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19.6.18 2046
The W - Pro Wrestling - RAW August 25th Thoughts Thread (Page 3)
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A few thoughts:

Oh please God, let Trip use his power and stroke to get his way at the next PPV.
The only real entertainment in the Orton/Maven match was Flair and Michaels. And, the only thing Orton doing the stomping the foot should do is show Shawn Michaels how stupid he looked doing that for years. Chris Adams must be rolling in his grave at his superkick being used in such manner.
I wonder if I'm the only one who noticed, but Good Ol' JR had to use the term wrestling over a dozen times in the last hour. That of course is notable as he has rarely used the word wrestling in the past 5 years, and the hour where he uses it repeatedly is filled with non-wrestlers.
Only thing that made Coachman watchable was the 'Lawler and Ross suck as announcers' line. And, did we need 2-3 segments focused around Jonathan Coachman to go along with 2 McMahon segments in the last hours?
Let's see: Kane as a monster might actually draw an audience. Sacraficing RVD to him is a good way to keep the momentum going. Now, instead of keeping this roll going, so that it will be special and helpful to whomever finally gets to take down Kane, we'll have a McMahon do it. Maybe its just me, but there seems to be a serious flaw in that logic.
RAW tag team division is now in Godwin level territory. Dudleys are stale, French are green, Cade and Jindrak are Young Stallions '03, and now Mark Henry and Rodney Mack? After 7 years you'd think they'd realize that no one gives a shit about Mark Henry.

Ok, so Ted Williams is decapitated now? What will his son do next, sell him to the Japanese dog food company that bought former Kentucky Derby winner Ferdinand?

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Kane and the tumble into the dumpster of fire? Vince vs Shane Version 6.0.5? Coachman, the Evil Announcer?

If you enjoyed that, then you've got to be a McMasochist.

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I spent my evening with Chrono Cross, one of the best RPGs ever, by the way. Bro did tape the show, but judging from the recaps, looks to me like it's a waste of tape. Still the first segment seemed promising (how ironic that for many of you a segment involving HHH turns out to be a highlight of the show). Whatever, because it was an afterthought to the McMahons' drama. I'm not hating the McMahons, but I think it's getting frustrating. Anyway, that's my opinion in a nutshell. I'll use that tape for TNA instead. RAVEN VS. AJ STYLES!!!

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Man, Kane is always using the same kind of gas cans... I wonder if they're a sponsor of some kind now.


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-Goldberg/Evolution interview- HHH calling Angle a paper champion, he must be taking a shot at himself there. Goldberg's are the worst hollywood scripted lines even in wrestling standards... I hate the retirement stipulation; it removes all doubt on who will win. Unless Goldberg really gets fired, hummm. Nice touch by HHH for saying "No cheesy I move to smackdown angle afterwards" LoL

-Trish vs. Gail-I was worried how this match will end up but I was pleasantly surprised especially after some real disappointing Diva efforts recently. Love Gail hooking the sleeper. OK Trish is a great seller but how did she make her face turn purple. Enjoyed the struggle Trish did throughout. First side tossing but Gail holds on, then snapping Gail forward & Gail went right back to it. Finally Trish crashes them both to corner to escape just to get caught in the dragon sleeper but Trish walked up the turnbuckles & flipped back. Trish breaks out with one of my new fav moves her spinebuster. I think she loves not being the smallest in the ring for once LoL. Hits her Stratusfacton perfectly... Nice 4 minute match, Trish was great with the long sleeper Trish kept the crowd into with her struggle. This was Gail's best match cause she left the bad indy flippy flips behind & came with some good basics.

-Henry/Mack vs. Jindrak/Cade- Mark Henry makes his returns! Wasn't he on Smackdown, should I care? Nothing match. Teddy dancing after the match was a highlight.

-SH*T inring- Jessie from Tough Enough, hey she's kinda cute. She says someone has a gun in the ring to Rosey then said the same thing to Hurricane but Hurricane figures it was a Johnny B. Badd T-shirt Blaster. Jessie you really shouldn’t call it a gun that's kinda irresponsible!... In the ring we get some Lillian (mmm) and some guy. Rosey attacked this guy. HEY WAIT A SECOND wasn't it about a year ago 3-Minute Warning attacked Lillian. Did she get flashbacks last night? Maybe she couldn't tell it was 3MW Rosey by his awesome disguise.

-Conway/La Resistance vs. Dudley Trio- Conway totally shoots on the American government, He should be on crossfire!... With the exception of Grener looking totally lost on multiple occasions the match was really good when the other 5 participants were in. It was under 3 minutes but it seemed longer. There was a lot of action going on in that little amount of time.

-HiLight Reel- Jericho at first is pissed at Goldberg but is happy that Goldberg got his (then he hits his snarly laugh haha). Eww Jericho talks about Linda's moans of passion with obscenely expensive. Linda walks out but not in her amazing techno EuroBeats she came out last time, I want my Techno EuroTrash beats! not the WM remix. Damn. Oh well, Jericho actually made Linda crack a smile! I might get tomatoed for this but I actually enjoyed this segment. Too many over the top insane liners not to like it "born from your demon infested womb!" and Jericho calls Shane an SOB and Lawler questions out loud "What is he saying about Linda?:... For me looked like Shane was thrown for a loop after Jericho connected with the mic shot, Shane got up really glassy eyed.

