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26.5.18 2042
The W - Pro Wrestling - Raw 9-27-04 (Page 3)
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    Originally posted by Sobriquet
    Flair stuff.

That is a terrible idea. I realize we all like Flair but for the love of God, why would anyone propose mushroom-slapping the roster to put over an old man? Let him walk out with the belt and never return? That would benefit absolutely no one. Much respect for all he's done, but it should be about the new guys and Flair role, if any, is to showcase them and get them over. Not to walk off with their ultimate prize.

And Flair would never agree to it anyway.

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Why? Just, why?

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-Bischoff/HHH/Benjamin interview- Bischoff gets on the mic & still doesn't like the Taboo Tuesday idea(he's so wise). But HHH challengers will be HBK(wait HITC was their last battle YOU PROMISED!!, Benoit(who? oh yeah that guy) Edge(with or without his groin) and Orton. But First Orton has to face KANE!(what? Batista? that's highly unBischoff like)... Well out comes HHH. This was actually pretty darn funny, HHH seemed on tonight. During his rant he kind of paused during a A-hole chant and looked at Bischoff with a look of "Hey I'm on a role" lol. I think Shelton did alright on his end as well.

-Benjamin vs. HHH- I liked this match, really like the story telling by the announcers and the guys in the ring about how for whatever reason Benjamin offense throws HHH off. Why did J.R call Benjamin flying clothesline a "modified bulldog"?, oh well... HHH bumped well for Benjamin’s offense. HHH got desperate and used the title to get himself DQ'ed. Benjamin looked legit contender here.

-Rosey/Hurricane vs. Tajiri/Rhyno- These guys had a real good match on Heat a couple of weeks back, but it was given about double the time on that night. But this match wasn't as good as that one but better than the normal Raw tag matches. I think these guys mix.

-Snitsky vs. Venis- I laughed so much at this segment. Once again Snitsky backstage promo was brilliant "Look, okay, I'm sorrry" HAHA "It's NOT my fault. If you have a problem with it, I'll see here.. next week.. On Raw!" lol, he just booked himself on MSG, he's a genius! ... His face makes me laugh, the mug on that guy. Me and my friend were having fun at his hoss like nature, we marked out like crazy when he broke out the Tomko/Test BIG BOOT. I turned to my friend and said "oh I hope he hits a sit-down powerbomb" my friend answers "Naa he won't, doesn't seem the type" AT the exact same time we see Snitsky looking at the crowd while bending Venis over as we scream "No WAY he's going to do it" ah to our disappointment it was pumphandle slam. If he hit the sit-down powerbomb he'd be the perfect hoss. What about poor Val. Heat duty never looked so good. At least he was the defender of procreation, good for him.

-Flair/Orton interview- This was good too. Flair went on a rant. Says once you become a World Champion you are great(even Bradshaw?). He questions how many legends Orton beat? Got some potshots at Bret and Hogan?... I thought Orton delivered his speech well. Very intense and passionate. I think it was good because so many of us roll our eyes when Flair talks about HHH being the greatest. So there's a connection to what we feel.

-Christian/Tomko vs. Michaels/Jericho- Oh gosh, now they are comparing Jericho New York upbringing as some others of the area. I think his parents moved to Winnipeg when he was potty trained. Whatever, the same match from two weeks ago. Y2J & HBK throw Tomko & Christian to the outside, Y2J starts doing Hogan poses as we go to break... That Tomko takes some strange from the ring to the floor bumps, he lands on his knees at the end, I thought he hurt himself for certain. Tomko is not awful but his timing is off at times. Good finishing sequence with Christian rolling up HBK for the win. Good gloating with a side order of taunting by Christian after the match.

-Regal/Eugene/Bischoff interview- How crappy was this! The 10 weeks of divasearch wasn't as bad as this segment. This was just really boring, even the great Regal couldn't come close to saving this segment by getting Snitskiyized. It was just so pointless, why have fans dressed up as possible stipulations for Bischoff? The most interesting thing was that dude with the hair, was that Brian from Wings?... I guess this was a set up to show Bischoff can fight, unfortunately the last few years it's proven that anyone can pretty much beat him up so why on earth would Eugene who's gone toe to toe with former champions be scared?

-Stratus/Hemme/Carmella interview- MC Trish & the fucky bunch is out to throw a par-ty. Here's Christy, Trish gets ready to chat it up but Christy takes the mic out. Christy thanks the fans and in my ears she actually sounds sincere. What the Noo not Carmella, she says how she "really" feels & tells Christy off. Evil divas are laughing & it's time to welcome Christy to the club. Chirsty stands there willing to take it like a trooper... But first Trish looks to the timekeepers area & motions someone to come to the ring "Come on sweetie, come here". This is going to be GREAT(wait when did Lillian turn into a geeky underage looking dark haired referee & why was he sitting at ringside, he better be sitting at the time keepers lap and not Lillian). Sweet Trish Stratus transforms to Evil HeidenTrish as she tears away at Christy. SHOCKING, wait a sec, isn't this the same Christy who shoved a pie at her own butt?!

