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The W - Pro Wrestling - RAW of 8/12 (Page 2)
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Chico Santana
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From: Jaaaaamacia Mon, No Problem.

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    Originally posted by Rad T
    For the first time in a long time, I am glad there is a Hardcore Championship. All Dreamer and Richards had were a cane and a chair, and they had a great hardcore match. Keep that up.

    -Rad T

Amen, can I get a witness!
Right on, I loved that match. Not a run-in, not a cheap trash can. 24/7 rule sucks, down with 24/7. Richards is the MAN! Do they sell his pants on Shopzone?

Nowinski was mint as usually and the Molly storyline just rocks. Where was Regal?(Heat?) Christian should be the mouth for the Un-Americans. Hunter=Heel finally! I feel bad for Minidust, get better little guy. Booker's second intro had no pyro!!!(I am truly sad and reach for a Kleenex) Damn you pyro guy, Damn you.


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Bradshaw had a dark match with Planet Stasiak. Scary thing is, he got one of the biggest pops of the night.

Then again, even Sean O'Haire got a pretty good pop. I think the crowd was wild with "Rumored-Hosts-Of-Mania" fever.

The Hardy's split might actually work this time. They've progressed to the point where both can be believable on the mic. And the story seems to be a bit more natural and set up in advance. They've been building to this for weeks -- ever since Matt and Jeff had a discussion about being a tag team on a show with no tag team titles. Even though I could see it coming as soon as Bischoff gave the shot to Jeff.

The Hardcore match -- damn, aren't Hardcore Title matches supposed to suck? And was Richards actually WORKING THE LEG?

Mini-Dust -- funny tidbit here. One of the Marky-Marks (folks who still think it's all real -- in this case, the real-life version of Jamie Noble's character) was trying to get in Goldust's face for letting it happen when they were wheeling him off. Then Stacy came out and did her dance, and we all forgot about it. Dear god -- she is drop dead FINE in real life. And she stood about 15 feet away from me while she was dancing. Too bad my friend's boyfriend sitting two rows back chose to hold up his sign, thus blocking my view. Bastard.... just because his seats were right in FRONT of the announce table...

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Sometimes less is more. That is how to properly the Nowinski's Urkel quest to woo Molly going. Lawler didn't have to shill at all as the story played the first chapter very well. Nowinski jokes to Spike about Spike's failure to get to 'second base' with Molly, and then Chris tells of his ambition. Then he goes out to have an very good match, in an attempt to impress Molly, ending with his variation of the double underhook body slam he calls the Crimson Slam. He then as he went to the back raises the duke, holding Molly's hand a bit too long, so she slaps it away.

There were other good storylines developing, such as Matt's Cain to Jeff's Abel, HHH trying to be the new BMOC, the Rock putting him down a few pegs, Undertaker the silent patriot that helps contrasts the diversity of Americans (a Golden actor wannabe, a Black street husstler and an American badass biker--all from Texas no less) vs the vanilla Un-Americans. Too bad they have only one week to put it all together before Summerslam.

"Business has just picked up" says JR. Then right on cue, Molly enters the arena! Never was JR any better in introducing someone. --Raw 7/15
Net Hack Slasher

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After a pretty bad Raw last week Raw was back on course like it was since the Bischoff era started. There wasn't a single segment that I didn't like. I was into the entire show, and the live crowd looked like it as well.

-Triple H interview- Well it started off with a great *sigh*. Trips blabbed for a minute or 10 (sorry he's just so mellowtoned for me). Rock came out and things got interesting. Rock called H a "bitch" *Bonus points for the Rock*, then told H if he "wanted to go then go ahead and get me a ham sandwich" *double bonus points*. HHH finished the segment with a pedigree "humm".

-Molly/Nowinski v. Trish/Spike- Nice little touch with Trish defending her "special friend" Lil... Nice little match. Molly throwing Trish to Nowinski's boot looked vicious. What a HUGE Stratusfaction, Nowinski kept her UP there high while Trish done it. Nice kicks and selling byt Trish/Molly, it looked to me the timing was perfect with Trish high kicks and Molly snapping her head back. The end Trish went for the baseball slide but looked like Molly was walking away from the apron, but Trish covered well and quickly went to the outside to finish her attack on Molly. Match was enjoyable. And Lawler called Trish by her name this week and didn't talk about cherries no wonder the match felt good to watch.

-Booker T v. Storm- What was Howard on Co-owner Un-American? and introducing Christian (Bring Back Lil she never screws up.. well ok.. bring her back This match was just so good. The missed side kick by BT getting tangled on the ropes *ouch*. Great interplay by the outside memebers.

