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The W - Pro Wrestling - RAW #947 7/18/11
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TONIGHT: Coming off of a universally-praised Money in the Bank PPV, Vince McMahon will open Raw, likely to address CM Punk leaving Chicago last night with the WWE Championship. Will John Cena get fired, as promised? Plus, the new MITB holder Alberto Del Rio, and a cast of thousands!

-WWE Open (Cena is still in the opening, but then again, so are others not in the company, so I don’t know if that means a whole lot).

-Straight to the arena we went, after a pause to show the crowd, Vince McMahon’s music hit and he came out, seconded by Executive VP John Laurinaits. They showed the entire locker room watching a monitor backstage, including some technical employees (so it wasn’t just wrestlers). A chant of “CM Punk” broke out, and after conferring with his new stooge, McMahon said he would never say that name again. He said the fans were chanting the name of someone who walked out on all the fans and everyone in the locker room. McMahon called him “an egotistical, selfish turd.” He said there’s no man bigger than the WWE, not Hogan, Bret Hart, Rock, or Stone Cold. McMahon said WWE is a promotional juggernaut that cannot be stopped, and therefore, a new WWE Champion will be crowned tonight. He said eight of Raw’s best will compete in a single-elimination tournament. In the first round, Rey Mysterio takes on Dolph Ziggler, Jack Swagger faces R-Truth, Kofi Kingston challenges Alberto Del Rio, and Alex Riley battles The Miz. They had graphics for each of these matches, and Vince narrating the matches took me back to the early 90s as if he were doing commentary for a PPV.

McMahon addressed the elephant in the room, saying John Cena is not in the tournament. He said Cena let him down and then went over the stipulation for Cena allowing Punk to leave the arena as champion. McMahon said that after consulting with Laurinaitis, there will be consequences for Cena tonight. He said tonight will be historic, and it’ll be a night the fans will always remember. That’s a lofty set-up…let’s see if they can follow-through.

-Jerry Lawler and Michael Cole were shown at ringside, discussing possible consequences for Cena. Cole said Cena believes he’s already been fired, and read some quotes from Cena’s Twitter in reference to the Rock and Wrestlemania 28.

-The bracket for the WWE Championship tournament was shown.

-The Miz came out for his first-round match against A.Ry. It’s next.

[Commercial Break]

(1) The Miz vs. Alex Riley- First Round WWE Championship Tournament Match
Riley went after Miz’s leg early on, after they showed a still of Miz falling onto his knee in the MITB Ladder match last night. Quick roll-up by Miz for a one-count. Riley kicked at Miz’s knee, then stomped it. Miz writhed in pain, and Riley wrapped the bum leg around the ring post. Cole speculated as to what will happen with Cena tonight. Half-crab applied, but Miz countered by kicking Riley out of the ring. Riley surprised Miz with a kick to the head and registered a near fall. Riley missed a shoulder charge in the corner and Miz rolled him up for two. Crevat applied by MIz as Cole said the only way to win the tourney matches tonight is by pinfall or submission. Does that mean they’re all no-DQ? Spinebuster by Riley for two. Crowd was lukewarm at best for Riley. Miz got a boot up on a corner charge, but came up short off the middle rope. Texas Cloverleaf (which Cole called a “Sharpshooter”) but Miz got to the ropes. Tackle by Riley, then a right hand whence they got back to a vertical base. Out of nowhere, Skull Crushing Finale for the win.

Winner: Miz, at 5:00. Basically Miz selling the knee the entire time, so Riley was still able to look okay. But this isn’t going to help Riley’s waning momentum.

-They showed the bracket for the tournament, where Miz will face the winner of Kingston vs. Del Rio. Having Del Rio win AND hold the briefcase would be a unique situation.

-R-Truth was walking backstage (and talking to himself). His tournament match is next.

[Commercial Break]

-The Vince Lombardi statue outside Lambeau Field was shown.

-A video package aired on John Morrison, who is battling his way back from injury.

