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23.5.18 0624
The W - Pro Wrestling - RAW 9/13 - Blah. (Page 2)
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    Originally posted by Big Bad
    If Snitsky shows up next week calling himself the Babykiller, complete with his finisher the Coat Hanger (of course, a powerbomb) I'll watch RAW forever.

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Quote of the NIGHT!!

The opening was predictable... just as everyone stated. I was hoping that it was Benjamin or Benoit in there.

BenoitXConway wasn't as good as I was hoping it would've been. Rob loses 3 cools points this week.

Molly tried too hard to be funny... and, though Stacy was an NFL cheerleader... her dancing would only be considered good if done on top of a table.

The women's match was a throwaway. Why don't they ever show Gail and Trish clawing at each other after each of their tag matches??

The Highlight Reel wasn't too entertaining... but the match played out pretty well. I like how most of Tomko's participation took place during the commercial breaks.

Diva Search... uhm... Honestly, Christie cracked me up. Perhaps I'll go to and vote for her. Aside from that, the segment was utter doodoo-butter.

Kane and Lita... meh.

The Main Event... well, Benjamin is backing and getting his Sting on, so that's nice. At least Benoit isn't piddling around outside of the Main Eventers.

RAW made me feel sad inside, tonight.

Erm... the only pic with a wrestler that I have right now...

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    Originally posted by geemoney
      Originally posted by mattsledge
        Originally posted by geemoney
        RAW Thoughts:

        The opening was pretty obvious, but I thought a good swerve would be Steph inside the cake, unhappy that her husband is cavorting around with other women....

      Remember that in WWE storylines: Trips and Steph are divorced.

    Damn. That's right.

Yeah, I understand the confusion. I once tried to block out that crappy storyline from the ol' noggin, but it just wouldn't go away.

It was that damn dog that did it to me, I think. Freaking Lucy.

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Did anyone else notice Stacy post dance-off? It went like this: After Gail Kim shows up to seemingly make it 2-on-2, Stacy ROLLS OUT OF THE RING and lets Nidia get beat down 2-1. I said out loud to myself while watching, "Thanks for your help, Stacy!" Then after Victoria saves Nidia, she decides to then begin to return into the ring. But then Trish arrives and Stacy changes direction MID-RING ENTRANCE to leave the two faces be. After V&N finally clear the heels out, sensing safety, she finally returns and stands shoulder-to-shoulder with V&N. I was positive she would end up turning on V&N during the match, as her after-dance dance had that international sign of a heel turn. That of course didn't happen (she even GOT THE PIN?!?). So what was her deal? Is her character now a daintier damsel in distress who decides to leave the rough stuff to the more competent women? Are they setting up a future turn? Was Stacy just clueless on what she was supposed to be doing? Or were this whole angle's extracurriculars just poorly planned? I know this is way more thought than this deserves, but that sequence stuck out at me for some odd reason.

Last thought on this: glad to see Molly's hair has finally grown back! Her hair's reproduction rate makes fingernails look like Osmonds.

As to Simon Dean (never would have guessed that's Nova!), I loved how they played that promo video completely straight with no tells that he's a future wrestler. No "Coming Soon" graphic. No proclamations of, "And when I get to the WWE..." No mentioning of specific wrestlers, like saying, "Looking at the drooping folds of Randy Orton almost makes me regurgitate my tofu!!" It could have been an actual ad were it not for Lawler suggesting JR buy one. Their restraint from going over-the-top and obvious with the promo gives it more of an air of smart satire than Leslie Nielsen parody.

But who can this guy realistically be programmed against? This gimmick might have worked better back around the late '80s or early '90s as a face mouthing off to the numerous big boys waddling around (Andre, King Kong Bundy, Earthquake, Typhoon, Boss Man, Akeem, Yokozuna, etc.). Say what you want about modern hosses like Tomko or Batista's in-ring skills, they could never be called out-of-shape. The only Raw guys (assuming he stays on Raw) I can think of that have girth problems are Flair, A-Train, Rosie, and Mark Henry. Three are heels, which leaves Rosie. Since Rosie's constantly jobbing, maybe they can make him the new Barry Horowitz. Afterwards, Rosie can befriend Kenzo Suzuki. Or maybe Simon can rag on Lita about her inability to retain her pre-pregnancy body (assuming Little Daddy Cool is gone) and get Kane after him. And they can have A Very Special Angle where his constant belittlement of her causes her to develop an eating disorder. It would fit in perfectly with what they've already done with her. Or if this Henrietta will be part of the package and is not just a bit character in this one promo, he can get feuds for her by dissing the divas. Calling women fat has more bite than doing so to guys for some reason. But, like Mordecai was destined to battle the Undertaker, we all know where this is truly heading: him vs. Dr. Angus at Wrestlemania.

