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12.7.20 0801
The W - Pro Wrestling - RAW King of the Ring #914 11/29/10
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TONIGHT: John Cena has front row seats for tonight’s Raw…will we see his Mexican cousin, Juan Cena, who debuted over the weekend? Plus, tonight is the first week of the WWE Championship reign of The Miz. And the King of the Ring tournament takes place on tonight’s three-hour extravaganza.

-WWE Open.

-They showed the ending of Raw last week, with Nexus attacking Randy Orton, Orton beating Wade Barrett, and Miz cashing in his MITB contract.

-RAW Open.

-The cameras panned the crowd inside the arena in Philadelphia, where Michael Cole immediately plugged the King of the Ring, followed by Miz, tonight, debuting as new WWE Champion.

-The King’s throne was shown on the stage, as well as the crown and robe. But first, Alex Riley walked out in a suit. His suit looked a little big on him, as he talked about Miz winning the WWE Championship. He compared it to Neil Armstrong walking on the moon. “This guy doesn’t need anymore partying in his life,” said CM Punk on commentary, taking another shot at Riley’s DUI arrest. And right on cue, Riley insulted Punk’s commentary from last week. As Riley continued to talk about Miz, Punk even mentioned Riley’s DUI. After Riley finished up, they went right to Justin Roberts, who introduced Ricardo Rodriguez.

(1) Alberto Del Rio vs. Daniel Bryan- King of the Ring First Round Match
They showed the announcers at ringside, and under a jacket, had a blue shirt that said, “Hi Colt” with the Star of David on it, presumably a shout-out to Colt Cabana. The crowd chanted for Bryan once the match began, and Del Rio grabbed a side headlock. Shoulder knock-down, and Del Rio admired his handiwork. Dropkick caught Del Rio coming off the ropes and Bryan paused before going into a cover. LeBell lock attempt by Bryan, but Del Rio got the ropes and slid under the bottom rope. They went to break just over two minutes in.

[Commercial Break]

Del Rio had Bryan in a rear chinlock out of break. They showed how he gained control during break, with a kick to Bryan’s head with the US Champ on the apron. Del Rio went to the middle rope, but came down and missed as Bryan rolled out of the way. Roll-up by Bryan for two. Crucifix roll-up for two. Flip out of the corner by Bryan, go behind by Del Rio and one by Bryan, German suplex by Bryan for two. Kick to the chest by Bryan, then a corner dropkick. Del Rio with a German of his own, one-upping Bryan, for two. Del Rio missed a dive between the ropes and Bryan nailed one of his own, but he came down hard on the barricade with his head/shoulder. And I mean HARD. He sold his arm down by his side, until he went to the top rope. He swatted aside a dropkick and locked in the cross arm-breaker for the tap-out win.

Winner: Del Rio, at 9:40. Nice, nice match, as you’d expect between these two.

-They did show a bracket so we could see who would face who, which is already a step-up from TNA.

-They showed past King of the Ring winners, such as Edge in 2001, Steve Austin in 1996, Triple H in 1997, Bret Hart in 1991, Brock Lesnar in 2002 (curious inclusion- and Lawler only slightly referenced what he’s gone on to do).

[Commercial Break]

-R-Truth came out. He said John Cena is gone, but he’s Truth’s friend, and Cena went out like a champ. He said he tried to get Cena to go out on his own terms. He said Cena had to stick to his guns, and it cost him what he loves the most, the WWE Universe. Therefore, Truth challenged any member of Nexus to take him on. Josh Mathews was backstage approaching the Nexus locker room. Michael McGillicutty greeted him and said he’d show Truth what happens when you issue challenges to Nexus. Just as he walked down the hallway, his eyes got wide and the camera was knocked down. McGillicutty was shown getting beat up by someone wearing jean shorts and sneakers, as the camera was on the ground. Then, that person gave a fallen McGillicutty the “you can’t see me” gesture.

[Commercial Break]

-Cole plugged The Miz debuting as WWE Champion. Jerry Lawler called it a fluke victory. The announcers discussed the attack on McGillicutty from the previous segment.