(2) R-Truth vs. Jack Swagger- First Round WWE Championship Tournament Match
Shoulder tackle by Swagger after a long lock-up, but both men got to their feet at the same time after a pin try. Cole said that Big Show has suffered a fractured fibula and could be out two months. He said there’d be more to that story on Smackdown. Good to see them plugging the Friday night show. Once again, both men went to a stalemate after a pin attempt. Belly-to-belly throw by Swagger, who then choked Truth in the middle ropes. Another cover by Swagger for two. Cole implored fans to use #savecena on Twitter if fans want to see Cena stick around. Vader Bomb and another two-count. Truth made a babyface comeback for two. Axe kick missed and Swagger did a leg-sweep and then put the ankle-lock on. Truth rolled through and picked up the surprise win.

Winner: Truth, at 4:18. Same formula as the first match: The loser gets all the offense, and the winner gets the pin out of nowhere.

-Updated brackets were shown, with Truth facing the winner of Mysterio vs. Ziggler. Good to see Ziggler in the tournament after not making the MITB match.

-Kingston vs. Del Rio is next.

[Commercial Break]

-Lawler plugged for exclusive MITB photos.

- Del Rio did some mic work, introducing himself as Mr. Money in the Bank. He said he tried to cash in his briefcase last week, but his opponent ran like a chicken. He said the reason it happened was because Cena couldn’t do the job and said he hopes Cena gets fired. Del Rio said WWE needs a new leader, someone everyone can respect. He said it’s his destiny to be WWE Champion. Del Rio’s music played, and Ricardo Rodriguez walked out. He announced Del Rio. His match with Kofi is next. Seriously this time.

[Commercial Break]

(3) Alberto Del Rio vs. Kofi Kingston- First Round WWE Championship Tournament Match
Kick to the gut as Del Rio said “nay” to a clean break in the corner. High standing dropkick by Kingston caught Del Rio in the mush. Shoulderblock by Del Rio, but then Kofi caught him with a jumping back elbow. Hard uppercut by Kingston for two. Del Rio dove at Kofi but fell through the ropes feet-first. Kofi then did a suicide dive onto him through the ropes. And it made good contact, not like it was just his hands hitting Del Rio, like so many are these days. Back in the ring, kick to the head by Del Rio. Rear chinlock applied by the Mexican aristocrat, and the crowd was quick to get behind Kofi. Another rest-hold at 3:10 of the match. Del Rio tried…something in the corner, and ended up dropkicking air. Kingston made his comeback at 3:57, but Del Rio halted it with a tilt-a-whirl back-breaker at two. Alberto slowly set up for his submission finisher, but Kingston countered and, rolled Del Rio up for three.

Winner: Kingston, at 5:05. That’s a surprise. Two similar finishes in back-to-back matches (attempted submission finisher countered into a roll-up) is not for me.

-Updated bracket: Kingston faces Miz in the semi-finals.

-Rey Mysterio was walking backstage. He takes on Dolph Ziggler next.

[Commercial Break]

-Summerslam Recall: British Bulldog vs. Bret Hart, Wembley Stadium, IC Title on the line.

-They showed, moments ago, Kingston beating Del Rio. Michael Cole has toned down his annoying-ness tonight, which is nice.

-Josh Mathews was backstage with Kingston. Kofi said last night, he was in one of the most brutal matches in WWE history, but today is a new day. Kofi said what just happened was him taking his first step to becoming WWE Champion. One down, two to go.

(4) Rey Mysterio vs. Dolph Ziggler- First Round WWE Championship Tournament Match
Ziggler, as usual, was seconded by Vickie Guerrero and seemed to be all business tonight. Mysterio got his feet up on a charge, but was then thrown out of the ring under the bottom rope. Ziggler went out and face-planted Rey on the outside. Cole reset things at the top of the hour as the two men traded roll-ups. Ziggler got Rey up for a powerbomb and just tossed him over his head for a near-fall. Elbowdrop by Ziggler missed, then a corner splash found that no one was home. Kick to the head by Rey for two. Rey to the top and he dropped the dime. Ziggler avoided a kick to the head, then did a form of a neck-breaker with Rey in the seated position. Crowd chanted “619.” Ziggler tried a Sleeper, but Rey took him face-first into the buckle. Hurricanrana by Rey, but Ziggler dodged the 619 and landed a front-slam for two. Vickie was really fired up at ringside. 619 hit this time, then he nailed the splash of the top for the win.

Winner: Mysterio, at 4:57. You think they’d want to vary some of these match times a little, to make it not seem so scripted.

