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The W - Pro Wrestling - RAW Is Slammys #811 12/8/08
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TONIGHT: The Slammy Awards return (though they donít hold a candle to the RSPW awards)! In honor of such a momentous occasion, Raw will be three hours and include such PPV-Quality matches as Edge vs. John Cena in a champion vs. champion match, Batista vs. Triple H and Chris Jericho vs. Jeff Hardy. Plus, the Intercontinental Title #1 Contender Tournament continues.

-WWE Open.

-Tonight, WWE honors the yearsí best with the Slammy Awards.

-Raw Open

-Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler introduced the show and noted that all six Superstars up for Superstar of the year would be in action. They sent it to Jim Ross and Tazz, who previewed Triple H vs. Batista. The other two matches were previewed quickly by Lawler and Cole.

-The first award of the evening was presented by Maria and Festus. Festus wore blue overalls, nothing underneath and a black tie. The first award: Tag Team of the Year. It was between Carlito & Primo, Priceless, The Miz & John Morrison and Cryme Tyme. The winners: Miz and Morrison. They came out onto the stage and were quite exuberant. They even hugged each other. They fought over the Slammy at the podium. Miz messed with Festus. Morrison thanked his mother, Chuck Norris and Admiral Ackbar. He even did some fake crying. Miz used the award to proclaim themselves the best tag team of the 21st Century. This segued into....

(1) John Morrison vs. CM Punk- Semi-Final Match in the Intercontinental #1 Contender Tournament
The two traded several pinfall attempts within the first minute. Morrison pulled Punk out of the ring, where Punk caught him with a knee, then a running one. Both looked impressive. Punk overshot Morrison with a springboard cross-body, but caught just enough of him to take him down.

[Commercial Break]

Morrison was wrenching the ankle of Punk out of break. Punk nailed Morrison while he was going to the top and both stood on the top rope facing each other. Punk hit a hurricanrana with both standing on the top rope. Wow. After recovering, Punk went for a pin and only got two. Punkís ankle prevented him from landing a bulldog, so Morrison took over. Punk missed a spin-kick and Morrison kicked him in the back. Morrison missed his springboard kick and Punk hit a bodyslam for two. Springboard clothesline (apparently the ankle was good enough for a springboard) got two. William Regal and Layla were shown looking on backstage. Morrison turned a GTS into a roll-up for a VERY near fall. Punk kicked Morrison straight in the head, then landed the GTS for three.

Winner: Punk, at 8:19. Holy cow was that impressive. All of Punkís (and Morrisonís for that matter) kicks looked pretty damn good.

-Lawler and Cole were shown on camera again and even Lawler dressed up tonight! They showed what happened last Monday during and after John Cenaís return match on Raw.

-John Cena joined Todd Grisham backstage in an interview. Cena pointed to the words on his t-shirt and said that world no longer exists. Cena said when he was out with injury, his dog Lou became a Chris Jericho fan: Every time Jericho was on Raw, Lou licked himself. And then heíd try to throw up. Cena said Jerichoís son became a fan of his because his father became something his son didnít want to be. Cena said tonight he was going to go after Chris Jericho, and wasnít even going to be sneaky about it. He said the words on his shirt, hustle, loyalty, respect, do exist. He said heíd give Jericho a re-education of the word ďrespect.Ē Pretty good promo from Cena.

[Commercial Break]

-The next Slammy: Best Finishing Maneuver. Presenters: Candice Michelle & Cryme Tyme. At least JTG dressed up. CT threw out some classic finishers like the Stunner, Rock Bottom, Figure Four and Sharp-Shooter (with the SS getting the smallest pop). The nominees: Hellís Gate (Takerís gogoplata), Randy Ortonís R.K.O, Evan Bourneís Shooting Star Press and Big Showís Knockout Punch. Candice was about to announce the winner when the Slammy went missing. Cryme Tyme took it of course. Before she announced the winner, CTís music played and they left. Odd. The winner: Bourne for his Shooting Star Press. He couldnít be there to accept, so Candice was going to, but Mike Knox came out. Knox took the Slammy from Candice, who then walked away. He didnít even do anything with it; he just took it and looked around.

-As Lawler and Cole talked on camera, Randy Ortonís music played and he came out. He wasnít pissed about losing the last award, but not being nominated for Superstar of the Year, even though he beat all the nominees. He said itís an example of the lack of respect heís been shown. He talked about when he was in Evolution and everyone was jealous of him. He challenged HHH and Batista to take on himself, Cody Rhodes and Manu in a Handicapped Match. He said tonight, The Legacy is born.