(2) Cody Rhodes vs. John Morrison- King of the Ring First Round Match
Punk said he won a King of the Ring Tournament in Rio de Janeiro, then mentioned it being the same place Pat Patterson won the first IC Title. He also said Rhodes and Patterson are a lot alike, then left it up to our imagination as to what he was talking about. The two men went back and forth in the ring, with Rhodes being the aggressor. He was able to one-up Morrison for the early part, stretching the neck and shoulders of Morrison. Morrison fired back with his high-octane offense, but missed a running knee and was rolled up for two. Flash Kick by Morrison, then a running knee to the face, followed by the pinfall.

Winner: Morrison, at 3:39. Just a taste of what these guys can do in the ring. Looks like they’re trying to get the running knee over as a finisher.

-They plugged Miss USA Rima Fakih being on hand to crown the King of the Ring.

-The Miz will be here later on as well, to celebrate his WWE Title win.

[Commercial Break]

-The announcers plugged and

(3) Drew McIntyre vs. Ezekiel Jackson- King of the Ring First Round Match
McIntyre broke a lock-up by going to the bottom rope in the corner. Mac pie-faced Jackson, then Jackson clotheslined McIntyre several times. McIntyre fired back on the outside, near the exposed turnbuckle that only CM Punk could see. The two men went to the outside again and traded haymakers. Jackson tried to make it back in at eight, but Drew, on his back, grabbed him by the foot to prevent him from making it in at ten.

Winner: Double count-out, at 2:43. I guess it’s a good sign for McIntyre that they didn’t job him.

Jackson did get the upper hand after the match, however. The winner of Kingston vs. Sheamus will advance to the finals after this double count-out.

-Bryan was icing his shoulder backstage when one of the Bellas checked on him. Bryan asked what the deal was with him coming down during his entrance. Brie said she noticed him and thought she was tough…but then Nikki came in and asked why she was bothering Bryan. Alex Riley came up and chastised the women for busying themselves with Bryan, as they had a part in Miz’s celebration. Then the Miz called him and he talked to him on his earpiece. Change of plans, and the Bellas weren’t needed. Riley got on Bryan for missing the opportunity of a lifetime by having Miz as his NXT Pro. Riley said to watch for Mizfest 2010.

[Commercial Break]

-They again showed the video package from the top of the show, of the final segment(s) from Raw last week.

-The announcers talked about the new champion and Lawler said Randy Orton would not be here tonight.

-In the ring, Justin Roberts introduced The Miz. Miz came out, seconded by Alex Riley…and was dressed in plaid. Cole stood and applauded Miz. Miz got the mic and said he had planned a huge celebration, but in the end, didn’t need it. He said instead, he found something that summed up the reaction of the WWE Universe. And right on cue, it was the angry girl from last week. He showed her shocked at first, then her angry look, which got a pop from the crowd. Miz said that little girl will forever be known as the Miz Girl, and he thanked her for reminding him of the struggles it took for him to get there. He said when he got to WWE, all the fans and superstars backstage claimed he’d never amount to anything. To the JBL’s, to the Triple H’s to the John Cena’s, he says this: The Miz is WWE Champion.

Miz turned his attention to Randy Orton and acknowledged that he wouldn’t be there this week, because he’s at home nursing a knee injury. Miz scoffed at that notion and said the only thing injured on Orton is his pride. But Orton is only the first in a long line of people he’s going to demoralize. Miz said he’d be the longest-reigning WWE Champion in history. Miz said that if we take anything from this speech, take this: If anyone doubts you…believe them. Because you can’t. And The Miz is nothing like you. He continued to rail on the crowd, and said he was one in a billion, because he has actually achieved his dreams. He said that two weeks ago, Roddy Piper stood in the ring and said that his generation made things happen. He said Piper never made anything happen. Riley showed off the book, “The Rich History of the WWE Championship,” and Miz said Piper isn’t in it. He also said Ricky Steamboat, isn’t in it either, because he was never WWE Champion. Finally, Jerry Lawler took off his headset and got the mic.