-Batista vs. Orton- BUT first, Batista tells Flair it's time to go to the ring, Flair snaps back saying he'll go when he's damn ready... This certainly didn't feel like main event quality here, match started kind of late & all honestly that might be a good thing as it didn't look they had much planned. HHH runs in & so does Flair. Flair hits Orton & allows Batista to win. The Flair no-turn didn't surprise me as much as Orton lost the match!

-OtherStuff- Lita no-shows, where is this interview meant to be taking place, in Kane & Lita's home? Kane says he will never forget the name Snitsky. But really is he alone, I think none of us will... Simon Dean says you will see 10 friends(I thought he was going to bring 10 fat wrestlers out with him), he's talking about your toes... Hey look, it's the previous WORLD CHAMPION Chris Benoit. Oh there he went... WM21 sold out in one minute! S*cks for you sleeping overnight just so you get to the ticket window 90 seconds after it opened... Batista asks what's the deal with Flair, HHH responds that "Flair just being.. Flair" haha, HHH gets Batista focused.

-Line of the Night: Lawler "I think I can explain why the Chiefs are 0-3. They are playing drunk or something"
-Sign of the Night: "WrestleCrap" - Mostly because it was on during the brutal Regal/Eugene segment. Props to KC a lot of good signs tonight.
-3Stars of the Night: 1)HHH. 2)Snitsky. 3)Benjamin. - But Orton promo really put him close.

The first hour was great. A inspired HHH promo connecting to a good match with Benjamin. A solid lower/mid-card tag match. An appearance & a backstage promo from Snitsky, my favorite hoss EVER. An intense Orton/Flair verbal exchange. Everything worked for me in the first hour... Second hour was a bit of a different story, the 10PM tag match was alright, but we saw the same match at the exact same time spot just 2 weeks ago. The Regal/Eugene in ring skit was straight up brutal, who on earth sees that on paper & thinks it would be funny or interesting. Christy party was okay, I think Christy spoke & acted well. I like her & more then okay seeing her on TV. I'm looking forward to what she can bring. She seems like she has potential, you can tell she really wants to be there, her bodylanguage vs. Trish was good too. Main event match wasn't very good, but the result of Orton not advancing was surprising as heck.

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Okay, are they setting up a long-range feud/rivalry between Triple H and Shelton Benjamin? I like how the rookie is showing some spunk and breaking a toe off in Triple H's ass, but at the same time HHH is all "Bitch, I'm the CHAMP-uh!" and quickly uses any heavy object within reach to force Benjamin to bow down. Hopefully, it'll lead to a climacticbattle at a major PPV... Hopefully, it will NOT lead to Shelton becoming the newest member of Evilution.

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Hogan's My Dad:

I'm not talking about making the whole roster look bad, I'm talking about a legend finally bitch slapping the guy he's been toadying to for a long, long time. Then retiring, to let the real roster have their due.

It's called letting a legend go out on top. I realize it would never happen that way, but it would be nice if it did. HHH and Orton would still be strong (it's a chair shot out of the blue -- everybody knows chair shots out of the blue are death).

If the problem is walking out with the title *shrugs* have him hoist it one last time, then just toss it in the middle of the ring between the two of them.

Anyway, we both thought it was a neat idea, mainly because as much as we liked Flair, he eats up a lot of tv that could go to other people. Retire already, Nature Boy. Hence the booking idea :)

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Suprised nobody has mentioned this, but am I the only one dissappointed that Bossman only got a 3 second graphic display??? I rememebr the 2 minute promos narrated by Vince for some other unfortunate deaths. Was Bossman not deserving of one of these send-offs. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad they showed the graphic and I'm not nitpicking, but I'm very dissappointed that they didn't feel the need to give him a proper goodbye and give him 2 final minutes of Raw. Sorry, just how I feel.

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The last 2 minutes of RAW may have been a bit much (has anyone else ever got that?). I am suprised he only got the graphic with no footage however, especially considering how much old & newer footage they have of him and how well liked I've read he was in the company.

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no no, I didn't mean THE final 2 minutes of Raw. I meant HIS final 2 minutes of Raw. Same as Yoko, for example, when they started the show with a 2 minute video package narrated with Vince. Thought they should have done that.

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    Originally posted by A FAN
    The promo led to nothing. If they are going to bust out these promos then don't half ass it. Yes, Flair is the greastest heel ever, but the old Ric Flair is no one's bitch. That is what he is in Evolution. It made sense for him to turn face, keeping him heel showed another lack of imagination with the writers. Its like they get so far with a good idea then drop the ball t the end.

    This is not the Ric Flair, I know that is in Evolution. The Ric Flair I know would have screwed HHH out of the title by now and danced all night

    Originally posted by The Goon
    I'm in agreeance with you here. My optimistic guess is that it leads to a)an Orton-Flair feud; and b)a slow, drawn-out face turn for Flair much like we were hoping for with Orton. Maybe this is Flair's "final run".

I think this is the long run attempt for WM21 in the ''turn Randy face saga'' Ric Flair right or wrong is a legend and to paraphrase Ric '' to be the legend you got to beat the legend''

Taboo Tuesday will see the start of the Flair-Orton feud intertwined with Orton-HHH and end with the title at WM21. I also see this is Flairs last ride towards managerial roles. Not having read any spoilers I was fascinated by the promos and if Orton was ''too fast'' thats what kids do..they rush ahead of themselves

I thought the show was ..ok..

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