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The W - Pro Wrestling - RAW Supershow #964 11/14/11
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TONIGHT: Raw gets Rocked as The Great One makes his illustrious return in time for the go-home show for Survivor Series. WWE Insider on Twitter posted that the Michael Cole Challenge will lead off the show. We’ll probably get hype for the elimination tag match as well, plus, what will R-Truth and The Miz have in mind for The Rock?

-WWE Open.

-RAW Open.

-After fireworks, Jerry “The King” Lawler intro’d the show, which was a bit jarring to hear. They wasted no time in advertising the Rock as being on the show, with a unique graphic.

-Justin Roberts introduced Michael Cole, who ran out in white pants, a white suit jacket and light blue shirt. In the ring were three tables of mystery – they were covered by a black cloth. Cole said JR is actually here tonight to take the Cole challenge. He introduced JR as the closest thing WWE has to a cartoon float (with the Thanksgiving parade next week). JR came to the ring. He looked none too happy. Cole said there’d be three challenges and if he wins all three, he’ll get his job back and Cole will quit. The first challenge was arm wrestling. What is this, NXT? Cole called JR a “fat tub of goo” and ordered a referee into the ring. Cole did the usual heel thing of doing warm-ups and generally delaying the proceedings. Once the contest began, JR won in record time. Cole complained at first, then said he was just joshing with us and that he gave up because JR’s breath was so revolting.

After a number of replays (which Cole took issue with), Cole moved on to challenge number two. He said he was so confident, he’d let the WWE Universe vote on who they think will win. Cole said he was undefeated in this competition: A dance-off. Cole danced to what sounded like some 70s music and used a red scarf as a prop. JR declined to forfeit and told the fans to follow along with him. He got some music, took off his jacket and really got down. It was quite frightening. Cole admitted JR showed him something there, then made fun of him and polled the WWE Universe. JR won.

The third and final challenge was next, with JR up 2-0. Cole reiterated the stakes and said JR was about to pull the biggest choke job since the Boston Red Sox. The contest: “who weighs less.” Someone in the crowd seemed to have saw this coming. The scale had Cole at 200 pounds. JR stepped on and he was at 239 pounds. That actually doesn’t seem bad for him. Cole announced that he had won, but before the celebration could advance any further, CM Punk walked out.

Cole asked how Punk dare interrupt his contest. “You’re time is up,” said Punk. Punk said once it became obvious Cole wasn’t going to give JR a fair shot at getting his job back, the entire thing became a waste of time – except for JR dancing. JR said Punk is a better announcer than Cole, and then he told Cole to just leave. Punk said between Johnny Ace, Alberto Del Rio and Cole, this show is becoming unbearable. Is this really something WWE wants a babyface to admit? Punk said it feels like Cole has been out here for six hours, despite it being just a three-hour show. He said he wanted to make things interesting, which is what he’ll do when he’s champion. He talked about all the things he’d do as champion to make Raw as good as it can be. He said he wanted to take the spotlight off Cole. Johnny Ace walked out.

Ace said that according to his Twitter page (38,000 followers strong!), people wanted to see the competition and not see it broken up. Well, it did finish. Punk said screw Ace and his Twitter followers. He put Punk in a match tonight with Big Show to face Mark Henry and Alberto Del Rio. Cole laughed as Ace walked away. He said the pipe bomb blew up in Punk’s face. Cole demanded an apology from Punk. Crowd chanted for the GTS, but instead, he headbutted Cole down and applied the Anaconda Vice.

-Matt Striker was backstage as a limo pulled up, saying he was excited for this big return and that it’s been trending on Twitter all day. Instead of Rock though, Mick Foley walked out. He said he wouldn’t miss Rock’s return to Raw and said it would be a night neither the Rock nor Cena would ever forget. He went for the cheap pop then walked into the backstage area.

[Commercial Break]

(1) Sin Cara & Kofi Kingston vs. Cody Rhodes & Hunico
JR joined Lawler on the broadcast team. He said Cole is receiving medical attention so he thought he’d fill in. They still had Christian in the graphic for the Survivor Series tag match, despite it coming out that he won’t be able to wrestle at the show. Another new remix for Cody Rhodes’ theme – it was decidedly more upbeat. No mask! Rhodes did an inset interview denying that Randy Orton emasculated him a few weeks ago, and said he actually emancipated him. Then he did an evil laugh.