Lawler said that as someone whose name is on that list, he offered congratulations to Miz. But he reminded Miz that he beat someone who was attacked by seven other people before he won. He said it may make him clever and an opportunist, but it doesn’t make him awesome. Miz said that sounded like the ramblings of a bitter old man who fought for decades but couldn’t do what he did in one night. Cole took off his headset and told Lawler to stop. He accused Lawler of downplaying Miz’s win all night, and told Lawler to let Miz have his moment. Lawler said he was right, and then said if Miz was a champion, he’d call someone out who hasn’t been beaten up by seven guys, and put his title on the line. Cole said if Lawler didn’t watch out, he’d end up being that guy. Lawler said some people on that list Miz was talking about are on there because they never had a championship opportunity. Lawler said he’s been in WWE since 1993 and never had a title shot, so he asked for one. Miz said it was a great idea…then said he wasn’t interested in defending his title tonight. Lawler said Miz verified exactly what he was saying, and called him a coward. Miz said Lawler has never done “nothing” and called him a shell of a Hall-of-Famer. The GM chimed in and even got a mild pop, but full boos when Cole got the mic. Hilariously, he even addressed the camera this time.

The GM congratulated Miz for his win, but said that while Miz may not be interested in defending the title…the GM is. Therefore, the main event will be The Miz vs. Jerry Lawler, for the WWE Championship. It’s a feel-good moment, but I don’t think anyone thinks King can win. “Jerry” chant from the fans…but the GM had more to say. In three weeks there is a PPV called TLC: Tables, Ladders and Chairs. He said that as a preview, the main event would be a TLC match. The ending was kinda poorly written, as CM Punk mentioned tonight was Lawler’s birthday. I believe he’s 61 today.

[Commercial Break]

-Cole and Punk discussed the WWE Championship match that will main event the show. Cole called this his first-ever WWE title challenge, which I doubt is true.

(4) Sheamus vs. Kofi Kingston- King of the Ring First Round Match
The match went to the outside immediately and Kingston regained control back in the ring. Irish Curse back-breaker by Sheamus caught Kofi coming off the ropes. Sheamus worked out of a rest-hold and kicked away at Sheamus. Hard chops to the chest of the Irishman, then a high standing dropkick. Boom Drop by Kingston for two. Kingston went to the top, but Sheamus stopped him and wet up for the High Cross. Trouble in Paradise, but Sheamus rolled under the bottom rope. Kingston tried to pull him back in but Sheamus held onto the apron. Kingston went to pick him up but Sheamus landed a knee to the temple. Flip kick in the corner, but the cross-body off the top was met with a Brogue Kick.

Winner: Sheamus, at 4:08. Okay match with some unique twists. Finish didn’t look great, but was good enough.

They again showed the updated brackets for the King of the Ring tournament.

[Commercial Break]

(5) Yoshi Tatsu & Mark Henry vs. Justin Gabriel & Heath Slater
Tatsu got a quick pin attempt for one. Slater quickly cornered Tatsu and Nexus worked him over there. During the match, John Cena walked down through the crowd with tickets to the show. Fashionably late, I suppose. He just sat at ringside. Cena was even cheering Tatsu and Henry. Tatsu made the tag to Henry, which no one cared about. Henry splashed Slater for a two-count, as Gabriel broke up the pin. Tatsu took him out and Slater got his boots up in the corner on a charge. Slater went off the middle-rope, but was caught by Henry and slammed. That gave the underdogs the win.

Winners: Tatsu and Henry, at 2:29. Match? What match?

Afterward, Cena jumped the barricade and cleared off the announce table, pulled Slater out of the ring, and gave him the AA through the table. He escaped through the crowd and stood on a production crate, doing the You Can’t See Me when David Otunga and Husky Harris ran out to check on Slater.

-The Miz vs. Jerry Lawler, in a TLC Match, is still to come.

-Up next, John Morrison vs. Alberto Del Rio in a KOTR Semi-Finals match.