-Bischoff 3 minutes of entertainment- I was waiting for a Slam Jam, didn't happen. Wow that was vicious. That little guy just got destroyed. I was about to call it a bad segment until Bischoff started talking with they phony anger "Come on guys you went too far, you shouldn't have done that. Go to your rooms and think about what you did" Bischoff saying that was so surreal, and it gets better (or Stacy comes out and starts table dancing. Everyone's attention from announcers to fans completely forget about the little guy getting scrapped off the mat and to Stacy stripping while the medics are treating mini Dust. I'm not a big fan of TnA but this one worked with the whole don't worry about him look at this to get your mind of that ugly incident (lol). Seeing that reminded me of a simpson spots that sideshow Mel (or bob) was shot out of a cannon but missed his target (or hit a wall) and these clowns came in with a stretcher did a little dance to entertain the kids (and get there minds off Sideshow mel mishap) and then carted him away (lol)

-Jerich/Bigshow v. Flair/Bubba- With 2 guys I've been critical of (BS & Flair) and bubba is hit and miss with me. Then match surpassed my expectations. The match seemed to run really smooth. I think I could handle BS in tag matches, he comes in does a power moves then gets out, I could take that... I don't even remember too much specifics, I remember a lot of power stuff, and when Jericho was in there with Flair he had full prick attitude on (lol). Another enjoyable segment. But I dont' think we needed the women division booking team booking the Flair/Y2J angle "you pulled my pants down now I want revenge"

-Dreamer v. Richards- Keep Bradshaw away from this division (hell keep him away from my TV) This was good as well. It was pretty hardcore without the need to get stupid, chair v. kendostick for 3 mintues it was pretty entertaining. The one thing I didn't like was Richards threw the chair down hard on Dreamer (great sound) climbed the ropes but Dreamer got up in 2 seconds and caught him. But other then that fun match

-RVD v. Jeff Hardy- Fun and real good match. They used a lot of nice counter-wrestling with there aerial stuff... Matt turning on his brother, and if you listen carefully you could hear a bunch of Team xtreme fans all pointing to their heads with there fingers asking "urahhhh WHYYY urahhhhhh"

-Storm/Christian/Test/HHH v. Taker/Rock/BookDust- Wow the fans were hot for this match... That Butt-butt move from Goldie reminds me of the ren & stimpy wrestling episode (lol) I thought everyone looked pretty even. One missed spot was Rock running the ropes Test hitting him from the outside Rock falling and H going for the knee and connecting air (uh oh Test). The ending was fast paced and exciting.

-other stuff- I'm sorry maTT fans I find him really lame and Bischoff forgetting who he is. Is pretty funny "urhhh you're lame uarhhhh" ... Lita sitting drinking something but not saying a word. That's what I called strong/safe booking... Un-americans promo wasn't that offensive this week, which is good... Bischoff going to the control truck pissed at the showing of Smackdown Ad. Hey TSN edit it out for you Bisch, give them a thankyou card =)

Did Ross say "I don't how stacy got those papers" Are they pretending not to watch SD or did he forget about Dawn situation. I don't want to diss him if it's meant to be part of the angle that they don't watch the other guys show. But if it's not Ross should pay attention.

Line of the night Rock to H "You wanna go? So why don't you go to the back and get me a ham sandwich"

sign of the night "HHH stole my steriods" also liked "Seattle Super Suckas"

NOW THE IMPORTANT THING Lilian watch: WEEK 1 *cue dramatic CNN special report music* - I was worried going in but Trish taking up for her "female soulmate..hehe (lilian's words not mine)" give me a better feeling. Then Ross commentating on her injuries, then Fink dissing her hard, looks like they are setting for her to comeback. I mean the WWE isn't just dissing her for the sake of it Are THey?... I love if she came back and asked "Fink may I do 1 more announcement please" fink says okay just one. And she introduces Kane who comes back squished Fink and she gets her job back.

Oh my Gosh I just thought of it Kaneinites and Lilianites joining forces as ONE. Nothing can beat THAT!!!

I really can't think of one negative thing coming out of Raw at all. What a real amazing show tonight. Good Job WWE.

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I just hope Stevie doesn't start calling the Chair "Chariry" or he will officially be stuck with the obsession with an inanimate object gimmick (Al Snow is the only one who ever OWNED with that one.)
Island Boyz are 2 bad mofo's. But are they ever going to be officially tied into the "Samoan Family Tree?"
any time Trish and Molly wrestle I'm happy. but with Ivory gone to TE3 and the other girls not up to speed, we really need another female WRESTLER on the roster (haven't seen Jaqui lately.)
Why is every one pulling double (even triple when you count heat) duty. the roster has depth, use it!
the wrestling that was was great. but the pacing seemed odd. lots of short breaks to buffer too many non-wrestling segments.
Brock kicks ASS!
going back to velocity , I pissed myself off by falling asleep after the first match and woke up again just to see the Molly segment on Conf. Did I miss any good CW matches??