As for the whole status of HHH and Steph's marriage storyline-wise, I have a feeling that if/when Steph returns, they'll just put them back together and assume the audience is smart to them being really married. Sort of like when Debra was acknowledged as Steve Austin's wife and paired with him without any angles to explain the union.

Speaking of Steph, do you realize it's been almost a year since she lost that retirement match? Love her, hate her, despise her, or plot to assasinate her, she proved many wrong by keeping off-camera for an extended period. A year ago, would you have guessed SHE would be someone who stays gone and makes retirement stipulations possibly have an iota of meaning to someone somewhere?

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This whole "Diva search is rigged" notion discounts the fact that there exist people who are more hot for a Playboy Playmate of the Year than Just Some Chick. Lots of them.

Karlos the Jackal
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It took a while because no one spelled his name right (not even!), but I finally dug him up:

Gene Snisky (

Here's another page with a photo closer to how he looked tonight.

According to the first link, he's from WXW and signed a WWE contract 2-3 months ago.

(YOUR indie wrestler detective!)

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Filipino Elvis - I too noticed Stacy rolling out of the ring twice and it brought my hatred of her to a higher level. She is utterly useless in the ring. I do not mind her "hosting" the Diva Search or doing some mindless interview, but when she is in the ring and getting a pinfall victory, it makes me feel for wrestlers like Ivory and Jazz. What a waste.

I hated RAW this week. I thought it was awful from start to finish. But my biggest problem with RAw was the actual matches.

Benoit v. La Re - planned
Women's Match - impromptu
Y2J/HBK v. Xian/Tomko - impromptu
Kane v. Jobber - booked during the show
Evolution v. orton - booked during the show

So do you mean to tell me that there was only ONE FREAKING MATCH scheduled for RAW before the show started? What were the other shceduled mathces? Am I actually supposed to believe that the WWE booked RAW on the fly? It is one thing to produce and bad show, its another to have bad matches, but to insult your viewers intelligence is worse than both of those combined. Just plain awful and lazy.

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I thought the show was pretty decent. Not too much bad, but not a whole lotta good.

I only really have one question. Were the tights Benoit wore last night glow in the dark?

Now go do that voodoo that you do so well!

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As much as I loathe the diva search, that Christy chick could be a perfect sidekick to Simon Dean ...

So is that whole Kane/HBK thing over now? ...

Pop of the night, without a doubt, goes to Vince ... that's what's missing ... the surprise of WWE ... even though he didn't really do anything, just the fact of him coming out was enough ...

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Simon Dean - eh, it's no Cat-Bo.

Pretty much a "put on in the background" show for me. I'm just not feeling Raw these days. SD wasn't that hot last week, but it held my interest more than this Raw did. The "baby killer" chant was pure gold, though, as was Kane's "my BITCH wife" line.

Hey, a Christian/HBK feud? I'm sure that'll be desinged to put over and elevate Christian, right? Right??? Er, uh...

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I thought it was an ok show, spot of the night was the double plancha by HBK and Y2J. I bet Jericho has been wanting to do that his entire career with Shawn. I hate that HHH has the title and we have to watch Orton chase it for the next six months. Orton is not getting the crowd response, they would like him to have. Of course, the Seattle crowd went from hot to cold in seconds. However, as an ECW fan, I will give them props for the Baby Killer chant that was genius.

I have a theory about Vince's big announcement. I think it probably will be Taboo Tuesday's stips, but I have a feeling it might have something to do with the virtual GM thing. Here is my theory, what if Eric gets canned on Monday, Vince puts Shane in charge till Survivor Series when the contest ends. The winner of the virtual GM becomes GM of Raw til the next Virtual GM is selected which would be after the Rumble. I am thinking it could be it since they have been pimping that thing hard and minus the belt there is no major prize for it. It would also stand to reason since Eric stated at SummerSlam that he wouldn't see Teddy at Survivor Series, because of Smackdown's revolving GM policy. I maybe reading too much into it, but Vince has always said he listens to the fans and if he does in storyline turn it over to the fans that would be huge. However, its just a theory.

