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The W - Pro Wrestling - RAW #918 12/27/10
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TONIGHT: Two big matches have been announced. They are Jerry Lawler vs. The Miz, and Randy Orton vs. Sheamus. We can also expect more on Melina’s heel turn, Santino shenanigans, build-up for John Morrison and some miscellaneous et cetera. Plus, have we really seen the last of Nexus?

-WWE Open.

-RAW Open.

-Fireworks and hullabaloo opened the show, as Michael Cole plugged the final Raw of 2010, at the Times-Union Center in Albany, New York. Cole was joined at ringside by Jerry Lawler- no Punk I guess.

-To kick things off, John Cena made his entrance. As he came down the aisle, Cole plugged Lawler vs. Miz and Sheamus vs. Orton for tonight. Cena said that everytime someone comes to the ring and grabs a mic, they talk about last week, but he’s….going to do the exact same thing. He talked about the party atmosphere he was involved in last week, then said there was one party pooper. He showed clips of CM Punk’s attack on Cena with a steel chair. Some fans chanted for Punk while others drowned those fans out with boos. Cena said that in his pursuit of Nexus, he accidentally spilled Punk’s diet soda. He apologized to Cena for it and admitted he was out of line. Cena showed what happened on Smackdown when Punk attacked him on that show too. He joked about how much energy it took to lift Vickie Guerrero for the AA, but refocused on Punk and allowed him to come out to speak his piece. Punk’s music played, presumably signaling his acceptance.

Punk sarcastically said Cena does the same thing every week and how it’s awesome. But he said he knows how Cena is thoughtless, heartless and dishonest. Punk said this goes beyond his spilled diet soda. He rightly pointed out that Cena never left when he was fired, saying that his word is worthless. Then at TLC, he couldn’t just ride off into the sunset after his victory over Wade Barrett, but he had to drop a bunch of steel chairs on him. Punk asked why Cena thinks that’s okay to do. Cena reminded Nexus that they almost ended his career. Punk said, speaking of ended careers, Cena ended the career of his good friend, Dave Batista. Punk reminisced how Cena ended Batista’s WWE career. He turned his attention to Vickie, saying he’s surprised she doesn’t quit based on the name-calling and mental abuse she puts up with. Cena said Batista in fact quit on his own the next night. And he said he makes fun of everyone, like Michael Cole: who has an anonymous fetish with Justin Bieber. What’s an “anonymous fetish?” Cena even made fun of himself to show that he’s part of the joke.

Punk wasn’t having it and said his first two attacks were warning shots, and that finally someone is standing up to his phoniness. He said he knows the real Cena…and it’s going to stop. Cena let the crowd chant his name and he said it doesn’t sound like anything is stopping soon. He said the brilliant thing about WWE is that if you have a difference of opinion, they have a beautiful place to settle the issue: in the ring. Cena wanted to TCB right there, but Punk said it’s not the John Cena Show tonight, but the CM Punk Show and things are happening no HIS terms. And tonight, at some point, he’ll call out Cena. Punk said if Cena thought his chair attacks were shocking, the real surprise will happen later tonight. And it’ll be a night Cena will never forget. But tonight’s Raw, and it’s about fun! Punk wished Cena and all of his fans a very happy New Year. Good hook to keep viewers interested against a hot MNF game.

-Tonight, Sheamus vs. Randy Orton.

-Plus, Miz wants to end the night on a high note, by getting revenge on Jerry Lawler.

[Commercial Break]

-Check in at for the top 25 matches of 2010.

(1) Ted DiBiase vs. Santino Marella
DiBiase took Santino down right at the bell. Clothesline off the ropes by DiBiase, then he worked in a rear chinlock about a minute in. Yeah, I bet he’s ready to be worn down at that point. DiBiase missed a dropkick and Santino rolled him up for the three-count.