-Chris Jericho takes on Jeff Hardy tonight. Also, John Cena against Edge.

[Commercial Break]

-Montel Vontavious Porter was in the ring and said his losing streak stops tonight. He took a shot at the Philadelphia Phillies (theyíre in Philly) and 2007 NL MVP Jimmy Rollins. Some Phillies (including Rollins) were shown at ringside shaking their head at MVPís words. MVPís music hit and interrupted him. He looked puzzled. Then MVC came out, Montel Vontavious Charlie.

(2) MVP vs. MVC
Loud ďMVCĒ chants from the crowd as the men stalled to start. Porter started offensively, mounting Haas and laying in some right hands. Haas fought out of a rest-hold, but ran into a thrust to the throat. Balliní elbowdrop was hit by MVP for two. MVP threw MVC to ringside and taunted Rollins some more. Haas got the advantage back in the ring but his Balliní elbowdrop was countered. MVP missed his running kick and Haas rolled up MVP for the win.

Winner: MVC, at 3:16. Not a great match, but Haasí impersonation and the extracurricular of picking on the Phillies made it fun to watch.

-The Extreme moment of the year Slammy will be awarded next.

[Commercial Break]

-Matt Hardy and and ECWís Tiffany were out on the stage to present the next award. Hardy sucked up to the extreme fans. Nominees for Extreme Moment: Cena and JBLís parking lot brawl, Undertakerís Crash Landing (in the TLC match with Edge for the title), Chris Jericho putting HBK through the JeriTron 5000 and Jeff Hardyís plunge off the Raw stage onto Randy Orton. The winner: Jeff Hardy (who the crowd was cheering for). No make-up for Hardy in accepting this award. He hugged Matt and Tiffany and then said a few words. He said it all started years ago on a trampoline in North Carolina and he said it comes to a head this Sunday. He said heíd leave Armageddon WWE Champion. He left the Slammy at the stage....then headed to the ring for his match. Chris Jericho came out as well and the match weíll see the match next.

[Commercial Break]

(3) Jeff Hardy vs. Chris Jericho
Match was joined in progress. Jericho slapped Hardy a couple times, then low bridged Hardy on a charge. Hardy stayed on the apron, but Jericho hit his springboard dropkick to take Hardy back down. Jericho got Hardy down on the mat with a rest-hold. Hardy took Jericho down with a wild clothesline. Forearms and clotheslines by Hardy. Jeff went to the top, but got crotched by Jericho. Hardy pushed Jericho off, but missed the Swanton. Lionsault connected and that got two. He went for the Walls of Jericho, but Hardy flipped out. Y2J went right back to it but again couldnít get it locked in and Hardy rolled him up for two. Corner dropkick by Jeff. Jericho whipped Jeff into the buckle but he just stopped in his tracks. They both hit the ropes and it ended up with Hardy landing a Whisper in the Wind for three. Twist of Fate countered with a Codebreaker by Jericho for three.

Winner: Jericho, 6:00 shown. Quite pedestrian actually. I was expecting something more.

-Randy Orton, Cody Rhodes and Manu were shown walking out of Stephanie McMahonís office backstage. They didnít say anything, just kept walking.

-Lawler & Cole plugged Edge vs. John Cena for later on. I guess Orton proposed his 3-on-2 match for tonight in lieu of Batista vs. HHH, hence theyíre not advertising it.

[Commercial Break]

-Presenting the Slammy for Couple of the Year: Kelly Kelly and Kane. Uh....OK. Kane didnít even bother to dress up. Kelly asked Kane hesitantly, ďlove is a wonderful thing...?Ē He said last time he was in a loving relationship, he Tombstoned a priest. Kellyís reactions here were priceless. Nominees: Glamarella, Edge & Vickie Guerrero, William Regal & Layla, and Finlay & Hornswoggle. The winners: Edge & Vickie Guerrero. Boo! Glamarella are the true winners. This is the first award tonight Iíve disagreed with. Vickie accepted the award. She even did her ďExcuse Me!Ē bit. She said this award means that true love prevails. Major heat here. ďWe did it baby, we did it!Ē Vickie exclaimed.

-Santino and Beth came out and passed Vickie on her way backstage. They went up to the podium and Santino was clearly unhappy with the loss. He said Vickie was more like ďCougar of the year.Ē He said his girl never hated him and tried to send him to hell. Santino challenged any of the other couples to a match. He said he strained his scrotisimuss region last week, but think he can still win. Who will accept? Itís next.

