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22.1.19 0606
The W - Pro Wrestling - RAW Is Bischoff (2/17)
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Since: 2.1.02
From: Madison, WI

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A generally good outing. Some good matches (The Chrisses vs. Two Generations Of HBK, H vs. H), a fair match (HHH/Batista vs. Steiner/Booker T), and a classy tribute to Hennig. But those two extended squashes - oy, they just kept going, didn't they? Especially Bischoff giving in to self-promotion of his karate skills again. What level black belt was he when he last did this sort of thing?


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#2 Posted on
I'll just leave it at this for my comments on Raw:

If I wasn't watching the PPV at a local establishment, I wouldn't have bought it after tonight. I just thought the empty points were just that - empty. Even during the last few weeks, I've never been bored watching; however, that wasn't the case tonight.

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Now the ending would have been something if Austin had come out and raised hell. It would have been the perfect teaser to get people coming back for more at the PPV. Instead, we get a largely pointless squash. Eh.

Not that the pre-main was much better, although Booker got a pinfall on H.

I didnít expect anything on Hennig tonight except maybe for a Confidential promo or two. But they did a nice tribute, somebody had a nice sign ringside, and Jericho did the gum swat.

Jericho and Christian were GOLD backsage. What a great hat.

So Kane's not even in the match and he gets to fire his ring pyro?

Shawn Michaels is handcuffed! Shawn Michaels is helpless! Shawn Michaels is being taunted with the key! Shawn Michaels watches helplessly as his partner is double-teamed! Shawn Michaels is whipped with his belt! Shawn Michaels gets the key! Shawn Michaels gets free! Shawn Michaels gets on the apron and WAITS FOR THE TAG?!?

Thanks for coming Al! Hope the road home isnít snowed outÖ

If itís blizzard conditions in Columbus, why is the exterior building shot so clear?

Not a bad show overall.

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#4 Posted on
The following post expresses the opinions of a raving Jerichoholic. He is biased, opinionated and bitter. You have been warned.

I didn't see Y2J's gum swat, but it was a nice tribute nonetheless. And may I point out that the RVD-Triple H feud started with RVD pinning Tripps in a tag match?

I say Booker and Kane beat Regal and Storm for the tag titles at Judgment Day.

The preceding post expressed the opinions of a raving Jerichoholic. He was biased, opinionated and bitter. You were warned.
The Great Thomas

Since: 17.6.02
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#5 Posted on
Didn't ANYBODY catch the high point of this?

Trippulaytch JOBBED! To BOOKER T!!!

I'm surprised no one mentioned this!

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#6 Posted on

    Originally posted by The Great Thomas
    Didn't ANYBODY catch the high point of this?

    Trippulaytch JOBBED! To BOOKER T!!!

    I'm surprised no one mentioned this!

Good this be the 6th sign of the future 6 time! 6 time! 6 time! 6 time! 6 time! 6 time World Heavyweight Champion...Booker T

Don't Hate the player...HHHate the game(threw that in for kicks and giggles)

Can we dig that...WIEEENERSS?

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I realize I'm pretty much the only Test fan on the board, but did anybody else wonder why the Test/Jericho match appears to have been pulled from the No Way Out card? I mean, Jericho's match was just SCREAMING for Test to run down, take the key, and give it to Michaels. But, nothing - no Test/Jericho in the match listing, no GGW update which was listed in the Raw preview on, no Test on the show at all. Not exactly a great way to build up a match on a PPV - assuming it still exists.

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#8 Posted on
...and a Fashion Report, too.

Well, Bradshaw's still in the opening.

Rob, in black singlet with blood-stained bones, with Kane, in straps and spandex, vs. Lance, in red undies, wearing the belt, with flag, with William, in red/blue undies also wearing the belt and with a flag. Wow, that smoke does NOT want to clear-out. Why does Earl get the curtain-jerker? Okay match - that crowd was quiet. Play Kane's music ('cuz he didn't do anything).

Steph, with boobies, and CarrotTop call 1-800-CAL-LATT (and get it on).

Jr, in black hat, and King, in vertical stripes, gab. DeadCowMan, in the ring, blabs. Chief, in black suit and blue shirt, is back. Not that Bischoff's bitter. Book a match - c'mon, even David Flair beat DeadCowMan. Methinks involving the GreekChorus in the storyline is not entertaining.

Jackie, in black top and red tights, with (shudder) boobs, and Molly, in yellow shirt and black tights, vs. Jezebel, in pink, wearing the belt, with Stevie, in pink "SR" full-cuts, and Jazz, in gold top and Xena-skirt. Nice match, but when Jackie's the biggest face, the crowd can't help but sit on its hands (JR says "This crowd's stunned"). Post-match, When Dommes (who are closet-subs) Collide!

It's snow! Pfft - that's no blizzard. Booker, distraught, talks to...Terri? Goldie's exes are concerned. The Room of Fun has a cheese-and-sausage tray. Oh, and they've got a diabolical plot.

Mr. Perfect - man, I LOVE that music. 'Nuff said.

