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17.2.20 0621
The W - Pro Wrestling - RAW SuperShow #955 9/12/11
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TONIGHT: We’ve got the go-home show for Night of Champions. The US and IC Champions need a match! Plus, is advertising the final face-off between Triple H vs. CM Punk before their contest at the PPV. Speaking of Triple H, this could be his last night as COO. And oh-by-the-way…John Cena vs. Alberto Del Rio will be at the PPV.

-WWE Open.

-It sounded like the Raw Open was interrupted by Alberto Del Rio’s music as they went to the arena. He and Ricardo Rodriguez were in the ring. Del Rio said he couldn’t take being disrespected. Ricardo tried to translate, but Del Rio pulled the mic away. Del Rio was unhappy with Cena AA’ing him last week and the fans making fun of him for it. Del Rio reminded everyone that he retired Edge and he’d teach Cena a lesson at the PPV. He said his name is Alberto Del Rio, and he is WWE Champion, and the greatest of the great. That comment brought out WWE Hall-of-Famer Bret “Hitman” Hart. They are live in Ottawa, after all.

Bret came to the ring to confront Del Rio. Hart said he came out to give Del Rio a little advice. He said it seems obvious with Del Rio wearing the “World…WWE World Championship Belt.” He said Del Rio doesn’t know what it means to be World Champion. Del Rio said he destroyed Rey Mysterio and Edge, and threatened to do the same with Hart. Hart said Del Rio is all style and no “stubstance.” Bret said Del Rio is a long way away from being the best ever. ADR asked if Bret really wanted to make fun of him. He called Bret a former champion who looks like a “bump” (I assume he means “bum”) and a homeless person. Del Rio said Bret looks like an illegal Canadian who he hires to clean his house. Okay, that was a good line. Del Rio said he’s WWE Champion and he’s going to make an example out of him. They both laid down their mics, but before fisticuffs could ensue, John Cena came out to his music.

Michael Cole reminded viewers they were in “the capital of this dump (Canada)” and they were in bizarre world. Again, why say that when they’re cheering Cena, something most crowds in America do too? Cena said he disagreed with Del Rio about Bret’s sense of style. He said he sees a WWE Hall-of-Famer when he looks at Hart. He said he has no visual proof, but apparently Del Rio has grown a set of jalapenos because he actually isn’t running away from Cena. Cena told Del Rio to “go home.” He again got on Del Rio for renting his car and told him to go back to Mexico and party like there’s no tomorrow because he’ll be WWE Champion for only six more days. Cena told everyone including Tattoo from Fantasy Island (again referring to Ricardo) that he will be champion. Both men agreed to fight tonight…until Del Rio tossed Rodriguez in front of him and said Ricardo wants to make Cena pay for Cena hitting him in the face. All the while Ricardo was in the background visually pleading with Del Rio not to do so. Cena wanted Del Rio to put his title on the line against Bret Hart tonight. Bret took off the jacket and fans chanted “We want Bret.” Cena then quoted Judge Mills Lane, which is at least a reference from the 90s, but still one no kid will get. John Laurinaitis interrupted.

Cena did his Laurinaitis impersonation which of course was spot-on. On behalf of Triple H, he made the match of Ricardo and Del Rio against Hitman and Cena. Cena said it was the first good decision Laurinaitis made in his life. They went right into the Raw theme so they may have been running long there. Cole plugged that it was Raw Supershow with Smackdown and Raw superstars.

-Triple H and Punk will have one final face-off tonight. I think I’ve heard enough from both on the subject the last few weeks.

- Also, Randy Orton vs. Cody Rhodes, champion vs. champion, tonight.

[Commercial Break]

(1) John Morrison & Alex Riley vs. Dolph Ziggler & Jack Swagger
Morrison was the only one who got an entrance. Monkey flip by Morrison, then the Flying Chuck connected. Cover got two at :48. Apparently, Jerry Lawler is in tag action again tonight but won’t tell who his partner is. Ziggler took back over on offense against Morrison as he jawed with Swagger, who was on the apron. Big elbowdrop by Ziggler for two. Swagger wanted a tag by Ziggler was having none of it. That allowed Morrison to recover and kick Ziggler in the head. Both men made tags (well, Swagger tagged himself). Spinebuster by A.Ry, then he tossed an interfering Ziggler out of the ring. STO by Riley for two. Swagger with a single-leg, then an ankle-lock. Riley rolled through, knocking Swagger into Ziggler, who was trying to get back on the apron. F5 by Riley for the win.

