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23.4.18 0624
The W - Pro Wrestling - RAW of 7/22 Thoughts (Page 3)
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*raises hand* I enjoy Rhyno. I didn't really enjoy tonight's show. I was bored by it for the most part. Whoever said this felt like Nitro from the Good days was completely right. I was never a WCW fan (except for the cruisers), and Nitro bored me to tears. I'll take the Good Days of the WWF over the good days of WCW any day of the week. The Island boys excited me though, and I really hope D'lo gets a spot too. Oh and Triple H and Shawn Micheals can both take it to Smackdown, and give me Angle and Edge.


God I hate Triple H.

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(raises his hand)

Yeah, I have to say that was one hell of a show. I think I already stated my thoughts elsewhere, so I'll leave it at I like Rhyno. 'Specially his intensity in the ring.
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raises hand also* I hated the unstoppable man-beast in ECW but in WWF when he started selling and stuff he was amazing. He was like a little cannonball in there. I thought since he came to WWF he was very entertaining actually getting taking up one of the 3 spot (I think second) for Most Improved Wrestler award in 2001. Plus I heard he got speech lessons like some other injured wrestler who's got a wild animal nickname should have gotten as well.

I came in with an extremely rotten mood, but the show was a real homerun tonight and got me on board. One of the better shows I've seen. Truly entertaining. Almost everything hit.

-Bischoff/H/HBK interview- I rolled my eyes when it started but then they hit something. HBK got into his normal hissy fits and leaves and H's face and reaction was interesting (first time I said the letter H and interesting together since forever) HHH acted like he wanted to stick up for his friend but he knew what he's doing is wrong. The only negative is the constant reminding of "hey don't be like Austin" God if you guys can't get this over without mentioning Austins name YOU SUCK.

-RVD v. Jeff Hardy- I'd like them to hype this a little more but oh well. Both guys put it on the line tonight. The both risked there bodies. Was it RVD/Eddie? No. But this was amazing. For an opening match on Free TV they went over the call of duty.

-Molly/Regal v. Trish/Bubba- This was amazing as well. Trish was awesome, runnin the ropes Regal grabbed her hair (kinda looked like he missed) but she sold it like crazy flipping up and landing hard. Strausphere on Molly, Looked like she hit the whasssup hard on Regal (lol). And her absolute screams of pain echoing the arena while selling in the STF. Real prick spot by Regal, I'm just messing with her I won't hurt her then WHAM shot to gut... Bubba /Trish seems to have some cute chemistry together the tag stopped by a Molly shot on bubba and trish pulled her hand back and the both looked at eachother like "what is she doing" even the test of strength game played by Molly/Bubba was cute ending in a slap. Plus when Bubba was about to slap Trish's chest to "get the tables" and stopped half way and trish smiled and kinda motioned "go ahead get the tables" Bubba was also a pro in selling that arm injury amazingly. I remember a spot when Regal grabbed the arm to whip him to the ropes bubba went screaming in pain. GOOD JOB all involved. But 2 things come to mind, Trish really needs to make some more male friends backstage so she doesn't have to call for a broken down injured wrestler for partnership help and Bubba is completely pussy whipped that he can't say no to a pretty face (lol)

-Rock/Eddie interview- I liked this interview because it's a couple of personalities that haven't exchanged shots yet, and amazingly enough I thought Eddie stole the interview. Taking down his kids poster is freakin 80s heel if I've ever seen it (lol). Eddie saying his kids crying "no don't rip the poster" and Eddie screaming "shutt up" then being quickly interrupted with Rock saying "whow whow whow you psychotic freak". I was laughing out loud.

-Brock v. Dreamer- Nice touch of him coming out in the exact same segment and punking out the Rock by not even looking at him (which the announcer did a great job putting over). The match was pretty cool. Dreamer was outmatched. But had enough heart to give a few shots in. Perfectly fine for what they are building Brock as... I actually think they are going somewhere with Taker attacking Brock more on that at the end of the post

-D'lo v. Stasiak- The only downer point of the show. This whole build confused me. 3 minute block, 3 minutes to entertain? I don't get. I guess it was just a set up to introduce the Island boys.

-Benoit v. Booker- Both guys looked strong as hell. Amazing German to a bridge by Benoit, Nice close pins by both guys nice duck and counter moves by both guys. And Booker tapped, and guess what I didn't lose any respect for him. Come on faces it's not a sin to tap out/ pass out by submissions.