They replayed the finish of the match and a few other key moments.

-Cole and Lawler were shown at ringside. Lawler almost said CM Punk’s name, but had to stop himself. Updated brackets were shown, and Rey will take on R-Truth.

-Vince McMahon was shown backstage, talking to John Lauirinaitis, as the bracket was still up on the monitor.

[Commercial Break]

(5) Kelly Kelly & Eve Torres & AJ & Gail Kim & Beth Phoenix & Natalya & Kaitlyn vs. Brie Bella & Nikki Bella & Melina & Alicia Fox & Tamina & Maryse & Rosa Mendes
Kelly wore a Clay Matthews jersey. What’s the over/under on how many of the women actually tag into this match? And what are the Smackdown Divas doing on this show? Cole talked about a Tweet from “that moron” Joey Styles, “who used to work here.” Beth and Rosa went at it early, and it broke down very quickly. Melina tried a roll up on Rosa, but Rosa fell victim to the Glam Slam as others fought outside the ring.

Winners: The babyfaces, at 1:02. If you had “two,” you win the pot.

-Another shot of the bracket. The Miz vs. Kofi Kingston is next.

[Commercial Break]

-Some more Green Bay Packers paraphernalia was shown.

-Cole said the WWE Universe has spoken (via Twitter, I think), and the majority thinks Rey Mysterio will win the tournament tonight.

(6) Kofi Kingston vs. The Miz- Semi-Final WWE Championship Tournament Match
Miz limped down to the ring as Cole called him “one of the most courageous athletes in the history of WWE.” Kingston went after the leg and tried a roll-up for a one-count. Cross-body for one, then a high dropkick, which Miz was halfway down to the mat by the time Kofi connected on it. Kofi rolled through a roll-up and Kofi did a double-stomp to chest. Kofi tried to jump on Miz in the corner, but looks like he came up lame, holding his groin muscle. Rear chinlock by Miz. Kofi, from outside the ring, tripped up Miz, then jumped over the top and elbowdropped Miz for two. Flip kick in the corner, then a high cross-body by Kofi. Miz rolled through for a two-count. Knee-breaker by Kingston as Cole accused him of “poor sportsmanship.” Kofi set up for the Trouble in Paradise, but Miz rolled to the apron. He brought Kofi down throat-first over the top rope. SCF attempt, but a roll-through by Kofi for two. SCF again, this time it hit and he got the win.

Winner: The Miz, at 3:50. And the annoying Cole is back. Miz was also bleeding from the mouth. Match was fine for 3:50 worth.

-The bracket was shown again, with Miz in the finales, where he’ll face the winner of Rey vs. Truth.

-Scott Stanford was backstage with R-Truth. Truth interrupted Stanford, saying the title is rightfully his. He said the conspiracy kept him from winning the MITB briefcase, but tonight, he’s going to beat Little Rey Rey. He intensely told all the Little Jimmys to close their eyes, because the WWE Title is going to get got. Match is next.

[Commercial Break]

-A video on Tough Enough winner Andy Leavine aired. It showed him going back to his roots in the rough neighborhood where he grew up.

(7) Rey Mysterio vs. R-Truth- Semi-Final WWE Championship Tournament Match
During each man’s entrance, they showed how they advanced in the tournament. Truth took the punishment to Mysterio early on. Vertical suplex for two. The match built slowly, and Rey arm-dragged Truth through the second rope at 2:50. Suicide dive onto Truth on the outside. Both men were down as they went to break at 3:16.

[Commercial Break]

Some near-falls upon return from break. Truth began to get frustrated, and hammered away on Rey’s skull. Why is the referee even admonishing him if matches can only end in pinfall or submission? Doesn’t that mean Truth can’t get disqualified? I’m not sure why they felt the need to add this stipulation into things, especially when no one is taking advantage of the presumably lax rules. Another near-fall by Truth. Front suplex by Truth and another cover, and another two-count. Drop toe-hold by Rey sent Truth face-first into the turnbuckle. Rey began flying around, but an axe kick for Truth missed. Seated dropkick by Rey on Truth for two. Truth went for a suplex/stunner combo, but made a slow cover for two. Rey desperately held onto the bottom rope. Throat-first went Truth over the top rope as the crowd chanted “Little Jimmy.” 619 was hit and Rey connected on the top rope splash.

