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25.6.18 1037
The W - Pro Wrestling - RAW 9/13 - Blah.
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Since: 2.1.02
From: Madison, WI

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#1 Posted on | Instant Rating: 5.22
To borrow a phrase, "Ohh, that just kept going, huh?"

A whole bunch of average or worse matches, linked by lame skits - and, of course, the Diva Search. (Carmella would *not* be around if this was legit, and the crowd knew it tonight.)

To watch that opening segment, I felt like I was watching late-80's AWA - pratfalls and all.

Does RAW need two large, tattooed, bearded black holes of charisma on its' roster? One can only hope that VKM's "big announcement" for next week's "season premiere" is some type of free agency/draft.

Meet Dean & Henrietta - aka Bodydonnas v2.0, wrapped in an infomercial gimmick. By the way, (203) 352-1587 is registered to a "private party" in the Stamford, CT area - did anybody try calling it?

And finally, to make our agony complete, the Lita miscarriage angle.

I should have waited for the recap - or paid more attention to the Packers.


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#2 Posted on | Instant Rating: 0.58
    Originally posted by Stephanie
    To borrow a phrase, "Ohh, that just kept going, huh?"

Ya know what this reminded me of? nWo Nitro, everything was done on the spot, and with the exception of HBK&Y2J vs CLB and Goatboy, it sucked. Hard.

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#3 Posted on | Instant Rating: 5.27
A few thoughts:

Nice extended match between Benoit and Conway. But, after watching Benoit face Flair recently, Conway's chops looked extremely weak.
Brickhouse Brown is returning?
If they are going Christian/Michaels, does that mean Tyson Tomko is going into the I-C Title picture for the next PPV, particularly since he has a victory previously over Jericho?
Gene Snitskey is my early choice for Rookie of the Year and Wrestler of the Year for performing the 2004 version of Jim Cornette's tennis racket into the wildebeast Baby Doll's womb. Hopefully, this leads to a miscarriage and the mother being sacraficed to the gods of evil by Kane.
Since they were stressing Benoit joining with Regal earlier in the show, it really didn't make sense for him to join with Benjamin to save Orton. Of course, it would have made more sense for Benjamin to take the 4th spot in Evolution. Hopefully though, they don't go full WCW and turn Orton/Benoit/Benjamin/Regal into the Dudes With Attitude.
Wasn't the crapfest supposed to end tonight?

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#4 Posted on | Instant Rating: 3.91
Dude, the whole Lita thing was comedy gold! I dunno what was more funny: Kane screaming "She's pregnant!" to one of the medics (I guess no one really watches RAW) or the "Baby Killer" chant from the crowd. Classic stuff. And Lita looked really fat, so she is either wearing paddding or eating a lot more lately.

More Thoughts:

That boxing crap sucked. But if Carmella wins, it will be proof positive that its all rigged. Nice to see Vince back though. I totally wish I could strut like that all the time. I try to copy it, but I just cant do it.

As soon as I saw that cake in the ring, I KNEW Randy was in it. You never see anything normal happen with big cakes in wrestling. And that looked like a wedding cake. I was kind of hoping Stephanie McMahon was in it.

Man, how sad is it that RAW just ended 15 mins ago and I totally forgot most of it?

I miss the GWF.
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Since: 25.2.02

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#5 Posted on | Instant Rating: 6.10
I just ran the show in the background tonight, watching but not focused, but I didn't think it was THAT bad. The crowd was certainly 'on' tonight. I liked the opening segment, and I liked a number of the matches.

Jennifer, commenting on HHH hanging out of the cake: “From that angle, he really DOES look like a McMahon."
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Since: 14.7.03
From: Uglyville

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#6 Posted on | Instant Rating: 3.91

"Thanks for calling the Simon System. You're making the first step in changing your fat, lazy lifestyle. The Simon System is a revolutionary, proprietary, homeopathic breakthrough, designed by me, Simon Dean. I've studied and researched the most efficient way to melt away the mountains of fat stored on your pathetic body. By ordering my product, your body will change on a molecular level. Now, as expected, my operators are very busy helping fat people just like you. While you're waiting, let me tell you more about me. Well, I was born to help the people I refer to as the fat masses, like you. Later in life, I went on...."