-Big Show v. Bischoff- Even for a one minute squash the Bischoff commentating made it enjoyable. Looks like they are setting up Show/Bubba. Bubba did a great job with Lesner could he do the same with Show?

-HBK/HHH interview- DX music hits and I thought "here we go the 'new' wwe direction" noticed they didn't have any symbol on the back of the shirts. I thought "hum". Triple H did the old lines, I'm rolling my eyes the WHAM kick to the gut. Hit's the pedigree which HBK pulls a Gayda and didn't jump up at all (lol). And for the FIRST TIME IN 2 YEARS. I'm Net Hack Slasher is interested in what will happen next to HHH. I still think the guys a pisshead but atleast he's an interesting pisshead.

-Rock v. Eddie- What a freakin Main Event, I mean match of the year candidate. I've dissed the rock for his 'get the f out austin' after being off doing movies but one thing I can't take away from him is his timing. He comes in and he doesn't miss a step and in there with a guy he hasn't wrestled with ever. How amazing was the reversal of the RockBottom I freaked! Very quick and beautiful looking match. The only problem I have on this match at all was it had to end with a gimmick move. Err People's Elbow is fine in the middle of the match don't end it with it. But still great top notch match.

-other stuff: I'm such a fan of the Nowinski character... Bischoff & Benoit was actually funny Benoit looking at him like "Oh great this jackass again" and the floating Eric following Benoit was surreal, actually thought that was the funniest backstage spot... Amazingly beating out BookDust which was funny but not really laught out loud funny... I think I'm going to miss table spots during the show with the announce table soooo far away.

Brock going to Smackdown. First of all I don't like it, If I'm a guy who isn't really over I'd rather have JR shilling for me then Cole... The only thing I see making this decision make sense of Heyman says "Brock has too many enemies on Raw example Taker attacking him. I don't screwing my guys chances of winning the world title"

I like the Bischoff character. He's new and fresh and seems like such a double-talking slim-ball that no one likes (maybe except Big Show) even heel-Benoit was looking at him like he had two heads... Vince is a better character but for right now Eric is better cause Vince was way too over-expossed. One second he's kissey face with a cute blonde, then he's the independent motivation speaker to ALL superstars "ruthless aggression", then he's heel boss, planning with heels to screw faces. He was going in too many directions. Eric is much better. I still think the weak link in this GM war is Steph (no not because she's a woman) she annoyed and bothered me so much the last year, and personally I just don't thinks she's that talented to have such a huge spot. We'll see.

Sign of the night : this actually was a bad sign I think it was said Trish but it was written in pencil and to top it off it had dozens of little pictures you couldn't tell what it was. What a mess of a sign (lol)

Line of the night : Nowinski says "I'm Perplex".. Lawler says "Perplex wow what a word do you know what that means".. JR angrily "I know what it means"... That's 2 weeks in a Row for Nowinski as LOTN.

Canadian stuff they went old school on us on there WWE Live/ SlamJams with a wrestler cutting an interview promoting coming to your town (Vancouver). None other then Booker T suckaaa... Plus SummerSlam add with Trish in pigtails selling ice cream yummy I'd like a scoop please.

This was as a perfect show as you can get. Awesome job the the performers and who put the show together. BRAVO. So good I might even watch the Raw recap show on the weekend to catch the goody highlights of this show.

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#44 Posted on says:

*Raises Hand*

I am sooooooooo.... glad Uncle Eric is here to make things alright. Did I just say that?

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*raises hand*
Island Boys showing up on Raw isn't that odd.
Why bring them in as Rikishi's sidekicks? Why notgive them an angle and direction of their own. You could mention it in a bit, but not right away..
They can be brought in by Eric, destroy some teams (dudleyz, or any random team) and eventually have Bischoff taunt Steph into having a tag match at a ppv..then either the belts can start travelling like the Undisputed title OR every now and then they just have em change at a ppv.

More important (that europe factor again, not having seen the show yet) I understood that the Euro and IC title are now one? So the belt has been removed? That's cool but a kinda shocking choice..not that it was doing much recently.

re: Brock..Steph would try to get him to SD! Nothing however has happened yet. And for many of you its probably a good thing as that means he cannot be squashed by HHH.

And..announcers near the ramp ala at work to make the show different than Smackdown.

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This was a really good show.

It's weird to see Rhyno talk like a human being, not saying fuck and growling a lot.

I don't know how I feel about the Raw table being moved to where the old Nitro table used to be. That's minor though.