Winner: Mysterio, at 12:49. Second half of the match was good, and nice for Rey to be in the main event again after another uneventful run on Raw (thus far).

-After replays were shown, a Rey vs. Miz graphic was shown. The match is next.

[Commercial Break]

-As Rey was announced for the finals of the tournament, Mr. McMahon’s music hit and he walked out. He entered the ring and asked for a microphone. Vince told Rey he wouldn’t deny him the opportunity to become “WWF” Champion. Hah! He said time was running out, so he asked to postpone the finals of the tourney ‘til next week. Rey should be happy…more time to rest up. Of course, more time for Miz’s injured leg to heal, too. McMahon said this was bigger than Rey. Well, most things are. Bah-zing! Rey hesitated, then left the ring. McMahon said no one is bigger than WWE, including Rey Mysterio and John Cena. McMahon said he can make a new John Cena. “CM Punk” chants from the fans, as Vince paused to let it sink in. Vince said people respect Cena all over the world and he would like to thank him for his contributions over the years. However, he has some difficult decisions to make. McMahon said this wasn’t about his ego, but about his business. He said he does what’s right from the fans from a business perspective. Vince said he often makes decisions with the long-term in mind that the fans don’t even see. “As much as I would like to not have to do this”…more “CM Punk” chants. McMahon said he wanted to get this over with, so Cena’s music hit and he came out.

Cena posed in the ring and paced around, then stole Vince’s mic. Cena told Vince to relax and told “Kevin” he doesn’t need to seven-second delay, because he’s nto going to say anything bad or show his genatalia. Cena said he knows what’s coming, and he doesn’t want to go through what Shawn Michaels had to go through. He said for so long, Shawn was known as the guy who screwed Bret, and Cena didn’t want to be known as the guy who screwed Punk. Cena said he asked for the match, but it was also about McMahon wanted to keep his bubble intact. He thought Cena would play ball and be his patsy, but no way. Cena addressed Punk, saying it was a hell of a match and thanked him for it. Uh…Cena lost the title in that match. Why is he thanking Punk? Cena said if McMahon screwed Punk, it would’ve made the title meaningless. He told Vince “go ahead, make another me.” He said Vince will need to find another opponent for Dwayne Johnson in eight months. Cena said Wrestlemania will go off without a hitch, but he can walk out with his pride and dignity. He said before McMahon does his thing, he just wants to say that he loves WWE and believes he truly belongs “here.” Cena said if Vince is about to tell him he’s no longer welcome here…then he will walk on someone else’s television show, and keep doing this “brother.” Excellent! Cena said he proved tonight that one thing he won’t do is kiss Vince’s ass.

As Cena was about to leave, McMahon grabbed him and told him Cena isn’t going to deny him the satisfaction of doing what he needs to do. McMahon said it hurts him personally and business-wise to do this…then Triple H’s music hit and he walked out in a suit. Vince happily got a mic for his “son-in-law,” Triple H. Hunter said there was a Board of Directors meeting this morning. He said he flew to the office after flying into Green Bay last night, because he was told of a Board of Directors meeting. He said the Board asked him to come talk to Vince about the “current situation.” Hunter wanted to talk about it in the back, but the fans booed. Triple H said he tried to make it to the ring before Vince came out, but didn’t make it. Apparently, the Board is concerned about Vince. Trips said they’re concerned about Vince’s “extremely questionable” decisions as of late. Hunter said the Board asked him to come tell Vince that they filed an injunction against Vince with a vote of no confidence. McMahon was incredulous. Hunter sheepishly said “the family agrees.” Lots of “oohhh’s” from the fans. He said the Board appointed someone to take over day-to-day operations of WWE…and Hunter said it was him.