Winner: Marella, at 1:03. I hope DiBiase’s break from Maryse, which appears imminent, is done in a way to lift him up the ladder a bit. Or in a way that gives him a character facelift.

After the match, Tamina gave Santino a gift- he just put his arm under the box so when he opened it, it was a Cobra. DiBiase and Maryse attacked, but the faces came back and did stereo diving headbutts, then stereo Cobras.

-Backstage, The Miz was telling Alex Riley, who faces John Morrison tonight, to make sure Morrison won’t want to face him for the title. Miz then talked about what he planned to do to Morrison. Morrison walked in and told Miz that if he beats Riley, he gets to pick a stipulation and when he faces Miz for the title. Riley wanted to know what will happen when he wins. Morrison said if Riley beats him he should probably be fired, but he’ll settle for forfeiting his number one contender status. Miz thought on it, and said it was a deal. “This is gonna be awesome,” said Morrison.

[Commercial Break]

(2) John Morrison vs. Alex Riley- If Riley wins, Morrison forfeits #1 contendership; if Morrison wins, he names place and stipulation for his title shot
The announcers both spoke of USA Network being the #1 most watched cable network in 2010 for the 5th year in a row. Riley took Morrison down with a few right hands, but Morrison came back with a few of his own. Side Russian leg sweep, but Miz got on the apron during a cover. Ref and the wrestlers didn’t even acknowledge it, which made it kinda weird. Morrison did turn his attention to Miz afterward, allowing Riley to attack from behind. Hard clothesline by Riley caught Morrison coming out of the corner. Slam in the middle of the ring from A.Ri. More clotheslines and near-falls. Riley worked into a rest-hold and suggested he was trying to make Morrison tap. Crowd aided Morrison in getting out of the hold. Flying heel kick to the jaw by Morrison. J.Mo went for a springboard, but Miz tripped him up. Referee Charles Robinson appeared to see it, but instead of calling for a DQ, he simply sent Miz to the back. Morrison quickly took over and landed a running knee to the face for the win. Miz made it back to the top of the stage.

Winner: Morrison, at 4:42. Riley didn’t seem to show much here, but this was more about Morrison and Miz.
After the match, Morrison went over to Jerry Lawler and told him he wanted his match next week in a Falls Count Anywhere match.

-King Sheamus vs. Randy Orton is still to come.

-Also, CM Punk vows to call out Cena for a surprise.

[Commercial Break]

-Cole said he was still nauseous over Miz getting tossed out of the last match, and Morrison’s subsequent victory over Riley. They showed highlights of both.

-Miz was giving Riley a tongue-lashing backstage and Riley tried to retort, but the champ wasn’t having it. Miz told Riley to focus on his job when he faces Lawler tonight. Then he walked away.

-Punk was talking to a cameraman backstage and he said he knows they’re good, but he wants to make sure everything goes as planned and no shot is missed tonight. He said it’ll be bigger than when they put Snookie in the big ball and drop her at midnight on New Year’s.

-In the locker room, the Bellas were talking to Daniel Bryan about missing him over the Holidays, and Bryan thought they got enough of him last week. Tyson Kidd and Jackson Andrews walked in and Kidd asked if Bryan was rich, because he couldn’t understand the Bellas hanging out with him. He said he’d win the US Title in 2011 because of the best bodyguard in WWE history. He told Bryan to watch him in his match tonight.

-In yet another backstage segment, Josh Mathews sought out Randy Orton to ask him his thoughts on The Miz as champion. He said he can’t wait to beat Miz for the title, but that he has Sheamus tonight. Mathews said that with all due respect, it’s King Sheamus. That’s a bit out of Mathews’ wiener character to talk to Orton like that. Orton said he’d dethrone the King tonight.