Thats the message when you call 203-352-1587

I miss the GWF.

Since: 27.4.04
From: Atlanta

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#7 Posted on | Instant Rating: 1.42
Random Raw Thoughts:

-The ending really blew it for me tonight. A very dull comeback by Benjamin (could they at least have played his music?). Horrible ending to the match as well.

-Please don't tell me they're starting the "human emotion" angle with Kane again. All because of Snitski. Burn in hell Snitski.

-I'm wondering how many people actually called that "infomercial" for Simon Dean...

-The cake angle was obvious that I can't even make a joke. Goddammit.

-I have to hand it off to the Seattle crowd though. They were into pretty much every match. They even cheered for Stacy....

-Thumbs Up: Christian finally saying something about his former tag-team.
Thumbs Down: Vince's announcement "big" announcement next week, being another diva search.
Thumbs Up: Line Of The Night by Jerry Lawler: "You got spit still on your chin JR...your other chin."
Thumbs Down: Snitski. Goddamn you Snitski.

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Since: 21.4.02
From: West Palm Beach, FL

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#8 Posted on | Instant Rating: 7.27
Points for Dean Malenko being one of the trainers on-hand to assist Lita. Other than that... eh. It was just there.

I couldn't get a read on the other guys who came out - was wondering if Finlay/Arn/the usual crew came to help.

Another fan of the Nature Boy speaks his mind.

Since: 18.5.02

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#9 Posted on | Instant Rating: 1.19
Can we now start counting down the weeks until "Mr." Benjamin joins Evolution? The rate angles and pushes are being rushed, I give WWE until Friday before they make the move...

I actually didn't mind tonight's RAW too much. Granted, I only caught most of the 2nd hour. I even laughed out loud watching Christie beat on Coach - which surprised the hell out of me!

Christian, once again, was amazing on the mic. I'm confused by the hints of a Christian/HBK feud... but I won't complain. I'm optimistic...

Jericho's face runs really get stale with all his pandering to the crowd. I think I'd prefer it if he didn't get so much mic time so often, but that's just me. He's a tad overrated on the mic, IMO.

If anyone watching Unforgiven didn't realize Benoit & Regal are your next tag team champions, start believing. I'm all for a fulltime Crippler/Regal team.

And yes, if Carmella wins next week, we'll all know this Diva Search was rigged. Christie has grown on me - and a lot of other people, by the looks of it. I cheer for her because I think she'd be a good employee and ambassador for the WWE - not because of my dislike for Carmella. But like I've said before, the WWE would be smart to sign both, since Carmella's such a heat machine.

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#10 Posted on | Instant Rating: 3.94
When I first saw the Simon System ad, I wondered if Vince still had a few crates of ICOPRO sitting around that he's looking to unload.

Benoit/Conway was a fine little match, and further proof that Conway is wasted on La Rez. But what the hell has he done to his hair? Guy looks like Billy Gunn.

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Since: 17.1.02
From: New F'n Jersey

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#11 Posted on | Instant Rating: 5.75
If next week is the "Season Premiere," then that would have made this week the final rerun. What did we have?

A cake in a wrestling ring used in a way that it was not intended? Check.

Molly Holly forced to look like an idiot, and then Lawler basically calling her ugly? Check.

Oversized boxing gloves and an underwhelming Diva Contest segment? Check.

Benoit curtain jerking on a WWE show? That's right.

Thank God that Benoit and Y2J/HBK are there to carry their respective opponents or else this would have been an all-around horrible night of action.

I can't believe that I would say this but...I wonder what's on Smackdown this week?

Joe Wilson (looking at Interocitor manual)- Hey, here's something my wife could use in the house...
Crow T. Robot- A man?
Joe Wilson- An interocitor incorporating an electron sorter.
Cal Meechum- Oh, she'd probably gain 20 pounds while it did all the work for her.
Tom Servo- Cal, you bitch!

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Since: 26.1.03
From: Naples, FL

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#12 Posted on | Instant Rating: 3.73
RAW Thoughts:

The opening was pretty obvious, but I thought a good swerve would be Steph inside the cake, unhappy that her husband is cavorting around with other women....Benoit/Conway was a decent little match, and I'm looking forward to a Benoit/Regal v.s La Rez match....The Molly/Stacy dance-off was pretty light comedy. I think Stacy had the edge in experience (she WAS a Ravens cheerleader). The women's brawl was interesting, though the match was nothing special. Stacy/Molly feud?....