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    Originally posted by CRZ
    This whole "Diva search is rigged" notion discounts the fact that there exist people who are more hot for a Playboy Playmate of the Year than Just Some Chick. Lots of them.

Chris, isn't it the opinion of your bud Scaia, as well as many others, that if you can see it on a wrestling show, it's a work? Is there even a possibility it's not rigged? Hah! No. Way.

....Shakes head... ....Mutters under his breath " and I used to read him before Mike Samuda........

Edit: Man, those brackets caused some CRAZY html stuff to happen! Wrath of CRZ and all.

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Are they still planning on doing the rumored Presidential Election angle? I figured that's what Vince's big announcement was going to be. Guess we'll have to see if he shows up on SmackDown doing the same thing.

Stacy bailing out on Nidia, leaving her to get beaten down after trying to make the save for Stacy was indeed the highlight of the show. Orton should have done the same thing to Benjamin when he made his return later on. I can only assume that, odd They Call Me MISTER Tibbs! promos aside, Benjamin can't be joining Evolution since he arrived at the arena in his wrestling gear despite not having a match, thus violating the dress code. And HHH wouldn't be down with that. Mister Benjamin just must be a really forgiving guy, holding no hard feelings for Randy putting him out and being a big racist and all.

That really is part of Orton's problem (that and not doing those awesome interviews where he'd repeat himself every other sentence as often these days) mentioned in another thread: even the other faces don't have any reason to like him, and he's only a face by default because they didn't feel like doing an actual angle that would turn him around. It doesn't seem like he's capable of making a non-smartass heel facial expression, either, so he always looks like the oldest kid from Home Improvement getting ready to get former WWE superstar Jonathan Taylor Thomas into trouble, possibly by messing up the Toolman's beloved hot rod.

Did Snitsky lose the match by countout? You could see him run out of the ring and probably the arena as Dean Malenko, EMT came running out. If he's not hiding out in Mexico now, this could have been the Mongo-Goldberg no contest that prefaces Snitsky's amazing 173-0 win streak. Jerry Flynn could be on the roster any day now. But it was only no-DQ, not no-countout, so maybe he did lose and it's all moot.

The most important question I had about the show, however, was: What word was HHH using as a stand-in for spit? It wasn't any of the familiar euphemisms, something starting with a G. Maybe he was just making up a new word. He can do that you know, being the King of Kings and all. And king of the wacky pratfall.

Say, did Bischoff try to bake Orton alive in that cake? They did say he sent it out there. Sick bastard. I was hoping HHH was going to finish his "Naytch, looking at that cake, all I can think is..." with "...I hope you brought one for you and Dave, too!" Heh, on account of he got fat, is the thing.

Edit: I totally didn't break the table!

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    Originally posted by Wpob
    I hated RAW this week. I thought it was awful from start to finish. But my biggest problem with RAw was the actual matches.

    Benoit v. La Re - planned
    Women's Match - impromptu
    Y2J/HBK v. Xian/Tomko - impromptu
    Kane v. Jobber - booked during the show
    Evolution v. orton - booked during the show

    So do you mean to tell me that there was only ONE FREAKING MATCH scheduled for RAW before the show started?

Wpob, I totally agree, I thought that was annoying how most of the matches are either impromptu or booked on the fly during the show. I don't mind if it's once in a while, but they've been doing that EVERY SINGLE WEEK FOR I DON'T KNOW HOW LONG. Annoying as hell. Funny thing is I went for a drink or last night with buddies and I came home, and sort of slumped in front of the TV for Raw, and I was too buzzed to really react to things.

After the Lita thing, I was so sleepy, I couldn't fight to keep my eyes open so I just went ahead and caught some Zs. So, I missed the main, and apparently I didn't miss much from the recaps I read. Except Mr. Benjamin. Shame he looks sort of crosseyed. On the Lita thing, I am happy to say that I was half right in thinking that baby wouldn't live long enough to come out anyway. Don't want to sound too cruel, but I was really hoping that Trish caused the miscarriage. But instead it's some guy named Shnitsky or something like that. Well, thanks, Mr. Shcmitsky, but no, I do NOT want this doofus to be the champ. Anyway, Lita's cred seems to be shot now, so rest in peace, Kanita, hehehehehehehe........ God, how boring must this show be if the only entertainment is a miscarriage?!

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The Random Sheet:

-Ah, happy days are here again. Who knew that the World Heavyweight Title had a small bit of the antidepressant action the women's title had in it? And I live with these things because, well, they're inevitable. Much like the end of ANY angle involving a cake. And Trip is doing so well on his diet,'d hate to see him have it get shot to hell like that.