After a long pause, Hunter said Vince isn’t going to fire John Cena. Cena was in the aisle celebrating that news. Triple H said Vince taught him from day one that no one is bigger than this business. He got choked up as he said it. Triple H said it’s just business…but he was there to inform Vince that he was relieved of his duties. McMahon had tears and his eyes and a little quiver in the lip. Fans began to sing the “goodbye” song as Vince, off-mic, said “how could you do this to me?” Triple H just stood with his head down. Hunter asked Vince to understand he did not want to do this. He told Vince to look at him and said, “I love you pop.” The crowd let out an “awwww.” Trips said he was sorry, then walked out. Vince just stood in the ring as fans chanted for Triple H. Hunter walked through the curtain as the camera stayed on Vince. The crowd cheered him and gave him a nice ovation. They went out with a “thank you Vince” chant and a close up of Vince’s mug. CM who?

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Cool the Triple H/Steph ERA is back!
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#3 Posted on
That crowd was terrible.

From Hey, Hey, Goodbye to Thank You Vince in 30 seconds.

Go Bucks.
John Orquiola

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I was in tears at the end because of how the greatest angle of the year turned into the latest Crazy Vince is stripped of his power angle. Though the Thank You Vince chant was unexpected.

The mythical Board of Directors (in a smoke-filled room? No, not in 2011) replaces Vince McMahon with Triple H. Because they were impressed, no doubt, by Hunter's conservative choice of suit color.

Shitty. Shitty, shitty, shitty reset button back to Business as Usual Borefest RAW.

Rey Mysterio, however, deserves props. He wrestled his ass off tonight. And so did The Miz. The Miz was the one legged man winning the ass kicking contest.


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The show was very, very flat and a huge drop off from the past few weeks with Punk which was compelling tv and the awesome ppv last night. The last ten minutes was somewhat interesting. The rest of the show bored me to tears. (edited by graves9 on 18.7.11 2223)

(edited by graves9 on 18.7.11 2224)


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It was a pretty good tournament, but did everyone that got interviewed in the back go right out and lose their match?

Patterson & Brisco > Johnny Ace

This probably sets Vince up as the anonymous RAW General Manager, no?

Edit: Am I the only one happy to have Ricardo back?

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John Orquiola

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Oh, the other person in tears tonight was Dixie Carter because her company was finally vaguely mentioned on WWE TV.

It's False

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Am I the only one excited about the potential of CM Punk eventually returning to the WWE as "The REAL WWE Champion" someday? If there's an angle that's dying to be rehashed, it's the classic Ric Flair angle from '91.

Ohhhhh...Rey...he is SO getting that briefcase cashed in on him next week.

(edited by It's False on 18.7.11 2027)

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Bloody, broken down Miz fighting his way up that ladder and through that tournament > Triple H holding back laughter while trying to remember his lines


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Rough day to build your TV show around Twitter, since it was down half the night. Still seemed to be working great for Cole though, amazingly enough.

CM Punk said he'd go to ROH or NJPW. John Cena implied he'd go to TNA. This is why Cena gets booed!

This show is going to do poorly in the ratings. Tournament shows do bad, this was not a particularly strong tournament, and there was no CM Punk. Final segment might have done well for the car crash aspect but everything else not so much.

That ending makes me think neither Miz or Rey Misterio will be champion come next Monday night.

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Another thought....Could you see Cena wrestling on Impact? Funny how Cena even brought it up.
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It's hard not to be let down after such a great PPV, but this did fall pretty flat. And no crowd will match the one on Sunday, so there's that to consider too.

But then again, random heel vs heel? No thanks. Some sloppy booking, but based off of Sunday's PPV they've accrued some good will from me.

    Originally posted by It's False
    Am I the only one excited about the potential of CM Punk eventually returning to the WWE as "The REAL WWE Champion" someday? If there's an angle that's dying to be rehashed, it's the classic Ric Flair angle from '91.

I mentioned this two or three times in the MITB prediction thread, and I stand by it.

(edited by El Nastio on 18.7.11 2328)

After a (very) long hiatus, I have begun to write again. And this time, I'm not alone!

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    Originally posted by CajunMan
    Another thought....Could you see Cena wrestling on Impact? Funny how Cena even brought it up.
Immortal could always use another henchman. Superman Cena Vs Joker Sting brother that will sell!

Lap cheong

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I'll be the one to say it:

I kinda liked Vince McMahon's suitcoat. It was odd, but it worked.

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I love the WWE. Only they could take the first angle in a while that gets mentioned mainstream and be in a position of having another superstar break through and have it end with Vince and Triple H in a ring talking.

