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22.5.19 1801
The W - Pro Wrestling - RAW #953 8/29/11
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TONIGHT: “Will Cena Strike Back?” asks of Cena and Alberto Del Rio’s altercation last night. Also, Night of Champions hype and likely more questions than answers about the Kevin Nash/Triple H/John Laurinaitis situation. Plus, will Kofi Kingston and Evan Bourne get a team name after their tag title win last week?

- WWE Open.

- Michael Cole welcomed fans to Raw and Triple H’s music hit. He came to the ring. Hunter took his sweet time before speaking and finally said it’s his job to ensure the fans get the best of what WWE has to offer. It’s his job to make sure WWE thrives, so starting tonight and for the foreseeable future, Raw and Smackdown will join forces to create Raw Supershow. Hunter said in his job, he also has to deal with liars. He said most of those lies are coming from his best friend, Kevin Nash. Trips said Nash was upset that he wouldn’t allow Nash to “be a man” with CM Punk. Triple H told Nash to be a man and come out and tell him why Nash lied to him. Instead, CM Punk came out to his theme.

Punk, in the ring, told Hunter that his level of acting there was Al Pacino in “Heat,” Oscar-worthy performance. Punk said he wants Hunter to stop lying and to admit that he and Big Daddy Cool have been in it together. Then the NWO theme came on and Nash walked out. Interesting that’s the music they picked for him. Wonder if it means anything. Nash got in Hunter’s face and said he lied, saying he told his driver to tell Laurinaitis that he got in the wreck. He said he used their friendship to get rid of Hunter, and said the problem is Punk. Nash said Punk trying to make a fool of him in front of millions is over. He said it’s not just him but Triple H he’s insulting, and more importantly, his wife. Nash said he didn’t act exactly the way Hunter wanted him to, then asked what kind of man Hunter was. Hunter gave Nash the gravelly voice treatment, saying he’s the kind of guy who doesn’t expect his friends to lie to him, but now, he can’t trust Nash. Triple H said Nash lied to his face (uhh…not really) and told Nash to leave, and this time, to not come back. Nash said he lied about the accident, not the text. He said that while Hunter was out of the building, Laurinaitis signed him to a WWE contract. Nice pop for that one. He said if Hunter is gonna fire him, he has to do it in front of the fans in the arena at home, and since the contract is guaranteed, he’ll just sit home and get paid. Trips said he wasn’t going to fire Nash, but the lying stops now.

Punk interjected with sounds like he was throwing up, and right on Hunter’s boots. He did this comedy act for a little while and the fans ate it up. Punk said he’s acting like he’s sick, just like the two of them are acting. Punk said Hunter is getting Nash to do his dirty work for him, and then hired him back. Punk said the Clique was back, which is ironic because “click” is the noise the fans make when they change the channel when he comes on. Also, it’s the sound Nash’s knees make when he walks. Nash said that since he’s officially a WWE superstar now, he asked Hunter to “book the match everyone wants to see,” the match Punk thinks he wants. Nash vs. Punk. Punk said to do it at Night of Champions, Nash being a champion ass kisser and all. He then said Hunter needs to check with the Board of Directors first, and by that he means his wife. Hunter had to stop Nash from physically going after Punk. Punk said to Hunter, as Trips had his back turned, that Steph runs the show, and she’s the one who told Triple H to text Nash. Punk said Hunter doesn’t wear the pants in the family but he does wear her panties. “Pipe bomb.” Punk stood there smugly and Triple H turned around. Hunter glared at him and granted the match. Hunter said as for the two of them, he’s got two words for the both. He held the mic up and the crowd yelled “suck it.” Well, some. He then left, leaving Punk and Nash in the ring alone together. As they did so, Randy Orton walked out.

They put up a graphic of Randy Orton vs. Dolph Ziggler. That match happens next.

[Commercial Break]

(1) Randy Orton vs. Dolph Ziggler
Vickie came to the ring with Ziggler. Jerry Lawler listed the stables that managers used to have. Orton was whipped into the turnbuckle, but fired back with a clothesline. Ziggler came back with a dropkick for two. Thesz Press on Ziggler. Rope-assisted DDT attempt, but Vickie got on the apron. That distraction allowed Ziggler to dump Orton to ringside. Zig Zag by Ziggler, but it took a lot out of him too. He rolled back into the ring and Orton made it back in at nine. Cole wondered if Orton could slither back into this. They went to break at 2:49 of the match.