Winners: Morrison and Riley, at 2:46. Fine for a quickie match.

Vickie Guerrero screamed at Ziggler after the match, presumably for not breaking up the pin.

-Josh Mathews, goofy grin on his face, welcomed R-Truth and Miz to the interview area backstage. He asked the men if their opinions of the COO have changed since they granted their tag title request against Evan Bourne and Kofi Kingston. Miz took the mic and he and Truth walked through the backstage area. Miz said Triple H simply did the obvious by making the match. He then made fun of Hunter and Punk for their face-off tonight, saying CM Punk should change the CM in his name to BS. Truth pretended he agreed with Hunter, but when Miz said “really?” he told Miz, “ninja, please.” He said he wants Hunter to lose on Sunday, then they made their way into the arena.

In the arena, Truth said COO twice spells “cuckoo,” which is what Hunter is if he thinks he’s going to win Sunday. He said he and Miz should be in the main events of every PPV. They’re gonna prove that Sunday and right now. Miz said Bourne and Kingston will get got on Sunday, and Truth said it was awesome, to switch things up. It’s Miz vs. Kofi, next.

[Commercial Break]

(2) The Miz vs. Kofi Kingston
Kofi once again with the powder blue tights and boots. Miz laid in left hand after left hand to start things. Vertical suplex followed for only a one-count. Hip-toss attempt into a flip by Kofi. After going back and forth into the ropes, Miz hip-tossed Kofi over the top rope, but Kofi held on and Miz tumbled out too. They went to break at 1:31 with both men recovering.

[Commercial Break]

Back at 4:54 with Miz dominating Kofi. Lawler disagreed with Cole, who used the word “dominating.” DDT by Miz for two. Kofi jumped in the air, landing with both feet in Miz’s sternum. That’s such a dangerous move for both guys. Kingston came back with dropkicks, then a springboard cross-body for two. Miz missed a kick and Kofi cradled him for two. Back-breaker, but neck-breaker from Miz was turned into a backslide for two. Ref Justin King just missed getting crushed in the corner. Miz tripped up Kofi on the top rope and Miz gave him a neckbreaker. Skull Crushing Finale, surprisingly without a counter, for the win.

Winner: Miz, at 8:21. Booking 101 here. Match was good, but nothing great.

-Backstage, Vickie Guerrero chased down Teddy Long. He said he saw what happened out there, and Teddy made a Fatal Four-Way where Ziggler faces Morrison, Swagger and Riley at the PPV. Vickie said the other champions only have to face one guy, so it wasn’t fair to Dolph. Kelly was laughing off-screen and Vickie confronted her. Kelly said Teddy would listen if Vickie wasn’t so mean. Vickie said Kelly as a Divas Champ is a disgrace and she can’t wait ‘til Beth Phoenix beats her on Sunday. She said even she could beat Kelly. So Long made the match between the two for tonight.

-Plus, Lawler and a mystery partner take on Otunga and McGillicutty. Why wouldn’t he just choose Zack Ryder again?

[Commercial Break]

-Michael McGillicutty and David Otunga were in the ring. McGillicutty asked Lawler, who was still at ringside, why he thinks they don’t have personality. He asked Lawler if he knows who his father is. Otunga grabbed the mic and said he’s a Harvard-educated lawyer. Lawler said he did know McGillicutty’s father, and he’s not his father. For some reason, they’re not saying his name. Lawler said Otunga must not have passed personality class. So Lawler brought out his partner…and it was Sheamus. Hey, remember when Sheamus brutally attacked Lawler?

(3) Michael McGillicutty & David Otunga vs. Jerry “The King” Lawler & Sheamus
Lawler got worked over early, but Sheamus tagged in at about :45 and took the fight to McGillicutty. Hard forearms to McGillicutty’s chest, then a knee to the head. To the top, he came off with a flying shoulder tackle. Otunga came in and dodged a Brogue Kick, but a right hand by Lawler left him open for the move on a second try. Brogue Kick to McGillicutty, then the Celtic Cross.

