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19.6.18 1912
The W - Pro Wrestling - Raw June 11 a draft lottery (Page 2)
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    Originally posted by Mattitude
      Originally posted by Wpob
      As for the ending again, much like HHH being dropped from a crane while in a car on night and back in action the next, I expect Vince at RAW next week, unscathed.

    At the very least, they could have Vince show up looking like Liam Neeson in Darkman.

He'll have taped ribs.

Still, you all must admit that was ONE HELL OF AN ENDING.

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MMA killed Vince.

Dana White does look like Lex Luthor.

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I think the obvious answer to "Who did it?" would be those two random guys sitting outside talking when Vince was walking out.

I wish we'd get a part two "Who Shot Mr. Burns?" type episode next week, but probably not.

It gets even better in the updated article: "Local authorities stated it was still too early to declare anything as fact, including exactly what caused the explosion, but they described the blast as an apparent ďcar bombing.Ē They also revealed that as of 11:30 p.m. EST, no body had been recovered from the incinerated wreckage."

I'm enjoying this entirely too much. It's so bad that it's wonderful. I can't wait to see what's next.

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An even better upate from the article: "This incident is the first of its kind since the assassination of political figure Orlando Letelier in Washington, D.C. in 1976. Sources say that given the nature of the apparent car bombing, under law federal authorities will be called in for a more thorough investigation that would supersede local Pennsylvania authorities."

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Was this draft even worth watching if there is a supplemental draft Wednesday? What's to stop them from pulling one of those 'Triple H back to Raw for 4 or 5 guys again?'?

I liked the random matchups of big and small, main eventer/ midcarder mix we got.

Matt Hardy and Finlay are Main Eventers by default now. How is that such a bad thing?

I feared that Vince's limo might have DX paint on it, so I guess I was relieved that it just blew up instead.

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(deleted by CajunMan on 11.6.07 2251)
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I've been closely examining the pictures, and it's very clear that there are two explosions that were set off. Mind you, SET OFF. This was NOT an accident, and two explosions indicate the involvement of a tag team. This was not the work of TNA, or any other outside terrorist company.

Please see the following image for further scientific proof:

If you're still not convinced, keep an eye out for a YouTube video with quotes from experts and eerie music.

Don't believe the mainstream media! IT WAS AN INSIDE JOB!

In all seriousness, everything up until that point was disappointing. I mean, the idea of a Draft Lottery in this day and age was ridiculous enough, but the two big jumps were Booker T and Ken Kennedy. You could lump Benoit in there too, but he made the jump to ECW, so it really doesn't matter.

Man, I don't know. It was a very disappointing and anti-climatic draft, but THEY BLEW UP MR. McMAHON. Let the haters hate, that was awesomely bad with an emphasis on the awesome.

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    Originally posted by Deputy Marshall
    I've been closely examining the pictures, and it's very clear that there are two explosions that were set off. Mind you, SET OFF. This was NOT an accident, and two explosions indicate the involvement of a tag team. This was not the work of TNA, or any other outside terrorist company.

    Please see the following image for further scientific proof:

    If you're still not convinced, keep an eye out for a YouTube video with quotes from experts and eerie music.

    Don't believe the mainstream media! IT WAS AN INSIDE JOB!

I don't have an official list, but this has to be a top 5 all time post.

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I endorse it as #1.

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    Originally posted by JustinShapiro
    I endorse it as #1.


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    Originally posted by CRZ

Do you mean Vince sell the car bombing, or sell WWE stock?

It's the Big "W", I tell ya! The Big "W"!

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Got called into work tonight so couldnít have this up on time. Just for posterity sake I went back and wrote it up, for those who didn't see the show and are saying, "what the heck is everyone talking about?"

-WWE Open.

-Vince is backstage, on camera. He reads a prepared statement about tonightís festivities. Well, he reads it like a third grader anyway. Hey, you canít say theyíre not making the ECW Title seem important- Vince is going crazy after losing it.

