 of the match (and 10:10 EST time, oddly enough). Punk came back with a few signature moves, but Ziggler kicked out of a pin. GTS attempt, but Ziggler floated down and locked in the sleeper. Punk readjusted and was able to get Ziggler on his shoulders. Ziggler rolled Punk up and put his feet on the ropes. The ref realized this at two. Punk rolled Ziggler up and grabbed the ropes for a two-count. Punk missed wildly with a kick, then bucked Ziggler off on another sleeper attempt. Running knee, then a bulldog for two. Punk went to the top for the elbowdrop, but Ziggler rolled out of harm’s way. He surprised Punk with a dropkick for two. Punk knocked Ziggler off the top and landed an elbowdrop for two. Punk’s mouth was busted open. Ziggler with a suplex for two. He got pissed and was all over Punk, almost getting disqualified for his aggressiveness. Ziggler for the fameasser, but Punk countered, stumbled and seemed to powerbomb him. I think he was supposed to catch Ziggler and put him in the GTS, because Punk got right back up and put Ziggler in the GTS, connecting nicely on the move for the win.

Winner: Punk, at 16:24. Booker even pulled out the “main event in any part of the country” quote for this. Above-average, fun match. Ziggler hanging with the champ for that long can only help.

They aired replays of some of the key moments in the match.

-We’ll hear from John Cena tonight. This time, they showed a graphic of Cena and Rock facing off after the match last night.

[Commercial Break]

-A creepy vignette aired with a match being lit, then a punch being thrown into a glass plate. A mask, on fire, fell to the ground. It looked like a Kane mask. Former WWE writer Alex Greenfield Tweeted that he pitched almost that exact same vignette, with the mask, on fire, falling, in ’06 when Kane was returning from injury.

-The announcers briefly reacted to the video and then talked up WWE ’12, with some clips of the gameplay.

-Big Show came out. I’m going to assume they’ve scrapped the guest host this week. They aired a still of Show legdropping a chair over Mark Henry’s ankle. Show described what happened during the match and said Henry may have left as champion, but he got carted out. Show said Henry may be tough and his leg may not be broken. Show said when Henry comes back, he’s got something waiting for him (a fist) and to make sure he brings the World Title with him. I wonder if there will be any storyline consequences for Big Show trying to put the World Champ on the shelf?

-Kelly Kelly and Alicia Fox were playing WWE ’12 backstage when Beth Phoenix and Natalya walked in. They said the game is very realistic, but when Nattie and Beth beat up Alicia and Kelly in the game, they don’t cry like the ladies do in real life. The babyfaces kinda no-sold the insults and went back to playing the game.

-Another still of Cena giving Rock the “you can’t see me.” He addresses the situation tonight.

[Commercial Break]

-The announcers talked about’s Social InterAction. And of course they made fun of JR.

(5) Wade Barrett vs. Kofi Kingston
Barrett did a brief inset interview but didn’t really say anything of note. A still was shown of Barrett giving Wasteland to Randy Orton last night. Suplex by Barrett, into a cover for one. It was all Barrett in the opening minute. Small chant for Kofi. Barrett put Kofi up for Wasteland at 1:35, but Orton’s music played and he walked out. Kofi started hitting kicks and Barrett hit ringside. Orton walked to ringside as Barrett tried to avoid him. They took a break at 2:09.

[Commercial Break]

Back at 5:25 of the match, with Barrett sitting on Kofi’s back, with a chin-lock hooked in. They screwed up a move as Kofi hit the ropes and just kind of ran into Barrett. He hit the ropes again and Barrett gave him a side slam. Barrett was getting pissed after the ref didn’t count to three after Barrett booted Kofi to ringside. Hard whip into the buckle. Barrett stayed on Kingston and “rag-tagged” him as Booker said. Barrett charged at Kofi, who low-bridged Barrett out of the ring. Kofi dove through the ropes and into Barrett. Kofi and Barrett both went to the top. Barrett was knocked down and Kofi hit a cross body for two. Boom Drop connected. Crowd wasn’t as hot for him as I expected though. Flip kick, but Barrett kicked the top rope when Kofi tried to springboard. That led to Wasteland, which was the finish.