-Orton vs. Maven- Maven's waiting for someone. Is it Coach! No no Just Shawn LoL. Well Orton’s best recent match was with Maven so lets try it again. The crowd wasn't as hot for the in-ring wrestlers as they were the first time around but the match was still pretty good. Seems they are gearing up Orton/HBK again for the Raw only PPV and did a good job in this match doing that.

-Bischoff/Coachman/Christian interview- Bischoff looking like someone who should be hanging around a truck stop and Coachman discusses the heel turn then everything pauses Bischoff says "what the hell" Exactly my thoughts what's going on. It's Christian in delayed. Out he comes and he's angry for not being on the PPV, the lockerroom seems full of McMahon's, start there. Out comes Austin! Must say I'm still a sucker for Austin's rants. There's even better liners here then on the HiLight Reel. Austin greeting card was funny, Austin calling Christian "Creepy" was hilarious, I find Christian creepy looking also! After Lawler starts talking Christian ranting and screaming "Hey Excuse ME! Excuse ME! Intercontinental Champion HERE!. LoL Christians taking the wrestlers first approach. Christian's Speeps for the Peeps and Smarks

-Christian vs. Lawler- This match went 50/50 with Christian needing Coaches help! Give me a Break! We have the intercontinental champion used as fodder to set up an announcer’s feud... The prestigious IC title has returned! Man does Lawler look like Humpty Dumpty in white tights. The only positive I got out if this segment was that Lawler would get a beat down and have to miss a month or more of Raw. Why can't I have that. Please! And JR apologizing for his bad commentating was a start, now apologize for some of these horrible signings you made the past couple of years.

-Shane vs. Jericho- Decent match here, they kept it somewhat basics going 50/50. The first fake run-in was a nice touch when Shane was setting up Jericho on the timekeepers table, LoL Lillian was trapped she was trying to set up on the rail to get away then when Shane came into the ring and climbed the ropes you see her quickly taking off LoL... Kane finally arrives and Jericho exits stage left and Kane chokeslams Shane and leaves some fans still chant RVD (ahh silly believers). Then the whole silliness of the fiery dumpster. Just to get this straight the ENTIRE RVD/Kane interaction Rob Van Dam not ONCE had the advantage at the end of the night. Yet Shane McMahon is 2 and 1 in Kane encounters (return to knock him off the stage and now this).

-OtherStuff- Dr. Molly Evil finally admits to bring Gail in (now we know who to blame) and wants umm forces Gail to join her because together they can stop Trish Stratus. From what, Molly's Evil buh gawd she's trying to stop Trish's goodness!... After s much talk about what happened in the women lockerroom, this was the payoff. Just to show you our expectations are always too high for everything... Lawler/Coach next week, will Lawler get a beatdown NOW! Please make it so.

-Line of the Night: Vince "Demon infested womb"
-3Stars of the Night: 1)Jericho. 2)Trish. 3)Austin -

I think I enjoyed this show more then most. The women match was entertaining. I liked the 6-man tag a lot. Orton match held my interest. And I was excited for the main but unfortunately it didn't pay off... It was very interview heavy this show but there was some pretty funny liners and rants in it that I found myself enjoying HiLight Reel and the Employee of the Month. Maybe because I was so down on Summerslam maybe I went into Monday really wanting to like anything positive about it.

PS Emma, thanks for the live report. It was a great read you gave out the past two days. Nice seeing the Lillian love, she really rocks live, she's a fantastic MC. Good to hear that you had a fun time there.

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The best part of Raw was the way that Bischoff, with the shades and ballcap, looked not unlike Mike Love. If you want to get heel heat, man, that's the look to shoot for.

The B-movie ending attempt just didn't go far enough. After Shane threw Kane to his death (for those keeping score, this would be Kane's first official death - while previously being shown to have magical powers with his mastery of Deadly Mystical Lightning, Kane has never actually been a magic zombie like his older, murderous brother) and got in his "Burn in hell, you son of a bitch!" line, he should have hopped on a motorcycle and sped off while a rockin' Frank Stallone tune played over the credits. Raw needs full end credits, by the way. Possibly with Cannonball Run-style outtakes. And opening credits where we meet the cast, too.

Or, if they really want to keep up that continuing television program thing they seemed so keen on a few weeks back, maybe Shane could have gotten to throw Kane to his death, said "Burn in hell, you son of a bitch!" and looked down into the flaming pit...only to have Kane's flaming hand reach up and yank Shane down with him right as a classic "To be continued..." rolled across the screen. Complete with full-on X-Files-y to be continued music.

