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The W - Pro Wrestling - RAW Is Vince (2/10) (Page 2)
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The 5th Horseman

Since: 23.10.02
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#21 Posted on

    Originally posted by Mr Heel II
    I'm also wondering what the crowd was getting into during the Jericho/Hardy match. There definetely seemed to be something going on elsewhere in the arena.

They are in Los Angeles so, the chances are very good that there was some flashing.

    Originally posted by astrobstrd
    Jeff Hardy's far from my favorite wrestler nowadays, but I was pretty fucking disgusted by the moderate sized "You are gay" chants.

Is that what those guys in the front row were chanting? From the reaction of Earl Hebner, I thought they were chanting "You screwed (or a synonym) Bret" at Hebner.

As for the show, I thought the first hour was decent but, as a whole the show wasn't real good but, also wasn't terribly bad. Coach as the play by play guy was horrendous. How many times did he have to yammer about not feeling comfortable out there? It reminded me of the night in Oklahoma when JR wouldn't shut up about not being a wrestler and being forced to wrestle.

Anybody else think Stone Cold might do a little shooting at No Way Out when he gets Bischoff in the ring? He can just blame it on ring rust.

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#22 Posted on | Instant Rating: 7.87
A guy can dream this might all lead to one heck of a Wrestlemania sub-main event.

You're darn right!!!

Booker T vs. Randy Orton in a MAIN EVENT MATCHUP AT WRESTLEMANIA! (And by main event, I mean second match of the night.) Orton wins via crutch shot from Batista, followed by a beatdown by Evolution!

I liked RAW, if only because they took a couple of the WORST gimmicks (HLA, Kiss My Ass) and turned them into fairly funny plays on themselves at the right time.

I'm just sorry JR wasn't the commissioner to get his ass out of the booth.

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senor sangre

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#23 Posted on
I think one of the HL's was one of the juggies from the Man Show, which being in LA, is feasible. Is it even possible to be a lesbian and bisexual?

Bringing Coach on commentary saved the show somewhat. I'm sure one of the signs of the Apocalypse is Lawler calling the show alone.

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Potato korv

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#24 Posted on

    Originally posted by senor sangre
    I think one of the HL's was one of the juggies from the Man Show, which being in LA, is feasible. Is it even possible to be a lesbian and bisexual?

    Bringing Coach on commentary saved the show somewhat. I'm sure one of the signs of the Apocalypse is Lawler calling the show alone.

I think you may be right on the juggy thing. . .I think her name's Rachel Sterling or something. . .she has another name she uses when she poses for import car mags.

Because y'know, people aren't buying them for the cars.

Bisexual Lesbians. . .does that mean it's HBLA? And how does this tie in with HGH, the FFA, the FDA, and HBK?

I personally wanted Schiavone to come out to replace JR. JR got points in my book for mentioning that Bischoff fired Austin from WCW.

Other than that, the show was kinda blah, and it got really hard to watch during the last segment where it felt like they were doing everything in their power to extend it well beyond any useful measure.


"Yeah, well, the movie lied."

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From: Houston, TX

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#25 Posted on | Instant Rating: 10.00

    Originally posted by waffleking
    Oh and where was my cussing Goldust???

    (edited by waffleking on 10.2.03 2036)

May I gently point out that Tourette's Syndrome does not necessarility equal uncontrollable vocalizations such as profanity? I would know.

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The Sham

Since: 20.1.02
From: Hamden, CT

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Man, you guys don't watch the crowd enough...

The reason for the distraction during the Jericho/Hardy match was two blonde women in black shirts in the third row (or so) to the left of your screen participating in their own HLA. Go back to the tape.

I don't know... the matches were good tonight, but the COMPLETE AND TOTAL LACK OF ANYTHING NEW happening because of the 30 Day Warning really pissed me off. There was NO shakeup in the hierarchy of the show and NO format change. Shane as GM, Nitro Returns, Stone Cold Shows up... there were so many things they could have done... but instead we get Vince's bare ass. Again.

They had been setting us up for a payoff of ANY sort for four weeks, and we got nothing. Jesus, that show needs some stunners sprinkled in (and JR to oversell them).

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Big Bad

Since: 4.1.02
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#27 Posted on | Instant Rating: 5.54

    Man, you guys don't watch the crowd enough...

    The reason for the distraction during the Jericho/Hardy match was two blonde women in black shirts in the third row (or so) to the left of your screen participating in their own HLA. Go back to the tape.