[Commercial Break]

-They showed Cena allegedly beating up Michael McGillicutty earlier in the show, then Cena coming through the crowd moments ago and attacking “Wendy” Heath Slater. CM Punk was still angry Cena spilled his diet soda.

-Otunga, Harris and Gabriel were backstage, stewing over Cena’s interference. He said they were basically sitting ducks. Wade Barrett walked in for the first time tonight and said Cena isn’t part of WWE, which means there are no restrictions on what they can do to him, either. He said he’d go out tonight and call Cena out so they can take care of him once and for all.

-Lawler was getting ready in the locker room when Arn Anderson, clad in a black biker jacket, walked up and wished him luck tonight. Anderson cautioned Lawler about a TLC match and said if King passed this one up, no one would blame him. Lawler said he’s never been in a TLC match, but he’s never been in a WWE Title match either, so he can’t pass it up. Anderson said there’s only one thing left to do: beat Miz.

-The announcers were shown at ringside, with their table destroyed. Cole said there was no way Lawler would walk away tonight as champion, but Punk disagreed.

-The KOTR bracket was shown again, with Sheamus in the finals.

-Alberto Del Rio made his entrance for the match, which is next.

[Commercial Break]

(6) Alberto Del Rio vs. John Morrison- King of the Ring Semifinals Match
Dropkick off the second rope by Morrison, as Cole even mentioned King Mabel (“a very unique time” said Cole). Punk quizzed him on who he beat and when Cole didn’t know, Punk reminded him that it was Savio Vega. Del Rio kicked at the arm of Morrison, then went to the arm-bar. Morrison fought back, but Del Rio punched him in the head. Morrison decked Del Rio, then landed a jumping leg kick (TM Randy Rosenbloom) for the two-count. Del Rio went back to the arm and got a two-count. As Del Rio went in for the kill, the honking sound of a car was heard. Out drove Rey Mysterio (“oh, that jerk!” said Punk). Del Rio turned around into a Flash Kick from Morrison that knocked him out, allowing Morrison to advance to the finals.

Winner: Morrison, at 3:25. I thought these KOTR tourney matches would be longer, given the three-hour format.

The brackets were shown, as the finals are now set for Sheamus vs. John Morrison.

-Later tonight, Miss USA Rima Fakih will be out. She looks like Kim Kardashian.

-Wade Barrett was walking backstage. He’s going to call out John Cena next.

[Commercial Break]

-Wade Barrett came to the ring. He said that Cena must think he was born yesterday. He called Cena’s plan “transparent,” and apparently Barrett is the only person on the planet who can get Cena re-hired. He surmised that Cena would plan to make him so angry, Barrett would ask to get him reinstated so he could get revenge. But Barrett promised that Cena would never work in WWE again. He promised to deliver a beating of Cena’s career…but Cena interrupted on the TitanTron. He said it’s not about getting rehired, but keeping his word. He said his word was that he would take out each and every member of Nexus, job or no job. Barrett said Cena was clearly in the parking lot, and asked WWE security to get rid of Cena. Cena reminded Barrett that Nexus attacked WWE security on their first night, which means it’s open season on Nexus. Cena began to back away as Gabriel, Otunga and Harris advanced. Barrett said he didn’t want security to take Cena away, but to help him. Cena said he isn’t the only enemy Nexus has, so Vladimir Kozlov, Yoshi Tatsu, Ezekiel Jackson, Darren Young, Daniel Bryan and David Hart Smith attacked. Gabriel was thrown into a car, then Cena gave him the AA onto one. Cena said this doesn’t stop until he’s through with Nexus, then told Barrett he’d see him next week.

[Commercial Break]

-Tonight, Miz takes on Jerry Lawler in a TLC Match.

-They showed the exterior of the arena, in the parking lot, where the aftermath of the fight that took place was videoed. They showed what happened moments ago when the Raw locker room attacked select Nexus members.