Winners: Lawler and Sheamus, at 2:29. The bridge of Lawler’s nose was bleeding after the match. Just continued the devaluing of McGillicutty and Otunga, with no other real purpose.

-Ricardo Rodriguez was drinking an aphrodisiac backstage for some reason, then did some push-ups. Del Rio was also there, but he didn’t do much. The tag match is next.

[Commercial Break]

-Cole plugged a article suggesting possibilities of who would take over for Triple H as COO were he to lose on Sunday.

(4) John Cena & Bret “Hitman” Hart vs. Alberto Del Rio & Ricardo Rodriguez
“Thank you Bret” chants from the fans, I think. Cena used his shirt as a cape and Rodriguez played the bull. The crowd helpfully chanted “Ole” as well. Cena swiped at Del Rio and Rodriguez tried to take advantage. Read: tried. Slam by Cena, then Ricardo tagged out. Cena chased Del Rio around ringside, but Del Rio lured him into the ring and kicked him in the head. Rodriguez tried to help Del Rio but it constituted a tag. Cena hit his pet moves on Ricardo, but the crowd curiously did not react. Five-knuckle shuffle as Del Rio looked on from ringside. Cena picked Ricardo up and gave him the Attitude Adjustment as Del Rio left up the ramp. Bret then tagged in. Sharpshooter applied and Ricardo immediately attacked.

Winners: Cena and Hart, at 3:20. A feel-good moment to get Bret in there, odd for WWE to do in Canada.

Cena grabbed the mic and told Del Rio that at the end of Night of Champions, the champ is here. Del Rio feigned being scared about that possibility.

-John Cena narrated a 9/11 video package, which of course dovetailed into clips of Smackdown two days later, the first public assembly since the terrorist acts. After Smackdown clips, they showed some video of the various 9/11 tributes yesterday and more pro-America stuff.

[Commercial Break]

(5) Kelly Kelly vs. Vickie Guerrero
Kelly smacked Vickie on the rump, then tried to give her a bulldog, but Vickie hit the mat WAY too early. “Not Vickie’s element, obviously” said JR. Ziggler accompanied Vickie to the ring, but after Kelly rubbed her butt in Vickie’s face, Swagger came to the ring. Swagger and Ziggler argued and Swagger punched Ziggler. The distraction allowed Kelly to pin Vickie with a roll-up.

Winner: Kelly, at 1:08. Yes, the Divas Champ needed a distraction to beat Vickie Guerrero.

After the match, Beth Phoenix tried to come out and attack, but Kelly was ready for her and kicked her in the face as Beth tried to get into the ring. Kelly then left with the title, escaping harm once again.

-Randy Orton vs. Cody Rhodes is coming up soon.

-Also, the Punk/Hunter face-off.

[Commercial Break]

-They aired an exterior shot of Scotiabank Place as Lawler talked about Hugh Jackman appearing on Raw next week.

-A hype video aired for Triple H.

-Josh Mathews was backstage. He welcomed Mark Henry after discussing Henry’s Hall-of-Pain. Henry interrupted Mathews’ question and told him to just listen. He said people wonder why he annihilated Big Show, Kane, and Sheamus. He said it’s 15 years of no respect and 15 years of not being a #1 contender all pent up inside him. He said on Sunday, Orton will enter his Hall of Pain.

-Randy Orton made his entrance for his match with Cody Rhodes. It’s next.

[Commercial Break]

(5) Randy Orton vs. Cody Rhodes
Cole explained the baggers as Rhodes came to the ring. Orton with a side headlock on Rhodes. Back body-drop by the Viper. Mark Henry walked out :55 into the match. JR said “a pale” goes over the crowd, but pretty sure he meant “pall.” Orton went to get a chair to run Henry off, and Rhodes came from behind. Orton stopped him anyway. Cole said Orton was “extremely focused.” Really, after going after someone not even in the match? Orton tossed Rhodes back into the ring. Orton pounded away on Rhodes in the corner, then exploded out with a clothesline for two. Orton continued to look at the entranceway, almost waiting for Henry to come back out. Finally he did, with a chair of his own, and he sat on top of the ramp. Orton again left the ring and went up the ramp slowly. Rhodes stalked him from behind and Orton saw him and ran back to the ring. Springboard kick by Rhodes caught Orton. He was on his back with a five count outside the ring…and they went to break. That’s just so stupid.