-RAW Open.

-RAW is LIVE from Wilkes-Barre PA at the Wachovia Center. JR hypes this as the first ever tri-brand WWE draft. JR sends it to Michael Cole and JBL, also at ringside. Cole says the winners of tonightís matches earn a draft pick for their brand. Styles and Tazz get some face-time next.

(1) John Cena vs. Edge
For those interested, Cena is on Conan this Thursday. For those scoring at home, itís a RAW ref (Marty Elias) and the RAW announce team for this match. Cena goes to work in the corner and immediately hits some of his signature moves. Cena misses a charge and gets hit from behind by Edge. Edge with a boot, a forearm and some right hands. Cena fights back but puts his head down for a back-body drop that Edge saw coming a mile away. Edge then deposits Cena to the outside. Cena gets a sunset flip coming back in for a near-fall. Edge is up first and hits a hard clothesline. Cena off the ropes and a spinning heel kick by Edge for two. Edge argues with the ref so Cena picks him up in the FU, but Edge gets down and nails Cena in the jaw. Rear chinlock applied by Edge. Cena gets out with a drop-toe hold and tries to put on the STFU but Edge gets to the ropes. Cena hits a blockbuster off the ropes and both men are down. Cena hits a shoulder block off the ropes, then a suplex. Edge tries a spear, but Cena moves and Edge goes right through the ropes and to the outside. Cena goes out to meet him and drives Edge head-first off the ECW announce table. Cena gets the table ready for Edge to go through it, but Edge raked the eyes and gets back in the ring before the ten-count.
Winner: Edge by count-out at 6:55.
Smackdown gets the first draft pick. They do the pick by ďrandom computer selectionĒ and itís the Great Khali. Khali comes onto the ramp and stares at Edge.

-Up next, former Governor Jesse Ventura speaks about Vince.


-We get a video package on Vince McMahon, one you would think would be aired upon a Hall-of-Fame induction. Looks like clips from his DVD.

-Jesse Ventura seems to think heís still Governor of Minnesota (unless the term ďGovernorĒ is like ďPresidentĒ and youíre never referred to as ďformerĒ). Jesse says Vince hasnít earned the title ďMr.Ē and calls Vince a dictator.

-Coach is standing out Vinceís locker room. He says Vince has told him that Vengeance will be a night of champions where every match is a championship match. The main event will be a championship challenge where any current or former title-holder on the roster can compete for the title.

-Coming up Carlito faces CM Punk.


(2) Carlito vs. CM Punk
Ref is Charles Robinson (Smackdown) and announcers are Styles and Tazz. Punk hits some early knees to the face of Carlito. He tries the running knee in the corner but Carlito catches him and hammers away at Punk. Punk comes back with a kick that puts Carlito on the mat. Carlito dropkicks Punk as he comes off the middle rope. Carlito works the ribs then gets a one-count on a cover. Suplex by Carlito. Body-scissors applied by Carlito. Punk counters and puts Carlito in a Boston crab. Carlito gets to the ropes though. Punk with a clothesline for two. Another clothesline. Punk gets a kick to the back of Carlitoís head then goes for a cover, which only gets two. More knees by Punk. He then hits the running knee in the corner, but canít hit the follow-up bulldog. Instead, Carlito hits the back-stabber, but Punk rolls out of the ring. Carlito rolls him back in and only get two on the pin attempt. Carlito tries another back-stabber, but Punk counters and hits the GTS for the pin.

Winner: CM Punk at 4:52.
-The pick: The Boogeyman to ECW. That brings out Boogey for his antics.

-Snoop Dogg thanks Mr. McMahon and appreciates what heís done for the business. He also appreciates the class Vince brings with Cena and Austin, then Snoop reminisces about Austin beating him up and McMahonís head up Big Showís arse.


-Another Vince video package, focusing on his lack of character.