I thought it was the guy with what looked like the US title belt.

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A Fan

Since: 3.1.02

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#28 Posted on
It was a very disappointing Raw. I was looking forward to a Shane McMahon era now I'm stuck with the same boring character and his lazy ass wrestling sidekick. Its like watching Mattitude out there. If they are back in charget that means more screw jobs and less real interesting fueds. I think the WWE is genunily terrified of allowing the faces to take control of any of the shows. I know Steph is face on Smackdown, but Heyman is the one who really runs the show in storyline purposes. No face has had the belt for more than a month and most of the heels have turned face by default, because the faces were buried too early. I think the WWE needs more meaningful face runs and letting the faces truly run one of the shows. I just find heels as champions or as GMs or Owners fustruating after the first month of screw jobs.

A Fan- I guess McMahon-Helmsly killed it for me.
Santa Sangre

Since: 21.6.02
From: Germany

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#29 Posted on

Vince may have a good voice but the man is a horrible singer.

Lawler misses J.R.

D'lo s unbeaten streak is over without so much of a mention.

I'd really like to see Benoit and Jazz have a match.

Stacy is going to be in the next Girls Gone Wild.

I marked out for RVD's fly off the rope to the outside barricade spot.

Caution...Fantasy booking...

If I had booked Raw this is how I'd have done the whole Stone Cold thing.

Scrap the whole Bischoff fired Austin thing. It's not exactly true and no one remembers it anyway.

Show vignettes of Bisch calling, e-mailing, and faxing Austin to no avail. Various faces like the Dudley's, Rvd, Kane, and HBK all come to into Eric's office to humiliate him and Eric acts humble. Basically what he did tonight "after" he was fired.

So Vince arrives, goes to the ring and calls out Bischoof. Eric pleads, offers Morley to Vince as a servent, begs on his on.

Vince, cocksucker that he is, gets into his spiel about how Bischoff lost his chance because he couldn't provide Austin. Just as Vince is about to say "YOU'RE FIRRRED", the glass breaks!

Out comes Austin! STUNNER for Vince!
He turns and looks at Bischoff and stares him down for a good minute, turns and grabs a mic.

Austin gives a ten minute promo covering most of the material from the Raw magazine article. During the middle of his speech, Vince starts to get up and Austin gives him the double bird and another stunner.

At the end of his promo, Austin tells Bischoff, still standing on the other side of the ring, that he's grateful for bringing him back in the fold. He tells Eric to "git your ass over here so I can shake your hand." Austin gives him a stunner and drinks beers over the life less bodies of McMahon and Bischoff.(if he's going to bury people they mine as well be non-workers)

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Since: 10.1.03
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#30 Posted on
Awful edition of Raw. Where have I heard this at before? The storyline made absolutely no sense to me. First we get a defeated Bischoff waving the white flag at the onset of the program. Then he "Fires" JR until he can produce Steve Austin. JR is pissed but calls everyone asking for Austin. If Bischoff is fired, why does JR save the job of the guy who fired him?

The wrestling was well Raw. For the third time in as many weeks the women put on a better match then the men. That's not saying much. Coach was awful as is the norm. The Dudley's are just so old and have no direction. But that can be said for most of the company right now. Jeff needs a few years in OVW. What happened to the HBK/Jericho buildup everyone was nuts about a few weeks ago?

The only bright side is the Booker push, which may work with the whole program against the Evolution. Besides that bad show.

Grade D

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Since: 2.1.02
From: The Las Vegas of Canada

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#31 Posted on
Well I would guess the fans in LA went home happy, as everyone is reporting that after Raw went off the air Austin came out and gave Morley a couple of stunners, and then gave one to Jericho after Chris came out and tried to share a beer with him.

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Since: 19.1.02
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#32 Posted on
Okay show. The start with J.R. getting fired was kind of neat if it could have lead to something interesting (like Bischoff getting a different announcer, other than Coach, for the rest of the show).

The backstage stuff was up and down and all appropriate to set up the main storyline for NWO (Austin's return). I don't agree that we should see Austin, yet. It's great that the live crowd did (if they paid their ticket to see him they should). But building anticipation for the PPV is the name of the game on TV, and this show was fairly effective at doing that.

Austin has a purpose for the show now. Rather than just being there, he can show up, Stunner Bischoff and drink some non-alcoholic beers and everybody is happy. But, on the same token, there's no reason we shouldn't have to pay to see that.