[Commercial Break]

(3) Mark Henry vs. Tyson Kidd
Mathews joined Cole on commentary as Lawler had left to get ready for his match. Mathews talked about the 219 pound weight difference between Henry and Kidd. Hard whip into the buckle by Henry. No reaction from the crowd for the man in red. Bodyslam, then Henry set up for a butt splash. Henry missed, then took a shot in the kisser with a seated dropkick. Kidd screamed a lot as he locked in a front chancery. Henry lifted Kidd off and dropped him chest-first to the mat. Henry went for a corner splash by Kidd got his feet up. Kidd jumped in Henry’s arms. Henry slammed him for the World’s Strongest Slam and the win.

Winner: Henry, at 2:07. Surprise! Kidd loses and is forgotten about in favor of his green bodyguard afterward.

After the match, Henry and Andrews went toe-to-toe. Andrews kicked Henry, but Henry lifted him and gave him the World’s Strongest Slam. There goes Andrews’ mystique. That didn’t last long. And all this to put Mark Henry over?

-Last Monday, Lawler got a pinfall over The Miz, leading to their match tonight.

[Commercial Break]

-Miz and Alex Riley came out. Before his match, Miz talked about all the guys on the roster who are intimidated by him. He said he is the most must-see WWE Champion. He said he doesn’t get intimidated, he intimidates. He’s the best brawler, the best fighter and the best wrestler. Haha, kidding on that last one. “Nobody compares to me in the WWE” he said, three times, because the fans kept yelling “what?” Miz said the Verne Gagne’s, the Harley Race’s, the Lou Thesz’s of history don’t hold a candle to him. He made fun of them again for their “what” chants, yelling at them saying they all sound like ducks. Unfortunately, that’s just going to make them do it more. And they did. He did his “really?” bit to it, more. He’s whipping Albany into a frenzy! Miz said to call a friend, because he’s going to destroy Jerry Lawler in honor of all the “what?” people. That truly was awesome.

(4) The Miz vs. Jerry “The King” Lawler
Mathews noted that Lawler’s luggage didn’t come in due to the blizzard in the northeast, so he was wrestling in a t-shirt, black pants and sneakers. Crowd chanted “Jerry” at the outset. Miz took Lawler down and walked on him, then taunted the crowd. Shoulder knock-down by Miz. Missed clothesline by Miz and Lawler took Miz down with three shoulder tackles. Miz got in the ropes to keep Lawler away. Kick to the stomach by Miz as they went for a collar-and-elbow tie-up. Boot to the mid-section with King on all fours. Couple left hands from Miz, then he choked Lawler with a knee in the ropes. With Lawler seated, Miz gave him a foot to the kisser. Riley got a right hand in that the ref didn’t see. Riley tried to intimidate a fan in the front row, telling him, “you saw nothing!” Pretty funny. Match slowed down to a crawl as Miz was content to slowly take it to Lawler. Another shot from Riley. At this point, Morrison’s music started playing and he walked out to the stage. That distracted Miz and Lawler got to his feet in the corner. Miz landed a clothesline, but King dodged the second one. It looked like he was supposed to move the first time. Anyway, Lawler pounded away at Miz and nailed the champ with three dropkicks in a row. Near-fall off of that. Miz fought out of a bodyslam and backed him in the corner. Miz’s signature corner clothesline missed as Lawler dove away. Miz choked Lawler on the top rope from the apron. He went to the top, but Lawler kicked him off and Miz landed skull-first on the steel steps. While the ref dealt with Alex Riley, Morrison took Miz down again. The ref didn’t restart his count, but picked up where he left off in counting Miz out.

Winner: Lawler, via count-out, at 9:36. Not as good as their TLC match…didn’t have the heat and was a notch or two slower. If Lawler were a regular superstar, two victories over Miz would put him in line for another title shot.

-King Sheamus was admiring his crown backstage when Punk came up and complimented him. Punk asked how many times Cena has disrespected Sheamus or gone out of his way to make him look bad. Is this going to be a “This is your life John Cena” with everyone he ruined? Punk wished Sheamus luck against Orton tonight, but said he doesn’t need any luck.