Cara and Hunico started, and Hunico was taken down with a headscissors, then an arm-drag. Kofi tagged in and hit Hunico with an elbow. Victory roll turned into some sort of monkey flip on Hunico. Both he and Rhodes went to the outside and Cara and Kingston came flying off opposite top turnbuckles onto them. Break time at 1:20 of the match.

[Commercial Break]

Back at 4:54 of the match. Rhodes was working over Cara, then tagged Hunico. Near-fall for him. Tilt-a-whirl back-breaker by Hunico. Lawler noted that Mick Foley is trending on Twitter. Hunico tried another tilt-a-whirl, but Cara rolled him up out of nowhere – it even seemed to surprise the ref. Hot tag to Kofi at about 7:20. High dropkick on Rhodes, then a springboard cross-body into a pin, which was broken up by Hunico. He was tossed out by Kofi. Cara with a corkscrew onto him, but Rhodes nailed Kingston with Cross-Rhodes for the win.

Winners: Hunico and Rhodes, at 8:07. Solid enough tag match – Cara and Hunico both looked good in there, and you know what you’re getting from Cody and Kofi.

-The Rock was shown walking backstage. He’ll address the crowd tonight.

[Commercial Break]

-They showed the Boston skyline.

-Backstage, Santino Marella was playing The Rock vs. John Cena on the WWE ’12 video game. Zack Ryder walked in and asked Santino to sign his online petition to get a US Title match. Marella said he was busy playing the People’s Edition of the game, which has The Rock on the cover by fan voting (he won over Cena by a large margin!). Ryder said it doesn’t matter since Cena would be him in the ring. They both agreed that Rock and Cena would beat Miz and Truth at Survivor Series. Ryder gave Marella his phone and Marella signed the petition.

-The announcers talked about WWE ’12 video game.

-Vickie Guerrero walked out with some bad news. She said reported that Christian suffered a serious ankle injury during the European tour after also suffering a neck injury on Smackdown. She said Christian is out of Survivor Series. She chastised for not pointing out that Teddy Long forced him to compete. Vickie came bearing good news and said that…well, we didn’t get it because Dolph Ziggler interrupted. It sounded like she was saying something about Mark Henry. He said he’s on team Barrett now. He talked about how much better he is (at everything) than the team captain. Ziggler talked about how he’s taking on someone who is more cyborg than man tonight: Mason Ryan. No reaction for that. Nice mic work there by Ziggler. The match is next.

[Commercial Break]

-Johnny Ace walked out with Michael Cole, whose arm was in a sling. They went to the announce table and Cole told JR to hit the bricks. JR patted Cole a few times on the arm and Cole threatened to sue. JR couldn’t have cared less. Cole of course ranted on commentary and said he consulted with David Otunga (no word on whether or not the coffee mug was in on it too) and is planning to sue CM Punk.

(2) Dolph Ziggler vs. Mason Ryan
Ziggler tried to run out of the ring, but Ryan caught him by the trunks and clotheslined Ziggler. Running big boot knocked Ziggler down. I think I heard some boos here. Ryan pressed Ziggler over his head, then Vickie got on the apron. She slapped Ryan, drawing the DQ.

Winner: Ryan, via disqualification, at 1:03. Do they not even trust Ryan for longer than a minute against Ziggler, who can bump around for anyone?

John Morrison ran out and threw Ziggler back into the ring. Ryan put him in the full-nelson, then gave him a slam off that move.

-Mick Foley was walking backstage. Ryder asked him to sign the petition. Foley asked for Ryder to teach him the fist pumping, which he did. Foley signed the petition then continued walking – he’s out next.

[Commercial Break]

-Near the top of the hour, the opening graphic relating to the Rock aired.

-Mick Foley was introduced to the live crowd by Justin Roberts. Foley thanked the fans for their chnats and said there’s no place like home. Rock mentioned the Rock-N-Cena connection, which drew some boos. He endorsed Cena as one of the greatest performers in WWE history. Foley wanted to fix things and make them right, so he introduced Cena.