Winner: Barrett, at 11:43. It was more credible than Kofi has looked in recent weeks, even with the loss.

As Orton began to leave ringside, Barrett got a mic and told Orton that, in case he missed it, the winner was Wade Barrett. Orton turned quickly to look at Barrett, which put Barrett in a defensive stance in the ring. But instead, Orton just continued walking to the back.

-The Rock Bottom still was shown again, then Cena walking. He’s out next.

[Commercial Break]

-John Cena came out. He said it’s been an interesting 24 hours. He said he can feel the energy tonight. Finally, the world knows who Zack Ryder is. Cena plugged Ryder’s Twitter. He also mentioned that Punk won the title last night and he tipped his hat to him. He said everyone found out that he and Rock could co-exist last night, since they won their match. Cena said Rock received a reaction like he’s never heard before. For him…business as usual. He said the honesty from the fans make moments truly unique. He said sometimes, emotions allow people to get carried away. He said Rock stopped everything and asked him into the ring. Knowing Dwayne, he probably wasn’t inviting him into the ring to share a bowl of Fruity Pebbles. “Fruity Pebbles” chant and Cole chimed in saying he thinks that phrase is now trending. It was not. Cena said it was not his night as he found himself on the business-end of a Rock Bottom. “Boots to Asses” chant. Cena began hyping his Wrestlemania match, but Awesome Truth’s theme interrupted and they walked to the ring.

Miz said Cena’s ego won’t even allow him to admit how badly Rock showed him up last night. Miz said Cena was painting a picture of what a great team they were. Miz reminded Cena that 17,000 fans were chanting “don’t tag Cena” last night. And for some reason, the crowd in Hershey started chanting it. Miz said last night, no one wanted to see Cena. Truth began talking and the “what” chants began too. Truth said the Rock will be putting the boots to Cena’s fruity booty all over Miami. Truth said Cenation was about to turn into See-ya-later nation. Cena told them to shut-up and said they need to worry about one member of Cenation – him. He said all eyes are focused on Wrestlemania, and no one cares about Miz and Truth. Cena tried to drive a wedge between Awesome Truth by telling each other what the other really thinks of them. Cena left the ring and said they should be booing themselves. His music played, leaving Awesome Truth in the ring. The partners looked at each other suspiciously. Miz knew Cena was trying to play them, but Truth wasn’t having it. “Little Jimmy” chant as the two argued off-mic. Miz said Truth was stupid for believing what Cena was saying then said everyone was out there to see him. Both men dropped their mics and Truth said Miz was about to cross the line. Miz shoved Truth and Truth punched Miz. Miz begged off in the corner and tried again to tell Truth that Cena was playing them. He told Truth they should get Cena. The men then took off up the aisle, but at the top of the ramp, Miz grabbed Truth and gave him the Skull Crushing Finale. Crowd didn’t seem to know how to take this sudden turn of events. They replayed the move, then medics checked on Truth to end the show. I don’t hate this move, as I believe Miz and Truth have gone as far as they can as a team, not to mention the fact that they needed to do something big to make up for their part in the build-up to Survivor Series.

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It sure is nice, but weird, to have a WWE Champion loudly respected by the adult male audience. But every time someone no sells CM Punk's Macho Man tribute flying elbow, Randy Savage snaps a Slim Jim in Heaven.

The It begins viral video:

My first joke was: A Sin Cara comeback video already?!

If Kane returns masked, I would suspect that mask would come with the black wig. Because if The Undertaker is (still) bald as that photo online indicated months ago, then only one Brother of Destruction can be bald. It'll be weird, though, to say the least.

