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The W - Pro Wrestling - Raw 9-1-03 (Page 3)
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I got a nice little chuckle when Austin called Teddy Long "playa" ... ... putting the "DEAR GOD" back into wrestling ..

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Ringmistress - I think the attitudes are slipping because they actually feel Goldberg has a chance to pull off the win. Hence, they are appreciating "champion heel HHH" while they can. Plus, HHH has never really shown fear for an opponent in a long, long time. It is a refreshing change of character (IMHO), and I actually find myself enjoying his recent performances. *Especially* his promo this week.

It looked like Test had a helluva tough time throwing himself over the barricade, too.

The only thing I did not like at all this week was the Kane-Shane nut-roasting spectacular. What a joke. *NO* security, *NO* superheroes, nothing/nobody steps in to stop this ridiculousity.

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    Originally posted by whatever
    Ringmistress - I think the attitudes are slipping because they actually feel Goldberg has a chance to pull off the win. Hence, they are appreciating "champion heel HHH" while they can. Plus, HHH has never really shown fear for an opponent in a long, long time. It is a refreshing change of character (IMHO), and I actually find myself enjoying his recent performances. *Especially* his promo this week.

Okay, I'll go along with that. I did just see the tape of Raw (my bro was very smart in editing out the nut roasting), and it looked much better than the last three weeks. Still, I can't help but go on a strangling spree when I hear of JR in a wrestling match on PPV! Sorry, Mrs. Stone Cold, but you ain't got a chance in hell with the Coach.

Seriously, a PPV match between commentators?! Anyway, I did enjoy Chris and Christian, and Molly Holly is awesome, as well as all the women on Raw. HHH is really heeling it up these last few weeks, and this is why I kiss his well tanned ass every chance I get. The Evolution is just what he needed. I want to also take this time to wish him the best on his upcoming nuptials. You guys can smark it up all you want, but next month he'll be officially off the market, so your girlfriends will be safe. :-D

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-Coachman vs. Lawler- Lawler lost so it can't be ALL bad. A poor match but I guess they didn't even try to make it a good match... Snow's helping was surprising. But then again if you watched heat, they gave some hints. Snow did say, "I'm not Lawler fan". And saying he "Didn't agree and he didn't consult with him first", and wished him luck and seemed somewhat concerned for Coach's safety going in there with a wrestler.

-Austin/Jericho/Christian- Austin sets up JR v. Coach (god gawd) when the words came out of his mouth I heard a collective yell from the IWC. Ha there you go dudes who predicted actual wrestler wrestling on a wrestling PPV. Jericho comes out and is angry that the HiLight Reel was cancelled this week, and wants an apology. And how everyone knows he's Raw's MVP (now that's a shoot)... "EXCUSE ME! EXCUSE ME! IC Champ over here" My new favorite saying. Christian is furious that 25% of the show passed by and not a single wrestling match with wrestlers. Christian Testify. Austin 3:16 makes a match putting Christian with Jericho. Advantage Christian cause Jericho doesn't have his gear!

-Christian vs. Jericho- We come back with a loud boring chant (that's not a good sign). Luckily the match goes on and both heels pulling out ever sneaky heel trick in the book. LoL @ Both using the ref to cheat, Jericho by pushing him into the turnbuckle making Christian fall and Christian using Earl's legs to block the Walls. Both went to the hold the ropes to win but the ref caught Jericho but didn't see Christian... Real good match, I like the heel vs. heel dynamic unfortunately the fans seemed confused on whom to get behind and stayed neutral.

-Molly/Gail vs. Trish/Ivory-I like Trish & Ivory's pants ALOT! Ivory gives Trish an inring pre-match back massage, now that's a good tag partner LoL. Early & long beatdown on Ivory by the 2 heels. Ivory did a good job trying to get enough spot offense to tag her partner but the heels kept dragging her back. Finally broke through & tagged Trish as she comes in full of fire... Trish Theze Press Molly, runs to the ropes & a hard sliding dropkick to Gail, runs back Matrix move to a spinebusters on Molly. Goes for the pin but gets a stiff sliding dropkick on her by Gail. All heck Breaks Loose! Trish goes for the Stratusphere, Molly blocks it. Gail comes in and Molly-Gail perform a wicked spike powerbomb from the second rope. WOW. Heels win clean, Trish doing taking the pin. Continue to beat on Trish, Ivory tries to even sides up but gets double DDTed for her effort. Molly & Gail look like a well oiled diva machine.