(7) Maryse & Alicia Fox & Tamina vs. Natalya & Gail Kim & Melina
Melina jumped on Maryse, but they rolled around and went outside the ring. Back inside, Maryse, was caught by Melina, but Melina was choked over the top rope. Tag to Fox, who slammed (and I use that word loosely) Melina’s head off the mat. She pulled at Melina’s hair with Melina in the middle rope. Melina Matrix’ed to avoid a clothesline, but Fox caught her and told her that Melina does not do that to her. Back-breaker over her knees by Melina on Fox. Returning the favor from last week, Santino Marella came out with a guitar and sang to Tamina. He was singing “I think we’re alone now,” and Tamina got off the apron to meet him. She grabbed him in a headlock and walked to the back with him. He said he loved her strength. Maryse and Fox were distracted by this, and Natalya tagged in. She went to work on Fox and bodyslammed her. Set up for the Sharpshooter. Maryse interfered, but Kim took her out. Natalya again tried the Sharpshooter and got the win.

Winners: Natalya, Kim, and Melina, at 3:34. I’ll again point out, for what feels like the second time in like three weeks, that Kim didn’t even get tagged in, and she’s likely the best wrestler out of the bunch.

-They showed vintage highlights of Jerry Lawler, to set up his title match tonight.

-Lawler was shown getting ready for his WWE Title match later tonight.

[Commercial Break]

-Ted DiBiase was shown looking into a toy WWE Title. He set it down, despondently. He was growing a five o’clock shadow. Maryse walked up to him and chastised him for looking into a toy belt instead of winning his own, then made fun of him for losing to a geek like Daniel Bryan. She said he makes her look bad. She was about to walk off when she came back and mentioned Santino, then DiBiase piped up and told her to shut up in an angry voice. He walked off camera as Maryse seemed taken aback.

-Otunga and Harris were skulking backstage, in the bowels of the building. Otunga said he has an idea to end all of “this.”

-Josh Mathews was backstage with Morrison and Sheamus. Mathews mentioned Morrison beating Sheamus at Survivor Series, but Sheamus interrupted and said he made a mistake that cost him. Sheamus said Morrison has already wrestled twice, and his arm his hurt. Sheamus called him “slim pickins’” for him tonight. Morrison said it’s not gonna matter whether Sheamus is fresher, tougher or bigger than he is. He said the only thing that matters is that one of them will walk out as King of the Ring. Then they stared at each other in that homo-erotic way that Stephanie McMahon likes but just always looks awkward.

-They showed the crown and chair on the stage, while plugging that the KOTR final is next.

[Commercial Break]

-Justin Roberts introduced “life-long WWE fan” Rima Fakih, Miss America 2010, as special guest ring announcer. Santino walked out with her. Her music was Usher, which sounded like it skipped at first.

(8) Sheamus vs. John Morrison- King of the Ring Finals Match
Morrison backed Sheamus into the corner, but Sheamus kicked him in the mid-section to put him down. He quickly went to work on the left arm of Morrison. Off the ropes went Morrison, and he kicked Sheamus in the head. He went to springboard, but Sheamus tripped him up on the middle rope. Sheamus sent him to the outside as they went to break.

[Commercial Break]

Sheamus was handling Morrison out of break, and got a one-count off a pin attempt. Single-arm DDT by Sheamus as Punk wailed about the chair he was sitting in breaking. A number of forearms to the chest by Sheamus. Morrison fought back, but was turned inside out by a clothesline. Sheamus set up for the High Cross, but Morrison fought out and attempted a backslide. He couldn’t do it, but flipped over Sheamus. Tilt-a-whirl DDT by Morrison for two, but Sheamus got his hand on the bottom rope to force the break. Running knee was countered by Sheamus. Morrison went to the top rope, but Sheamus pulled him off by the bad shoulder and Morrison landed on it in a gruesome-looking spot. Fujiwara arm-bar by Sheamus, but Morrison refused to tap. Crowd was getting into it by this point. Sheamus flipped Morrison over and went back to the same move. Morrison flipped out again and kicked Sheamus in the head. Both men to their feet, but Morrison flipped backward and kicked Sheamus in the head. Starship Pain, but Sheamus got his knees up. Looked like Sheamus barely grazed him as he was pretty close to the buckle. Brogue Kick by Sheamus, then a High Cross attempt. It connected and Sheamus is King.