Someone on the Survivor Series thread mentioned the Glam Slam from the top rope was "wasted" on Eve. It was. No mention of Eve at all, no concern about her condition, no mention of that rather spectacular move. Just a throwaway bit with the Divas to shill WWE 12 with the same old "Barbie doll" nonsense from the Divas of Doom the babyfaces no-sold because it's inane. It's a shame Beth did that move at all since the company didn't care. But that's the life of a WWE Diva in today's WWE.

I liked the three guys in the main event promo pointing out how uninterested everyone in Madison Square Garden was in each of them. "Let's all agree we suck compared to the part time guy who was gone for seven years." Zack Ryder's more over than any of them right now.

(edited by John Orquiola on 21.11.11 2034)


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Speaking of videos, hey where's Brodus Clay?

Both the online viral video (shades of SAVE_US.Y2J but I don't think it's him...) and the Kane video prove once again that the one thing WWE always does right is creepy hypey promo videos.

Oh yeah and Punk/Ziggler was a great match and can they feud please and maybe Dolph should wrestle 2 matches per PPV for even more awesomeness.

I think the King said 10 words all night...if his voice was that far gone, why send him out there at all?

...Jonah Hill...?

"Ice cream bars! Ice cream bars!" - RAW crowd, Boston, 7/11/11

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If Johnny Ace is claiming he is dynamic, doesn't that, by definition, mean that Punk has to break out a Dynamic Dudes video?

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One promo by Cena leads to a tag team that had no tension between them before tonight to break up? Yes WWE creative made them look like jokes over the last month, but it's strange. They really dropped the ball on those two as a team. I guess the whole thing is that RTruth is paranoid or something. I guess he's a face again. I can't say I'm very interested in a feud between them.

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    Originally posted by John Orquiola

    My first joke was: A Sin Cara comeback video already?!

That's strong, but I would've gone with "Sting vs Undertaker?" - luchablog

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I know Rhodes' character has undergone a minor shift, but the new entrance music doesn't hold a candle to the old one. I do sort of love the fact that his theme has now had three iterations of the "Ohhh/ohh!" opening. I enjoy a lot about him except for that maniacal laugh which is really pretty awful.

Ziggler-Punk was really enjoyable. I'm noticing that Booker is now almost exclusively referring to Dolph as "Zig Zag" which is strangely hilarious. If they were going for the transition of the Fameasser (nice call geemoney) into the GTS, that's a mighty difficult spot to pull off. It definitely looked like they were, though, judging by the less-than-clean fall afterwards and the brief frustrated expression on Punk's face. Still a great match.

Kingston is languishing and the mention of little heat for him doesn't surprise me too much, as I don't think there's been any explanation for Bourne's absence given on TV. That and the fact that I can't remember the last time I've seen him hit the follow-up move to the Boom Drop.

Cena's still trying to convince the world (or is that the "Universe" that he loves getting booed. Mind blowing. Miz and Truth come out with great stuff, and Cena of course buries them. At least he got riled up this time and didn't unleash the Smirk of Doom. Of course there was a kernel of truth to his saying no one cared about the pair, though no surprise, given the way the match was hyped. With their clear lack of momentum, breaking the pair up might be the right call, though I'm not sure where they go from there. An experimental three-way feud, perhaps?

The biggest question remains who's Punk's next challenger? Giving ADR a rematch 2 weeks after the PPV means the chances he'll be prominently involved at the next one are probably lower. It's hard not to pine for a build-up to Cena-Punk at Wrestlemania but we know that's out of the question. No doubt the Rock-Cena billing is a bigger draw but it's not better for the company as a whole. Maybe the Rumble? It's still super-strange to me that Cole is saying things like "With Wrestelmania looming..." The show is almost a full half-year away, dude.

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    Originally posted by graves9
    One promo by Cena leads to a tag team that had no tension between them before tonight to break up? ... I can't say I'm very interested in a feud between them.

I just took that as Miz and Truth have been so punked out playing the Washington Generals to Rock and Cena, they needed to split up. Agreed in that I'm not sure getting SKF'd on the stage is much of a face turn for Truth. Or it could be that Bourne popping positive killed the tag division again.