[Commercial Break]

(4) Santino Marella & Beth Phoenix vs. Finlay & Hornswoggle
After a brief pause and some stretching by Santino, Finlay and Hornswoggle came out to accept the challenge. Hornswoggle even has the Marella uni-brow. Hornswoggle kissed Bethís hand, then Finlay put the green hat on her head. Beth dropped it to the ground and stepped on it. Boos for that. Santino slapped Finlay and Finlay slapped him harder. Things finally got under way.

Finlay slugged Santino over the head with a forearm shot. Shoulder to the gut in the corner on Santino. Atomic drop by Finlay. Tag to Hornswoggle, who DDTíd Santino (Marella was on his knees after the atomic drop). Then Hornswoggle hit his Tadpole Splash for the win.

Winners: Finlay and Hornswoggle, at 1:19.

-Hornswoggle blew Beth kisses after the match. Beth tried to help Santino to his feet, comforting him in the ring when Lillian Garcia announced that Teddy Long and Melina would announce the Diva of the Year. Beth Phoenix, Mickie James, Kelly Kelly and Michelle McCool were the nominees for this award. Winner: Beth Phoenix. She was holding Santino up in the ring when she heard it, then she paused and let Santino down to run up to the ramp to accept the award. Beth accepted in honor of all the dominant divas across the world. Short and sweet. She pushed Melina, then the two started a brawl on the ramp. Santino cheered Beth on when she was inadvertently thrown into his groins. Beth tried to apologize while Santino kept coughing. The camera stayed on them a really long, too long.

-Cole and Lawler announced that the HHH vs. Batista match has been changed to HHH & Batista against Randy Orton, Cody Rhodes and Manu.

[Commercial Break]

-The ďOh My God!Ē Slammy Award was presented by, naturally, Joey Styles and Alicia Fox. Joey did not join in in Aliciaís dancing. This award represents shocking moments, moments that would make you say.....Alicia paused and waited for Joey to say his trademark line, which he did. It elicited an ďECW, ECWĒ chant as well as a shot by Alicia: ď No wonder you were taken off TV.Ē The nominees: CM Punk cashes in his MITB shot, Undertaker sends Edge to hell, Flody Mayweather breaks Big Showís nose and John Cena returns at the Royal Rumble. The Slammy was won by Punk. Punk said it has been a great year for him and thanked Batista for the assist, as well as thanking Edge for being in the right place at the right time. He took out a piece of paper and thanked a bunch of people, including Scotty Goldman, Mike Schmidt and Rocky Balboa. Punk said there would be a lot more moments this year that would make you say....then he paused and said it didnít feel right so he ran backstage and dragged Joey Styles out for his line one more time. Styles at first didnít say it but the fans yelled for it. Finally, he said it.

(5) Kofi Kingston vs. Rey Mysterio- Semi-Final Match in the Intercontinental #1 Contender Tournament
Mysterio tried a leg-scissor but half-way through, Kingston cart-wheeled out of it. That was neat. Regal and Layla were shown watching again. Flurry of exchanges in the first minute or so, but it settled in with Kingston working Reyís injured arm, stretching it out. Big dropkick from Kofi for two. Kingston missed with a cross-body and Rey rolled him up for three.

Winner: Rey, at 3:13. Weird finish. I thought for sure theyíd give them more time and I also thought for sure Kofi would win and have the tag partners face off on Sunday. The finish came out of nowhere.

-Match of the Year Slammy will be next.

[Commercial Break]

-Eve Torres and Mr. Kennedy introduced the Match of the Year. They said a few words, then Kennedy said every year is a match of the year contender when they have a certain someone involved in it. Then he waited for the lights to dim and the mic to fall down and did his schtick. He let Eve say the final ďKennedyĒ though. Nominees: Wrestlemania XXIV MITB Ladder Match, the 2008 Rumble Match, Undertaker vs. Edge Hell in a Cell from SummerSlam and Michaels vs. Flair from WM 2004. Michaels vs. Flair won it. Michaels came out to accept. He said his match with Flair at WM will always hold a special place in his heart. He said Flair inspired him to get into the profession. He told Ric that as the award sits on his mantle, it will always be a wonderful reminder.....then JBL came out. JBL took the Slammy and the podium and said he accepts the award on behalf of Shawn Michaels and said the award would fit well with the rest in his apartment in New York City. Thank You. That was great. Michaels looked around and ended up taking the card listing him as the winner as a memento.
[Commercial Break]

(6) Batista & Triple H vs. Randy Orton & Cody Rhodes & Manu- Handicap Match
HHH and Batista worked over Rhodes to start. Double shoulderblock by the faces put Rhodes down, then they took out Manu, throwing him at Rhodes and both men spilling over the top. Orton snuck up behind the faces but they turned around before he could do anything so he snaked out of the ring.