Winner: Sheamus, at 12:06. Good finish to this one, and nice psychology. This makes up for Sheamus’ loss to Santino several weeks ago.

Sheamus was crowned King of the Ring by Rima Fakih, as he sat in his throne with his giant scepter and robe. He even had a mic. Sheamus said the royal lineage to the high kings of Ireland has been fulfilled. When does Triple H return to his King of Kings music? His music played as he did the thinking man pose in the throne.

-Split screen of The Miz and Jerry Lawler walking. The TLC match is next.

[Commercial Break]

(9) The Miz vs. Jerry “The King” Lawler- Tables, Ladders and Chairs Match for the WWE Championship
Gotta wonder what condition Lawler is in after that infection in his leg from a few weeks ago. Miz with a bodyslam in the center of the ring. He allowed Lawler to get back up though. A third lock-up and Lawler slammed Miz. Another “Jerry” chant. Kick to the gut and a left hand from the southpaw Miz. Miz tossed Lawler out of the ring and near Alex Riley, tables, ladders and chairs. Miz got a chair and nailed Lawler in the back with it. And a second time. “Go back to the Real World!” shouted a fan. Miz threw two chairs, then Lawler, into the ring. He set the chairs up in the ring and tried to suplex Lawler onto them. Lawler got out, but Miz caught him and gave him a back-breaker on the chair, then a neck-breaker. “Miz is awful” chant, I believe, from the crowd. Miz slowed the match further and kicked at Lawler. A. Ri got a ladder ready and sent tried to send it into the ring, but was too slow. Lawler ended up unloading with chairshots to Miz’s back. He got a ladder himself and fought off Riley. He set up a table for some reason, but got into a tug-o-war with Miz over the ladder. Miz took a ladder to the chin, but missed Miz in the corner with the inanimate object. Reversal, but Miz stopped short of the ladder. Lawler back-dropped Miz into the steel ladder. Lawler showed the fist, but Riley clotheslined King. Back on his feet, Lawler punched Riley off the apron and through a table at ringside. Lawler set up the ladder and slowly climbed the ladder, but Miz intercepted him. Big boot to the face. The announcers have a new table, by the way.

Miz suplexed Lawler onto a folded chair as Punk implored Miz to climb the ladder. Chair to the back of Lawler again, and again. Miz was crotched on the top rope as Punk was incredulous that Cole wasn’t cheering for his broadcast partner. Lawler went for a superplex, but couldn’t connect. Double-sledge by Lawler sent Miz through a table at ringside. Lawler was on his back in the ring as the crowd was thunderous for Lawler. Cole left the table and tried to help Miz up. Punk called Cole completely out of line. Lawler climbed the ladder and got his hand on the belt, but Cole grabbed his foot and pulled Lawler off. Cole apologized to Lawler, but Lawler backed him around the ladder. Lawler socked Cole with a right hand and pounded away on him in the corner. That allowed Miz to climb back in and climb the ladder. Miz reached for the belt, but Lawler came up on the other side. Miz had the belt, even though Lawler was punching him. Headbutt by Miz and Lawler teetered…then fell. Miz grabbed the title for the win.

Winner: Miz, at 11:54. Interesting match. This has got to signal the end of Cole and Lawler as a team, right? Where do they go from here? Does JR come back?

They replayed a few big moments from the match. Miz held onto the title in the ring, in pain, as they faded out.
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Once Zeke and McIntyre fought to a double count out, I anticipated the Morrison - Sheamus rematch from Survior Series. This match wasn't nearly as good, but still pretty solid.

I thought Philadelphia hated Cena?

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    Originally posted by geemoney

    They showed the announcers at ringside, and under a jacket, had a blue shirt that said, “Hi Colt” with the Star of David on it, presumably a shout-out to Colt Cabana.

It was the "I [star of david] Colt", as seen on I'd guess WWE had no idea what that was. - luchablog
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I dunno... this wasn't Punk's first shout out to Scotty Goldman. Remember his Slammy speech?