But that leads us to Mr. Cena. That didn't look like a ruse to divide and conquer Awesome Truth to me, it looked more like he's done with those guys, didn't it? And if so, that leaves Cena without a dance partner.. and Punk deals with Del Rio's rematch clause next week on Raw... and Cena vowed that he'd be holding the WWE title when he faces Rock at Wrestlemania.


Could be (probably will be?) that Johnny Ace screws Punk next week, and Cena just gets another nonsensical title shot at Del Rio at TLC. Or maybe.. just maybe could it be that Cena gets a nonsensical title shot at Punk at TLC instead? I would have thought the next Punk/Cena match would be at SummerSlam 2012 at the earliest, if not Wrestlemania XXIX. But after the Summer of Hotshotting, anything's possible on the Raw brand.

Other thoughts:

Pitting the darkest caucasian in the company (Swagger) against the lightest in Sheamus really makes Swagger look... orange.

Of course you can't give away Nash's first singles match in WWE in years on free TV. If Rock did an extra hundred thousand buys, I'm sure Nash has assured them that he'll draw a quarter million.

I've got to deduct half a star because they didn't stick the landing, but Punk/Ziggler is easily in the top 10 WWE Raw matches of the year - if they gave Ryder a flukish win to allow Dolph to properly challenge for Punk's title, I wouldn't complain.

My theory is that Laurinaitis actually has one of those Chibi pets on his phone, and he just has to feed it from time to time. Or he's texting Brodus Clay his regrets again.

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    Originally posted by Matches

    The biggest question remains who's Punk's next challenger? Giving ADR a rematch 2 weeks after the PPV means the chances he'll be prominently involved at the next one are probably lower.

Ya think? Given that the next PPV is a weapons-themed PPV, I think the rematch is likely a vehicle to introduce some weapon for a DQ and then another rematch at the PPV with said weapon now legal.

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If you figure nash/hhhis tables and henry/show is chairs, punk/ del rio is either tlc or ladder.

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The "Itbegins" thing wasn't part of the Kane promos? Then yeah, you figure Undertaker or Jericho, can't think of anyone else who it might be.

"It breaks your heart. It is designed to break your heart. The game begins in the spring, when everything else begins again, and it blossoms in the summer, filling the afternoons and evenings, and then as soon as the chill rains come, it stops and leaves you to face the fall alone." --- Bart Giamatti, on baseball
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    Originally posted by thecubsfan
      Originally posted by John Orquiola

      My first joke was: A Sin Cara comeback video already?!

    That's strong, but I would've gone with "Sting vs Undertaker?"

Personally, I was thinking more "Man, Chris Jericho's debut vignettes are getting lazier."

So I gave in on my self-imposed Raw boycott for one night only, just to see what they did with CM Punk. And wouldn't you know it? For all the talk about change, rebellion, hype, and the promise of something different, we end up with...yet another derivative take on Austin/McMahon. Different cast, same old story. Unbelievable.

Then there's the ending of the show, with Cena cementing once and for all that Awesome Truth was just a joke from the beginning and all that was left was the formality of a team dissolution. The only positive here was that Miz played Truth like a fiddle and, coming out of this angle, he's come out looking pretty ok for himself. Is it too early for me to call my shot and say Miz is winning the Rumble?

If the early Punk/Del Rio blowoff next week means we're getting Punk/Dolph at TLC, I approve.

Sigh...they're not even going to bother with Brodus anymore, are they? And that's the biggest problem with the Supershow concept in a nutshell. On top of Brodus, there's no time to book any of the other Raw guys. Santino's reduced to backstage vignettes. There's no time for Morrison, period. And does Alex Riley even exist anymore? I'd hate to see how many more guys lose airtime when Mysterio and Kane come back.