[Commercial Break]

Orton was using the dreaded Garvin Stomp against Triple H as the show returned. Orton gave control of the match to Rhodes....and surprisingly, he doesnít lose it immediately. Orton came back in but Triple H took Orton down. Orton tagged in Rhodes before Trips could take Batista. Triple H threw Rhodes across the ring on a bulldog try. Batista finally tagged in and cleaned house, including a spinebuster on Manu. Batista threw Manu into Rhodes, who was coming off the top rope. As Batista was distracted by Rhodes, Orton made the tag to Manu. He set Manu up for the powerbomb and Orton came from behind to hi the RKO. He shoved Orton off into HHH. HHH then took out Manu. Batista was going to hit the Batista Bomb on Orton, but Rhodes nailed Batista in the back and Orton hit the RKO for the victory.

Winners: Orton, Rhodes and Manu at 10:18. The usual Raw tag match, but the ending was awesome, particularly Orton tagging Manu with Batistaís back turned.

-John Cena takes on Edge later tonight, and The Slammy for Superstar of the Year is still to come.

[Commercial Break]

-The Behind Enemy Lines trailer aired. Something tells me Iíll be able to recite this trailer line-by-line by the time the movie actually comes out.

-Mickie James and Ron Simmons came out for the next award. One word can describe the next category: but he didnít say it. Nominees: Khaliís Kiss Cam, CM Punk surprises Chavo Guerrero as a Mariachi Band Member, JR as a Sailor on the Halloween episode of Raw, Santinoís split goes splat. Khaliís Kiss Cam won. Even though heís a face, he still got booed. Nice suit and tie adorning Khali tonight. Khali, translated through Ranjin Singh, said awards are a frivolous thing and we shouldnít be guided by material possessions. He said itís more important to focus on the depletion of our natural resources, for our childrenís sake. Apparently, Khali has gone green. He turned around as he was going to the locker room and met Mickie James at the podium. He was about to lay one on her when Jillian Hall came out singing. Then out came Kung Fu Naki and Howard Finkle. They, along with Singh, did the hands-in-the-air wave. Hacksaw Duggan and Sgt. Slaughter came out waving flags and Khali picked Mickie up and put her in a lip-lock. Ron Simmsons then finally said ďDamn!Ē

-John Cena vs. Edge, Champion vs. Champion, tonight. Also, Superstar of the Year Award.

[Commercial Break]

-Cole and Lawler discussed the winners that have already been announced for Slammy Awards.

-R-Truth came out through the crowd and Lawler said he won a Slammy Award for musical performance.

(7) R-Truth vs. Dolph Ziggler
Dolph of course introduced himself to Truth before the match, but Truth chose to gyrate in Dolphís general direction instead of shaking his hand. Truth landeda big kick, then a right hand. Ziggler tried to hang Truth up throat-first on the top rope, but he didnít get Truth high enough and Truth ended up getting caught up in the ropes and falling through to the outside. Ziggler hit a bunch of elbowdrops, then applied a chinlock. Ziggler kicked away at Truth and yelled that he IS Dolph Ziggler. Another rest-hold from Dolph, then Truth whipped him chest-first hard into the turnbuckle. Clothesline over the top rope by Truth. Truth dove over the top rope and onto Ziggler on the outside. They fought on the outside and as Truth was climbing to the apron, Ziggler jumped up and kicked him in the face, then got in the ring before the ref counted ten.

Winner: Dolph Ziggler, at 3:59. I wouldíve preferred to have neither guy lose here but I guess Ziggler needed this one more than Truth. And it was only by count out. Still, it seems like Truth is on thin ice already. Oh, and Ziggler introduced himself to the crowd after the match.

-The Superstar of the Year Award will be announced next.