Rodney Mack, in red undies with crossbones on the butt, and red kneepads with white pawprints, with Teddy, in red suit (okay, so they're FINALLY going out and saying it's a racist angle) vs. Al, in black "Snow Man" tights. Y'know, Mack doesn't really look black to me; tanned, yes. Um, sorry, but I blinked.

Jericho, in pink sparkly tights, with beard, and Christian, in black singlet with HUGE gold plates, vs. Jeff, in wifebeater with white hanky and glowing face, and HBK, in HIS tshirt and jeans with Texas-sized belt buckle. No, Jericho, don't flaunt the key! Nice match, but the heels should have won (dang cocky Jericho).

Hurricane, in cape and mask, vs. H-man, in red full-cut "H" undies. Ah - when The Letter H collides! Okay match.

Spike, in "3D" shirt and camo. pants, vs. Samoan Jobbers, in jobber gear, and Rico, in tiger-striped pants. Boring; what was the point?

SPP, in HIS shirt and Chainmail, +1 vs. Cruiserweights, and Booker, in black hot-crotch, flamin' "BookerT" undies, vs. Dave, in black undies with red swirl, with Whoo!, in pinstripes, and Thhhor, in Iron Cross undies, wearing the belt, with 95%, in...something (never got a good look at him). Nice match - also the best commentary of the night.

Bischoff, in black pajamas, vs. JR, in OU sweatshirt. No interest to me.

Overall: Except for the JR/Bischoff stuff the show was pretty good. The commentary is definately something that makes SD! the better show (but I wonder how much of that might be beacause it's taped and they can go back and do it over?). Better than usual.

This is the last Raw I'll get to see for a while (I'm moving). It was pretty good and I look forward to watching again in a month and hope it'll continue to (slowly) improve. See ya' later.

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#9 Posted on
    Originally posted by Mr Heel II
    Shawn Michaels is handcuffed! Shawn Michaels is helpless! Shawn Michaels is being taunted with the key! Shawn Michaels watches helplessly as his partner is double-teamed! Shawn Michaels is whipped with his belt! Shawn Michaels gets the key! Shawn Michaels gets free! Shawn Michaels gets on the apron and WAITS FOR THE TAG?!?

That ranks up there with Goldberg irish whipping Nash in their "really real" street fight back in the day.

Once again RVD proves that he has no idea how to sell. Right after being in the half boston crab for a good minute he does rolling thunder and a spin kick. Won't he ever learn his lesson?

Don't think I'm getting all negative now. I really did like tonights show.

Bischoff was as funny as he's been since he turned heel on Nitro way back when. He always cracks me up when he does his karate spiel. Hopefully the cinderblock to the head will lead to JR taking some time off. I like Coach and to tell you the truth, unless they bring Raven back, King is the best man for the job right now at color guy. Oh and did anyone else see the mansized bump King took into the ringpost?

I'm really glad Booker got the pin over H. It would've been nice to see him actually get a match at the ppv but I think he's locked in for HHH next. Oh, and it does look they are going through with the whole Goldust has terrets thing. I'm holding judgement till I see it.

The best angle on Raw right now is Victoria and Jazz. I'm stoked to see these two go at it. By the looks of it, I think Jazz will be the one to go face. It's so funny to see Steven Richards come down as Vicki's valet. Has there ever been a male valet for a women before? I know I've never seen it.

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#10 Posted on
I dug RAW completely tonight. Jazz was great again. I cheered out loud after her announcement that "the bitch is back!". I liked the RVD/Storm match to open things, and Rodney Mack didn't look too bad until he botched his finisher. If he can straighten that out, he'll be a solid addition to the roster.

Some of the matches seemed thrown out there for no reason, though. I won't make the joke, b/c I know someone else out here will about logic/RAW, but do you know if the weather had an effect on that? Also, Test/Jericho wasn't even mentioned in the match lineup for No Way Out, was it? Is Test in the doghouse as well?

Welcome back, Jazz! We missed you!
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Since: 11.1.02
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#11 Posted on
God, poor Al snow got dropped on his head pretty good after that screwed up tiger bomb. Hope he's OK...

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#12 Posted on
the guy in the hogan outfit ringside gave me quite a chuckle

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#13 Posted on
I'd say the show was bad this week, but I can't possibly call HHH jobbing clean to Booker bad.

I'd feel bad for Test, but you know, he's Test. I'm sure he'll feel real bad that he doesn't have a PPV match when he's making out with Stacy.

RVD/Storm was okayish, but like a lot of Raw matches just seems to lack something that makes the match great. A dead crowd didn't help too much either.

I like the development of Victoria and Jazz, but they desperately need Trish back to add actual face heat. As bad as Lita's matches are, at least she's over. They really could have used her right now to get killed and have it actually mean something to the fans. The fans are apathetic to Molly, and I can't really blame them. Why should they be cheering her?

I liked the HBK/Hardy vs. Canadian Blondes match. Jeff has sort of stabilized lately, and his performances have been a little better. He's got a long way to go before he regains his form, but he's not regressing any further right now.