[Commercial Break]

Back at 6:21 of the match. This Supershow thing reeks of desperation, especially when Cole calls it “the first time ever.” Well yeah, it’s the first time they’ve called it a Supershow, but they’ve had Smackdown guys on Raw before, and that’s the crux of the change. Jack Swagger was shown watching this match backstage. Ziggler tried to keep Orton down with a rest-hold, then pointed some elbows into the World Champ’s head. Back elbow on Orton found the mark for Ziggler. Ziggler went to the top but Orton stopped him. He appeared ready to suplex Ziggler off the top, and did so with a super-plex. Cover got a very near-fall. Ziggler got to his feet, but Orton began to run through his finishing sequence. He even added a belly-to-belly supelx into it. Ziggler came off the ropes with a Fameasser for two. Cole said if Ziggler wins, it’s more money for Vickie and Ziggler and perhaps a World Title shot down the line. Dropkick by Ziggler missed and Dolph was catapulted into the corner. Suplex into a neck-breaker by Orton for only two. Crowd chanted for the RKO. Orton lined up for the punt instead and Ziggler saw it coming, superkicking Orton before he could get to Ziggler. That got a great near-fall. Ziggler went for a Zig Zag, but Orton dodged it and connected on his hanging DDT. He then set up for the RKO. Ziggler locked in the sleeper instead. Orton rolled out then dropped Ziggler on his chest. Ziggler bounced up right into the RKO at 12:27.

Winner: Orton, at 12:27. I was ready to poo-poo this since Ziggler could use a win or two heading into Night of Champions, but he looked real good against Orton. He got a lot of offense and near-falls in a long TV match.

Swagger was seen smiling backstage, after watching Ziggler lose.

- They showed clips of Alberto Del Rio attacking John Cena last night after Cena’s match.

- Josh Mathews was backstage with John Cena. Mathews asked about Del Rio’s savage attack, but Cena just looked at him and shoved the mic away. Mathews said Cena was headed to the ring to address the situation next.

[Commercial Break]

- As promised, Cena came to the ring. Cena said Del Rio’s actions have been speaking louder than his words. He has promised to be a champion with class, but his actions show none of that and in fact has mastered the art of douchebaggery (muted). Cena said his reaction to what Del Rio did last week is to kick Del Rio’s teeth so far down his throat, it becomes his anus. He told Del Rio to come get some. Instead, Mark Henry’s music hit and he walked out. They aired clips of Henry demolishing Sheamus on Smackdown this past week. Henry got to the ring and told Cena he came to the ring to get him some. He said over the last few months, he’s dismantled Kane, The Big Show and many others. He talked about what he did to Sheamus last week and said this week, Cena is going to join the Hall of Pain. Henry said regardless of who wins the cage match tomorrow (between Christian and Orton), he’ll become the World Champion at Night of Champions. Christian’s music interrupted.

The former World Champ came to the ring and said he’s going to embarrass Orton tomorrow night. He told Henry they can deal with their issues another time. He told Cena he makes him sick to his stomach. He said he can’t stand someone who comes out every week and whines, bitches and complains until they get what they want. Christian said Cena was embarrassing himself. Cena said he doesn’t whine, and then gave an example of whining, saying Christian was douched (did he mean doused?) with so much spray tan and Henry’s breath smells like funnel cakes stuffed with dog crap. Cena got serious and told them to get some if they want some, or else get gone. Christian asked Henry if he was going to take it. He said they shouldn’t take that. They advanced on Cena, but Sheamus’ music interrupted. He sprinted to the ring and stood beside his former foe John Cena. The four men faced off, but Christian ended up high-tailing it. After some contemplation, Henry did the same.

- John Laurinaitis and Charles Robinson were backstage. Laurinaitis said he liked what he just saw, and made Christian and Mark Henry vs. Sheamus and Cena for tonight. Robinson said that sounded great, but Triple H walked in and pushed Robinson out of the way. Hunter told Laurinaitis he already made the match, and got in John’s face by reminding him that he’s the boss. Then they went back to ringside and Cole said Laurinaitis just made it official. Did he not just listen to what Triple H said?