-Back live, Mick Foleyís music hits and he enters the arena. He takes a shot at Coach, then talks about the open WWE Championship match. Shouldíve made it for all current and former champs on the roster or not. That wouldíve made for some interesting rumors. Foley says heís officially a member of the RAW roster and that he will be a part of the open match at Vengeance. Heís here to talk about Vince though. He says Vince could do so much good in the world, then says Vince has ďsomewhat followed through.Ē He notes that Vince has, at times, given to charity and he is a super patriot. Foley takes a shot at the Kiss-My-Ass Club. He wonders if Vince has real friends. He says Hulk Hogan, Triple H, Eric Bischoff, The Rock, Dick Ebersol, Shawn Michaels, Trish Stratus and Ted Turner were asked to appear for Vince Appreciation Night, and every one declined because Vince wasnít worth their time. He says they didnít appreciate Vince McMahon and then Foley asks, should any of the fans? They say no, and Foley agrees.


(3) Balls Mahoney vs. Umaga
Balls is already in the ring, not that you needed that hint to know whoís gonna win. Styles and Tazz on commentary again, with ECW ref Mike Posey. Thumb to the throat, end.

Winner: Umaga at :26.
Draft Pick for RAW: King Booker. Interesting. As with everyone, Booker and Sharmell come to the stage. Wait, Sharmell doesnít go with him, does she? Eh, who knows.

-Next, Lashley vs. Benoit.


-Steve-O has some thoughts on Vince. He thanks Vince for the years of entertainment. He then reads a rhyme for Vince. He ends with, ďyou are the man.Ē

(4) Lashley vs. Chris Benoit
Cole and JBL on commentary, ECWís Scott Armstrong is the ref. Benoit and Lashley do some amateur mat-wrestling, then Lashley hits a spinebuster, which Benoit hangs onto. Some more mat wrestling, but Benoit gets to the ropes. Test of strength is quickly followed by a take-down. Benoit has his legs wrapped around Lashley. After a separation, Lashley goes for the legs again and takes Benoit down. Benoit has Lashley in a bit of an arm-bar. Benoit hits some chops, then a knee to the mid-section of Lashley. Lashley thought gets a bodyslam for a quick one-count. Front face-lock by Lashley, but heís backed into the corner. Snap-suplex by Benoit into a cover, but a kickout by Lashley. Lashley punches away at Benoit, then lifts him up into the Torture Rack. Benoit gets down and tries to lock in the Crossface, but heís only got a hold of the arm. Lashley lifts Benoit and gets a back-breaker for a two-count. Benoit chops away but Lashley halts that with a knee to the gut. Lashley tries a suplex, but Benoit counters with a Crossface. Heís got it hooked in but Lashley gets to the ropes. Benoit counters a suplex with a double-leg take-down into an attempted Figure-Four, but Lashley counters that. Lashley picks Benoit up for a powerbomb, but Benoit hits the rolling German suplexes. Lashley is up so Benoit tries another but gets backed into the corner. Benoit though is able to hook in the Sharp-Shooter in th middle of the ring, but Lashley powers out. Powerslam by Lashley and thatíll do it.

Winner: Lashley at 7:27
Real good match. The ECW draft pick: Chris Benoit. Benoit and Lashley have a bit of a stare-down mid-ring. I wonít mind more matches like this. The two shake hands and go their separate ways. Styles and Tazz comment on Benoit coming over to ECW. Smackdown has lost three superstars thus far.

-Donald Trump is next to talk about Vince, saying its pathetic for Vince to give himself an appreciation night. ďWho the hell are you?Ē he says. Trump re-iterates that the fans arenít happy with Vince and then wishes Mr. McMahon good luck.

-Ashley is live via satellite. Some suspension. I guess sheís just not allowed to be in the arena. She thanks Vince for creating the Diva Search, then apologizes for spilling the coffee on Vince earlier. She sends it to a video of Trish barking like a dog for Vince in 2001. Ashley thinks heíd like a diva to do the same thing tonight to show appreciation. Ashley suggests, how about two. And lord, itís Mae and Moolah. Thereís even a dog-house and fire-hydrant on the ramp. Yes, they get down and bark like a dog.