-Shane/Kane/RVD stuff- Brave Boy Shane is calling out all evil doers. Eric comes out, Shane calls him a joke. Kane music hit and he found his "brothers" powers of turning the arena dark (it's called asking someone who works at the arena to turn the light switch off). Kane is shown with a little Mickey Mouse Band-Aid on his arm (okay exaggerating, but not much)... Kane beats down Shane, ties him up to the ringpost and puts jumper cables to Shane's groin (ooookay this is stupid). Maybe they should try that on HHH injured groin. That might do the trick in healing it. RVD comes out and beats and bloodies Kane to set up a Raw match. Too bad they didn't allow RVD some of that before his PPV match but then again Kane was weakened by falling into his fiery umm scratch.

-La Resistance vs. Hurricane/Rosey- JR states This is one of those "non-title tag team title matches". This match couldn't really hold my interest. I remember a nice spinning-like Rock Bottom by Rosey (who I saw Billy Gunn do just months before Rosey started doing it). I also remember Depree running flipping upside and hitting his back on the turnbuckle and landing with a thud... Another run in. Hit with Belt Conway finish. This is just repetitive.

-Stacy/Test vs. Victoria/Stevie- it's kind of hard to get a read on Test. He did a lot of jerk stuff like having Stacy getting doubleteamed but then at parts seemed angry and attack Stevie. Really hard to follow this. I think they did a decent job considering the cluster that was booked in this match. Stacy PINS Victoria! Well it was atleast after a Big Boot by Test. But Stacy never wins. First babyface win of the evening.

-Goldberg/HBK/Maven vs. Evolution- What an odd HBK tag-in by physically stopping Maven in running the ropes and tagging in?. HBK did the full amount of bumping for his team. Nice over the top rope dive by HBK onto all 3 Evolution. Goldberg comes in and SquashBerg them all... Err don't like Goldberg but everyone seems to be saying "He's good for business" so I guess they did well, that crowd was certainly hot as hell for him for whatever reason and HHH played off that very well.

-OtherStuff- 2 run in's during backstage interview. One with HHH on Goldberg and the other with Maven and Flair/Orton... I liked Shane but I've been very underwhelmed with this latest incarnation... Playa's INC. buggin mad on not being on Raw and YES I would have loved to see Mr. Hell's idea of Teddy getting mad when Austin mentions to RVD getting the first segment next week... RVD vs. Kane to start of Raw next week, now what's so important to get people tuned in at 9PM, oh yeah!

-Line of the Night: Lawler "Trish is Britney Spears favorite wrestler, you think?"... What is with Trish and singers
-3Stars of the Night: 1)Jericho. 2)Christian. 3)Trish. - Molly and HBK would be just as solid in the third spot, but taking that spike powerbomb off the second rope gave Trish the slight edge.

Strangely enough I really liked last weeks show and didn't like this weeks as much. All the Jericho & Christian stuff(interview & match)was fantastic. The women (like always) went out there and put so much effort out. Coach/King had a bad match but I am intrigued with heel Heat announcers... 2nd hour really dragged for me starting off with the Shane/Kane stuff that's gone so over-the-top that I can't possibly care (and I'm a fan of both). Then rehashing Dudleyz/La Rez and Steiner/Test.

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Looks like Kane gave ol Shane-o Mac a shock to the shammies ... personally, I like Kane coming up with new methods every week of torturing/attempting to murder people. Though before he pulled out the jumper cables I thought he was handcuffing him to the ringpost to fry him when he set off his pyro.