-Jericho listens to Bill Hicks!! He calls Tomko Goat Boy!!! Although it still stands to question who will be the guest on the Highlight Reel the night Jericho takes a 9mm and blows his YJ Stinger-shilling head off.

-And now, ladies and gentlemen, let us bow our heads to little Kane Bearer, Jr. It has been a rough year for Kane, what with the near-loss of his father, the wedding that persevered despite the hurdles in front of a young couple with nothing but hope, and now this. By a man named Snitsky. Although considering the nature of their relationship and then the aftermath of Kane's reaction, this angle has turned into every episode of COPS involving flip flops and a Mickey Mouse t-shirt that you've ever seen. Although it's a shame what they DIDN'T show when they loaded up the ambulance:

Lita: Suddenly I care about this hellspawn
Kane: Driver, to the hospital, NOW!
Stone Cold Steve Austin: I told ya Kane, we're going STRAIGHT TO HELL!!
Kane: Yeah, I know...that's where my primary care hospital is.
SCSA: What?
Kane: Yeah...East Hell Memorial to be exact.

Thank you, I'll be here all week.

-Vince McMahon has promised us a ground breaking announcement that he couldn't even give us now, it has to be next week, and it's so ground-shaking that there's nothing Vince McMahon can do about it. Er, wait.

-Simon Dean sells fitness products!!! Hell, Simon Dean INVENTED fitness products!! Simon Dean also invented the infomercial, the telephone AND the 800 number!!!
Remember one thing, kids and this is important, if you're using a product out there, any product, Simon Dean invented it.

-They really need to use a formula for HBK's programs other than HBK gets attacked by random heel, HBK swears revenge. Because it's now 2 in a row for that being used.

-As far as Carmela goes, I haven't seen her wrestle, and I had already seen her box BEFORE this whole competition started. Rigged, not rigged, I really don't care anyway.

NEXT WEEK ON RAW: Snitsky eats a the wake of Vince McMahon's earth shattering anouncement, Goldberg returns and turns heel...We see the WHATEVER THE HELL SHELTON BENJAMIN'S FINISHER IS TO ORTON...Lita informs Kane that she arranged the whole thing about him taking the chair and landing on her, and then proceeds to re-enact the "It wasn't a miscarriage" scene from Godfather II and do it really really poorly...It is announced that Stacy defends her WWE Dance Dance Revolution Title against Victoria at Taboo Tuesday.

And tune in next week when you'll hear Tyson Tomko say....

"Break and enter me like a feed bag"

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    Originally posted by Wpob
    Benoit v. La Re - planned
    Women's Match - impromptu
    Y2J/HBK v. Xian/Tomko - impromptu
    Kane v. Jobber - booked during the show
    Evolution v. orton - booked during the show

    So do you mean to tell me that there was only ONE FREAKING MATCH scheduled for RAW before the show started? What were the other shceduled mathces? Am I actually supposed to believe that the WWE booked RAW on the fly? It is one thing to produce and bad show, its another to have bad matches, but to insult your viewers intelligence is worse than both of those combined. Just plain awful and lazy.
Well, it makes perfect sense! Surely they had other matches planned! Why else would Shelton come out in wrestling attire at 11:05 pm when we haven't seen him all evening?

(a dramatization)
Writer: "Hey Shelton, we had to cancel your return match tonight"
SB: "Damn! I haven't wrestled in MONTHS! Why???"
Writer: "Well you see, we had this GREAT idea for a match involving Stacy Keibler...and Gene Sniski, you'll LOVE this guy...OH, and we just HAD to get Tomko some ring time..."

Was I the only one who really enjoyed the "Goat Boy" comment? I couldn't stop picturing Jim Breuer...

Lawler was friggin ON tonight...he really added to the show tonight, IMO.

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The "on-the-fly" booking does not bother me that much at all. Is it an insult to the audience's intelligence, perhaps, but a lot less than a lot of stuff you see in wrestling. You can easily explain insta-booking away if you realize, Bischoff's the GM.. He has pretty much absolute powers. We have no way of knowing what actually was scheduled for Raw but like any live show, things happen and things you planned get bumped. We just don't see them do the bumping. You could imagine the M.E. being Orton versus Batista, for example, but switched to the handicap match after the incident to start the show. You could imagine Shelton's comeback was originally booked as a suprise return but it was bumped for the Kane v. Jobber match. Hence Shelton's in his gear, still wants some action and goes running out. Not that big a deal to me.