[Commercial Break]

-Moments ago, John Morrison gets an assist in Jerry Lawler’s win. Lawler was already back at the announce table, replacing Mathews. Instead, they were joined by Natalya.

(5) Melina & Alicia Fox vs. Eve Torres & Gail Kim
Fox is now a fiery redhead. Eve flipped behind Fox and hit a sort-of pump kick, then a clothesline. Melina tagged in after Fox took control back. Double-knees in the corner by Melina, who then had to be held back by the ref. Jumping knee to the head by Eve. She made the tag to Kim, who ran over Melina and gave her a dropkick. Shoulder tackle in the corner, followed by a dropkick off the top for two. Fox broke it up, but Eve took her out. In the end, Kim fell victim to Melina’s Sunset Split.

Winners: Melina and Fox, at 2:29. Hey, at least Kim tagged in this time.

After the match, Natalya went in the ring to confront Melina. Melina attempted to try to apologize, then went for a slap. Nattie blocked it and slapped Melina hard, sending her to the mat.

-Punk was meeting with the trainers tonight, saying they need to be alert and to have their EMTs ready. He said it’s not going to be his responsibility what happens tonight, as it’ll be the fault of the fans. He said he didn’t think the trainers would be able to help Cena much. He calls out Cena later tonight.

-Also, King Sheamus vs. Randy Orton.

[Commercial Break]

(6) Zack Ryder vs. Daniel Bryan
Match was joined in progress out of break. Hip-toss by Bryan, then an arm-drag. Ryder did the running boot in the corner for two. Neck-breaker by Ryder for two. He set up for another, but Bryan took him down and hooked in the LeBell Lock for the win.

Winner: Bryan, 1:09 shown. Just a means to an end here…

The Bellas celebrated with Bryan after the match, but the GM dinged in with an e-mail. The GM wished everyone a Happy Holiday, then guaranteed that 2011 would be the best year of Raw ever. All of a sudden, Miz attacked Lawler from behind, through the crowd. He threw Lawler face-first into the barricade, then onto the announce table. It looked like he was going to throw Lawler into the ring, but he redirected the Hall-of-Famer into the steel steps. He did some trash talking, which the mic didn’t pick up, then gave him the Skull Crushing Finale on the ringside mat. Referees came out to tend to Lawler.

[Commercial Break]

-They showed Miz’s attack that took place just before the break. Even Cole didn’t condone this assault. Mathews was back ringside with Cole.

(7) King Sheamus vs. Randy Orton
Sheamus got the first advantage, after a lock-up in the corner, but Orton turned it around. Sheamus countered once again, as did Orton. European uppercuts from Orton, but Sheamus worked the body with his shots. Surprising Thesz Press from Orton. Sheamus was back to his feet after rolling out of the way of a knee-drop, running over Orton with a shoulder tackle. He worked Orton into an arm-bar, but Orton fought out. Boot to the face by Sheamus, then his patented knee-drop. Kick to the knee by Sheamus to keep Orton at bay. Shoulders to the gut by Sheamus, then he raked the eyes. Orton shot out of the corner like a cannon, clothesline his opposition. Rope-assisted DDT was blocked, then Orton low-bridged Sheamus. Onto the outside it went, where Sheamus sent Orton into the ringpost, with the back of Orton’s head hitting first. Sheamus dove over the top rope with a shoulder tackle, showing impressive agility. Orton kicked out of the pin as they went to break about five minutes in.