Interesting that Gail Kim got jumped on for every blown spot she pulled, yet the darling of the Internet Trish doesn't even get mentioned for that god-awful screwed-up hurricarana. She's been even worse in the ring than usual lately. Fortunately Molly and Gail were able to pull it off with an impressive enough finish to a decent enough match.

Goldberg is looking more and more like Unforgiven will leave him standing with the title around his waist. I honestly can't see Goldberg retiring at this point, or Vince wanting to throw him away now that he's finally getting over. Sure, they could turn him into a Mr. America v2.0, but I can't see even the WWE trying that crap again. Regardless, I must say that the big guy is finally starting to catch my interest. Besides, anyone who interrupts one of HHH's long-winded diatribes is A-OK in my book.

JR/Coach? Gods help us all. I HATED Austin for announcing that match.

Main event was awesome. Lots of Shawn Michaels leading up to the usual "house of fire" entrance by Goldberg. I, too, loved Goldberg holding up Orton for the Jackhammer while HHH fumed on the ring apron, too intimidated to even break up the pin. Even though I am kinda starting to like him, of all the people HHH could decide to put over ... why GOLDBERG?

Jericho/Christian was good. The Intergender Tag was interesting until Steiner showed up, though everyone and their mother knew that Test would leave Stacy to the wolves. RVD/Kane's got me excited for next week. No Goldust/Storm, no HurriRosey talking, though we did get to hear Theodore Long. That guy cracks me up for some reason.

Overall a good show, the best in about a month or two in fact.

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Was I the only one thinking JR was waaaaaaaaaaay less annoying than usual when left to his own devices? Don't know, maybe it's just Lawler dragging down the entire commentary position.....

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    Originally posted by redsoxnation

    Jericho/Christian was match of the night. Could be good chemistry between those two if they want to extend this out a bit.

I doubt it. The crowd hated the match.

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That's because both men are heels and the crowd had nobody to cheer for. Even so, by the end they were more into it than crowds usually get into heel vs. heel matches.

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Random Raw Thoughts --

Coach vs. Lawler - Horrid. Just horrible. Then again, when *isn't* Lawler horrible? I did find Coach a tad amusing, though. He seemed to be doing a bit of the Shane O' Mac Shuffle there in the beginning. Eh to Al's semi-heel turn. I love Snow, but the whole thing was Bischoff was funny backstage, as always. God, he's so sleazy.

Austin - Wonderful. It's JR vs. Coach at Unforgiven. Stone Cold, you're a jackass. WHAT? I said you're a jackass! The only thing good that can happen is Lawler turns on JR, thus giving us a heel announcer for Raw. But Lawler always sucks, no matter what, so who cares? God. Chalk up one wasted slot for the PPV.

Christian vs. Y2J - 'Excuse me? EXCUSE ME! Intercontinental Champion over here!' Awesome. The match was very good -- fuck the crowd and their 'boring' chants.

Triple H & Stinger Drink - I love Trips. But, uh, here's a big old 'No' for the movie thing, bro. And that's the fastest I've seen him move in the ring for ages.

Molly & Gail vs. Ivory & Trish - Good, solid match. I find it HIGHLY SUSPICIOUS that we were all wanting Ivory in a thread a few days ago, and there she was. Fear the power of the Weinerboard! Gail? You're a beautiful woman. You have beautiful hair. Now, please, borrow a rubber band from Trips and braid that shit for your matches. It's distracting as hell. Trish blew her hurricanrana in a bad way, but Gail & Molly saved it nicely, I thought. It looked like Gail had a bit of trouble setting Ivory up for the double DDT with Molly. All in all, I thought it was a good match. Oh, and fuck you, Lawler. It's bad enough that you scream 'Puppies' whenever Trish comes out, but showing that kind of disrespect to Ivory is fucking disgusting. You're an asshole.