- Next, CM Punk vs. The Miz.

[Commercial Break]

- Cole gave the American Red Cross number, as it appeared on the screen, to donate to victims of Hurricane Irene.

- Punk was already in the ring for his match. The Miz walked out with a mic and said he has never heard such garbage that Punk spewed out of his mouth tonight. He said he was worse than Cena. Miz said he was speaking his mind before Punk was dropping pipe bombs. He reminded Punk he’s the most must-see WWE Champion of all-time. He again complained about his lack of attention. He ended with his catchphrase.

(2) CM Punk vs. The Miz
Shoulder knock-down by Punk, who mocked Miz. Miz backed Punk in the corner and hit him with a left hand. Punk responded with a kick to the mid-section, then a back elbow. Snap suplex by Punk, followed by a kick. He went to the top, but Miz crotched him. Miz went on the offensive, and gave Punk a knee-lift for two. Left hands by Miz, but Punk again fired back with kicks. Low DDT by Miz put an end to that. Cover got two at 3:08. Rear chin-lock by Miz. Corner clothesline by Miz, who seemed to revel in the crowd’s jeers. Axe-handle off the top rope for a two-count. Miz tried to come off the top again and Punk landed a fist to the mid-section. Straight kick to the head by Miz for two. Punk worked out of a rear chin-lock and got Miz on his shoulders. Miz countered and landed an inverted DDT for two. The two men traded blows and Miz found the mark on a neck-breaker. Gosh, this match just isn’t doing anything for me. Miz tossed Punk shoulder-first into the ring post. They went to break at 7:48.

[Commercial Break]

Both men were worse for wear after break. Punk with a jumping heel kick, then a running knee to the jaw in the corner. Bulldog out of it by Punk. Springboard “I’m flying” clothesline from Punk He signaled for the GTS, but Miz countered and tried the Skull Crushing Finale. No dice on that, so Punk hit a double underhook back-breaker. Punk went to the top, but again, Miz stopped him. Punk with a chop to the side of the throat and took Miz down. Flying elbowdrop, reminiscent of the Macho Man. R-Truth then ran down as Punk got Miz in the GTS. Truth then was picked up for the GTS, but the referee rang the bell.

Winner: Punk, via DQ, at 13:55. As usual, it picked up after break, but the first part didn’t do much for me, and the fans didn’t seem to be reacting much.

Punk fought off Truth and Miz outside the ring, and Punk gave the GTS to Truth. The camera conveniently missed Punk connecting on the finisher, instead picking up Kevin Nash coming out. Nash lumbered to the ring (Cole’s words) and climbed up the steel steps. Miz was able to attack Punk from behind. They continued their attack on Punk until Nash walked up. Jackknife powerbomb by Nash. Nash raised his arm and the NWO music played again. They replayed what just happened.

- Tonight, it’s a tag team main event featuring superstars from Smackdown and Raw.

[Commercial Break]

- Cole plugged the world premiere of the trailer of Triple H’s new movie, “Inside Out.”

- In the arena, Sin Cara’s music hit. This should be interesting. Looks like Hunico. And Charles Robinson is the ref, so I guess that seals it.

(3) Sin Cara vs. Jack Swagger
Swagger tried a single-leg take-down, to no avail. Dropkick by Cara. He kept trying to hit the ropes, but Swagger kept moving around ringside. He was finally able to catch Swagger outside the ring. Vader Bomb, and as he did that, Vickie Guerrero walked to ringside. Standing leg-drop by Swagger. Cara got his boot up on a corner charge, and a roll-up got two. Swagger shoulderblocked Cara down for two. Dolph Ziggler then walked down to the ring holding his neck. Ziggler got on the apron to distract Swagger. Springboard DDT by Cara, who then went outside the ring. Springboard Swanton, then a springboard moonsault, and Cara wins.

Winner: Cara, at 2:56. This didn’t do much for either man. I guess it did get Cara in front of the (ever-dwindling) Raw audience though.

- Still to come, John Cena & Sheamus vs. Christian & Mark Henry.