Cena talked about the sold out arena and mentioned Foley, then said he didn’t ask Rock to be his partner because they’re friends. Foley said maybe he went overboard by saying he and Cena are good friends, but they can at least acknowledge they have a respect for each other. Foley talked about a letter he once wrote to Cena talking about how Cena showed respect to everyone in the locker room. Foley plugged his Twitter and talked of how he mentioned on there some of Cena’s greatest matches, which was met with a firestorm of controversy. Foley pointed out his shirt, which was half Cena’s tee and half Rock’s. He said what once was torn apart now must come together. Foley said he’d do it by doing a “this is your life” for Cena. Cena said he didn’t think this was a good idea. I concur. Foley told the director to roll Cena’s video tribute.

The music was overly cheesy and the video spliced home video footage and stills with his WWE work. Some of the fans bought it and cheered. Cena even made fun of the song. Foley played the first voice, and it was Cena’s Little League coach, Mr. Will Gray. The coach ran out (in a track suit, of course) to the ring. Too bad he didn’t get Abe “Knuckleball” Schwartz’s theme. The coach hugged Cena and Foley encouraged coach to tell a story. Bottom of the sixth, bases loaded, tie game, all they needed was a hit and Cena struck out. Coach said he told Cena it would make him a better person by Cena cried all day. Out next was Cena’s old rap partner, B squared, Bull Buchanan. They showed a clip of Cena from January 2003 rapping his way to the ring on Smackdown. Buchanan then came out. Cena was shocked he was actually here.

Cena said it was good to see Bull and Buchanan said it was great to see him. Foley said Bull told him Cena was instrumental in his WWE career. Buchanan said Cena was the greatest tag partner he ever had and that he had the best time of his career with him. Buchanan said Cena was maybe the greatest superstar of all time. Boos for that. Buchanan then reminisced about his career, saying he got fired, tehn his old lady divorced him and he lost all his money in a Ponzi scheme. Buchanan reminisced about his dog that bit him and gave him rabies. Buchanan then got in Cena’s face and said Cena ruined his life. It looked like Cena was trying not to laugh. “Finally something worse than the Shockmaster,” said Cena. Foley’s next guest was John Cena Sr.

Cena Sr. said he’d like to say something to the WWE Universe, especially those testosterone-filled apes who keep chanting “Cena sucks.” Cena Sr. said Cena doesn’t suck, “you suck.” Cena Jr. had his head in his arm, embarrassed. Dad chastised the crowd for hassling his son, and said Cena works very hard. He told the crowd they were losers. Cena told his dad it was no time for this. Cena told Mick he’s never told fans how to feel about him. He said that wasn’t his life, in the ring, that’s his life. Cena told Mick this was one of wrestling’s greatest transgressions. Foley said he can salvage it and has five people still back there. He talked about a girl he was going to bring out, but before he could, Rock’s music interrupted and he walked out. He immediately went into the ring, Rock Bottomed Foley, then left. Cena was smiling and trying to help Foley up. Not sure what they were trying to do with that segment, but safe to say it didn’t work. The cameo by Buchanan was at least a bit funny. I feel like it would’ve been decent had Cena actually been embarrassed by what was said about him – instead, he had that stupid smirk that said he was too cool for school and acted like it was a big joke.

-Survivor Series captain vs. captain is tonight, as Randy Orton takes on Wade Barrett in a rematch from Smackdown.

-Plus, Punk and Big Show vs. ADR and Henry.

[Commercial Break]

(3) Sheamus vs. Jack Swagger
They showed Sheamus presenting an award at the European MTV Music Awards. Take-down by Sheamus to start the match, then a shoulder knock-down. Swagger put his head down too early after whipping Sheamus into the ropes, and he paid for it. Swagger sent to ringside as they went to break 1:28 in.

[Commercial Break]

They returned at 4:30 of the match, with Sheamus clobbering Swagger in the chest. I tried to type “clubbering” and Microsoft Word auto-corrected to “clobbering.” Swagger took out Sheamus’ leg then hit an impressive running shoulder tackle. I think the fans are chanting something at Vickie. Running clothesline by Sheamus. Irish hammer and another. Sheamus set up for his finisher, but Swagger got out the back and nailed Sheamus from behind. Vader Bomb, then the ankle-lock by Swagger. Sheamus countered and Swagger rolled to ringside. Swagger re-entered and ran right into an Irish Curse back-breaker. Brogue Kick. Fin.

Winner: Sheamus, at 8:51. Crowd got into it late, but it sounded like they were burnt out from the previous segment.