Everything else was kinda pointless, but it was good to see Hurricane get a win. What exactly did Nowinski do to get his push killed, though?

It's like a koala bear crapped a rainbow in my brain!

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#14 Posted on
Am I the only one who shed a tear over the Mr. Perfect package.

Overall, it wasn't very great and I spent the first hour watching Joe Millionaire. But anything with Hurricane and Nowitzski is good but except for Steiner/Booker vs. HHH/SteveDave and Hardy/HBK vs. Jericho/Christian nothing was really compelling.

The JR sqaush was the perfect time for SCSA to do a run-in but I can understand why they didn't.

And am I the only one who likes the No Way Out theme song?


Since: 6.1.02
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#15 Posted on
Who says Test isn't having a match anymore? Last time I saw a card it still said Test vs. Jericho. And as far as I know Jericho doesn't suddenly have a different match so that leads me to believe that match is still on. I was expecting Test to make an appearance to but who knows, maybe he got caught in bad weather or something.

The show was kind of average, I didn't come out of it thinking anything special happened but I didn't come out of it thinking that really sucked either.

I don't really care about the Booker/Triple H thing as much as everyone else seems to so the last two matches didn't really mean anything to me. But RVD/Storm was alright and anything the Chrisses do is good. Anything with Spike and 3 Minute Warning is getting pretty tired.

Victoria is great, she has quickly become my favorite woman in the WWE. I wish Stevie and Victoria would add a few more people to them and make a stable that all have the similar character as them.

THe COach has been getting airtime the last two weeks and it makes me think maybe he will get a chance at Raw. Remember how JR's last column said he was cutting back on his work. Now he did say it was just his column but maybe he decided to cut back more. I don't mind Coach really but at this point I've learned to block out the commentary so it doesn't really matter.

Finally Curt Hennig, I of course was saddened by the deaths of Owen, Bulldog, Pillman and Rude but Curt Hennig was hands down my favorite wrestler of all time. To see him go is very sad for me. I always thought he was pretty underrated as far as top stars and wasn't always used to his full potential. ALthough I realize he had some injury issues. I remember his Summerslam match with Bret Hart of course, even with his injury him and Bret had a classic and it really put Bret Hart on the map as a star. I read an interview today with Bobby Heenan who knows a lot about the business and a lot about Curt, he probably gave him the best compliment you could get when he said that "Curt had more talent than Ric Flair, he just never got the proper push", that's saying a lot. RIP Curt, we'll miss you.

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#16 Posted on
I was thinking the same thing about the weather and all, but they didn't even mention him or Stacy once tonight, which made me start thinking. I mean, I might have been dozing when they were doing the PPV recap of the matches, but I don't remember seeing Test/Jericho on the listing when they were going through them.

Welcome back, Jazz! We missed you!

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#17 Posted on
It was an OK show, not as exciting as I think a pre-PPV show should be, but not bad overall.

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#18 Posted on
The Bischoff and Austin build seems all backward.

Bischoff gives Austin an opportunity to air his
grievances in RAW Magazine. Austin accepts, but
does so without ever talking to Eric or signing
on with the RAW brand. Huh?

The Vince throws Eric into a match against Austin
with no real purpose and this week they have Eric
attack Jim Lost to get heat with Austin going into
a match that was made already.


And has Austin signed with the RAW brand or is this
reverse psychology by Eric to force Austin to join
RAW so that he can get more chances to kick Eric's
butt... or will they blow that off at the next PPV
so they can move over to the Austin vs Rock match
which leads absolutely nowhere because Rock already
has another movie deal signed?

Eric and Stephanie kiss - no payoff

Vince gives Eric ultimatum with mute Shane - no payoff

Austin vs Eric - no payoff?

Austin vs Rock - no payoff?

I guess the last two technically have a payoff
because they lead to matches, but I don't see
how those matches lead to anything else. Right
now everything seems to be short term "hotshot"
angles, built backwards, to fill time until the
next big plan (Goldberg, again) falls through.


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#19 Posted on
Honestly, at the moment, they've had a few payoffs, all leading to Austin.. but ultimately, I think the Bischoff/Austin payoff is going to be Eric bringing in Goldberg for the WM Austin/Goldberg match.. I think thats the way the story lines it up, and I think thats a match that would definately sell the card to the normal fan..

At least my opinoin on this matter.

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#20 Posted on
I mean, Jericho's match was just SCREAMING for Test to run down, take the key, and give it to Michaels. But, nothing - no Test/Jericho in the match listing, no GGW update which was listed in the Raw preview on, no Test on the show at all. Not exactly a great way to build up a match on a PPV - assuming it still exists.

Yeah, I found that very sign of Test. Maybe he got stuck somewhere due to snow?

Other thoughts:
- Did anyone else have technical troubles with TNN at the beginning of the show? Before and during the first 15 minutes of RAW, I had audio but no picture, and sometimes no audio either.
- Morely`s J.R. "impression" reminded me of that goofy-yet-funny RTC skit with Ivory-as-Chyna in the neck brace, and then-Val wearing the cowboy hat as J.R.

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