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Boy did Nexus have a bad night or what?

And Lawler had his best match in ten years. I suspect Cole goes missing and they finally reveal he is the GM.
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No videos posted, I promise!

I watched this for the first time in a couple of weeks and I have got to say it is about time Michael King Cole turned heel!

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I think Lawler and Miz's TLC will be better than Orton and Miz's. Lawler is a wrestling genius.

Nikki Bella is getting close to being the coolest lady in the world. "What does that even mean?"

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Both "Michael Cole" and "Lawler" are trending on Twitter, so I guess this angle worked.

I feel that this tweet encapsulates the feelings of the WWE Universe:
    Originally posted by @rachemmms

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While they'd never in a million years make Jerry Lawler champ one week after putting the belt on a new rising star, I have to give kudos to all involved for making me (and @rachemmms and I'm sure many others) believe, even for a moment, that The King could pull off the upset of the century.

ETA: Jerry Lawler's Twitter background is dope.

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Michael Cole doesn't have HALF the conviction that Ricardo Rodriguez has. If you're going to leave your role as ringside personnel to interfere in a match, do it with FEELING, man! The Spirit of EVIL Jonathan Coachman does not approve.

I'd love it if this means we've finally reached the end of "Michael Cole, Evil LEAD Announcer", but that's probably too much to hope for. It's not like there's anyone else waiting in the wings anyway, unless they plan to bring back JR or promote Grisham (which I do NOT recommend).

The cop out scenario for taking Jackson out of the tournament was worse than I thought, initially, but after thinking it over, I have to go with geemoney on this one. It has to mean something that they weren't willing to completely sacrifice McIntyre.

So much for John Morrison conquering the big, bad bully. Had to know Sheamus was getting his win back, eventually.

At least they tried to infuse some logic into Cena still being around. But I have to think that the GM's going to intervene sooner or later and give Cena his job back. Unless of course, Otunga's master plan is to somehow get Cena his job back. That would make no sense, but I don't rule it out for some reason.

And just because it's going to be mentioned ad nauseum, I may as well get the ball rolling a little further. Remember, choking someone with a tie will get you fired, but it's perfectly acceptable to throw someone through a windshield.

Thanks for showing up, Darren Young!

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Caught Raw after a few weeks, one question: why is CM Punk on commentary instead of in the KotR tourney? Not that I mind Punk on commentary, he had the line of the night: "King Kofi Kingston has a nice ring to it. But the initials aren't so nice."

That Main Event was better than it had any right to be. Arguably the best match of the night.

Interestingly, there's a poll on the Raw page that asks "Can The Miz wear the WWE Championship proudly?" and a surprising 49% have said "Yes." (Including me). But I expected the kiddies to make up more of the numbers.

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(Granted I need to watch the match before I judge, however) The Miz needed help to defend his WWE Championship... against JERRY LAWLER.

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    Originally posted by used2bcool
    Caught Raw after a few weeks, one question: why is CM Punk on commentary instead of in the KotR tourney? Not that I mind Punk on commentary, he had the line of the night: "King Kofi Kingston has a nice ring to it. But the initials aren't so nice."

He's keeping busy while rehabbing (instead of getting surgery for) a shoulder injury I believe.

I gotta be honest, I wish they could clone the guy and have him wrestle AND continue on commentary!
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I loved this Raw. Punk at the announcing table is all kinds of great.

"last week he said he was born a king, do your homework Cole"

"He spilled my diet soda"

These two lines were my favorite lines from him (along with King Kofi Kingston).

Punk really showed his stuff when Cole left the table to tend to Miz. He handled the last portion of the match solo and really delivered.

I'm feeling the turn into the PG-13 era of Raw, keep it coming.
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I loved Lawler also shitting on the entire Money In The Bank gimmick by calling Miz a fluke champion. Damn straight. I guess only heels have used the sudden cash-in (RVD announced his shot in advance for One Night Stand and Punk's cash-in on Edge was justified given that Edge did it previously) so it's not shown as a bold or proud move to win a title, but even so, having 'The Era Of Awesome' start on such a less-than-epic title win is rightly odd.
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    Originally posted by ekedolphin
    (Granted I need to watch the match before I judge, however) The Miz needed help to defend his WWE Championship... against JERRY LAWLER.