[Commercial Break]

(4) Evan Bourne & Kofi Kingston vs. Michael McGillicutty & David Otunga – WWE Tag Team Championship Match fans have selected “Air Boom” as the tag team name of Bourne and Kingston. I’m sure those of us here on The-W can come up with better ones. Once again, Lawler began to harp on the former champs’ lack of charisma. McGillicutty was all offense against Bourne, and Otunga tagged in for some double-teaming. Back to McGillicutty for a back-breaker. Bourne made the tag and Kingston came in with a springboard clothesline. He was all over McGillicutty and landed a springboard cross-body for two. Bourne hopped over Kingston and McGillicutty aiming for Otunga…but he landed on his feet just short of Otunga. Otunga sold the nothing anyway. Bourne hopped off the top rope and onto Otunga on the outside while Kingston connected on Trouble in Paradise on McGillicutty for the win.

Winners: Kingston and Bourne, at 2:24.

After the match, Otunga and McGillicutty began harassing Lawler at ringside. Otunga took off Lawler’s headset and tossed it back at him. There was a long stare-down between Otunga and Lawler, you know, the kind that happens in wrestling all the time but never in real life.

- Cena & Sheamus vs. Christian & Henry is the main event.

- Backstage, Kelly Kelly and Eve Torres were chatting. Kelly is in action next.

[Commercial Break]

(5) Kelly Kelly vs. Brie Bella
Eve came out with Kelly and Nikki came out with Brie. Kelly pie-faced Brie, but Brie pulled her down by the hair. Kick to the back of Kelly, then Brie stood on her hair. Beth Phoenix and Natalya were shown watching on a monitor backstage, but we could hear them talking too. They were unhappy the fans were cheering Kelly and they felt they deserved to be in the ring tonight. Thesz Press by Kelly, then a butt slap. Headscissors take-down by Kelly, but Brie tossed Kelly through the ropes and to the outside. Eve, in her short, tight dress, went to help Kelly, but Brie landed a baseball slide. Eve hit the floor and they went to a wide shot so we didn’t see any extra skin on Eve. While the ref tried to get Kelly into the ring, the twins made the switch and Nikki got the pin with a DDT.

Winner: Brie, at 2:09. They’ve protected Kelly so well, I have no clue why they had her lose on the dumb switcheroo here. That was fun the first 800 times they did it.

- The main event tag match is next.

[Commercial Break]

- A hype video for Alex Riley aired.

- The announcers talked about CM Punk vs. Kevin Nash at Night of Champions.

- Cole sent it to the world premiere of the trailer of “Inside Out,” Triple H’s new movie. The announcers did not call attention to the fact that it is from WWE Films.

- Mark Henry came out for the main event tag match. It’s next.

[Commercial Break]

(6) Mark Henry & Christian vs. Sheamus & John Cena
The bell rang at 11:01 PM EST to start this one. Christian dove under Sheamus and knocked him with a right hand. Irish Hammer was how Sheamus responded. Christian with a right hand to the taped ribs of Sheamus, but Sheamus slammed Christian. Mark Henry tagged in and not much of a reaction for that. Henry shoved Sheamus, and Sheamus shoved back. Sheamus went low trying to take out Henry’s leg, and he got Henry down to one knee. Sheamus hesitated before going for a clothesline, and it cost him. Henry ripped the tape off Sheamus’ ribs. Well, some of it at least. Headbutt put Sheamus back down. Tag to Christian and Lawler mentioned what Henry did to Vladimir Kozlov. Did he not get the memo that Kozlov was let go (even though Punk mentioned it on Raw)? The announcers didn’t really sell the comment. Henry put some shoulders into Sheamus in the corner, as it appeared the heels were on the same page. JR said everything Henry does is embellished because he’s the strongest man walking the face of the earth. Speaking of embellishing… . Sheamus caught Christian coming off the second rope and gave him the Irish Curse back-breaker. Sheamus made the tag and Cena came in with a flying shoulder tackle. Five-Knuckle Shuffle as Henry stayed on the apron. Christian tried a Tornado DDT to no avail. Powerlsam by Cena and Henry was knocked off the apron. Christian went for his patented sunset flip, but Cena caught him. Cena went for the AA, but Christian grabbed the ropes. STF, but Henry broke it up. He also took Sheamus down again. Henry missed diving at Sheamus and ended up outside the ring. Sheamus flattened Henry with a shoulder tackle off the apron. Spear by Christian on Cena for two. Killswitch, but Cena pushed him into a Sheamus Brogue Kick. Attitude Adjustment spelled the end.