[Commercial Break]

Back with Sheamus in control. Running powerslam, working over Orton’s injured back and neck, got a two-count. Forearms to the chest by Sheamus and again he kept Orton grounded. Orton fought out, but only for a second. Sheamus missed a shoulder charge, ending up shoulder-first into the ringpost. Orton brought Sheamus back in from the apron and got a near-fall. The two men exchanged blows in mid-ring, eliciting a brief “boo-yay” from the fans. Orton with a scoop slam, but Sheamus booted him in the corner. Angle slam by Orton for two. Orton tried an RKO, but Sheamus awkwardly caught him and gave him the Irish Curse back-breaker. Sheamus set for the High Cross, but Orton slid out (just after Mathews proclaimed, “there’s nowhere for Orton to go!”). Sheamus slid to the apron, away from an RKO. He tried another slingshot shoulderblock, but Orton gave him a mid-air RKO for the win.

Winner: Orton, at 14:27.

-John Cena was walking backstage. Punk’s surprise for Cena is next.

[Commercial Break]

-They showed the snow that had piled up outside the arena in Albany, New York.

-Next week on Raw from the desert in Arizona, The Miz defends his WWE Title against John Morrison in a Falls Count Anywhere match.

-John Cena came out. Cena said that earlier, “CM Sucks” said he had a surprise for Cena, but he’s showing up early. He said if Punk wants some, come get some. Is Punk revealed as the leader of Nexus here? Punk’s music played, but he didn’t come out. The music stopped and Cena laughed at the games being played. Cena looked in the camera and said he was changing the game. He kept calling Punk “CM Sucks.” Cena said he would go backstage to find him, but as he was about to leave the ring, Nexus’ music played, and they walked out. Everybody but Wade Barrett, anyway. David Otunga got in the ring, while the rest stood at ringside.

Otunga told Cena that this wasn’t what Cena thought it was. He said two weeks ago, Cena took him out with a steel chair, then he took out the rest of Nexus. It was exactly what Cena said he was going to do. Otunga said he made a decision: Nexus is under new management now. He said he doesn’t want to have a conflict with Cena, and wanted to put the past behind them. Otunga said he decided to offer Cena a truce. He extended his hand and instead of shaking it, Cena grabbed Otunga’s mic. He said he knew why Nexus did what they did to him, but if he believe Otunga, he’d shake his hand right now. Cena said he studied the group, and Otunga is nothing more than a slimy backstabber. He said he doesn’t trust Otunga, and there will be no moving forward. He told Otunga to turn around and move backward, or he throws hands and they’ll see what happens. Otunga turned, and left the ring. Cena breathed a sigh of relief. As they began walking to the back, Otunga gave them the signal to charge the ring. They successfully took Cena down as the crowd chanted for the Cena. Heath Slater gave his finisher to Cena, as did Michael McGillicutty, Husky Harris, and Justin Gabriel. Nexus stood over Cena with their arms raised. The Nexus music played as they left the ring, but then it was interrupted by Punk’s. Punk walked out and the sea of Nexus parted for him. He went to the ring and gave Cena the GTS, which showed a bit of light. Cena retrieved a steel chair from ringside and lifted it to hit Cena, but he pulled up short. Instead, he slowly opened it and sat down at Cena’s feet. He looked concerned and picked up a Nexus arm-band that was sitting in the ring. He slowly put it on his arm as the fans reacted. Some even started chanting his name. Punk raised his arm toward Nexus, who raised their arms back to him. All but Gabriel, anyway, for some reason. There he goes. Punk’s music played as the announcers reacted with stunned silence.

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So, when do Barrett, Tarver and Sheffield debut as Nexus Wolfpack? C.M Sucks? That's the best you can do John? Who wrote that promo for Cena? DDP? Wait no mention of Hollywood Scum Hogan at least this week.

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So Bryan and the Bellas just walked off and left Lawler for dead? LOL

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I love Punk, but I do not like the lack of Wade Barrett here. I thought Nexus had a higher purpose. Is Wade going to come back looking to regain control or was this all part of his plan. Bah!