[Commercial Break]

Rhodes worked the shoulder of Orton, focusing on a shove in the corner, then a single-arm DDT. So no one is going to mention that this is a rematch from this past week’s Smackdown? Stomp on the chin of Orton by Rhodes. Counter by Orton caused Rhodes to fall from quite a distance. Just shy of 9:00, Henry made his way to ringside. Orton made began to hit his signature moves as Orton kept one eye on Henry. Cross Rhodes countered and Orton hit the rope-assisted DDT. The announcers made a point that a lot of Orton’s offense won’t work on the 400 pound Henry. Henry got to the steps and the ref admonished him. Behind the ref’s back Cody used the mask to hit Orton with, then Cross-Rhodes for the win.

Winner: Rhodes, at 10:25. Interesting result here. It’d be a good win for Rhodes if he was the focus afterward, but…

After the match, Henry hit Orton in the back with a chair. He took the World Title and raised it over his head. Henry trash-talked Orton, saying there’s more in store for him. If this were Smackdown, we’d have the WWE sign-off….now. They replayed the finish of the match. Henry left the title on the fallen Orton as he went up the ramp.

-The final face-off between Hunter and Punk is next.

[Commercial Break]

-Triple H came out. Punk followed suit before Hunter could say anything on the mic. Punk spoke first, setting the stage for this final showdown. He said he’s fascinated by the fact that the entire world is wondering what they’ll say to each other. He wanted to start, and said he respected Triple H. He said Hunter did what needed to be done, firing charisma-vacuum and ratings-killer Kevin Nash. Punk said he still doesn’t like Hunter, and knows Hunter doesn’t like him. He said people tell him what Hunter says behind his back. Punk said Hunter referred to him as a “pompous, undersized, Internet darling” when he first got to the company.

Hunter said that’s changed a little bit. Crowd began a “CM Punk” chant and Punk said the fact that Hunter’s opinion has changed only a little bit is a problem. He said Hunter’s just as bad as Vince McMahon, with his suit and pants that probably don’t have a back pocket for some reason. He called out Hunter and Vince for having a fetish for bodybuilders as what main event guys should look like. He said they’re afforded more opportunities than anyone. Hunter interrupted and dropped the names of HBK, Mick Foley, Bret Hart and Rey Mysterio, yet they’re no bodybuilders. Punk asked if that mindset doesn’t exist then and Hunter asked if Punk was using it as an excuse. He told Punk to go ahead and use it as an excuse for his failures. Hunter told Punk to not worry about his opinion so much, and that the fans’ opinions matter. “Do you hear them?” asked Punk. Hunter said that’s why his opinion has changed, because the first six years of Punk, he wasn’t getting that reaction. HE said to be a star, he needs to get over with the fans. Nothing about winning matches here.

Punk said, “so we’re listening to the audience today? Then where oh where are my WWE ice cream bars?” Huge pop for that, as one would expect. Punk told Hunter to spare him the imaginary brass ring speech, because he remembers dozens of them over the years. He told a story about his first brass ring speech in 2006, before his match at Survivor Series as part of a team captained by DX. But the fans weren’t chanting for Hunter, HBK or DX, they were chanting for Punk. He said that was the first time he grabbed that brass ring and went nowhere with it. Punk said he doesn’t play games and would rather be hated for what he is rather than loved for something he’s not. Hunter said it’s heroic of him and asked if he never had opportunities. Hunter listed PPVs, main events, MITB and multiple World Titles. He said Punk needs to look in the mirror and say maybe he’s not as good as he thought, maybe he’s not the best in the world.

Hunter reminded Punk of the story Punk told about Cena saying he almost lost hope for him. Hunter said Cena came from nothing and made himself the biggest star in the industry. Some boos for that and Hunter said he sells out arenas all over the world, and he did that on his own. He said he did it by winning them (the fans) over. More boos. Hunter said when people ask his opinion, he tells the truth, and sometimes he’s right and sometimes he’s wrong. He said all Punk has to do is win the fans’ over. Punk interrupted and asked if Hunter is hearing the audience. Hunter said today the fans are chanting his name, but last year, not so much. And that’s a fact.