[Commercial Break]

-Stephanie McMahon was already at the podium (canít shoot her from the waist-down!) to introduce Superstar of the Year. Itís between Jeff Hardy, Chris Jericho, Batista, Edge, Triple H, John Cena. Winner: Jericho. Wow. Strangely, I only disagree with one or two of these Slammies. Jericho was constantly looking over his shoulder for Cena to attack. He said, ďFirst of all....Ē then took off toward the ring. Jericho said he knew heíd be Superstar of the Year for 2008 because he is the best in the world today. He then went into a discussion of his accomplishments this year. But he said it hasnít all been victories for him. He lost something this year. He lost an identity. He said he lost a persona he created to please all the fans. He said losing it was one of the best feelings in his life. Jericho said he was becoming like Cena is now: A lying, pandering sycophant. He said he couldnít think of a better way to close out his year than beating Cena this Sunday at Armageddon. Then Cenaís music hit. Cena came out and Jericho threw the Slammy down and was ready to fight (or rather, he was ďSpoiliní for a fight.Ē Someone tell Cole that was a month ago). Jericho fled the ring when Cena came in. Edge then came out for his match with Cena.

(8) John Cena vs. Edge
Cena was a house of fire after the bell rang, slamming Edge around the ring and clotheslining him over the top rope.

[Commercial Break]

Edge had Cena in a rest-hold out of break. Thatís exciting for fans to tune in to. Edge caught Cena with a spinning heel kick for two. Edge pancaked him for another near-fall. Chin-lock from Edge. The two both got to a vertical base and traded right hands. Cena then ran into a big boot. He set up for a spear, but Cena exploded through Edge instead. He landed a suplex and set up for the fist-drop. It was successful. FU was reversed but he got Edge back up for it three different times, but Edge always found a way out. Cena, though, locked in the STFU. He released it when he saw Jericho running down to the ring and they met each other in the aisle to brawl. DQ.

Winner: Cena by DQ, at 7:44.

Things went into the crowd as Edge stood in the ring. Right after he got up, HHH ran to the ring and pummeled Edge. Jeff Hardy came out and did some damage as well. Trips threww Hardy out of the ring and hit a spinebuster on Edge. Edge was out of the ring and Hardy jumped off the stairs and onto Edge. Hardy, from the aisle, stared at HHH in the ring. Interesting that theyíre ending with the Smackdown title match as the focus.

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I know it's silly to get upset over a storyline award nomination but, why was Punk not nominated as Superstar of the Year. The nomination made no sense. Batista, Triple H, Taker, Cena, Jericho all former or current World Champs within this year then Jeff Hardy? He had the worst credentials out of the nominees and hasn't been World Champ once. Hell, Micheals should of been nominated if that's the case.

Dolph is doing Kennedy's gimmick, complete with (horribly bleached) platinum blond hair.

Funk it. The Damn Award segment was funny. From when Khali came out to the Simmons "Damn".

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Well, I'd say this was a pretty big success overall. Seemingly worthy of making this at least a annual event to be the winter version of the draft RAW. Most importantly the WRESTLING was above average tonight. If you 86 the comedy match, and extend the length out, tonight's card was surely Cyber Sunday worthy at least.

- Missed Opportunity: Todd Grisham should've been holding his Slammy while interviewing John Cena.

- If Randy Orton is HHH, Manu is Batista, and Cody is Randy, then who will play Ric Flair?

- Missed Opportunity #Two: I could've sworn I've seen Kane wearing a black bow tie SOMETIME in my life. When was that? His wedding?

- Beth Phoenix may be the diva of the year, but she can't break up a simple pin attempt? Booooooooo.

- JBL continues to be the CFO of Awesome Incorporated. This thing NEEDS to hold out until a Wrestlemania blow-off. Bradshaw is getting in shape and I'm ready for this one. I my mind there is just so much you can do with this. You can have JBL steal away the rights to DX (please). You can have him refuse to let HBK do SHOWSTOPPING matches. There's just so much you can do with this, and tonight was a great start.

- Missed Opportunity #C: I didn't get out my THE GREEN KHALI quick enough before Michael Cole butchered the joke.

- That Ziggler - RTruth match crossed the line between "Bowling Shoe Ugly" and "Wow this is kinda excellent" more than a few times.


- I turned off the TV after this. Costanza also leaves on the high note!

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Did someone record it? In a surreal moment, I could've sworn I heard CM Punk holler "I'M FLYIIIING!" when he executed his springboard clothesline. Can someone check and confirm?

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    Originally posted by JST
    Did someone record it? In a surreal moment, I could've sworn I heard CM Punk holler "I'M FLYIIIING!" when he executed his springboard clothesline. Can someone check and confirm?
I thought that was somebody in the crowd, but I guess it COULD have been him. Maybe it was a called spot!