-MVP vs. Santino Marella is next.


-Iron Sheik and Jimmy Snuka talk Vince next. Nice to see WWE isnít scared off by Sheikís latest antics. Snuka appreciates those years with Vince and his father. Snuka doesnít understand why Vince is crazy though. Sheik yells about Trump then talks about ďKennedy McMahonĒ playing racketball with him or something.

(5) MVP vs. Santino Marella
JR and King on commentary, while RAWís Chad Patton is the ref. MVP hits a gut-wrench suplex but Marella is back up. Santino with a throw then an arm-drag take-down. He tries a monkey-flip but gets shoved off. MVP hits a clothesline for a near-fall. MVP hammers away but Santino covers up. Head-lock by MVP and the two trade kicks to the ribs. MVP hits some knees, then a snap-mare and a kick to the back. Marella gets out of a rest-hold, then takes MVP down with a shoulder block and hits a flying forearm. Cover gets two. Short-arm clothesline and gets a back-heel trip after avoiding a kick by MVP. Forearms by Marella followed by a chop. Marella gets whipped into the buckle and MVP hits the running boot. Playmaker gets the pin for MVP.

Winner: MVP at 4:57
Smackdownís draft pick: Torrie Wilson. She comes to the stage to....I donít know, say goodbye to the fans I guess. MVP seems to like what he sees.

-Next, Bret Hart speaks about Vince.


-In a gym somewhere, Bret says its hard to find the words to express the gratitude for Vince. He says thereís no way to express those words, but a better way to do it is to use his fists to hit Vince in the head.

(6) The Miz vs. Snitsky
Styles & Tazz are commentating while referee Mickie Henson (Smackdown) draws the assignment. Miz hammers away at Snitsky in the corner, but gets whipped into the buckle. Snitsky catches Miz in mid-air and slams him into the turnbuckle. Miz is hung upside-down while Snitsky boots away. He slams Miz down then works the forearms to the chest. Short-arm clothesline then a big boot for the pin.

Winner: Snitsky at 1:27
Snitsky continues to beat on Miz in the ring. Thus, Mickie Henson reverses the decision and gives Miz the win.

Winner: Miz by reverse decision
Smackdownís draft pick (or more accurately, ďrandom selectionĒ): Chris Masters. The Masterpiece comes out to pose. Thatís always what I do when I get good news.

-Bobby Heenan is next to give his thoughts on Vince. He says Vince has put more people in work (and out of work) than anyone in pro wrestling. Heenan talks about the walk of Vince.

-Rowdy Roddy Piper is in the building, his thoughts on Vince are next!


-Roddy Piper wants to share a few of Vinceís proudest moments. Most have to do with DX and theyíre shenanigans. Also, some of his clips of him and Austin and him getting his head shaved. A few more words from Piper and thatís it.

-Kristal takes on Candice Michelle next.


-Mark Cuban calls Vince a winner and a top entrepreneur.

(7) Candice Michelle vs. Kristal
JR says this Wednesday, will air a supplemental draft at noon. We have JR and King as well as an unnamed Smackdown ref. Kristal works the leg of Candice but Candice gets a boot to get out of it. Knee to the gut of Kristal and a back-breaker. She hits an elbow after that stupid dance. The southpaw Kristal with a left hand, but Candice gets the advantage in the corner. Candice uses the rope-assisted choke on Kristal but breaks before the five-count. Spinning heel kick by Candice and that does it.

Winner: Candice Michelle at 1:42
RAWís draft pick: Lashley. Well, he might as well be switched to RAW I guess. Heís still ECW Champ, too. Coach comes onto the ramp to quell the celebration. Apparently, Vince says Lashley canít be ECW Champion anymore. And heís hereby stripped of the title. Well, I guess I spoke too soon. Lashley hands the title over, but not without some words of warning for Coach.