Shane & Kane - Here's my main question -- how did everyone know that 'something was going down'? It's not like Kane has any friends. Vince cracked me up with his 'gotta-make-things-right-with-the-boy' speech. Vinnie is looking old these days. Damn. And I agree with Stephanie (our Steph, not Stephie Mac) that Raw is becoming Vince's Kink Of The Week Show. The battery segment looked like a damn Tom of Finland drawing. Woo, the homoeroticism abounds. Not that I mind, but good lawd. Shane pulled it off well, though. He was sweating bullets there, and Kane's insane grinning was pretty authentic. I'm still pretty interested in seeing where they take Kane with this whole angle.

La Resistance vs. Rosie & Hurricane - Dupree & Grenier are two damn good heels. The 'get the tables' bit was amusing, although I knew it would bring out the Dudleyz, who I am SO sick of. Rob Conway also looked like he stepped out of a ToF drawing with those boots and cuffed jeans. Match wasn't anything spectacular, although I was really impressed with Rosie's move after the bell. Where did Hurricane disappear to?

Stacy & Test vs. Victoria & Stevie - I am loving Victoria's pyscho character, and her look. Stacy Keibler looks like an elf in the face, and I swear there was no pun intended. I don't like Stacy, so I don't particularly care if Test treats her like property. Steiner looked *ridiculously* stiff and slow. I don't think it was 100% him, though -- he was wearing jeans instead of gear and they looked unweildly and uncomfortable for any kind of quick movements. Ach. Even though I don't like Stacy, I'll be happy when Scott beats Test's ass and wins her back. It'll be a corny-but-happy moment.

Maven & HBK & Goldberg vs. Evolution - I hated the HBK & Maven backstage segment. Shawn came across as an annoying little prick instead of an icon giving reassurance to the new kid. Goldberg & Trips cut an excellent peice, I thought. I LOVE the Evolution video entrance. That shit may be one of the best TitanTron videos yet. As for the match, I was impressed. Maven looks beautiful in the ring. HBK looked good, except for being an ass and keeping his hat on in the beginning. I loved Shawn hugging Maven around the neck to slap the tag he forgot. I'm not sure why -- it just made me smile. Trips looked good. Goldberg was...Goldberg. Not particularly a fan, but he did his two moves well. Lord, Flair needs to retire. He's The Man, It's time to stay out of the ring, my friend. JR did an excellent job calling this match. Yay for JR!

Signs! - Best was obviously 'Linda's Demon Infested Womb' right next to Shane's head during the Kane segment. I saw one that just said 'Why?' Fitting for a lot of things, really.

Solid episode. Not the best, but far from horrible. It kept me entertained.

I just wish Booker would come back. :(!

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I enjoyed Mondays Raw, it had alot of humourous moments, for me at least, plus, The Rock can finally no longer lay claim to being the most electrifying man in sports entertainment.

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Gunn borrowed it from rosey (and he from jamal IIRC) and they from the other 5000 wrestlers or so who've started doing it the past year or so, as I said before, it's the fishermanbuster of '03...

Yeah, trish messed up, but gail was involved, much like the nearly screwed up shoulderbreaker by molly a couple weeks's contagious people, look there's Fit in his decontamination suit.

I was half expecting T-Long to jump in and tell shane "He's getting medieval on yo ass!" I guess next week Shane's gonna have to break out the Atomic Wedgie or something...

that sequence was crap when lawler and kauffman did it, what, no coachbomb/driver/mission/plex? the Texas jersey was nice though...