-Backstage, the Bellas were schmoozing with Ryder ‘til ADR showed up off camera, then they flocked to him and Ricardo Rodriguez. Del Rio said he had an important meeting. One of the Bellas said they didn’t believe what Punk said about him last week and wanted to party with him in NYC after Survivor Series. Ryder told them not to party with Del Rio, but with him in the LI. He even invited ADR and Rodriguez to join. The heels walked off without a word. “Was it something I said?” asked Ryder. The Bellas too walked off in disgust.

[Commercial Break]

-A statue of Paul Revere in Boston was shown.

-The Divas were in the ring for a match: Nattie vs. Kelly Kelly. Beth Phoenix was in Natalya’s corner, and Alicia Fox and Eve were in Kelly’s corner. Before the match, they showed a behind-the-scenes look at Kelly’s Maxim photoshoot. I can tell that the guy they interviewed never watched WWE when he said Kelly’s personality just jumps off the screen.

(4) Natalya vs. Kelly Kelly
Nattie cornered Kelly, but Kelly gave her the stinkface. Natalya then tried to lock in the Sharpshooter, but Kelly small packaged Natalya for the win.

Winner: Kelly, at :49. Yes, the photoshoot clip lasted longer than the match. What a waste.

-Another plug for The Rock addressing the crowd tonight.

[Commercial Break- This Friday, Wade Barrett & Cody Rhodes take on Randy Orton & Sheamus on Smackdown]

-Backstage, Johnny Ace was on the phone with Brodus Clay. Clay’s debut has been put off again, as Ace said his debut would be overshadowed by Rock tonight. He wanted to do it next week. Alberto Del Rio and Ricardo Rodriguez walked up to Ace. Ace said CM Punk has made a laughingstock out of him. He said he doesn’t care who wins, but he said Punk can cause a lot more trouble to WWE if he wins the Championship. Del Rio said he’ll beat Punk and in fact, doesn’t think Punk will make it to Survivor Series. He promised to be champion longer than Ace will be general manager.

-The announcers were shown on camera and Cole said after what Punk did to him earlier, he’ll be rooting for Del Rio.

-They ran down the Survivor Series card.

-Matt Striker was backstage with R-Truth and Miz. He asked three questions, but they just stood there and didn’t answer. Then they walked off. I love those interviews- so easy to transcribe!

-Punk was walking backstage as the Raw theme played as if they were prepping to go to commercial. Del Rio attacked from behind instead, and had to be pulled off of Punk by referees. THEN they went to break.

[Commercial Break]

-Justin Roberts handed the mic over to Ricardo Rodriguez. As Del Rio mentioned in his backstage segment with Ace, they showed Del Rio on the cover of “Hombre” Magazine.

(5) Alberto Del Rio & Mark Henry vs. Big Show & CM Punk
Del Rio’s attempt to keep Punk out of this match (and out of Survivor Series) did not work. Show with hard slaps across the chest of Del Rio. Show bodyslammed him then tagged Punk, who was aggressive on Del Rio. Lock-up between Henry and Show. Henry shoved Show backward. Another, long lock-up, and this time Show not only shoved Henry backward, but to the ground. Headbutts by Show. He tried a slam, but Henry fell onto him for a near-fall. Del Rio tagged in, and he belted Show with light kicks. Henry came in and continued the onslaught. Show fought back and got to his feet. Headbutt on Henry, who was staggered. Shoulder tackle by Show and Henry was down. Big Show signaled for the right hand, but Henry tagged Del Rio. The two heels began arguing – they went to break at 5:30.

[Commercial Break]

Back at 8:45, with Henry all over Punk. The heels kept Punk in their corner and continued to work him over, concentrating on his shoulder. Things started breaking down around the 11:00 mark. Cole generously called a Show side kick a superkick. World’s Strongest Slam by Henry on Punk, then Del Rio got the pin as Henry and Show battled outside.

Winners: Del Rio and Henry, at 12:07. Okay for what it was. It got some heat on the heels, which WWE isn’t doing enough of these days.

Del Rio locked in the cross arm-breaker after the match. Show ran him off.

-They replayed Rock coming out and giving Foley a Rock Bottom. He’ll be on later tonight.

[Commercial Break]

-The announcers thanked Flo Rida for providing the theme to Survivor Series.

-They replayed the finish of the previous tag match and what happened after the match.