-Bob Costas speaks about Vince. He facetiously says he wishes he got the job as announcer after Gene Okerlund went into the hall-of-fame. Costas says he does appreciate that everyone still talks about their HBO interview.


(8) Jeff Hardy vs. Elijah Burke vs. Batista
Cole and JBL are the announcers while Jim Korderas of Smackdown is the ref. Strange match here. Burke takes a walk as Batista goes after him, but Jeff meets him on the outside. Burke gets thrown in and Batista powerslams him. Hardy breaks up the pin attempt. Batista goes to work on Jeff in the corner. He goes for a Batista-bomb and Jeff counters it. Flying forearm by Jeff, who then hits the Whisper in the Wind. He goes to the top and hits the Swanton but the pin is broken up by Burke. Burke goes for a couple quick pins to no avail. He dropkicks Batista out of the ring but Jeff gains the advantage. He flies onto Batista on the outside. Hardy hits that corner dropkick on the seated Burke. To the top he goes, but misses the Swanton. Back in is Batista, who powerbombs Burke for the win. Surprised the sacrificed Burke here.

Winner: Batista at 3:32
Smackdownís draft pick: Itís Ric Flair. As per the usual, Flair makes an appearance on the ramp.

-Next, Captain Lou Albano gives his thoughts on Vince. Albano makes a lot of jokes but is more toned-down than usual. At least you can understand him. He calls Vince a little punk and a kid. He then talks about himself for a while. Strange.


-The announcers go over the picks thus far.

-Dusty Rhodes comes out next to talk about Mr. McMahon. Dusty says Vinceís legacy is in the building and on the sign out front. He says many people have been fired by Vince but then come right back. He says you donít have to love him or like him but youíve gotta respect him.

-The final two draft picks are on the line in a 15-man battle royal, next.


-Gene Okerlund talks about his 25-year relationship with Vince. He talks about being appointed host of TNT and Vinceís impact on the business. Gene talks about getting fired and getting a good job out of it (WCW), but says Vince is simply the best.

(9) 15-man Battle Royal
Matt Hardy, William Regal, Chavo Guerrero, Mark Henry and Chris Masters represent Smackdown (wearing the shows shirt so you can tell whoís who). From ECW: Kevin Thorn, Matt Striker, Marcus Cor Von, Tommy Dreamer and The Sandman. RAW has Johnny Nitro, Kenny Dykstra, Viscera, Eugene and Randy Orton. JR reminds us that its every man for himself. Not much-inter-show fighting going on. Hardy eliminates Striker a minute in. All the announcers are calling this one. The Sandman is out next, I think thanks to Orton, just under two minutes in. At about two minutes, Regal goes. Henry eliminates Chavo soon after that. Viscera throws out Dreamer at 2:30. Not sure why this is every man for himself. Henry knocks Thorn out at 3:00. At about 3:30, Henry and Viscera square off in mid-ring. He tries to toss Viscera himself but canít. After some more battling back-and forth, Henry throws Viscera out at about 4:40. First mid-match break of the show!


We return with Orton, Hardy, Cor Von, Henry, Masters and Nitro. During the break. Eugene and Dykstra were eliminated. Cor Von eliminates himself trying to go after Hardy at just under 10:00. ECW is done. Orton dropkicks Nitro out at just over 10:00. Hardy tosses Masters at 10:30. Orton helps Matt throw out Henry at 11:30. Orton and Hardy are left and Orton sizes up Hardy. Hardy though counters and hits the Side Effect. Inverted back-breaker by Orton as Matt wanted to get rid of him. Orton picks Hardy up but canít throw him over the top rope. Hardy tries a Twist of Fate, but Orton picks him up and throws him out.