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RAW thoughts:
The Al Snow heel turn was a surprise, that's about all I can say about it....JR v.s Coach at the PPV? Do they really expect people to pay MONEY to see this? Jeez....The Austin/Jericho/Christian segment was okay....Jericho v.s Christian was a nice little match, but like all RAW matches, it doesn't have a chance to get going because of the shortness of it....The girls tag-match was going fine til Trish screwed up her Stratusphere. Nice spike Powerbomb tho....Shane/Kane segment: Ugh. Just ugh. I'm embarassed to be a wrestling fan when I see shit like this....La Resistance look beefier than when they first debuted....Stacy/Test v.s Stevie/Victoria was good. I'll second one person's opinion that Stevie and Victoria should run in the tag team division....The Six-Man was nice, with the right guy going over.
Overall, not a great effort, IMO. I suppose we can probably forget an explanation by WWE on how Kane escaped the dumpster.
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yes, we have no more Tough Enough. Al, like coach, will be 10 times better as a bitter, vindictive heel than Mr. Nice guy. But who has Maven's back now (NOBODY!!!)
women's match was nice but again, i'd like to see a couple more minutes for them. Ivory's back on Raw and all is right with the world. Jazz who? Jaqui, pfft.
The Highlight reel set is spray painted plywood???at least the obscenely expensive Jeritron 5000 was spared damage. do you here that? it's my watch saying it's about time for a real match.Y2J/Xtian was da bomb yo.
maybe Vince went around telling no one to interfere with Kane/Shane???he's a dick afterall. RVD saves the day!!!
La resistance gets the honor of putting me to sleep this week. woke up just in time to see HHH promo. Damn, H must be feeling the internet hate, appeasing us and all.
didn't like goldberg in wcw but i'm giving him a chance here. Main was way cool.
gotta go to the tape just to see Stevie/Vickie (the were match of the night on heat, I could totally see them as Tag Champs, that would be fun!)
BTW, I'm calling it now- Vince and Bischoff call the JR/Coach match at PPV!


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Good episode. Great main event. I'm looking forward to seeing Trips drop the belt.

and thats all i have to say about that!

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Not nearly enough of Victoria for my taste. She's just such a fun character and Stevie works so well with her.

As far as the spot with HBK grabbing Maven for the tag, that looked to me like he was trying to say "okay kid, now you're in over your head". Didn't make much sense in the context of the interview earlier, but it just came off to me as a veteran trying to cut off a rookie (even though he's been in for well over a year now) mistake against the greatest of all time. The staredown between Flair and HBK was awesome as was HHH actually looking scared. I didn't get the PPV but his mannerisms with Goldberg at both events were perfect. Now if Goldberg kills him in what boils down to a glorified squash, they just may have found Goldberg's spot. (not that it wasn't painfully obvious what that spot was, mind you)

I almost could have bought the electricution bit except Shane shouldn't have been able to do anything other than squeel once those clamps were locked on. Now Louie Spicolli selling the pliers to the balls from Tommy Dreamer, THAT'S how you do it...

Not a bad show overall. I enjoyed it.

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#56 Posted on
The other thing about Trish's blown spot was that it meshed into what had to be the planned finish for the match. Instead of it being Trish goes for the 'rana, but gets caught by Gail Kim, it was Trish blows the 'rana, and pays the price.
Twist of Fate

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#57 Posted on
Anyone else think Gail Kim is the ugliest of all the divas?

bring back Lita!(i saw a magazine cover syaing she'd be back, anyone know the date?)

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    Originally posted by Tenken347
    The other thing about Trish's blown spot was that it meshed into what had to be the planned finish for the match. Instead of it being Trish goes for the 'rana, but gets caught by Gail Kim, it was Trish blows the 'rana, and pays the price.

I'm kind of with this thinking. I'm guessing she was wanting to hit it normally (legs around Molly's neck) one of her legs went bit to the side and hits Molly's shoulder. But like Tenken said in retrospect it went with the spot of allowing Molly being able to block it... Did Trish want her leg to be a little off to the left? Probably not. But was the spot blown or messed up or took away from it? I didn't think so. As Tenken said; Trish went for it, got blocked and paid the price.

PS: Nice sign find Liz. I was trying to think of a memorable Sign of the night, and the 'Linda's Demon Infested Womb' slipped my mind.

(edited by Net Hack Slasher on 3.9.03 1655)

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#59 Posted on
    Originally posted by Twist of Fate
    Anyone else think Gail Kim is the ugliest of all the divas?

Uuuuuuum, no.

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    Originally posted by Twist of Fate
    Anyone else think Gail Kim is the ugliest of all the divas?

    bring back Lita!(i saw a magazine cover syaing she'd be back, anyone know the date?)

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