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Weird that they're rushing John Morrison's title match.

a) they're doing it again at Rumble with a bigger stip
b) they suddenly realized they're doing Miz vs Lawler at Rumble
c) you can't settle for a 'weaker' title match for Rumble when everything's not drawing on PPV at all

(my guess is b+c)

It also really doesn't feel like Triple H is coming back to feud with Sheamus anymore. But Barrett has to be a surprise Rumble entrant, doesn't make since to do it with multiple guys. - luchablog

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I'm curious and intrigued as to Punk being the New Management of Nexus (where does Barrett go? To SD! to be Yet Another Heel On The Heel-centric show?)...the visual of fists raised in unity was pretty great.

My #1 question coming out of RAW is...why does Alex Reilly still carry around a silver briefcase? What is in it? Is it the generic accessory that the A-Ri action figure comes with?

So if JoMo faces the Miz next LAWLER going to fight him at the Rumble??

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...and what WAS the GM's announcement that was interrupted by Miz's attack? Or was he/she just going to wish everyone a Happy New Year?
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I look forward to John Cena and Wade Barrett: wacky tag partners who hate each other.

Miz's creepy smile + "I'm the champ" to the downed Lawler... truly awesome. I actually want Lawler to get another title shot at the Rumble after that match/segment.
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Ladies and gentlemen, the following public service message is brought to you by your friends from D-Generation X, who would like to remind each and every one of you that if you're not down with that, we've got two words for you...

Well, swapping out Barrett for Punk is an upgrade as far as Nexus goes, but I can't help but have the feeling we've seen this all before. At the very least, I'd imagine that Nexus will be more effective in its war against Cena with Punk in charge because Punk's focus is not divided between Cena's destruction and the WWE title like Barrett's was.

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While the switch from Cena to RVD should alleviate some complaints, the inevitability of the belt's return to Cena (note where Summerslam is this year) and the poor initial showing by the new ECW are enough to keep the indicator where it is for now. The pieces are in place, though, especially on RAW, for improvements to be made to the IWC's psyche in the near future.

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    Originally posted by CxMorgado
    I look forward to John Cena and Wade Barrett: wacky tag partners who hate each other.

Aw. I didn't even think of that. Well, they haven't done it in a while, right?

So does this mean that all of Nexus is now straight edge?

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Barrett is wrestling for the WWE championship this Wednesday in Baltimore in a four title match. Miz, Orton, Cena, and Barrett in a steel cage match.

Of course, house shows don't count for anything in the WWE.

Like someone said, they are keeping Barrett off TV until the Rumble. I think now, it's due to the uncertainty of Orton. If Orton goes under the knife soon, Barrett will have to become a face at the Rumble, to be the #2 face. If Orton turns out okay and doesn't need surgery, then Barrett wins the Rumble to become a major heel again.

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I can't be the only one who was disappointed that - since Punk mentioned Batista in the opening segment - Big Dave wasn't actually Punk's "surprise" for Cena, can I?

However, I'm down with Punk being the new leader of the Nexus, depending on what they do with Barrett.

Also, kudos to Sheamus and Orton for a perfectly acceptable 15-minute match on RAW. More, please.

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I was hoping that Punk would be the GM and higher purpose and he sent the e-mail to allow Miz to jump Lawler because all heels would rise up. The GM's inconsistencies that will never make sense no matter who it is could just be explained by Punk messing with people. And Punk took the first Nexus attack as a smokescreen or what have you. And that's why Punk liked Cole. And that's why Punk and the GM both talked about happy new years. OH WELL

    Originally posted by Texas Kelly
    Well, swapping out Barrett for Punk is an upgrade as far as Nexus goes

Sure but it's a marginal one. Now Nexus' leader can do really good promos, and, oh. The real upgrade would be keeping Wade and ditching Otunga.

The booking of Tyson Kidd tonight really pulled the rug out. "Holy shit, Bryan/Kidd, that'll be great, no wait he lost to Mark Henry and his bodyguard was blown off in his second appearance." At least I hope his bodyguard was blown off, there's no point to him now. Anyway, ya got me, good job.