J.R. looked THRILLED to be sitting next to Bishoff.

Eddy/Rock segment was a really entertaining 15-20 minutes.

Thank God DX only lasted half a segment. I don't know how much of the crowd knew who they were.


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The only thing to save the WWE now would be to go all Molly all of the time. God knows that I would watch(and watch, and rewatch.........ok, I'm back)
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Damn, damn good show. Bischoff: The Owner is BAD. Bischoff: The Character, so far, is FUN. He's playing the same smarmy dickweed he used to, he's putting his image everywhere backstage, he's even morphing RAW into Nitro.

Now who here doesn't believe that he's going to get his ass SQUASHED by someone? Benoit or Booker are the most obvious choices, but I wouldn't mind seeing him get a little Flair comeuppance either.

The Brock Tease may, or may not pan out. Hell, I'd think people would be happy that he'd be going to Smackdown!, since now he's away from Mr. Big Devil Guy HHH, and won't get his monster push "glass ceilinged". He can wrestle with other guys HHH has "held back" who're making, very likely, six figures a year. And Brock shall forever be known to me now as "Raw's balls".

The Island Boys were... interesting. If they hadn't paused after every big move to play to the crowd, I'd have liked the run-in a bit better. But damned effective.

Wow! DX is back and it's cool and YEESH what a weird way to take a Pedigree. Heel HHH is, at least, a bit more interesting than the face version... and I'm holding out for HBK to mess with his mind by delivering plate-glass windows to him everywhere he goes, with little notes.

And, finally, count me waaaay into the "hand raising" camp. When Rhyno still had the proper spelling, in ECW... eh. The only thing I liked about him were his comically psychotic interviews. When he made the jump, I was less than thrilled- "Yay. Rhino. Why *him*?" -but boy, did he impress the hell out of me as the time passed. He was still a tad green, but a hell of a lot of fun to watch. I wished he'd spent a bit more time as Team ECK's completely batshit looney "friend", though.

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Random Raw Thoughts:

Most of the matches were pretty good.

Benoit-Booker T was the match of the night. I like how Bischoff mentioned the best of 7 series between Benoit and Booker T. hmmm.

I think that's the most words Rhyno ever said in the WWE.

I knew Triple H was turning heel tonight when he confronted Michaels at the end of the first segment. I guess Shawn Michaels is going to wrestle Triple H now, or The Big Show after his comments last night.

The Rock-Guerrero segment was the best segment in a long time. The best part was when Eddy was babbling about his kids and Rock calls him a sick sicopatic freak. Their match was alright. Lesnar did his Shane Douglas imitation at the end.

So Lesnar's the Heart of Raw. I guess that means his feud with Taker is off till maybe next month, when he's the champ.

Overall, last night's Raw was the best one since the Raw when ECW returned last year.

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*raises hand*
I can't wait - GOAR! GOAR! GOAR!!!!!

I am also waiting for that other talentless hack (wink, wink) - Who Betta Than Kanyon!

I am also pleasantly surprised to see that noone has complained about Booker losing yet again. I think they did a good job of stressing that Booker was not at full strength.

Very good episode, and I agree, the most star-powered in awhile.

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#51 Posted on
    Originally posted by whatever
    *raises hand*
    br>I am also pleasantly surprised to see that noone has complained about Booker losing yet again. I think they did a good job of stressing that Booker was not at full strength.

    Very good episode, and I agree, the most star-powered in awhile.

Probably because he lost to the guy that is even closer to God than Book..Benoit! of 7(8) *droooooooooooooooool*

Oh btw, people state HHH turned heel (again, remember I havent been able to see the show yet) why is that?
Did the crowd boo him? And why? Because he pedigreed the guy that would take him out if he didnt join him?
Heel H is awesome but why did pedigreeing Shawn make him a heel?

And as for Brock/Heart of Raw..Steph might not be done..(if she can get Brock ofcourse) Brock, RVD, everyone could be on the list..This will make for a more balanced roster though..

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gold from Booker and Goldie tonight. Did anyone transcribe the line from Book to Goldie "my somewhat perverted brother...?

and yes,

This is the greatest post in the history of all great posts.

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I don't really have anything of interest to add to this thread, other than...

(raising my hand)

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Great RAW. If you're still finding stuff to complain about at the top of your lungs, you're probably looking for it...