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Random Raw Thoughts:

I liked the HHH promo in the beginning of the show. That reminds me of the HHH of 2000. I liked how the Rock interrupted him aalso.

I knew after the Mini-Dust bit with Bischoff that the Island Boyz were going to crush him.

Poor Matt Hardy. That's what happens when you speak up during production meetings. I do hope that this heel turn is better than the last one. They should've cut to Lita at the World, Also Jeff looked awful last night.

I liked how they put the Smackdown commercial on during RAW. I'm not looking forward to Lesnar-Rikishi though. Maybe Heyman will get the stinkface.

Good main event. I guess that means Taker will beat Test at Summerslam. (Sorry Brew.)

Next week on Raw, Rock faces HHH. When was the last time those two met in singles competition?

(edited by tomvejada on 13.8.02 0621)

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Kurt Angle

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Raw last night was great, and for once did not have to rely on a Goldust Booker T comedy sketch. Jeff Hardy looked a little off, and the set up for the Hardy fued kind of sucked (he was pissed at Bischoff so he beat up Jeff?), but other than that it was solid. Plus any show with Lance Storm in the main event is going to get my vote of approval.

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    Originally posted by Net Hack Slasher
    Nice little touch with Trish defending her "special friend" Lil...

Dude, thanks to you, I keep noticing the lesbian undertone continuity that is going on. In fact, I thought last night, "I bet Net Hack Slasher's hopping up and down right now."

I agree with everyone on the hardcore stuff. That was a fine, fine hardcore match. Dreamer is getting some major crowd heat. I loved it when he went to the center of the ring and did the scream o' rage at the crowd after beating Stevie down. Simple things like that are making his character more and more pronounced.

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THE AWESOME UNDERTAKER drives out - damn, how did those STEEL steps rise up onto their ends and out of the way of - hey wait, I see DUDES there! They must be soulless minions of Big Evil's Red Devil Underwood Deviled Ham Team Evil. What? - CRZ, back to his old antics

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I got home in time from work to catch most of the beginning segment(minus BROCK actually taking his seat), and when I turn on the tube, I see TripleH with a mic. Ugh. First thought was, "Oh no, not again". But I was *so* wrong. The dickhead TripleH is back, and hopefully he took his own advice and will be turning it up a bit. If that main event 8man tag match was any indication, I think we'll all be singing TripleH praises soon. And on a similar note, how good are Rock and TripleH together? If I were Vince, I wouldn't worry about Goldburger. Give the Rock any damn thing he wants and *keep* him on full time. The WWE *needs* the Rock. I didn't think so a month ago, but *damn* are the shows good when he's on. The stuff with Nowinski and Molly is great. Hardcore match ruled. They went ahead and signed RVD vs. Benoit(they *better* give them 20 minutes) for the IC title at Summer Slam. And BookerT/Golddust are going after the tag titles! Hopefully next week, considering what the Island Boyz did to Mini-Dust, BookerDust will get a shot at them to warm up for SS. What'd be even funnier is having Goldust wear a "Get Well MiniDust" tshirt just like Stevie did for Jazz. That'd rule. Oh, and TripleH vs. Rock next week? Hell yeah! Here's hoping HBK's in the house and does the run in. And don't forget Flair/Jericho is on for SS. I guess we're having a Fozzy(Bear) concert next week as well. All in all, a great build to SummerSlam. Maybe RVD will show up on Smackdown? Actually, I wouldn't mind seeing him jump to Smackdown, because there'd be more room for him there. Kane too, as soon as he returns and kicks Fink's pale white ass.
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Sorry I came to the party a bit late, here's my thoughts.

Jamal and Rosey beating down MiniDust was absolutely nasty.

Let's take our minds of that hideous incident. Here's Stacy. Mmm... ass.

Nobody made a single post about RVD's selling of Jeff's DDT!My God, that was SICK!

I knew Matt was gonna turn on Jeff the second he got in the ring. Who wouldn't know?

And finally, the 8-man tag was amazing. It had everything, the isolated face, the Pier 8 brawl, and the Undertaker even jobbed! CLEANLY!

And to think the WWE was in danger of sucking!


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Trish and Molly have gone too long...shall we say, about THREE MINUTES too long? (evil grin)

Why wasn't Victoria on this show? Does anyone know if she will be on Heat this Sunday?


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I managed to watch what I thought was a pretty bad Raw and missed out on what, from all accounts, sounded like a great SmackDown last week, so it was nice to see Raw bounce back a bit this Monday.