Kevin Kelly: "Mr. Austin, would you like to comment on Wade Keller's Take that endorsing the XFL hurts your anti-authority character?"

Steve Austin: "Oh shit, he actually said that? I thought the boys in the back were ribbing me!"

Kelly: "No, he really said that. Did they tell you the part about you sitting in the stands, looking all skeptical?"

Austin: "AHAHAHAHAHAHA. Yeah... oh man that was too much."
Boudin rouge

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#16 Posted on | Instant Rating: 4.55
I think the reason the chant changed to a thank you Vince so quickly, is because maybe the crowd sensed, that this is actually an official write-off of Vince, and a shift to HHH it is the logical step. So maybe that was the reason for the chant?

As for people complaining about killing the angle? What did you expect? In storyline (and in real life?) CM Punk no longer works for the WWE. If he came out tonight with the belt people would have complained. From a business perspective they have to move on with Punk. Maybe the BoDs got a new contract for Punk?

(edited by Loosie on 18.7.11 2339)

Your friendly nieghbourhood Canadian.

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#17 Posted on | Instant Rating: 5.94
    Originally posted by Loosie
    As for people complaining about killing the angle? What did you expect?

The unexpected. But I guess that was a one night only dealie at Money in the Bank.


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#18 Posted on | Instant Rating: 8.40
Meh, Im ok with getting Vince off of tv actually and this isn't the 2-man power trip or the McMahon/Helmsley era rehash.

Hunter got appointed by the "Board" because Vince is bat-shit nuts, he can't go into business for himself or else they could do the same to him.

So in actuality this is a new character for him: HHH the corporate suit.

My guess is that Miz wins, Del Rio cashes and wins, and we end up with Cena vs. Del Rio at Summerslam. Maybe even a 3-way with Miz.

How does all of this tie back into Punk? In a few months Punk can comeback and claim that he's the "real world champ" just like Flair did so many years ago.

John was spot on in regards to Mysterio...he had his working boots on tonight.

Was that a Blanchard-esqe slingshot suplex Beth busted out?



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Since when is something larger then a WWE (or WWF) championship match???????

Seems that the crowd actually bought Vince being removed as CEO. Of course, if this is true, they would have to make a public announcement because WWE is a public stock.

I was ready for Raw this week to be a let down, and sure enough, it was.

And Alex Riley is just awful out there now. Having Evan Bourne out there would have been so much better. Please end the experiment.

I guess we get a week buildup for the WWE title.. which Del Rio will end up winning by the end of the night.


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#20 Posted on | Instant Rating: 10.00
Ok - I'm only getting back into watching again instead of perusing this forum to keep up with storylines, so be gentle.

Not crowning a champion tonight was probably the best part of the entire show. Had they crowned a champion, it totally takes any shock value away from CM Punk's win. "Oh, he walked away with the belt? Who cares, we'll have another champion and another belt. No biggie." That non-ending was the best part of the show. The "no vote of confidence" pushing Vince out of power...well...we'll see where this goes.

It'll also be interesting to see if the Anonymous RAW General Manager retains his/her power under the Triple H regime...

Here's what I didn't get, though (and yes, I realize this is completely overthinking). If the only way to advance through the tournament was via pinfall/submission, that means every match is essentially a no-DQ, correct? So, why would the Miz or Del Rio not just take in a chair/weapon, beat his opponent mercilessly, and then pin him? Not like he'd get DQ'd, right? (That's how it worked on the Playstation, anyway). Conversely, if Del Rio's the MITB winner, why wouldn't he forfeit his match, rest up, and just challenge the winner, who would've had to win 3 matches in under 2 hours? It *was* nice to see all the wrestling, though, with limited backstage stuff.

    Originally posted by It's False
    Am I the only one excited about the potential of CM Punk eventually returning to the WWE as "The REAL WWE Champion" someday? If there's an angle that's dying to be rehashed, it's the classic Ric Flair angle from '91.

Didn't they do something like that in the early/mid 90s with the Intercontinental Championship? I remember Shawn Michaels, Razor Ramon, a ladder and a pastel-colored belt strap, but that's about it.
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Since I forgot AGAIN, hopefully you've already found DEAN's Workrate report on your own, but if you HAVEN'T, go ahead and Click Here (!
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