*raises hand*

Oh, and DMP? HHH definitely turned heel, that crowd was NOT psyched on the DX reunion going bye bye. Pedigreeing Shawn helps cuz it means he's taking Bischoff's side and wants Shawn to just be his flunky, but we'll see how it gets explained...

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I would like to throw my hand in the air too.

I guess it is quite redundant to state, but AWESOME Raw tonight. It just had that special feel that only comes once in a great while. This show ranked up with my all time favorite Raws: ECW Invasion in early '97, the night after WM 14 and ECW Invasion 2001. Of those shows, last night's felt a lot like the night after WM 14 to me- cool shit just happening over again and over again throughout the night.

I had a feeling DX would not make it through the night. However, I really thought it would be HHH who would be getting sweet ching music in that segment. I'm so glad that it was the other way around, though. I really like heel HHH. Even if he is still slow as hell in the ring, and not as good as 2000 HHH, at least he will be acting like an asshole, and won't be constantly fellated by the announcers. Could they actually be wrapping up an angle started FOUR years ago? Wow, not that is some long term shit. Sure there are plot holes here an there, but over four years that is pretty hard to avoid. Hopefully Shawn will be able to squeek out one more classic match. I'm not holding my breath, though. And yes, HHH went heel because of the way JR reacted to it all. He was all but back to calling HHH the Devil.

Island Boyz looked good. Here's to hoping that this inspires WWE to float the tag titles now. Lots of good posibilities exist there.

Rock/Eddie kicked ass in their segment and match, of course. I really thought Lesnar would cost Rock the match setting up a rematch for next week. Oh well.

I also have to go with everyone who is saying that Bischoff the character has been entertaining. Vince got his comeuppance so many times already that nobody cared if he gets rock bottomed or stunnered or whatever anymore. Now with Bischoff we have him getting his ass kicked to look forward to. And I don't know why, but the thing I laughed hardest at all night is when Bischoff, peering into the limo said with a totally straight face "you're going to kick me in the testicle sack?" Who says "testicle sack?" That was hilarious.

I was a tad disapointed in the ladder match, but I guess that's what happens when you have them too often. I was surprised to see the Euro title go. They should have had both belts up there to make it look more like a unification, though. The way JR played it up, he made it seem more like the Euro title was being vacated, not unified. The IC belt sure does have a lot of lineage now. I think we should all bow our heads in silence for the Euro strap and all its great former champions, such as Mideon and Mark Henry.

OK, all better now.

I think Brock going to Smackdown! is for the sole purpose of getting him exposed to more people. If they are really planning on pushing him down our throats (as they obviously are) then I can see them wanting him exposed to the Smackdown! audience now that the Raw audience has becaome familiar. I know the audiences mostly overlap, but I'm sure there are some unique viewers to each show. They just want him all over WWE TV. Doesn't really matter in the long run, as you know that Lesnar will be on both shows after Summerslam is in the books.

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Certainly a decent show, more good than bad, and what was bad was somewhat subjective (i.e. I can see why others might not mind it so much.)

Going through the recap chronologically:

* The Eric, Shawn and Hunter Show only took about three weeks. A little Bischoff goes a long way, and he's already used up this year's allotment with me. A little non-working HBK goes a long way, and I'm not sure I ever had an allotment for that.

I would feel better if every time he says "I'm ERIC BISCHOFF" and grins, they'd do the Jeff Jarrett-style tooth-gleam effect. That'd be tough to do on a live show, of course, but A MAN CAN DREAM.

* Ladder match by-the-numbers. I didn't mind the lack of HOLY SHIT death spots, because I'd like to see these two reach their forties without having to borrow the Dynamite Kid's wheelchair. Gotta save something for PPV, at least. The rest was perfectly adequate.

* I haven't developed much of an opinion on Nowinski yet. (When the "YALE IS BETTER" sign popped up, someone in my group yelled "I'VE GOT YALE! YAAAAAAAAAAAY!" and we all fell out.)

* As others have said, WWF Rhyno was much better than ECW Rhyno. Hopefully WWE Rhyno will continue in that trend.

* Bubba sold, Bubba and Trish made with the antics, logical finish, no problems here.

* Rock-Eddie would have been more fun if (a) Eddie's current WWE character had any depth beyond He's Reeeeeeally Hispanic, (b) Rock hadn't stuck to the time-honored You're Reeeeeeally Hispanic So I'll Make Fun Of Your Accent jokes, and (c) if Eddie'd WON the non-title match later to make the title-shot-on-the-line stipulation mean something.