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    Originally posted by CRZ
      Originally posted by JST
      Did someone record it? In a surreal moment, I could've sworn I heard CM Punk holler "I'M FLYIIIING!" when he executed his springboard clothesline. Can someone check and confirm?
    I thought that was somebody in the crowd, but I guess it COULD have been him. Maybe it was a called spot!

I just re-watched it...definitely sounded like Punk saying it.

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I was there in person and it was a lot of fun (though a little draining being three hours long).

Dark match was Tommy Dreamer over Shelton (Philly and ECDub territory and all that...)

The matches were all quite solid (save the Santino comedy match and Ziggler/R-Truth, which the crowd booed the finish of but didn't really care for during). Biggest heat by FAR was Vicki's acceptance of the Couple award (the crowd knew Glamarella deserved it), and JBL got a ton of boos for interupting HBK and taking his Slammy.

Oh during the ad break, Santino read some poems (one of which he admitted he stole off the Internet) to Beth.

So the stable is "The Legacy"? I like it!

Punk's speech was hillarious. But the less said about that "DAMN!" segment...well at least Big Dick Johnson wasn't a part of it.

They announced that the Great American Bash will be here next summer, and surprisingly tickets already go on at noon!

J-Roll in the crowd = awesomeness!

Jericho winning Superstar of the Year was deserved but also a shock...I figured it was going to Cena, who would then be interrupted by Jericho.

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I loved this show. By far the best of the bloated 3-hour shows they've ever done for drafts and anniversaries and kings of the rings. Good wrestling and good angles and rarest of all, good comedy. JBL is a great man. And the awards were handed out evenly so that Punk got OMG (even though Cena's was more OMG), Jeff got extreme to make up for not being superstar OTY, and then Jericho got superstar of the year for the surprise ending (and 'cause he should've won MOTY, but I realize the Slammy is not really for that). Also, JBL is so great.

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When I see Vickie out there getting that kind of heat it makes me wonder what her and Eddie would have been able to pull off if they ever got to work together. There are guys in the locker room that would die for a quarter of that reaction.


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We need a list of everyone Punk thanked in his speech. I'm pretty sure I heard a Volk Han reference in there.

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Alicia Fox.......ZOMG. That is all.
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    Originally posted by geemoney
    Beth dropped it to the ground and stepped on it. Boos for that. Santino Beth slapped Finlay and Finlay slapped Santino harder. Things finally got under way.

Yes, that was one of the funnier moments for me so I had to correct it.

CBL, MVC. These three letter things work for Haas don't they?

For the love God and everything holy poor some gasoline on Vickie while she's out there and see if that heat catches her on fire. Once again the level of response she gets is off the chart and I know its been discussed here few times but flipping wow.

Overall the show was really pretty good for a long haul 3hr show.

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    Originally posted by spf
    We need a list of everyone Punk thanked in his speech. I'm pretty sure I heard a Volk Han reference in there.

Miz and Morrison's list was pretty solid too. I remember them thanking Admiral Ackbar, Chuck Norris, "Baba Booey."

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Punk Thanks:
Batista, Edge, Chaz, Kelly, Scotty Goldman, Volk Han, Lars and the skunx, cassie, Chris Guy, the dms crew, Mike Schmidt, seline, Charlie, the meanest p, Rocky Balboa, Natalie, Chadball, and Tobi Wan.

Oh yeah I forgot to mention when Glamarella came out after Vickie accepted her reward. As Santino was talking didn't he go for her boob only for Beth to swat his hand away?

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Looked like he went to stroke the title belt to me.

Coulda been boobie tho
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    Originally posted by CruelAngel777
    Oh yeah I forgot to mention when Glamarella came out after Vickie accepted her reward. As Santino was talking didn't he go for her boob only for Beth to swat his hand away?

    (edited by CruelAngel777 on 9.12.08 0830)

Didn't see it, but are you sure he wasn't going for her bicep to make her flex so he could gnaw on it?

Also, what's the deal with DiBiase? Is he off TV for any particular reason? I half expected him to join in on a beatdown last night.

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    Originally posted by Hokienautic

    Also, what's the deal with DiBiase? Is he off TV for any particular reason? I half expected him to join in on a beatdown last night.

Either a movie ( The Marine 2 (, probably straight to DVD) or marriage, or a combination of both.

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They wouldn't bother having Vince bring it up unless it was going to be disputed-JR and King would have simply dropped it into commentary at some point. I'd look for some sort of angle developing out of this...
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