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I got 15 retweets for this line, so I guess I can bring it over here, too:
    Originally posted by @CRZ
    Well, I hope wherever Jonah Hill and Brodus Clay are... they're together and they're happy together.
I didn't even think that was my best tweet, but obviously I don't know the Twitter audience like WWE does.

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    Originally posted by thecubsfan
      Originally posted by John Orquiola

      My first joke was: A Sin Cara comeback video already?!

    That's strong, but I would've gone with "Sting vs Undertaker?"

I think that you had the right idea.

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Here's what we have so far.

-- Viral video with kid saying it begins and strange fuzzy youtube ad on Raw causes another jump for joy. --

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Imitation is the purest form of flattery. Loved these last year when these were posted Maybe we can some more with the potential onslaught of cryptic ads coming our way?

I could watch Punk and Zig-Zag every week! Has anybody started a Trending on Twitter drinking game yet?

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    Originally posted by The Guinness.
    Has anybody started a Trending on Twitter drinking game yet?

If they have they've died of alcohol poisoning already.

I like that Punk explains why it meant a lot for him to win the title again, this time in MSG.

Good that Punk and Ziggler have a great match, but you know somewhere someone is writing how this makes Punk look weak. Especially since Del Rio beats Ryder in 2.25.

My hope is that they will slowly push Ziggler up and up the card. Give him a title match at the Rumble, and allow him and Punk to steal the show.

I am starting to wonder btw if they will try to postpone the Ziggler/Ryder US title match until WM. If Ryder's still this over by then it'd be great but it'd be hard to pull off.

Now I also wonder if Awesome Truth was just put together for this purpose. Interfere for 3 months against all the faces to give the faces someone to beat up. Now that that's no longer needed they can split up and do their own things again.

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The chase is often better than the catch ... I think this is going to end up summing up the Zack Ryder experience.

Nash somehow got the crowd to stop 'what-ing- him, and he's been cutting decent promos. I still don't want to see the match though.


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Ziggler/Punk was great, no doubt. Ziggler really took that GTS right in the face like a man. Right now, I'm pretty thrilled that Ziggler, Ryder, and Rhodes, 3 guys who have really worked hard to get themselves over, are getting good pushes and tv time. I haven't felt this good about the future of the WWE for quite a while.

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I went lived and we left after Punk beating Zig. I think I made the right call. No Foley or Rock, but Kevin Nash. Yeesh. It is amazing when you have a face people want to see and cheer what happens. We waited in line for an hour and half when it usually takes 30 minutes to 45 minutes tops. The place was packed from end to end. There were actually lines to get to seats. Cena stuff was selling, but every other person including me were grabbing Punk stuff. The place was electric for Punk from the moment he came out to the moment he sat Indian style watching his match with Zigs. I have never heard this crowd which I have been in since 2003 blow this loud.

Granted, I think a lot of fans were there for the possible Rock appearance, but the crowd chanted for Punk before Raw got started. I can not tell you how over this guy is. They can not fuck this up. The decision to leave early was based on the wife already somewhat annoyed attending is pregnant and me feeling bad for booing Cena when there was a small kid with a sign that said Cena salute our troops in 131st Afghanastain. Probably his Dad is in that unit. So, instead of being a total dick, we left. Amazing first hour though. But, when they were announcing nothing for the main event or really any of the matches, we decided to leave.

Ryder stuff was flying off the shells as well. So, there internet you did something right.

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If you're gonna leave halfway through you probably shouldn't waste your cash. Barrett/Kofi was pretty great.

Speaking of, I've a feeling the Barrett Barrage is going to hit an Undertaker Obstruction at WrestleMania.

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    Originally posted by Amos Cochran
    If you're gonna leave halfway through you probably shouldn't waste your cash. Barrett/Kofi was pretty great.

    Speaking of, I've a feeling the Barrett Barrage is going to hit an Undertaker Obstruction at WrestleMania.

Free tickets, free parking. There was talk about Taker returning in the crowd and people believe it will be Jericho even though the rumor is talks failed this weekend.

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