-Santino Marella came out and talked about how he almost won the Royal Rumble this year. He said he would’ve won if it wasn’t for Alberto Del Rio. He said Boston is a very famous city, but it will be known as the city where Santino put his career back on track. He said next time he returns he’ll be champions. No, that’s not a typo. Before he could get further, Kevin Nash walked out in jeans and a t-shirt. Santino begged Nash not to beat him up to make a statement. “Why would I want to do that?” asked Nash. He said he’s one of Santino’s biggest fans. He also said talking about the Rumble brought back some fond memories. He asked Santino to do the Trombone, so Santino did and walked right into a big boot.

Nash said that yeah, he was in the Rumble, and he blew the roof off the building. He said he got the biggest ovation of the night. He lamented the fact that Triple H didn’t hire him, then said he’s here and Hunter is not. Jackknife powerbomb on Marella. He then calmly walked to the back.

-Randy Orton was doing push-ups in his locker room. He and Wade Barrett square off next.

[Commercial Break]

-Jonah Hill is the guest star of Raw next week.

-They gave a preview of The Rock from WWE ’12.

-Wade Barrett came out for his match. The entire Survivor Series team walked out with Barrett. I wish they’d do that at the PPV and not everyone have their own entrance. Oh well, minor issue. Barrett got a mic after they showed how he beat Orton on Smackdown last week. He said his Barrett Barrage has taken out Sheamus and Orton in consecutive weeks, and then said he’d de-venomize the viper tonight. Roberts now introduces Orton as “the Apex Predator, Randy Orton.” The babyface team walked out with Orton. Match is next.

[Commercial Break]

(6) Wade Barrett vs. Randy Orton
Clothesline out of the corner by Orton, then a suplex. Reversal by Barrett, then a side slam for two. Barrett attempted to wear Orton down with a rear chinlock. Orton made a comeback, including a scoop slam. DDT by Orton, then he set up for an RKO. As he did, Cody Rhodes attacked him to draw the DQ.

Winner: Orton, at 3:39. You could see that ending coming a mile away.

Of course, everyone got involved and brawled in the ring. Orton hit the RKO on Hunico, then Ryan pressed him over his head and tossed him onto the rest of his Survivor Series team at ringside.

-Again, Foley getting a Rock Bottom from Rock was shown.

-The Rock is next.

[Commercial Break]

-More shots of Boston.

-The Rock came out after a long pause between “ladies and gentlemen, please welcome….” and “…The Rock!” Rock soaked up the cheers inside the ring after posing for the fans on the turnbuckles. He talked about starting his day at 3:15 am, Tweeting, working out, and then being on the set of GI Joe, but said he couldn’t wait. He described his day as he got to the arena and inside the ring. He talked about the honor and the privilege of getting to say, “finally, the Rock has come back to Boston!” He talked about Survivor Series then said he wasn’t going to stand backstage while Mick Foley, a dear friend, served that plate of hot garbage to the fans. So now they’ve acknowledged that the two longest segments on the show were trash. Rock talked about how he can run Twitter and tried to get BootsToAsses trending, saying it was trending now. Fans were lukewarm to the constant Twitter plugging.

“Boots To Asses” chant from the crowd. He said they just made Twitter history from right here on Boston. Rock said he ain’t waiting six days, and tonight, he’s going to deliver and awesome ass-whopping to Awesome Truth, and he wants to do it now. Curiously, the heels did walk out, but not dressed for a fight. They didn’t even rap. Miz did his “really?” spiel, then Truth said Rock won’t be doing anything to them. “Raw gets rocked. What a joke,” said Truth. He said every time they’re on the show, Raw gets Awesome (said by Miz). Miz said they’re going to leave Rock a quivering mess. Truth wanted to do it now, but Miz held him back. Miz said he doesn’t care what Rock wants or what the fans want: They just want to make history at the biggest Survivor Series of all-time. “Boots to asses” chant again. Before the heels could leave, Cena’s music played and he came out.

Cena asked Miz if he was wearing make-up. Cena took a dig at Rock for breaking messages via satellite. Cena playfully waited for Rock’s retort despite the two not making eye-contact. Rock said they’ll have to excuse HIS partner, who’s not used to getting support for someone who has gone through puberty. He mentioned the possibility of kicking Cena in his lady parts. And he said Cena’s lady parts are trending worldwide. Who cares? Small “lady parts” chant. Cena pointed out that Sunday they have to be a team, and if his partner’s ego gets in the way of the team, “Cena bitchslapped Rocky” will be trending worldwide. Miz said he was sick of this. He said the last time it was the Rock and Cena show, he won the main event of Wrestlemania. Good point. He said what they’ll do at MSG will never be forgotten. Truth said Little Johnny and Little Rocky going back-and-forth can have a blast – they’ll see their opponents on Sunday. Rock stopped them, though.