Winners: Sheamus and Cena, at 6:41.

- Triple H was shown watching the proceedings backstage in his locker room. CM Punk walked in and Hunter said he got off the phone with the Board of Directors. Punk asked if he resigned or was getting divorced. Hunter said he called Punk in to inform Punk that his match at Night of Champions with Nash was cancelled. Instead, he’ll be going one on one…with Triple H. They went nose-to-nose and stared at each other until things went back to Sheamus and Cena celebrating. The announcers talked about that announcement, then showed highlights of the main event. Cole plugged Super Smackdown tomorrow night as the show went off the air.

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It's False

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So yeah, anyone else get a sense that the E might be panicking a tad over that sub-3.0 rating last week? Bringing in the SmackDown stars, giving away Punk/Miz on free TV, the thrown together main event tag match. They packed this show on heavy. Of course, I would hope they know they can't stack EVERY show like this, like Triple H suggested. The fact that SD's on "for the foreseeable future" worries me. It feels like certain guys are going to start to get lost in the shuffle and guys already getting lost in the shuffle will become buried further still.

One thing I absolutely loved about the end of Cena's promo was Cena's reaction to Sheamus. When Sheamus ran in, Cena prepped himself for Sheamus to come at HIM. It's a great subtle nod to the rivalry they had over the past few years.

Fantastic TV matches tonight. Orton/Ziggler and Punk/Miz were top notch. A prolonged Punk/Miz feud is such an easy slam dunk that it isn't even funny.

Speaking of the matches, was I the only one hoping Sin Cara (on Live TV) would have a second straight infamous performance, just to hear JR whip out the "bowling shoe ugly" line, for old times' sake?

Where'd Kofi's pyro go? From the look on Kofi's face, it doesn't look like he knows, either. On the topic of that match, NO! NO! NO! Send Otunga and McGillicuddy on a one-way ticket back to FCW! Do NOT feud them with Lawler! PLEASE don't feud them with Lawler! That CANNOT and WILL NOT end well for anybody!

Speaking of things that will not end well, Punk/Triple H is destined to end in about 18 different types of outside interference. It's going to be hard to sell that one.

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I always assume everything on Raw is pre-planned, but I wondered if they didn't do that booking switch from Nash-Punk to HHH-Punk while the show was live on the air?

NO ONE wants to see Nash vs Punk... NO ONE.. Just get Nash off TV now.... And sigh, a beat down of Punk, way to kill his momentum.

Good wrestling but I'll be surprised if does anything for the ratings, no hype at all for this.

Mark Henry has really worked his tail off the last couple of months during this push, he worked well tonight also.

BTW - I agree with It's False, a Miz-Punk match up has so much good potential. Please, find a way to give us that, come on WWE creative, go to work.

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So the brand extension is off until further notice? I guess they noticed the ratings have been stagnant, and Monday Night Football is in two weeks. But if you're going to load up the shows, I'm not sure there's much point in running an Alex Riley highlight package.

Did the Twitterverse shit all over the spectre of Punk-Nash? Odd booking if they really meant to do it that way. But I'm continuing to enjoy the chaos feel to things with the Punk program. I can't wait for the GM chime to hit while H is in the ring doing a promo. Cena annoyed me by falling back into his 'gee, gosh willikers' promo style, and Del Rio not making the cut on a loaded show isn't going to help make him seem a threat.

So with Orton, Christian, Henry and Sheamus on Raw - tomorrow is the premiere episode of WWE Thunder then?


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    Originally posted by It's False
    It feels like certain guys are going to start to get lost in the shuffle and guys already getting lost in the shuffle will become buried further still.

Like the WWE Champion who didn't even appear on TV tonight? Or that guy who they always have "small plans" for?

Man was Punk extra-hammy tonight... but at least he really isn't going to have a match with Nash.

Apparently Hunter is only capable of playing ex-cons just released from prison in his films.

Cole has been reeled wayyyy back and we're all the better for it.

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Looks like Zack Ryder made the show...well, the ad break...

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    Originally posted by It's False

    One thing I absolutely loved about the end of Cena's promo was Cena's reaction to Sheamus. When Sheamus ran in, Cena prepped himself for Sheamus to come at HIM. It's a great subtle nod to the rivalry they had over the past few years.