Winner: Randy Orton at 13:38
The two RAW picks: Snitsky (we donít really need to see him again, but he comes out anyway) and Mr. Kennedy. Kennedy is in the building and comes out to substantial cheers.

-Next to give his thoughts on Vince: Steve Austin.

-In the back, Vince has that far-away look in his eyes. I guess heís coming out next too.


-In a pre-taped interview, Austin says he appreciates the opportunity to make Vince look dumb. Austin then has some strong words (mostly expletives) for Vince. In short, he doesnít appreciate anything Vince has done for him.

-The WWE Championship Challenge at Vengeance: Foley, Lashley, Cena, Orton and King Booker.

-Mr. McMahon solemnly makes his way out. Vince drops the mic without saying anything then leaves the ring. He walks to the back and walks by a gaggle of superstars- just about the whole roster. Coach catches up to him and says heís going the wrong way, that his limo is the other way. He takes a long look at the roster he just passed then heads outside. He slowly makes the walk to his limo. Just as he shuts the door, the limo explodes into flames. The camera stays on the flaming limo, sans commentators, as we fade out.

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what are the odds on who did it?

Bret Hart
Jeff Jarrett

That all I could think of right now, it has to be one of them

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It was Kane.


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When they said Bret Hart was coming up, I was sure they were going to pull something off the DVD footage, but that looked like an actual comment for this broadcast - shocked that he would participate.

Jesse looked vaguely like Nick Nolte's mug shot.

I was laughing when Joey and Tazz were trying to put over being disappointed that ECW was not getting Masters after all.

Is there some reason they don't let Flair do promos anymore?

King Booker vs. Cena should be good fun. As should Edge vs. Finley.

I'd say it would be an outrage if they let the Vince character off the hook, but hasn't Taker come back from getting burned alive in *two coffins?

It's the Big "W", I tell ya! The Big "W"!
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Man, I dunno if I'm dissapointed I missed this episode or not.

Meh, this is WWE. there's a 50/50 chance that the explosion is never explained past "Hey, Mr. Mahon is back, didn't his limo blow up?" "Bah god, he must be superhuman!"

And then Vince is back, with a bandaid on his head, and he's pissed off... more than usual.

Know what, I'll buy the above scenario, hook line and sinker, if they just have him return wearing a blue cape with a big red and yellow M on it, superman style.

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A car bombing goes down and Finlay is nowhere to be found? SUSPICIOUS

Smackdown is at least getting Rey Mysterio back soon, so that's basically like another draft pick. There's also a chance that a decent midcarder or two will be moved over in the supplemental draft. Smackdown also got Edge last month, so it's not like the show is bereft of main event talent.

So the problem with ECW is still the same: one face main eventer (Benoit) and no legitimate opponents. At least CM Punk will get to have his dream match.

    Originally posted by CRZ

This post brought to you by the Duke brothers in Trading Places

Super Shane Spear

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If I can believe that a monster that lives in a bottomless pit can decide to re-locate locker rooms, I guess I'll believe anything.

Santino Marella Soprano would be the obvious hit man choice, right?
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I can't wait until Vince returns to show that he really is a Higher Power.
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    Originally posted by Big Bad
    So the problem with ECW is still the same: one face main eventer (Benoit) and no legitimate opponents. At least CM Punk will get to have his dream match.

Donīt bet on it! This is still the company that didnīt wanna give us Punk vs. RVD and those two were on the same show for almost one year!

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The second rule of Fight Club is:

You donīt talk about Fight Club!

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Meh. It was OTT, but the long walk of shame through the wrestlers was pretty great. And the Patterson/Brisco pause was a nice touch. If the explosion means Vince is gone for a looong time - which is what Meltzer seems to think - I'm okay with it.

SmackDown sure got hosed in the draft, though. At least Flair will get another ME run.

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Cooper walked on stage, gave a quick "hey folks, hope you're having fun, watch the A-Team, have a good night!" and was gone within 30 seconds.
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