The wrestling was of variable quality tonight, but there was a few interesting stories being told (especially the budding feud between Booker T and the Not Horsemen). I didn't like the story reset, but I'd rather the GM be Bischoff than anybody else at this point.

Then only thing about the show that I hate hate HATE is that the overarching storyline for the show is how mediocre the show is. THAT is not good.

RAW Satire 2/10
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Lap cheong

Since: 1.8.02
From: Huntington Beach, CA

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#33 Posted on

Not only am I the only one who seems to have found the show wholly enjoyable, I also seem to be the only one who feels that while Curt Henning's passing is tragic, that the show should not have been virtually stopped in tribute to him.
I doubt Jeff Hardy's gum had much of anything to do with Perfect. Doesn't he always chew gum in the ring? Also, he did not look THAT bad- better than a few months ago to be sure.

I have to say that this show is probably proof that people will find any reason to bitch. HHH and Scott Steiner's screen time was very limited. There was actually a coherant storyline throughout the show. All of the matches were booked pretty damned well properly. Nothing happened "last week" that we were to convienently forget this week. And just because "we" knew that Stone Cold was going to be back for NWO, does not mean that it was a given in the storyline of the show.

Hell, they even mentioned Biscoff's firing of Austin back in WCW.

I, for one, am not at all sorry that I watched.

Tribal Prophet

Since: 9.1.02
From: Winnipeg, MB, Canada

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#34 Posted on

    Originally posted by ManiacalClown

      Originally posted by waffleking
      Oh and where was my cussing Goldust???

      (edited by waffleking on 10.2.03 2036)

    May I gently point out that Tourette's Syndrome does not necessarility equal uncontrollable vocalizations such as profanity? I would know.

I'm honestly not sure if you're trying use Tourette's as a status symbol here or not, so I'll just stay away from that argument and add that this is the world of wrestling and TV, and according to all laws that govern that world, Tourette's is ALL about people yelling out swears to the (possible) delight of a bunch of drunk college guys who still get off watching old Beavis and Butthead cartoons say "boobie".

If you're expecting the WWE to do an accurate accounting of the disease taking into account all aspects of it and it's effect on the people suffering from it... well, I wouldn't hold my breath.

Tribal Prophet
Peter The Hegemon
Lap cheong

Since: 11.2.03
From: Hackettstown, NJ

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#35 Posted on
When Eric fired JR, for a moment I actually thought that the whole fubared "30 Days" storyline was actually going to make some sense. It didn't happen, but this is what I thought was going to happen: Firing JR would be the first of a series of nasty lash-out moves by Bischoff. As the deadline approached and it became increasingly clear that Austin wasn't going to show, Bischoff flails about more and more wildly: he fires someone else, puts people in handicap matches, strips someone of a belt (OK, that would be easier if there were more titles), and does other unpredictable things. When Vince finally comes out, he explains that he didn't give a rat's ass about bringing back Austin--he wanted Eric to shake things up (just like he said) and tonight, he's finally done it.

Bingo. Eric keeps his job while still looking like a buffoon, Vince is back to being a heel (why they think it's a good idea to have him be a face on Raw and a heel on Smackdown is beyond me), and, oh yeah, Raw gets that "who knows what will happen next" vibe back, at least for a few weeks. *That* would have been a good show. *sigh*.

Speaking of what would be a good show: Forget about a video package. Take Confidential (Velocity or Heat would work, too, but Confidential would make the most sense) and show some classic Curt Hennig matches. They can't use any of his recent comeback because they'd have to blur the WWF logos, but there should be ample material from the block-logo days--and they can always throw in a WCW match, since they own that too. Show some of those classic vignettes, maybe toss in the "Rap Is Crap" video, but make sure you show a couple of good matches in their entirety. Not only would it be a fitting tribute, but it would make the fans happy, it would draw a better rating than the show normally does, and it would even promote their home video line by creating some interest in the old matches. Of course, the first reason is the only one they should need.

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#36 Posted on
Something else that bothered me:

(Lifted shamelessly from the Satire)

Stacy says that she got Test a contract to work with Girls Gone Wild. You know, I question this. The last thing I want to see after seeing some moderately attractive naked girls is Testís goofy face staring at me. It didnít work with Snoop Dogg, it sure as HELL isnít going to work with Test. Stacy, on the other hand, I can deal with.

Girls Gone Wild?