Like you said: WATCH the match!

And what a match it was. Reminded me a lot of the great TLC match Edge had with Flair, just two weeks after winning his first WWE title (by cashing in his briefcase at NYR).

And Miz having the help of Alex Riley and Michael Cole reminded me a little bit of Ric Flair in 92 (Mr Perfect and Bobby Heenan).

However, we will see how everything turns out in the end, but so far The Miz has had a great start as champ.

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    Originally posted by Tyler Durden
      Originally posted by ekedolphin
      (Granted I need to watch the match before I judge, however) The Miz needed help to defend his WWE Championship... against JERRY LAWLER.

    Like you said: WATCH the match!

I would have done so immediately, except for the fact that USA Network doesn't allow RAW to be shown in its entirety on Hulu. Fortunately I just found it on YouTube. (WWE really needs to see about getting that corrected. A match like that, I'll damn well see it whether it's on their Hulu channel or whether some guy put it on YouTube. But I digress).

Very good match. Easily the best match I've seen from King in some time, but then, he hasn't done a whole lot of wrestling in WWE over the last ten years or so. And yeah, I still stand by my opinion that The Miz shouldn't have needed help to beat someone who was turning 61. Lawler's four years older than Hulk Hogan, for crying out loud.

Having said that, Lawler clearly ain't your average 61-year-old, and he proved he can still go.

"But you can't make an omelette without ruthlessly crushing dozens of eggs beneath your steel boot and then publicly disemboweling the chickens that laid them as a warning to others."
--General Tarquin, The Order of the Stick

Fan of the Indianapolis Colts (Super Bowl XLI Champions), Indiana Pacers and Washington Nationals

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I actually kind of wonder if this is the end of Jerry Lawler on commentary. Cole and Punk seem to have better chemistry than Cole and Jerry ever did, and a WWE title match is a good way for Jerry to go out. Jerry obviously can't work with Cole again, and I just don't see any role for Cole outside of the commentary position. He's fine with his little heel schtick, but I don't want to see him managing Miz or being a full-time GM/mouthpiece.

The double-countout struck me as less about keeping McIntyre strong as not wanting to job Zeke out to Sheamus in the second round (yet not wanting to make Sheamus seem weak with a cop-out win over Zeke via countout or DQ or such). I don't see the huge upside to Zeke myself, but I guess they do. I'd rather they push Drew McIntyre.

Altogether, though, I thought it was a really good show. The ring psychology tonight really helped, with Alberto Del Rio injuring arms left and right so that guys lost with their dignity intact. Love the shiner on Ricardo Rodriguez.

I agree about wishing I could have my cake and eat it, too, regarding Punk. I would really miss him in the ring, but he's been such a breath of fresh air on commentary.

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CM Punk had a terrible night. He seemed tounge tied and behind the action most of the night.

Enjoyed Sheamus and Morrison. Morrison can really sell. It'll be interesting to see what Sheamus does with the King status, hopefully he gets a new sceptor.

Lawler/Miz had train wreck potential. Figured the Miz would have to carry an old Jerry Lawler when he still probably isn't ready to do so, but Jerry didn't need carrying at all. TLC matches can still be intense without the suicide spots. I like crazy spots as much as the next guy, but seeing a well planned match can be even better.


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@ TylerDurden ; That was my first though too, Miz vs Lawler = Edge vs Flair. I doubt it's a coincidence.
(Havent seen the match yet fyi. will do so tonight)

And I think the way Lawler is usually put over, and how popular he is, most people wouldn't care about him being 61.
he's The King! And The Miz is a weasel! So of course he'll use all the help he can get.

I fully expected Sheamus to win King of the Ring.
Well, him or Alberto. Not sure if he oughta come out with crown and cape and such, but it gives him one more thing to brag about which is what his character is all about.

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