Punk said he earned everything and was handed nothing, sacrificing for this business. Hunter said that’s what you do to make it in WWE. Hunter said that’s how you get over in this business, not his “warped Internet philosophy.” Hunter said they’re going in circles, and it’s not business between them, but personal. Hunter pushed the match at N.O.C. Punk said he’s going to win and he won’t stop until Hunter is out. Punk said right now, it’s Phil Brooks talking to Paul Levesque. He wanted to say why it would be so satisfying to beat Triple H, but his mic went out. They went at it off-mic and Hunter gave him his mic. That went out again and Punk let out an expletive that was bleeped. Hunter asked “Frank” at ringside what was going on. He got a third mic and Punk refused to take it. Finally he did, and bopped Hunter on the head with it. Crowd ate it up. Punk walked out with a smug look on his face. Show went off the air with Hunter clearing out his eye in the ring. Man, Punk cleaned the floor with Hunter in that tete-a-tete. Sad, really.

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That was a heck of a beating that Punk and Helmsley put on that dead horse.
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I just want to know where I can hire an illegal Canadian to clean my house, amigo.

Oh, and if I still did OUR so-called SPORT Year End Awards, Kelly Kelly vs. Vickie Guerrero would be Match of the Year.

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First post in years... I'm probably in the minority here but I think HHH made a lot of sense in his promo tonight. Punk on the other hand came across as being a cry baby. I'm not sure if thats what they intended but that's how I see it.

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    Originally posted by Derrick
    First post in years... I'm probably in the minority here but I think HHH made a lot of sense in his promo tonight. Punk on the other hand came across as being a cry baby. I'm not sure if thats what they intended but that's how I see it.

I saw it that way too. The difference between Punk and Miz is Punk is more of an internet dork dropping real names. Both are otherwise delusional heels at the moment.

Edit: I think I might have liked this better if, instead of the 20 different ways Punk talked about HHH not liking him because he doesn't fit the WWE mold, he talked once about how he knows HHH doesn't like him because he's still sure he sent Nash the text message. I *thought* that's why Punk wanted HHH gone; they didn't really explain why Punk needed HHH out of CEO in this draft, and Punk came off as a bully because of it.

It's also quite amazing for WWE to apparently start a 'who shut off the microphones' mystery after the text message one ended so underwhelming.

(Mark Henry was good though!)

    -Ricardo Rodriguez was drinking an aphrodisiac backstage for some reason,

Footage now has turned up of Ricardo on a spanish language dating show. The dude gets around.

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    Originally posted by Derrick
    First post in years... I'm probably in the minority here but I think HHH made a lot of sense in his promo tonight. Punk on the other hand came across as being a cry baby. I'm not sure if thats what they intended but that's how I see it.

The problem is that they both make sense, just in different arenas. Triple H makes sense in the kayfabe world. In the kayfabe world, CM Punk is a four-time champion, has headlined several PPVs, won two MITB briefcases and an assortment of other titles, so yeah, to the casual fan it certainly doesn't appear that Punk has been 'held back' whatsoever, since in kayfabe it's all about winning matches, not "winning over the people" or "having charisma."

In the non-kayfabe world, we get Punk's point that he's been "held back" in the sense that he'd had pushes cut out from under him at various points and that he did indeed have to 'prove himself' whereas big muscular guys were given bigger pushes from day one.

Unfortunately, this storyline is taking place in the kayfabe world, so Triple H looks like the face and now CM Punk's rhetoric about being the voice of the people is falling flat.

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Did anybody watch tonight? Not much going on here or on twitter right now

Kevin Nash really did squash the ratings.

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The shine has come off of CM Punk in a bad way. All he did tonight was repeat the same talking points and whack Triple H with the mic. This feud is rapidly killing off the Punk mystique and if Sunday goes the way I think it's going, it's going to cause a lot of damage. Not irreparable damage, but damage, nonetheless.

Reason #524,287 why Michael Cole will never be as good as Heenan or Ventura: When Cody Rhodes took the mask off and posed post-match, Heenan and Ventura would have gone on about Cody's miraculous recovery and how he looks dashing again. Meanwhile, Cole could only utter "I think he took his mask off." This is yet another reason why Heenan and Ventura will always rule and why Cole will always be a moronic turd.