Yes, I loved that too. Cena was all "Oh, shit, it's about to be three on one," and was prepared to drop him with a suplex or Samoan drop or Attitude Adjustment or something. Then Sheamus moved to alongside Cena and challenged Henry and Christian, and Cena looked like he couldn't believe it.

    Orton/Ziggler and Punk/Miz were top notch. A prolonged Punk/Miz feud is such an easy slam dunk that it isn't even funny.

Oh, yeah. Punk and Miz worked fantastically together, and the promo battle alone between the two would be fantastic in a feud. It helps they've got similar in-ring styles; they even both do unorthodox diving moves into the corner.

What caused them to move Nash off the PPV? Did he hurt himself walking out of the ring after the jackknife powerbomb? (This is not intended to be a snide comment; I'm legitimately wondering if he's okay. I mean, he does have a reputation for being a Glass Cannon). Having said that, I can't say I'm disappointed that the Nash match won't be happening, except insofar as it might be a little early to do the Triple H match still.

Having Nash come out to the nWo "Rockhouse" theme was a great choice on their part, but it did have the effect of killing the "shocking news" that Nash was signed to an official WWE contract. (And dammit, Punk should have lampshaded that from the get-go).

It looked to me like Eve was intending to shove Kelly out of the way of the baseball slide but missed the timing, so instead it looked like she was turning on her partner. In fact that's what I thought she was doing until Kelly eventually turned back to her and didn't immediately start arguing or fighting with her.

Randy Orton is a much better technical wrestler than he's commonly given credit for.

With Air Boom (I like that name) having gotten three straight victories against The Former New Nexus (one non-title match to earn a shot; the title win; the mandatory title rematch), I hope that's the end of McGillicutty and Otunga on my television for awhile. I'm not saying I want them to lose their jobs, but I think they definitely need more training.

I think Miz and R-Truth are on a collision course to meet Air Boom at Night of Champions, and that'll be a match worth seeing.

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#8 Posted on
    Originally posted by Spiraling_Shape

    Like the WWE Champion who didn't even appear on TV tonight? Or that guy who they always have "small plans" for?

Not to stop you from being reactionary or anything, but from what I'd heard Del Rio had this night scheduled off for a long time and WWE honored his vacation request.

Now you could possibly say that they should've made him work because he's WWE Champion and it looks bad to keep him off TV, but then we'd just bitch that they didn't let him have his night off, because they're an evil corporation.

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They really should've had him tape a vignette about how he wasn't there because he decided to celebrate winning the title by taking a vacation. Don't think we've ever seen a heel do that before.

Shut up, Josh!

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#10 Posted on
There was a time when Nash was at least captivating on the mic. It really seemed like they saw how rusty he was, even at cutting promos, and cancelled the match mid-show.

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    Originally posted by Juggalo101
    There was a time when Nash was at least captivating on the mic. It really seemed like they saw how rusty he was, even at cutting promos, and cancelled the match mid-show.

He's had two weeks of sub-par promos and then this one, which was better than the other two. I doubt this week's was the last straw.

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#12 Posted on | Instant Rating: 5.97
One theory going around is that nash may have failed his physical for in ring competition.

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    Originally posted by Moss
    They really should've had him tape a vignette about how he wasn't there because he decided to celebrate winning the title by taking a vacation. Don't think we've ever seen a heel do that before.

Jericho did it about two weeks after winning the (first-ever!) undisputed championship in December 2001:

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Did they just kill the brand split? The novelty of SD talent made this show feel less dead than the past few weeks, but look up the definition of novelty. They also totally destroyed the "special-ness" of tomorrow's Super Smackdown by doing a super RAW the day before. Wonder how SYFy feels about that?

I loved the Riley and Ziggler video packages. It really allows you to see them as ideally presented, free of the stench of lukewarm pops and goofy cougar angles.

When David Otunga snatched the headset off Lawler, he kind of looked like he wanted to kiss him. If that's his mean face, it needs work (and less manscaped eyebrows).