Pretty disappointing that they'd do Morrison/Miz before the Rumble. If they're going to a threeway with Orton, why not just ... wait.
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Straight Edge Nexus! I like it! They're definitely an upgrade from bumbling bozos Gallows and Mercury, that's for sure. But I don't like that this pretty much signals a face turn for Wade Barrett. Barrett's heel mannerisms are nothing short of perfection and it's a shame we'll be losing that for a good while, unless they throw us a curveball in the form of a Barrett/Punk alliance.

I'm going to hope that next week's Miz/Morrison title match signifies a bigger stip match at the Rumble, but I'm cautiously optimistic. I'd hate to think they've already aborted the idea of Miz/Morrison at the Rumble, assuming that was ever on the table to begin with.

So much for Kidd and Andrews. That reign of tepidity didn't last long, did it? That Hart Dynasty breakup sure is working like a charm for both guys.

Can we fast-forward to the draft already? There are so many guys on this show that desperately need a career reboot on SmackDown. (DiBiase, Truth, Morrison after his failed title chase, Ryder, etc. etc. etc.)

    Originally posted by JayJayDean
    I can't be the only one who was disappointed that - since Punk mentioned Batista in the opening segment - Big Dave wasn't actually Punk's "surprise" for Cena, can I?

I'm going to personally hope that this idea's on the table somewhere for Cena's first post-WM feud.

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    Originally posted by Spiraling_Shape
    My #1 question coming out of RAW is...why does Alex Reilly still carry around a silver briefcase? What is in it? Is it the generic accessory that the A-Ri action figure comes with?
It holds the championship.

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Couple of live notes from the show...

Arena was roughly 75% full, impressive since we had a bad snowstorm Sunday night into mid-Monday morning.

Santino was one of the most over people on the entire show. CM Punk wasn't far behind. Interesting how in the same arena he broke up the S.E.S in the summer, he takes over Nexus in the winter.

Bad things happen to John Cena in Albany. He lost the U.S. Title to Orlando Jordan, lost the WWE Title to Edge at New Year's Revolution, and of course last night's beatdown.

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Was hoping for a Miz attack on Riley during the match, thus causing Morrison to be dq'd and costing him his title shot.

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Punk in charge of Nexus brings some new life into the storyline even though it is now border lining NWO territory with the management change. At least, Punk is someone the WWE would have faith putting the title on if Miz sputters out. Wade being a face is just a bad move unless they decide to move him to Smackdown. I also agree if Punk was the original leader of Nexus, it would have made more sense. The fact they could have used him taking their first attack just to throw attention off of him would have been amazing.

Miz/Lawler was just bad and probably due to Lawler only having one good match left in him that being the TLC one. Miz's promo was interesting if not a breakdown at times. I am also not a fan of doing the Miz/Morrison match now for probably another round of Orton and Miz having lukewarm matches leading to the Rumble. It was a Raw to help lead into some things, yet I am not sure its good things that are coming more like quick fixes.

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    Originally posted by JayJayDean
    I can't be the only one who was disappointed that - since Punk mentioned Batista in the opening segment - Big Dave wasn't actually Punk's "surprise" for Cena, can I?

    However, I'm down with Punk being the new leader of the Nexus, depending on what they do with Barrett.

    Also, kudos to Sheamus and Orton for a perfectly acceptable 15-minute match on RAW. More, please.

I thought (and hoped) that would happen, but haven't heard any rumblings of Dave coming back. With recent PPVs tanking, I can imagine WWE will be scurrying for star power, so that's the only reason I thought this might happen. Gotta figure HHH comes back soon at least.

I don't mind Punk in Nexus, but why does he replace the only decent part of the group? That being said, Punk is awesome, even if he looks like he is 14 years old now.

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Miz, Morrison, Punk, and Bryan in prominent roles on the same show makes me very happy.

I do wish they could bring back Luke Gallows to join Nexus. Give the guy a break.

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