* Dreamer-Lesnar was sweet. Canes? He don' need no steenkin' canes. I particularly liked Lesnar blocking Dreamer's cane strike from the apron -- a subtle thing, but it looked like Dreamer tried to hit him, instead of the Arn Anderson memorial "I'm delivering a jumping move that'll fail, so I'll simply jump down into the opponent's arms and never move my own."

* Hey, the Island Boys! It's about time. (The whole "You have three minutes" thing was both stupid and a waste of D-Lo, but I'll linger on the positive here instead.)

* I'll never get tired of Booker vs. Benoit. Goldust in small doses has clicked in recent weeks.

* Eric Presents The Eric Show Starring Eric moves to the announcer's desk. When I saw the desk had moved, I wondered what stunt they had planned for the vacated space or the new location...

* Big Show's really big and a pal of Eric's drive through come again.

* Phew. I came close to flipping channels when the DX video came on (both from the NO NOT THIS SHIT AGAIN reaction, and because the rapid-fire switches from video to live to video to live nearly gave my friend a Pokemon seizure). The Pedigree saved the segment, though I sense that the soap opera will continue until, oh, April.

* Eddie-Rock (in the ring) was fine.

* (Mr_Buzzcut_voice) TESTICLES! (/Mr_Buzzcut_voice) Woohoo.

All in all, not bad, even with Bischoff overload.

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#57 Posted on
to all the hand-raiders:

well, shoot, I stand corrected.

Still, as far as Rhyno goes, the guy does absolutely nothing for me. He's short, ugly, can't talk, his matches are boring ... well, let's just leave it at that. Sorry, but if he got hurt again tomorrow, I wouldn't care.

and please, don't try to sell me on Spike and Bubba as a real tag team. Comic relief, maybe -- Put that together with the Hardyz not really being a team any more, and who exactly are the Island Boys supposed to wrestle?

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#58 Posted on

    Originally posted by shea
    to all the hand-raiders:

    and please, don't try to sell me on Spike and Bubba as a real tag team. Comic relief, maybe -- Put that together with the Hardyz not really being a team any more, and who exactly are the Island Boys supposed to wrestle?

Maybe they will just be Bischoff's henchmen for the time being until they can get their hands on the tag titles one way or another.

Yes, indeed I can dig it, Sucker.

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#59 Posted on
Raises hand!!! Awesome and Kanyon are wrestling house shows so they're back next!

ok in a thread yesterday someone reviewed a randomly selected old video so i decided to do the same. just digging into the box o tapes and pulling out one marked only wrestling it was ,and this is no shit, the memorial day 2000 week. started with Nitro and Bisch was back, and New Blood was runnin' wild. ffwwd to Raw (still on USA, which I miss cause they were pure sleaze.) and it was all about the McMahon_Helmsley regime, UT, Rock, and Kane. DX was still around, Benoit was IC Champ, and Eddy was Euro Champ with Chynna in tow. 6 hours later it was time for Raw on the new TNN and it was like deja vu all over again. I tell you I was creeped out. but you know what , Raw worked for me. I think that the "3 minute hole" would have better been served by Bisch going up to D'Lo and The Planet and informing them they had a tag match with a new team, and actually introduced Kimo and Eckmo, but that's hindsight armchair booking. Brock going to SD balances things out since Benoit "came over" and the Island Boyz showed up. Plus, I think that Paul and Steph doing the evil partners thing works. I'd like to see Eric get trade Crash for Albert so Crash can be a CW again. and the more Molly the Better. I guess we won't be seeing any of Ivory as she is being relegated to the role of TE3 trainer (which in a way is good I guess since we will see her every week.)

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#60 Posted on

    Originally posted by shea
    to all the hand-raiders:

    well, shoot, I stand corrected.

    Still, as far as Rhyno goes, the guy does absolutely nothing for me. He's short, ugly, can't talk, his matches are boring ... well, let's just leave it at that. Sorry, but if he got hurt again tomorrow, I wouldn't care.

    and please, don't try to sell me on Spike and Bubba as a real tag team. Comic relief, maybe -- Put that together with the Hardyz not really being a team any more, and who exactly are the Island Boys supposed to wrestle?

The Bischoff/Steph storyline is centered around talent raids. Is it so impossible to think that Bischoff won't end up with the tag champs on Raw or that Steph won't steal the Island Boys once they've been built up against some D'lo/Stasiak type teams?

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