There really isn't much else to say about the show tonight. It didn't feel much like a go-home show. As much as I railed about Super Cena last week, as last that ending would have felt like more of a lead-in to the PPV.

    Originally posted by CajunMan
    Did anybody watch tonight? Not much going on here or on twitter right now

    Kevin Nash really did squash the ratings.

You know who equals ratings tonight? Tom Brady.

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I thought Punk/HHH was a big step up and closer to where it should be without Nash around. TALKIN' REAL NAMES OH YEAH was funny but it built to a really good ending when they drew it back into fighting.

If you want to judge it as a philosophical debate -- and it seems clear to me it's two guys who are cooperating and improvising but trying to show the other guy up and score points with his audience -- HHH outmaneuvers Punk with the populist appeals to the crowd. Punk tries to tell his insider stories but HHH cuts him off before he gets to the point he wants to make where he ties the story into the feud. It's not really an argument Punk can win in this environment. But he held his own and he got a good reaction.

I guess Punk was too much of a gentleman to make a counterlist of failed bodybuilders ("Bobby Lashley! Ezekiel Jackson! Andy Leavine!"), especially when some of them are still in the company, Kozlov was a hell of a nice guy, and two of them were on his team three months ago.

Some people have said the insider references have no place, and I would agree with the Nash stuff which seemed inside just for the sake of being inside and popping the smizarks. But in this context they would've fit as part of the framework for the personal issue if Punk had been able to tell the entire anecdotes he wanted to tell. Dozens of Foley's best promos (to say nothing of Punk's most famous promo in July) started with a true story and built it into a big story point for the wrestling angle while drawing on the real emotion.

That September 11th thing was just grand. Thank you WWE for fixing 9/11.

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wait what happened to Zack Ryder's new ah damn

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And the reasons to hate Cena list continues. He comes out, buries ADR's gimmick for the third week in a row, tells him to go back to Mexico, expresses disappointment in the size of another man's junk, beats up a manager and uses a fairly racist taunt during the match. If Punk gets flack for a Super Shredder joke no one got, Fantasy Island must somehow be more topical? And then he gets to voice over that pretentious self-serving piece of shit auto-fellatio 9/11 package designed solely to remind us of the heroic WWE standing up at a terrible time, as if there weren't a hundred prominent companies or organizations you could name who did fifty times more for the families of those lost. Not all of this is Cena's decision but all of it makes me dislike him.

Aaaanyway. Y'know, Truth and Miz...or "Truthsome" if your prefer, have a weird kind of chemistry; I enjoy them together. But perhaps they telegraphed a Kofi/Bourne victory by having Miz go over so clean tonight. Just like Henry's total dominance of Orton (at least the weeks I've been watching) seems to make it all too obvious he won't take the belt at the PPV. Mark's gotten the better of Randy more in the last month that Christian did in four.

Did Cole really say "things bad happen"? For some reason that made me hungry for Filipino food.

Didn't care for much else. I have to say the Trips/Punk seg dragged. Punk's retorts were limited by the fact that this still has to lead to a kayfabe match, but he sure could have mentioned that the same Cena who Triple H just sucked up to on the mic lost back-to-back matches to Punk on PPV, and that's also the same Cena who made Triple H tap out a few Wrestlemanias ago. He should have focused more on Triple H's overconfidence, despite the fact that he's spent most of the last few years losing, getting laid out (by Seamus), failing to protect his wife from physical harm (remember what Orton did to her a few years ago?) and most important of all, not winning a whole hell of a lot. Despite the Nash crap, when they cut his mic that really amped things up and briefly recaptured the sense they had when all this Punk stuff started. Not nearly as intensely, but they'd be silly to try and make that feeling happen every single week. It worked in the sense that it shows someone above Triple H is against Punk, and that validated what he said to some extent, negating some of that crybaby vibe.

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    Originally posted by JustinShapiro
    wait what happened to Zack Ryder's new ah damn
C'mon! He was the Just For Men for Mustaches and Beards™ Slam of the Night!