I thought it was a decent Raw, actually. The opening segment was there, made absolutely ridiculous by JR and the King repeatedly saying that it was "unexpected," it was almost as if they were joking when they said it.

Benoit v. Conway was decent.. Enjoyed Regal coming out in his suit and the ref actually making an attempt to keep the outsiders outside.

The women's match was improptu. Stacy cracks me up. To me there's something to be said for unintentional comedy and she often ranks high. Points to whoever here brought up Joe Schmo 2, points off for how the WWE brought the dance off to fruitition. Molly challenges Stacy to "anything." It's Stacy versus Molly, anyone expecting anything not prominently involving underwear or lingerie is just crazy. The crowd's ready for it, but face Stacy suggests "dance-off"? Crowd, "ohh." Disappointed. At the least, Stacy suggests soem bikini contest or whatever.. Molly protests, as the heel, in Joe Schmo 2 fashion saying, well of course I won't win that, these people are idiots, they'll vote for you because you're a slut and I've got no hair, pick something legitimate, or are you too afraid" etc. etc. Crowd gets pissed at Molly, and prays they don't have to see Stacy wrestle. THEN Stacy suggests the dance-off, Molly cockily agrees and you go from there.

Nice Highlight Reel. Kind of old school, I enjoyed both faces working a pretty darn good crowd. Jericho going out to the crowd and putting words in various people's mouths was very nice if a little dragged out. He needs to keep his face mic work fresh if he's not going to grate and he did a good job here. Teasing a huge title match between the two, then turning it into #1 contender HBK-Christian, THEN turning it into meaningless tag team match prominently involving one Tyson Tomko was probably ill-advised.

Diva business. Another bad idea to take away a possibly interesting boxing "match" (assuming it would be a shoot) between the last two Divas, and turning it into a crapfest in which Coachman has to act. Just awful and for once I don't blame the divas. Coach was brutal here, especially against Carmella which doesn't jive with the "rigged" theory since I think they'd want her to look good. She actually gave a few good shots in at first but Coach only reacted midly.. Then she started letting up but Coach totally misreads this and starts acting like you do when you're play-wrestling with your 3-year old nephew.. Brutal. I'm not totally convinced it's rigged -- easy to imagine the Playmate of the year getting enough votes to stay in until now. Kristy(?) has her fans but I'm sure what some see as "firey and spunky" is just plain obnoxious to others. Of the last group Carmella is a bit classier plus to me looks better and better as the weeks go by.

Kane vs. the Jobber. I missed most of this. Kane has been an amazing saving grace to this angle. Subtle and no-so-subtle things from him have had me cracking up. His bizarrely happy/maniacal facial expressions during the Hardy-Kane contract signing started it. Followed by "That was lovely," at the wedding.. Now we get "My BITCH wife cost me my match!" I like the subtle play on the marriage is not all fun and games idea, which every guy can relate to, but twisted a little because it's this crazy man Kane at the center of it all. Regardless, Lita still is not doing well here at all and it's nice to see that it will end. Though logically I don't see why.. They ARE still married..

Orton v. Evolution was strange.. I enjoyed it though. Liked the Benjamin run in because I'm a fan of his. I also noticed though, no music for his run-in. I immediately thought that it was probably because his music kind of sucks, and it was fairly new when it was last used to the crowd probably wouldn't even realize who it was until he came out. Still a lost opportunity to reidentify the music with a good face pop. It bothered me that after receiving every face's finisher (was that Benjamin's finisher) within the span of 1 minute, Batista was up and growling with his Evolution mates as the show ended. Granted they've built him as a monster but they're also trying to build the RKO as a devastating finisher..

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    Originally posted by Matches
    I'm not totally convinced it's rigged -- easy to imagine the Playmate of the year getting enough votes to stay in until now. Kristy(?) has her fans but I'm sure what some see as "firey and spunky" is just plain obnoxious to others. Of the last group Carmella is a bit classier plus to me looks better and better as the weeks go by.