I suppose, however, they could have opted to not have Shane throw Kane to his death and say "Burn in hell, you son of a bitch!" at all. Instead, Kane could have stopped himself from toppling over, grabbed Shane and tossed him in instead. Then he could have turned to the camera and had yellow contacts in, then laughed with Vincent Price's voice for the Thriller ending. This would have been awesome.

Now, as far as WWE shows that have ended with somebody dead or out cold in a dumpster, does this rank above HBK and HHH brawling outside right before Armageddon last year, which ended with HHH sleeping peacefully in the dumpster after Michaels jumped off a trailer onto him? Well, that's truly a question for the ages, but I think we can all agree that we owe the McMahon family and World Wrestling Entertainment a thanks for allowing such a question to even exist in the first place.
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    Originally posted by Shem the Penman
    Garrison Cade and Mark Jindrak have gotten modestly over on Heat. Rodney Mack is not over. Mark Henry is so not over that Over has taken out a restraining order against him.

    Originally posted by Mr Heel II
    For whatever reason, the ending with Kane being thrown into the fire was a huge "Holy Shit" moment for me and I loved it. And I didn't think for a minute of the possibility of Kane being "dead" from it. And I'm not usually one who jumps on the bandwagon with such segments. Shane's "Burn in Hell" line was perfect. That was just awesome.
It really worked for me too. I have no idea if Kane's dead or not (or what happens next with Glen(n) Jacobs), but it was a suitably important & well-done climax for the storyline. I would have been pretty disappointed if they'd just fizzled away this big build into "and then Kane just goes back to being a regular upper-mid-carder."

    Originally posted by Mr Heel II
    Did I forget a title change alnong the way, or is Molly still the women's champion? If so, just how is Trish Stratus standing in Molly’s way?
She even explicitly mentioned being the Champ. We can only assume that she meant that Trish is the biggest threat... Ooops.

    Originally posted by Venom
    I believe the point being made by fuelinjected is that if Kane can indeed survive being thrown into a burning dumpster without any ill effect, then he can't give his opponents any offense from this point forward in the ring. How can he sell punches, kicks, and slams now after not being affected by a flaming dumpster?
Not advocating, just sayin'... Apply the Highlander model. Immortals aren't killed or (generally) even permanently scarred by bad things happening to them. But they hurt like a normal person would, & can "stop" the immortal for as long as several hours (depending on the severity of the owie) before the immortal recovers. (Sorry. Geek mode off.)

    Originally posted by Simba
    I'm with Big Bad on the whole Shane "Burn in Hell..." line at the end. It was totally ripped out of a horror movie finale.
Well, yeah. Exactly. And I like campy horror movies. :-)

    Originally posted by Bizzle Izzle
    My favorite part of the Kane-Shane segment was when the crowd popped HUGE ... for the dumpster that said "City of Tucson". "It's a big bucket of shit with OUR name on it!! YAAYYYYYY!!!"
That was pretty silly, wasn't it? :-) I was looking around wondering if I was missing something going on inside the arena, 'til it occurred to me. (Actually, there was also an element of "this must be something really good -- this is the payoff from all the weird arena security.")

    Originally posted by Net Hack Slasher
    Nice touch by HHH for saying "No cheesy I move to smackdown angle afterwards" LoL
Even better: "No move to any second rate promotion like Smackdown." You know Steph was in the back. "Hi, honey!" :-)
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Gail and Trish was short but nice,and Mean Molly rules. after that, bleh! just knowing Linda was the Highlight reel guest put me to sleep. gotta go back and ff thru the tape. hopefully SD won't be SO craptacular. Looking forward to Heat just to Ivory and Vicki.


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Actually, I thought it was a pretty entertaining show. Though watching it with 5 other fans instead of alone here at my first week of college MAY have had something to do with it....

The Goldberg/Trips confrontation was well done, I thought. I too thought for a second Trips was going to say TNA as the second-rate promotion....Trish v.s Gail was okay, but it seems like the SAME matches every week. Same moves, different girls....I'm sorry, I'm a mark for Teddy Long. So that segment was allright with me, except jobbing Cade/Jindrak, who've done well on Heat. How did Henry come from Smackdown to RAW?....The mini-dust bit was kinda lame, but I like the Goldust/Storm chemistry....The six-man match hell, won't this feud ever die!!!?!??!....

Hilight Reel was a little heavy on the McMahons and Jericho didn't seem upset about the title loss....Orton v.s Maven was fun, and the Orton-Michaels staredown was awesome....Bischoff/Coach segment: I never thought I'd want to see Coach on my TV. Austin's "sympathy card" was pretty funny...Lawler v.s Christian is what you'd expect. Coach teasing Ross was funny too....Shane v.s Jericho: when Jericho, one of the best wrestlers in the company, just disappears from the match so the camera can follow Shane McMahon, that about tells you where this company is. I didn't have a huge problem with the fire at the end. I was swerved- I thought Shane would end up in there.
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    Originally posted by Bizzle Izzle
    My favorite part of the Kane-Shane segment was when the crowd popped HUGE ... for the dumpster that said "City of Tucson". "It's a big bucket of shit with OUR name on it!! YAAYYYYYY

That made the segment for me.

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