RAW Satire 2/10
Buffy 7.13 gets a 5.0 Three subplots and the BEST one featured Giles getting groped by Andrew. Egh.
Cherries > Peaches

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Dear Randy Orton ... If you're going to attempt wrestling moves in street clothes, you need to tell your tailor that you require a gusset crotch . Not that I minded personally ... although it would have made for much more interesting live TV if you'd forgotten your undies today.

Line of the night: "What the hell is JR doing in the parking lot? JR!!" (Paul Heyman always knows what's been happening when he arrives late -- dunno why Vince shouldn't.)

Crowds love to sing the "Na-na-na-na, Hey-hey-hey, Goodbye" song, don't they? Somebody even brought a sign of it.

Didn't Stacy say that the deal with "GGW" would be "great exposure" for Test? It can't be "Girls Gone Wild" then. "Gays Gone Wild" maybe ...

I've got to admit, I was actually chuckling (in the good way -- not the "what an ass" way) at Jerry Lawler during the Y2J / Jeff Hardy match. Somewhere between "I miss JR" & "Jeff Hardy is just conflicted", I was truly amused by him.

Is Steve Austin vs. Eric Bischoff what the people are really clamouring to see for the SCSA great return? (I was thinking that it'd be kinda good for him to work with ... oh, a wrestler.) Maybe they'll fix that next week.

Otherwise, it really seemed like they were hyping this episode way too heavily for what it delivered. Its just not a good idea to set expectations higher than what you can make good on. Waffleking said it best in his post -- just a whole lot of "still" & "again". (And I'm usually pretty easily entertained.)
Ten Millionth Hit

Since: 19.3.02
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#38 Posted on
There was a time when I'd be glad to see Jeff Hardy & Chris Jericho get 10 minutes plus on a free TV broadcast. The past tense was intentional.

For even teasing a night's worth of only Lawler's commentary, somebody deserves to be hit in the head as hard as possible. I was pretty much begging for them to send Coachman out there, while in the back of my mind thinking "They're going to send out Terri".

I loved all the submission counters in Molly/JAzz, and kinda marked out for Test rolling through the cross-body and turning it into a press slam.

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Since: 2.1.02

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#39 Posted on
Random Raw Thoughts:

Match of the night was Jazz-Molly. I hate Molly's new outfit. Sadly, Jazz didn't say "I'm Back." Where was Victoria?

You gotta hand it to Booker. He was way over in his match against D-Lo.

God, Coach was awful.

Vince ruled last night. He made a bad segment good.

Overall, another disappointing RAW.

(edited by tomvejada on 11.2.03 0459)

"I just got pinned by a friggin twelve-year-old."

Kurt Angle

Since: 24.7.02

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#40 Posted on
A few random thoughts:
After a RAW featuring 'Where in the World is Steve Austin?' the last thing they needed was to have the next show's announcing dedicated to 'How do I love JR, let me count the ways.' If I could figure out how to use the SAP button on my TV, it wouldn't have been bad. And is conflicted Lawler's vocabulary word for the week?
Boy, that Jeff Hardy heel turn lasted a long time.
D-Lo has a potentially good gimmick in 'Kill Whitey'. Thus, the past two weeks they put him in the ring with Maven and Booker.
Can RVD and Kane just feud with each other already. And how long until RVD's contract is up anyway?
Show really demonstrated the need for at least one midcard title belt. If the World Title isn't going to be defended, and the tag titles aren't either, at least have one title match.
Was I the only one waiting for Eric; after Vince had the bisexual lesbians leave, to roll out Katie Vick and see if Vince was interested in her.
The Dudley beatdown of Morley at least was one of those rare instances where the faces got the last laugh. And it also seemed to burn out the crowd.
About 2-3 minutes into Jericho/Hardy, I was waiting for them to finish the match and get onto the main event match. Then, I realized this was the main event. I mean, for the love of God why is Jeff Hardy main eventing?
In the past month, we've had to see Trip's ass and Vince's ass. Now, wouldn't the target demographic prefer this flashing without distortion by the females on the show?
And, this night was Vince's wet dream for the past seven years coming true, being able to say You're Fired to Bischoff on national TV and see him squirm attempting to kiss his ass. I'm only afraid of how much SD time he takes up in the month leading to Mania and his Hogan match.

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Why the hell should you blame the fans in attendance for how shitty the product is? To quote a favorite comic of mine, Lewis Black... "That's fucked up.".
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