The Flair/Bubba vs. Jericho/Show match was better than I expected. Again, I'm still just not into Bubba as the new Dusty Rhodes, but he had a lot of energy knocking Jericho around. I think it was another thread on here that suggested Bubba needs new ring attire, and I'd agree, he kinda looks like he's wrestling in pajamas. Jericho making him tap out was a good ending. Jericho getting de-crazypantsed wasn't so good, but it was kind of funny that Jericho was wearing what amounted to Flair's trunks underneath his pants, so Flair's attempt to make fun of Jericho was kinda just making fun of himself.

I want a big Flair/Jericho war of words next week to add whatever else they need to add to this. When they had their confrontation back when Jericho was the Living Legend, it was good, and I think they'll deliver on the mic again. And Flair still looks cool in his robe when he comes out for a match. Jericho should probably steal one of those.

What happened with the women's match stuff? In recent weeks, they've just looked bad all over the place and I'm back to wishing I could fast forward through things. I did learn some interesting things from the whole intergender saga of the week - Nowinski does in fact have more of a Bill Walton thing going than the Daltry-as-Tommy hair I thought he might have been working towards. And his antics are a lot less funny when Regal's not around to go all regalface and make it good.

I thought Dreamer/Stevie was cool, working the leg with the chair kneebreaker and that sort of thing. Get the Texan thing off the belt and let these guys carve out the division for themselves like the plan seemed to be when they split started. They can get a lot out of Dreamer this way. Stevie had a Tajiri kinda look going there.

Booker/Storm was good enough for a TV match where they both (especially Booker, as it turned out) had to work later on. I couldn't help but think back to their first match against each other, though, when Storm had arrived and won back-to-back-to-back titles in WCW and was taking on World Champion Booker T in a match that could unite every active singles title in World Championship Wrestling. I hope they both get back to similar singles heights sometime soon. Anyway, they match up well and I'm always up for seeing Booker do his cool scissor roll-up thing from the corner.

Mini Dust took a hell of a beating, making up for him being annoying up until then. I was kinda hoping that Eric was going to bring out two mini-Samoans to beat him up, though. And those damn ringside officials had to go and obscure our look at what I choose to believe was a mini stretcher and mini neckbrace. Goldust coming back down to check on him was a nice touch. I still want Eric to bring back the real mini Goldust and the other minis to counter the cruisers, though.

This seems to set up the first post-Summer Slam tag feud, since Black Gold has a reason to fight the Island Boys if Booker and Goldust win the belts.

The Matt heel turn is kinda odd, since it gets rid of a team the Island Boys could have beaten to make their actual match debut. But Matt is pretty good when he has a motivation, and I think the turn was right. I like the idea of a Matt/RVD match coming from this somewhere. And Matt can, as others have said, jump to SmackDown (though I think attacking Jeff will get him Bischoff's respect, since Bischoff is evil and all) and do something there. His character seems like he'd get along fine with Jamie Noble, boy.

Ah, the wonders of an entertaining main event. Looking back, the majority of the show seems like hit or miss, but unlike last week where they shoveled over a good last match with a terrible segment, they let the guys end things with a really energetic match. Having Booker and Goldust up there with UT and The Rock somehow really worked to establish Booker and Goldust as official Raw main eventers (I have a theory that every successful champ needs a pseudo-sidekick tag team to call on for matches like these, and they work as Rock's guys).

The other side didn't quite work out the same way. I think they made a mistake taking the Unamericans off SmackDown, where they had a really nice chemistry and seemed like the equals of their opponents (Edge, Cena's pants and Misterio) and putting them on Raw, where they seem second class. It really didn't help that, while Booker and Goldust seemed moved up to Rock/UT level, the heels spent last week being bullied around by HHH, thus not seeming to nearly be on the level of the five guys in the match. If one heel on the team can staredown his three teammates, well...

But they kinda fixed that for Test. The whole build-up to Booker making the hot tag to UT (man, that crowd was dying for it) and the sequence that followed was awesome. From a nice little character touch like Goldust pulling Booker to safety on the side of the apron after UT got in the match to moving all those people around, pairing off, Booker and Rock saving UT, Christian saving Storm, HHH saving Test, leaving UT in the ring with the only two guys who seemed likely to get pinned (Storm and Christian) and then pulling out the Last Ride/Big Boot finish with Test getting the win...just a really cool way to finish the show. And other things like Rock's new DDT-auto-kip-up move and Storm selling his injury at the end of the match like a Stooge just having gotten conked with an anvil added to the whole thing.

Give me a fun main event like that and some decent stuff like that, while limiting the boring, rambling interviews (and having HHH get called a bitch by Rock when he starts going on and on and on again), and I'm happy enough. I'm guessing HHH takes the Sweet Chin Music during next week's main event, yeah?
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Heat is on an hour earlier than usual.
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