The Highlight Reel was okay, and a nice touch remembering the history between Jericho/HBK. Also, I liked Jericho going to ringside with the fans....The tag match was pretty good, and Shawn hit a nice superkick for the win. He really looks like he's having fun out there....The DivaSearch thing was "eh." I've gotten past the point of being offended about how bad these segments are. And Vince's strut made it worthwhile (and of course, his "YOU'RE FIIIIRED"). Much like chill, Christy has grown on me too- she shows real enthusiasm out there. Plus she'd be the only redhead in WWE....

Gene Snitsky. That's hilarious. For as long as this baby angle has gone on, GENE SNITSKY is the one that could end it all. I think it's safe to say NO ONE predicted THAT. And Aldo, I believe Finlay is on Smackdown! now, so I don't think he was out there. Maybe Arn?....I wonder if they were running long, or the 3 on 1 was supposed to be that short. I would've preferred Benoit and Regal (to keep the continuity) instead of Benjamin, but I'm a fan of his, too. Match was too short to be anything, but decent post-match angle that sets up a 6-man for next week.....Good show, helped out by the hot crowd.

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Since: 16.8.04
From: Perth Australia

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#13 Posted on | Instant Rating: 4.40
    Originally posted by Torchslasher

    I can't believe that I would say this but...I wonder what's on Smackdown this week?

What is scary about this is what if VKM was doing it deliberately to push viewers back to SmackDown?

Nahh Im dreaming

Not as if we werent been forced back to SD in time for the PPV.

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Since: 9.1.02
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#14 Posted on | Instant Rating: 4.63
If you have the show taped, go to the beginning of the Benoit-Conway match. I swear JR shilled for 1-800-CALL-ATT while the 1-800-COLLECT logo was on the screen.


Since: 10.4.02
From: Cincinnati, Ohio

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#15 Posted on | Instant Rating: 6.60
    Originally posted by geemoney
    RAW Thoughts:

    The opening was pretty obvious, but I thought a good swerve would be Steph inside the cake, unhappy that her husband is cavorting around with other women....

Remember that in WWE storylines: Trips and Steph are divorced.

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Since: 26.3.03
From: Glendale, CA

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#16 Posted on | Instant Rating: 6.79
    Originally posted by Mr Shh
    If you have the show taped, go to the beginning of the Benoit-Conway match. I swear JR shilled for 1-800-CALL-ATT while the 1-800-COLLECT logo was on the screen.

I just rewound my DVR to check. It looks like a screw-up by the graphics guys, actually. King and JR obviously have copy in front of them that they're reading and the "free for you, cheap for them" tagline does in fact belong to 1-800-CALL-ATT. The CALL-ATT commercial later in the show just reinforces this theory. Whoops.

And am I crazy, or was the Molly/Stacy bit lifted almost word-for-word from Joe Schmo 2? (The Gerald/TJ dance-off.)


Since: 26.1.03
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#17 Posted on | Instant Rating: 3.73
    Originally posted by mattsledge
      Originally posted by geemoney
      RAW Thoughts:

      The opening was pretty obvious, but I thought a good swerve would be Steph inside the cake, unhappy that her husband is cavorting around with other women....

    Remember that in WWE storylines: Trips and Steph are divorced.

Damn. That's right.

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#18 Posted on | Instant Rating: 1.67
The Highlight Reel was awesome ... I was SO marking out for the teased HBK/Y2J Part III: Revenge of the Sith. Tag match had me pretty disappointed, to be honest, especially after having that match waved in front of my nose and then yanked away.

DivaSearch sucked, of course, though I loved the crowd taking a huge stinking shit on Carmella. How big IS that stick up McMahon's ass, anyways? He got to work in the McMahon Rasp, so he must be happy tonight.