Another “boots to asses” chant. Rock said they’ll see them Sunday, but they’re here right now, so “boots to asses.” Rock attacked Truth and Cena went after Miz. Rock Bottom to Truth. Rock took Miz off Cena’s shoulders where he readied for the Attitude Adjustment, and gave Miz a Rock Bottom. Rock slowly did the “you can’t see me” to Cena from the top of the ramp.

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After reading the recap (because hell if I'm going to break my Raw boycott against a Packers game), I just have to say...why, why, WHY would you take a 3-hour Raw, where you're presumably trying to attract as large a number of viewers as possible, considering you're going to all the trouble of bringing in The Rock...WHY would you start that show off with a 20-MINUTE MICHAEL COLE SEGMENT? Why would you WILLINGLY chase off a huge chunk of the fanbase by purposely shining the spotlight on him? And why would you chase off another chunk of fans by humiliating JR for the hundredth time?

And of course, God forbid we go a single show without Michael Cole, so naturally he's back before the show's over. If I was watching these shows, I'd be pissed.

One last note about this show. What's worse than Vince Russo's most infamous segment of the Attitude Era? Having a bunch of hack writers try to IMITATE Vince Russo's most infamous segment of the Attitude Era!

And yet the really sad thing is...this is STILL a better use of poor Mick than anything TNA ever came up with for him.

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"This is bad comedy."
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#3 Posted on | Instant Rating: 6.44
A whole lot of boring.

I'll tell you one thing, I don't see how Cena/Rock can possibly win on Sunday. Awesome Truth seem simply UNSTOPPABLE!

Shut up, Josh!
Big G

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#4 Posted on | Instant Rating: 7.24
Good job on these recaps geemoney. I don't know how you find the strength.

The 239 lbs has to be a worked number. Firstly because there is no way JR only weighs that amount, but mostly because that is Homer Simpson's weight. There's no way that is a coincidence. The pop culture trivia section of my brain won't allow it.

Who do I see about organising a coordinated mass unfollowing of Johnny Ace, teenage schoolgirl style, just before next weeks Raw?
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#5 Posted on | Instant Rating: 8.52
I am still irked that Cena dumped B-2 for Redd Dogg.
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Read it and weep, fella

    Originally posted by Dionysus
    I am still irked that Cena dumped B-2 for Redd Dogg.
I forgot all about B2 and was fully expecting Red Dogg (and maybe Jazz?) to come out.

Tyler Durden

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So, this was Mick Foley's big return to WWE?

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I wonder if they put the Cole/Ross thing in the first hour, since often hour 1 of 3 gets lower than average because people forget it is on.

I sped through RAW on the Tivo in about 10 minutes. Even the Rock stuff was FF material. The only thing I stopped for was Bull Buchahan and to see who was replacing Christian on the Survivor Series team.

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I was all set to order Survivor Series this Sunday, even though I wasn't terribly enthused about it. But Rocky and all that jazz.

This show was so boring, so poorly thought out, and so unentertaining though. I'm not going to say I won't order the PPV, but it has gone from a "planning to be in front of the tv Sunday night" thing to a "if there's nothing better to do and I feel inspired on the spur of the moment" thing.

I don't know who in WWE made the mistake of showing Vince what Twitter is, but that person is my enemy.

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What is the point of spending three weeks hyping that awful Cole segment if they just going to put Cole back in the booth an hour later? There's just so much wrong with this show right now. Thank God for SmackDown.
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I turned down the chance to see RAW Gets ROCKED live. All day long I thought maybe I should go grab a ticket last minute but I resisted the urge. I think I made the right call to stay home and catch it on DVR.

    Originally posted by Tyler Durden
    So, this was Mick Foley's big return to WWE?

Not only was it Mick Foley's big return to WWE after five plus years away, but it was terrible. Not only was it terrible (among the reasons because John Cena is a totally different character from The Rock and trying to embarrass him doesn't have the same effect), but everyone said it was terrible on the air. Cole and Lawler both said it was terrible. John Cena said it was terrible while it was happening. The Rock said it was terrible. I think even The Miz said it was terrible. They made Foley look like archaic garbage and practically high fived each other for doing so.