Yeah I know, I'm commenting on the Diva Search... well, I have to say that what this guy just said is deinitely true. The conspiracy theorists (or are those "realists"?) want to believe that people won't vote for Carmela, who very obviously doesn't care... but Carmela is very generically hot -- much more generically hot than any woman in the WWE right now -- and so while we'd all love to see an athletic woman who cares about "the business" as the winner, that's probably not what the average WWE fan is voting based on.
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Figured I'd pipe in on the Diva Search discussion. I agree that it very well could be true that the contest is not rigged, or at least that WWE does not have to rig it to get their desired result. I watch RAW every week with about 30 or so complete marks, some of whom only really pay attention for the short amount of time that the Diva Search is on and for important ME stuff. Despite everything that they've seen thus far, Carmella is still #1 in their minds. Hell, half of them started up a Carmella chant this week when they came out for the boxing match. People like hot, and to probably 95% of the male population, Carmella is the epitome of hot. There's a reaosn she was PMOTY.

By the way, these extremely unknowledgable marks also go nuts for Batista, Orton, Jericho, Benoit, Kane/Lita, and (their absolute favorite) HHH. In my opinion, WWE is doing a fine job of entertaining the masses.

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I also find the notion that someone would have to rig a beauty contest so that a Playboy Playmate of the Year can win it funny. Another thing this notion discounts is that such rigging would open WWE up to lawsuits and even possible legal action. After all, they did promise a legitimate contest handing out $250,000. (And as lame as this contest has been, it is even more lame to me if it was rigged. I mean, they could have wrote it anyway that wanted if the contest is not legit, and this was the best they could come up with?)

One RAW thought, did it strike anybody else funny when the cake "exploded" and the three large wrestlers in the ring all went down like a lump of bricks, but all the dainty women standing right next to them in the ring just stood there not reacting at all?

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Y'know, I thought here was some perfectly fun stuff in this show. Yeah, we had the expected garbage, but there was also some good stuff.

Hunter's celebration party. I have a little black dress & much better heels -- I could help rip clothes off of Hunter -- no problem there. Of *course* Randy's in the cake -- if we didn't know that the instant HHH saw it, we certainly knew as soon as Flair & Batista denied being responsible for it. HHH does that sort of thing so rarely that the pratfalls in the icing & streamers was all sorts of fun. And c'mon, a frosting-covered HHH threatening Bischoff? And Bischoff having to spend the rest of the evening being annoyed by icing on his jacket. That's nice little stuff.

Benoit / Conway was a nice match. Just enough Regal / Grenier interaction, but not so much as to distract from the match. That was perfectly fine stuff.

Yes, Stacy is automatic crap. But Molly was golden in that segment. "Wannabes", "slutfest -- oops, I mean slugfest", & her ballet to some "classy music" (William Regal's theme is not really conducive to ballet) -- that was great!

The women's wrestling was good! Yeah, Stacy's useless, & I was perfectly happy she vanished. Otherwise, this was an entertaining match, & some nice work.

Kane intimidating the still-frosting-encrusted Bischoff - sure. Kane doing his "Zero to Psysho in 3 seconds" always makes me happy.

Shawn Michaels gives great promo, & playing with Jericho was all sorts of fun. Christian is always a good slimy antagonist. The match was very entertaining. Jericho & Michaels doing that mirror-image plancha, with the matching flying-hair was a beautiful thing. And lovely Christian Unprittier on Michaels. I'm looking forward to this.

The Simon System commercial was extremely well done. No overt signs that it's a WWE promo is intriguing. Henrietta? (Hopefully he's got the actual skills to justify his build-up -- that's my only concern.)

Diva shit -- FF. Oh, hi, Vince -- see ya next week in Tucson!

That Gene Snisky is one big jobber! I liked that it wasn't a *total* Kane-fodder squash -- they let Snisky get in a little offence -- and that it had a direction & didn't get dragged on for too long (a la Tomko/Richards at Unforgiven).

It gets old to keep saying "Kane was excellent in his role" every week, but it's true. He was all over frantic & concerned & panicy & even quite sweet -- he did a great job with this! Yeah, the "Ba-by kill-er" chant was sick, but funny. (Props to the Seattle crowd!)

I was just fine with the ME too. Randy continues to show his Evolution upbringing. Not too long til the technical DQ, allowing Shelton (Yea!!) & Benoit to run in face-ish-ly. Shelton's looking good. That's a nice face consortium there. And Hunter is annoyed with the way his evening has gone. :-)

Yeah, there was crap. But there was some really fun stuff too!
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Not only do we have some good matches for next week's Raw, but we were also graced with a cliffhanger (of sorts). What is the question on Kane's mind? What possible answer could Lita have? So what are the possibilities for the question:
- Torchslasher, Kane's Q and A for Lita! (2004)
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