In retrospect, I think the thing I liked most about the 9/11 tribute was heroic blurring of WWF "scratch" logos.

The only thing guaranteed by the Miz/Kingston match tonight is a Truth/Bourne match on Smackdown (THAT should be interesting)

I wish I'd thought of these tweets while I was on Twitter!

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At least we didnt see steph's 9/11 promo

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I felt this was a pretty dire show. I marked out for Miz and Truth doing each other's catch phrases and also - CODY WINS! CODY WINS! CODY WINS! Other than that, yeah, a bland RAW.

Never, ever thought I'd say this, but based on what he's done the past few months, I feel Mark Henry deserves a World Title run. If not now, then perhaps around Royal Rumble time. He'd be a great opponent for Daniel Bryan to cash in on come WM (I like the David vs. Goliath matchups every now and then).

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I was amazed they were able to hold off on the 9-11 video until early in the second hour.

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I was flipping back and forth til Kelly Kelly's music put me to sleep. I like Bret getting some time in Canada since it really should have been done the first time he came back. We have all complained Cena's gimmick of street tough kid from Boston who also happened to go to a private school has expired. So, I am wondering if we are now getting angry Tea Party member Cena. Doesn't like Mexicans, does over patriotic videos and gets cheered for calling someone a terrorist even though they are not. If that is the case then cheers to the writing team for being subtle about it.

Punk, Punk, Punk. After reading the transcripts I once again find myself asking the question again, Is this really the best WWE can do with him? His first month was awesome and then came the Cena approval which somehow diminished what Punk was trying to accomplish. Then came the Kevin Nash debacle and finally we have HHH sticking his nose into something that should be later down the road. For all the crap we give TNA and rightfully so. How dumb is the WWE writing team right now to once again take a sure fire hit and cut its balls off for no reason then maintain the status quo? I do feel bad for Punk for more then likely not moving the ratings mainly due to this being football season. Yet, a lot of the ratings should be blamed on the realization that no cares about HHH or Cena/ADR anymore.

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I don't think anyone can armchair quarterback the ratings, as it just becomes a game of "blame who you don't like". I also think blaming the mythical writing team for Punk's promos is pretty ridiculous, as I'd wager that aside from a few notes on off-limits topics we're pretty much getting undiluted Phil Brooks material in these talk-offs with HHH. Punk resigned for a reason - there's no way he's just gone back to being a midcard act with no say over what he's saying or how he's being booked.
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Is this the third consecutive PPV go-home show where Punk talks to build up the match? Why not put him over with a pinfall or submission, have him beat someone to "build momentum?" Punk and Hunter said nothing of stubstance, nothing to sell their match aside from a philosophical argument.

They gave the F5 to Riley?

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I like Punk, its just that whenever they push someone and the ratings don't move then they get the blame. They have been pushing Punk hard and for his part Punk has done a lot of stuff outside WWE to help his push. Yet, the ratings haven't moved and when they do its down. Of course a good chunk of this was happening during the 4th of July, MLB Home Run derby and pre-season football. Still, he will probably get blamed in some way.

The mythical writing is not mythical, they are real. We know who a good chunk of them are. Punk's promos are not the problem, its who he is against. No gives a shit about Kevin Nash and I would say people caring about HHH has hit a new low as well. Vince and Cena were great foils for him especially Vince. He needed to be off TV more then a few weeks. They could have ran with Cena/Rey at SummerSlam and got the same buyrate. Punk could have shown up to different wrestling events and be a pain in the ass. Yet, they went with the quick fix of Cena/Punk II with the giant screwjob that everyone saw with ADR winning. They turned Punk into the most unpredictable unique thing into another cog in the slow moving zero traction machine that is the WWE.

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    Originally posted by lotjx
    The mythical writing is not mythical, they are real. We know who a good chunk of them are. Punk's promos are not the problem, its who he is against.

This is all true. But I don't think the monkeys at the typewriters are the ones crafting the HHH/Punk saga. I'd wager that HHH and Punk are the ones crafting the HHH/Punk saga, given the reports of Punk, HHH and Vince all working together since July.
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False advertising. What a gyp. During the year, I've taped all the good matches I wanted to keep. The only reason I watched last night was to see the Flair tribute that they advertised on last week's RAW.
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