Best part of the show for me: Kelly Kelly beats Natalya, the John Morrison of the Divas, in 49 seconds. Heh. Heh heh.



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    Originally posted by geemoney
    Punk said between Johnny Ace, Alberto Del Rio and Cole, this show is becoming unbearable. Is this really something WWE wants a babyface to admit?

The man speaks the truth! I'm surprised he didn't get a bigger pop for saying that. Just like Family Guy, they acknowledge (at least Punk does) that they're putting out terrible product and just kinda shrug and make jokes about it.

It's STILL weird to hear the NWO theme music on WWE Raw. That music is still so closely associated with "the other guys(WCW)" in my head.

Dolph is almost ready to go it alone without Vickie. He's getting better on the mic. When he said "two first names and no talent" I immediately thought Mason Ryan.

Getting really sick of everything being the best/worst/most controversial..IN WWE HISTORY!!

I really liked the little touch of Cena/Rock running each other down without even turning their heads to look at each other.

El Nastio

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The dark match main event was John Cena, CM Punk, and Randy Orton vs. Mark Henry, The Miz, and R-Truth. Apparently the "we want Ryder" chants got to the point where Punk left the match, ran to the back, and got Ryder. Ryder picked up the win for his team, with the Rough Ryder.

Which, along with a petition for a US title re-match that tens of thousands have signed, hasn't gotten him a spot on the Survivor Series card.


Terrible show. Only things I really liked was B2, the passive aggressive part of the final promo, and the Big Show running in and delivering a kick after Punk did one.

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I think we're all overlooking the real highlight of the show - Dolph Ziggler's #Heel hoodie.

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I actually liked the This is your life, because it was supposed to be terrible. Foley and Cena joking about the song was either breaking kayfage or acknowledging "Yeah, its going to be terrible." So, screaming it was terrible doesn't make sense to me. Cena Sr's promo was great in the same terrible way. It also makes sense for Foley to want to bridge the gap between the two and I thought the t-shirt was a nice touch. If they did anything wrong was they needed to hype Foley's return perhaps last week. Yet, the hug into the Rock Bottom maybe my favorite moment next Punk blowing the kiss to Vince.

I went to bed after that since I was right in assuming it nothing was going to top that. It is nice that have 3 months, Punk finally lets us in on what he is going to do as champ. I am still up for Survivor Series and I look forward to Cena/Rock losing to the Awesome Truth after killing one another. Also, if WWE is not going to turn Cena after getting loudly booed in his own hometown, they never will.

The Wee Baby Sheamus.

Twitter: @realjoecarfley its a bit more toned down there. A bit.
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Honest to Vader, I fell asleep before Orton could get into the ring.

I appreciate that Cody has moved on from his mask gimmick. It was good, it elevated him, and he doesn't need it anymore. I'm glad it didn't become Bob Orton's cast.

Foley/Cena was rotten, and I only hope it leads to Cactus Jack comin' back.

"To be the man, you gotta beat demands." -- The Lovely Mrs. Tracker

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Marked out hard for B2 and John Cenia. They almost redeemed this wretched show. I'd rather see them face Miz and Truth.
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Is there anything more anti-climactic than revealing a returning wrestler in a backstage scene? The "getting out of a limo" thing is plaaaaaayed out and always cuts into the HOLY SHIT pop from the live crowd. The reveal should come from the ramp.

At this point, I think everyone knew that Foley was coming back - but let him get that moment in front of the house audience. It makes for better TV.

Amos Cochran
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    Originally posted by KJames199
    Marked out hard for B2 and John Cenia. They almost redeemed this wretched show. I'd rather see them face Miz and Truth.

Bull should work that Waylon Mercy/Max Cady gimmick he had lined up against Cena.

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I have to admit, as much as the "This is Your Life" sucked, they won me over when it went so far over the top with Buchanan telling us about his country song of a life. So bad it got perversely good. And Rock at least put the button on it properly, in and out before his music cut.

If Cena is ever going to try a full heel turn, he'd better at least start to appear annoyed over the mixed crowd reactions. If he did it this Sunday, I'd be afraid that it will be the same old Cena, only using heel tactics in the ring. But with the same "too big to sweat anything" mic style? He'll get more apathy than heat that way. At least the heat will be high-pitched, the people booing him now just won't care.

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