As much guff as Cena gets for his superman push, I'm getting just as tired of Orton constantly winning. I hated Orton for years but more or less softened my criticisms as a result of his massive improvement, but Cena's done at least two high profile semi-clean jobs recently and Orton just wins and wins and dominates and dominates. Putting Dolph over on him clean would have been a great upset victory and set up a natural program (with rosters combined "for the forseeable future", different shows is a non-factor). Instead he handily beats him, as he will no doubt do to Christian for 667th time tomorrow, and then go on to do the same to Mark Henry, effectively ending his monster push. When does it end, change, or improve?

Whichever Bella K2 headscissored had the most bored facial expression I've ever seen during that kind of a move. It was kind of hilarious. Awesome camel toe followed it.

Miz/Punk should have been saved for an historic "first ever" meeting on some distant PPV. Punk was good tonight, but his "your wife" shots are getting repetitive, and the fake puking went on way too a Cena gag. LOVED the "click" shots at Nash, but if the match is canceled, surely they will have Punk get his heat back somehow?

Cena is back to crappy unfunny comedy. But at least Punk has dissolved the moratorium on the word douche, or its many fun variants. Main was okayish. If Henry misses that "jump on your head while you're in the ropes" spot too many times his knees or hips will go. And again, for Cena, totally unnecessary victory here. We wouldn't want the 1.8% of the audience who still thinks of Christian as a main eventer to have any doubt whatsoever that he's a non-factor, now would we? Not the best way to sell your cage match. Also: Seamus was the same colour as his rib tape. Kind of gross.

Punk/HHH could not possibly be happening this soon, could it? Surely this is some of that bait and switch Vince used to bash WCW for, but has done non-stop since 2002.

Quiet, Or Papa Spank!

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A very impressive RAW, and I don't mean the common definition of impressive (i.e. amazing etc) I mean it... made a lot of IMPRESSIONS on me.

The 3 man announce team is something we complain about all the time, but man did it ever sit wrong with me for this show. They had so many moments where there's like multiple awkward jabs traded between Cole and King, while JR is left the odd man out. Just a weird passive-aggressive mood; I really rather just have a 2 man announce team consisting of anyone and Booker T (yeah I said it dawg).

All the 'top stars' were in top form today. I was really impressed with a few moves I saw throughout the course of the day. The way Randy executed that bounce into the RKO was so cool, I even let him slide on that RKO being so sloppy...

Sin Cara I could tell by his mannerisms was still played by Hunico this week; he's doing a good job imo... I mean, I enjoyed the match but the crowd was dead quiet.

Switching the match to Triple H I really don't get... I guess at this point they're just throwing w.e curveballs to keep me asking, "Why would the writers do that? Guess I have to watch the next show to find out." So, it's leading to views but I don't know if it's in the way they'd expect/want. Novelty, as HogansMD said.

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    Originally posted by CM Punk
    Clique, Click, CLICK ...

Holyshit, you're not kidding buddy.

Nash sort of looked like a giant Sinister Minister with a goofy striped shirt tonight. His promo was a little better than the last couple of weeks, but the damage to this whole story has already been done and a little bit better is still a whole lot worse than where we were before he showed up.

We've totally ground to a halt, but this angle dying is worse than when they dropped the ball with Nexus because this time they put all their eggs in one basket. They just built one of their biggest PPVs around this story and this story only.

Maybe hot shotting Helmsley/Punk is the defibrillator that this angle and show needs, but they had better figure it out.

Orton/Ziggler was an excellent surprise.

... but man, I tell ya.

Amos Cochran
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    Originally posted by BigDaddyLoco

    We've totally ground to a halt, but this angle dying is worse than when they dropped the ball with Nexus because this time they put all their eggs in one basket. They just built one of their biggest PPVs around this story and this story only.

Holy hyperbole, InternetMan.

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With the combined shows for the foreseeable future, does this mean Kerry Von Erich's belief that 'one world, one world champion' begins to gain steam?

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    Originally posted by redsoxnation
    With the combined shows for the foreseeable future, does this mean Kerry Von Erich's belief that 'one world, one world champion' begins to gain steam?

My exact thinking ... with the a title unification match at WM28. Maybe then we can FINALLY get a new belt.
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Sin Cara's new finisher is a swanton. I haven't seen that in the WWE since Jeff left.

Ziggler makes everyone look good. That RKO had a little DDP flair to it which it needs always.

Can Punk challenge for Triple H's job title to keep the Night of Champions gimmick somewhat intact?

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