I actually liked the part of the Cake segment I saw (cake 'splodes and Randy pops out to kick ass), if only for the visual of HHH face-down in the cake, feet kicking futilely in the air. Oh, and Randy apparently breaking Batista's nose ... which was then perfectly fine during the ME, oddly enough. And I did mark out for Benjamin's return, though I wish he and Randy could've cleared the ring between the two of them. I mean hell, Big Show KILLED EVERYBODY!!! If Paul Wight can take on 40 guys at HIS return (black ninja style notwithstanding), surely "Mr. Benjamin" could get get one and a half ...

Furthermore, I must have Orton's theme on mp3. KazaaLite, HO.

Nonetheless, this creates an interesting dynamic in the ranks that hasn't been seen for a long time. It almost seems as though taking the belt off Benoit was the better choice; now they have three major title contenders, all of them eager to get a shot at HHH. Admittedly, everyone seems convinced that Shelton's off to Evolution, but I wouldn't jump the gun just yet. He DID just return, a heel turn would make no sense. Of course, neither does having Random Jobber adding the final grotesque twist of the Kane/Lita abomination. It's especially odd since anyone that was put in that role would be ready for an instant feud with Kane while Matt's out. Snitsky, if he's ever referred to again, will be murdered by Kane in a 2 minute plus squash beatdown and never referred to again. But hey, Vince IS the guy who invented the Gobbledeegooker.

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#19 Posted on | Instant Rating: 4.52
So much for the Rhyno and Tajiri push, huh? Everyone picks them to win the Tag Team Title at Unforgiven-- heck, Online Onslaught voted 8-0 in favor of that happening-- but instead, La Rez win, and Rhyno and Tajiri don't even appear the next night on RAW.

I'd be very surprised if the ending segment meant that we'll have anything but Benoit/Benjamin/Orton vs. Evolution as our main event next week. And I can live with that. Time to get Benoit back in the main events! And no heel turn for Benjamin, dammit, I like him as a face.

On the other hand, it'd be nice to see Benjamin snark Orton for those racist "uppity" comments Orton made during the I-C Title feud. Indeed, if Benjamin were to turn on Orton, I wouldn't be the least bit surprised. Randy hasn't exactly gone out of his way to make non-Evolution friends. But I would have had Benoit run out first to save Orton, and then throw Benjamin in there to keep his motivations slightly ambiguous. Because we know Shelton's a friend of Chris, but we're not entirely sure about his feelings regarding Randy.

Gene Snitsky, huh? I gotta hand it to RAW, they at least made something interesting out of what otherwise would have been a throwaway match. I, myself, would have had "Pat Hardy" (Shannon Ballard) be the one to attack Kane, in retaliation for that four-on-one ass-whooping a couple of weeks ago, but... hey.

I wonder if we're gonna hear from Snitsky ever again? For that matter, I wonder if the guy can wrestle? The match didn't really last long enough for me to make a judgment in either direction.

HBK and Christian, huh? Sounds fun! I hope this doesn't mean Jericho gets stuck with Tomko, though, 'cuz Tomko sucks. It's very interesting to me that HBK seems to be interested in the Intercontinental Title, and apparently doesn't wanna go after Triple H at this time. That's cool, 'cuz that feud lasted forever, but it gives Triple H something new to do. (Granted, I'd much rather have Benoit or Benjamin facing The Game for the World Title, but "Orton is the future", so much that it only took Triple H one match to beat Orton, while Helmsley could never get the belt back from Benoit. Typical WWE "we're gonna push who we damn well like" booking.)

Vince was gold, and it was nice seeing Coach get the hell beaten out of him. And I'm eager to find out what Vince's groundbreaking announcement is-- you know when Vince says that, something big is going to happen. I just hope whatever it is doesn't fuck everything up. Not that I'm saying WWE couldn't use a little fucking up, but I digress.

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#20 Posted on | Instant Rating: 5.57
I'm guessing that Vince's surprise next week is the formal announcement of the Taboo Tuesday online voting gimmick. Let's all get together and vote Gene Snitsky a world title match.

If Snitsky shows up next week calling himself the Babykiller, complete with his finisher the Coat Hanger (of course, a powerbomb) I'll watch RAW forever.

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Then shouldn't every run-in (or other altercation outside of a scheduled match) be a cause for assault and battery charges... EXACTLY. Angle or HHH do it and it's SPORTZ ENTERTAINMENT. Mike Tyson does the same thing and suddenly he's labelled as a wacko....
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